The Times from Hammond, Indiana on June 29, 1956 · Page 41
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The Times from Hammond, Indiana · Page 41

Hammond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1956
Page 41
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Page l)-6 THE HAMMOND TIMES Friday, June 29, 1956 Pinball Operators Must Pay Gambling Fee; List Places INDIANAPOLIS - A move by Interns! Rsvenue authorities to crack down on Hooslfr gamblci'3 is In full iwing. The government Is announcing names of all those who apply for th« S250 federal Rambling stamp to USB coin-operated plnball mnchmes. Object of the move li to force the applicants to pay th« f u l l tux on time. · · · I'REVIOt/'SLY. t h e operators rould pay the fee utter the end of t h e fiscal year. The government v rmld not print lists of gamblers u n t i l after the entire fee was paid--too late for use as evidence In s prosecution. The new policy li expected to inn« the wrath of Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission officials in tavern keepers operating piri- riMI machines. The commission has power to revoke their lltt'ior II- rms"» If they »"ow gambling de VK-CI on the premises. HKRE'S A list of Lake County applicants for the Ji50 federu «tnnip. as prepared by the Income Tn\ office in Indianapolis: S and S. Mich, Euclid Tavern, 3WJ Euclid Ave., East Chlciigo; John Salsnn. Lnka Front Tavern, ?,'·: Michigan ,3t, East Chicago: !· rrcl Saviano, Saviano's Tavern, Wi Alexander Ave., East Chicago; KlUiibrth S'narkozy, Sharkey's Tavern 331D Walling: St., East Clit- r^zo- Shrlmn Harbor. 36'J3 Main St East Chicago: Silver Dollar, Sim Washington St., East Chicago; Frtrr Slamka. Pete's Bar, 3901 Deodar St, East Chicago; Soff fonfectlonery, 37M ' 81ock Avc · K»st Chicago; Ted Sonoff, Guthrir "%tvern, 3456 Guthrle St., Bait Chi- cnso · · · SOfTH MAIN Tavern, 38H Main St East Chicago; Spencers' Sand- w i c h Shop, 4322 Indianapolis Blvd., East Chicago; S. J. Spragln. (part- n r r ) Busy Corner, 3401 Michigan S! East Chlacgo; Steve Starcevich, ralumct Tavern, 3318ij Michigan St. Ewt Chicago; John Stlak, 3743 Kuclid Ave.. 'East Chicago; Ann Slight!!. Stiglitz Bar, 501 Emlyn PI Knst Chicago: Stella Suchanuk and Ell Ragenovlch, White Tront Ta- M-MI 3 4 2 8 Michigan St.. E a s t f'mcafto; Sufak's Tap, 421* Tou V \ p East Chicago: Super Service Station. 813 E. Chicago St. East Chicago. · · · FitAMC SWKNDKB. VranU s Tip 3711 Deodar St., East Chicago; John Tmkely. Tenkely's Tavern, 705 f t . Chicago St.. East Chicago; Tony's Tavern, 1325 E. Chicago St., East Chicago: Trolley Diner, 3415 ritithri* St, East Chicago: Twin C y Tavern. 2106 Broadway, Eust Chf-ago; Joe's Bar. New Chicago; Ft auk Sauzer. Sauzer's Waffle Snop. Schcrervllle: Jo« Haberzette ,1 Tavern, Schneider; Rainbow nn, Schneider. Rcna's -Restaurant, Schneider; Hobart Limes, Hobart; fownvlpw Cafe, Crcsamoie Trailer Park, Hobarl. · · · ALFONSO VAKA, Oasli Tavern, Hobart; Yunkee Doodle Rcsttiurunt, Hobnrt: Dale Roberts, Roberts, lafe. Lowell; Main St. Tavern, I r i f f i t h ; Bowl-Era Tap, Hammond; vjnlleginte Bur, Hammond; Jack r'llckinger, Flick's Tavern, Hammond: Nick Gasparovich, Collegiate Bar, Hammond; Sigmund J. Hanna, Hammond; Milan Skrtic, Milan s Place, Gary; Tony Snetich, Casino Club 3693 Broadway, Gary; George Spallartis, New' World PR, 1126 Broadway, Gitry; R. P. Sullivan, 1100 Washington St., Gay DO's, Gary. · · · THOMAS liPSHAW, Playhouse Recreation, 2304 Broadway, liast Chicago' .Joseph VUSOH, d/b/,i Va*son Waffle Shpp, 3414 Michigan St., East Chicago; Peter Vimtila, Pete's Bar, IH18 Bhclt St, East Chicago; Oliver Vogl, Vogt's Service Station, 2220 Columbus IJi East Gury; Vernon Murray, Old Lake Tuvcrn, East Gary; Quick Lunch, Bast Gary; Edward Sher- rrtan, Sherman's Bar and Grill, East Gary; Tony Vaccaro, Tony's Corner, East Gary; Whistlestop, East Gary; Mary Ashcraft, Coffee Pot, Dyer; Alma Downer, Alma's Cafe, Dyer; Mayes Lunch, Dyer; Anmi Sum, Jo Ann's Restaurant, Dyer; Bud's Tavern, Cedar Lake; Roy B Caslen, Casten's Tavern, Cedar Lake; Cedar Lake JTish Game Club, Inc., Cedar Lake; R. Coleman, Coleman's Hotel, Cedar Lake; Cook Lounge, Cedar Lake; F. O. E. No. 2529, Cedar Lake. CENEVIEVE F E T T A , Silver Dollar Inn, Cedar Lake; Mabel Gross, Downing*' Cafe, Cedar East Chicago; Matt J \Vasiak, Canteen Supper Club, 2014 E. Columbus D r , East Chicago; Jo- Lake, Clarence Klaas, Klaas Tav- ·rn, Cedar Lake; Pete's Tavern, Cedar Lake; Louis Wutscki, Cedar 3eaah Hotel, Cedar Lake; Amor- can Logion Post 20, Fred Schmidt Post, Crown Point; Frane Dene Inn, Crown Point; Jones Brothers, Crown Point; Sfhutz and Tabor Carage, Crown Point; Lester T. ind Helen Sullivan, Sullivan's Res- lauranii Crown Point; Mr. B's Res- :aurant, Chesteri.on; Babe's Lunch, Chesterton; Lorraine Major, Light- Store, 3335 Michigan, East Chicago; Margaret Buckmaster, Du Drop Inn, 3818 Main, East Chicago; S. Cappas and M. Stergos, Indiana Rest, 3454 Michigan, East Chicago; Carmen Christiana, Carmen's Pizza Palace, 1819 Broadway, East Chicago. o · · CASEY BAR, 1310 W. 150th, East Chicago; Casino Tavern, 3907 Euclid, East Chicago; Sam M. Chalios, Sanitary Lunch, 3333 Michigan, East Chicago; Charlotte Restaurant, 3710 Pulaski, East Chicago; Chicken Flicken, 2209 Broadway, Cast Chicago; Dan Davidson, Dan's 3al Shop, 3743 Block 1 Ave , East Chicago; Beatrice De Beneditto Bea and Rock's, 3943 Guthne, East Chicago; Anthony F De Martino De Mar Cafe, 3918 Guthne, East Chicago; The Derby, 3902 Guthrie, 3ast Chicago; The Dinette, 4601 Euclid Ave., East Chicago; Doris Dohlin, The Old Cornfr, 819 E. Chicago, East Chicago; Nick Dollar, Jockey Club, 4624: Magoun, East Chicago; Matt Domakowski, Matt's 3ar, 4616 Indianapolis, East Chicago; Merritt. Eadon, 3902 Melville, East Chicago; Eddie's Tap, 3802 Parrish, East Chicago. Ryan's Village seph Willmrd, Snappy Turtle Restaurant, 623 E. Chicago St, East Ch cugo; Tafl Tavern, 1105 Tafl St., Gary, Juiietlalc Tali. '1826 Broadway, Gary; Tivoh Taproom and Restaurant, 1001 W. Dlh Ave., Gary; Tribune Fruit. 4BO Broadway, Gaty; Whitehorse Tavcin, Gaiy. LOUIS WILSON, Patidak Tavern, East Chicago; Dan. J. Wise, Super Tavern, East Chicago; Workman's Benefit Fund, East Chicago; E. Zarape, East Chicago; John Keller, Hhvay Inn, East Chicago; Frank Zale, Zale Tap Room, Gary; J Zaradlck and William Kr/.yhton T and B Tavern, Gary, Zehron Tap Room, Gary; Marjo's Restaurant, 424 SlUcy St., Hammond ^;'";£ u '7'Ba"*!" Chicag°o;' Ray- Ray's Tap Room, 7244 Columbia I -^ , Babi H u b Tapi Eagt Ave, Hammond' E. and V. Sana William B. Baker, Baker's kow.Hl d / b / a I'M « T « v c r n , b!04 - £ Bl . un[) Bftlocch , Columbia Ave., Hammond. I · ... . _ . . . ,, . ,,,.. louse Tavern Hebron; Truck Stop, Chesterton; Tavern, Porter; Wagon Wheel Stop Choslciton; Warble's Inn, Porter; Wcstpoit Drive Inn, Chesterton. KDXA VILKS, Tasterite Restaurant, Chesterton; Floyd Wright \Vnght's Trailer Court, Chesterton Robert L, Young, Bob's Grill, Chesterton; Juan C: Acevedo, Costillo's Tavern, East Chicago; Alder Tap Etist Clviago; Sam Alonzo anc Amuto Pcia, Club Exehange, Eas Chicago; Geoige Anostasopoulos Palace Pool Room, East Chicago Joseph Armani, Riviera Tavern East Chicago; Arthur Avmgton, Lakeside Inn, East Chicago; Ave- and T. Dopas, Horse Shoe Tavern, Gary; The Keg, Gary. · · · RAY KNEJUSH, Broadway Inn, Gary; Rose Kocher, R K. Lunch, Gary; Peter Koeppas, Horshu Tavern, Gary; Rudy Kosanovich- and William P. Brunner, Paddock Tap, Gary; Roosevelt Grill, Gary; Elizabeth Ross, Cedar Inn, Gary; Jim Roth's Bar, Gary; San V. Zeiac and Tony Penzato, Gi'ry; Robert Scheldt, Scheldt's Service Station, Gary; Allfred N. Schlitz, Schlitz Service, Gary.; Simmis Corner, Gary; Milan Skrlic, Milan's Place, Gary; Louis and Helen Lindinger, Louis and Helen's Tavern, 200 W. llth, Gary. EMMA EVANCIIO, -101 E. Chicago, East Chicago; George's Bar, 02 W. Chicago, Bast Chicago; loodman Drug Co., 3502 Mam. East hicago; Lucille Adank, Adank's Tavern, Gary; Aetna Lounge, Gary; Andy's Tavern, Gary; John Anton, John's Billiards, Gary; B-21 Tavern, Gary; Eva Baker, B. O. Lunch, Gaiy; Bel-Air, Gary; John Seller, DUh Ave. Sandwich Shop, Gary; Constantinos V. Botzeles, Gary Rchtaurant, Gary; Calumet Billiard Pailor, Gary; Martha Chrlson, Liberty Lunch, Gary; A. M. Corner, Gary; Salvatore Cuf fano, Isle of Capri, Gary. · · · JIM DAVIS, Ridge Bowling Alleys, Gary; John K Dougherty, Jack's Tap, Gary; Thomas Gashtevich, Trocadera Inn, Gary; Glen Park Tavern, Gary; Marko Gilbota Marko's Tavern, Gary; Hamilton's Tavern, Gary; Ted Herr, Ted Jack, Gary; John Ihnat, Ihnat's Service, Gary; Rodmila Jackovich Wovkingman's Tavern, Gary; Jackson's Service, Gary; Jefferson Bar iary; Jolly Bar, Gary; P. Kappos TAP Room, 6118 Hammond; Ted's STANDARU Columbia Ave, Bar and Lounge, 3105 I'iSth St., Hammond; Walter H. and Maiy L. Laws, 2804'Highway Ave.. Highland; W. D. Merrlman, Merrimaii'a Drivr Inn, 8IM Wicker Park Dr., The Alexian, U.S. 6 MR Paul H. VadUa, Ed Paul's Sports, and Pets Nutmi, East Chicago- Em il and Margaret Baldin, E. M. Club, 3013 Drummond, East Chicago; Irene Basso--partner, Chuck and Irene's Bar, 719 W. If 1st St., East Chicago. I,Oj;rS REACH, Calumet Cafe, 702 l.'itst, East Chicago, Kdward Joseph Bcrkowicz, Uptown Pool Hall, 47U Olcott, East Chicago, Paul H . a n , a u s p o r , - , men's Club. 119th St. and Calumet Emil Bornal, Emils Inn, bW8 Read- Ave, Whiting: Edward llatsuko '"S, East Chicago; Bettys Bar, nnd Paul V. viaclilta, 18r0 Calumet Avc, Whiting: Cedar Chest Restaurant, East Gary; Coconut Grove, East Gary: Duffev's Tavern, East Gary; W. [[. Hodges, Lunch Box, East Gary. · ALBUKT MOSAIC, Jimmle's Bar, 5(j:i 148th, East Chicago; Ed Boksa, Wheel tun, B04 W. 151st, East Chicago; Boulevaid Service Station 130t Indianapolis, East Chicago; .lack Bninnon's, 3934 Alexander Kast Chicago; Broadway Drug Store, 2220 Bioadway, East Chicago, H. G. Brown, General Drug rW HOWARD MABLYALL, Park- ide Lunch, R. R. No. 1, Box 10, Gary; A J. McLochlin, Millies jounge, 4469 Broadway, G a r y ; vtadison Tavern, 1101 Madison, 5ary; Madrid Restaurant, 21 W. 1th, Gary; G. Magnisalis and P. Raptakis, Crystal Tap, BOS W. 5th, Gary; Don Markwalden, Markwal- den Super Seervice, 6178 W. 25th Gary; Louis Maz?are, E. Side So 1 cial Club, 603 E. 5th, Gary; Doro- :hy Memberg, 45th Ave. Sandwich Shop, 4489 Broadway, Gary; Velma Melton; Uptown Lunch, 868 Broadway, Gary; Tom Metrovich, Tom's Lunch, 801 E. Ridge, Gary; Michael's Club, 521 W. llth, Gary; Wilier Tavern, 631 South Lake, Gary; Salvatore Montesano, Top Hat Tavern Rest, 1230 W. 5th, lary; Ruby More, Charles's Tav- jrn, 2194 Broadway, Gary; Carl Naiim," Plaza Tap Room, 2800 8th, Gary; Christ Naum, Buffalo Lunch, 1030 Broadway, Gaiy; Denny Nichols, Denny's, 229 Broadway, Gaiy. It's a dear bargain when you carry automobile insurance in a company that isn't licensed in every state in the country and that can't serve you wherever you go. We have a hunch you'd rather BUY FROM A LOCAL INDEPENDENT STOCK COMPANY INSURANCE AGENT . . . PETE NICHOLS, Paik Ridge Inn, 3741 Broadway, Gary; Steve and Vcra Parloff, 250 Broadway, Gary; Thomas Pina, Arcadia Billiards, 924 Broadway, Gary; Pioneer Grill, 1101 Grant, Gary; Harry J. Pisarski, Cozy Corner Buffet, 600 E. 5th, Gary; Plaza Restaurant, 36 W. 8th, Gary; Pleasant Inn, 2287 W. 15th, Gary; Post Office Lunch, 114 E. 6th, Gary; Fred Pulcer, M. F. Tavern, 36 E. 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Calumet National Corp. R. W. Christiansen Insurance Agency John Ciesco Agency Ebert Insurance Agency Ellyson Realty, Inc. Ervin Associates Great Lakes Mortgage Corp. Hammond Insurance Agency, Inc. Hammond National Co. Hathawev-Thornton Agtncy Hemstock Realty Co. Choi. J. Kaufman C. B. Knapp Agency Lake County Agency, Inc. Lillian A. Levin Jack Ogren Co., Inc. O'Rourk* Insurance Pers Insurance Agency Lee Pettlitzer Reissiq Phalr Agency, Inc. Harry E. Rice Agency, Inc. William E. Sehaefer G. Max Skinner White Insurance Agency, ln at Robin's BEAT THE HEAT! SAVE $ 150°° ON BRAND NEW 1956 DELUXE i-Ton Hotppint Air Conditioners No Money Down 1.25 PER WEEK INQUIRE AT DEPT. On,y 3/4-TON HOTPOINT SILL-O-ETTE THINLINE Only Dollar for dollar, your biggesf value in air conditioners! Compact unit fiti even narrow windows. Sill-lin* installation-- no interference with dr«p«s, Big %-ton cooling capacity. Come in today! 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