The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1931
Page 8
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.. EIGHT' ;:. "(AKJU RIKIC5 LOSE Tl Nats But Game Behind 'Macks; Cards Win Hard One (torn Da?.zy Vance. Tho champion Atlilcl'-cs buiniwcl Into n determined Brownie nine n', SI Ixmis yesterday nnd took two wallops on tlielr (ollcrlive chin wliile Hi= Senators, v;l:o nrt cics- ncrMfly purEuliis U;= last movlin Macks, won fiom Uift Uslroit Tl' scrs. . ii- lilc Cardi Don Burton To Meet Slate Lightweight Champ Tuesday Spruoe Glbbs of Kl Pnrado, uen- IrefcrK! hi hi-, last nppsarnnr 1 .' here, ernlly reco/nf/rd us^as 1 If-ud- v.lll nin-l N'njjin l.amlK'tl, locii! h:>\', Injj llKhlViTlghl, will defend h'.s in tii'.irihn six i-mjiidw. Tin.- \\Innn .slate til!r <l:ihns a^Liin'-L shv on- ' will jni 1 : 1 ! 'i'ommy Se:iton ol Luxoia sbirfrhls c[ Dlyihevillf's rii-in-/ ynii'iv : laler. hope, Don Burton, at llr- Ar.'inry i I'reaehcr Hal! nf I.uxora ajrl nil- hero Tut'.sd:iy nlijlil. j IWnl Kjiiilli ol Ulytliuvlllc will !»:• '111? IKHI;. htSk'fi Ijy liroinutei'S cis.tle in llu- 0[:i-nhi^ four rnnir.fer. •'el:nm]>io:iihii) flgh!" v;lll i;r, ! llinlon will l;e up iiRnlnsl the eight rounds or h'.ss. drjjEntllr.ii onjlK'bt Ixiy he has ever /ari'ri In I the rlinnces o! clllti'r in ninin'ri' i:<innrr-d circle wlicn ho mwls Olhbi. will! a i:o<xl hard iock ID ;he chin. J Tl'.i; !c»-a! bay Coined jireMiie by The bout will headline a i!.;«:l i whining ovvr Eddli: Teny nf St e.ird, In the six iniiiul .si'!in-nin:h:]>. | I/oni.s I wo weeks nun bin it v.ill • Mauley, ;.!]i.iiito i.-U 1 .r. '..! I ] iakc to:nc!,hiiii; more thin lirjsti;" iu-i.-l All>ertThi>:'iit')ii of 0.1.,'th-.":-I 1 " '' aiT - v llil » nl - :ll '< a'-s-i'ii"! (ii 1 vll!.. YcniiB Irish CalJU r-.( l!i:,«i i ^ »Jf-im ,>™,nler. »:,v; il, at llr: , . . . l»>ys will l«> rciiulreil to in ik : s.. niul New MadVHl. Me... -..!n U-fliflu linill .if lad ]i',uii[I.'; fur Ihc was f'SFrd out of the rhr.; liy ihi '"<:hi>injj!'.nshlp howl." At:dible sound waves so high pllcliocl dial they nre said 'to be t'errllie squralui" huvo t-:en used siKci'.s.sfiiUv by two Texas s:!cn- Lsls to kill Iw'clerla. ?:rom' McDmah: In the National - nals won from Da; -sy Vance and Ws three? 1)11 plielilnB on u s'.eal of home. The Br.ivcs toc'.vil Hi" Cute mid the Olnnts were blt'iik^'i The lend ot the M:\cfcs over \h? Senators was reduced to one snnr as the Browns won ths first cum" ot n double-header, 0 to 5 and l!t= .second, 8 to 5. Stiles, who rdbv.'. 1 . Gray, wn.5 the winnlUB pitcher tlie first and Stewart ol' the e nmc. Enrmhaw and were the losers. Kre:;. Bishop and Dykes hit home vim?. Vie Sorrell limited ire Senator- to fosir lilts, but was llboral with Ills passes msil Ih? TUers lost tc the invaders from Washington. -5 to 3 Fischef was the winning p'trli- ec Spencci-'s Iwn singles :mtl a double accounted for all of Washington's runs. •flic CIcvclniitl Indinns lost to Hi: Iloslcn Red Sox nl Clevelan:!. Tli.' score we.s 8 to 3. Tec Sox gol " hits while lion Kline kept the Indians' 12 blows scattered. Yanks \Vlii IVo The New York .Ymik.css walloiKd the While Ebx isvice, 10 to 0 ami 3 to 2. Thi smashing Yanks got l'J hits In the first Bams lo Cliic.ija'J 16. but made them count belter. while In ti'.e sscoiul (jamt! Pln^rj^ limited the Hose to four WiisU's. Ki:th a«d Citlirig «ot a liomcv • r.plcco and C'hiipnmn got tW3. . • Daray^Vnnce lest n heart breal:- Ing game la j-oims Pi"l Berriiigi-i' ' and the Cnvdlnnls yesterday. Vnnci' limllcd the Hed Ulrds to three hits. but aeorgc Wnlklus stole home in the seventh with the only run of the game. Vnnce funned seven nmi did not walk a man. The naclcer; got but six lilts of! Ucrrinaer. Benny Frey set the Giants down in a shutout yesterday at New York. The score was G to 0. T!-.e Reds BO'. 10 hits on ClareiiC2 Mlk-liell aivl bunched them effectively. Nick Cu!lop hit n homei with two on. Cllse Dudley limltsd thr Pitis- burgh Pirates to nvo lilts nud Chuck -Klein, chalked np his )9th homer. The Phils won us a result. 5 to 1. • Tlie Bucs did not eel a. man us Inr as second until Ihe ninth. Earl • Sheely's triple scorlus; two runs in the Uiinl Inning tied the score and the Boston Braves went on to score another In Ih? fi(t".' and beat the Chicago CulB. 4 to 'A. Fraiikhonse and Bnecht pitched on almost, even terms. FRIDAY, JUNE RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday Sec Wsinior Otiind and Sally Kilcrs ii; 'Black Camel 1 .Ailin.—Malinw—10 uuil : j ,flc.) .—10 niul Score 4-1 IIEM'NA. Aik.-'lh.-- Hf!"ii:i S-'-- |»rtcrs defeated the Illythi'vlll'.- He:' Sox in the first Rum™ o! n thri-e- name .^tirjr.s b.ore yi">t?rdrV, Tj!? (•fiini' w:i'; well 'pluyoil and Inli-r- cstln;;. Tiie srniv ^s•;ls 1 i.n 1. The "lilythi'Vitle" l?im turn-" I out lo bf the iaiiie (ram y.illi Ih': e>:eep!ion of one man., repri 1 - VrJ> s Lo; -/i rs On in iO-1 Chicks :vj Road. iinirii' i Reel: Tr.m'U-rs br-t - Vcls in n rirovly f;-n The I.itt!-: the Nn^ivlilr i'-sit 1 :! 1 !-i]ir,iUf: ncii:lll|;his lust nil-lit ill I.IUL- II:.-:!:. The score 1 'va-. -1 to 3. N::w:-ol]i. \\ln sciitcd Hoyle-ltoi-U'lc Obthlii'! com- 1 lellpved MUJII. was t!:i' wiiinlu^ paiiy of Miuii]i>n.s hrre Titcsdu;'. i pllclter. Shiinpr's Ihie drive srnvo:! Hnywncd Smi'.li was llic victim o! Keilfern \vlih Hi? wlnnhi-; n.n in lik' Seapoilcrs. who uiiiic::pd (heir Ihe M!h. fcven lilts In the sixth :uul pl»hlh I 'I'lie Mi-mplils Chirks lien I llr billings. Hush Stark ll::illud th« Chaltiinu:-!'.-) I.ooknuls iiurl nmrkrd Ilu.^i' lo three hi Helena OHO Ulyltioyilli! 0(11] Rlaib;. Tlnsby nnd Hettl^on* Ml Ota 100 (11X1 nil:! Berr In ii day the walks '<fi niilrr.. u policonu-ii boys iivpr.irji' letter fanner -IW 22. | up tlielr .-.nveiuli straight vletory. K I The si-nn- was n to 2. Orilliti. MIIR!! leity. pllrhed «Tll. Ihuillns th; l.ooknuts (D seven lilts. lUufuot tin: Chicks 12 liils. llulclifcoii !ill a home run. Climax Ilk-then held the Now Orleans Pelicans lo six nils mij Ilia Atliinta C'liickeru won, 7 to 1. Cnr- ..,l.vle with tliix-L 1 lilt',, ineliidiiif two liniwivlix's Band train t'liiidnctors' doubles. l(d the Ci:irVei' uilark. 7. 11 ha.-; heoii esllmnlcd. Ciliiillo wa.s llic Inslm; liurlci. HOW THEY Snulticui I.cnsuc W. L. T Birmingham 4B 21 .1 Chalumooga 30 3> .: Atlanta 37 ?3 .! Memphis 37. 3-1 .! xLfttle Uocl: 33 3G .New Orleans SS 38 .Mobile 22 40 . sNr.slwiile 2"i 41 . xNight gnnie. . American I.enRue W. L. I Philadelphia 44 IB . Washington -H 20 New York '. 3 L!=i Cleveland 30 32 ,41fi Boston 24 3-1 .414 SI. Loins 24 30 .403 D3trOit 24 40 .375 Chicago 21) 39 .3W KROGER ST Formerly Mr. Bowers Store Bargains For Saturday and Monday Sunday and Monday s OMen LOV€ E.UKAS T Fresh Pork, Plenty Meat, Small Bone Armojirs Star Ik Sliteiii Thin *"• BOLOGNA Its Fine Ib. 12c PIG TAILS Ib. 8'c SAUSAGE m:i P S MEATLQAF YOM'!! Applaud These Thrifty UNIONS CKASIIKS NIMIOTI'.X DUCK $ Broadcloth Shirts All tnllar iiltiichoi! si vies in siiliit colors. A rail viihio ;it PHONE 220 V.3 Adiu.—M;ilinei> and i'Nij;hl— 15 iinil -I0c. K—C.'ivnlc l.nnili:ird in POPS THI-: IOKVIL Friday and Saturday Sec •• Buddy Roosrvcll in Galley of Bad Mctfj Also Faljlos and Serial • Mm. —Matinee ;in«l .\ T ij;ltt— 111 and 2ne. Sunday and Monday Sec! -j Jean .llarlow, Sp<:u-l ccr Tracy a'nd \Var-j rcn Flytncr in 'Goldie' Ailnt.—Malinw :an<l Night— 10 imil 2fif. Nalional l.caeuc W. L. 1'et St. Louis 41 20 .6'TI New York ..' K 2-1 .593 Chicago 34 III Boston 32 31 Brooklyn : 31 31 Phil adclpl; l.i 26 34 Pllt.'Aurgh 23 37 Cincinnati ;... 23 '41 New Madrid On-lain of 1st Half Title In Missouri Lea . COOTER. Mo.—The Nr>iv Madrid team, which is ECltimj the r^ee in the Southeast Mlwniirt Sundny kague Is assured of the title fo- the first half race which ends Sun' day. Out in front by a enme margin the New Madrid tenm will win Sunday on. a forfeit from the cols . nine -which has die-banded putting the Hew Madrid Boys home safe. i Wardell and Lilbourne are tied for] second place, Llllbounie Is also assured of winning Sunday on a forfeit. Games Sunday are: Holland at Cooler. Stcele at Hayll, Wardcll at Denton. We have moved the 1 Dodson Furniture Stock and accounts to our store at Main and Rroadway. Combining these two stocks lias overstocked us and until we reduce it a great deal you can buy at' mighty low prices. Come In and Bee Hobbard Furniture .,- : '- •— IS England. 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