Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 9, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1942
Page 1
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•••^ The .Weather Little 'Change in Temperature Tonight Circulating In ' Beacon Falls Bethany Bristol Terrace -^— Cotton Hollow -r-^ Middlebiiry If It's News Ciin Find It In The NEWS NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1942 "•' • , ' t -">'*«>' "• - : Price Three Cents Great Battle In SUGAR NOW FOR CANNING PURPOSES Limited to 5 Pounds For Each Person Holding Ration Book No, 1, Murtln . I.yii-n, chairman of Ihn Board ^ f NuugaLuok, <in- l today that -th» board will ..,,,,,,,, uppiiontlonfl for siifiar for ; 11IVIC , u'poHM at, tho ration .IK " £,r «•«•* In Uio T-u-tLln -high .inol IMI N'orlhaiuirohsti'ucl., fliir- j (K th,. rt'KUlur hours of operation of' .tin- offiou svhloli Is rrom 8:130 a. 01 1.0 r> p, m, on Mondays Ihnrtugh I'YIday of cm oh week and on Tuus- day and TluirBday ovnulngH from 7 to 'u i). -in, Lowil ruHldonls who apply for thn nxlra rationing of augur must bo prepared lo Male tho number of quarts of foodstuffs llioy propose |,o win. Tho limit- la 5 pounds for nnoli pnrson holding a ration bo'ok' No, I 'and Lho -hook should be brought lo tho rationing board by Iho applicant In order that tho rortiflcate number may bo noted on it, , - 4 • » HttFUGKU SHIP ARHI.VKS DEPUTY PATROLMEN TO BE NAMED Added Protection For Cotton Hollow, Prospect St, and Hop Brook Streams, Five rtcs constables ly patrolmen or special will be named . by the Fish and Gamo Proteo- llvo Assn. at, Its mooting In the borough court room tomorrow ovenl'ng at 8 o'clock. The men will serve for $1 a year and will fc* trained by men on the staff of the Stato Board of Fisheries and Game nndnr tho dirootion of Stato Warden Hunter. The men will patrol the Cotton Hollow, Prospect street and Mop Brook brooks as weH as tho association's hunting grounds and will havo full authority to arrest ollumlers of the state llsh and game laws. •President Fred Baker 'of tho local association stated today that mcrn- Imve This Nazi City May Be RF' Glly, N. ,/., Juno O-(UP)— hers of the Nuugnluok group •\riotliur vessel carrying refugees been faithfully conserving their from the'war xono has roachod the gasoline supply for the fishing trip United States.. The Swedish-Amor- r to Gortfwall on the Housnlonlq next lojiii liner Hrlpsholm arrived .today Sunday. Despite tho high waters in from Oothonbung, Swotlon, with 190 Ami-Mean and Swedish, passengers. Ttu' arrivals wore mot by 50 lied Cross nurses and three ambulances. the Ilousatonlc In. this vi'dnity other streams to the recent (Continued on Page Eight) Late News Bulletins MANY JAPS Chungking, Jinio '9— (UP)—-The Chinese are making the Japs pay a stiff price for every inch they.,gcain at Ofuihsitm, key city in CJiina's. oastornmost province. A Cluingking coirimunique reports another 7000 Japanese have boon killed or wounded in the streets' and outside tho gates of tlio city, The Chinese still hold the town, and Jap cuHimltios in this battle'have .climbed to 20,000. FIVE ENEMY {SHIPS SUNK London, Juno 9— (UP)— The British submarine Turbulent lias boon giving Axis convoys plenty of trouble in tho ('ontntl Mediterranean, The Admiralty reveals that in recent operations the Turbulent'sank live ships—including one destroyer, Ono convoy of two big supply ships and two -destroyers was all but wiped out. Only ono destroyer escaped, The Turbulent bagged another goocl-si'/od supply ship from a second convoy, and sank a small merchant ship loaded with explosives. RUBBER CORDINATOR'S STATEMENT Washington, June 9—(UP)—American plants may produce more than 300,000. tons of synthetic rubber next yonr, but none will be available for pleasure cars. This is tho opinion of Arthur Newhall, rubber coordinator of tho WPB, who appeared before a Senate subcommittee today, Ho told the group that synthetic rubber production will jump 1,000 per cent next year over this year. Hut all tlio rubber in sight, however, wilt be needed by tlio arrnod forces, OF MAY NOT BE Voluntary Form of Rubber Rationing May Be Tried First; Washington;. .June ( 0—(UP)- -The gly- PREPARING ITS PEOPLE By the United Press—Japan apparently has begun to prepare its people for bad news from the battle of Midway Island. Tho newspaper Asahi—r-one of the most widely-read newspapers in Japan—says: "One. cannot always expect victories/' Without mentioning last week's battle, tho newspaper, according to the 'Axis radios, (quotes an undiontified admiral as saying: *fThe people must ho able to stand losses, as well as victories, .in the lip at sea." . ' ' ACTRESS WEDS Now York, Juno 9— (UP)— Mama's picas .notwith-. I standing', Peggy Ktmclsen lias a husband. The 19-year- old star of the' Broadway hit, ."My Sister'* Eileen, ^ eloped al'tor last night's pbrformance.- She married Adrian garnish, a 83-yoar-old radio executive, The girl's. mother ob- jociud that Miss Knndspn— who comes from B ninth, -Min- ]iiosolu— \v«a too young to be mari'icd. ' ; • NIGHT GAMES BANNED Trenton, N, J,, Juno 9—(UP)—The.Jersey.City--.and- Newark baseball clubs of the International league will »ot play any more night games for the.•-.duration—after tomorrow, An army dimout order making night ball tfmrios taboo thul affecting the greater part of the state. KOOS into effect tomorrow. Thus ' the Newark-Montreal )iU at Newark tonight will be the last arclight contest in I ho Now York area. 'Mass'da^ engagements at the New Vm'k Giants' Polo, firpunc^ find .the Brooklyn Dodgers" Mbbots Field alreacly have been banned. '' _ , ' old order clinng'os in \vai v timc, ing. place -to now. ' , . And liorc arc --some facts— ftnd'-a-. few hfhl.s— on what's In store in Iho next few months from Washington,. ; ' , ;' ..Amorioals^ilghting.mea soon will., be tlio best paid ^in the world. The senate has approved a 50 dollar a month. 'minimum pay scale. That's; five dollars a month more than tjio. Australian soldier gotfl; 49 dollars and 70 cents nrore . than the' Japanese soldier receives. ' ' Tho senate also must consider a hi 1! passed by the house carrying allowances of 50 dollars and up J'or families of men in tho armed services. A few minor differences from n senate-passed bill he ironed out. ' 'And on tho. civilian front—there may not be any nationwide rationing' of gasoline jn the, next few months. President Roosevelt has ..indicated that he wants to -try a voluntary form of rubber— or transportation—rationing ilrsl, sparked by appeals for scrap rubber, and curtailed motoring. 'The president will -present tho people with a full picture of the siUiflition;- Possibly in 'a- .fireside- chat. .---', , ' And' in- the- home— Hip wnr, production board says there's no danger of a lack of staples oj» vl v ta' elements of diet. But 1 if oblong eating^ habits may have to v bo ch-anged. Canned goods won't be as plentiful. Clothing rationing, undoubtedly can be avoided. Unexpected supplies of .wool are coming from Aus- (Gohtlnued 'on PageTwo) URGES ALL TO HONOR THE FLAG Observance of >Flag Day IJhis Ye^WilLBe a 100 P. C. 'Community 1 Affair, Warden Leo ,7. Brophy urged all cUiacns of Naugntuck today to as- sjst in the obsei-vanco of Flag Day on June 14 Hi which -is. being sponsored by Nuugatuck lodge of Elks and whjoli will be made /i community atiair this year, i^lag Day is observed by every lodge or Ibe Order of Elks throughout the United States and its territorial possessions and the Elks' rjxorclsus are. always open to the pub Ho. This year tho lodges arc placing speci'ul significance on the observance of I lie occasion which is the most important to each and every citizen of the nation since tho Jtrst World. War. The warden slated that no citizen, old or young, could learn too . (Continued on Page Two) Ingenuity Of U. S, Soldiers Due For Setback Sydney, Australia,'.. June 0— — Yankee ingenuity among the Amci?ican -soldi qvsv in 'Australia is due for a. setback. •: The 'boys from America 'found that they could stretch', vfclieir ai'my pay by, the simple practice of Ijuyi'ng tax irce. cigarettes' in army- canteens and 'Hli.en-'- selling them ito- 1 Australians. But"- UIG army has fanned •-•• : t!ie', -sale. "of more than 'one pack • a day to soldiers. And that,, pack ..must be torn at the oorner..V^ Auslra- hans tilso. liavc been\,tbld r,tbat 1 1 is- i I legal t o* possess American cigarettes. . ; -. 55,191.03 mm* APRIL BidguVftll Be Asked For •« Redecorating of the Town Hall Building. REBUILT TIRES ISSUED BY BOARD The locai Ra.tlonlng Board 'lasuocl certificates for the purchase of New tires aiul tubes, or recapped or rctreadcd. tiros, or recapping or retreading services, for period ending May 29, 10'42 as folows: Truck Tires Four, ro'oftps, '4, lubes, .Harry Saw- cxuk; 3'Tctrcads or recaps, 2 tubes, 'N'-C.'Fassett'; one recap (pass, sl/e) Matthew ,7. MarauliB-; 4 recaps, Hich- arcl T. Gooney; * 2 now, 2 tubes, George Wigglesworth & Son, Inc.; 7 recaps, Lionel 1 LeClair; 3 new, United.••-Stales post office; 2 new, NaugatucU Chemical Co. Tires Two "retreads; /i tubes, Naugntuck Chemical G.; 4,retreads, Rose Bl aa- bblh Lakatos, 4, recaps, Welstord b. Clark; 5 recaps, Hubbell's Service Station; 2 rec^'pfl, Prank Howard • Leb-V. Voorhee's; 2 recaps, Edward i Kosowiez; 4' recaps, Edward ,T, Noldo; 4 retreads, Franklin- Belil- man; 3 recaps; Timothy J. PUz- gerald' 2 retreads or recaps, Gunnard Anderson; '2 motorcycler Retreads, Charles' .W, Dry, 4 recaps or retreads, 1 tub'o, Louis P, Vocbcli; 2 Recaps or retreads;^ Joseph P. Kcni- *hno; 2 reoap^'^Lynian II, Rodgman, Jr, - ..- CRITICIZED BY LONDON PAPER Lonrlon, June 9~(UP)-Tho London Daily Ucrnld sharply criticized Lord iHa'lifnx for his speech yesterday on post-war aims. The British ambassador .lojd tho grftdimUng class oC Syracuse university, that the German people will be dealt with more harshly after tills war than after tho last. The Herald says editorially: "Ills speech, fts we read -it moans •one thing— Halifax rejects the theory of [wlitlcalwnnfare to which t;hc'British 1 "government is 1 committed. 11 ' J , ' The London editorial goes on: "The question ' arises' for, whom Halifax' is speaking, "For the British^government? If so, he surely misread 'his instuuo- 't ion's; "For should himself? resign." If that 4 is so, he, Leo Scully, superintendent of-the Welfare department of the..'borough, reported at, a meeting of• the welfare board last evening-,that $5,191..03. had been expended by his department during April, the first month of, Uio borough's.fiscal year. The borough budget .provides $40,000 ,for .the expense of -maintaining (Continued on Page Two) DAUGHTER WAS BEQUEATHED TO FORMER NURSE Boston, Juno 0—(UP)—A probate court judge has upheld ...the will in which seven-year-old Virginia Do- Ian was a human legacy.:' • The wiil was drawn by the girl's father, the late Louis Dolan; He bequeathed Vi'rgima to .her former 'nurse, Mrs. Paris li. Forman, a - Bronxvi 11 e, New York, widow. An aunt and an uncle fouglili Mrs. Fpr- ~man' v s petition to adopt the,'girl. But s,'the Judge ruled against them on tlie'ground there was a real af- fe,ction between Virginia and Mrs jVrmanj but nond between the girl and'-her relatives^ i .«» MacArthur: • "America's Hero!" I Want • • • iMacArthur Buttons > ^ ^ \ Nam'e/;...-....-., * Address . .^ • -; v • • •) Price if called forl • ' - ! ' 5, ( cent$ ijiicli If mailed. ' All profits to go to the Naugatuck U..S. O. Fund. ; Buttoas purchased a< the Naugatuck Daily, •, llTforfh Main fftreet. »«»jwre-ttM fbiir buttons-allbwed on one coupon;-^Send-all.MAJL ORDERS to,MacArthur Buttons;-The,Dai^ly News ;i Naugatuck, Conn. Please dp i; hpt 8,end -*" With U. S. Victory ' ••'•'-.-'• ' - • ^__L__- ' -.••.•-•• Navy Reports Fighting Has Died Down After Five Days Of Blazing Action there BE PURCHASED IN JUNE Should Be Affixed To Windshield On Or Before July 1—No Tax Stamp, No Gas Gabriel Price, senior zone collector of the Internal Revenue office in Waterbury', announced today that the -auto'use tax stamps in d<*nominations of $5 In payment of the tax for 1;he fiscal year beginning July i t 1942, will go on sale at the Naugatuck post office on June 10. The stamps .must- be purchased and affixed to in use on or before'July 1st, or to be more specific—the stamps;, must' be purchased some time'during the month of June and affixed on the car not later -than. July i', The stamps will be serially numbered and gum mc.d pn the face: of 'the stamp. 'Space will be provided: oh'the back of «the, sUini-p for entering- :the mxlke,-"" model; serial iVuriir lD6r- -'and'•'state "'license number of the vehicle.- • • • •' ' / "' -The Commissioner 1 «f Internal Revenue <has been advised by the Office 'of- 'Price' Ad-n'iin'istratibn , that in the issuance and use of gtisor 'line' rationing -books 'the applicant, much 'have the serial number of his tax| stamp affixed «to the car to 'present' -When obtaining gas and lliat. -the gas 'will. not. be given to a car- owner-who has; no tax stamp. The- stamp should-ibe -affixed 1.6 the'lower ••right :hand corner of the wmd's-hieldof the f; vehicle and the owner -is -given additional' -'warning that he'-or she/'should' make, some record -of the serial Dumber of their Engineering Director PLEADS INNOCENT TO CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER Providence, ••H.-j.,. June 9—(UP)— Anthony 13isesi has pleaded innocent to manslaughter and gun-toting charges'. And He's been held in $3,500 bail, for a hearing, Bisesi says he thought that a pistol bullet was in, the gun's fifth chamber. The 'bullet, however, turned out to be In the fourth. So when Bisesi' worked' the cylinder around and came to the fourth chamber, his friend, Joseph Galuppo, was killed! The tragedy occurred last night in a cafe to the beat of boogie-woogie music. CHARGED WITH HELPING TWO Cni'l A. Osfling, export on pl«n layout, .has boon appointed ilireeto of ' ciiginecrino' of United State Hu.bbor'. .company. His JmnuMlhUi «ssiftnm«nt is- to sp^ed convei'sioi of company's properties to w« work, . . , LEAVE TOMORROW FOR FLYING HELD MEN TO Middletown, June -.9—(UP)—Two Midldetown men are being held by state police on charges 'of aiding In--the.-escape 1 ' of two : inmates of •the.'Norwich .State -hospital. Robert \SV 'Heck and Theodore Ivovaieski arc accused of providing the inmates with a revolver. The inmates, George -Leon of Middle•town, and Joseph ICumkoyvski ...of Cromwell, escaped from the -lios- pital after overpowering three guai-ds. They Were recaptured several hours later. Leon and Kumkowski, after an examination by alienists, were returned to tlie state prison at AVeth- ersfield. MARINE KILLED IN AUTO CRASH Ralph S. Pasho, chairman of i/ho Nausatuck committee for Cadets; .announced today ' that-, lie .has been advised by Major Gen Sherman Miles, .Commanding Oen oral oJC the First Corps area In Boston thai the largest'contingent oi men from the Boston area . will leave tomorrow afternoon .for army aviation cadet training at Maxwell Field, Alabama. There will be 200 in the contingent which "i.s in addition to -the 39 Aviation-Cadets who left Boston on. Saturday,...Tune 6. Each of the men leaving- lonior- row is between 18 and 27 years of agc r , who has--passed special menial and physical examinations. The> will receive approximately eight months of training as cadets, during which they will receive $75 a month, in addition to their food, clothing, lodging, medical and dental care, and .$10,000 in life insurance. Depending on their domonslraled aptitude, -the Aviation Cadets will receive special training as pilots, navigators or bombardiers. Upon completion of tho training, they will go on active duty as second lieutenants with a monlhly pay of $245,50.- . . . LOST MORE THAN THEY CONQUERED Wallingford, * June 9—(UP)—-Two automobile"'drivers ,are being pield in connecMon with Mie death- of a United States -marine^ in a" collision. , Tho marine—James Van Tasscr— was a passenger in a car operated by Paul-A. Donarumo. of New Britain when it, collided with another car driven, by Ro^ E. Martin of Pilohburg,' Mass. Both drivers are held on a technical ^ charge pending an investigation, ' New York, June !)—(UP)—The Italians admit -they lost in ore men during May in tho countries they're supposed to have conquered than in the lands where they're still fighting. The Homo radio says Hial. ^751 Lilians were killed ' and 783 wounded in Jugoslavia and Greece during May. ; But R gives the casualties for Russia as 70 killed and 215 wound- cd, and" for'Libya, dOO killed and j 17.wounded. \ FACTORY ' Oecnfield, Mass., June 29— (UP)— A ^10,000 fire 'has halted war production at the Noyes foundry in Greenfield. The fire apparently started from sparks. Meanwh-ile, the foundry's 35 employes are working on repairs so that production can start -again as soon as possible. SURPIUSE KLACKOUT Prvidence, R. I., June 0— (UP)— The. entire state of Rhode Island is going to be blacked out in a surprise test sometime Detween tonight- and- Friday. The order will affect 39 cities nncl towns \VlUi a population of about 800,000 people. Eye-Witnes» Tells of Part American Planes Played in Battle. RUSSIAN FRONT SUDDENLY FLARES INTO ACTION TODAY Germans Have Launched Strong Assaults in Five Places; RAF Busy. The great battle in the .Pacific has ended for now with a smashing victory for Amevicaii; air power over Japanese sea . power. , , ; ; ,. , Navy headquarters at Pearl Harbor reports Die lighting: has died down after five days of blazing ac- 'ttony in wliich as^ many" as 18Jap- anese ships were sunk or damaged, The part that American planes played in -the engagement -is revealed In'llie. first eye-witness account of the 'battle; \ * • Ensign /George" R. Cay, .Jr., * or Houston, Texas, who watched the lighting- from jC>Ubl)er raft,' -says that 'three Japanese aircraft carrier* were 'set afire' by navy' dive-bombers • and torpedo planes. ( ; They included xJapoii^ two'ijilggest carriers, the' Kuiga and the Akagi, Hulking,' 27,000-ton Hhips.' .' :•;• -v-;' Gay' himsetr 'launched. a 1 torpedo at one of the b^/caiTler« before his plane was shot' down 'in the Pafeinc. His two crew -members were killed. Me was -.wounded;;; in .,,.. . .., •But "a-'bullei-iMVidled rubber rafi Hoaled away . from .. the wrecked (Goiumied, on . T^vo) ROTARY SPEAKER TOMORROW .T. Edward Slavin, lilgli sheriff of New Havoii' county, will be the speaker at 'the weekly noon-day meeting of the Naugatuck Rotary cjub at'Sullivan's Inn. in Cotton Hollow tomorrow, His subject will be "Thinking'-Out Loud" and the sheriff will also talk on his pet hobby, "The Flr&t Offender Club,. which he has sponsored for:several years past and which •hab proven i,o unlimited benefit to Ihe youth of the state of Connecticut. The Naugatuck club is still high up on the attendance record for the clubs in the district with an aver- ' age attendance for May of 92.22. Thirty members of Naugatuck Rotary had a- 100 per cent attendance for the month. , RATWNINCOF CLOTHING IN EIRE STARTED Dublin, .Tune 0—(UP)—The men and women who wear vibe green must have a ration card for it from now on. . • Ireland lias started, rationing or Jothing—with the exception ofliats and shoes/.".. Bach person will receive 52 coupons for buying clothing between'* now v and next May 3ist, ' " "" ~ : ~- '. , -:' - ;; : But there's some good news for the-people of/Eire, too. Minister/of Supplies Lemass announces, that bread and flour rationing is'over; B REND A TELLY COMES INTO BIG FORTUNE TOD AY New York, June 9—(UP)—Brca- da's ^ big fjirl now, and she gcU a DO!, of gold for growing up. This, bc> it known throughout /he )and,- te tjie 21st birthday of Brcnda llidna Duff Frflizier Kelly, be original Glamour girl. By rcachr n$ niajority, Brcnda—or Mrs. Kjelly ~c^me8 s 'into ( one-minion dollar*- in asli and securities and a two-and- one-)ialf million dollar trust fu*i. Phc ihrcc-and-one-half roilUon )I61» ars was lefl by Brenda'a

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