Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 4, 1972 · 21
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 21

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1972
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Learn uiujuujwihi m n. in j Jingle All the Way . THEY MAY BE all scooped up by thetime you read this, but at press time there were tickets available for five .couples at tonights opening of the new Trader 'Vics at Watergate. I know we told you it was a sell-out, Petunia ..but five couples canceled. So if you want to give Jane JNacNeur a jingle (at 836-4300) or 534-1632) you too may be able to buy your way into the .festivity for $125 per and help the Oakland Symphony in the bargain. Latest news on the big night is that a Hawaiian trio will play during .dinner and Ray Hacketts orchestra will take over in the banquet room for dancing later. Says Vics president, Lynn Bergeron, This is going to be a very swinging affair. Whether or not its swinging, - if ought to keep .the symphonys cash register jingling. . A HOLIDAY TOUR of - five- Diablo Country Club area homes is on the agenda for Tuesday, Dec. 12, from 1 to 4 p.m., courtesy of Papaya Branch of Childrens Hospital Medical , Center. At the top of the list, as far as were concerned, is the home with the name that has always intrigued us Farfetched Farrfi. Its the Cape Cod Colonial farmhouse designed and built by its :owners, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jones, and its filled with family antiques brought from New England. Dont they sound like Joneses worth keeping up with? .; Well, what ever, you can see their home and four others, and help Oaklands Childrens Hospital in the bargain, by ordering your tickets, at $3.50 per, by check made payable to the hospital and sent, with stamped, self-addressed envelope, to Mrs. Paul Millonig, 11 Neva Court, Danville. Other homes on the tour are those of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knoedler, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barstad, Mr. and Mrs. Semmes Gordon and Dr. and Mrs. Darwin Datwyler. More details about the tour may be obtained by phoning Mrs. Millonig, at 837-3350, or Mrs. James Lange, chairman of the event, at 837-7131. By Joan McKinney Tribune Staff Writer While arguments continue about whether or not California children should start school at age four, a young pre-school teacher at Ralph Bunche Elementary School in Oakland has gone ahead and done it in her own way. Cheryl (who prefers to be called Cherie) Collier, a graduate of Cal State at Hayward and the 12th in five generations of both sides of her family to earn a' college degree has. always had an upbeat view of her subject, which is early childhood education. I never want it to be said that it cant be done at this age, she declared, viewing her class of 18 well-scrubbed and neatly dressed little boys and girls at Ralph Bunche. . " Cheries innovatin was to introduce a Black Studies course into the daily pre-school program. And the results are quite remarkable. ONE WALL of the portable classroom is covered with pictures of black notables, ranging through the 'years from Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Berkeley Congressman Ron Dellums and television star Redd Foxx. Sitting cross-legged in front of them, the children prepared to play their favorite game with Cherie. She held up picture cards one by one. Who is this? she asked. The answer was shouted hi unison. Daniel Williams! What did he do? . What 'did she do? She opened a school for black girls in Florida. And so it Went. Ralph Bunche He won the Nobel Peace Prize and he gave his name to our school . . . Marion Anderson She was the first black lady in the opera . . . Crispus Attmf? THERE WAS a slight hesita-. tion there. Then, he was a fighter suggested one little girl. ... Right, said Chirie, but where did he fight? They all knew that one Jin the American Revolution, and he got killed because he was out in front One by. one, several of the children were invited to take a pointer and quiz the class about the people on the walL Who is this? theyd say, pointing in turn to Jackie Robinson, Vida Blue, Dick Gregory. And the answers would 'come back promptly. , Finally, Cherie said, Now lets do our favorite, and she brought out a photograph of Martin Luther Kings fa mi-, ly, with a picture of the slain leader hanging behind them. After the children had identified everyone, she asked what is this medal hanging around his neck? ' The Nobel Peace Prize." .Did lie get anything besides the medal? j Fifty-five thousand dollars. What did he do with it? He gave it to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. SPEAKING of home tours, the Dec. 10 Castlewood Champagne Christmas Tour of five homes in the Castlewood Country Club area is a complete sell-out at 1,250. This tour will benefit the Childrens Home Society and will show a profit of $7,000 according to its master-minders, ' Edith and John Marshall. John Marshall is the real estate man Who developed the Castlewood Country Club area, and he and his wife work hard promoting parties for good works and good sales. DR. EVELYN Miller Berger, who has been administrative director of the East Bay Psychological Center in -Oakland for 31 years, was married last month to the Rev. C. Maxwell Brown, who formerly, headed the Methodist Church in Bay Area. And now Dr. Berger or Mrs. Brown is doing Christmas shopping for the four children and 15 grandchildren she inherited with her marriage. . Although both she and her . bridegroom .had been married and widowed prior to their wedding, Dr. Berger had never had children. So her new family comes as a pleasant by-product of her marriage, despite the Christmas shopping involved. Two of the children the bride inherited with her marriage conducted the high noon ceremony at which she He was the fifsOocfor to ;hat,haPPfned to Martin do a heart operation. Luther King. A sick man killed him . . . The next one was a woman Memphis Ten who? ' ' Mary. McLeod Bethune, What was his famous the tots shouted. speech? J i i 5 to IP; I have a dream ... I have a dream. THE EXCITEMENT in the classroom was almost palpa--ble; faces beamed, hands outstretched eagerly. Yet the oldest was no more than four and a half, the youngest only three years and three months. Next it was time for singing nursery rhymes, right? Not on your life. Teachers aide Mrs. Bernice McCullough slipped a Nina Simone record on the player, the moppets lined up and let loose: Reach out and touch Somebodys hand. Try to make this world a better place If you can. , Cherie Collier watched them with pride, Children are so beautiful, she said happily. WHAT GAVE her the idea of the course? I believe that, children retain more between the ages of three and eight than at any other period on their lives, she said. So I thought I would , try mis," ana u worsen. Theyve been doing this, along with their regular pre-school program, since October, and you see how much they al-, ready know. Of course, she added, I had great support from Sherman Skaggs, director of pre-school programs for Oakland schools, and from.. Caroline Hunter, who is in charge of curriculum, as well as our own principal, Dr. John Favors, and acting principal Leroy Jackson. Otherwise I could not have done it. As we left the classroom, the young voices were lifted again: There is a world waiting for you There is something you know That you are young, gifted and black. And That, said their young teacher, Is where its at." They wouldnt replace the Vienna Boys Choir, maybe, but what they lacked In pure melody they more than made up for in volume as, hands clasped together, they reached for, the sky as they bellowed . ' reach out and'touth . V fHnr Ilf . , , J A I A ; 7 ' ", x v , f' '' n 11' n, ' V-' ,.v a 'f -v h ' : y sj t f. -y.j; ? ' .3 ' ' --.Irr: C-- rj A"? t' ' - a, j .1 ' Tribun. phitmt by SIB Alison Owens drills her Ralph Bunche pre-school classmates on the identities of modern notables in black studies class PARENT & CHILD Create Tots Presents By ARNOLD ARNOLD The stores are all lit up; shop windows are filled with toys and gifts;, Christmas Club bank account are about to be depleted; anticipation is in the air; and children are beginning to dream about what Santa will bring them. Ive been Shopping the stores. Except for the perennial staples playthings, toyi4 and games there is little thats new tiujt I could recommend. But have you thought of making this a do-it-yourself Christmas? How about inventing and designing toys that you make for your child? Theres still time, and here are a few sample ideas: You could make a unique, hand-made doll-house for your child that he or she can fold up like a suit-case and lake along with them wherever they go. You can wire it for lantern bulbs powered by flashlight .batteries. Ping-pong balls with spall holes cut Into them make realistic lighting fixtures. Don't bother to make furniture and accessories. Toy .stores and Oakland 2$&Qfribune Mon., Dec. 4, 1972 21 toy departments offer a large assortment in an incredible range of styles. Buy the furniture first and build the doll house in scale. How skilled are you with papier maehe? You can make a giant, sturdy Noahs Ark with stalls for every kind of t by animal your child already owns or that you can buy in the stores. .. the time you will have lavished Make the decks removable ; T,n what you made for them . cut openings Into the side and Youll set them a good exam-add ramps that fold up and pie. close against the Arks sides. hMmoi nwspop- indicate Your toddler of even an older child will get years of fun out of such a toy. If Dad has a basement workshop he can make an assort-ment of birch building blocks in shapes and sizes that either arent available or that can only be found in schools. Finish them beautifully and youll be proud,-twenty years hence, to find your grandchildren playing with the same. ones. Or if your child is old enough, build him his own work-bench, accessorized with really good tools. The . same gift is equally, suitable for & girl. Tomorrow's young wom-. en need good manual stills also.. - . . These are not necessarily money saving ideas. Raw materials and accessories cost money also. Youll certainly, make your Christmas budget go further when you make one-of-a-kind presents for your children. They will appreciate f tr yM ( -'WA Continued on Page 22, Col. 2 Teacher Cherie Collier, with Kevin Runnells, initiated the experimental course Tobe: The Shortcoat Is Tops . Fluffy fur shortcoats, cardigan styled, are tops on the want-lists of many women this Christmas. These little coats look marvelous with pants, and great with skirts which, by the way, is all one really needs in this seasons wardrobe. T The shortcoat is really very simple collarless, with hooks down the front, and a boxy cut that ends about four inches below the waistline. The message is in the fur, which can be anything from the most luxurious full fox or lynx skins to bits and pieces of assorted furs. Needless to say, the price also varies, hut for a young look in fur, the pieced furs are fun and inexpensive. Wouldnt it be great to be snug and secure and chic, with ones head neatly protected from falls wintry breezes? Well, why dont you drape and wrap your head in a pretty silk or wool-challis scarf? The look is to have all the hair tucked under the scarf, with not a single wisp showing. Take a scarf in a color related to your costume and tie' it bandana-fashion, or tie it like a babushka but have a big fat knot at nape of the neck. Or wrap an. oblong scarf rqund and round your head, softly knot it on the crown of your head very chic.-As an acces- Sory accent, you might try adding a great-looking pair of earrings. PabfblMr Hall (roseate SERVING OAKLAND AND ALL SURROUNDING AREAS Cheer up an Old Chair... or sofa, or both ! Your old furniture will brighten any room in a sleek new coating afterj Payless re-upholsters. Our quality re-upholstering builds comfort and beauty ; back into your pieces. Choose from a brand-new group of upholstery fabrics. Sola and Chair SJO.0 Complete-jfrice sofa and chair, labor and any fabric from oor newest collection. E-Z CREDIT TERMS Our Craftsmen Tighten the Frame Re-Tie Springs -Install all-new fillingTailor Better than New FREE PICKUP WITHIN 60 MILES No Obligation DAY AND EVENING APPOINTMENTS IN YOUR HOME FREE SHOP-ATJfOME SERVICE So samples in your homo. Our Trained Decorators taka precise measurements and help you in coordinating your window fashions Phone us for more information, FREE ESTIMATES -TIME PUNS 1ANXAMERICARD MASTER CHARGE - Plum The Certain Ship Nearest Tea Now OUT-OF-TOWNERS CALL COLLECT .. ALNUT. CONCORD HAYWARD VALLEJO Serving the Bay Area Since 1 946 c-top Willow Pass 6I2-3S2S P CUSTOM DRAPERIES SALE r SATEEN LINING INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Plus . . . Huge Selection of Fabrics UP TO Vz OFF NOW! SALE PRICE EXAMPLE 14 wide rod, 96" ceiling t floor using 1.9? sola fabric (reg. 2.99) Draperies Custom Made Sateen lined, fan folded, weights, hooks set, double hems. REG. SALE PRICE 165.00 106.00 SAVE 59.00 COMPARE OUR PRICES! SALE PRICE EXAMPLE 10 wide red, 7 length, using 2.99 Sale fabric (reg. 3.99 to 4.50 y) Draperies Custom Made Safn fined, fan folded weights, hooks et, double hemt, REG. SALE PRICE 133.00 93.00 SAVE 40.00 COMPARE OUR PRICES1 Choose your draperies from a huge selection of beautiful decorator fabric in latest color and weaves. Antique satin, nubby boucles, cottons, damasks, open weaves, lineni. Many, many morel COMPARE AT 2.49 to 5.99 YD. UP TO Vi OFF NOW! SPECIAL! Shadowproof Window Shades FOR YOUR 6 FT. AND 8 FT. WIDE WINDOWS SAVE 20 TO 40 SIZE Compare SALE 72"x4'3".... 24.98 14.99 72"x5 29.98 18.99 SIZE Compare - - SALE 96"x4'3" ... 55.00 32.99 96"x5'9" ... 63.00 39.99 Fineet quality blackout shade. Color white only. Bring exact measurements, we cut to sire. Fire resistant, wosho ble, insulatingl CHRISTMAS BONUS!! 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