The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 19, 1936
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'I Ml IP rW^K flM A him ill-ill I rri-. • m-mr-t.-....!n.imr.n.'._ l - "^^ ^^*«^^B M^^^^^h* THE DOMINANT .NEWSPAPER OF NOiyTHKAST ARKANSAS ANn SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIII—NO. IfiO nlyllievllle Courier niylhevlllc Herald' niylheville Dally News Mississippi Valley lender Bi.YT)iicvi),!,K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, RHITKMBKK 16, 1930 SINGI/E COPIRS FIVE GENTS ELECT OUTLINES HIS PROGRAM Tense Feeling Follows : Slaying of Japanese i , HANKOW. China, Sept. ID (UP) i IJ--A dangerous Klluat^n was crc- • ateri here today when Teijlro Yoshioka. a Japanese patrolman, was shot and killed by an unidentified Chinese In the Japanese concession. The lease feeling between Chl-i Clilnese. about 40 years old, fired v ^ Ihc fata] shot from a moving truck. | _, killing Yoshloka. No Chinese has, mp " n „,....„ been found, however.. who admits I ,.„,, „,. , , , seeing the body of the policeman i " Cd "" e "" 1 w f.^ 1 " after Ihe shooting. " cmflln '»»•>'•">"» Britain and France Now Molds Lion's Share of Former Possessions "If the German people still had their own colonies, we rould master llicse. (cconomli-) problems iime-li ensier," Chancellor Hitler assured lus followers at Nuremberg, reiterating the Nazi demand thai (iennaiiy be accorded colonies as an outlet for their goods. I-Vom whom would they regain llieir lost colonies? What international complication.* are likely to attend Germany's revived colonial ambitions? in a series of lilrce special articles • on "The Nazi Quest for Colonies," Milton lironner, European manager for NKA Sen-ice, turns (he spotlight on thus critical problem. The lirsl article follows. By MILTON KRONNEIt . NI!A Service Staff Correspondent LONDON.—While American VOL- | crs discus.'; lhc relative merits of[ ,,,„ ,.,, -—..., — -,......Now Deal versus Old Deal, bal- , l ' C ,^ Jlr 5'Of Arthur Houston, 51. anced budget versus nublic exn=nd- f» West Kentucky avenue, who i ](]i'Kneel and Pray' Hurricane Gunman Caught i — - . ese and Japanese was Increased! iyii • n c hen Hie Japanese rejected an j White I loUSC blatctncilt n when Ihe Japanese rejected ani ^,,,.,,...^... offer of Mayor K. C. Wu here to! A _..,.,. r , l M cooperate in the official investlgn- .'Answers LxpCCted Ne\VS- lion into (lie killing. The Japanese allege WASHINGTON. Sept. ID (UP) formal While House state- lodny that a plan- led "by paper Attack in Advance Arthur Houston Picked Up owner to make it appear that the president passively accepts Ihe support of alien organisations hostile (o Ihe American form of government." The statement, which mentioned no names, was Issued by While House Secretary Stephen T. Early Immediately after the return of President Roosevelt from to From Coast biv trip to Cambridge. Mass.. speak at the Harvard Tercenteu-i shown above after his arrest hv • '"'>'• I Detroit on charges of attempt- On 1'1'ISCO Right Ol Wav " Sllch "tides," It charged, "arc ing to murder two kidnap vic- i v; . , r i 01 n ' • con . cclv ed in malice and born of! t|ms, Ernest C. .Gallagher, De- VVl tr\ r VH r 1 111 re»*-l ^L'ull t Prill !ml Cllltn Time rn-n slnltl\m- i irAir- rin*il i-inln.. «.,-!, f „._„_ it With Fractured Skull J _____ An element of mysterv surrDuivJs , ccd budget, versus public expsnd- ituvcs to help the unemployed, Koosevelt versus London, there is one thing that doesn't trouble them —what to do 'with the colonial po , in a critical condition al the Bly- (heville hospital with a fractured skull. Houston was discovered lying on the Frisco right of way. about" 200 r'^-r^r ; - h ^"Mx^r^eS crossing, about one o'clock this morning by trainmen on a Memphis-Si, Louis passenger train. While discovery of the unconscious man on the railroad right- of-way wilh a hole knocked in his head might possibly indicate ihal he was hit by a train, railroad em- ployes said they did not see the passenger train strike him or;.sac the man flung to one side, as if by aii impact." .. Police'also ;wcrc~ somewhat i'i doubt as lo the manner in which Ihe man was Injured. They poinlsd out that the skull injury" was the only one siistaincd--and that his body did not appear io be bruised. Houston lives in a -house at the comer of Kentucky avenue, next to the right-of-way, and apparently was walking homeward along the right-of-way when he was injured. STRIKSI the Allies in the last war. The reason Is—America accept- ixl no colonies. The ether partners in the war were not so altruistic. Germany was beaten. Down in Ihe for the moment. And a look at the map showed she had some very choice bits of colonial empire scattered around the globe. Italy got very little. Japan got .aime. islands in the Pacific, which "are today a source .of .worry'to^hV American (navy.- .Prance ..'gqtj"parf ~HT thircameroons and Togpiand i'n Africa. And John Bull 'got"the lion's share—Palestine, part of Togoland and Camcroons, German East Africa, German West Africa. The acquisitive powers agreed that the welfare of Ihe natives of lhc various lands should be the primary consideration; that the open door for trade should be the ride; that there should bD no militarization of (he mandated territory and no enlistment of natives for military bodies other than for police purposes in the mandated-territory itself. Brilain and Ihe Dominion of South Africa between Ihcm 'thus administer 1,8-10,203 square kilometers of land wilh a population of 7.079.000 and Prance has 1.819.000 square kilom- -clers with 2,297,000 population. In area the French share is Ihe larger by a bit, but the Brilish territory is the better in natural resources, climate and future. - Hrilain Is Chief Target of Demands And it is precisely this that is causing John Bull Ihe utmost concern these days. For Germany, this rapidly rearming Nazi Germany, is demanding return of her former colonies, especially thoss that Britain took. This has come as a shocker for Great Britain. During the days of the Weimar Republic, the German government made no move to rriiiical spite. They lire deliberately framed to give a false Impression—in other words to 'frame' 'hi 1 American ;ieople." It was understood that the White House statement was an advance reply to an expected at- lack by a chain of newspapers scheduled to start tomorrow. "The president does not want," said the statement, "and does not welcome the vote or support of any Individual or group orders from alien sources. "The , simple fact is of o'ovious. "The American people will not permit their attention lo be di- I NKW YOltK, Sept. I!U Ul'l — The year's worst hurricane swirled out to sea loday after spending ll.s fury iigalnst lhc custom s.'aboard and leaving in Its wake nl least 11 dead. property damage ninnln-; into millions of dollars, anil ills'• ruplcd shipping iinti comimmlcn- tions. A high pressure urea, rolling down from Ihe Great iakts region. ! forced the him-laine, which had lashed HID co:isl.s of Ihe Carolinas. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New ! Jersey and M UW York, to swing I norteastward, spaVing most of New I England. •I South of the storm the skies hud cleared and the .sun was shining over ravaged areas. Property-damage may total more , than $5.000,000, iiccordlng to shlp- I ping Interests and aiilliorltlw. , — — —-,„,,_ »...,_, ,i,j in i^.ji nt ] 3(> I'islif nncii Siweti | Detroit on charges of attempt- LEWES. Del., Sept 10 (UP) — '" ••- •-"--' ' 'Thirty-five men of the foundered fishing boat Long Island were brought safely nshorc today aflcr a balllc with mountainous waves in yesterday's hurricane and a miraculous rescue at sea after fey hod been officially listed as lost. i on (he boat drowned. Spams George Hall, 29-year-old . desperado sought in six slates, is Iroit contractor, and 1 James 11. Ftirber, LaCrosse, Wis., business man. Hall was identified by r'lirbor as the man who shot him three times as he knelt to pray for his life. Gallaghfr was assailed similarly. Bradford Slated To Be Speaker of House HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Sept, 10. <UP>—The. election of John W Dransford of l/>nokc as .speaker of the house of representatives In tin next legislature was assured tod'.iy wlicn Ctnvernor-elnct Carl I-;. Hal- Icy announced Hint lu> preform! Hi'iimfoi'd as the new house' pr« ..oynlisls Mcct^SS,±Sl, M * nlBa , M(1WMl .!c Resist il 11 C (•''>' withdrawal of four oilier rindl- i iy,' i ",',-, ' 'xlales for Hie S[ir-akcrs!i[p. Tlicy arc It! Wrecked rot'trCSSi 1 ''-'" Nv'H'i'S, Lyle in-own, Ivan Moore . i mill W, M. Thompson. TOLEDO, Spain, Sept. It). (Ul'> ! Kl c - Co| ftH of Saline counlv —New dynamllL' erosions were set '" " f " 1 t'>inll'lalc, announced Mint oil' loday while lovnlisls furiously ' llc wmltl1 not withdraw from the renewed their onslaughts a«alns't " lcc fcu ' s l«akn, the 1,200 rebels still clinging to Ihclr refuge in the Alnmnr fortress here. The loyalists tiien planned to drench the Alcmar with gasoline frcm n fire hose and s;t It afire i In another desperate clfort to oust I lhc rebel remnants there. i Specially Imported men to handle I the dynamiting of the last refuge of the rebels here took positions MI top houses near the, ucross nClSOIl the Tagiis river. They tossed their C, , I I I • C I dynamite Inlo Ihe ruins with sling- I'lispcncled by- 0 a S \\ shots from the rooftops, causing I Crml i lerrinc explosions within the mas- slve toppled structure. Hy ' United 1-ress The tent'i week of Spain's civil war began to,:.iy with the loyalists MERIT 111 RULE IN mm r- i 1' 0 II II d n 1 verted from issues to fake issues which • no patriotic, honorable, decent citizen would puriwse- ly inject Into American affairs."- ! IPPEnLJl I'utrell Revokes-Order 'Au- Lnnd Owners Begin I'horizmg jMore ^ Furids ing Payrrienls to Make Mak lor McDoiialcl "ROCKV ' A rk.;' stp't !*Va— As the stale comptroller's olflce prepared lo file Us audit of the maintenance account with Union Drafts Proposal for Submission to Arkansas Tenancy Commission MEMPHIS. Sept 19 (UP)—The flrst P r °damatlon was is Southern Tenant Farmers Union rclc ° scd soon ll 'ereaftcr. Governor. Putrell,;the governor yesterday issued , a . proclamation ' revoking a proclamation of August 2H authorizing secretary of Slals E:l F. McDonald to spend during the first, half of the year S8.000 more than half the annual allowance for upkeep of the building and grounds. Warrants totaling several thousand dollars, which were being held up In the auditor's office when the first proclamation wits issued, were Service at- a Standstill as Railroad Brotherhood Members Quit Work GREENVILLE, Tex.. Sept IS i.UP) — Five hundred "Big Pour" brotherhood employes of the Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas on strike today-! railroad today presented a 2(i-pige docu-' ment on cotton field labor conditions to the Arkansas tenancy commission with a plea for abolition of tiie tenant system because "it, damns everyone and everything it com l Mr «l touches." a ! preceding- The document, assailing o»v. J. M. Futrail because he failed to ill- Supplies Costs Jump Records in the auditor's office show that approximately $l!i.800 was spsnt for janitors' supplies during the fiscal year ended June 30 compared with about $9,800 u,c preceding- year. Expinditiirp for the same purposes in 1933-34 was about SG.OOO and In 1Q32-33. n p- ycnrs chide a union member on'fne'com: '™ xlm! " Pl J- *«°mission, assert?d "tenancy, as pr'ac-1 f 01! economic viewpoint." public utilities for the their jobs at 0:30 a. m. in accordance with the strike order. No violence was reported. Armed guards patrolcd the railroad with a,, trains on Ihe lines idle. „ ,vas presented bv the exec,,- i H"™ onl« h ?T, ^'S, Engmcei-s, tiremen. conductors, tivc committee of the union of , utility hills and nlis-rll-i POIK rv - mC " "" SWUChmC " fl "7^^ P er-Senf^iSin^ !? "^ es s s^r ->• ^- -----" activity was noted. „ - - -.._ Approximately 300 of the strik-l" le f " Ct " lc union crs arc employed In the Greenville New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 19 IUP>- Cotton closed barely steady. jet back colonies. It is true there yavtls WI ' CT C were various societies whose platform was a demand for the return of the German colonies, but they -•-• — were mode up of die-hards who in I yards. those days did not count for ranch. n. n. Farmer, vice-president of] Nor in the early days of the Nazi the L. A. and T., said today hat regime <t, d things .seem to change the company "would resume !w- in 'fact, the Nazi Blb.e--.Mcln """ °" "* """ " S °°" "» Kampf." written by Adolf Hitler- sneered at any colonial policy. The ' Leader said Germany's one-time colonial policy Jiad neither given her fitting territory for colonization by her-people nor black troops lo increase her military might In specific words, Hitler wrote also"We close at last the colonial and trade policy of pre-war times and put forward a. land policy of the future. When we talk today of new land. wc mc;ul] in tnc flrst place. Russia and its border states." In other words, Hitler said the German sword must conquer for itself territory in Europe and not In Africa or elsewhere abroad He repeated It In his so-called political testament in his book- "Slrive for it that the foundations of our strength arc not in colonies, but in home ground In Europe." Miller's Altitude Completely Reversed lint Hitler has now changed his mind. ~" the capitol. Governor St The hearing before the group despite i day said in 'part" ike Sonifivhrrc' issued yester- uninvited. "The comptroller's office Ins furnished mu (he- expenditures for Stock Prices NEW YORK. Sept. 19 (UI'l- The stock market today scored its third successive gain in Increased tor the proclamation Issij'd authorizing expenditures out of the fiscal period beginning January 1 1937. There Is a mistake " "•"•• ***- •=•= it t B*'ui lit IJ.IL.I Liiot u j , " '•' " 'ii wuihy aimic- volume. Advances ranged to more , crc - Flro m these figures, th? ba- than a point. The gains of the sls ' Or u 'e period set out In the last three days just about offsetl I'wiamntlon docs not exceed that losses sustained in the first three of f>nar years. Oct Dec Jan Mai- May open high low close 110-1 1194 1185 1185 1198 1193 1190 1190 1196 1198 1189 1189 11% 1194 1185 1197 119(5 1180 1190 1190 1190 1190 1179 1179 13. Spols closed quiet at 1225, off Oct - — •• —••••ai-.i.i 1110 The appetites of Germany have always grown ujnn what they fed. Each time a concession has ue-c been made to her or an'accom-j Jan pushed fact has not broujhl re- Mar sJstqnce, Germany has demanded more and-more! ''. In the days of the. republic, the. (Continued on page 3) New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 19 <UP) —Cotton futures lost 8 to 13 points today, due largely to hedge selling against the purchase of spots. Large spot houses were I he chief sellers with trade Interests the principal buyers. open high low close 1192 1192 118-1 1183b 1187 1187 and the market was about un changed for the week. Greatest activity centered on Commonwealth and Southern which TOEC ranging to 15.000 shares. It is reported the company lias entered an agreement with T. V. A. which will result in profitable operations In the coming year. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper ... Beth, steel ......... Chrysler Cities Service Gen. Am. Tank .... Gen..Electric Gen. Motors "Therefore, proclamation issued S „ 28 ' <"''hor!zlng additional Bond Settlement- t Possible • Land owners of. Dra'liiagc ple- Iricl 17 are already responding to the appeal for the payment of taxes lo make possible a sctlln- nicnl of j the district's bonded debt aiid C. a. Redman, auditor for the district, said loday that with cotton moving rapidly and at a good price lie was confident that the S200.COO which is needed would bo quickly raised. Redman began mailing notices to all who owe taxes to the district lasl week and has already received payments'amounting lo about 58,000. Under Ihe plan for settlement of the debl the district must supplement an R. F, C. loan of $1,- 6G9.500 w illi aboul $310.000 in additional cash. There is about $210.000 in lax obligations, on the books of the district and If S200.000 of this can be collected the .sclllenicnl can be completed, there being sufficient cosh already In Ihe district's treasury to make up the balance of the $370,000 required. As a condition of its loan the n. F. C. requires that lh c district have $75.000 for rehabilitation work in addition to the amount required for completing the sel- tlement. Cash on hand In the treasury is not quite sufficient lo leave .such a balance after the settlement is made but the district has embarked upon a land sale program that promises to more than make up lhc difference. In ] the past week ,1. W. Meyer, engineer for the district, has solil slightly over 2,000 acres of land, lying west of LHtle River, at a cash price of $15 per acre. A similar program for the sale of about 8.CCO acres of land lying east of Big Lake is to bo entered upon at once. The land, taken by lhc district some years ago for tnxes, is of excellent quality although somewhat inaccessible and less adequately drained than most of the land in the district. Demand for it appears to be good. most .savage battles of the conflict. The loyalists renewed tliclr assaults on the embattled rebel men, women, and children al the massive Alcazar.In Toledo, furious ill the failure of their dynamltln? maneuver lo oust the rebels from this stronghold. The rebel remnants fought from behind the ruins of ttie thlck-wall- cd old palace fortress overlooking the town dii the banks of the river Tajus. The attackers burst Inlo rambling enclosure; an" . K ! ltm ', cient lowers of the Moorly.i osiiu- " " OSCEOL-A, Ark., Scut:'III.—Ncl son Senravcs, son of Ally, and Mrs. O. 13. SCRi'iives. was little Ihe woi,r- Ibis morning after hanging by a sash cord from a rafter in-a shed of the Osceola Lumber Co for about 15 .minutes last night while two masked bandits sought lo'forcc him io reveal the combination of the lumber company's safe. : Young Sjgraves. an -employe; of Hie lumber company, entere-l the company's olllce about 11:30 last nluH ti make a telephone oil. Two masked while men whom ho had not noticed followc:! him In and ''pinandf'd that he open th» = safc. Wlic-n In jirohft-d that In did not combination they took nearby lumber shed, 'tied i K pation in years past, now toppled by weeks of siege. Bursts of mn- chlne gun.-a.nd.scattsrhvV ,-iric nrc told the story•6r r tiic"f|3lil to the ' "-' "~ finish willed Ihey.were'wiiMn.. in- ^J' «"'™riiln<,'. side. : ...-!.', I When he still In: Sharp nshtliig wnV reported at"" 1 Ovicdo, held by rebels on the northern front. : Loyalists dashed Into tte city In a daring sortie. They '~ '. "'• """ "'^ ll ^ 11 ' reached the center of the town and l by ' l "' ar<i Sc snivi'.s' cries and noil captured the church of fianta Ca- "~ .... tarlna. killing the rebel defenders. The rebel headquarters at Burgos claimed 2.000 loyalists were cap- lured near Llcrnn. Alleoecl lo Have Altered Checks; Not' Authorized to Do Business Sheriff Clarence II. Wilson has notified officers and banks in a number of (owns in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri to be on the lookout for two ninn selling automobile liability Insiir* mice, who are said lo have col- Ifclcd approximately $500 In premiums from motorists, particularly rural residents, in this section in Ihc last few days anil are accused of allerint; checks given In pay- Arkansas stale Insurance commissioner had notified him that the company, a concern with headquarters In Minneapolis. Minn., , r , . =• ""»"t«M.i, . *.».i4u ,ui ii ,i|j|;iMis io oe gooa, res not lo exceed $8,000 however, and Mr. Mever hopes to " of the secretary of stale's! dispose of a large part of ed ' """ « n the facts authorizing such proclamation can be asc-r tained and staled." Jul 1193 1193 1191 1191 1181 1187 1190 1190 1185 llgti 1194 1193 175 1-2 •10 3-8 71 1-8 115 1-2 Father of Mrs. Brewer Dies at Golconda, 1H. 'M^ 1 "!!!* J 3 '" 11 ''' 5 - 80 ' '»»«'• Of 3 1-81 Mrs. W p. Bl . cvver . „,„,, T , 57 1-8 I tiny night at his home near Ool- Ifi iconda. III., where he had lived for --". muLui* 68 1-21 a number of years. Int. Harvester 79 1-2] Mrs. Brewer went up to be with McKesson-nobbins 07-8 her father when he became scrl- Montgomcry Ward 497-8 ously ill. She will return within N. Y. Central 45 1-2 a short time. j Packard 12 3-41 Mr. Daniels, who was a farmer I Phillips Pet " ~ •"—' --' " - _ . the — land represents the last of the district's holdings not covered by .sale conracts. The first item on the rehabilitation program to be undertaken with the $15.000 fund which the R. P. C. has required the district to hold in reserve will be the cleaning out and deepening of Ditch 21, the main ditch drainage the lands east of Big Lake. 'This Work, In Mr. Meyer's opinion, should make possible the agricultural development of a large part of the Big Lake lands. HAdio '..'..'.'.'...'. 11 Simmons Beds 383-4 13. 1177 1177 1175 1175 Spots closed qulei at 1225, off 1193 l!8Gb standard of N. J 02 Texas Co 37 U. S. Smeltlnj 78 U, S. Steel Warner Hros, 39 3-1 had visited Dr. and Mrs. Brewer here a number of years ago. Idaho Guidebook Out POCATELLO, Ida. (UP)—A guidebook of Idaho containing 130,000 words and 150 pages ol photographs has been completed Chicago Wheat 12 1-2 14 7 1-81 as a WPA writers' project Scp Dec Sep Dec open 115 .113 high low close 1151-8 114 1-8 114 1-1 1133-8 1123-4 113 ment in several Instances. Sheriff Wilson said that the a sash cord around Ills waist, thre one end of It oviir' a, ralt/jr: nnd Iwkcd.him up anj| ilqjyii^ilc'cliWiu - the combination islsk-d that he could tiol oiren the safe lluv left hlin haiK-ln','. saying that Ihcv would Blv« him lime Ip think it over. Dave Sllverblatl. who-lives ncnr !, heard Scgnivra' cries and noil ficd Mrs. J. n. Huiin. ivlfc of the inntm'/cr of the lumber company who was out of town, she In I urn culled Dave Youns. city niarsliall Yowl-,' and Thurmond Morrison who had started In search of S" graves when the-latter failed to meet him downtown as they had planned, reached the lumber slu-d at al-out Kic snme tlrnc pn-| 'i leased Scuravcs ill about ia:3n am He «;as uninjured cxr,"nt for bruK M and sores where the sash cord had mi, him. Officers have no clues to the Wcntitv of the two bandits but be IKH'c Hiat the same men made an ntlcmnt about an hour later to rob the Delta Queen night j,, st was not nuthorizrd Io in Arkansas. Tlie men, known as a Mr. Snyder and u Mr. Cook, are said to have employed local youths or men in various communities lo aid Ihcm by accompanying them io see eligible prospects. Checks given in payment of premiums are said to have been altered. It Is charged, by erasure of certain provisions on the face of the checks which would have, made it Impossible to cash them! without ' south of town. T. E. Dill, the nro in-let or. reported that two m»n trien to force the door at about I 30 lie frightened them awav bv firing through the door. At pbout •I a.m. two men came to the buck dcor of the nlaht club and asked Jifrs. Dill to admit them .so ttnl "icy could (cleobon? for pisolin" She refused lo 1st them in but did nltempt lo put in the call for them When rfie reported that she uas miable to arouse anyone thsy asked her b open th? door so (hat t""v could nay her for m:ltin- in the call but she declined and they went away, Young Scgrave.s estimated t'">l he him- from the sash cord for about 45 ^ninnies. He attempted 'vith his avoij. Legislation to Bar Judges Horn Partisan Political Activity HOI SPEINGS Sept 19 (UPJ— AUv Oen Carl Dalley, Democratic nominee foi governor thh afternoon delivered his acceptance speech to GOO delegate's here at'the slate Democratic, convention. Bnilej mgcd the states citlzen- ihlp to support the Democratle init> ai It launched its second 100 jears of leadership In the state The Republican philosophy plunged our nation Into chaos ' Ballej said Order was restored by lilio election of President Prnnk- lln Delano Roosevelt, who musl be returned to the nations ch!e.f office In November along with the complete slate ticket. •> l have an actUe Interest In the icllcf pioblems facing our slate and will do all possible to further thts program.- As your.governor.I shall: do nil In mj power to remove tiic eomti from the realm of partisan polities and shall nil all appointive offices Wth sober, capable and* honest men. « Kavurs Conservation Arioganec on tl\e ]jart of an\ api»ln(ce in mj administration will result Ini dismissal TJia psott have a light to expect thes eofflciab, to be servants of the general pub llc and not overlords. Mj administration will cooper- at" with the general assembly in preventing exploitation of our nat- lual resources the wild Hfe game reserves and forest tracts I firmly believe that our highway system should be pushed in the direction of pcunanent linprpvement and not blaek top roads The reduction of the publie debt without an Increase ' i taxation wljl be one of Ihe ad ilnisliiilloiis aims' The nominee discussed on elev en point platform which he pro- lioscs to follow during his adnilnis- lintlon He favored legislation to prevent Judges from active participation In politics the enactment of a. civil service sjstcm snd a constitutional amendment to establish a non po Ililcal pardon board __ Kitzlni»lt Named CKalrman-—" Olhci planks would cnrrj out his Biibcrnalorial campaign promises. Including laws to refund the state debt legislation to consolidate over" lapping state agencies and the fill"-" Ing of vacancies In stale and district offices with special primaries Instead of through nominations* bj the Democratic, slate committee. ^ The govcrnoi elect also reconi^ mended an unendmcnl to the ores , cnt law v hereby the state mil ai- siimc •iO per cent of the s-tlary of county agents and home de'moristra'- tlon agents. rollowlng B-iile) s address Thorn-' ns Fitzhiigh's election as chairniaii of the state Democratic com mi ltee\ was made unanimous by a motto;V nrc^nlcd lo the convention by Walter Ritchie do business i'o rna«- (he rone in two n tccl'li tut was unsuccessful. New York Dairvmen Declare Milk Strike WATEUTOWN. ^f. Y., sept 19 <UP)_Ncw York dairymen todi cnllal a milk strike lo be»in ne\ Thursday. fulfilling requirements' hi committee represent he alicant s " l ° """* lhrm ' !lv strike call was announced committee represent- made by the applicants, such as delivery of policies. At leasl one youth employed by lhc pair Is said to have worked for them two days and rccclve-d no pay. When he kept an appointment lo meet them at a icrn New York. The call was Issued after the spokesman assailed Governor Lehman and Agriculture Commu sioner Peter G. Ten Eyck and their policies on milk. Mr-. McCufclien on Committee: Mississippi county citizens who' attended the Democratic convention In Hot Springs vcsterdav nnd tethj were Dr ind Mrs H \ Tajlor Je^sc layloi Mr and Mrs. o. w. McCutchcn, R. 53.-. Slout, Mrs. Howard Proctor* Judge O. E. Keck. V. o. Hollaiid,\ Mrs. James B. Clark,. H. O. Partlow R L Gaines Alfred Bnttaln ivy W. Crawford, Fred Sallba and Gene Bradley, of Blytheville, W. A.- Butler. Claude Thomason. J. B Dunn Hile Jackson S L Gladish, J. T. Coston, G. B. Sc- graves, of -Osccola, and Dr. A."E. Robinson,, of Leachvllle. For the first time a Blytheville woman, Mrs. McCutehen, was appointed a member of the state 1 executive committee. A. B. Caplinger, Poliiiett- county, was also appointed a member of this committee from this dislrict. D. R. Stanley, clay County, was appointed a member of the judicial committee. Clay county is In this district. Mr. Holland was appointed a member Of Ihc platform committee. Mrs.. Proctor was assistant temporary secretary and Dr. Taylor (juiiumem io mccL mem at a „,*,„„ > j ^ specified place here for the third Tllc meeting here was summon- P 0 ™ 1 ? bccrc(nr i' f" d Dr. day's work they did not appear. crt nflc >' T ™ Eyck announced an scr c<1 ns s«8cant-nt-iirms. increase of 20 cents a -hundred] : Senate Committee Probers pSc'crs' 1 n ' Check Up On Maine Vote ^ ~ rounds In the price to be paid j pi-odiiccrs and abandonment of three classes of the classification Chicago Corn open 115 91! high low 11G1-8 115 close 115 __ , WASHINGTON. Sept. 19. lUPt- The senate campaign expenditures committee said today that L/>"^ R. Glavis, chief Investigator and his staff, will remain In Maine i , - ln» a thorough check of expenditures by both Democratic and Republican i parties in view of the 961-8 333-8 9S1-2 rote. r>"iding contest of the senatorial Infant l.c.irns In \Vhlsllc ' MONROE, Wis. (UP)—The 19- month-old son of Mr*, and Mrs. Clayton Hclmeld here lias tausht himself to whistle. Unlnslriictsd and without coaching, the babv suddenly began whistling and now continually amuses himself with this pastime, they said. Arkansas—Partly .cloudy tonight and Sunday.'-Variable northwest winds. Memphis and .vicinity—Flair tonight. Sunday cloudy, probably followed by «ho»ers Little clnngb In temperature. The niaxurjum' 1 temperature here yesterday yas 85, minimum CO. clear according to Samuel F Nor- rls, ofBclal "observer.

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