Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 8, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1942
Page 4
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e Eight NAUOATUOK DAILY :NEWS, MONDAY, JUNE 8/1942 President Wants 139,417,V' 000,000, For the United •. States Army, ;• Wellington, Juno »—(UP)—President. KooMovoH 'hax uakotl (.JonKPOHH t'o.Hond Iho-blKflfiHt army of rto Liar's In -tho iwilori'H hlnlory ot'r ,lo war. rrijo. wtagKorlnK l' r> tnl ol> ^ lci rotiucMl- wt nosv appropriation !•» 09 billion, 4.18 million dollars. And It. rofloots ArnwJc-a'H expanding planB.tlor bat- Mo on front* all over Me world. ,'Wjilh! lit ft Pi'OHlclont WuntH more rjionoy for tho finny, ho ulMO wants cfon tractors. '• Ho haw asked (!onKrn».s to ornpow- er tho army and navy lo-'rqfiwq to pay wilarlr-s and bomww. In OXWMH 6f whiit 'ho • ualln "a roa»onul)lo Amount." • Mn January^ floosovolt had .naked for an army Appropriation of'loHH than Hovnn-bllllon dollurn,'Now, hn *ay,H, ,tl»j now figure of nonrly iopty-bllllon - IU»H boon inuclo nncos- ftftry by "the -ohango In • Conditions which h«H nlnoo oorno about." Tlit new flK'Uru \MO,tfid> -brlrtK. r ''ijji'' i )l ' n " Jootud oxpondliin'isH In 'WQnd Wai 5J to "more than «Q04»IHIon dollars, M.)f the 'hlslw'lo-now-war appro- OVor o)bvon billion dolls rcduo^tod for tho Air corps, rovoullng ,'UH part In the coming And I'h'o ProNidont want* lo turn pvor more .than U'M lo' our all Urn, Thn would <iovw the fin- 'IwglunlnK July Jst. •"•"•^^-^*^^ l " %— m**m****** NAGURSKI QUITS SPORT, RETIRES TO ||y DALE r!01 INS UnlliMl Press Staff Corrw MlniumpollH, Minn., Juno 8-r^UP) }-..jironko Nagurskl, Iho .only fao.t- bnll player ovor to too named lo iwb positions 'on-L'hn sumo AH- AmiH'loa ttmrn, has ended his ath- Irtlo oardor In tho state whore-it WilHai H. Burke Receives Yale Degree . .'. (Con tlrJUOd. from Pa#o Ono) bipen a rctfkjorvt of Maytirook ootldKcj tiaM -boon '(Uuuip tod by Ihn Oor- Modktal oollPKO at Hookofwllor ('Jon tor In Now York oily. Following lilW rnatrffMilatlon at Gornoll Mr, Uiirko Will on'tur tho upinod Hdr.vlp«w of tho United Stalon with u'oommlHHion t\* a riooon'd llou- lonant on July (ith. Ho Vv.lll b'o an- Hlgnud to -tho Modluol CorpH I\o- adrvo, . ' ....Sydney, Aiw.lwjla, Juno 8^(1.11'') -• Tlio, bodlflH of -four Japanorfo, liav bVion roobv'Of'tHl front 'th'o -'midget H,«lwwrJho.8 sun'k. .during . tMv rakl 0)1 -By drioy fi \wmjk a'go. Pour gub- woro.aiink ki all/./lHin J«p,will bo ormattJd tomorrow, full 'AfU'i- 20 years of oompoMtlon in roollMill and wroHtlliiff, NiujursKl culled HportswrllorH to -hl» dressing roofn al'tot' <a-charity wroatllhff program horo -nnd-ftfdd: "I'm all through. "My loKtf M"' 1 stand .tho gaff, My knooH havo boon Injured'HO many Uinw» Ihoy oan'l Htnnd tho strain. If I don't quit .nosy,,! may wind up a cripple. Money -Mosul moan that much to mo." .- '•• Ptilllmok- and Taaklo Tho Nag" ' Hn 't broke,-" Ho n nioo nest OKK find owns -a' small farm, Cvhbi'o -ho will rotlro, . Horn Nov, a, iiX>S, In Iho rugged rlountry mmr lialny Hlvor, Ontario, Oanrida, Nngursk-l First gal tied fame playlnK football <at International Falls 'hIffh sohool, ' At tho 'Unlvorftlty of -Mlnncrtoln, NftKiit'Hk-f won thf'Jio icbtorn In football,'playing tackle on. .defense ;u\d fill (bunk on bt'foivHO, ' • llo WUH HO loutHkmdlng at both poslllon'H that ii Ndsv 'York newspaper immod only JO 'men on Us ,1020 All-Amorlcwri loam. I svas placed at both laoklu anil t'ull'baok. Ho also \vjxa named on virtually every other All- AmuNcu .loan), •Oliilmr <I World Title iS'agui'Hkl playotl i'our yetu'H of profosHHonal. football wJlh. ^hc Ohl- .WIKO . fjcars /before 'ha bog-an/a, oa- rrer of- profoHHlonal Avros'tlIn?,'••' In and' elalmofl the worl'd's chiuvi- phmshlp Ihreu LlnioH. ./,. In \\ poll conducted, by (ii.p--.Sl,' Paul (Mlnii.) ,[.>lHpaloh In IMS, iNag-. was*' ivarucd MlnnpHolti's .otU- Htariding' dthjoln 'of all .tiiac, •in 1 , , -U. 'VV.. Spoar.H, Un.lvor»lty , of .\fl'nni>j.k)l > n .conch from 1{)25 through .11)20,' said 1 Nagurskl la "Iho greatest all-'blmo, All-America, football.'nl.i'y-,, tfi 1 I over saw. Ho coilldu play »ny position and do inoro' thing's ihtih •any oilier playor. I know libout • • ' V For the New Houston A couple of Navy men shako hands ; bqcauBo 1,000 Texana decided to man tho'new cruiser, soon to be commissioned, to replace the gallant •Houiten, sunk in action recently by the Japs. They're Chief Turret Officer Roy E. Johnson and Chief iCommissary Steward Thomas M. Potto. 'They look perfectly competent to square matters with the little aons of Hirohito. + (Central Prmt) JEEPTOC + By Fighting Men the I'll Thorpe, NOYCPS, Orange and all others of tho past 30 years, but take Nug-urskl. 1 - 1 Minnesota -football 'followers lila 1 to , tell a'bout- bho-Minnesota-Wis- consin game- ait Madison In. 1028. ; Sliijjlchttnded Victory NagurHkl' 'had received a' i'l-ac- Lurod-yoj'lebra/a month earlier and was svearliig'a'special stce! eorsof •to protect his back. ''Trussed up,as ho -was tlm Nug 'tackled Rusa Heb- holy,, so hard' : hc funvbled the b?.!l. Bronklo recovered''find 1 punched over the winning touchdo'wn In three plays from 17'yards';'' iu th-o same gu'iiio lie overtook Bo (.luLslnlei-, a fust opon field i'un- nor, "thi'oo 'tlhics'wlion Bo was dent; Tor touchdown runs. He alslo intercepted two passes' on Minnesota's goal lino. Minnesota won, G to 0. .—'-•'' '•' '«»'*»•— . A T PT s7\I A V U IT AT FT. KNuX, KY. [PRIVATE BIKZK .-. By Clyde Lewis It .was.-nn- Oon. \Vrn: "Nice hoo^r. Duck* nrd d\£ *alut* U hardly accessary at th? To . The' News) Hayn^ond'F.,,Lawlor, son ol' Mi'o. .Mary M. 1,/nwlo;- of 50 Hoa'd- Iny Hl.reot, and Gharlbs Avory, ol ;IS--School stroot, Union City, i)avo ai-rlvod at I'M-, Knox, 'Ky. iv'ouhtvod today • by Ma,j. M; OrltncH, oon\mand'er^'o ariTiqrod division', , - . • 'Coming .directly • i'rdm . rqoopllonj otirrtcr.s, t|io men will first be 'o-n\ gagoil In learning th(i"funclamontal.$' of.' ; rt'i'iny life, preparatory to working with the^Hpoedy 'armored vohh; cto^j' : and .powerful"guns with which, an ''armored divial-pn makes Its' llglitnlng thrusts. . • . . ; Gallathonics .-and ; i-oad : marches wlirMranHforrh, soft muscles into hfit'dc.ncd'' •sinews;"." lessons in mill-' Uu'V'-courtcfly/'nVftp reading, taoti'os, nafp.'pf. ulolhlng.,..and equipinnnt, hy'-, giono 'and current events,' will -place" olv.ilian minds' on a military alort.- nc'^H. \Vhcn Uib more'.advuncod Htagca of training are Vcacliod, there! •h-ll be study 'lii operation of Hght and .medium tanks,' lialf-traok sooul 1 ctirH, 'peups, Jeeps, motorcycles,-.anli-'j tank • weapons', macliinc" guns, 37mm, 75mm, and IQfmim guns, riMus, pistols' and HowUzors, To man tho 20;eoO woajJons, drivo th'6 3,500"vehicles, bo able to make repairs on thorn and keep lliehi Htippllod with ainmuniti'on and fuel, while tho division is .rolling across tho ground covering ' 150 to 175 miles, a -day, requires that almost half of-'all -tlio moiV be technical Naugatuek Fire Alarm Boxes No. Location 12 Rubbor Regenerating Go. 13 Scott Street, corner Lewis ; 15-G.'M.R. Shoe Go, Rubber Ave >; ^'. : and Walm S!rpet ,10 .Rubber Avenue and Cherry St. 17 Town Farm, Rubbor A.vonue 18 RIsdon Mfg. Co., Andrew Ave. 21'Church Street at Park Place. 23 G. r, JR. Glove Co., Maple Street 24 Town Hall, corner Maple and ' Chuich SI roots 25 Meadow Stjoct 20 Salem School 28 High Scihoql 31 Johnson Street 32 May Slrce't, at PhoenK Ave 34 Main Sheet, comer Maple St. 35 Main .bticot, comer Holchklss 30 Now vllavcn Uoad, corner High ,. 'Street 37 .Carroll Strooji 38 High 1 Strad at^IJiIl St 39 Corner IHgn and May Slroots 4'1 Hignland Ave.,*oornop Oalpin St. 42 iloadlcy Street, corner Aetna 43. .Aclha: $trcc^, corner Gllft St 45 Walnut Street, comer Cliff St, Covrttty of Camp Croft Pott ISTAiLlSHED 188* Men of the fiflhting services are adept with pen and brush, at proved in art group* Irt-USO clubs; USO presents examples, of their work In • series of "Jeeptoorts." Here's « laugh on the «ea-flolnfl service. / G 10. Blasts at 8 a m.-12:30;p school, grades i to. 8. , Blasts at 7 45 a m. NO school any dcpaitmcnt. m.; No SAYS RATIONING TOiSTREAMLINE FEMALE FIGURE Pittsburgh, June • 8~-(U P)—The sugar and g'as lationing programs will hc'lp "streamline" the American woman. ; . • :..;,Thai's the belict of Martha Gable Philadelphia coordinator.:.M the /«r>pllvjlle A-vo corner-Park ,Ave j D , vlglon of PhYbical ntnesa,' '-who .47 CUIT-Street, corner Pleasant [ -- ,- ' ..... - •-'-•• '- • ^ a y ^ ve I addressed Ihe eastern dis-trict soci- 48 Grpy e- S tree t, co rner 40 Go'O.dyear Avenue 5|'rUi^hvStrcot, corner Orchard" St, 33 Main'Serect, corner Linden St. 54 Qoeh,-,-Stieet'.^Strcjat, corner oalc St, •61 BrTdge Street near Lumber Yarr} 62 School Street, corner Anderson •-Slr.ept 63'Maileable Iron 64. Spring Street, ,• .; Street - 1 A -74! Prospoct Street, Works ! corner St., ' street 73 Loouptv Street v 74 WooXIb'ino SI root, . , ,... While you Hleep peacefully, ahips plow dangcu'pus waters toward lighting -fronts,' • Holp those mon. Buy War Savings Stamps and Bonds;, to tho llrnlt of-your ability. MRS.: The dress I need, — and it's, a honey! MR.: If it's in The News, if s worth the money! SUCCESSFUL MERCHANTS ADVERTISE IN . , . THE NAUGATUCK NE WS Circulation studies of this paper show that, the women in read the Naugatuek News more than any other paper. These women want thie things you have to sell, The Naugatuek News gives you the -.'-••''•'..':'. if ' ' .' . '' , ' / ''',:'•/'*'' .' "' ' • '-.'.' ideal opportunity to show them your wares. You, Mr. Merchant; cian .flnd out mpre about these studies by phoning 2228, can, make your advertising pay! Brennan corner Lfnea corner Bridge corner Golden 75 North Main Street and Golden :•' Court 112/Foot of Ward Street 113 Olive Stroot, corner of Cherry 114 Spencer Street, corner of Gheny 116'Duiiham Mills 117 Melbourne Court 115 G. M. R. Shoe Co , Rubber Ave. 121 Corner Andrew Ave d Scoft St. .151 G.M.^R. Shoe Co., South Water; Stroot 312 .May Street near Ice IIouso 412 Hillside Avenue . and MHlv.lll.e- •. Avenue 413 New Stroot 414 Rockwell Avenue'at Salem street 415 North Ghuroli street. 2 'Blasts' at 8 p. 4 Blasts at 3 a school, m. Test alarm, m -12 30 p m 1 lo 5 No Sowing for Victory ,ety convention ^of the American Association Ipii- IlcaUb,'. Physical ISduoatlon .and'Recreation hbre. - ' "American Women are pampered and loo weak Lo bP of much use"in the defense' program," 'Miss .Gable declcuccl "The rations will.'put-women on their leet and off: sug£r.'v Sho claimed thai Arndf;ican ; \yo-. men ha\c no endurance,;; an(.r : thafc when they ano'torced! to star't.'walk- ing ami stop eating sugar, ."th.ej'' will increase their muscle -tone ' and their endurance and they will take off weight." The rubber shortage, -slie added, will ulso help -, 'to stream Unc the feminine figure.' "Wtome'n. without girdles will work, to streamline; themselves :naturally," she explained. H' women are to- ffcakp. over men's places in industries they must become' stronger . — lijkc'".' the German a n d ,Ta p a n e s e " Wo m en , s he sai d . Th e women of. the "Axis, /• aooorcl-'jng- to M'is3...)Ga'ljJe 1 vhave. more slam inn,' iand, .consoquent'lyv^. are 'botter able lo helit'l;he" war." programs of their countries. ' : -'lC\-/-' ~':'C- '.".,.- ' '^--'. ' You can't afford to wait- buy what you can wisely use for next season in our sale of fine wool clothing —Prep Shop— Second Floor —all sales final We've thrown discretion to the winds — profits into the discard. All new seasonable .suits, topcoats, winter coats, raincoats, lounge robes, sports jackets and slacks — for boys — for young men — for men— sizes to 40. There's only one way to let workmen in — get the merchandise out — we're doing just that. eim WONDER WAS REPORTED _ . NEliV AI«PO«T . ; No.w ': ; Y'pi% : : June 8— (IIP)^-Mayor La "Gu-ardla hints that the'; huge 'new •ai rplort b,ei.n-g- b u ii I at Id J cwo o'd will be -tu rn.o'd / over.- to ; m i M tary 'use.; "- L - a- Guardl.a !;:says\thait v 'he hoiped the alr- porL 'Will •-.b.e.;flrii'sh'ed; 'in time- to/be of service", to the arrhed forces:.- The mayor spoke ; at the' lauiic'ttjng of 'a new police . patirol boat. • ' '' ADVANCING . New York' < -Jjime ^8 ~.( : yp)-^ The R/ome radio, .Q.UO ting Bangkok' dispatches, bi'oix'dcaatv'tpjvi'gh t tlrat the'.'^re , piis'lifng ' s'thadily -up': .tiie Chi nil wi n . ;ri V,t3r,-;i in \wes ter n ; B urm a . TIic Italian; ' ; .:bi!cyadcast' claimed -that Jap forces now, are within .19 miles p f t|i-p' : -. In d top '• vb o rd'O r ;'- , : . , v ", ' ' Naugatuek Council OFPICE HOURa—MONDAY^ THROiUaft FRIDAY 2 to 5 p. mi ; ;/ ••'/•':.-••.'.. •/.,' • ;•'" ? Telephone 5304 ? ; ; Notices for this Calphdar must IDG', at-Defense •Headquarters or Red y 5 p. m. Fi'iciay cac'Iivweek. Week Beginning June 8^ 1942 MONDAY^ June S—FIHST AID CLASSES ^t 10 00 a ni, U. S Rubber Co;'—Robert R. Lowell." " , 130p.m. Pclcr Paul, ino.—Miss Joanna Pannone. ^ 730p m. U S Rubbor Co.—Mahlon R; Sears. .' . 7dOp m Hillside Congregational Church HaM—Noil McMillan, " . 7 30p m Knc House (Auxiliary Firemen)—Henry C.. Eric'. •.. .'."' 7 JO p m. baJein Lutheran Church—(Air 1 Raid WardQns)—Merrrtt Potter.- . , ;'.'•' ' ; ' : . ' . 7 30 p m Hibernian Hall 1 (Air Raid Wardcns)~Sergt. Anthony Farrar. TUESDAY, June 9—FIRST Alp CLASSES 1000am U S Rubber Company—Robert B. Lowell, , •.. , 1:30 p. m } Peter Paul,. Inc.~Miss Joanna. Panhono. --'. 780p in St. Mary's Churoh—Miss Evelyn P. .Jones. 7 30 p. m Salem School— (Air Raid Wardens)~Miss Norene Fratcsl. • 730p ,rn. TuHle House—-Miss Eleanor Smith.';. • ^ \ 7 30 p m. High School, Sewi'rig Room—Mrs. Aniy'PiercG, Miss!Celia Aim, 730p pi. Gi'aogo Hal!'•.(Auxiliary 1 Firemen j-^H.enry G.--^Brk. , : • ,, HOME \UOS1NG CLASS 7 30 p m, Re(| Cros.s ifouse~Mrs. Fred Chandler-. • • AUXIL1AHY FIHEMEN'S ;THAINI!\G COUH.SE 6 30 p m Fiie House—Section- A—Walter Noirwasn V-INSIGNIA COUPS—ISSUANCE OF ARMBANDS 800-JO.OOpm Dclensc Hdqrs.— Helen L. McOonough. INDUSTRIAL AIR RAID WARDENS 730pm High School Auditorium—H, J. Ingram. WEDNESDAY, June 10—FIRST AID CLASSES Silverlon, Ore., June 8— ('UP)— A Silvcuton Tribune dated Dcc.'«, 1918, and turned un in a house-cleaning job at the city hall, made a prediction that Jjeld up. "Wlmti- is probably the first airplane ever seen over Silver ton," drew a prominent/page one spot. "Hundreds or Silvcrlon eyes wore directed heavenward as long as- the curious .traveler could be seen." • "He was probably -1,500 feet in the air and was traveling at a rapid ra-tc of speed; : "In going, from Sacramento to Eugene, on Tuesday,.- Lieut. ; lloag- larid is said to have' made-00 miles an hour, and from the short length-, of time Hi.-tookshim lo. pass over ~""~ LEGAL ~~ NOTICE ; District of Naugatuek, ss. Probate Court, June 0, 1942. ESTATE OF Anna May ak.a Anna -White hi 1.1,- late ..'of Naugatuek, in said District, deceased. ' The Court of Probate for the District of Naugatuek. hath limited and allowed .six months from date hereto f, for the creditors of said, estate •to exhibit their claims for settle- iment. Those wlro negJect to present [their accounts, properly attested, .within' said time, will be debarred a recovery. All persons indebted to jsaid Estate are requested to make 'immediate payment to • WILLIAM J. EVBRS,. i Administrator C. T. ,A. ; New JJaven Road, ' . Naufgatuck Connecticut. • -' •; 6-8-dl.- $ilverton and -out of sight he muslj havo been keeping up his usual i ord." . The item., said comparatively fo\\J people- living in Silverton had ovci seen a plane. "Jn the future, hoxvJ ever," it concluded, "they \vlll likel}] be more numerous." Every woman can't join the' W. A] A. C.'s, but every woman CRB budget 10-per cent of her incom^ for War Bonds I Too Late to Classify FOR SALE— Stnmlinfl flrnss and Olnf Swanson,'-Maple Hill road Telephone 2532, , 0-8-d WANTKU—Small,.• upright piano, reasonably good condition. Tel phone'."-3677, evenings after o'oJ-ock. -<5-8d3l 1 .au p, m 2 30 p, m 7 30 p m 7 30 p. in 7.15 p. m. An- 7 30 p 7 30 p: m m. Britain's tfowager Queen Mnrj% v > who ( recently' celebrated' her 75tK birthday, is shown, helping bcra of a local ncrvjce^ riown trees'on ,her wartime west England.' 1 ; When \ elearedi^tne" land will be used for growing' farm produce. Aside from caring ( for ovacuees. at jte!^ mak^a nuniei*oi»i\vl8it^to factories axtd defense e'stablishm'ent»; 1 ' J 7.30 p. m. G 30^p m. THURSDAY, 1 30 p ni 7:30 p,' m. ' i i 7:30 p*m. I 7-30p,jn.. ' 8 00 i>,Ml 7:00 p. m,C;; Pelcr Paul, Inc.—Miss Joanna Pannone. U S Rubber Co.—Mrs. 1 Llnton B. Renfroe, Fire IIIousc—Mprritt B.'Potter.- •' ' ' 1) S Rubber 'Co.—(Advanced Course)—Neil McMfllan. High School,• Gymnasium (Advanced Course)—Sorgt. ~ Ihony Farrar and Charles Clark. >\ l • , Grangr Hall, N. U. Road— (Advarice/l Course)—Henry Brk. Masonic Hall—(Adyfinced'Course)—Robert M. Shepherd,^' Bertha E. Schiller. , ' < , , HOME NURSING. ^ V ', <1 - Red Ci oss House—Americanization "Group—Miss Catherine A Rrooks. ' ' * \l ; AUXILIARY FIREMEN'S,TRAINING COURSE Fire House,—Section C—Harris" Racke: ' '- " Juno 11—FIRST AID CLASSES J Peter^Paul, inc-.—Miss Joanna Pannono. Evangcllne Circle of Salem Lutheran. Church—Charles Clark, Sergt. Anlhony Farrar. '• • ; '' '* St. Michael 1 ^ Gholr Room—(Advanced Course)—Miss Bertha E. Schiller. < - , Bejhany School''House—Mrs. Hilda M. PodoJojTf. " / ( 121'ks Hall—Mr/«amJ Mrs. 1 J. .Daniel Koonz. . ^ AUXILIARY FIREMEN'S TRAINING COURSE Flro House—Section B—Arthur Pager/ For your 1943 vacation we have paid to those who saved for this summer. Naugralfeuck Sayings Bank The Old-time ^Mutual" FOR 8ALK—19*2 Poiitinc 8. Torpcd .Sedan, • black,' clvnamlum, \vlii|| wheels, 5 tiros, -delux-c equlpmeJ •-. -Jncludin-g. "All-. Weather" Comfoif Control.-"'..Originally listed in § class. 0,000 miles, A Excellent for executive, professional i •defense worker or sonic pmol desiring a fine car. Owner enter] ing army this week. •Cash proposj .tl0.n. Tel; 3333. . 6-8-dili TO.KENT—Desirable-rent' Tor sinsll family.of adults. West side IOCA| tion, all conveniences. Address "B" in care of News Office. Honey-Dipped I)ouflhnul« OaHtish Pastry Chocolate Fitdff'c 'Brownies Apple SQUtires Fig Squares Sliced Home Made Rye Rrcnd Sliced Home Wade Wheat Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. 31711 — FOI^SALE- Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuek Insurance Agency,! Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 FIUI)\Y, Juno 12—HOME NltflSINjK CLASS 7'30 p. m.—RQd Cross House—Amcrlchnfssation'. Group—Miss Catherine A. t 1 ' Brooks, - - j t i , FIRST AID CLASSES 1:30 p m.''^VPftor ^PnOl. fnc.'-T-Mirfs Joanna Pannone. 3:4f>p, i\\^\\$\. Francis .Softool—Mrs. Edw." A.\ Hefmonot. , >' < M , , AUXILFAliY FIRBMEN/S TRAINING COURSK '(>:30p, m, Fliv\tIIouso—Section D—Stophon •• Swoonoy. ^ • v ,-,,. iiV SlftNI ^ CORPS—ISSUANCE OF ARMBANDS -'**' 7,00- I)j09 p.m. Defense Udqrs— Hclenj JU, MoDonoug;h. , • ^ CONVERT OIL BURNERS TO COAL" May Be Denied Any One Who Can Burn Coal 1 Oil dealers arc and will--be -'carerully scriitlniyed and conlrollH. by the. obyeriunciii.. in dollvory of any "/oil \h\\l may lie uvnilnl)lP. We have on hhtid a few Fairbanks-Morse Stokers—these will] f/ive you eeonomical nulonmtie heat—widi Rice or Wuekw'heai c( ' direct from your bin. Ash is removed automatically. A surveyor your Iicalino plant and air estimate'of cos! will mode without cost to YOU. The Naugatuek Fuel Co. Agents and Distributors of Fairbanks Morse Stokers, 87 Church'St: • ; «^-i>^#..*-v..*:, _, : phone 5235|

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