The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1934
Page 3
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6, 13S4 MODERN HCME Condnc-ifd fr,r tills newspaper In ihf Inwesi of its women j«»i!fra by rccngnta.i auttinrllle« nn all pliojua of home matins. Florence Brnheek, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor Cooking School Lecturer Gives Selection of Sea Food Recipes A Cold Drink, Thin Sandwiches and Salad Drat Frlflliis hi iilylhovlllr: So many limes inquiries come to nw Inr nourishing, filliiie inulu dishes (or simmier inr-ims. Tin- Vi'OriH-n ill lllO t'.(".\ [-(.fiSl trAVh* r.e.vt-r have Ki asX tor siich ad'.le*-. for llif:.v have itl llii'ir kltclii'ii doorsteps Inc' best passible answers lo, "WlKil slinll wf> serve lo-1 nlyhl " The answers aie fivsh .seafood and Ilsh. The new methods of rcfiij/era- llnn and iransporlaiion, of frosi- (i!H foods and of canning and dry- it; foods, have made ]>ossiblc all kinds oi seafood and" fish inland, so that women who live miles f' - nm the sen inny also include fish In the dietary. Summer is an idea! time lo Ililnk of :is Uic main dish; lor it is quickly cooked, is Injluov than meat, yet is no'.irishlny; and 1 its variety offers temptation] A light suppc-r. or aft?rnco:i t?a liirse Ion-Id ilays need consist of only the essential" cooling Ijevciaijes enough lo Ihe apptliu- dulled by: ami foods. But this .should bo preceded by a hoi hmchcon or al Icasi a hoi Lieakfasl. Illustrated are lonn sin-Its of heat, I l:l( | Here aic .some of my fni'orile fish dishes. | ] Fish Itakeit Wilh Tnnnlws Uuy a while- (isli. or salmon for baking, have IHe market man remove ilu: head; and split the body lengthwise. Wash in running water, remove any obvious bones, sprinkle with salt, ami place In ii baking dish nibbed with short- r-:;li!t:. Partly cover with boiling lusses «I iri'd tea. Iliin sandwicliL-s tut in landliil shapes and filled with cheese and mem tnixlnti'.i, and a Iwwl of mixed, ra\v vegetable salad. , lalkinj; ahoiil lliese two Jtilcf-.s, let' ! us In 1 sure lo d!s|X)SO of tluil. fal- j Unusual and Savory Meal, J Inrrltms Idea Ihfit oi'iifi^f 1 Jhltrn mul r\» i !• O flflT .1 tomato juice nro add li\ ronction Uisho? lor bummer Months !*•«•»« »- t™u, me HM i is *\*. Illnclly alkaline In the liody. '1'lu- . ------ — - limit, urld is oxldlwd lo furnish wait-]-, nnd bake in a hoi oven. -IfiO r.'c^rc-r-s, until almosi lender. Remove temporarily from ihc oven. Save Ihe juices in which II hns < ookf-d. Have ic.aoy two tablesixnins infilled butter ,two onions, one fourth tcasixxin pepper, four lable- S|>oons flour, three tea.S[Kions salt, three cups tomatoes. Add the chopped onions lo Ihe bulier . and IjJOVi'n, push the- onion:; lo one side, add the flour and slir lo smoothness, ihen add one lable- s|Mion water, and the pepper. When mixed add Ihe tomatoes, cook until slightly thickened. Pour the sauce over Ihc fish, lotmn lo a hot, 450 degree ovi-n. and bake twenty-five minutes, rcnough for eiyht servings. nevillfd Fish Tv:n nsps cno'-:orf or eannrd fish with all honf-b leuioied: on,- cup while sauce; om- L"hlrsponn orange juice; one slu-e onion chop. jicd fine; one lcas[x>on Worcestershire sauce; one cup bread crumbs: Iwo hard cooked es8s. chopped; one half teaspoon salt; one fonrlh leasponn pepper. Add the crumbs, onion, \voieesfeishlre wince, i-(r,;.s and seasonings, willi the orange juke to u-.e fish. Put into ramekins. Sprinkle willi ernmbs and brown in a hot oven •»00 degree."!. Serves fivr-. Mfirk Scallops Three ]MU]i<b, fisb; one (•!•,«: iwo iriblfspoons eold wafi-r: one cup fine crumbs; one luiirth ten- spoon pepper: om> Imlf teasiionn deep fat for frylmr. Cut Ihe fish inlo inch si|iiau-.s; sprinkle with stilt and pepper: dip In bealcn egy. and crumbs. Mien try in deep hot fal for three minutes, or iinlil done. Sorve with lartarc sauce. Serves six. I'i-ih Steaks U.'te cod or salmon steaks: wipe with damp clolh: season with snh ar.d pepper. For three pounds fish. have ready six slices of bacon: one cup bread crumbs; one and half cups milk. nip Ihe seasoned steaks in the milk, then in crumbs. Cut Ihe bacon in dice and dot over (he steaks. Bake Uenty miimles in n hoi oven. 450 degrees. Season with n little melted butter, or serve with cheese sauce or larlare sauce; or melted butter with lemon juice in it. Serves six. Fish Unf This is delicious hot wilh lomato .sauce: or cold, sliced and served wilh relish or tartare sauce or Ihe cold meat plaltcr. Tuo cups cooked fish or sef food naked: one cup brcnd crumbs: two eggs well ix-alm: one half green )>cpper finely minced one tablespoon minced onion- one Half cup milt; onc ha|f £ ° Jjhoi ?'! 5clcct n rum » ° r |Ml peanuts: one. half teaspoon 1 Clil 011 ° onc ha!f salu onc half teaspoon pepper tr "" nc;itly - Mlx l °e c Ihe fish. -seasonings, crumbs. Meat is not served so frcquditlj 1 V'r rlj«, in ilie fni, season wilh -nertiy. in Ihc hot months, but when ill sail. |>cp]>er and suuar and place dees make an appearance on Hie | Pioi (tinner menu, it should be as ap- ] pr-alinK ns (I'uality. proper cooking one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon isestive tone, and the prevention of Oilier Vllamhis i-re'.cnl Ihe dish as a garnish. I Vilamin (J is not Ihe only i;ood flarbrciieil Sirloin ,! nutriuve feature of tomato juice, thick steak Iwo to three' j for it also contains oilier vitamins. Mid K<vit\ seasoning can combine! inches is usrd for Ibis dish. Trim, | Vitamin 11. promotes ui'owlh uiirt to produce These recipes are se- j ri'inovinc; mosi of Ihe fat. Mi:i j b i's|X-cinlly responsible for I lie ieclcd tor their unusual nnd sav-|«ne table-spoon of dry mustard, i I'liiinlenaiicc of apiwltle and wy llavor. IK-lmonico Uoasl film through the grinder onc pound of r-hnrk or round of beef ;u:d onc half |iounri of lean pork: Mid one small onion minced, one irreen popper, veiy llhely chopped. ond one pimicnto cut in small piera-s. Season with one and one iialf irasponns suyar. one teaspoon ot salt, one quarter teaspoon each pepper and paprika. Add one nip of soft bread crumbs, and one well 1/eaten L-yK. Mix all very o( sugar, one half leasuoon ul pepper and paprika mixed. Cream these dry ingredients with iwo ta- uie;|xxms of butter, rub the meat irritability and other symptoms. Vitamin G prevents IM!llagni and is also very important for grov.lh'. The Untied Slates all over with this, place on a broil- • Public Health Service presents lo- u- over a dripping pan and cook.mato juice as one ol the impoilant in a hot oven. Mix one lablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, two lablc- prevrniing foods. The Vilaiiliu A conicnt of tomato jnlce spoons of olive oil, one lablespoon 1- high, c^'cn Create]- than that of oi catsup, one teaspoon of sugar I orange juice. This vitamin builds and one teaspoon of salt together, i np body resistance to Infection.', and a.s the meat cooks brush it j and is an essential lo growth. ! Ircrjiii-ntly with tills saiice. The Vitamin A is found in larger out liquid for twenty minutes. 7hr-n add Iwo cii|>s of canned to- nalors. or a can of tomato 'Simp, •ne small onion chopped and a •cry small piece of bay loaf. Con- inuc cocking for thirty to forty I ninutcs longer. Serve on a hot, Walter, strain the gravy | n tri ; ,! iavy Ixial. ' h:ili;in Itiiniliuit j Chop iwo medium si/ed onions] nd brown in on,'- tublesiHinv oil. adding one furnishing viiainin . D, (he widely -advertised simshise vllamiiii which prevents ilrkel.s anil is neo'SSflrv tor Ihe normal development "f leelh and bom-s. It is also founil in e(±x yolk and in milk to somi- u-yveiil; but, in the winter months (.'.specially, every child needs the additional .stipply which In- RCUS from cod liver oil. Important chaiiKi-s have Intenl Vioslcrol. which i:; now belli-; of > place in chili! fmllnj; in ihp lust j ' vl(!ol V " sri1 - >s nol n siihsiiinlr- fur [, f: few year.;. Oranfie juice and 10- ™° IlV€ '. r Ol1 - ;ls ir 's a eonr.-n- U,. irati'd fnini of only vitamin D nnd not contain Ihe vitamin A n In Ihe pine oil. U should cd. therefore, only in aridi- iii'cci' inn '" t ' x ' ""''' "" under the ail- lwo |vii'c of a physician. Haliver oil is lire «n«:iir. -1'iim iii one ix.mul of ham-i"'- nto bun; steak i-round fine, stir 111! i terchanseably for children loday. use lias been advocated for; hah tea- i f-irm-r Imliuu. until at leas! one easpoon of' anlhorily rceummrnd^ ornn vc-ll brownr-d, sprinkling ovi-r the j 3K';d ;i>; i( 0(Klks OI1O [loon of iJf-piw-r. one I .all and one leas|XK>n Add Iwo cups of tomaltius, cm in !-" »-..^.-_ ..n..^ *..,.. ..,.,....-..,^ p.vjjr Email pieces, or two cups of can-| y P al '- s ;1 S° tomato juice for small babies - ; past two or three years that any eese. Ornuati .Meal Cakes , ^tl^• one pound of finely Rrounel i!ll iv(! , ™ beef with one s:nall onion minced' ,„!:£ " :lvt> colnc 01 grated, one Irnspoon each of fall and sugar, one miartcr tea- poon of |>ep|>er. one tablespoon of fine bread crumbs, and one well beaten egg. Make into rather compact cakes. Place in a heavy frying pan wilh one rjuarler cup of siijar, one sliced lemon and onc mLarler tup of raisins. Simmer half RII hour, then thicken the liquid villi one tablespoon of Hour. More v.T.lcr may be required during the diking, hul do not add loo much. S«iii Steak Creole U is )»ssib!e. , livei o I w ll I e the - illll|ui1 u* ti uu \\i\i DC inr* us that round steak to l;e known .. , behu; vital lo the diet in order lo, _ "PPear. prevent abnormal and diseased I .T "J ~" conditions in Die body. It is IrueiAO lj({V(fC I O)'CS that our grandparents lived, many j .,.:j/' \r^ n i of them to a ripe old age. nnd! Wnll.l\e.W PoW(ler never heard of a vitamin, but their i If you have large pores use :i will not clo'j with. i you have foods were much less processed. ' face ponder lliat nnd "refined" than ours loday and.'hem. A new French process callui they did not need (o worn- about [MELl.O-cr.o makes the skin them. They got ihc essentials in)young, flays on their heavier dally meals. Protective Vitamin C' Vilamin C is the one which pro-, lecis againsl scurvy, lhat bane oI ; T'.v the sea-faring man as late as iwo i a youthful blocm. does nol irri- | late the skin or make II. Inol: [pasiy nr flaky. Spreads smoothly, new wonderful Face 1'nw- der MELLO-GI.O. M)c and $1. igelhcr one 1 cup of flour, one tablespoon 1" i0 "!'5 m » !»PPT and" ihr te.1-' ^"^ ""L^^..^ u ' one (which generations go. Vilamin C also promotes Ihe normal nulrilion of the pip of the teeth and the health o' the gums. Since milk is n very| uncertain source for this vitamin.: it must for small babies, be fur-1 or orange j may be omitted), one miarter tea- Chopped Rrcen pepper. Cook until i"d shrimp: three fourths cup ( '::N| bread crumbs: one half cup ;;cwcd lomaloes; one teaspoon M-,11; two thirds cup canned corn; c« eighth leaspoon penper- t'«, tablespoons butter; one eighth lea- two tablespoons In the bottom ot a casserole rub- heel Kith shortening, lay hall of Ihc crumbs, on this place half the. emu ar.d lomalces. and sprinkle Kith sMsonlne. Dot with butter. spoon paprika: bouillon. spoon ; . ,,•.-• ,, "'i»« i^> gradually increased, until none to your hkmg. rare, medium ,,, lhp ^ of tc ,»,„„„„ ,; chiM > ?-•-,.. , v Rrler ! love1to n " ot i> receiving two or three lablc- pa^lrr^rr^h^^on^^jjr^!,^,,,. a ^ ,, omc Konom ^ & at ; j the University of Missouri point j Then lay half of Uie shrimp on | out that, from one dozen to sixteen : this. Repeat the layers, on ; apples, six medium-sized onions,: Ihe bouillon and sprinkle with (ho: (our tmarls of raw milk, four cups last half of the crumbs. Dot wilh j of beans, or six potatoes of me- more butler and Inke in a hot j dium size must \x eatc-n to furnish, oven. -100 degree.5. for thirty mln- as much vitamin C as Just one-. uios. Serves six. Mrs George Thnrn. half cup of tomato juice or of orange juice. And while, we are 1 Clillled Uy tTigidaire Safe - Sanitary . Pint - 7c Quait - )2c CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Friday and Saturday Spring Chickens «'*»* |b. 35c Neck Bones Ib. 4c ' rhick Ril) . Salt Meat I). S. I'hiU-s Sausage Bacon KvvU'k Ivrisp I'oiiinl Round Steak Ih 15c Hams Sli:inklcss I'iciiic.s !'( tun) Cheese rii)t.Ai)i-:i.i»iii..\. ire V. I'ltcliiiKus ...... I,} I (1C 1,0 WISCONSON I'niinil Roast H(il)<><l Kill K. C. lloi-f I'liitiu) •aeon ires Ib. lie Comp.Lardlb.72C Veal CHOI'S. I'oiuul Ilk- IIOAST, PiiniKi So STKW, iNiutiil Si- M|I:I - ON : " M ;-- Avi-r. lOii. III? AD 1 nrtij- I'Vosti 1'inii. Hi pi 1 \C. l.h. t\ GINGER ALE 2 a. 10 (: COFFEE J ' TO UnTATni?,^ Tri^Pf LETTUCE '- !ir " llaen 1 9 < POTTED MEAT Ltf BOSCO i20/ - J; L.,10 c FRESH BREAD'SW HONEY DEWS'S ONIONS T " !is >tmii ":Jr 5 C CARROTS calif. rr lOiurli t) APPLE SAUCE N ^ll) c MOTOR OIL^g;.. $1.25 SOAP •I Uu. liiirs I'i-lil 1'nis Nn. 2 Can SOAP C.i-ysliil \\'iiiU- •I !.:ir.U'C l?rirs - Ifu 1 2 Snt;ill Unrs - ."u- Oranges Ciilif. Thin Sliin Medium Si/c Ito/cn Lemons l,arjrc Sour nnd Juicy l)o/cn Bananas Cinldon Itipc :i I'nniuls l-'rosli anil 'fonder each lie II CORN No. 2 Cun 2 for 15c 'I'nmiilii or 2 for 15 CORN FI VINEGAR ( " SH 25 (: COOKIES Cnt " Cnt " )m " COCONUT l!n " """ DOGGIE DINMOIt .'! for FRESH FGGS no,,, 15 C SNOW DRIFT S£ s:5S Kill) Ll>s. SALAD PK f c. IN( Qi,a... CVPIID I'^ ij I IHJl OLEO ,,, 10 C 1WAN I'l.AKKS TI.AKKS 1()C •i I'li^s. 1^ WHEATIES TUXFDO While 'i Knlllc VIENNA ^'S...,.,. 5" GRAPE ™" 1TN % 2 M5' : Plums Dol.ux Nn. 2'/ 2 C;in Cniinlry Clnli '! l,;iri;o or 'i Sm;ill Cans \Vesco I.I). I'kij. ICuch Catsup Country Clitt) 1 !•()/. "itollle ICach Flour Silver Wedding Plain or Self Rising 2l-I,ii. Sack ...... 85c 18-1,1). Sack S1.65 Tomatoes Xo. 2 Can .'! for I?psl Croani 21-1,1). Suck Crackers Trcsli 2-Ui. llo\ Milk Pel or C;irnn1inn Lnv^e Cnti fie Smntl Can ;>r Butter COl'NTKY CI.L'R, I'inind SPRING HHOOK. Pound

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