The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, <A*K.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1584 Gwttfc ', Bin. P»ul Qre«n*ell and Misses • Ruth and Miry Catherine Dllla- hunty entertained 30 guests with I a party list evening at the Greenwell home In compliment to Mls- ; ses Eunice and Anna Swopc, of Mummoth Sprlnijs. Arlc. IIOIIK'- gUMls o( Mr. and Mrs. Orconwell. Miss Juno Branson won the hijh score prise In the Bunco • games with Morris llelchcl win• ning the traveling award. Later .there was dancing. • An ice course wns served. • • • ..Has Club Party .. Garden flowers decorated (lie home of Mrs. Cmmcs f. Wood yesterday when she entertained !.members o[ the Thursday Hook I -•ciub and Mmes. M. O. Goodwin,! ; W. C. Gates and W. M. Dunis and I I.her niece, Mrs W. P. Morrow ol! ^Birmingham, Ala., who Is her 1 '"houseguest. Crepe myrtle prcdom- ; inatcd in l.iesc decorations. Punch refreshed the players riur- • ing the rook games and Inter n " pineapple salad was served with .iced tea. The hostess was asslsl- • ti by her nieces, Mrs. Morrow olid Mits Virginia Belle Eastwood, of . Caruthersvllk, Mo., win) Is also visiting her. • » • J«st Friends Plan BiKlneu §® M t ID v DAN THOMAS - GEORGE SCARBO All members anil espcclnlly the officers of (he '«iist Friends" U Y. P. U. are to be present at Hie monthly business meeting this evening at 8:15 at the home of Frank Huffman, Chickiisatvba !ive- nue. Bih oj Neas Mostly Personal 1TC LOI OvV.fcY A L'FT 'O '11-L K LO>:'S flw BJcME- '•H ,\'O lO'l GOT 'nUn-Ki •o' J Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Co-Ed Is Bride Of Film Actor POSSESS. »j 13 A McWu SUE OcCciVCD SESEHAV. YtaOi iGO roZ sAvMG A K'^ IJr™c AccOi ; Fivu,-f?iJTH . O^TKE (teSTO-l OCWH ONWlW. VYhlte-Harron Miss Geneva White became the bride of Leslie Barren In a staple ring ccrcntnoy at Caruthersviile Wednesday. Mrs. Barren attended school nt Cooler while making her home with her grandparents, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. C. Uimb. Mr. Bar- Is thc EOII of Mr. and Mrs. II. C Hurron of near Cooler, Among those , from here who spent thc Fourth at Camp Rio Vlstii, Hanly, Ark., arc Mr. and Mrs. H, I,. Yi'injcr, son. Lee, and daughter, Dorothea, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald lirooks. Mr. anrt Mrs. Zcb UPDO. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bailey, I Frank Harper, Baxter Southern. Uurnl Lowcry. Elbcrt" Lawhou, U:. Misses Ruth Hxrpcr.''Juno Bogle iiml Ruth Lnwlion, Jerry Hnlly. diaries York and Harold Martin, all of whom went over Tuesday »' Wednesday. Misses Josephine lolly. Ruby Barker, Dorothea Still, Alice Mcnantel, Jiianlta Cranfonl, Marilyn nass, Mr. and Mrs. N. Johnson, and Bill Killlnn had been 'here for a week. IJr. M. L. Gilllnnd arrived Sun- t'iiy from Los Angeles, Cal., lor an rxlumlcd visit with her parents, j Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Glllland, ql I Cooler. Mrs. Clarice Gllliand and] Tticsdiiy It's Up to the Women BV MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Wives, Hold Your Jobs! Union. -The party Included Col. Frank Knox, publisher oi the Chicago Daily News; Ralph Bird, vice-president of the Pure Oil Company, and Raleigh Warner, an Investment banker. MORRISON. 111. ('Jpj.-On (he theory th;ii there's nothing ijfcc trying, two pigeons strove lo hatch a duck egg. They had all j manner ol dllTlculty covering Ihfi egg and alternated at lhc> insl:. I am getting Innumerable up-1 little' children. There Is no use peals asking that married women be not allowed to hold Jobs which mlehl be filled by married men or single men and women. That Ijolnl of view is perhaps necessary during an emergency and it may lie necessary for a woman to relinquish voluntarily her work if Hie man is carnins enough for the family to live on, but as a permanent, concession tu the needs ol society I rebel, fnr it seems to me that we have built up our na- Uoii on the theory that work closing your eyes lo [hi fact that women do not become :;aii;i- iactory nurses and governesse.-i simply becaiife they have brought children into the world. It may be far better for tlic children to Iiave a woman actually taking care of them whu may never have had a child. Tlu-rc should be bclwccn a moihei 1 ami a child a bond deeper ami groj.ler than thai, which comes in any other relationship and 1 think thai, mast inmlLtrs have a kind of honorable; that those who can do selfish love which makes ihaiii will- .'.oinelhing creative and productive ] ing to try to understand and help ... ,^ , i hc j r clli |dren, but this du:>s not mean Ihal Ihey are wise disciplinarians or ciin carry out trie- proper daily routine lo give a child a healthy body and a disciplined character. Mrs. farnsworth Black and dan- thter, Betty, ol Memphis, linvc arrived lor a visit with. Mrs. Blick's mother. Mrs. A. M. Bull, anu family. They accompanied !. Mrs. Butt anrt daughter. Miss Ruth. .. home. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. L. Loggins " hftvt gone to points of North Car'... clina and Florida for a month's Klopenicnl, anil niarrliLgc In Yilliin. At!/... culminated 1ll<: monlh-ol<l acciuaint.iiKehtiip of lietty KIcMinioy. almvo, unit I{a![»]i (IravoK. Him attoi'-tlliec- Inr. Thc lirMo was a cn-rtl :it the University of California at Lus Aegelcb'. may be doing some intangible good to Iheir own souls, which, i£ they were not allowed to express themselves in work, might mean a lorn lo themselves In enrichment to personality, and in their happiness, and therefore, in the end, a loss to the community at large. The problem is always an individual one which every woman must, decide lor herself, bin if a woman wants to work and keep her home, let me beg you, Mr. COLLAR SOKI-S Can be healed without tailing your stock from work. Cross Salve, that fur almost a third of a century has been successfully overcoming the most obdurate luman sores, Is equally efficacious in similar animal nllmenta. Raw, open collar sores, laige aa the palm of your band, h°a1 in an unbelievably short lime, \\ith the collar In place each day Try it on any wound your ^locli may have—or Pink Eye, infect-' .ons or sprains: it is :iold nuclei: an honest guarantee to givo ab-j 3ohite satisfaction or your money cheerfully refunded. 30c and 50c at all dealers. The Cross S.ilve Co.. Inc., Marlon, Kentnck'-. NEXT: Grar.dmotlier.1. (Copyright, 1933, by Amu Eleanor Roosevelt; distributed by Unlled Feature Syndicate, luc.i Chicagoans Visit Soviet Man. lo help her and not hold her MOSCOW- (Uri — A group ot back. Chicagoans have visited the Soviet Ur. Glllland spent Memphis. | Mr- and c. 1'. Howard anil ! gnindson, Ilowaid Miischcll Ham- 1 ni, left Tuesday for a visit at Bear Dcirioiislrutioii Club News Notes prings and other |»lnls in Tenn- The Hall Moon Home Demonstration club met Monday alter- [ H you arc sympathetic and tin- J dcrslanding, yon will find her in I (he end a, better helpmate and your co-operation will mean a belter and happier understand; inir hHivccn you. If you fight her .lie may be resentful, llrough she nay give in lo you, and you may vake up some day to find Ihat \ou have a wife in your home who is an automaton—no longer a till- ncon ssi the school. ' Plans were Manila To Open Summer Session -' 23 vacation. Mrs. Robert E. Lee and von. Iliiflmnn nnd children, went to Memphis lor n visit Iherc before ! i' returning home. Mrs. N. C. Lycll left ycsleitlay i for her home In nolitrcr-, Ala'.. I after u visit «ltli her Klstcr, Mrs.' 3. M. Huflirmn anil family. | Among Ihc Inrgo number ol out. MANILA. Ark~-Thc two monllis ol town people who attended the : sllmmor , cnil of t ,, c s ,, m Kchoo i [imcral sicvlces here yesterday lor | f ., Jsio]1 of 1931. :i r, «m open here Elmo Hoc were: Mr. and Mrs.: Monday. July 23. It was nnncmnc- Mack. Roe of Long Bench, Cnl., ,.<) n,i s w ,, e ' 1: by w w Fowler. superintendent. SSthool will ulso Chester and Miss Mildred Ge-jmade l<> move in the new kitchen string, of Delroll. Mich., arrived • this *•<•<*• gave reports of [Sunday lor a two weeks visit with their parents at Cooler. Leonard Cnssldy and Miss Mil- canning and~5C«-ing. In demonstrations, held at Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roc and Mrs, K. P. Uoc. of Memphis, all ol whom open at Danghcrly and New Hope, tktly Bobble, late of Piggotl. Ark., arc - guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen (Vie deceive •- H. Brooks. They will ya lo Jonvi- i bank Tor 'J boro tomorrow lo make fiieir ',. home witli ( Mrs.'s sister. Mrs. • Edgar Peterson. Jr.. and family, ' Mr. Lee, who formerly resided '.'. Iwre. died Tuesday. Cecahonlas. Art:. Mrs. Chester Nabers hits as her •- (Ue&t£, her cousin, Mrs. W. C ;. Harris and daughters. Margaret ... and Mary Grace, of Ainory, Miss C. W. Alllicie nnd Miss Peye> "_ McKcel motored down to Mamphis yesterday tor Mrs. Allllck .- 'who underwent a tonsll:clomy al •- the Baptist hospital several days Miss Era Wright, who has bt»n • - quite ill from malaria and com; plication*, is slov|(y Improving '. She is at her home en iJavis Avc > Mrs. Louis Lcroy and daughter. • Joe Carr, of Memphis, are guest: ):_ ol Mrs. Leroy's sister, Mrs. Louise . 'Chapman, at her home near Bat• field. Mrs. J. Nick Thomas, this city. Is also visiting : Chapman for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roe nnd daughter, of Memphis, lavi •T here with Mr. Roc's brother. Kline .- -Roe. who died Wednesday nl»l:t. Jacciue Little has gone to Taiity • haw, Miss., to attend a girl -co .. camp for ten days. Mrs. C. J. Little has iicri-ptc< a position &s matron of th Shawnte Consolidated school an will mov« to Ihe school, at, Joine within a short time. Mrs. Litl! will be in charge ol thc tcnchci . . age, where the instructors ruslrt ---and the cafeteria. Mr. and Mrs. II. U ' have gone lo Callforriin 10 ;pci\ . a month with Mrs. Reynolds' si. - ter at Tularc and in other point ." Mr. Reynolds, who has been ill. . now better. Little Betty Jean Bmch, wl has been very ill from malar lever, is much improved today. Miss Georgia Lee, who won iir honors in ths recent contest spo •. 10red by local films and Ihe Ri theatre, will leave tomorrow I Chicago where she will atlcml the fair lor several days. She, will be accompanied ty her sister, Mrs O. B. HoU, whoru she lias chossn as chaperone. and Mrs. K. M. Holt arc still here, Mr. and Mrs. Free- now consolidated 'with thc Manila man Bclford ot Re) no. Ark, wliuve I district. the- deceased wns connected wllli The i, tale 1 (board has number ^of years, Mr. | adopted the snme elementary school " .......... '' x * ' ' and Mrs. John Larkln, and Mrs. I books of Memphis. atmUs only »nd uncle- uf the deceased. and;i n the .s as nscil session, and few changes were made school backs. The lea- . Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Marlin of j chcrs in this illslrlci will not rc- Wilson Society — Personal turned from Nashville-, Tenn.,! to keep records of nil high schoo :iero they were the yiH'sUs of Mrs. |s'.mlc.nU in (hi* future, ullom's Klbter. Mrs. II. I,. Monroe.! The following are Ihe tenclier heir daughter, Miss Eula, remain- j lor thc coming year: W. W. F\>w i for a longer visit, her. :,ui>eriiilpndcnl; Couurn '1'horn Mr. anrt Mrs. Walter Cnrd wuru j ton. Misses Adn Bowen. Lillln ucsts of Mr. and Mrs. Rilcy 13.' Shaver, Ann Jloul. Carolyn Hatcj ones ul Blythcville Wednesday. .Mrs. Vcral Price 1 . Mm. Ktn Teagui Mr. and Mrs. Goidon Lnwhon Daiigherly lonchers are: L. K »nl Wednesday with Mrs. Law-: Holt nnd Miss Fairest Meedlian on's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. C.' Miss Cloin MtCormick will be th Cannon, at Monette.. " ;tcachor at New Hope again this Miss Rca CiiiiKhley went to 1 !'" 1 -- Scmplns Tuesday lo visit her si.-,-' Mr. and Mrs. K. I'. Cilllom have j<iuirc any now books lo IK bought until Hi? fall lerm opens. Mr. Fowler urges that all par- ;eut5 sec that their childicn en- j roll in the summer term, as ; will be luipowible for Ihetn lo juiaki' their giadra If Iliese two I months of school work are missed The Manila school has Just received some new equipment, in cludiiiG an olllci- desk and filiii! cabinet. Thc cablni'i will be user "»i British Golfers Will The Infntil lerberl I'iiikin. who taken lo dO])l!St .it Mr. and Mrs/ Seek U, S, Amateur Cu UOK'l'OK.. (UP'—Six or liome of Mrs. L H.awkins, ed Overturf of Cape Girardeaii |lhaie have been 92a containsis nd Hayborn Overturf, of SI I fanned. Plans were made for cmis. spent last w;ek end her,> 'he Ice cream supper at the Unit guest,-; of Mr. and Mrs A J Mo °" sch<X)1 Saturday night. 'verturf. Mrs. C. C. Redburn, hostess, was Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Campbell . "aisled by her daughter, Thelma ncl children have gone lo.Ros-i ell. N. M., for Mrs. Campbell's' Ttle HDmt ~ Demonstration ii ;at Nodena met in their new ' any Stewart Travis Is sick olitis. A/n/)S iVClVS cliu kit- ith I chcn Thursday. Mrs. Calvii I Lynch, the president ol the club Ipesided. A report vf'is given ' that there was an avsrage of 00 ™ K of loofl" products canned per day _ A demonstration was given 666 Liquid, Tablets, Snlvf, Nose Drops Checks Mulari.i in 3 days. Colds first day. llr:i(];uhrs or Ncurjlgi.t in [{0 mtnulcs. Tine Laxative ;tnd Tunic Most Speedy Remcdir.s Kiio-.ui FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSUKANCK DEFT. Mrs. Pearly Hollis has relura'.d Sandy Ridge following a visit vith Iriends anil relatives here. She wa-i Ihc dinner gucfl of Mrs. R. C. Mangum Tuerday. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Langsron. vho have been visiting ihe later's sister. Mrs. Wailc Dopier, mva relumed lo their home in itckson. Miss. They .vctc ac- ompanicd home by Mis-. Langston's brother^ Cecil Vance. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Downing and amily. of Armorel, Ai!:. atul Mr. mri Mrs. O. C. Coffman and ly. were dinner guesls Weriueiil.iy ol Mr. and Mrs. Hoiurr Graat- liiun. JtiJius Granthnm Annorcl, Ark., for fricttils. on "Preparing and Serving Leafy Vegetables". Reiser News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Hldner of Columbus. Miss., are visiting Mrs. W. M. Taylor. Mrs. E. W. Watson and children spetit the Fourth with relatives at McGchcc. Ark. Harold Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams, is ill this week. W. W. Flail is erecting a- new gin at Keiser. He has also purchased thii old Savage home, which he filled and happy personality. After all, as I have said, most women work from necessity because more money is needed in Ihc lioms or because they feel the urge to do something defln- Hely for the good ol themselves U not for ttie public at large. It may possibly be that there are cortain things that may lack constant supervision because the woman of the household has definite hours of work outside her home, but I doubt whether the children of today will actually see any less of ihelr mothers who work than do Ihe children of the more or less leisure group of people who devote a great deal of time to amusement. Of course he mother who lakes entire chars . of her own children will nut be able to work at steady job which takes her outside of her home, it, however, she is able ro bring dp her children and care for them herself. I can think of nothing which will probably bring her greater happi- nec-s and be more valuable (hem. but Uiere are many, many omen who do not naturally and happily spend day after day with • opust l,^ital at Mnnnhis M,,n- l ; adm s liiil, h pinvc'rs nro Tom TOvin"'" tr:1 " s: " r -'0" Is hit- j,, g (o iho'Ouitcd Kiate-- for ti ' Mr - °\. . .... , ' rtatmnal Anmtcur Chnmpionsh ^ : ,; r l "r^ ! '" f" 11 M '*V" ' 1 '" (1 Co " mr >- clllb I" BrooV -l'' -uesKT,l,',,, ', im ' h M W T lmc 1n *l.tcmber. according 1 tril TI IC1 ' Ml '"' N ' A l ' 11>( ' 1 ' fowl". B'wlon newsp; Mr S ;,ui Mr •', , M :i " rm;m w ^° ™ v " l ' (i lhe '™ HM 11-, ,, , ' ^^en/k.v,,,!^!- Cur, ^lalchrs and Urilis ' ;' , n> '' 1 '- Mr ' v l '"" ir - '\iir.tlcm- cnhmpionsliip. -ite l-cr,;,,™,. ,„ Columbia. j,, ri : Mct.e'.u . Urn... returned yor.u'rciay iron, T,,nv Toru.nn,-. " o veel'"^' <r*T 'I"' 5 ' ?* M '' U " i1 " 1 - 11 " 1 ll - A - OPl«nhclincr .McKMrVK, hc-altl'i Mr , " C " 1C Ulillsll(1| ' s who »> l < McKcn/ie accoinp.iii!,.,i' Mis. rJr- i"«Vr "lii.l Si 1 "" ^'"' •Jinon lo Cdlmnbia (oday. Thi-y Itc-x •ull return ii,-, c j^iy 15. Ml . Mc '. ^ei.7,c „ „,„!, i rll) , ro ved. llll!:a , „, .,-„„.,„„. am , ^ Rm ^ 1M2 is rebuilding for Ins residence. ! The. KeUer cancnn? kitchen be- lus gone to gan , VOi . fc Tiiursd: a visit with j ciiarles Nichols has returned ,. .,. ,. . , i from Detroit. Miclv, where he has Mrs. I. V behoonovcr 13 slowly „,,,„ empioyert in a restaurant for recovering from her long illncv-s lc evera i wcLta I and recent operation. P M ,.; aml Mrs John Wal( Mr ; Ip and »nry Man e um h.ui as all( | Mrs . H . p. D , mavanli anrt M r. guests Wednesdav Edit'-- „,,,, Mrs. W. M. Taylor attended Coltman. Miss Pearl Downin?. Jill- lllc ch> , rch conference at Ltixora ills Gidiitham and O. C. cotlman. Sunday afternoon. Miss Willie Jean Green, of Horn Laite, Miss., has l«en visiling Dell fWiderf.on. Barney Andersorr and Dell accojnpanlcd her on her return to Mississippi and will spend R few weeks there. . Mr. and Mrs. Myrick have taken rooms with Mrs. C. I,. Nichols. Jr. iUEJell Haynes antl Buddy Mangum arc visiting in Arkansas t'lls week. Gilclirist Farm News I-:nc McRuvie, Torriinni-. L. o. Garncll. T. "inn and ll. A. Oppenhcimcr sire tlic Uiilishcrs who intend to il:iv. ...i'..v IKtssihihiy Hartley nuiy join them. itif fonnlry Club course is fa- Mr. and Mrs. Paid Ginn have aiuiomiccd the birth of a daughter, on June L'O. bhc is named Carolyn Janctte. liiirury anil his "Cotton program Sunday. Shnrlcalic Wrigtini .1,033 LKflANON, Ore. iUi J l--A shortcake weighing '1.035 pound:;. 15 i-u\- -, My.,.1-,1 r -,,iin ieci lo " s antl ' tKi u ' i(ic was ,'hcv wiil Play! ratctl lo thc |MI cr " ml > » l lhc is Mcaelle Pett" of Kennelt. Mo.. tcoomp«n!ed oy her Eistcr Miss Al«ne. who has been visit- tot In Kenmtt, Mtsa Ermina Hun- .»»ktr. H»rolii Fields. Wallace Montgomery and DOUR Powers tnotortd here Thursday evening asa spent the night here as guests of Mr. and, Mrs. H. V. Pctlv, SCO W,. Walnut. St. F. D. Underwood, ot Little Rock, " l " ""1'iuicu. mi ;,i-.- Id •I'orrinc'- -mil Mr M-*. tte Murphy and ll3 « B h- .,«, co^.^fx™ r rr "^ te Kn\'o^ ^ ^^^ ^l^^atchc^e^ X. ovi-r Kl.cs this coinint; Sunday al 11:30 A. M. Mr. and Mrs. IHibsrt C»art. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hiram Co/irl. Mr. nnd Mm. Kantord Webb iml Mr. and Mr=. Ooidlc llardln -ittcnded the convention at NPV: Libeity Sunday. Mur|:l\j- licit Montlay. They ;'rc ihe ciicsu tins week of Mr. ami '•• J II. Cram, witti xvliom thcv stay until their household' will 30ods arrive-. Dr. j, !llrs ].- ali ,, Aj B0]1! , iu «est Memphis uiieic lie will fs an oiiice and practice of lliyihpville. has accepted a iwsilinu in ihe crorcrv ilr-partmont of ihe Lee Wilson' lablish medicine. J- w. G.i; , Is -In the city on visiting relatives. business and .Mrs. Max 'Parks, ot Leaclwtllc is thc guest of Mr. and Mrs. Eari Hitchcr . while recuperating irom • • tonsllectomy performed yesler- *«y *t. the Blythevllle hospital Mr. and Mrs. Parks rtll move to ttU city ^1thln a short time, Mr. firta having purchased the form Co. Mr. anrt Mrs. ivicy and Mr. and Mi:;. Hm y Crain tcndid the . l-oitagcvillc. Mo.. i!; i<( MLS. UM,,. Misi K lla McKly.-a. at Holland News Notes Mr and Mrs. W. w. Hlchard and danghier. Miss Vera. Have t;onc _ . ,-.. ..„ - - r l'iil. Mich., for a week's visit er.Hill tnd'Rusk grocery. «nh Mi. and Mrs Orville Pinks , . Mr. and , Mrs. W. W. Henry i ton - They were «nd Mr*. Laura Dgnlels, of Coin-' tag,-Ark., are guests of Mrs. T. J. Crcwtfer, slowly recovering Irom a striwi* iUness.i Mrs.' H."c. Temple and children, oj Lyk«, Tenri., who have b«h visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. M. - - accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. I3ob Williams and Mr. Williams mother, of St^ele Miss Oicne Booker will Icavu for, riinl in about 10 days [o visit her ! sister,' Mrs. Haroid Crawford. Bob Samforci is in the niythc-i| villc hoipital. sonous i MOSQUITOES! Mo5nnlioe3 isqniic humin blcxxl. To ilia.v it inu iheii br.tlies thtf must fnsl thin il by Reeling a rcisnn. Thus Ihcy inlToduo gtims—t.iusc disease anililcalh. The most relentless of all insects torture humans — TnoKquiioes dcieivc no mcTCjv Kill mosquitoes, flies nnJ all other nitliy, gcim laden insects »ilh FLY-TOX. cl Insist an lha gcnuinr. annual strawberry festival. Mr:-. .vitli A II. Love ha.- b'cn 111 DELICIOUS Hot Weather Specials Strvctl Daily BLACK CAT COI-FEK SHOPPE Prices Reasonable NOW OPEN J. F. Livingston's New Store Located Across thc Street From thc Old Postoffice Look all your s|ici-inlj over and come to sec me before you buy. My operating expense is smalt com- linrcd to oilier business honsf.s. 1 own my own iniildiitj!, newly p;iinlcd, new tixttires anil shelving. A much nicer place tluin nfy old location. 1 iio » furnish btisitic^K and own farms to hack me. I buy all of my feeds ami Hour direct from Ilic factory in carload lots ami alw> buy (he hulk of my groceries direct, so I can save you money where others can't. I also have delivery lo your cars, wagons or your bunics. Your pntrnna^c will be greatly appreciated. J. F. LIVINGSTON I'hone SSI REMEMBER — Onlf ict tit am aaf lit told at ret crtaa. Undtr Ilit Tfnniilii lav, tubititult] having list than S'bbut- Icrjal ronltnt ntitt biar itmi othtr namt. FORTUNE'S ton- lam; 16% tulttrjat, or to'tf tlic tichntis rtjuind bf lav. Mother, » » Know the pedigree of the ice cream your children eat © You arc so careful to serve them wholesome food at meals. You owe it to yourself to he just as careful BETWEEN meals. • in torrid, dangerous weather you dare not take a chance with your children's health. You must know the origin and content of the food THEY EAT, as well as the conditions under which it is made. ft FORTUNE'S All-Cream Ice Cream is GOOD—and pood for (hem. Made of pure cream, PASTEURIZED, plus fresh fruits, puce cane sugar, expertly mixed, scientifically frozen in a sun-lit plant, never touched by human hands. • Sterilized cans, sterilized cream pipes, glass-lined containers, approved sanitary methods, plus pure, wholesome ingredients, are five safeguards every mother should know Send your children to the Fortune's dealer in your neighborhood. Then you know they enjoy the best. ALL- CREAM ICE CREAM SOLD EXCURSIVELY. BY ROBINSON DRUG STORE Phones 111 - 20S We Deliver Main & It. U. Sis. • !*/•«;• U 411141 LOCUST AT 18th. /T.LOUI/.MO. FIVE M» :uTE5 FROM THE 5HOPRNG CENTER AS-TO PRICE • • - ROOM WITH PRIVATE TUB AND 5HCWER BA1H FROM

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