Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 21, 1957 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 19
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Tuesday Evening, May 21, 1957. Admiral Will Declassify "Secret" Data WASHINGTON (UP)—The Defense Department has named a fighting admiral to carry out President Eisenhower's 3'/4-year» old program for removing secrecy tags from information that no longer need be kept secret. The Pentagon Monday appointed Rear Adrn. John (Pegleg) Hoskins as director of declassification. Hoskins had the aircraft carrier Princeton bombed out from under him by the Japanese in World War It. He later made navl history by directing the first jet strikes from carriers off Korea. The 58-year-old admiral will retire from active duty to take the new post. He resisted retirement for years despite the loss of his right foot in the sinking of the Princeton off the Philippines in 1944. In his new job, he will supervise the declassification of military material, some of which dates back to World War II and no longer has any security value. The office was set up after Secretary of Defense Charles B. Wilson's commitiee on classified information, headed by former Assistant Secretary Charles A. Coolidge, contended recently that so much information was over- classified that the legitimate use of secrecy labels v/as suffering. Eisenhower in November, 19S.'i, issued an executive order on safeguarding defense information in which he eliminated the old calc- Kory of "restricted" or lowest- ranking label. Winamac Mrs. TJrucc Houser and son, Ktevic, Mrs. P.illy Wonlx and children and Miss Betty Cruse of Knox spent Friday with Mrs, William Davis in the Raymond Clay home. Mm. Ralph Galhreath, Miss Ann Ocartnor. Mrs. Kmil Oriegcr of hern and Mrn. Mary Ifallam of Flora, spent Thursday and Friday of lii.il week in Indianapolis on business. Mr. nnd Mrs. Marlin P.arco entertained their bridge chili on Sunday evening in their country home fit Star Cily. Mr, nnd Mrs. Robert Farris and children, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Moody and children and Mr. and Mrn. Clifford Moody upon). Sunday lit Flora with Mr. and Mrs. Hichard DePoy nnd sons. Mrs. William Davis and Mrs. Raymond Clay went to Kntflcwood, Florida, on Sunday. They will be KiicnlH Ihcro of Mrs. Mary Grace finyder and of Mr. arid Mrs. Harold Went/. In Clearwaler, They ex- jjecl to bo gorx* two weeks. The CWK of Ibr: C)irl»tl«H church honored tho young pcophi of the rhurch who are members of the nenlor claw;, at breakfwil Sunday morning. There were forly MNOSI..S, Twelve of the eighteen eligible HIMI. Jors wero prenoul. 1'arcal.s of (he nenlom and members of the CYK worn thero also. Sidney lloyneii was <;:illc:| to SI. Louis, Mo., Sniiirdiiy he'ttmiHK of thi! 'illness of his father, Henry llayncii. lie vliilled relative:! at IlrowiiHlown. III., and wilh hln father Hi liarnoH lioiipitai In SI.. I.oulH. Ho alno (.'ailed on Mri. Ilnyncii' rriol.hiM' at Vnnrliilln, III., wliern «h« In confined lo a nurv liiK home. Sunday evening Kiie'iln In l.he liotne of Mr. aad Mm. Raymond Hand worn Mr. nnd Mni. Kenanlh llnnlor and iluuKhti-r n! Lal'orto. Mr«. (titiihi-n Frciihwaler of Gary WIIM hern ovor I he weekend vl«ltln|.: her lather who Is III. She jil^o vifdled in the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Isador Podell, Jr. Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Knarr were her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James LaTourrette, of Chicago, 111. Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. John Whiteman of Royal Center were here for baccalaureate service guests of Romaine and Tom Knarr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reed of Angola spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Koepkey and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hammond and children and Mrs. Clarence Galbreath .were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Galbreath and daughter, Cindy, at Lansing, 111. Miss Gena Roe, student at Olivet college, Kankakee, 111., spent the weekend in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roe. Mrs. Louie Lau and daughters, Miss Lois Mae and Mrs. Joe Malia of Jefferson Twp., left last Wednesday for Columbus, Ga., to spend the weekend with Joe Malia at Ft. Benning. Mr. Lau received word Monday that they arrived safely Thursday evening. Lirtda and Randy Lovvrcy, children of Mr. and Mrs. Rod Lowrey, spent Thursday and Friday of last week at Franccsville. They visited with their cousins, the Wayne Smith children and went to the last day of school with them. A group from here were al Lafayette on Sunday attending the VFW 2nd district encampment. New officers elected were Mrs. Irene Williams of Rochester, president; Mrs, Jean Sheppard, treasurer; Miss Corrinc Gilsinger and Mrs. Grace Masterson, trustees. Others going were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Holmes, Elmer Knarr, and Arnold Burtner. Miss Gilsinger is outgoing president of the organization. Mrs. Williams is the former Irene PoJ(;n al here. Mrs. Mae GUNS and Clifford Hans spent Sunday in Gary In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barrett. In tho afternoon they attended the wedding of Mrs. Barrett's son, Karl Itidiard, to Miss Nora Packham. The wedding took place at The Free Methodist Church in Gary. A recepllon was held at :i p. m. In l.he home of the bride's grandparents. Mr. Richards formerly lived here. He is a nephew of Clifford and .Raymond Rans. Mrs. Wm. Owen and Mrs. Bert Jlolmos and children, Joe find Pam, were al Hunker Hill Air llaso Saturday, altondlivg open linuKc. Delphi Nancy Rule won find place In HumoroiiH Interpretation in the It. M. D. speech conlost, traditionally held wilh the Iten.i.iolaer, Monl.icello, Dolphl track meet, wlddi look place here Tuesday. Vlrglnln Pflter.inn, nlso won n fir.it place in Ornlnry. The don- hie vlclory was sufficient to win a trophy for Delphi high school, thi> third time in <1 yearn. Dick Sclinrf of Ren.isclaor won !he dramatic reading conl^st. Karen Smith was I ho Delphi entry. Robert Jerry l.i tho Delphi speech In.'ilruclor. Robert and Ruth GrcWH Ihiflon of Grovcr City, California, vl.illed Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Itllchey while iillumllnK llinir cluiut reunion al. I'urdiie. Friday, May U. liii.n been «ol. a!t!dc as l^-Mlinior.s 1 Day in tho Delphi Klemcnlary Schools. Flrsl jiradci'H will not attend sdiool thai, day and will he replaced by niixl year's beillnners. Children who will In; six on or before Nov. I, l».w are eligible In enroll. The tuotherH aro a.'iked l.o leave h(!;;ln- neni wilh UK?!!' fii'Ml. grade I.each- "ivi by 11:1"] n.in. and then go to Hie auditorium fur a mollieni' Hireling a!. 0:(MI a.m. Tim child'i birth eerllflcale iiuisl ho brouKhl "TREATMENT TEAM" INTERVIEWS PATIENT AT STATE HOSPITAL iFf.-r'fr, A "treatment loam" in shown above Interviewing a pnticnl nt the Lngnnsnorl stute hospital. Left lo right tliey nrc Mrs. Mary Smith, psychiatric aide; Bias Davlla of activity therapy; Miss Illnnchc Parks, social service worker; William Hrailen, psychologist; Mrs. Marlon Schmidt, nursing Nurvice; Or. Elwood Plilpps, medlcnl staff; Mrs. Ada Stewart, psychiatric aide; Miss Florence Coffmnn, nursing service; Mrs, Opal Powers, psychiatric aide; and Mitchell Greene, social service worker. The public will huve an opportunity to see the work being done at Lnngcllff during the second annual Open House to be held Irom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. tiulitad tours will leave the administration building at frequent Intervals. (Lnngi'Dff I'hoto —PharflK-Trlbiinc Engraving.) Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune FIv« magazine article which he said gave a sensationalized account of the previous leg - smashing. He said the article was "asinine." The men gathered at a spot unwatched momentarily by prison' guards at the end of the 30-mm- ute mid-morning rest period Monday for Operation Sledgehammer. They had been carting quarried rock to the crusher. It was not immediately determined whether any man pounded Ills own legs, as several did last summer. The mon were taken to a private physician at nearby Lawrenceville for examination and first aid treatment before being j returned to the prison fined to the infirmary. Fine, Sentence Man On Contempt Charge SPEEDWAY, Ind. CUP) Speedway magistrate jurtge U.S. Perfects "Clean" Bomb WASHINGTON (UP) — Atomic Commissioner Willard F. Libby said today the United States has developed "clean" H-bombs which would "minimize the potential health hazards" to persons far from the battlefields of nuclear war. Libby did not say whether Russia, loo, has perfected such weapons. The Russians have claimed some of their tests were staged • in such a way as to cut down and con- radioQclivc fal i out . But a Soviet test of April 16 was particularly "dirty." Detonated in southwestern Siberia, it caused unusually heavy fallout in Japan. In a talk to the American Soci- A I ely of Military Engineers, Libby to school at this time. Lloyd Mikoscll, Chairman of the Carroll County ASC Committee announced today that May »1, 1957 1.1 the closing date of the price support program for 1BBB Crop Corn. Any producer wanting to makp a loan or acquire a Purchase Agreement on I'MK corn must sign and process nece.s.<iary papers at the county office on or before the closing dale. Mrs. Paul Furrier entered Si. rciizabu-lh hospital Thursday for treatment and observation. She is now Improving. The 'Dolphl Lions club has .selected Terry Sliepnrd as its ehoor club mombcr for (lii.s week, lie submitted to surgery ill the Home hospital, Lnriiyul.li!, Mny <l. Cards or messages of cheer niny be soul. In him at Room 102, llormj Ilospli.- «l, Lafayette. •Senior parents In charge of the recent "After Prom" pnrljr l.orm- od It » dlstlncl MICCCK.H. There were 144 seniors, juniors nntl Ilielr wlx n!f{I«lurefl far tin', miriy .Sunday morning entertainment, breakfast and prl/os. The pnrly lnnle.d I'rotn 1:. - lll l.o .1:0(1 a. in. wllli lirenltfiiKl ill. 4:00. There was opportunity fur tlnnr;- IIIK and liglil, rel'roshmenlH worn served. Kach II mliiulcH valuable merchiirulliiu prizes were ylvou l.o a boy and n girl. Klnnl onsli pri'/.OH of $10,00 worn given to Jim Lnndis and .lean Ann Small. The. financial response I'rom local orafinlxiillnnH and hidlvldualH was most liberal nnd KrnUfylni,;. Winners iif morclinmllHo prl/.o.n wore: HIIHH Holland, Jim IInlTonl. .loo Scoll., lloli Ulllmnn, Polo I'el- ersoii, Jim Kenworl.hy, Mickey Hclirwlnr, Jim l,iindl:i, Ronnie Caldwoll, Itox I' 1 !. Mayn, Donald Hailed, Dean Sliivim:;, Dmin Hurton, Don Scoll, .Mm .InffnrliiK, Ron LoKiill, Paul Vollenwe.ldi)! 1 , David 1'ackarc.l, Tom I'ortor, Wnyiin Wmilwil, Sli7.iil\ni! .Splllor, Judy Ntiirlc, Mucky Lamb, (iliimln P'liihcr, Loin ('Ironi^i!!', Sarn Johnnon, Karon Siiill.li, Moviii'ly Liii'liiinri', Klslo Kohlm', Nllcnii IJiilim, llelon OOH- by, Miiry l.ou lll:it;er, .Imiloe Mil- clianon, Sunilrii Jonos, (/anil Pol- onion, Donna Korlin, Mailonn.'i Wliliiller, Ciiryln Talbiirl, Virginia I Vtnnion. Americans Slave to Materialism,. Says Billy Graham NISW YOH.K (UP) — Revivalist Hilly Graham Monday night depicted modern Am e r i c a n s ns slaves lo "materialism, worldliness, greed and lust" and the United Slates as a "nation of moral cripples." "We don'l live by the. golden rule, Ll:c Ten CoirmiiimhiionlH and the Sermon on the Mount," Graham said, "and as n result we have no moral slreii.gUi, wo arc helpless." Like a stern, modern Moses. Graham warned tin audience of Hi,OWI in Madison Square Garden that man is destined for doom and destruction unless lie is "willing lo receive Jesus Christ, and let him make man whole again." Following Graham's sixth sermon in his New York Crusndu, un esliirialcd 1170 of his listeners came forward lo make "decisions for CJlirisl.." .So far, nearly 4,000 [itM'Mm.s have iivido decisions and !.(l(),0()l) luiv« attended Clralnam's Madison Square (Inrdcn sermons. JIuKlniilug June I, (iraham's SoLiirday nii'M sermons In tlio Ciartkni will 1)0 li-levlsed nationally In (.•ninpiM.lllon wlIJi Perry Como and Jackie Cileason on other diaimcbi. Escort Says Muncie Woman Killed Self MUNCH 1 ; (UP).-MrM. l.oln MIIO Parnier, III, nmllicr of two small children, was found denil of n nun- shot wound In M ,Hl.ri.'(»l. In fnint of her Inline Saturday nltflit. A 40-year-old niiin who admitted ho was Mrs. I'armor's coiiipiiiilon «l the I inns of tlio »|HIII!.|HK, Lolil mi!'liorll.io?i she shot liei'iu'll 1 nn hi; doy.od in Ihi! Heal, of nn niiluinolillo btjildo lie:'. The man was f|iies- floned nnd released. Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger n>!iimj)li«:( Ix'rnUMt Imdy fit elm Iron, Km 1 nuw yinim!"!' fnitllrm n HIM- '1(1, hy I Mm* Tntilii 1'nlilt'U, Condiln don lor now l>n|>, vini| pltn litj'li-tmlKiiti)' (limit Vllitiiilii Mi, In it nlnjjltt ilny, Uflliti* Nii|ti>lltin in Mini 11 ln>ti nn Id iln/,, inw nyftli-iM. I l\n, f.l livn,. 10 II,,, ,,» hnrl. ''Uiliiy "i(tt|'iiri|iiiilhlf'il" »(/.« only <\\iif. Or Hot Kdommiy ni/n, niivn »l.tlV. AN <hut!!llMn. 6 TEARS OLD Making fine bourbon is an art—and they helped to perfect it Bond <H L/ttarct la moro than ordinary bourbon— il is Iho magnificent Kentucky bourbon cronled by hack-country disti/lors William Bond and C. C. Lillard Willinm Rontl nml C. C. Lillnrcl look pride in their wlilflkcy. Tlicy used only Die owoctA.Ht kernels ol torn nnd tho purest v/»lcr, Thul's why fo!kn likcil their bourbon so much —and still do. Try il soon. Ask your frloriclly tavorn man to pour you Bond & Llllcird Always ask for BOUR-BO3ST x^ju.««j .«.v.o.....—^^, Konlucky Blended Whiskey ,,.,.. WE BOND I ULURO COMPANY, I OUISVIUr. KCN1IIGKY. DlSrillUIJir.!) DY NATIONAI I)I3TIU,I:«S PHODUCTS COI1PORATION • KCNTUCKY STRAIGIir BOURDON WIIISKLY 8GPHOOF • KtNIUCKV BUNUtU WHISKCY BO I'ROOl- • 00% GRAIN NtUfKAL SI'IRIIS. Mystery Is Solved On Purchase Orders INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Auditors sukl today there was no fraud— and no longer liny ir.ys'.ery—about 1.105 "missing'-' purchase orders in the office of stale purcluisiiiij director Clarence T. Drnyer, Draycr previously reported the orders us unaccounted for in 11 chock of numbered forms. Governor Hundley Immediately ordered slnte pollco Kuards lo Ktiard n Slnluliousc entrance near Drnyor's office at niijht. Stale Accounts Donrd exnininors lenrned tlml. the "ml.ssini<" orders never wtM'o received from I lie printers hoeau^e of n prinliiiK enxir, Wxivminers delcpinined he- yoixl n shadow of doulil Mini., no payments were made on liho missing numhera. Read the Classified Ads Say "Publicity" Was Cause of New Wave of Inmate Leg-Smashings HUTORD, Gu. (UP)—Slate officials today said "publicity," and not abuse, caused a now Incident of solf-ii»flic!od ICK - smiisJiliiK by innialus of Goornin'. 1 ; "rock quarry" prison for incorriBihles. Six mon tried, three successfully, to break their 'OK hones Monday by hilling Uiem willh lii-iKiund sledgfhiiiniiiors al. Hie scene of Iwo ineiilenUs last summer in which 'II men .succeeded in brcak- IIIK their legs, "Thoro were no complain!.*; about cruel treatment," stale Department of Corrections Director .liu:k l''iin'e.sler .snid after Itivc.sli- Hiillni! Ilio now ini'ldent. Other in- vestiMiilors made lite same report. Korresler snid ho liellwod Iho .self-miil.llallon wa;i In.^ln.nl hy a Monday nighi fined William'J. Allison, Speedway, $500 and costs and sentenced him to 00 days in the Marion County Jail for contempt of court. Judge Charles Dau'fiherly found Allison Rtiilly of reckless driving last May (i and sentenced him to ill days in jail and fined him $25 and costs. Allison appealed the conviction. Dougherty charged that Allison', a real estate agoiU, later cnl-led j him a "rat" on the telephone and challenged the judge lo issue contempt charges. The charges wore filed the next, day by DauRherly and Alliwin was held in jail three days without bail. said: "We have taken the problems of radioactive fallout into consideration in our weapons development program and have developed and tested clean weapons, that is, weapons in which (he amount of radioactive fallout per megaton (1 million tons TNT equivalent) of explosive power is very greatly reduced. Rescue Squad Finds Coal Miner's Body LYKIONS, P;i. HIP)—Tho body of DnvUi Snyder, 'X>, father <if three who was buried hy a mine cave-in for more Hum (Jireo days was found Monday night. 400 fool down in a mine shaft. Snyder's Ixnly was found In n gangway tunnel reoo.ssod main shaft of Ihe mine which Boy, 3, Drowns in Septic Tank Hole Sl'NMAN. Jmi. (UP'—Richard Allen Blakley. 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.U. niakley of U.K. 1, Sunman, drowned lalo Monday when he fell into a water-filUxi hole his father was digging for u septic lank near hore. Thi? boy's hotly was found by his four-year-old sister in til inches of water, lie was pronounced dead nu arrival al the Milan Clink in Milan. A lown called Hough nnd Koady served as the county soal i>f Drew fi i omi ( '"""'. v ' Ark., from lll-lii to ittSD. he oporak'd wilh his brollw, Leroy, and Mark Sponic. Dauphin County Coroner !>r, S. 1C. Hrrrold allrilmtcd Snydor'.s- di'alh In suffocation. He said (hi 1 , victim api.aromly dmkod onlo a! ^ffi'iaiMM recossof! KMii£\v:iy i' 1 'bo main' no nut iiiut shaft ,,f I ho .sloi^iyp,. mine lo r.s-j ^'IWi.TI cape an avahiudie of coal and imi mmr slng w,')idi loll while ho worked In tin' mine Insl Friday morning. DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? PABTKKTll. mi linpniVfit powdor t« Mh mum iitmly in plnri*! fillp or rm-k. No i;uinuiy, turn liri'tttli). (Jot- UniH comuor. .••'.' •'$•. :V^'.'.' : L:-'..-•.'''.:'• 'l..JlLi..^!T^ -'.' 'v'". '•'• • /..-: ."i • Friendly Welcome JTor a lotal Otrangcr T lle'n n "H(nni((cr in Iliono purls"—jutil; panning tliroiigli on lii.i vvn,y to Nome; diNtnnt ilcMfinnliim. lint .you woulila'l: Know !(. Io look (it (lie \VOIHIcr- I'nl wclfonic lie raixivon IIH lie brinys IUM ojir lo n Milken n(o|> nnd liiti ila.y'n IrnvclM (o nn mil. I''DC li!«li on (li» liooil of III'H iixilor cur riilcH Ilio IfOJinlil'iil Di'cul of OnlilliK 1 —iiiul lio:i|i!(alil,y jnul titicmn l.o follow n new Cadillai; wherever it JJOCH, No nmn, you Her, !H ever witliinil Hliiiuling when ho in in ciminmnd of (In- "cur ofnim". l.''or it in n recoftni/.cd l'»i;l (lint Ciidillnti owners — rcprcticiilhitt (honyli tlic.v do nncli viir.ying (ieUIn of endeavor nnd Much wiilol.y NC|)nnileil pardi of our world—nliio Imvc. n great dciil in I'oinnion, Invai'i/dily llif.y urn people of nini'licd pernonnl iicliicvoiiicnl—who luivo won for IhciiiNclvcN u cnniiidcrnlile im-iunire of rpspci-l nnd roco^nilion. In lirief, (lie driver's seal, of Ilio Cndill/ic cm 1 is (he traditional dwelling pliirc of (ho world'H lending riliwns, And people everywhere luivo liiiiiul i( nal'e lo ii.'.imiiu- dial wlioiiiiuiever (hoy lic.hold nt Ilir wheel is n worlliy member of (his £r,rcat and distinguished romjviny. Of coniw, Ihi» is hii( one of (ho ;ia(isfiic(ionM of Cmlillm; owner.liip ... in lulilitinn (o iiiNpiring lieitul.y, Inxiirioiis Kleefwooil own-lu'iviff, .tnpcrjrt- (ive perloriniinre and cxlraoriliiuiry viiliKr, I lave .von us .ye! (nlien (he wheel of M new 19f>7 Cadillac? If no(, (hen yon should visit your Cmlilliu: denier nnd spend an hour on (he hifdiwiy. Ilc'll lie wailing for .you wilh n "fi'icmllj' welcome" of his own I VISIT YOUR AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER

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