The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 6
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six co Bui Connie Says Johnson _-W,is Fnsln 'Jlian Nnv Spred Ace v? llj llAlinV CllAVSON . >'KA Service S|iorls tiilllnr EHILADELPIIIA.— In more than 50 years al test-ball, Connie Mack lilts; seen only /me'pitchor-who sv:is fasten than n-ycnr-old Bob Teller, iiinnzing find of the Indians, Uglier, isn't quits ns swift (is Waller Johnson," asserts the venerable manager. In discussing the Wjn farm boy's phenomenal feat of. .establishing a new American League record and equaling Dizzy Uesn's major league mark by striking out 17 Athletics In Cleveland the oilier afternoon. ,,M!ick wouldn't .say Hint .such renowned fireball fltngers ns llnlje Waddell, Cy Young, Addle Joss. Chief .Bender, Smoky Joe Wood, Boh Grove, and George Enrnsliaw were any faster than Feller. -Although \K has worked only three complete games In t!ic Alnerican League, Robert Feller forever will be prominently, mentioned .when remarkable slrlkeou! lierforinanccs nrc discussed. •In his inlltnl cirort In organized bSsebnll on Ang zj. Feller set down 15 Browns to fall just one shsrt of the American League maximum hung up by the Immortal Waddell, July 29, 1808. He fanned 10 Browns on Labor Day giving him the astounding total of strikeouts In his first tliree full ntests decs not subscribe to I he belief that Feller Is too much of nil. arm pitcher to last. t'Al that, Feller reminds mo iijore of Pink Hawley, who was witli the Pittsburgh club iu the '90s than any other pitcher I can i?call explains Mack. "Hnwley hhd ticmemlciis sjwed, but didn't l-xst long He pitched a good deal •with his arm. Cur\e Surprises Mack "Feller gets- considerably more than liis am, into his pilches. He is a strong boy with a strong yet easy lumltip anti delivery. He was as, strong striking out Pooch Ptid- clneiii „ powerful right-handed lilUer, for.. Ms history-making strikeout. in the nltUli Innlnir ns he was when he stnitcd. 'It was my first look nl Feller and v\v n t surprised me more than' nils thing else was his curve— and the way he used, it. ; It required a )oi of nerve for him to throw n curved ^sll ,<to -Frank Higglns/in the third inning, with the 'Count Ino and three on that, splendid' iigB,t.handed .hitter, and : Level] Ccah on sccoiid bnse, artc r the jqung man's \vlldness and Inability toftold runners on bases, hnd °ivon < \o runs. eller met the ' tost superbly stiuck out Hlgglns wilh as a hook as you ever saw 'Pellei is Just wild enough to be effective and I have nn idea he al- yis will be. He'll loiirn how to hold, runners on the bases, ills delivery Is n bit too. slow right now" Birring an accident, Mack can't see any reason why Feller can't B o on lo take Ins place with the nitch- '"8 greits Cerlainly, | t ls not „ , 1|l3l! , k ( sin 11 11-year-old pitcher who *t>| « out 10, 15, and 17 a game" -smie, the : daddy of basetan'S. *ork 5 C °" ly dnnser i5 °™>™, ' , d "° m!u ">trer. let alone «li" . i ° WS ns milch flb oi>t r ,, "? ," S Stsve O'Neill, would nsk Injuring such a brilliant pr05 . ° jl - br ° kC in nt )8 ' •»"' eague batters will t <m jou that he still h» s plenty a t 3" Al Mamaiix crashed (lie National rai.guc at a lender age and stuck "round for quite a spell Va f c r Johnson and others bore down Ts Ws with -no ill effect^ teller Deadens B.lll rf.h. , IB' Or S thal Waddell hung 1Cim Le3gllC reC °rt Of 5 crs T>- * hich 3i00d for °8 I in M n famous le "-h«ndcr was with the Bron-ns after having sp , ,t ' " „' \ Vndde "' s Performance at SMbe P«rk made me wonder why i, c an lh l ^ record thal ** »"r »i d all the others still would brshoo, "ifr at relates Mack, -me Riihf. dexeloped arm trouble in his ^ ««on ,,t h the Athletics, nl M r^, Is ,P e ? k while ^-ith us Waddell established his record «g«inst an experienced elub-H ny Murp!ly - Rna no pushovers in »' ' V M ° SCS ' Dcan - Higglns. Swingers have Ruffing Yankee Choice Lo Open Scries -»-» . . - . . ., . t __ .. / iMtcrles fo? tti<* oppnlnu """"^^"""•••fp* JBMTirBVJF,T.B MRK.) COURfER NEWS When bntterles for th<> game of Hie ISM world series lire announced. Charles Herbert (lied) nuflinj! will nioiinl ilic> hill for the New Vork Yankees, accordmi; (o present indications. Tlio big rlght-hiinder. :12 year old, Is haviiif; his bi'St war Ihc f!iip|)Cil (lillos sirin- 19,'lli, when he li.tjjBfd 18 mid lost 7. won Ihc only series fi.imo lie pllcllert n/;,iinst tin.' Chicago Ctihs, anil lod the American strikeout. 1 ! wllli 190. on Moblcy Mccls cliolovich. 5ES IE El JlTHILEllLB ca! Juniors ami Redclies 'rv Off Mere. or..,'" 1 mlstaken . Jailer Is one of those great pitchers com, along al «. 3ethcr loo about the or? 1 * 1C4 J' fornla <»»»•» plant looks nna acts like a snake, it swallows "* '"a-fl W « Me and then rtl- b"5tS 1L By Harry Grayson Hy j. I'. PltlliN'D Kln;{ Piolball will olll:lally b:- n his to'.'al relijii loni'.f'H, when Ur.- UlylhevlllP Junior hlali Pap- <j'-:i'S nifct tlie Armore] Il:':ltli?s 110- d'r tli? Haley Field floi:ll!ght3 slirtinj at K pin. i'.ic Chlckasav.s, Arkansas co- cli impious with Pine liluiT, o Ui'lr Kchednle next. Friday night / 1 h Uariiiii-j high school. coach .Sluunil Cutcliiii will pre« in a very liaht U)!>m agaiast the KKliiics. With but lew exception? 1 i-y arj lotnlly without experience. )l«:ldy Baxter, Ijrotlicr of "ncii" 1'ixier, ami iiownrd Ticsharse, bro- t'i>r nf Homer ficshnrse of the Chicks, ar? Die only holdovers from I year's Junior sijimd. They were ! lira, rejulars but s^y .some sirvl'jc. Aside from snndlol fuathiili, the ( hi'rs have not played before. I "(I l)y the elusive, nimble footed I <i.]i.< Smolhcrinan, unanimously > '.'elscl on the nortlicast Arkansas junior team in '35. Coaoti Coburn •1'oss" Thorntou is. hi liiBintj a fair- h Inrgc and experienced Efjim<). '\\ clve letlcrmen and several pr'oin- il m-r recruits have l)3en Hie nucleus around wlilcli Thornton has constructed .his learn tills season. Alvin Justice, 185-pound lackle, now a candidate for the nlythc- chlckasaw .squad, the Pickens brothers, Hershel and Ernest, NEW YORK. Sept. 18.—New York University's ai-0 defeat fit the winds and foci of Fordham In the .'lubs' conducting number last fall largely was nllrltmtcd to Hie Violet having played loo soft a .schedule. H never will be stil:l Hint Ilia young men of Manhattan weren't properly wnrined U]j this trip. Graduate Mnnngcr Al Nixon look no chances along this line. All lie cild was book Ohio stale In Columbus right under the gun, Oct. 3. Because loolbnll sanies urc won In Hie line. New York University •hoiiltl come buck with n formidable array this luilimm, desplto the loss of. 13 Idler men. The tattle In Columbus will lest the Buckeyes as wi'll ixs the Intls of University Heights. ;;Ca]ilalh Mneliloivlta. Ed Smith,. Joe C^iitiiuellj. .Begelman, Slcgel, and.BJst>ni»rg, nil bucks,.iincl King Kon'gv^leln, .tackle, 'were grndii- alcd by N. Y. U. Smilli, tali and great, pnsse-r nnd punter, nnrt Klein now are with the Boston nnd Brooklyn oulfils of the professional National Ijeiigiie. respectively. Hfnmlell ami liegclman werj blockers, Slegel and ELsenberg speed merchants. Slfllnnck nrnl Williams Si-en New Vlolcl lUrocs While any nsgrcgitUon would miss Klein, ho is the only n ten lee In the forward wnll of the Bronx combination, tile lidded rxusrlrner of the others gives Dr. Marvin A. Stcvsns a eapable line. A green buckllcld is susraix' problem, although he expects -Slcll- mack to tnki.' a high rutin^ union;; passers. He nlso has a line run- Hlncj bnck in a 207-|X»md Negro youth named Williams. Dr. Stevens visions a campaign in which the lateral puss will be teller balanced with the running game, but sees no practical change in ths lyps of football. The old Ynle nine has the greatest respect for'New York University. HO finds that U is doin» a splendid Job' In education, fulfilling a specialized need In this field. "I have never worked with a iqimrer bunch of men than those associated with New York University athletics at the present liur and believe that the school is tot be greally_ commended in many I ways." asserts Dr. Stevens, who assumed command at University' Heights in ID34, following ths! cleanup. * • « ( Xcw York City Develops I Passers. Not 1'unlcrs I "•None of our material is prose- lyted and practically all the boys come from New York City high schools. This means they have Inadequate facilities and usually are far better passers than punters, no doubt because of lack of space during their early training. On lh: other hand. New York city is n natural place for boys to learn to play basketball.'' New York University does not ap- iK-ar exactly weak this season, and prospects nro bright at the other three Manhattan institutions Fordham and Maiibatlan College have an abundance of material, nnd Hint of Columbia is of an exceptionally' high grade, with Sidney Luckmore, sopromore, hailed as a wonder worker in the backfield. Pordhain has a splendid chance or being the foremost team in Uie when you consider the tnl- [rcshman squad It had last New York Chicago Detroit ^ViisblusloJi Cleveland .. Boslon ..... St. Louis Plill.'i-lrlphia x—Night New Oilcans N'atiniiHl Ncv,' York St. Louis Chicago PIllSlHll'I'll Clnclnniili Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia W. 81 . 112 B3 7!) 71 C'l G2 . SO the for American W. I,. . nii 48 ..7B G(i ..TO U8 .'.70, «<) 72 71 . 40 OS All-Star card fealiirin R ot the lendlns grnpplcrs in mi' C! rcuUl ll " !i 1>cm nrra '>«cl •''0-I Monday nighi at ihc Ainciirm •5I|31 Legion ojieti nlr arena. Promoter. ••;i»J I Clarence- Holder hus announced I ••'•II i Rex (Tex) Mobley, one (if the Ml] cleverest performers ever to an-| ,;! ; < :enr "fi'f and a decided favorite I •' •«' nicc'ti; Ivan Micholvich, rough-! .•>•!/1 null-ready Russian In one match'' i Roy Welch, dm Canadiiin Wild-1 r:al. nnd espsciully liked by the' funs, t 00 . , nk . rs OM Lee : .W,7i Myers. Dallas, Texas, former mid-! ;.£" dlcwcliihl champion. ISoth nmtch- J>.H .>.s will bo limited tu TO minutes ; Uwi best • falls out of •three- 'dccki-' • J Ji Inn tlie winners are Arsea- and that , who transferred to Shawnee Ihc most oiitstnn:llns> looses. uioiel was beaten twice last son i>y Hie Papoosas, 18-0. IS-1. Annlbrr Mnslcy Coach Cutchin announced *c would likely start tha followinj team: liu^dy Baxter and "Shoc- Irss" Bill ao:lwin. ends; Melvin Hnlsell and Malcolm Plaks. tackles; linb noley nnd I,!oyd I'lominn, piiards; Charles Tliomas Piirtlc. center; Norman "Monk" Moslcy, duarlerback; Sonny Lloyd and Honn;l WHY, I REMEMBER WHEN PHIU/PS HAD ONLY TWO STATIONS/ •JC« •:14« Baseball Results Hoiilbern T.raRiie flaynff Nnshville at Uiiiiilni;liam. n Only gun' Only Only ward IJcsliarse. halves, Uoyetl, fullback. The Armorel mpiitor was not <h- t'idrtl on his stnrlsrs but it is liks- ly t!:at Jco Estes an:l L. V. Bell Vould be at ends; Pruitt Harrison ami II. li. Hooper .tackles; Denvil Bott-niiig nnd Jam?s Rodgers, gunr-! <ls; either Mas Watson or D. S Ryiin, center; with liorl Ross, | l-'rccl Bell teaming wilh Captain Smotlierman in the backlicld. |r : Chicks CHi'k . . •- For Iho first time since they' sitrri.-^ "I'""" 1 t! -° tralninsr smsoii. lli«, n^ i,Vnn . c) 'Vk:i?a»-s looted like "something" I plays | with i Mi.bley hue been <,ullc fwl in Blythevlllc, but lias been . campaigning in the larecr cilips '" Scvimmn 3 c - ' ril «lr runnin "" p!liws vvcl ' e elicki »'i . n, Umoklyn ;i |.|. Clncinnnll , C'levrlfliKi 2. 5. Chioaflo •>. es scheduled. ; ri.s u result of his recent victoria ] ''•'" ' —~" "^'^ ^"^rv...^ n, L1 i- Ulls opDonent canes highly reeom" i ™ 1001 nrs5 alul l irecision - U'c line! ! mended as a skilled aitlsl Ivivh <• I , V ™ $ °P cnIl >B bl l» r ' lo11 -' 5 . nnd the. | been working h, (|, c mU| ( |,'e siates- t b . nek , s wcr ,'' tcnl '" 1 3 °" io "S »»«. Welch can Bhviivs be dcpende-i ! ^ S LS ™ llls c " slom - Ilc:lcl 'on for a unod show He \T •»i - C ™ C " Ijilsllc eavc cvcr >' " !;1 " «»' tough as they c-omc -nui' c-im'ilrT! 0 P! )orl " nl1 !' on oifense and defense,' My.'is can wrestle, loo wh'enbc 1 i"' 1 ,,'"^ slarlln s plevo » !>«>vcd to !«'aiils lo. Hoy can either ,,,aVe : ^ U 1VO ' ;U " ? """' Joe Hrlr i !l >"»Sh and louHl, ,„• the " c i j ' olomcw ' °"=" Cl '"8- '^"» J"s- t'"l»ic wiiy. just as llio ,,,.,[,„'! lc " "''" "Stotcr" Bishop were om- di'iiiiiiKls. Miu.uion 5 [ an ,n, lg , m ,iefens;. 1 Another lioxini. exhibition ,,,'!' ' Oncil Craig sulfered a twisted i l»'i"n you,,- 'I,K,,| ' Mrn , .,,,; ;lhkl < ! J""' IJd-ore a halt was call- i'W "H. .show promptly i. f, • "' on '". c s =|-"»»'»so. He was hus- i in. ' ', | lcct off to the dressing room whoro ' • _ j ice and hot water applications were ' lionrl r-,,1,7,,, ~J^' ITT* [applied, lie is expected lo be all ' .. Ciul Cn " 1 "' NTOS Wniu A:ls - i'iglil- I" n rjir.doy.5, lioivcver. A school seeking to establish a claim to a national tlt|« scarcely could arrange a more suitable list or games for that purpose than on= U , dl xf S ° uthcrn Methodlsl, int Mary's, Pittsburgh, Purdue Qeorgla, and New York University' T«e nnne: will be Intense in the metropo.iton area 0,5 well as on all other front.?. The Wilken Family and friends joking together This i, us dialling ,s-ilh Lurry l!iul (c , nnd old Nat Wcclo. Tlmt'. my b,oll, c r William chncklii. K in llio .wing. It', me in the middle leaning this way, nnd Tom wilh Mi face sort of screwed up listening to Nat. Harry E. Wilken Dad's cronies say our Family Whiskey can't be beat! Take old Nat Weeks and Larry Burkes-they've- lived in ihisdi, tilling town theiru-holelirc-orpretlycloseloitanyways-TOd you'd sure have lo hunt around some to find folks as fussy about the i-, (i ness of whiskey as thetru And boll, of them were rcmarkir^ how there s nothing that stacks up with (he Wilken Family's Kccip- But what makes me feel good is seeing every- / "' one thinking the. same as Nat and Larry! ^^C-vdS^X/ V E 5THN lo a success story: But remember that you haven't heard the li'holu story until you have listened lo your motor after " Phillips f>6 Poly Gas! The limes have been tough. And so has the com- peliliun. Yet, every year right through ihe Depression talcs ofl'hillips 66 kept climbinK hiijher and hiuhcr lo ne\v rcconi-brtaking Icfeli. Obviously when every nwn and woman had ccon- o«l> uppermost it. nUnd, only n product giving exceptional value could have earned such tremendous cains in popular approval. Today, .hanks lo wise and thrifty motorists, Phillips is one .it the latest I«del>en,lmtt in ihc entire oil in- dnstry. Anil as an Independent, Phillips ha 5 rolled up a remarkable record of pioiieerinR. Phillips was flrst to matcK gasoline to weather. Rr.« EIGHT YEARS NOW THERE ARE /3.800 PHILLIPS STATIOMS * IT SURE TAKES A GREAT GASOLINE TO GROW LIKE THAT/ lo offer high lest sasolinc at ihe price of ordinary motor fuel. First ro offer at all i,s s la ,inns ih c e.xtra-powereJ gasoline resultin K from ihc ,,n t . cntcd PO),Yineri:.itmn process. Why not B ive your motor a chance lo surprise yon! Try ;l lankful of the new Phillips 66 Poly Gas. It's a sensational motor fuel. And a sensational value, too, since it docs not cost n penny more than ordinary gasoline. THE ORIGINAL OH GUARANTEED Goodrich 1 TIRES and BATTERIES Now crerj'one can enjoy safe, trouble-free driving on Goodrich Sih'crfo.vnsu-ifhthcLife-SaverGolderi ' J ly or a powerful GoculricU Battery. These first- iltiahty, guaranteed products can be purchased without a dawn t>ayment and on your own terms! QUICK FR5ENDLY CREDIT ^ TO EVERYONE J Ins is the original Btidijet Pay I'lan lliat ^^•as first introdticcd by Goodrich.Thous- aiKlsol people liave found it the most con- yen ient way to enjoy quality merchandise. K sthc modern way to buy.'- JWEEKIY MAKE YOUR OWN EASY TERMS NO RED TAPE ABOUT CREDIT There i* no embarrassment or questioning. Whether your car is entirely paid for or not and regar.Kcss of experiences, your credit isj CHECK THIS EASY WAY TO BUY... 1- Select what you /iced. 2. Scf your term*. 3. Show t/j yo ur /icenic Idetrtifl* coffoji. *' We jfttfofl your purchaja at ASK FOR THE BU_DJ3ET_ DEPARTMENT MAIN SERVIC It only t.-ikes n couple minutes to yotif purchase. We handle all of our own accounts and fi( our plan to suit your particular ed*. F. B. Joyncr Main. Phone 711 Corner Fifth and

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