The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1931
Page 7
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F.DAY, JUNI? 20, 1931 BI,YT1IKV1U,K, (AUK.) COUUIMK NKWS PAQK SKVEN LASSIFIED ADS T»o ccjiu « word for Ursl insertion md out o»nt • word 'or e»ch mbeequent Insertion. No sdveittemtct tslccn (or less than 60c. Coum Hi; words and «end lue cash. I'hone 306 i''OK SALE IR SALE 01- TRADE—My ii i:ropei-ly on Walnut, til., Ijiiown "McBrkte ApU." S?e me on iinlses. Mrs. F. V. McDridc. MI--K30 KENT Ml RENT—Furnished 3 loom Jlal, VUO West, Walnut. - . fic-lf JflNlSHED Apr-.rtvneivt for ReiU. 305 Dousan. 18P-K21 3R RSNT — -1 room furnished apartment, 209 W. Kentucky, all after 0 o'clock. Mrs. Eisk. •22C-K27 I.I AM'. lU1lltl"|-V. 18 mid lii-nll- tlful, llvru !• m I'riHiTiri-il .\riv ViirU n|itirlnrnr *llh lirr Ul'illirr, CASS llAlllllfrr. • nilhrr rndrj lu\v Unanrr*. ') lii-n hhr rri'clvri [in offer t<i hl.-ijr lit ltt« WHImv MrrUNI Tlir:ilrr. n l.iint; MnnO pin? fciin«L> of iiMi-h wealth; AMIS. Cl.r:i:si'.»l!OH ti On M linl nlKM Can ruklir* hnuift In Irlt l.larip Ilils utivx. Tin- liUI lm» lirrn \rflrUlnff In n ili'|i:irl- nirnl »lura ami hn» (rnru- In illn- iirr Mllb 3IOI.I.Y I'KllMN. • rnitr*. /mil l*rn (if Moll) 1 * turn frlrads. Softn n iintc nrrlvpn frcm I.t.-mr, bc-cglng her niulhcr .o rum? nl om-r In a UMIVTI-IIIMK nil- itrrx*. rrrmllr. f'a>« Iiahrrtix llirrr, MIA.Vi: MrUDinill). jounc polliv- iii:itt In chnrgr, Irlh her <h:ir the rtl.^d k.vr >) llrni l« ,!,„(. jnulh ni!H oN . i.|ril nnH Hue uuliFd lir I.rnn i, Ir OR RENT— 1 rooms, 1133 West Ash. -I i-osiiis, 1218 Holly. lioth ictlern and • in good condition 100. E. D. Fcrjusmi. 23C-K26 WANTED 'GUI/TRY WANTED—Market Brt- cea. any Quantity. MarUyn H»t- ^cry, 110 8. Fourth St. GC-TF .'ANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora •hell, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED — Hay to bale. C. O. i'mlll). Phone 827 or 1502-F2. 6-CC-TF VAN7T!¥.".-l J lsln and fancy scv.'- •"• Jir-5. Ira Crawford, 1230 '"'•>'£ 22C-K '(SfJ3fiilli,SIONKlt.'S SALE i.v given that the issioner, in com- liicB fyMSiUic terms of a de by tlie Chancer; fa" for Ihe Chickasawba Dis ct ' of Mississippi County, Ar .Jnsas. on Ihe 15 day of May, 1931 (farcin E^iiitabte Building & Loai tsscciation was Plaintiff, No. 4882 W. II. Burns, el al., were DC lanls, will sell at public aiic lo Ihe highest and best bic j:r, on a. credit of throe i3 koiiths, at the front door of II siyl House, between the liou lyi"V>«l by law, in the Cily lupfnrc', hi- ri-li-.ltrji Ucr. llnili t,, ,|, r (hrnlor l.lnni- rtiratlnlcr* n ti n n tl N o in e Cnm unil I.lane li-nvc fnr IVIIlnw Slrrntil. MI.VTKIl, Insrnur, Bin nltli Ihcin In |ilaT In Ihr In nork In liir I,,,, ,,jnrr. i ; i, t( . Inlriitlitpe-f r.Innp f,i CI.IVI! Cl.l'.r, 1 ;- l-AMlll. .„„ nt , h[ , rl.i-nl'.V'. pnlr.i!,. Slw.t llr-llrrml I cuiiir» ' '" I'll Mnur llj.-ir (In- ivnurtdrd In llic cim figbl lj;u rc- i-nvrrcd. M>\v c.n o* WITH run si-oiiv CHAPTER III VJURIEL LADD was tlie- Blrl who 1 was to sbare Llane's dulles in the box office. Muriel was slender tind graceful Sim had tt skin like porcelain, delicate, Insoleut brows and <m InllmlilcUliis drawl. Mvirlc was R Willow Slrcaui Junior Leaguer, bored with !i!e and am- ions lo "express herself." Sho wr,re exquisite sports clothes, and handed a gypsy scarf, about her bead when she rodo. Her fmgeruails were as long ag a mandarin's and sho u-dl quantities ot esotic Ecent, Liane was Impressed. B»-l<lc this oilier e!rl who was her own ago sho felt singularly Immature. Muriel epoko with equal careh-ES- i ness ot Biarritz and Monaco. Milan am! Gibraltar and Burlin e> -}:..•-.: | :•- "A/ay / /o.'fc V"u '"••'" I''™ Rcbaul you do. Isn't E!IO on tho E!a;c?i nrisis upraised, as l-^lslo tossed tl Isn't she broatliiilntleii'! Seems :--j, iViKla o! sina'.iy bun's over her hc;i silly, to talk as i( you \vere still IANE defended hencU. mother's frishlfully S!ie stood \ ciiiuly mysterious'aui! nlluiiiiK \ "Voa'ro really—tjiilte—adoiahle I 'C.'.f'K ili:uv!stl. '(Jive Hint 111 01JR1JOAUD1NG HOUSE By Ahm»- Clivc \v.:s liytlitville, Arkansas, on HID 25th | a sniooihy lay of July, 1031, the fallowing •'— •cal estate, to-wit: LO'H One (1), in Block T\vo «), Chicarjo Mill & Lumbei • Com- lia:iy'".Thira Addilioii to BlJ';... i .. A -^ . • f-~ - w J. 'Jt -S - * thcvHle, .vArkansn^.. , Lot TMO '1.2V, in' Blcc^ Two '(2); Chicago Mill & Lumber Company 'Third Addition to Blytheville, Arkansas. bled to think SAID sule will be had lo satisfy •aid dccrcci In the sum of $2,395.21, .vith 10 per c:m interest from January 25, 1928 THE purchaser at ;>aid s?.lc will x required to execute bond with Vipprovcd security, to secure Ili3 (laymcnt of the pwrchaw money, id a lien will be retained upon lid property as additional security the payment of such purchase Inoney. IwlTNESS my hand and the seal ol said Court, on this, the 2Gth uay c! Jur.e, 1931. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner in Chancery Dutch line were "smoothies." Liaue didn't know v.-!iat siie meant ar.d Eaid so. Muriel esiilaincd tohrantlr lent il.-irb. love, i: cute tiling or wbrit have you? She didn't seem to despise Llano for her abysmal Ipnorance. K.ithcr sl'.c . patronized lier arid tried to .JiKljten her... ^jou't ye Kavo nffafrs bcli-ii- t: .• i •. Muriel drawled. Liane fooKed sEiockcd. She. trciu ilio Eislers ritj - think n sir] sh She told Liaue that slie could luar, ., c h ; (1]c ^,,,^,510,, ;lrc : soon as she saw Hutch iHiats buucr than Kn s li5b| c ,'., rcl ,. c!v C ! rfu nisr,ci;t iu llieir tiri ! a flay for me she put her oar In. ones because tho oiKc.-rg on thOj^ (o ,', v -^ you cv i,i en i|y udlavc She baretd hi and iuterr;:|.leil I you read iu tho papers." Muriel lool:td slightly sarprlsed. j "Oh. coiuc 0:1. I didn't mean any-', thin's, really." Eho said api.tosi!:!-| cally. "I was jusi trylns lo fct; v.-hr.t you'd say. liut do cciuo! We, need an extra plrl. Jlolher's at liar Harbor ami I'm lluowlus this i.Tty inyscir." Llniic- herself lo he motU- evciy tln:e we had a minute to- Ccllier. Nov.- sht's £nt him. Oil. she's a vixen, thai sir). I'll Bet her yel." lifon««j CIM'.J "III nci'lii wiiri y.iu." Mnilel fal«l. li'.iltcntliv,'. u tall mail Ll.iiu 1 J.'.fLcil Into tlie ilec|t-iol vi .Mid !IKI Hi? ini:r!;lt:^ siaiii? of .1 IIKHI v-, ;-n ii;ui vailed tier by ia-r n:;i- li::it ui^lit oulsldo Vcruou'.-l Set! Her pnnl-.i-l-.iti vv;is lo^l tu Iho i.itlor nini ilio rlluli ol i-rj-sinl :a iaji In lu v -ry wfiil fi"in ^ioi:p croup. iniV.frtlni; RnMus am! lilu>-. M.I civ.-n ninl suuiHi-r 1:11 a hnlj-1 haiiilLeiTiilef. i.hino id then inn II j\v» auni.'.Hlll'.'usly. Nu one f:uv c KCatu:o and f>liu \vri3 f:|uil. "I'lio ,111 callc,il Van Itoburil ?i;;'ii-.i;d i!ie hub n[ tbr- i:;iyo<t croud. i;ilel iilui^d bor doftc^t fiallEt-s :it tu. ljl:u-.o fi'll Cinil.'r<.>l!;|.v.-lM>. lie 1 Btiyfiy. n little noisy, .-i III tic i III, elibcd nwny from hcr \Vliy'bail Bhu cimio? Sho iShin't ^Jnnp IIPIO. Hhc lolled [ti hllp ivuy lulu i:n! ijuivi ut tbu .-m-,::ur iu actluu to the ttiuuijhu t IIRD H.MIUvD youlh who loolicd ^ like an lufanl nnecluia caught cr r-.rm slv!y ne shu u:ade a sud* Ion. luFtluciivo movement to'.vurd bo French Ooor. ''Don't go.".lie snlil r.lyly. Slio sfir.inl: fn-.:n lii^ IOIR^I f.nd from tlie seem o'f liijnor 0:1 him. 'Just ivai::(.J suiue air." "Here's a unod immbPr." chortled the boy Ih'iclius, ruiuplliu; hist bnlr auc\v. Ho clialleii^ed ilio crowd Vviili his tihvovcry. "l!cod number desires air. What d'yuu know abo-jl that?" 1 I.lane loll tlic hoi. col^r rlalna to the very routs ot her hair. How she baled Ihcin all nt that luomeiil! ttlcli. : Bow1 loolilns, uiiinaiinerly crdwd! .; i' Tbe 'mr.n , : -palk-d Van Kolnnl u Mnrid'a snail caRtty Uiv.-avu htr. : li.'"liL' paid, in a trmo lowiii;n> of t!ie rest could ht-ur. •'Vnu'rc .aiiiuyiiii: the. ludy." The n-ciMialn-d'yuulli inuniblcil Iticoliuruuiiy iwd drifted b.:cU tu Ilio olirr-is. "Don't mind Hint idio'," falii iho man w'llh Ilio daik eyes, siical:i!is very Quietly. "I dun'l—now." She could sn/Ho PRA-f IT.M'PCAR, \JSR-li-V T UP RI5KV ) •' U i • -.: AROUMP -flfepe -TilA-T PIC'rilRS, -tMisvj'-ri-i - ; Lire \'- THQlJCirifS EGAP, I - Voui If MAKES ME GO UP IU Aii UPPER-BERTH \OI-r"r!OLVr A PARACriUTS j BOOTS AMD .HER BUDDIES Wii.UK CI'/l'S SICN By Martuj GEV /"'Ab3 looked troubled. "Dooa ohe ^-* seem i|i:!lc — quite nice for you, clear?' die u=ked l.iauc. "After all, yen Know very little ;ibo-,u her." "Oli. intjllier, I'vu lu liavo . ,. ... fplt i"i.t she had wen Hie | =o:i:e tun!" houccil l.lann. upper band with this superior Kill) "If. ««> i-''l so. She'll prolwbly CO.M.MISSIO.NKK'S iM.K NOTICE ii hereby given that, the |mdeisisne<l uommissioner, in com .innce with the terms of a dc •cc rendered by the Chancery Court l for the Chickasawba Uis lict of Mississippi Counly. Ar Kansas, on lh= 15 day of May, 1931. Ivhrtcin' Equilabb nuilding A: Loan :i;i.tion, was PlainlilT, •N'o. 4914 luid James T. Hall, ct al.. were DC- |ci)jtf"l5, will sell al mrMic rule- To Ihe highest and bcsl bid- llcr, on a credit of three 13) months, at ths front door' of the ponrt House, between the hours •escribed by law, in the City of lytheiille, Arkansas, on Ihe 25th Itay ot July, 1931, the following §-cal estate, to-wit: Lot Thirteen i!3i. LJicck Ei?ht 18). cf Chickai,.iv ba Addilion lo | City of Ulythevillc. Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to sntis- ly said decree in the sum ot S3.- 1,53.08. with 10 per csnl interest lioni May 15. 1031. THE purchaser at said sale will IK required lo execute l»iid with lipprovcd security, lo secure Iiaymcnt of the pnrchas; money, lind a lien will be retained-upon laid property as additional security for His payment of such pur- I-hase money. fiVITNESS my l:mirl and the sea! of said Court, on this, the 26th day of June, 1931. R. L. GAINES. Commissioner in Chancery. K;. Anne's would have .Muriel Ijiilil. ' ' | "1 really don't Know," s!;s tnl lercd. "1 1.;.i!.i I !;.i- :^!.[ ii::i'-i: ^boul IL" "Well. 1 do," Muriel said cr-hllj. ll l tiling It acce^:uate3 her cliann i think we're awfully sin:.-: ••-- [ifovii:i inl over here," She blew a clniid ot smoke. "Come to dlnacr Saturday 1:1^1:1." Bbe offered Inzlly. "I've Eti a new niuorjlhy I wnm you to see. lle'a a love. Av, folly old for file. olco'jiiO. lie's 3S. Din I like 'era v.-ay. Happens to oe m.irrlcil out r.i.= wile's a itud a:nl doesn't mailer. ConlG'and walrb my technique." • "' Llnne said. "II you really ,v..-rl me I'll ask mritticr." Muriel lauslifcl. "You're a queer one." she trilled. "All lb!i 'a'k molhcr' Etiitf unnisos r.'.n Xu tlcalit. ticallj 11 duea. I thln'n you're oi.e oi Ihose rjulet. sly one?. ir.ntlior*" nni S.ctliprp^ at least. Sbe was cb'l she had I crnli some ot the llule snake's i en FO em- hitic v\:r.$ without r.ieoalus; lo." i-i.sic '-:ii.V. sweet, you'ra noHilng de-|" r sul, low-voiced "Lbao's ,,r c tly cea: to wear." tfcnmrrcd when', CBOT »" [<lr a «l l l""S- I.Sano U'!i! tier abo::! ti:s iuvitallon. On Suntl.iy night, since (hero was C.-=s was [licafcd thcu^h. Yon could to be 110 i:crronnan.-e. Muriel scut =re that. V.'illovv Strcau. after all. • tl:e car around for her Kiic-sr, Llauc. was iiunlHs oat to be a tnl'.ier rtull ] v.-itli hlsh liaating ' " nlncc fct :i youns rJrl with no "Thanks." His Imh had ,1 warm, caros^ili:; [,uril':ly r=boul it. Tl:o man i:ilil. "lloro we set snma fo-jd ru,on. I [tlnycil tennis lor hours i today Ttbtl I'n ^niMery." Ltrm'ci smiled -.11 him in sympathy. ".May 1 take you In'!" Van Itobnnl asked. "Thcrt'j uevcr any ccio- mony about ihc.'e affairs ot Hurl- el's. 1 Hum: Craves is aniioili'.cln: fnyd tills iiiinutv." Klio toot his arm ar.d thoy fol. liiwcil tlie cbar-erUii; dozen Into a'crcu room llml with ii:iiutlo£3, wra.. ^ -wtivatt -?OOTIOVS •••• re. o? COUTO; VWE K SWENxi h:;ai!:d down by an allcnlive foot- money, liiemls ami posillr-u. [ ru;i:i. Tho liou=o lool:cd Intmltcij l.ia:;c bclcinc'l iiciih-.-r ii) Ihe rich. 1 imposlr.s with us verandas. ln?hioi:;ihl^ cro'A'd, i;or lo l!ic ua-!!ls inaiocu-irockcd'!9 movinu rives, tji'.e «'as nae ol tho m-bc- j aiteiuivcly alioul. Sho left her wrap l\vj;r.s nud lur a s:rl of her age Jin an iipatairs room dor.o in ladcil ne-ins an in-beli-.-tea is somcli::-.«l pln:.i a«d iilno=. a Louis MV -nom. very iiii1ici:ll mnlter Indeeii. Siio descended Ihe black waln;it -Xolhing to ivcar to 'wUai?" Oc- 1 stairs. Muriel, in a troc's tha color - ' m.-nilcd Fhle toisnillns In. 'I'old oi i ot li! lit. a frock sn-cepini; t'r.c- . . tha coiains loslivily. i:ls!o ikclared! slc.-.d iu tin; center ot a . Jf.HprlnR enuip. WK tm-.itJ. liltlne- those insoicnt "My black rlillfon t? to ba hsd on a moDKtit's ac-lice." £':ie v;ont 10 her room cr.d returned with tl;c diets trailing over t:c-r nun. "Sweet of quizzically at Pcifeet." £bo saiil. liiilllns Llar.e. down yon" C-',? ni!ir:ni:rcil, "biit H itoos '• licr Cf..-!:lall Blass. SKa swims Llano ii-.aV« I'ae ciuhl look (orr:!>!y o:<l." i abiuiL hclilins her by tho wri?t- thal'3 I "Taiileaii." "Tc:n[ic. ; l luilji; u Itb rtcli [ihrlca. Vr.n v,-;i:rbod Liaue. aimiFcd. "1 thought you'd like tbtso relics." ho ial'K iioddln:; tosvaril 'ths jiorir.iits. "Mnsi people gel n &hcr:t first Hutu. :\'ice, rurr.: litllo shack it Is. S'.ich >;u!e'. tssle!" * l.i;ir.c s'.mV.ed to it.cct bi3 meek- cry. "It nil rcoais very smnd to me,' 1 sha taid. "Uut you—Imw diil you know ii Was liie first liiuo I'd becu bcre?" • ' j Vr.n cave her a shrewd clance. - •TccaiiEO 1 aE'ied Muriel to IIBVO you.' 1 .ho said unexpectedly. "!!•> cause 1 w.inlcd lo sco yon iisaln ?-t Why, your] loncil ol yoi:." cik-t! Llano. Sho liril J.-H! Hiinsiilno!" ' real cstalc, fo-wit: I South 100 Icct of tin South ] Two-Thirds is l!-3> of Lot i Seven i?)'. i3!ock "C' in Jasrrs ! Addition to DlylhevilU, Ar- kanjas. : SAID saio will be li'-d '.o s.U:s-. fy said decre; in t'ac sum of Sl.- 210.53, wltli 10 per c:nt'. fi'om May 15.. 1331. THE purchaser at rMti £-ilo will be rco.uired to exccuie h-):i:l v.iih approved security, to ttrare the payment of the iiurcharr r,i',n?y.. and a lira will be rtin:n.a ii|m:. fairl prcptrty as addition:' :.cciir- : ity for the payment o! iucii P' Jr " i chnsc money. ! WITNESS my hn:id Ki:d !:ia S_M! [ nf sai:l Co::r;. on tlii?. Ih; 1 26'.h • day of June. 1931- j K. L. GAINES. Com;ni:-;ion:i in Clmi'.cr". I lirr (Ur::itv nri:,' -tor.d. f S A>H)~H!S l.laliO blushed In l!:e rools jtjicr A & '«A IT Of \T \^ , Hfb 6 .N ..... WOT X ViVlt , WVW KiA. Wt >\k •yo >T P, I'M TOR. 60ftH .1 -trv^^^i : s^* '/£: OUT IX THE COL!)! Blind Bviton Teaches | 2.00C Haw to Swim ^.\s» TUHUS CL|.' BuV VW U'.S EEGT PA'.,.... U&'UL AG'x: US. { [IZP.S VZ ccvrs / VKWI.Tb ESS I:','.'( To GO \j:.TH Hi«.... V JUST see if, { \& CCSSMT bW-^ v - l.OiVisS MEXBOROUGH, Ens.. lUf" -• B!i:ided in a mine acctc'T,'. many year.-, ago. Robert Giiliiv; has lausht 2,000 men and boys to wlm. All ti\e ItFsonp have liec'.-i gtvru t in his cottage drawinc room. The pupils lie on a ro v Oiv:n:j r.lool. wh.crc (hey are tauplit Iho' various | cke.1 before visiting'. pools. I Gillini; is thr only blind person: in Groat Bri!ai;i to rcveiv tho \ honorable tcarhcr'i cr-rtiflrntr- of Ihe Royal Life Saving SocU-ly lur swimming and life-saving. COJIJIISSIOXKU'S SA1.K NO'IIOB is hereby givcit Ihal the ir.dirsisr.ed cnmmlssloncr. In com- l>liancc Vsitli .the terms of a.fie- |crcc reiu'-crc'i by th-: Chancery Cturl lor the Chlcka.sawba District nl MisfisvU>i'i County. Arkr.nsas. rm Ihe Ii d?y of May. 1031, wherein Eeuiit.iblc Building & Loan Itasoclatioi). was Plaintiff, No: 4915 •ilirt j; L. Bnrksclrile, vrcre Do- Jrnclnnts. will fN at public auc- Ij.Li toijr--- hnhcsl ntid bcsl bii- I-fffl-l-, n j a credit ol-three '3i |iiontiis. ;it the Iront door ot the : curl House, tetwsen the hours Four days latc-v his ;-->itn'.v \\\ &i'escrllied by lav. In the City ol; foursome, A. I. Davey, rank h:i> '"" eville, Arkansas, on the 25th; tee shot on a hole ol approximate- da y of July, 1931, the iollowlns Uy the same length, "••-. r>nT\T'ri FOII.OWS sen' ; MANKriELD, O.. tU!') — B. ] Kisle made a hole in one en a P course he;-.?, at a 152-y.iul 'Siji;.V E^V, ' I'.^lU'.'.'. , Vl[-.»<i V;A'Crf. •OK KASV^ W5 Tv\' '. I5y. Crane

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