The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1934
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Served by United PreM BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .HtJW TVkUTIirAMT UraBDAUVT> fsm urmrfumik .«. .„ ._ _- - _ _ ^^^^^ * * ^^^ TOT DOMINANT OT NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHKABT MISSOURI HOME EDITION jlytheville Dally Newi Blythevllle Oourttr Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Hertld BLYTHRVIU.R, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JULY li, IM-t SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS AMBITIONS SIZE Of OBSTIM.U IE Briinin Opposes American Domauci [or 35,000^ Ton Battleships I T.Or.nON. July t; <UI>) — (irf-at' Biiialu and the United Stau-s. in i three weeks' of naval negotiations, have failed lo bridge their diffl- culllfs, il was learned authorila-! lively today. Indications were that the negotiations might socjii be, adjourned until August and dial thereafter! an agreement might lie reached to F-til ihe future taulf-ship iinill at; 3a.r«W tons. ! The bnitlfr.ship tonnage limit is! a principal point of disagreement.' Britain favoi's ships of 25,000 tons, I Ihe United fitnles ships of 35.000. [ The British ii j <morandum of .lime 21. il wns learned, drnlied nl the request of Hie Uniuil Slates '• delegation, reilerated the 1930 tie-1 mnnrt for rr-dneiion of battleship tonnage to 25.000. | Britain has hinted at wllllns- nrss to compromise al a figure 't.- I 000 toils above 25.000. The United States, apparently, would go two or three .lions-find below ils demand for 35,000. Therefore il was Indicnled (hat a compromise of around 30,000 Ions might develop. \rr\ TVacbs Her Fan For a Bubble Blackwood May Enter in MEMPms. July 0 (UP>-D.1,ht , H. Bmcku'oad. former Arkansas- highway commission?!- and candidate for governor in 1932, has moved to Memphis. Mr. Black..wood -has not csiabltshcd ,-unec- ticn here but lie hopes (o .shortly. He is making his home al Number 11 Eelleaire Drive. New York Cotton NEW . YORK. July •. U Cotton closed steady. open high low close July 1191 11D7 1190 1192 Oi-l 1212 1217 1207 1210 Dec 1220 1232 1223 1225 Jan 12:10 12[!6 1230 1231 March 12-.2 ]'._« 1237 l'J4U May 12.8 1252 1245 1240 Spots closed quiet at 1215. off IS. R mm sinus [.oral Men Held in Mis- sou, i in Retaliation (or Hayli Driver's Arrest I neialtnlion for nllegr-d unfair iprncilces of Missouri officials I against nn Arkansas trucker was untight today by his 'allorney. I Claude F. Cooper, who .said that Ihe had enlhted aid of deputies of 111? Arkansas revenue r-onunh- sioner'.s office. Thc Arkansas trucker. Charley Hester, nnd a driver, of this uily, were held in Jail ai> Cnriitlseis- vllle wherr they werr- lodged yc-s- lerclay. \\hen. according to Cooper, Ihey were refused an opjwr- tunlty to make bond, awaiting oulcome of stale highway violation rhnrgt'S against '.hem. Co'l Ha>ll Man S121 R. li. "nob" Hawkins, pcmLscol couniy prosecutor, was (|uoied by- Cooper as saying Ihnl he meant to "pour It on" every Irnck driv- r-r from Arkansas nnd brine every charge possible against Arl.asiF^^ truck drivers violating Mlraourl laws. Hawkins was quoted by Cooper as blaming Arkansas officials for forcing a Hnyli l:uck diiver lo "pny $125" for n nip Into Arkansas, and as declaring that he meant to make it n. r ;rar_ ns possible on Arknnsns truckers I as a result. | "We are ready and have offered to pay for whatever licenses arc nwfssary lo operale in Missouri." Cooper staled loday, "bui Hawkins insists lhal he is going to'(-.'recover' $125 in cash retaliatory . measure." Hester _is n. n s>lb-contractor fo lhe"Hnrrtln Transfer companv o Hlythevllle, awarded a contract fa: unloading coal at Caruthersvilli and placing it al designated point: along the Mississippi river levei. for use of revetment fleet boals Hester claims he approached Mis .sotirl patrolmen when he entend Puminrr nf fmlnn C iui 1 Mto ' ollrl "nd was told that' pef- puilllflg 01 LOlton Ulll mits or ]j censcs wouM ^ in Bradley County July (i (DP)--i Marion Invi.os Siamese Twin To T-.k. 1 Vows T.H.MV I Fame's Just a bubble, aa Sally | Haud proves here. Sally, bad; j at the Chicago World's Fair, Ua9 t03s " (1 away Q now Ihere , s BOtlliI1B and MARION. Ark.. July (1 (UPl- Vlol'el Hilton. Klanuw twin, nut her fiance, Maurice L. Lambert, of New York, have been Invited 10 this Arkansas gretna yreen to .stage llielr proposed marriage. "I'll not only issue, the license." said A. B. Carter, deputy county court clerk, "but I'll also undertake o furnish a minister." Tlie couple have been denied a narrlage license In New York nr.d New Jersey on grounds of . lui- norallty. They have started J :oiirl fight to secure a license. , Carter said he could see noth- ng' Immoral in the twin's desire or marriage. "They will certainly he. welcome irre. he said, "anil 1 have wired hem In come on down, that n narrlnge license will be waiting or them." This small town lias long been 'amous throughout the mid-south "or Its speedy marriage facilities .Itr-rnlly hundreds of persons eacli year drive here from surrounding states io • be married. Signs alone the road bear advertising of vari- s, ministers and Jivslices of the e; Even wldipsse-s arc fnrnish- on a moment's notice. Will Accept Petition (or Poll Tax Abolition i.irn.i: HOOK, .inly ti aip>-- If Yh..rnb»i.j A timy. of Hiites- \'l!!'' siitijiilE.-. u jii-tiiiiin Ix'Toie hiidnL,'lu [1,1 11 M.iic i,iui'i>di:ienl I" :il.,ili!>h siule |KJ!I lux as u re- A . M I f i- , i • Hester claims h Number Implicated m r «nirl patrolmen llmi'.'Allle imlay .y v .is brlngln. ', |in>p!iriMl "lii Ille ciliti;;.-. tn forcr- Ini'l ;,i ivjiini. lii'H.rt.s | rnni Mn:>'d thai Ci I 111 1 |:i hllnii hiTi ii:ini!Lijiiii-i iiru iiriviiiaiirp, If iii'.i'.vaiy mil urrlvjd at '_ P. M. .1. 1'.. lllgHins. clili'f tieputy In in.- -i-i ii'tary nf .simp's ullkv. Mild i in- jir.Uloii unuld In- ii_cc|ili'd. Tl'.t'ii- h a <|iii'.sl!<:n. liowcver, he added, whi'ihi-r ];.M midnight or Icniulu uould lu> (lie Html date o llli- petitions for amendments n !;>• Miljmlllfd al lit:' ;;i'ni'iiil elec- fiul TTPlECT Si. Louis Holders Form Association lo Oppose Proposed Scltlemenls Make Inquiries Here and nl Osceohi Concerning Relief Program Offl'-liil curiosity us (n why Mississippi i-omily IIIIK ln'i'ii tin' source of mi unusual luunber nf com- plalnls coii-emlm; ihn L"miTi;eii.y Relief prop-am resulted In n visit to ihe county thh week by Cirurf;. llabcork, FERA nil engineer, ami Nels Andcr- .^on. of Ihe PEHA WnshiiiKion stuff. They spent, Wednesday aiu Thursday In niyihevlile. nnd wenl lo Osccoln this morning to ninki Itirther Inquiries. They arc not. (hey mncle li i3lnln. conducting nn Invesllgnlloi ol Ihe administration of \V. R Dyi-js. .stair. PERA ncliulnlslr'nlor nor of the county relief ST. -l.OUIS. Mo.--Intere.sled St. Luiiisnns have fonr.ed an organization willed the National Asso- tintlon. but arc merely seeking to letii-n whnl. bnsis. If any, exists fo apparent public dtssaitsfaction wltl HIP way the relief program ha boen carried on. Want (o Know Why "Naturally." Mr. Cabcock snlt! rlniloi, o, ,nve,e, s In Drainage Sln^X™ «.. "i?^ X^™^2'»"™ * «>PI» county! 1 ™ lo proiect Ihe interests of holders, unnt lo lenrii of levee bonds. and dralnnge distiicl lie assoclatio.'s president. Ocor E c Neither Anderson Mr. had the reason." Bnbcock ment to nmke Mr public com . E. W. Msohminnn. retired lumber- , heir Inmilrles l 1 ,..' 11 -.,.^?..,^?™:... 0 ' *" Eh . *"'. rtJ .'«••. "«l conv t , esuls in this county ersation., which ' utrell Fixes Date lor Shank's Execution I.ITTI.F: ROCK, ,iuiy r> <npv- fnrk II. flliank. Akron. O., utlor- i'.v, I' til iminlriiiij, n lh' of lour \s-itli ^x)lson, must Ir July 21. <lo\. J. M. Fiitn-n i'idoil imiav Shank'.s |-.elltion for a ivlienr- ig ol iln> cnsi- wns tli'jiiitl by Ihc tute fiipreme raurl lasl l-'ild.iy. Ilr was fonvlclrd of deliberately ilsDiiing the family of Alvtn fjol- y. He ])lemleil tein]M>iary Inanity at Ills trial. Mis la^l hop-., bas tlisap^-arrd IDW. anil lie must spend Hi-.- re- unlndiT of Ills Illr in "dcnth in it the slate gienlteiHlin.v, when' he vus rmiovod limiii'ilinlely alter the iupreme court refused to tjnuil t'lrlal. HUD Answers Hints Me May Be Aiming al Governorship or Senator's Seat 1 RELIEF All Is Not Harmony. Between Rural,. Works, and Social Service Divisions LITTI.I-: ROCK, July H I UP)— W. R. i_y_..i, federal emergency relief lulmhilslrnlor. denied today he has any political asplrallons lo become governor or U. £>. sen- alor In 10:111. Ills slntemenl was Issurd in nn- wvr lo a news story slating that Arknnsns federal relief work waa wing Investlgaled because of pol- llicn connected with U. The pret'iice of Wlnthrop Lane, Icld representative of Ihe FERA, and George Hnbcock, regional engineer for Ihe FEflA, Indicates iio Inquiry Inlo Irregularities, Dyess laid, "IL being a campaign year," said, "II Is naturally sup- men would be pres- BY TED H. MAI.OV United Press Staff C.'orrrsiwutlent LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 0. (UP) — Divisions of (he Federal Emergency Relief Administration In Arkansas carry the rivalry seen between the depnrtmcnls In (he national organization. Thai rivalry precludes Harmonious unity which inlnht 1» sought by any polltlcnllj iimbltloiis executives. The relief pro-ram Is in three parts, each working separately to' posed these cut." Turning to charges relative to his political ambitions he said: "I wish to slate emphatically that 1 have no political ambitions whatever nnd (lint I was brought Into the relief organization through Absolutely no political source." "My only desire is to administer the relief program in accord- nnce to the rules and regulations outlined by the nntlonnl nd- m.nlsiratlon in Washington, and to do ns gntxl a Job as the people of the stale have a right fo expect." : *ASHl(>ltfi'ON, July 6 Employes of the new _i lerests of holders of-llevee nnrt-£ltnnl!on as it exists"^"Drcsernv" l bv ^' A ' HodsonJl The worts cltv- drnlntise district .securities - had••' (.—There hnvn b°en minor Ir- lsj <w-"whlch operates'on tHe lh£- securitles Been enncted. Calling utlention to In the hnndlhiK of the y tllflt llllllrtln K wltf restore nor- the applications of drainage nnd relief program but llicsc nmiar- 'i" 1 ' 05 '' J s linticr tlle supervision of speculate on slock levee districts for loans of npprox- emly have b-en In the nnlnrp nf' Cnn( - n - c - Limerick. Tile social iiini-1/nf e In* n«-.U ri i....,i r.1.. fnon r.r.T-i nnn i -i-_ »-,_ . . "• w-i* in nu iJdilKC Ul ,,^__ .... and securllies markels. Joseph P. Kennedy, chnlrman, said today. Assembly of the administration's LITTLE ROCK, Investigation of-r.n alleged wide arson ring swung to the -stale insurance commissioner's ol- licc loday. New Orleans Cottonf^ MEW OI.LEAKS. July C iUP>-- Effective support war. lacking In the cotton market today and fu- i lures clo;ed 1. to 1!) pol'it-s below j (he previous close. Spots held Etcndy. mirldlini; 1005. sali-s lii Ijnles. Fi.lnre^ v\ere low.r Iror: Ihe op-ening. largely on accounl of thc idea among traders lhat be unne.- e.'sary as he wiw working on a government Job. Later, according to his nltorney. Hesler was arrested without being given an opportunity lo r.ecure licenses. Seek Severe Penalties Missouri ofTiclals me now seek- '.ster antl sniiTT^-! that ,1. H. Parker, of Banks, would l:e qtir-stlor.i'.l this afternoon ivijardlng th" puri!- of J. A. L.o's cotton gin near the Texas drouth en. o|K?n 1180 1211 1222 WPS abo'.i! brok- Banks, in Urndley countv, Inst April 11. Two written sla'tfiiienls were ncde some lime ago by Thonris Olto Crawford nr.d Chris Whrjtnn, > negro, both of Hoiw. in vhlch hey impllcnled themselves July Del Dec Jan March Mnv high low llOti 11B3 12I1R 121S 1241 1250 S]!0ts closed <|iiitt in close unn 1207 1S22 1238 123". 12-15 1245 .-(15. o!T 111. 1219 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. July fi lUP) Slocks cilpt higher !ocl3y at trading pace just atnvi yesterday's Miiall volume. S;'.!e.< approximated 460.000 shnr_5 agninst -HO.- 000 ycfiterday. A. T. and T 115 Anaconda Copper 147-8 Bethlehem Sleel 34 Chrysler .0 7-S Cities Service 21-8 Coca Coin 1303-4 General American Tank 37 General Electric 20 General Motors 32 mice agents in order to operate in lhal state, his attorney says. Hester's irnelr.s are. also allnch.d under rivil action brought by the Missouri prosecutor for alleged operation without Missouri licenses, for which a penalty of $500 for each day of operation is sought. Cooper snld that the vigorous action taken against Hester defln- ngree- ofTicerr. and city police. All four are charged with arson and Ixjimd over Io [ho grand Jury. I fhreaten Louisiana With Loss of U. S. Aid WASHINGTON. -July G (UP) — Federal relief officials today threatened lo withhold Louisiann relief funds the stale promised To cooperate In the Intrdr-n of caring for the needy. violation of Arkansas laws as they cross the state line foiu miles north of Blythevllle. _ "Wait until we "get three or [four Missouri trucks down here jlhen we'll lalk business with Ihem' Cooper staled. new stock market control organization and was security pushed rtipidly today with indications that Ihe new commission would begin •egnlar meetings Monday. Several hundred employes, Including legal and publicity riivls-^ OIK. as well ns n large corps of expert. 1 ;, are lo be hired. Complete harmony wns snld to exist among the five members of he commission, headed by Kennedy. Other members are James M. Lnndis. George C. Mathews and Robert E. Healy, formerly of the federal Irade. commission, antl the government's siar Investlgalov, Ferdinand Pecora. All except Pecora held a lengthy meeting yesterday in. ihe swelter- Ing two story federal trade commission building. They discusse^, various organization problems in order thai attention can be devoted In stock market problems as soon ns possible. uimiely s2SO.000.OD. from tlle lie- _], O rt cuts lo facilitate the pro- lvclfftl ' e division, until recently dl- construction Finance Corporation, gram. They found no evidence of rocllv supervised by Mrs. Clertrude Liiehrmann snld that In many In- dishonesty "in the use of rell.t S ' ° MKI of tllc federal staff al stnnces It was pro]x>sed to pay funds. off "' ' ' ' Futrell and Dyess on Mayors Meet Program NORTH LITTLE ROCK. July 6 (UPl—Gov. J. M. Fiurel! urgcrt Arkansas mayors,. attending th" first meeting of the Arkansas Municipal I.engue today, to consider legislation for the welfare .-,f th: ' ether liens nl the expense of [be bondholders who iiave a prior Inx Hen and should be ihe last to suf- ?r. The three vice presidents of the a.-jodnlton are John A. Half Price Auto Ta^s Are Now Available Meador Child Dies International Harvester 32 3-1 Middli-wesl Utilities .... Montgomery Ward .1..., 281-8 New York Central 281-2] Packard 31-2 Phillips Petroleum ...... 17 .1-1 Radio Corp G 7-3 Simmons Beds 16 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-2 Standard of N. J 44 3-3 Texas Co 2.1 S-3 I). S. Sleel XI 7-8 Chicago Wheat open high \ m - c iose Jlll(o,88 5-8 89 3-4 88 1-2 89 3-8 JilHmSS 3-4 89 1-2 88 5-8 89 3-8 September (old) 8n 1-2 90 3-8 69 1-4 89 3-t rnew)B9 3-8 BO U4 8:1 !-4 83 5-S Funeral services were held Wed- r.esdny afternoon at North Snwba cmeelcry for S. J. Meador. two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Mcndor. of Roscland. who died Tuesday nighi from colitis. The Rev. F. M. Swe.l. of Manila, officiated. Moss Underlaking company was in charge of arranKements. Chicago Corn July Kep 56 3-4 58 1-4 high 57 5-8 58 7-8 low 50 3-3 57 3-4 close 57 1-4 58 3-8 A lotal of 82 applications for :mlf-year nnto and truck licenses were filed at the Arkansas revenue commissioner's sub-office In house here on July 2 the co'.irt ind 3. Applications for 35 truck nnd Manila Backs Big Lake for Recreation Center MANILA. — Efforts are being marie by citizens and organizations here to have Big Lake chosen for one of 12 recreational cen- lers lo be set up in Arkansas If a »1.000,000 PWA loan and grant gees through. Big Lnke Is one of the ntitural Ixnuly spots of norlheaslem Ark-1 an.sns, nltracting fishermen antl during the season. The recrealional centers are planned in connecdon with the state's centennial celebration In 1H36. Eacli center would consist of trailer licenses were Included - trucks, be .seen In FEilA works division records and ---- ---; -fennel liltle to bupporl charges of : £( "v"G. 'ho naltonal economic and discrimination in the distribution £cclnl '"s—Hint II points Ihe wny ol relief expenditures over the (ounty. Thc Osceola district, they tcmid, received the bcr.cflt of more security. f lvi ' lr y of ls the 'divisions, which attention only on . .. occasions and is iio.nrlmutoilonon- nssistnnt secretary ol Hie triLst c!e- ] a tr ( h c CWA program, whllo lv by ndmlnlstrators, is n con- rartment of St. I.ouis Onion Trust'FERA Co.: Joseph A. Meisel. president works Herkert & Meisel Trunk Co.. nncl h.uve been largely centered In and ---.around Blythevllle. Richard H. Wnlike, president of| .1.—-nicy found nollilng lo sup- Ihe Waltke InvesimeiU Co.; Al-| 1>nrl ,, suspicion, founded on frecl D. Luebrmami. retired ' bennan. Is trensurer. division activities ; t " nt , P rob '«» to Dyess. It Is his Cecil Shnne of Blytheville wa. among (he mayors present. More Than a Billion Loaned Home Owners the Had IS Varieties of Lliiuor NEW YORK cUPi—Klneiren varieties of wines, liquors nnd other beverages were served nt the dinner - (hat marked the opening of Ihe Spirits Club here, of the club nre exccutK» ployed in the liquor Industry. him-j i,: rK i' number of complaints ortgln- '.itlng In this county, thnt an or- Biuilred elfort to discredit the state relief administration, for political ov oilier motives, might exist in this county. Dyess Colony a Corporation 5.—Purchasing policies and wage lo see thcv nil operate. More attention or Interest shown brings charges of p'nrdnllly an<ll r , nn rjinnn i« nn . bck of sympathy from the oth- f - l0 ' OW ' 000 lo casc ers. to H Notre Dame Meinbcisjr-irc n t the Dyess rehabilitation ""' coiony have not, been In line with >n!icles of the'' federal relief nd- :ninlMrnlion. The Dyess colony, lowever. Ls n corporntion, organl/- imder me laws of Delaware, a 50 room hotel, numerous lodges j 01 cottages, tennis courts, and oth-1 er recreational " "" •JSjYarbro Magiitrate Is i>r Constable may 30, • 1 Foster Mother Hen Is Fretted by Mother Cat BLOOMINC-TON. III. (UP)— All Anconn hen. which took over i litter of five kittens by crowding, the mother cat from her home In a manger about the time Ihe Dl- one quintuplets claimed national notice, i; reported as doing qulto well by her stranse brood here. All day am. nljlit she sits and clucks lo t!:e kiliens. but relires ft tim:.i to allow thc mother—nl- lurklng nearby — to serve _ (he feeding periods thc hen paces back and forth, fretting and scolding at the Interruption. meals. During Fined for Disturbance at«e Game One man wns fined and two cleared of charges growing out of an argument at a Sandy Ridge ball game by Municipal Judge C A. Cunningham yesterday. Harrison Lyles was fined five dollars for disturbing the peace. Similav charges against A. V. „ -„ ----- ...... Barker and Lindscy Wells were Irate. G. J. Walker of Yarbro, for many years a Chickasnwbn town- 1 ship magislrat., is seeking the office of constable for the town-| ship this year and not tint of magistrate. Mr. Walker said that a llsl of candidates as released from the office of the secretary of ihe Democratic central committee when the ticket wns closed June 14 by error carried his name ns a candl-l date for re-nomlnnllon for inagts- Dismissed by the court. [list ted His name should have been . - , --- as a candidate for con- Lexie Haynes, local merchant. | 6la We Instead, Mr. Walker stated posted n S50 bond on a charge of] Incidentally Mr. Walker's can carrying a concealed weapon and didacy for failed to nppear. Ills bond was ordered forfeited. A charge of driving while under the Influence of magistrate. constable, will Iravc instead of the township with four magistral,, oftlces to nil nnd only three names WASHINGTON. July 0 <UP) — he Home Owners Loan Corpora°" cl tlon hns expended morc than si,-. mortgage burdens of hundreds of thousands of .small householders throughout the' nation. Chairman John H. Fahy announced todny. Although the corporation has been In existence llule more than a year il hns mode 341.162 loans on Individual homes totaling 51,- 027.991.5CS. not and and regulations governing the I'ERA program. There hns there- loic. it. appears, been no vlolntion of the law In fntlurc of the colony to make its purchases on thc basis ol competitive bids, or in failure tq maintnin approved wage scales. In view, however, of the fnct that tlie colony Is being developed with federal funds it is not unlikely Hint thc government will nsk. nd- herencc to federal purchasing and ungn policies in thc future. There nay be further Inquiries to determine If unwarrantably high prices: -.ave been paid for materials pur- : divert for the Dyess colony. 6.—Buogcts set up for beneficiaries of the relief program, concerning which there lias been complaint, are fixed" In Washington and there Is little prospect of iny upward revision unless It can be shown that actual suffering from lack of adequate food occurs under them. More liberal budgets some other slates ore explained The latest accusation came from J. R. Henry of Hope, who resltrn- ed as district ndministrnlor. Mrs Gntes worked In Henry's district establishing the .social service pro"•am. Her program ullegedly called for increased expenditures, It was explained nl state headquarters here ' Applications for 1.510.750' loans, who frankly tins more faith lnvolvln S 54.856,269,830 have been In the rural rehabilitation division, flled lvilh lhe corporation. A large did not agree entirely with the nllmDer of Ihesc, however, are In- social service plan as outlined It c "Siblc because many of those subject to the laws fs >ln *>rs.ood. Mrs. Gates returned * cckill B "W are nol in real dis- 10 loans of 22 Washinglon and Henry resign- trr$s ed. charging among other things' A tota ' of more ' ntm 5 > & that Dyess was out of sympathy llas becn made ln sacl1 v.-ith the true alms of Ihe federal relief program. states. Succeeding the Rev. diaries U O'Donnell, wtio died recently, the Rev. Joliti !•'. O'Hnrn, above, has been elected president o[ tlia University of N'oiro name. liquor. Printed on tlie ballot. Tlie con-; Falher OTIara, 46, n.v. JMlltl_lll.t; Ul IHlu.M-nulLg llqUUi I t" "<«.M ull U!_ UJUIUl. JI1C C011- j f against Thurman Clemens was nolj^abtc's office is sought by six N pressed. candidates. ' " Dame 26 years ago as a student. Atty. John Hawthorne of Jonesboro Is Dead John Hawthorne, prominent Jonesboro attorney, died at his in that city late Inst night, cral services will be held ! day afternoon. 3 o'clock. Among those from this city who plan Miss Bolls Show Cotton Crop Well Advanced A pair of welt developed cotton tolls, an inch or morc In dlnmeler, wera brought to the Courier News differences conditions and by the fact that most other states contribute to the relief program, while In Arkansas the money comes rr.'.irely from Washington. Io altend the Belle Whit-sltt. Salur- funeral Is Uses State Bulletin to Tel! of Candidacv j In tha Flat Lake community, about two miles of BlytrievUl,. Mr. RoTrfnson's cotton. Stoneviilc N'o. 4. was planted early in April. His crop Is well advanced and h: expects to be picking by the mla- dlc of August. WEATHER Arkansas—l-ocal thundershowcrs LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP) — Whispered comments have been made about the capital of Agricul- j .his'"o'ftcrnoorf "and I.night."cooier lure Commissioner Earl Page's icnighl. Saturday cloudy, with lo- subtle announcemenl as candidate ca i thundershowers in east por- for state treasurer In the Arkan-> (ion Cooler in south portion, sns Farm nnd Marketing Bulletin. Memphis and vicinity—Probable I In Kill. the July issue of the Bulle- [ thundershowers tonight and to" state publication for farm-; rrorrow; cooler. Letting n child run about and trs which Page edits, he asked in- j p!Ky until he Is .slightly out of diligence for errors during the The maximum temperature iirenth is excellent training tori next few weeks ns he would be yesterday was 85, minimum 74, deep breathing, save In those oc- out of the office & great part of cloudy with .0! of nn Inch raln- casionnl Instances where there Is (the time on his campaign for the fall, according to Samuel F. Nor- any constitutional weakness. I Job as state treasurer. .ris, official weather observer.

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