The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE WO BLYTHEVItYlVl*; COURIER NE AfftAP illNIOK RUSSIA Since the • beginning of 1945 I saw'a rhfd-Victorlan rig, a horse and buggy, pass an automobile !o!> a graded roa ^' It was not a race. The car was not running. vThd motorist was out changing a tire. The driver of the rig sat up straight: and pressed his horse for a bit of extra speed going by, which' was funny,' Tlic car owner made Uie change and drove Into town /ar ahead of the buggy. ••:. Between • 1928 and 1938 the United ,- States, the world's outstanding . industrial nation of all time, had an'industrial depression. Meanwhile the Union of Soviet So- c'allst Republics was moving forward; not rapidly, but at nn increasing rate. In.-those years It was .being transformed from an .agricultural to an Industrial nation,'a stage through which America had passed, half a century before. A Wind-Broken Nag ;• Russia wis' driving n, horse named "Central Planning." Trie rig made an-Interesting dash, for Improvement,' not .'very fast •• however, ,.iior 'very spec'teula'r. 'Claims made'i for the "anlnmi's'speed wbrc funny; certainly not.nil true. IJvIng conditions in Russia, were not,'ns high as those, in'Alnerlca In the pit of our. depression; never have been before nor since. It was a splurge, better than Russia had-before, but far below American achievement. . There is .'nothing 1 new about Central Planning! it's ns old ns horse-drawn equipment/Kings, tyrants and dictators, have always used .the.-Idea, Some- have done better with it than 'others,''depending..'on. the ruler: Russia's recent nilcrs have been anything but stupid. Their 'military, generalship has -the .w'rold agog. Russia bns made a 'marvelous .fight, .using American equipment extensively. Fort National Safety You would; think that Russia, living next door to'.nn armed desperado for. 25 years could have 'adequately prepared for war. No; Central Planning couldn't do- it. It took, a raid oh Pearl Harbor to .wake America' from, ,n sweet dream of peace, 'but Ainerlcn 'i?nt Into action:, w.lth Private Ewer- prise and, In; four years, nnned the L United Nations for victory. .This demonstrates which system is better for 'national safety. : But war Is never America's main objective. We. are d-'peace-loving people and. we want'to work and prosper and live well. Some say that America, :in view of Russia's achievements, ought to junk Free Enterprise and adopt Central Planning;- Knowing thnt Russia's achievements have never compared to our own, the suggestion Is preposterous. Let's examine the figures of an expert for a moment: • Development Compared ; Leopold' Schwafzchtld, in his recent booS: : 'called "Primer of tlie Coming-World," shows some index" figures, to make-a fair comparison of •.industrial gains: in similar perj- Washington Miscellany By PETER KDSON NBA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, D. C. — Vice President Harry Truman, after only a month on his new job, Is discovering that It hns a lot more lips and downs to it than his old Job of Senator. Trying to be a good follow has put him In several embarrassing positions. That cheesecake photograph, with Lauren Bacall sitting on Die loj> of nil upright piano while he gazed Into her eyes, brought him no lltlle criticism tor being undignified. Then he went to an Informal luncheon of Capitol workers, which he used to attend more or less regularly as a Senator, saying what he pleased without anybody caring. But the first of these sessions he attended as V. p. became fl news event and a few of the stories rubbed the wrong way. Hereafter, the Vice President may not be so free and easy In tils ways. » • • STRANGE IlBnFELI.OWS National Service legislation, otherwise known as the woik-or-else bill, has made some strange partners In the line-up of supporters and opponents. National Association of Manufacturers and nearly all labor unions have.been violently opposed, nut National steel Tn- tliisty Advisory Committee, made up of people like Eugene Grace, nm) the heads of the extreme left wing unions like Harry Bridges, favor It. * • • Assistant Secretary of Stale Archibald- MacLcish Is going to be master of ceremonies lit all (he State Department's new series of Saturday night radio shows, though other actors on the seven weeks' series will change from week to week, depending on program. National Broadcasting hired Selden Menefee, Washington free lance wrllcv and public relations coim- selfl to prepare the original script. Mcncfec look n .stenographer am! asked questions of Slate Department (op men fast for roles In the scries. Then Mencfce wove the answers into dialog. MacLclsh, who refuses to let anyone ghost for him, Ls rewriting much of Mene- fcc's script. Tentatively, this seven- week Slate Department Saturday night &oaii_ opera is to be followed by seven weeks of Senate Foreign Relations Committee discourses, seven weeks wlndup by leading societies interested In Intcnmtlon- n) peace and security. Big Idea is to bring (he Department and foreign affairs closer to the public. MacLeLsh wns chosen lo m. c. the .show because of his position ns head of public and cultural relations, nLso because he Is most experienced radio performer In Ihe Department. 44* WAR BITKS DOG Senator Harry Fl<A)d Byrtl of Virginia lives In Washington at the swank Shorchnm hotel and therV- kceps a inagnlflclent Great. Dane. After its evening walk with the Senator, the dog goes into the hotel drug store lunch counter, where a soda jcrker feeds the big animal n couple of anemic wartime weenies, for which the Senator later pays. "It helps a little," be snys. Congressmen are being swamped by pleas from parents of service men, asking that their .soldier boys who have been overseas for n couple of years or more be given leaves to conic home. There Lsn"t anything the Congressmen can do alioul these requests ns the soldiers nrc chosen by their overseas commanders. But the volume of this and other O. I. Bill of TllgbU mall has forced some Congressmen lo put on !>n e.\trn secretary to handle veterans' affairs exclusively. On his trip lo Russia and China last year. Henry 'Wallace thought he was so healthy that he wouldn't have to wear an oxygen mask on hops over the higher mountains as required by Army Air Transport Command regulations. Twice the then-Vice President refused ods—Russia while nl her best In 1028-38 and America In a similar period. Here arc three for n sample: U. S. S. R. U.S.A. Coal Mining 590 1332 .Raf'r-acl Building 38 SKI Automobiles 129 2.CKJG The Russian government Is an autocracy. One political party controls everything, including newspapers am) radio, but not more than 2 per cent of the people belong to It . . . the upper class. Kick up a rumpus about it If you want to go to the salt mines and serveyonr country for Insufficient, board and clothes. The system overcomes employment, but wages arc only one- sixth of wages-In America and the- standard of living only onc-slxlh as high. I am In favor ot keeping private enterprise here. WITHOUT BITTER TASTE! IVtw ROYAL S.A.S; 'lioiphaie owder makes lender bhcuits— no bitter a/cerusie.. •Tliey'fe ROYAL leases 4Ways ^ /IwiCost v Double. Action V Grand far Ml Baking ROYAL U S. PHOSPHUTE BAKIN6 PDWDER ;' •• Contains No Cream o! Tartar •* H.IKC BKfAV SMOOTH ITS we TASTfS GOOD f Hart's Bread Has Everything! Improved Baking Process Makes It Better Than Ever For Service People- UST CAKES 2-Pound Size $2 4-Pound Size $4 Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day s Bakery •MArf C>u_J^- •__ _ P* • .• .t. _ _ ^^^" fi/y«hev,7/e Owned, Employing B/ythev/l/c Peop/e Penicillin Now Can Be Given In A Capsule NEW YORK, March 1. (UP)-Blo- clicmisl, nr. linymoiul Llbby lias found n mclliod of iidnilnljjtrattne penlelllln orally. Uefoi-e llJls, tlie only method was Injection!! in the mviscles or veins — Injections (hut frequently were <|iille painful. II seems the drug Is quickly Ue- -'I'oyed by stonmch acids, nut Llb- by hn.s solved the problem by suspending it in cottonseed oil—then scaling it In a gelatin capsule. Ubby explain* (Hat this permits the drug to pass to the Intestines and then to |h e blood stream without, being broken down. And, the new method, In addition to being painless, docs not require hospltallKUlon. More than 13,000 U. S. government checks were stolen nnd forged during 1044. pilots' orders to don hla mnsX. The third time the pilot came back to nlve his order lie had better luck, for the Vice President had all but pasied out and was powerless to resist the pilot, who sllpjwd the mask In place and gave him n uood whiff. After that, Wallace .Wore the mask without protest. NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned moi t- gouce In mortgage executed by wil- lle Wnlthall to the United States on Hie till day of July, 1944 nnd duly filed in the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; llie said Willie Walthall having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and hy the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the 2nd day of March, 1IH5 between the hours of 9 o'clock In the forenoon and '•> o'clock In the afternoon of said dale, at Mlssco. 9 miles west of Wilson, In the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, ofTcr for soli 1 to the highest nnd best bidder for ciish, the following desvrlbcd properly, to-wlt: 1 Red Horse Mule, 1 Block Horse Mule, 1 Yellow Jersey Cow. 1 Avery Cultivator, l John Deere Planter, l case Mlddlebustcr, 1 1HC Turning Plow, 1 John Deere Wagon, 1 Victory Pressure Cooker, 2 Collars nnd 2 Sets Plow gear. Witness iny hand this the 1st day of March, 1945, United States of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. NOf ICE OF SALE. Notice Ls hereby given that the undersigned mort- gagee In n mortgage executed by Joseph C. Walthall to the United Stntc.s on the 23 day of May, 1944 THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1945 and-duly filed In the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said Joseph C. Walthnll having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redcmp- tion under the laws of the Slate of Arkansas; pursuant to Hie powers grantd under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and hy the laws of the Slate of Arkansas, will on t!ie 2nd day of March, 1945, between the hours of fl o'clock In the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of snld date, at Mlssco, fl Tnlles west of Wilson, m the County of Mississippi, Stale of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property,, to-wil: l Horse Mule, 1 Horse Mule, J Yellow Jersey Cow, 1 John Deere. Wagon, l 1HC Cultivator, 1 John Deere Mld- dlebuster, I John Deere Breaking Plow, 1 Shopmade Harrow, 1 John Deere Planter, 2 SeU Plow dear. Witness my liand this the 1st duy of March, 1345, United Elates of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. Temperatures Atlanta .. Augusta ... Birmingham Cliarleston . Charlotte... . Chattanooga | Chicago.'.; high low 01 34 •18 38 '49 35 •70 51 54' Cincinnati 30 Denver Detroit, Jacksonville Tallahassee .. Kansas city . Macon Memphis Miami Montgomery .. New Orleans New York San Antonio Savannah .. Tampa ,. ..; Washington .. '". Dallas Houston .. ...... Jackson "[.'.' Little Rock Ehrcveport, Si 81 « 10 •H 78 58 02 38 55 83 83 38 50 38 48 Osceola News Members of the Business Women's Circle of Osceola Baptist Church held their first meeting Monday night in the home of Mrs. Mildred Moore, with 14 present. One guest, Mrs. W. P. Hale, president of the Women's Missionary Union, also attended. Mrs. Ruth Douglass was elected as chairman; Mrs: j. 3. McCnnts. co-chairman; Mis. Gladys Burr, progrnrn chairman;'Mrs. Eva Tarver, enlistment chairman; Mrs. Lima Mason, reporter; Mrs, Syble Williams, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Lcsta Glascoc, Counselor. Mrs. Burr gave a talk on "Build- ing World Consciousness Through B. W. C,", Mrs, McCanls was In charge of the devotional, and Mrs. Moore discussed "A Century of Home Missions." "The Futuuro ol Home Missions" was (lie theme of Mrs. Mason's talk, and the meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Dpris leu. Refreshments were served during the social hour which followed. The next meeting will be held March 25 at the home of Mrs. Burr. Each pound of fat on (ho human body requires about one-half mile of Mood vessels. NOW SHE SHOPS CASHANDCARRV" Without Painful Backache "liny tudcrera relieve nascinn kirk irk/. <!U>ctly, once they disco "tr ifift - *'* - 1 p bJiuya are Ku ptalek d '"">' bc < J tMn •» n; chief w«y of dk- "« Carnation Tall Cans Beans No. 2 Can 10c Tomato Soup Campbell's Can lOc PUDDINGS Clinton Package 5' RITZ CRACKERS 15 COFFEE Folder's Pound 33' V.-8 COCKTAIL (i 0* Can 34' KRAFT DINNER BABY FOOD 17' ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VICTOR irorvoaee weasur C A r r r r »RINK OFFEE [VICTOR /s Better/ Pound Package. 3 Pounds 59c SUGAR I'urc Cane 5 Pounds 33' HUMKO Pound PALMOLIVE SOAP , 22 SALT Mylcs TOMATOES No. 2 Can 12 JUNE PEAS No. 2 Ciin 13 C CABBAGE RUTABAGAS CAULIFLOWER SQUASH •«• GREEN ONIONS NEW POTATOES LETTUCE & 9 SWEET POTATOES CARROTS LEMONS RADISHES Bunch u. It Bunch Grade A Porterhouse CHUCK ROAST ££*. OLEO MINCE MEAT BM FRANKS "L Best Brick CHEESE LEGO LAMB BUTTER SALT MACKEREL COTTAGE CHEESE " "- .32? 57? 42? —RED, GLENN & GERALD IN OUR MARKET Large Size SUPER SUDS 23c LIBERTY SUPER MKT Oclngon CLEANSER 4 Pkgs 16c

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