Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on March 23, 1940 · Page 2
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 2

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWO SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL, SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA Saturday, March 23, 1940 Washington. March 22. The trouble with the speech for which James -H. R. Cromwell, new young millionaire minister to Canada, is being taken to task, is that this kind oi talk from officials of the United States arouses false hopes in London and Paris. The Allied peoples are apt to expect that we are about to go sailing across the Atlantic with another army. When that doesn't happen, and it isn't likely to happen, they are going to think we have let them down. Young Cromwell idealized the Allied case somewhat but he substantially reflected the attitude of this administration and of a large proportion of the people of this country, when he made it plain that he preferred the ways of the English and French to those of the Hitler regime. It is idealizing the case to say that the Allies are "fighting for the perpetuation of individual liberty and freedom." The Allies are fight-ing far their lives. They are not fighting for Czecho-Slovakia. for Poland, for Finland. They are fighting far England and France. Thtty went to war when all other meant of checking the advance of Hitler failed. They let him have Austria and Czecho-Slovakia, thinking tlat he might be content. When he wnt into Poland it was clear that he would stop only when he was prevented from going further. WithHhat England and France went in. l is a fight to determine whether Great Britain continues as top dog jr. whether Germany replaces her. Can't Ignore Realities Of Life In that sense, it is fair to say that this is a war between one old-established imperialism against a rising power that constitutes a dangerous challenge. But it is ignoring the .realities to end the statement of the case there. One rnust think of the kind of civilization and the kind of life that are found in Great Britain and France Then, one must think of the kind of civilization and the kind of life that Germany is establishing under the EDITORIAL remark, and without further parity the bargain was closed. Her, little flock were waiting for her in the churchyard around the corner and were de-lighjed to hear that she had found a snug house so speedily. The' landlord says he shall never trust a woman in black after this." SNOWBALL Not lnn ago a Spitz dog. namqd Snowball, crawled into the yard of his master in Houston ifter having traveled 600 'Venus Venus' WedsWealthy Stable Owner Yuia, Ariz. March 22 tPi. Lin C. Howard. 85, co-owner with Bing Crosby of the Bmglm Stables, and Lucille (Judy) Kelly, 26. film actress. , elntied here from Lis Angeles today and were Hurried by Justice of th$ Peace Ed Winn The couple flew here with W. P Fuller, prominent Pacific coast business man-flier. The bride is known professionally as Judith Barrett. Howard gave his resfcfcnjDe as Hillsborough. Calif. Tho ncwlyweds returned immediately following the ceremony to Los Angeles. NOT MUCH SI KPRISK Hollywood. March 22 The film colony learned without much surprise today of the Lin Howard-Judith Barrett elopement They have been companions at film affairs since they met at a party a yea)- ago after a horse race. Only a few friends knew, however, of their plans to wed today Kenneth Walsh, a mutual friend, accompanied them. Mjss Barrett, the "Venus from Venus, Tex," was a Dallas .schoolgirl,' daughter of Cattle Rancher Sam Kel(y. She and her mother came to Hollywood a decade ago so she cruld study dancing. She has been rising rapidly in the movies for two years or .. Her latest picture was "Road To Singapore." in which she played the girl friend of Bing Crosby, who finally, lost him in the end to the wiles of Dorothy Lamour. In real 'life, however, her romance wjth Crosby's tlDS Relieve misery as 3 out of S mother! do. Rub throat, cheat, back with VICKS VAPORUft Capital Comment By Raymond Clapper Hitler regime. And Bussia goes in as part of that picture Which kind of Europe would we rather see? Which kind of Europe would be more to our liking and to our advantage? A Europe in which the instincts, patterns and methods of the British and French are dominant? Or one in which the instincts, patterns and methods of Hitler and Stalin are dominant" You don't have to paint the British and French governments as lily white, nor the German and Russian regimes as totally black, to have a choice. Those Americans who have spent even a little time in the four countries have no doubt as to which kind they prefer. l'. S.. British "Imperialism" Dovetail In terms of imperialism, the Brit-. ish imperialism and ours have dove-I tailed. Our systems of trade and exchange have been similar. Some I of our sources of vital raw materials (rubber and tin are under friendly j British control. We compete at j numerous points but it is a competition between kindred nations I playing the game with an essentially common set of rules. There isn't so much cricket in the way Hitler and Stalin play it. We are better I off under the status quo than under a shift of power from the British to the Germans. , That does not mean that Americans think the issue is sufficiently menacing to our national interest to i require that we do much more than i we are doing now. If any larger expectations are raised abroad by speeches like that of Minister Crom-Iwell they will prove illusory. Twenty .years ago this country went into the European war under circumstances somewhat like those of today, and the relief afforded to the hard-pressed Allies proved only temporary. Twenty years later the enemy was back at their gates. The country appears determined this time not to go out looking for bridges to cross, but rather to sit 'tight and see whether the danger to our national interests becomes more tangible. Continued From Page 1 miles. Last year he strayed away from his master in Odessa. Texas, and he spent three months trying to find his way home. His paws were worn hy the long journey and he was lean and weary, but his tail wagged with joy at the reunion. Could this prodigal possibly have come back to bring a message to human beings at the threshold of the vacation season? Is his devotion to his home a gentle suggestion to owners of dogs and other pots to provide for their faithful animal friends, when they leave on vacation? Oitho J Hall, 23. wa.s brought yesterday from the Soquel BRA camp. He is charged with being intoxicated on the county highway He will appear later before Justice C. C. Houck. - Judgment was filed yesterday in superior court for $148 84 for damages in case of Anthony Mcidl against Floyd Heckman. There are to he two meetings conducted by the agricultural extension service next Monday. March B, one at the Iacopetti i.tnch. IVmipv Doon, 10 a m.. and another at the Harold Nel.-on place. Soquel. 2 p m. At these meetings there will bo a discussion of pasture grasses and corn varieties. The farm advisor's office is setting out a considerable numlier of Yolo maize corn variety test plots to determine the value of this corn in Santa Cruz county. partner was more successful. The marriage makes her a sister-in-law of Andrea Leeds, another starlet, who wed Bob tfowafd, another of Charles S. (Seabiscuitl Howard's sons last year. I ' cIpys Briefs , , FREE SPRING DANCE GALA SPRING ENTERTAINING FEATURES JOIN THE HAPPY THRONG OF DANGERS TONITF Reynaud Wins Majority By Single Vote Faris. March 22 iTY The new French government of Premier Paul Reynaud wrung an absolute majority of just one vote from the chamber of di-puties today but decided to stick it out and fight for its life. For a time it appeared that the Kraft radical socialist ministers headed by former Premier Edouard Daladier would dt ert the regime. But after an hour and a half's pow-wow. the unwieldly 22-man cabinet agreed unanimously to carry on. Whether this means a mere momentary arrangement or that by the time the chamber re-convenes April 2 Reynaud will try to whip up a larger majority, remains to be seen. At all events, the inner "war committee" formed by Reynaud to meet several times a week is gathering at 10 a. m. (4 a. m.. EST) tomorrow to get on with the little premier's promise to push the war. The government emerged from it-, first precarious day of existence shy only one man the Navy Undersecretary Jean Le Cour Grandmaisoii who resigned under pressure from his rightist party. There are now 12 undersecretaries in the new negime, making a total governmental group of 34. Reynaud gave several clear-cut pointers in his talk to the chamber which returned him a majority of one today. He said he intended to prosecute the war vigorously. Nevertheless, he intends to follow the policy of his predecessor, Daladier. in doing nothing rash. That is, he. like Daladier, will be "sparing in lives." He will continue a relentless fight against communism Speaking to the chamber, he said: "It (the communist party) is an organization of treason It acts against the country. We will crush it." 'Starve England9 Campaign (Continued from Page I) Hcddcmhrim's first engineer aboaid the .submarine. On top of these developments came word from Amsterdam that u British plane, apparently attempting to make a forced landing after a battle with several German planes over the German frontier, had crashed in flames in a Netherlands flooded defense area. The plane's crew presumably was killed. Three other British machines accompanying it were reported to have made their escape. Tonight, reports from off the Norfolk coast said, a German plane had attempted to bomb the Cromer Knoll lightship during the day. Holiday From War Despite this quickened tempo of the war, even British munitions workers took a Good Friday holiday. Hundreds of thousands of Britons thronged to the country and seaside tor Easter vacations. Current intensification of the German "strafe and starve England " drive increased to 13 the neutral or British ships sunk or damaged within three days Heaviest neutral loser in this liur-t of warfare at sea is Denmark, from which Britain normally imports large quantities of food Danish exports to Britain in 1938, consisting mostly of barley, bacon, beef butter, ham and eggs, amounted to the equivalent of $i:.4.tfi8.HOO. Denmark's losses in the last two days, nil attributed to German toi-(H-does. amount to approximately 15,161 tons of shipping and upward of ,r)0 lives. V Included in these losses are the Christ iansboig. V.TSQ tons, with one life lost: Chatkow. 1206 tons, crew's fate unknown: Algier. 1654 tons, four crewmen and a woman passenger kM; Minsk. 1229 tons, 11 men missing Bothal. 2109 tons. 15 missing: and the Viking. 1153 tons. 15 missing. British sources also listed' among victims of German submarines the Norwegian freighter Svinta. previously reported damaged by air attack. Another Norwegian setamer, the Tora Elise. arrived at an English port today with three dead crewmen, killed during a German plane attack on the vessel while it was traveling in a British convov. TONIGHT at LA PAL0MA CAFE AND I Ol hi Ml I.OINC.E Bulkhead and Water Sis. Music by NEW WUKI.ITZER REMOTE CONTROL PHONOGRAPHIC ORCHESTRA Or.iy one of its kind in Santa Cruz Produces superb dance music SbI m Bk m BjHjijM W?- E-$ fl fl ' fl kBMuLiihiL: ' jiKk "iy" bssssssL. - The British liner Queen Mary, which has heen docked at New York the Battery, with downtown Manhattan in thr background, on her way as a troop ship. Her bigger sistership. the giant Queen Elizabeth, is in Queen Mary followed the Mauretania out to sea by 12 hours. Today On The Air SATl'RDAY MORNING I , : v M KUO Musical Clock. KPO- Musical Clock. 7:45. Sum llayew. news. KFRC Ola ml shine. 7:45. News KSKo Yawn 1'atrol. N . M, K(;o spu.i Murphy 8:3(1. Our I Urn Kl'o Workshop. 8:15, Ktl McCunnell, sonys. 8:3ii. Hilda Hoop. M. D. KFRC Model Airplanes 8:15, This Wonderful World. 8:30, News; Bass Bye. SI., Heallli Aids. KHFO Studio. 1:11, News. 1:90, T. H A.: studio. 8:45, Vocations and Avocations. . M. Kilo Bducatloa Formo: News. tf::kl. Kami and Home Hour. Kl'o "Lincoln Highway." 1:10, Call to Vouili !l:4. Ilhvthm Milliner. KFKC Health Aids. 9:15, Nancy Dixon. ;;; children s gorapbook, KSFo Country Journal. 9:30, left's 1'relrnil. Ill I. M. K'ili-Fiirm and Home. 10::n. Lunch at the alilorr 10:55. "Met." Opera: "Tl i -Ian a Inolde." Kl'o Han Wilds Or. h. IS: II, Blasnp Collector. 10:90, 1'eoplc's Lobby Uuncl ti. KFltc F.d ntsasrald Rsvas. In 90, and Lei Li i s. KHFO Kiddie gutz. 10:90, 1'. s. Gov't, Reports. 10:46, Ithvtlini Bnsentble. II A. M. Koo Opera. Kl'o News Let's U bsa II :f0, I. am Melntvre I )rc:ll. 11 ::n. M'.isi, SI vies. KFHC Studio; ManMtters, 1 1 iM, less Hanoi Orcb, KRsTO Baiter Hymn Sinn 1 1 :sn, I m i ri n . Now I AFTERNOON It N OH K; Opera: Tristan and liolde." Kl'o Raster Hush 11:1a, Ooldl u Midwifes. 12:90. lol Hrlssrit Orch. KFItC News. Hill Medinc 13:80, Carolina Mayoseken KSFi) League of Composem I I', at. KOO Opera KIN) Campus Capers 1 15. !-:a-ier Mii-ir ! 1 -90. KBTP Presents. KFltc Kong Sweet hearts. 1:1a, Dirk Uannels i in. genay Kntger I Irch. 1 l.i. in, k Kolin. KSFI) Hull Session. i , Buffalo Preseats 1 If, FJamon Hp Valors, Inland. 4 I'. M . K:o Opers 2:45. Baseball Pirates vi Athlon KIN' Teddy Powell, 2 jo. (ins Sleek. K PR) ' Mammy Km ye f li. KHFO Human Vdveliture. 2:911. Henrv Kins Oieh. .1 I'. M. KOO Rnsrl.aH. Ki'O Allen Rota Urob :i 15, Linda s First Lai I 3: all, Religion In the News. 3:45. Education Today. KFRC .lens I. Houston Orch. 3 30 Silifoniella KSFI) New AlHerf Warner. :'. 15 Nan W n ti . "iu: MOST 9KSB3TI j V0U 3Y VOUs Lgt WY IIRSI SAVINS WAS PONTIAC SAVtS n ON PKKf I GOT A BIO I TOO lACNfv I0US ) CAS.VIT THE PHICf IwAYSmoWS 'HAt'jl WAS RIGHT DOWN ' . f T- WITH THI 10WIJT .' ' t". SPtCt AL Special Six 4-Door Touririj Sedan, as Illustrated $884 227 Front Si. The Queen Mary Goes To Sea 3:30. tim, KUO-KPO- Lasting Peace. Kuropean News. 4 P. M. Hasehslt. Jan SavlH Orel. 4:90, KFRC 4:30, 4:46. KSFI I 4:30, KOO All For Your Sske. Pasadena Chofr. News; Studio. To he announced - Intercollegiate Ortiate. Itav Nobis orch. .1 p. M. News; Carl Kavazza. Radio liuild drama. Areli Oboler drama. To be announced. Sen. Sheppard of Taaas - sterling Young Orch. Hawaii Calls. News. St udio. IVayne King Orch. Klmer IJ.ivis, news. 5:30. KPO- 5:311. 5 45. KFItC 6::io. KSFI) 5:15, 5:3fl, 5:55, EVENING fl P. M. KOO Message of Israel. 0:3o, PbenontencMt. 6 tfi, This World. KPO youth IS Age r,:30. American Vouth Music, KFHC World's Fair Parly 0:30, John 11. HugbsjOj news. i:45. Comedy By, KSFI) l.ud qigsgln. U:3i, ctark Itoss. songs. 6:45, Saturday Nite Serenade. 7 I'. M. KOO Symphony Concert. KPO Hoh Croaby. 7:30. Freddie Martin llreh. KFHC Comedy By, 7:15 Inside of sports. 7:30. Don'l You Believe It. 7: IS, Hollj w I Whispers. KSFM Serenade. 7:15. Public Affairs. flio, Gss 10's Revue. 7:45, Spoil , Huddle. H I'. M. KOi) Svmphnny. 8:30. Fatnsr and Hon Banquet, Kl'o Barn Dance KFItC Amateur Hour KHFO Sky Blasers, drama. 8:30, Oailg Itusleis. :i v M KOI ' -' .ii I Rayasss Orch. i :;, dt v of si Francis. K IN -Vm udevills Tonight 9:90. City of si. Francis. KFltc New. :i 1.".. Frankie Masters I )r. li. to. Oz.le Nelson Orch.'o lilt Parade. 9:46, Herble Ksy. Ill IV M. KOO Sleepy Hall On li. 10 :". Banny Ooodman, KIN) Nes l" ir, Music Orapbs. 10 90, The Lli Ibf Ol d o 15, Guv I .oiii I ,. i id o KFHC-Joe Itrh liinah Orch. I" to. Laon Mojiea. KH9H ' Hill Hem v. eolumnli t, 10:15, Ray Msrbsck Orch. o;3o, Itay Nolile Orch. II I'. M. KOO I. ate News. It 15, Bill iabransky, organ, K I H i Qsury Kottl ngbant, ti 90, Arehie Lovsland, K PRC New s . Will Osboi me, 1 1 ;o, i i he - or Rhytbsa, KHFO .Ian Qaibaf, 11 ;;o, Manny snand Orch. Mr and Mis G A Bond are here from Sat. la Paula .spending their Easter vacation with their children. Mr Bond was formerly principal of Santa Cruz high school. He is now city superintend) nt at Santa Paula ECONOMICAL CAR WE EVER OWNED AND I SAVING PLtNTV ON I THE flu .1 13 DOWN ONLY PIVt 6AU0NS, 1 1 YIT I'VE DHIViN OVLR 100 ltES SINCE HAD THE TANK FILLED. NEVIS SOD OIL I BETWETN CHANGES, EITHER. ' fl Aqain since the war began, is shown nearing to sea. supposedly to go into service refuge at a New York dock. The Skeleton Of Slain Man In Stockton Trial Stockton, March 22 (Jf). - The skeleton of John Mazenauer faced across the courtroom today as Dom-inik Sutter, 28. accu-sed of slaying Mazenauer, went on trial for first degree murder- The display of the victim's bones, assembled since they were dug from a narrow grave on Sutter's Manteca ranch March 11, brought gasps from the crowded courtroom. Sutter hung his head and never once looked at the skeleton of the man he is accused of 'slaying for Mazennuer'.s $5300 bank account and automobile. Police said he admitted previously he shot an intruder on his ranch two years ago. then discovered the man was Mazenauer, became panic-stricken, and then buned the body. Capitola Capitola, March 22. Shadesand light of summer came to the beach of Capitola this week as dozens of young and old vacationists opened their summer homes or rented cot tages for Easter vacation. Good weather brought the surf into use and slacks, swim suits and shorts filled with a variety of figures were seen on streets that were almost completely empty two weeks ago. Among the visitors this week-end are Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Oliver of San Francisco. Mr. Oliver is vice-president of the Wells Fargo bank in San Francisco, and he and Mrs. Oliver are visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Ismon. Mrs Ha Hast Kessler and her daughter. Mrs Ieighton Brownton of San Jcse are spending the week in Los Angeles. They went by train and plan to return next Tuesday. Mrs. Everett Vetterlc has just returned from a visit with relatives in Yolo county, Mrs. J. Lowell Vettcrle spent Thursday and yesterday in Modesto with relatives. The BEST REFRIGERATION at the CHEAPEST PRICE is what the NFW SERV-ICE agreement means to the housewife. UNION ICE COMPANY. Adv. 3-23-It SENTINEL NOW 60c MONTH that's not the half of it.' it I PULLED l THROUGH A BLIZ7ARD "V LAST WFK THAT WOULD HAVE j BOY.'SHE COST ME A EV13 ORDER. IF I HAD ' CERTAIN LV rriJ nri.vcfl Pnrr pcma. EATS UP o 1 1 it v mf&mt irn Mangy IU LTMEILLS, la 4gS ImbTss bt.av BVYSaal BBMTatS9LBBBnBBBBSB S. L. THR ASH Killer Of Own Family Flayed In Sentencing Los Angdes, March 22 (fP). "A diabolically conceivi'd and ruthlessly executed plot." A judge hurled that description of the killing of his family at Laurel H. Crawford. 41-year-old world war veteran, as he sentenced him today to life in prison and recommended no parole ever be granted. And for the first time, when it was all over, the attitude of calm which has been Crawford's suice his arrest, was shattered. Led back to hi cell, he sobbed bitterly: ' It's a crooked world! There's nothing to live for. I didn't kill I swear I didn't. I was framed on a bunch of trick questions, just as the officers told me I would be if I didn't confess that I drove my loved ones over the cliff." Crawford's expression changed not the slightest in court as he heard Judge Clarence L. Kineaid's sentence, made mandatory by a jury's recommendation for leniency. But when he broke down in his cell, muttered "there's only one thing left" and "thank God, there's no one to leave behind," county officers ordered a special guard. He will be kept here pending an appeal. Crawford was convicted of deliberately driving his car, contained his wife. Elva. 41; has three children, Alice 15. Paul 10. and Betty, 8, and a roomer at his home, Ralph Barnett. 61, off Mt. Wilson highway and down a 1000-foot cliff December 11. All were killed. The state charged $30,500 in insurance which the mechanic carried on his family was the motive, lhe complaint charged him only with the deaths ol his wife and children. IB-illU lti Vsa a an .- fc: ( tltaMtEUiM'i Isiiss, Daihlsf limit!! H r" , gagm mm m bs to titan I -sS. LM Issssal1 I lort iaf H) I fltsi saaaaaaaawlHbL f bm stm .1 1st taass m ssasgfaUp r 'W mwjM?m2KMmTwkmmm Ja. mmTmMmmmmkmmmm 5 THIS COUPON AND 01E CHILD StTi) TO THE Mickey Mouse Maline Saturday, March 2.'t Kv'-r.YtHH.. til i ptitillH tmitlHer run drink till tu it ii I ' of H-t Cmm) t rer IIHIMS OF Fl JUAWCBU" Chapter One (VaSS Hfler I P 111 ) S'fiifa Crux Theatre Free Drinks of R. V. Cola tfi veil bv lhe Branetti Beveratfe Co. ' AND WE'LL SAVE AGAIN WHEN WE TRADE F IN. PDNTIAC'S SILVER ITRIAK DESIGN IS SO P BASIC AND SOUND THAT IT NEVER 6R0WS 0LD.--VES. PONTIAC IS EASILY THE VT ECONOMIC St. CAR WE VI EVER OWNED am k mica's riarsTtr uw-raici cam tBstflBsssassstfw:'-' -fi ' fsfc ISsSssssaBsl MELBYS TO BUI. I) CAPITOLA HOME A new five-room home is going up this week on Fanniur terrace in Capitola. The houe is being constructed by Misses Lois. Anna and Marion Mel-by. whose permanent home is in Oakland. They will use the Capitola place week-ends and summers. Jake Sniethers is the curtractor. Si S I I I SB) I 1 I I SI SUPER SCREENO ks toSiti: Matinee 2 p. m. rc.. usvxf.1 and WILL ADMIT r YES. PONTt C is a hid rsr even hi-cr, rniirc luxurious, mure cnmlort-ahle thsn rvcr hut don't let its sice mislead you about economy! Pontisc owners in all parts of the country tell us in glowing terms Ibst Pontiac is the most economical csr in every way lias, oil, upkeep and freedom from trouble they have ever owned! And many of these ow ners used to drive small cars! Where else csn you fet a IsV car, with all the advantages only a hif csr can offer, that is just as easy to buy and just as economical to own as a small csr? See your Pontiac dealer today! DtlivertJ at Pontiac, Mich. Tnsprtw lion based on rail rotes, state and local taxes if any), actional equipment and accesses ries extra. Prices subject to than fa without not tc. A General Motors l alnt. Santa Crnv. fbflf .

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