Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1897
Page 21
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JOHN •^.•CORNER ONt-m- Holiday Handkerchiefs Ig; as usual, the tao>t beautiful shown in the city. It is only necessary for us to announce our annual holiday "hdkt" sale, as you know from experience our's is the place to buy. A. S. Everett, A.M ,M.D. Practice limited to Dyspepsia. and the rational treatment of Chrohic Gastric and Intestinal Disorders . Consultation and Prescrip- tioris by mail. Flat E,, 6158, Greenwood, Ave, Chicago, Ills. THE DEATH ROLL Work of tee Busy Destroyer In 1897. NOTEDPEOPLEGONE The Dread Gatherer Visited Circle For Sliiniug Marks—Famous Writers, Soldiers, Painters Ai;tors on the List. and Insurance and Loans. ^ anoe inJ. Bonds written In first class cotn- 9»nle«. Money to loan 6 per cent. S. M. Closson.319 Pearl St. INSURA1VCE Of all kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. LIOA LEISURE PhysiciaQ. Office in House, Oor. Thirteenth and North streete, Professional calls answered promrtly. Logansport Messenger Service. H. A MOOBEhaePUt upon the streets a ••reel delivery wniton and respectfully sol- KlU the public patroimite Pareeleand Jijz-hr, frayago promptly delivered to any part of tbe •tty. Le«.?o orders at Eel River Livery Barn, •M Phone No 88 New No 01 New Undertaker9. 308 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day ornl^rht. Mr. KlIHun was for many years foreman 1'or CbarlrsL. Well. Telephone old 261, now S17 HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made Cleaning- and repair- Ing neatly none. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. DE. C. I). EVERSOLE'S DECTAL PALLORS Over Porter's Naw Drug store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets- Or- Ex- S- Hunt, -DENTIST- All the latest i;80overie8 In medicine and •ppllaDceg to relieve ('Bin in extraction or UH- Inc of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, AH work gruarnnteed. Ottce ovsr John Gr«y'8 on Fourth utreet. C U Telephone No. 828. JANUARY. 1. Rear Admiral Joseph S. Skerrntt, U. S. N., retired, in Washington; w^t-d fJ7. B. (^eii, Francis A. Walker, a veteran of tlie Federal army and a well known ucono nii^t, in Boston; aged ofi. * 6. Albert S. Williii, United States minister to Hawaii, at Honolulu; aged <>i .0. Daniel Franklin Davi^, a war veteran a:nd ex governor of Maine, tit Banpor; aged ?A Joel T. Heudley, the, historian, at Ncwburg, N. Y.; aged 84. 17. John Hanson Beadle, well kno\vn journalist and author, in Kockville, Ind.; aged .57. Joseph C. Willard, the noted bonil'ace, at Washington; aged 8U. 10. liev. J. W, Mi-Horse, a veteran of San ,Ta- cinto. at Ueorgetown, Tox.; aged 77. 22. Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of stenography, i:i London ; aged 8'J. Gen. John 1). Stevenson, veteran of the Mexican and civil wars, in St. L»ouis: aged 7tJ. 23. Gen. Henry G. Thomas, a Federal commander, at Guthric, O. T. 29. Gen. John Eugene Smith, a war veteran, 111 Chicago; aged 81. 30. Gun. Andrew- Jackson Smith, U. S. N., retired, in bt. Louis; aged si. KEBHUARY. 11. Rci". Hosca Vize, a noted Baptis-; minister, descendant of Poeahcutas, at Macedonia, Ills.: aged 8B. 12. Gen. Darius Xn^h Couch, a noted Federal soldier, at Norwalk, Conn.; aged 75. 13. Gen. Joseph 0. Shelby, a notod Confederate leader of the west, tit Adrian, Mo. John Randolph Tucker, a notud Virginian, at Lexington, Ky.; aged 74. 14. William P. St. John, New York banker, champion of free silver, in New York city. 17. Kear Admiral Edmund B. Colhoun, U. S. N., retired, in Washington; aged 75. John I. Baker, "sage of Essex," one of the founders of the Republican party, at Bev- oriy, Mass.; aged 83. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton, a noted Federal cavalry leader, in Washington; aged 73. 18. Gen. John Cleveland Robinson, veteran of tho Mexican and oivil Wars, known a.-? the hero of Fort McHenry, at Binghamton, N. Y.; aged SO. 28. David L. Proudfit, poet and author, in New York city ; aged 55. 27. EOwardC. Dana, tha well known photographer, in New York city: aged 44. James Austin, a noted Canadian financier, in Toronto; uged b'-l. Gen. Thomas A. Huogucnin, Confederato commander of Fort Surater, in Charleston. MARCH. 2.'Rev. Dr. George Scoville Mallory, editor of Tho Churchman, in New York city ; aged o!i. S, Nelson \Yheateroft, actor and dramatic teacher, in Now York city, 8. Mrs. Henry Ward Bcecher, at Stamford, Cemi.: aged &i. 10. Gin. Frederick Salomon, n Federal vet- erun, at Salt Lake City; aged 7-1, 11. Professor Henry Drummond, scientist and author, at Glasgow; aged -17. 10. GUI, ,Ta:nes II. Warner, a. Federal veteran, iu New York eity ; aged 61. 24. I)t. Theodore Burr, veteran of the Mexican war and coworjcer with .Ericssou on the Monitor, at Detroit; aged SI. 27. William T. Adams vOlivcr Optic), in E<.,to:i; a;;etl 75. 25. i-ii ii. William R, Terry, one of the coin- inunders ol' the ^toiiewall brigade, at (Jht.-.-v Ilrs. Jh:r,'-,-:iret J. Preston, tho southern poet, iu Baltimore. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILYPHABOS THURSDAY, DEU. 30, 1897, OITY JMRWS Dressed turkeys.—Rothermel. Mr. and Mrs. Will Fisher are in Ohio visiting friends. 100 oases of rubbers were delivered to the New Otto yesterday'afternoon. Attorney T. F. Cronln, of Chicago, returned today from a business trip to the Windy City. Dr. J. B. Lynas went to Richmond today to attend a stats meeting of tbe Continental Fraternal union. Kittle, the joan^ daughter of Mrs. James Burlce, of 320 Melbourne avenue, Is suffering with inflammatory rheumatism. John'-X Barnes is. one of the organ- isers of the new produce exchange. The firm will do an extensive wholesale business in produce of all kinds. J. W. and W. B. Winters have contracted to get out the timber on (be Loree farm, near .Anoka, and will establish a mill there by January loth. A reception was given this after- nocn by Mlw Mauds McNitt, at her borne, corner of Ninth and Race ttreets, In honor of Miss Sine, of Peru, and Miss Marshall, of Indianapolis. Attorney Q. A. Myers and Prof. If. T. Glffe have returned from In- *ianapoll«. Mr. Myers delivered an •ddr*M at the aMtlng ot tbe State Library awoolatlon, and Prof. Glffe •poke before tbe State Tea cberr as- wolatlon. i. 1. Roar Admiral John H. Russell, U. S. X., retired, in Washington; nged 7U. 8. Johannes Krahm?. tho -.veil kno\vn musical composer, in Vienna: aged 04. 8. Dr Von Srr;:h:«i, founder of the universal pt-stal union, iu Heilin; nged (iG. fl. Danit t W. Voorhce--, former senator from Indiana, in Washington; aged 70. 10. The Grand Duke of ileeklonburg-Scluverin, at Cannes, France; aged Iti, 13. Mrs. Elizabeth R. Tilt™, wife of Theodore Tilton, in Brooklyn; agod (C. 19. Milnes Li-vick, un old favorite actor, in Xmv York city. 20. Billy Birch, tho famous king of icinstrek, in Xcw York city ; aged G(>. Gen. Richard W. Johnson, U. S. A., retired, iu St. Paul. 22, Representative William p. Holmnn. known as ''the watchdog of the treasury," in Washington; aged 73, 2S. Col. Jesse E. Peyton, known as "the father of centennials," in Haddonfickl, X. J.; aged Si 28. Georgo W. Biddle, one in Philadelphia'3 most eminent lawyers, in that cirv.'ayeij 79. JIAV. 4. Admiral Kit-hard W. Meade, C. S. A., retired, in Washington; aged 00. 6. Elbridgu Gerry Spatilding, "the father oi the greenback," at Buffalo: aged SS. 7. Due D'.Aumah?, tho fourth son of Kinj Louis Philippe, at Zuccn, Sicily: aged ;5." 14. Robert Kemp, originator of the "<jlde folkes concert," in Boston; aced 77, ilax llavctzek, the well known operatic manager, on Sta;en Island; aged 7ti. 20. Horatio Kin:;, es-liostmaster geneval, in pione of Chicago, in 24. Matthew Latlin, a that city; uged 1^4. 30. Rov. L. M- Pease, founder of the first mission at Five Points, Xew York, at A.-he- Villc, N. C. ; aged 79. JUNE. 1, Gen. Daniel Rtigglcs, the oldest surviving graduate of West Point, in Freder.cksburi:, Va.; aged s7. 6. Rear Admiral Samuel P. Lt*e, U. S. ^N.. re- tiied, the last of tin- commanders of great ifquai}ro:is in the civil war, iu Washington: aged s 7 ).. 12. He.rman TuWw, tlu 1 great millionaire promoter, in East Oakland, Cal.; aged 73. Archbishop Janssens liead ot the Roman Catholic diuecse of New Orleans, on the steamer Creole while bound for Xc\v York. 16. George E. Barnes, a pioneer in San Francisco journalism, at thtf Commercial hore). Stm Francisco; :ige(l TO. 17. The Rev. Father rCneipp, the famous elector priest, kmiwii throughout the w<irkl for his water cure, at Woeriihoffn, Munich ; aged 75. IS. Jo^in M. Kranci.-, senior proprietor and editor in cine:' of [he Troy Times and 'formerly minister of the Cnited Stateai to Austria. Greece and Portugal, in Trov \ Y.; aged 74. Juliet LVrsou, the well known writer :lnd teacher of cookery and dietetics, m X*v.- York; aged 33. 19. Gen. Gr«u P. Garner, a veteran of the Mexican and civ.l wars, in Chicago: aged 25. Gen. George W. Harrington, s veteran of tho civil war ai:tl former exalted ru!er of the Elks, at Kalamazoo, Midi.; as«l 60. W. U Winnus, lutcnber of the celebrated 28. Hi-s. JtnrfXret Oliphant, the Englisii »n ihoress, in \^i:bltxica. Enctand. 80. Prof. George il. Lane, one of the oldest teachers at Harvard college, in Xew York city; aged 7S. OTTI.T. «. Join Brans, ex-governor of Colorado, in Denvw; aged S3. Hev. Dr. Angustine F. Hewit, superior of the commnniry of Puulist fathers, in Sew York eity: a»jed 7S. . T. Hon. \Ti •L I. Senator I'ham G. Harris of TennetKee, IB Washington; aged 79. 9. Dr. Samuel B. Hallidar, .former assistjust pastor of Plymouth church, Brooklyn, at Orange, X. J.; aged 85. 12. Nicholas C. Creede, r. millionaire mine owner, in las Angles, Cal.; aged 54, Gen. M. F. Wentworth, the noted Maine ?.eader and prominent \var veteran, in ITit- tery Me.; aged 77. 14. (Jen. John F. Farnsvrorth, noted Federal veteran, in Washington; aged 77. 15. Gen. Philip Hegis de Trobriand, a veteran officer of tile Federal armv, at Bayport, M. y. 16. Gen. Joseph Conrad, a noted veteran who saved tie life of Sberidan at Mission Rid^t-', in Atlantic City : a;;pd 87 20. Jean Ingclow, the poet and novelist, in London. 24. Gen. Lafayette McLaws, Confederate o-fl' cer and Meiitan war veteran, in Savan nah; aged 70. AL'GCrsr. 2. M.irie Scebach, the illustrious German nf. truss, at St. Moritz, in tht Engadine: a«et : (B. 7. Peter Jay Van Cortlandt, a descendant of several old families of Xe\v York, in Spokane, Wash.; aged 63. Au'riol Paur, organizer and leader of the Liederkranzsociety, in Xew York: aged73. 8. William LambPicknell. ihe celebrated Boston artist, at Marljltl:^gJ, Hasp.; iignd 45. 8. Judgo Samuel Metiowun, noted cx-Confed- eruK-, in Abbeville, S. C.; aged 78. Sir Isaac Holdtn, 51. P., inventor of tho hi- cifer match and of carding machine, for wool, in England. 17. David G. Swain, U. S. A., retired, judge advocate general, in Washington; aged 03. 8. Gen. William Ward, a noted Federal veteran, in Newark, N. ,J.; aged 73. 5. Converse L. Graves, a well known actor, playwright and stage manager, in Xe\v York; aged Gi Mary Kyle Dalla?, the well known writer for magazines, in New York city; aged 30. JO. Erastus Corning, president of the Albany City National bank and a director of the New York Central R. B., in New York; a«ed 70. Daniel G. Rollins, ei-surroga,te and ex-dis ; trint attorney of New York, in Somersworth, N. H.; aged 55. 1. Mrs. John Drew, the actress, at Larehrnont, If. Y.; ayed 79. SEPTEMBER. 1. Justice John Scdgwick, at Norfolk, Conn.; aged 6& 8. Henry W. Sage, benefactor of Cornell university , at Ithaca, N. Y.; aged 80. Gen. Bourbaki, the commander of the Imperial guard in 1S70, at .'Sayonnc, France. 3. Judge C. B. Kilgore, Confederate veteran and congressman, at Ardmore, I. T.: nged 62. James Ijane, known as "Uncle Jimmy," Chicago's oldest resident, at Chicago; aged 101. George M, Robeson, President Grant's secretary ot the navy, at Trenton; aged 60. OCTOBER. Gon. Neal Dow, a Federal veteran and the father of prohibition, at "Portland, Me.; Wed 93. * Joseph Proctor, veteran actor, in Boston; aged 81.. Gen. Minor T. Thomas, a Federal veteran, in Minneapolis; aged (77. 5. Sister Gonsapa, tho olde.-st sister of charity in the United States, in Philadelphia: aged 85. 6. Sir John Gilbert, noteft painter and illustrator, in London; aged SO, Chief Skeimdcire of tlie Oneida Indians, at Seymour, Ills. ; aged -Stl. 8. Rear Admiral John Mcllcn Brady Glitz, U. S. N., retired, in Washington: aged 713. 10. Thoma,-. Whiffc.il, actor, in Hertford, England. 17. Charles A. -Dana, editor of the Now York Sun, nt Glen C'm-e, >,". Y.; aged 7s. IS. Admiral John L. Worden. U. S. N., retired, thejlonitor hert', in Wa:--Jiiiig(on ; aged 71). John W. Hague, well known actor, in Eos- ton ; aged 5S. 19. George Mortimer Pullman, the palace car magnate, in Chicago.: aged M. 22. Uncle Charlie Decker, an Indian pioneer and the oldest survivor of the civil war, at Valparaiso; aged i>J. 24. Prif. Francis Turner Palgiave of Oxford university ; ageil 7:3. i. John Sartain, arr.'st and engraver of repute, at Philadelphia; aged s-.l. 29, Sir Hercules 1,'ohinsoT], 1'orinerly chief commissioner in Cape Colony, iu London: aged 7,-J. E.enr.r George, social reformer, in New York city: aged 5s. NOVEMBER. 3. Gfn, Thomas L. Ciingham, noted Confederate soldier, at Jlurgamuivn, N. C. 8. Gen. .Innies C. Duanc, U. S. A., retired, in Ne.\v York city. l,ear Admiral Alexander Calder Rhind, U. S. N., retired, n coted war veteran, in New York city ; agi-d 70. 9. Count Vecchi, well known Italian nobleman who served in the civil war, in Wash ington. 12. John Fngnold Biirges?, distinguished English painter, in London; aged (W. Col. J. J. Avers, noted Pacific coast journalist, at Los Angeles; aged 67. 13. Henry C. Dorr, brother of Thomas Wilson Dorr of ••Dorr's Kc.be.Uiun" memory, jii Ne\v York city; nged 77. John M. Langston, famous colored hvwyer, congressman and diplomat, first American negro elected to office, in Washington; ap ed 68. 14- Karl Roeser, well known German journalist, in Washington; aged 67. Dr. Thomas William Evans, known throughout the world as "the American dentist ni / Paris,'' friend of Napoleon HI and Eugeni in Paris; aged about 74. 17. Alfred Ordway, noted portrait painter, a Malro::e, Stass.; aged 7S. Eev. DC. George H^nuj-icksHottghton, rcpto of the Church of the Transfiguration ("tti L:.. j .• Ciiurch Around the Corner"), in X<^ \o:.; city: aged 77. 2). Pro*. Henry Calderwood of Edinburgh un versity, in Edinburgh; tigixl 67. 21. Gen. Albert Ordway. a F 'leral veteran i: note, in New York city; v. • d 55. Prof. William Seymour Tyis formerly <: Amherst coilege, at Aaiherjc. lias's. ; age S7. 25. Dr. Miner Rayiiionil, the oldest theologica teacher in the United States, at Evauiton Ills.; aged Jii. DECK31KER- 4. Adolph Neuendorf, noted musical compose and director, in New York city: aged 5. Mrs. Alice Wellington P.ullin=. well known writer, near New York city: aged nO. 9. Hear Admiral Joseph F. Green, U. S. N. retired, in Brookline, Mass-: aged SS. 10. Hon. Charles Fleischman, noted Ohio ptili tician, capitalist and t'jrf patron, in Cin cinnati; agix! its. 12. Nancy Allison McKinley. mother of tlie president, :;t Canton. 0.: aged SS. 13.-Ch.ir!es Bnilvr, president oi the Union Theological seminary and fi noted philanthropist, in New York city; aged 95. 14. Gen. Justus McKinstry. a well known S' Louis veteran, in that city: aged 32. 16. Alphonse Dandef, noted Frencli novelisi in Paris: agi-u S7. XlfAS HOLIDAY SLIPPERS! •PRESENTS- Best Patterns! Best Fabrics! Very Best Styles We never bad such a display be fore and that's saving enough fos the shoe trade, we are headquartears on slippers. You will rob yourself If you purchase elsewhere. We bank our reputation on oar good goods at reasonable prices. Call and see us before you buy. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, BEFTER TIMES. A Many Business men W want office help. Frequent calls for bookkeepers and stenographers. Larpe -number of our students have taken positions recently .... Is headquarters for office help. Business men of our own and of other cities, send to us when in need of book- keeuera or stenographers. If you want to secure a position attend jail's Business College. I Broadway and 6th Sts. Loganaportlno". C. t. MOOfcE. Pren't. IDA'S IDEA Tailor and Draper, BETWEEN ONE THING u* ANOTHER we mtnag« to turn out the to«t fit- tiD^.exqulsitely flaUbed and diiMn- gne gaits of cloih.a^ to be imn la Logaasport. We take paint to select the latest and haod- somest faoricfl for your selection. Just aow we are making nobby <•{(• in soft finlsbed worsteds, cheviot*, tweeds, casslmeres, and Eoellsh mel- ton, beaver acd kersey oTercoaU, lined with silk, at prices that can't be matched. Garl W. Meller. 311 Market St AODiriONIL ITEMS. Of Controlling Jamfs Club. Was With a He Sayg She Would Throw Pieces Furniture at Him. Of Attorney George S. Kistler -today filed toe complaint of James M. Hall In & suit for divorce from Ida Hall. •The couple were married at South Bend,, on the 19th of Ostober, 1895, and separated on the 25th of Sept, 1896. Plaintiff alleges that during their married life defendant has treated him in a cruel and inhuman manner,in that en different occasions when by themselves and in the presence of third parties she would use violent language toward him, strike him, kick him, throw pieces of furniture and other missels afc him; tbat she frequently threatened to kill hlru and undertook to carry her threat into execution, but was prevented by plaintiff; that at different times she called him vile and obscene names too vile and loathsome to' set out In this pleading: that ber habits were such as to unfit her for the duties of a housewife, and that she would stay out at night and was addicted to the use of drink and shared the company of other men, all without the permission or consent of the plaintiff Hall resided at South Bend for fourteen months prior to his recent residence in Loganaport. The defendant resides at South Bend. • DEJIOCBATIC MASS CONVENTION. CRIMES AND CONVICTIONS. A I'Gl'ST. 50. AngioUllo, the :iss;issin of Senor Canovas, executed at San Sebastian. SEPT EM HER. 15, 5 members of a ping of robbers were lynched in the public square of Versailles, Ind. OCTOBER. 23. The jury in the famous Sirs. Atkinson forgery case in West Virginia failed to agree. 51. The jury in the famous Luetgert trial in Chicago failcil to agree. XOV EMBER. 1(X Mrs. Anjrusra Nau.k. companion of the ac- cnsed murderer Martin Thorn, appearwl «s a witness against Thorn at his trial ia Lcing Island City. Ifi* J. A. Insigil formerly Turiciah coiuol in Boston., sontenwd in that cily to U r«ars' for.eoibercliug trnsc funds, alias Steigcr, natoriona Tjnr- nslayer, ainvicted for the amr- icemitn Smith in N«w fork ciry. torn convicted of toe nmrder of M Long Uand City. K. 7. be Held at North Court Room in City of Logansport, on Janu- arj 8th. The Democratic voters of Cass county are hereby notified to meet at the north court room la the city of Logansport, on Saturday, January Stb, 1898. at 1 o^Iockp, m.,in mass convention to choose delegates to the Eleventh district convention, to be held at Peru, on January llth. Under the ratio of apportionment Cass county jq entitled cto a representation of 24 delegates In the Peru convention. BES.T. F. LOUTEAIN, Chairman Dem. Gen, Com. M. A. LITTLE, Secretary. John Scott and Minnie D. Atha have been licensed to wed. "Kidnapped," a roaring comedy drama, at Dolan's opera house New Year's night. Miss Minnie Durr, of St. Paris, O. s a guest ot B, G. jSfeher and family of the Westside. All the fun will be at Dolan's opera house New Year's night, while "Kidnapped" is in town. Sidney KauCnran took in a sample ine ot 1896 sample shoes for the Hew Otto at sample prices. The bsmks, Panhandle shops and lostofflce will be closed next Satur •ay, New Year's day. Contracts for 124,000 worth of as- ihalt paving at f I 95 a square yard save been let by Wabash. The New Murdock was lighted up ast night, The interior presents a very handsome appearance. The motor in street car No. 3 burned out on Third street, near North, at 12:15 p. m. today. Ex-Sheriff Adams visited Hon. A. K. Shroyer yesterday and reports that he is steadily growing better. Win. t. Sedam, by his attorney, Frank SwJgart, today filed a suit for partition against Alexander H. Sedam. No more scarcity of rubbers. Sid Kauflman, of the New Otto, bought over 100 cases, and some at real bargain prices. Rev, F. G. Bro»n, D. D. r of Cincinnati, will preach at the Broadway! M. E church next Sunday morning and evening. J. P. Sebastian has had some neat new fixtures placed in hfs sample room, the same having been made by John Kilborn. Mrs. Young, of Toledo, who has been visiting the family o f Mrs. Boerger, on tbe Westaide, returned home yesterday. T. J. Ferguson, postmaster at Darwin, south of the city, fell yesterday and sprained his baek so badly that he is unable to walk. Plenty of comedy to suit all In "Kidnapped," which will be produced for the first'time at Dolan's opera house New Year's night. John Mahoney, who has been spending the holidays in this city AMUSEMENTS. D CLAN'S OPERA HOUSB. WM. Thursday, Dec. 30th '97. GEO. H. BROADHURST'S ROARING SUCCESS, to "IS karat comedy without a flaw."—New York Telegram "You laugh until the tears roll doira your cheeks."—Alan Dale. "Such plays are godf enle."—Alan Dale. Tbe same company that ( Delighted 113,460 People durinfritg three months', ozurarement *t the Bijou, New Yo«. i»eo. C. 8onface;r.. Geo. Obor. Wm.B»rnarf' J. W, Cope, Heubeo Fax Owil Kington, H»nr Koue. Anna Belmoot, Kuho n Ostercn, Mattte Ferguson, Mrs. E. A Eberl'9, Florence » " " son, Eose Stewart, Flora Redden. Seats on <»/« it Joh»tton'o drug store. Prices—25c, 35c, 50c and T5c. D PLAITS OPERA BOUSE. -ONE NIGHT- Saturday, January 1st '98, The Sensational Comedy Drama br DAVID HIGGINS, ENTITLED"— | KIDNAPPED FLAT REPLETE WITH BKN8ATK)HAIi FEATURES. PLAY FULL OF COMEDY. PLAT PRODUCED BY A COMPETKKT COMPANY OPPLAYER8. VITH ALL NECESSARY 8CENE11Y. A Happy New Year to all. \ PRICES 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. Seats OQ sale at JobnBton'i drug- store. THR First National Bank Locaimport, Indiana. CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PRESIDKKT, t W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, ? J. P. BROOKMEYER,. j| ASST. CASHOTB. with his parents, left today for Mem- have Opera BCDEC Bookings. The following area few of the good plays booked for the month of January: On the 5tb, Isle of Champagne: Sth.Pudd'n bead Wilson: 13th, Heart of Chicago; 17th, Tommy Nawo in Shactytown; 22d, Black Sheep: 24th, Cissey Fitzgerald: 28th, Hearthstone. Grand Ball Tonight. The Westside Pleasure club will give a ball tonight at Dolan & McHale's ball. Koy.il Arctunmn. , Quebec teeps on instituting new councils, and is setting rbe pace for some of the older grand council jurisdictions. ilinnehaha council of Minneapolis, and .t present the largest in the state, has a lall .fitted up for Royal Arcanum head- [narcers and clubrooms attached, which we open to the members at all times. Xew councils are jn process of formation in Oakland. San Jose, Sacramento and Los Angeles. Knight* an i Ladle* of Honor. J. R. Palmer is grand protector of Tex- M«Jtd W. P. Cole grand •ecretarj. Tiro Assessments Jew ID 1897 than in 806 in a record BO other fntvnal order •hoir. • phis, Tenn., via Chicago. Ed Maurer and family, who been in the city for several visiting hfs mother, returned today to their home at Indianapolis. The "What Happened to Jones" company came in from Marion at 10:45 a. m. today and are quartered at the Johnston and Barnett hotels. C. W. Keller accompanied his brother, E. F. Keller, and wife, on their southern trip. They left this morning and will be absent ten days. Major MoFadin was around today after two weeks' confinement at his rooms with a bad case of eczama in the neck, emanating from a severe cold. The brick work on the new Baldwin hotel oc Third street, is completed to the second story.- It will be ready for occupancy early in the spring. The following are among the various brands of rubbers just laid in by the New Otto: Candee, Wales, Good Year, American Woonsocket, only first-class makes. Postcffice Inspector Fletcher is over from Indianapolis consulting with John E. Barnes concerning the new fixtures, whicb the latter will be required to put in the local office. The Pennsylvania company bus constructed a series of extensive coal bins at Bashrod, Ind., in which it is storing Immense quantities of ijoal. so that it need hive no trouble as to fuel should there be another strike of miners. The Chicago & Eastern Illinois is taking similar precautions at the mining stations on its lines. The meeting of the county superintendents, held at Indianapolis thi» week, favored the abandonment ol the smaller conntry schools and building up a graded school fn e«ch tcwn- DIRKCTOHS: A.J. Murdook, W. B. Brlnghunt, Denntt Cbl. S. 8. Rico, B. F, Yantii, I If. .Xanrood. W, T, Wllgon. Banking in all iu and carefully done. safety to Cuttomen noeght for. Strong Reierve Fund Maintain*!. Department* promptly and itookbold»r MRS. HENRY GEORGE, JR. Bride of the EldmiO Son' of the Gratt Sift- fl- Tax Leader and EconoinlHt. Alias Marie Hitch, daughter of Captain Ebenezer V. Hitch, 235 Ontario street, Chicago, oil Dec. 2 vras married to Mr. Henry George, Jr., sou of the great single tax leader, at the residence of her father. The age of the groom vras given us 35 and tbat of tbe bride aa 19. The wedding was a qujet affair, owing to the death .of Mr. George's fa- ship to secure greater uniformity of worjc. It li uid that oiperlence bu shown tbat wagon* c*n be ran to eon- vej tbe children to » central Mbool cheaper than to run the small Mhooto. Where the plan hat been tried It ta popular. MES. HEXHT GEORGE, JE. " tber. Immediately after the wedding tbe conple left for Xew York Mr*. fi-eorge is as talenr«d as tbe is cborta- iiig. She if, 3 mttapcian of more than ordinary ability. Her musical education she received at the Chicago Musical college, where she was awarded a diamond medal for her proficiency. Sbe- also takes a great interest iu politic* mid U arcch interested ia tbe wort of her hn»- " band. Tlie bride is a typical wmtbem girl, although brought to womanhood in the atmosphere of a northern o&ne. Bar family came from Ntrw Od<MM about five jean ago and bar* ntf&ed on tbe north Bide ever MIMXL "Hit JQW lady first met Mi. Georg* " World's fiiir, and an attachmeati up, with the nsnal tinge and sentiment The two fanfllea ha4 been friend8 for many yeara peop!i« oomwponded, and year Mr. 'George apeeebec lot the tree aihrar a oUat attfeeEBtaft

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