Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 6, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1942
Page 3
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NAUGATUOK. Jkl £9, W %*** * ^ ** *» 7l. ^ ijlj:_^:——— ^j^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^fiiff^g^ggfgg^gHi^i^mi^mmmf^f^^^^^'^^ ' ' , , . _.-j--i «»~.——— m.- i i <f*- i-»»»-i—•••—•••••^••••••••••••••^•••••^•^•^•i Eddie Burke Wins Berth In National Open Golf Final In^n^n^n^n* ^^Br^nw ^•^•^••^•w ^^B^ , . _ _ . . , t . , . i* * -,x * . .•* _ by BILL COR UM As Paul Waner Nears His 3,000th Hit, You Realize He's 'Amazing, ^^^^^^.^^^•m« k m'«.m^».^*.^.^^'^ 1 * ^"* ».'«^«»^»-»*^ 1 ** *^* m "*l*.Vr«*«"wAvvwcii toTrrcw Aig HE WANES He's ! 0ne of Those Who Hit As Though Born With a Bat in Haiid. . . ,»«->•»' t —In a hasn't already (ono HUi'i''a! Ihls dlaUuiKO), thn i>nul Waner will hlast out biiHU hit of his major You •liln" lu javi. 1 Hi'"' n. Thill [think, IIH* t need an adding nm- oounl Iho -players who ;{(K)0 hits under Lho big H tapping H»o turnip in And nobody olsu, I done It with quite thn of ooin Paul, ol! Col, tsuaim.- ( ,|. s | )( '||| X( ,,. IU1 1 -UniVOH, iMvmild' !'•• a line thing it 1 wo irnlhrully -say to tho nll-Am- hoy that, "Big Poison" , M | Ihls feat hecuiiHO all his •ilc up all his breakfast food I to read lino shunned the ,,„! nu< hot HpotH. and wont it jo o'clock on tho dot. H H . oldor of tho Waner it has lioon rnlhor to tho 1 Oh, Inl's ho honest. U has I,. |o tiif! oonlrnry. Paul has the whirls, and his fav- I'or going homo to bud will-novel 1 they looked MI . of tho parlltuilar »pot In vhloh Mr chuncod to bo pleasuring of this b'Mld's Ho With no want that .promise you made to me •tho trniiiinfl season. You.'yc roall.v -hoon wonderful -and 1 admire vour (Ho'to'i'iniiiftUoh.. Hut. I don t linv« (o toll you Hint you hnvo been lo'rrlhlf) lis a player nnd almost help til all to us.'So -now you lo do u favor • "Wiv we hero In •»-flood town for havliifj a• fjood time iuiU I want you to step out ami havo ono. Knowiiifl you, I Icnmv I 'don't have to toll you how to no about it. Ho to it,, m.v •frtoiul, ami if you 'don't fool like comiiiff homo in tho morning, don t coino home at all. That's nil there is to the .story; except that tho next afternoon Waner -'.wont -four for • foiir IwL and shu-ted • niakiiifi Jm>his U.OOO-liit (ibal «»ain .. Which,-"I ih'ust, reonvflyS'-'-the- Idea tl'ml Oom Paul has blown' the:froth 61V n few small boors through lonfj and brilliant- career. Foi correct* MULIOYAND SEGURAMEETIN TENNIS , Wosl, .Hautlord, Conii,, ( U P ).— iG-ard n'a r ,'y.M-u Hoy, June Gr- 'top,- seed pel at 'the .towniUI his that's hiironu'H most eon^ Is Unit every man's I iv [s JUH private llfo and that tho ,».|v;u'y should ho rospuotod. Wo u>vor'liavi 1 thought It tho least of inr (innci'i'ii what an athloto flld In- wasn't performing tho for which ho was paid, U Inlways Hunmiul to us that if ho. roulii pfi'l'm-m thom Hallsfaotorlly, filial should bo HIP end of It. Nevertheless, this wouldn't bo a Islory, I'vrn a story without, a linoriil, if wo didn't at least glvo you snmo Insight into Iho sort |of ftlhlolo piuil hna boon. iM! was tlio tlmo a fnw yoars )mt!k when 'Paul voluntarily wont to I'll Trnynor, then his manager hn tho PltlMhtirgh Pleat™, nnd toUl film that he hnrl soon tho 'error of way. That from that day on out, iic was going to ohey evory rule in jhn book of careful living and Irnln- I'lK, And, being as lin is, Paul koipt his .•orrl. Me walohod tho diet. He was he llrrft follow In hlM hotol room night. Me rodo so high am! dry li Jhn walnr wagon that tlio driver [t him hamllo Iho team, I IT IT WAS (1001) THY: This went on For weeks. -Weeks exemplary Uvlnu for I'aul hut r > wft'k.s «l»ol< iiiul alas, in which' MMihhi'l, its hall playor.s put it, H.v a IIIIND hit, « hin of Hie f/ natural hits Ihe name has ever known, I'aul so he couldn't a loud foul. \va.s pitiful at thn hat and some- llitf/ loss limn his usual flawless (If afield, [Finally Trnynor wouldn't i.v (buffer. After nil, I'le's win hall (/amos in the due, not tho Temperance. This time It was ho who voluntfir- •enl lo (lie player, In the Alaino hotel in Mew York, Incldenl- fly. , ,-'•.*'! 'Paul," said Pie, "I know yon?vo joh wa.s iNutlonnl DKVOTKKS OF THE MUSICAL SAW: Paul and his. youngci- brother, Lloyd, -Big iR-nd Llttlu Poison, oamo Into liasohall out oi one of those whisper towns In Oklatroma, This one -so small that even Its-name cs- oapos mo for tho moment. -Much smaller, however, than Knld. Ah, Uioro, Mr. Blllingaley and' Mr. .Armour. Kor years, tlrst In the Paolflc Coast loaguo and later with • tno "Pirates, they fonnocl the most cclobratccl brother team in baseball. Not until Iho Doans came along was there another brother combination to rival thorn. in their great years \vlth the Pirates they were tho toast of the Smoky City, playing vaudeville dales and making various Kinds of public appearances thereabouts, 'They weren't the world's worst entertainers, cither. Both had some •slight musical talent, Paul, unless •my" memory tricks me, being a do- vo'toc of the musical saw. And could he saw I , On tho day before • the opening of the iU2(i world's scries at Pills- burgh, "Paul -and Lloyd 'wore still on the playing ''lelcl going through somo stunts for tho movie cameras when the wily -little "Ml'Iler Muggins brought out his Jjlg Yankees and promptly, set thorn to blasting batting practice bails over the fences and far away. . ' THir DUSTY MILLION'S THICKS ••Hull had arranjjod with bis prao- tiuo plli'.bors to fjroove each throw (o tho bailors so as to impress and (luito possibly disturb the Pirates. A Iriok (hat succeeded admirably. Hut 'What I sllli remembe.r most oloarly about it was Ihc remark of somo -innocent and nameless, bystander. "Hoy," bo nskod, pointinjl lownrd the Wnners, "arc Ibem little Fellers r/oiitfj to have to play aoainst them fji-oat bifj fjuys?" Thoy did, and very! well, too. Hut, oF courso, 'they always \vnro top hands at Iholi 1 Irailo. Kspeeially Ooin Paul, Ihe • wanderiiiH one ^vilb the noisy bat, Cisco.- Sogura - of Ecuador -meet today ;in^ 'the final .-round : pf- thp New? 1.0 n gin n;d ten,nis Hartford Golf Mulloysai'ned ; 'lfhe\tin-a4 round by. defeating .Ghaunccy; Defrew.; iSteelo; Jr., • .Gam<brId-go, Mass., : 7~5, ;'6-2, -• 63. Segura, who likes -to -be.;, called Pahcho, oUminated .Harris, Everett,. Jacksonville, <Fla,;,G-2> .^8,, 8-6, 6-2. ; M u Hoy 'is ra nk'qd seven tlj ; >i n th o United States, wlriio;Seg^ura ;is un-; ranked because .he is .a foreigner.; Ho-vycvor.'.Wip Ecuador, player, wlro Ivlts- -a terrific .twp-Kaniipd, -forQ- hand, -Is .regarded --as.''one- of 'the!; leading ;players In 'this, 'country .,al, tills time...'-.. ' t '"'•"• • -. ; .-• Tlio doubles championship. also| will bo. decided .tod-ayr•.->ylt'li. tiie' finalist teams boln^'Paul OulJjprd, Hartford, and A. H, Stitt, a'gainst' Arthur • Prbchaska, llai'ti'ord, and' Mu-lloy. . ; ' ; : ; .-•-.. i Hope Knowles, Avon;, won the : w-o-. men's title-yoHterday by .defeating Kaiherlno liub'bell, Dedham, Mass. ' ing .-business,'-will- niarry Miss Peggy; Unger at her home i'n East 1 Ui'cen- viJle,. Pa,, next 'Week.;. SoosCj 'a Pqnn State ; .boy, now 'i«, attached to• ,i.h{} Norfolk Naval 1 station." Miss. Smith 'svas graduated yesterday from.Smith' college. . . One of the .most forlorn. Individuals In sports these days ^ifj your .Uncle -Mike Jacobs. He has Iron-clad contracts' on Madison Square Garden and on- all 'the top-, (ll'giit boxers, but lie lias been un-, able to, arrange a match for two straight weeks. The boys are in 'tho services, on the sick list or unwilling to meet opponent's J.aooii-s has in rnlnd, . ..Regarding J ho. .J a- cpbsrJoc Louis-U. ,S. Army triangle, 'the. issue is simple. If tiie Army did promise , Joe a chance to llgb.f once more for his income tax^ money- then ,tho promise should bo kept Jf tliore was no agreement, then there is no issue. .Louis is a great champion and a lino man, 'but he also is a sokllpr And Ms..subject-'-to tho rules governing all Soldiers.-; . •; Horseraclng — The only reason eight .horses entered :today's. Bel-- monl stake Is that six arc interested in those:'$2,000 and "$1,000 third and fourth prizes. : Jt costs only'-$250 to, enter and tiie owners can .got 8-J or -i-J for their money. .. From now on the weights wHl determine where or when Whirlaway runs MOVES ON Sords 0 Teams Battled 16 Innings at Philadelphia; Score Was 1 to 0. . TODAY'S SPORT PARADE Ky JACK United Press 'Corirbspondeiit Pri'.HN Stall' (lor York, June (»—(UP)—Wrap-. UK up a few threads: iM((Hclmll---(.:iuvelaml Cans are Hill! hnting tho Kenlleman with taf. filopod Imagination who pped Hporl-wrllora tliut I/ou Htm- juu bad 1'allen from favor with Indian management because bis ani was not kenpInK pace with If; Nnw York YankeOH. They chiim. rlKlilly-'Hn, tlmt if-llio boy man- rcr l«!<?pH the InrllunH out of UK; di'vixlon bo will'prove his* I.v. A tnfun oan'l, lose a Bob .'Her urn! fight I'm- a punrmnl. , Karnybaw—romernber him <>tn Monnlo Mack's last dream (uniY—ls now- Lieu tenant ' of • tlin; Naval Uoserve, SUitioned at JackHonvilie^hO: is coaching Iho-Na- vnl Air..-S.lnllov, baseball learn find his assoolcite.s.aro .boosting liim for a coaching or .•pitching asHignnionl on the ull-Hln'r service team which will-meet the .all-alar major league sr(uatl In Cleveland on-July 7. . Tbe news hasn't been bhoulccl from lioarlllnes, but Jimmy DyKos probably HiitTerofl Hie ci-uelost-.brook of llifj year when Thornton'Loo, n 21- gaino winner for the White Sox last season, came up wi'lh that sr.i'e arm. Lee hasn't pitched an inning this yen r. . . t Boxing—Billy Soose,. former worm middleweight -champ arid'one ol'.-lho few college'boys in Bon, Jones says be will not rulri Illlle long-tall- by starling him with half the weight of the grandstand on his back. li'. necessary, the colt will go in. $10,000 . and-yes- even $5,000 races in hKs climb toward the Senbisouil mark. The new record is UTC main objective of both Whirlaway and Jones now. Thoy both have won enough big slakes lo assure lasting reputations. ... Incidentally, Jones' right-hand mat; down at Calumet Farm, Dan Mahany, has joined the army. Tu'r/ wrllers wi-11 miss him. . .The aban- donmcnl of taxf service lo the Chicago tracks won't affect the two- dollar bettor a bit. The cab fare in this instance has been -158.00—Laki; it or I'oave it. . . The first of the Ivy "league tennis fixtures to succumb to' the war b the Spring Lake, N, J,, clay court championshi'ps. The ScabrigiU Invitational, oldest tournament in lh' country, will be cancelled at. llu 1 end'of this month. The i'atc oi 1 -Liu Rye, N. Y., grass courts competition luisMiol been decided. In each instance, the gas rationing progran. was the deciding factor. All .Uirec ; tournaments are held far from UK boalen path. The Nall'onrtls.- alFor : i est Til I Is look safe because 1,'lio Wosi Side, Tennis club Is .directly on UK. subway Hno. . . -That Sam •Snea'd- 1 Craig Wood match would be a-,pip, but the bpys_should toss in 'Corp' Jimmy Turnesa for good moasurrj' The corporal was easily the'Sunsa- lion of the PGA. . .'The St. Louis Cardinals' brother battery—rMortoi^ and Walker Cooper—first teamed ur on a grammar school campus al Atherton, Mo. . ... Ben Smilh, th<' ISO-pound Michigan ace who is an early favorite for the -.45t.Ii.- "NCAA 1 golf, championship, holds four course records—three in Florida anrt one in his home state; He/throadcH the Ft., MycrB,.'Fla., layout : in 64 . . r or exactly the score '.yours--truly shoots on. the first nine. -.-. . • By GEORGE: KIRKSEY U. P. SinIV- Correspondent St, SMALL TWIN BEDS wlri, mi9VHA HUER •UNA MERKEl • GltNDA FARREtL IRNIST fftUEX •MARGARETHAMILTON «^». Children Whiter 112 lOc.pltm tax Buy War Bonds and Staiifjps at This ^Theatre 3$ •]*''•.*;&•%'-$&$*:#&$'$;, --<v'l.- -v./.-^---- •••'>'•:• ••'• • Now York, June-G—(UP^The Loiiis Browns. and-Kiijadelpirja leUcs Jjattlod '16 ..innings under; lights last night in the mo'st-vdra- maiic and longest major "le'aisia,p night game ever played. "."..';;:','''.. Ton minutes after midnight the Browns walked off the field at Shibo Park, Philadelphia, victorjous, ,1-0. Wait Judnioh, St. Louislcenter fielder, laced a triple off tbjc right Held wall, opening the/10th- and ; ;scor||d od three hours and seven minutes and none of tho' 10,777 spectators, left. ' : /v'-.-^ v . r ' ' Jt was a heart-breaking. loss for,. Dick Fowler, A's 21-year old rookie righthander Kvho dumb ' up; Toronto where he broke: even,Oast year .winning 10 and .losing lO.M-le went the, entire route, giving :up. nine? hits, .walking nvo'.artd fanning' sir. It was Fowler's third.start this season. He lost previously, to the Indians and -won a reliel' . victory over the White Sox. • iJohn-Niggoling,. Browns! knuckleball pitcher, \vcntM2 innings, allowing nine hits, walking four .and. fanning six. George Caster, i'or'mer-: ly with the A's, allowed one- hit in .the last 'four innings and took the victory, his third against no losses. - - . Tho triumph brought.the Browns up above .500 and. only naif a same but of the .-first division. In--addition- to being the longest -night,-game ever > played, it also was the .season's longest game. The -previous high was a-l-'i-inning affair between the Cubs and Rcdb Buck Newsom, who hadn't.'won a game since May 0, lorded it over his former I cam mates again last night when lie pitched Washington to n 3-2 victory over Detroit in 10 innings. It way doubly sweet to OP Buck-because it dropped the Tigers from second to third Ncw&om's rec-. owl is now five vicloncs (I wo-over Dotroll) and eight defeats He held the Tigors to six hits and lanncd seven Harold While, who relieved Al-Bonlon in the ninlli, walked Bob 'Ropass \vllh the bases loaded in -the dOlh, forming 1n Ihe winning run. An cstimalcd 9,700 tans saw the game at Washing!on Davo Koslo, rookie southpaw, cheered Manager ^Mol-QU la^nignt f \W pitching Ihe Now York\<liarnlis a- ''i-'l 'victory over Hie inals. II was a four-hit ' Koslo walked only Tanned lour for hi& thirtl .Johnny Mlsso's sixth against his lorrncr the' winning margin Ginhlb added a_n extra rim J^ ninth The only Card run came; Marion's walk and Brown's v ,-..- f . 'Max Lamer, who' had beaterw tl|;,Q Gianls 'twice previously, was '1 ho "ioser A crowd of 7,042 attended ftt -'St. Louis. The Hubs flnaly boat Ihe Dodgers Can You Use $10O "A loan of $100 costs S20.60whon proiupdy, repaid in J'J monthly 'consecutive Instnllnienls." IF YOU CAN PAY S10.05 PER MONTH — CALL EMPIRE Lie. No. /4<J8 on 'a-ftor . flyc 'straight- .-lickings. -Brook: iyn rocked .the.- Caj3Si.':G-y,,Y-;in: itlic Jlrs L ^arne- oY i.{i i doul?lelioadGr '. before fl7,055 at Giiipago. ! }>ut.s]immy ' W-iir •s o n ?s :o u ll\ I.: td6l^ 'a; 4-cJ vie to ry- :i n the r iO-i : rming iiiglit C(i-p.''J?Ji'ilvGavaretta's n ' f t;hc : ,Ayinning run, 3ombacded •'•;J.6o/Med-. \vick.- vVitfittlk jiivWio opener after the umpir,esv'Tuicd -lie made a sit-down catoh-xCtf/ Jv^u, ;NoxikoiT's sink- "ing iiner.w*"^;-' .v-"'.. v . • .' • '•'• , ^ ., >• Cin'cinhati /Icn'ooked- 'off another" •'doiiblchcadcr, beating -the Braves, ;i 3-2 and ti-i. ?Jo,hnny Vander Mcer won his sixtli game and : Hay •• Starr his seventh. Kddie 'Jbbst -singled irii the' Avinniri's run in' the ninth: Inning of • the : opener \and -a ; six-run • rally riocd. '.{lie ^hlghtcrtp; r .• •"•/Pillsbu'rgh ' : ^n'a : pped . a . . 10-game,. two-week.- '1 0 si ng * !;r eak ; cap i ta I i '/ i n g "On -live ' errors and . .heating . the'.Phils, 6-5, Rqokl.c .Johnny : Barrett's. single with the ..base's*''!! lied was the big Pirate blow. •-'•••-, ._'...- ) v; Although he had\ to ; , : lc;vve the game with a bruised, right leg after i> e i n g h i t • b y. a - 1 1 n Q d r i ve , L e i' t y pj'omez 'rcceiyed; or'etli t l ! or .-tii'e ' Yan-1 kees 1 ' G-3 victory - over the _ .Indians.. 'Gome^,' hit .. 1-h • --the secpird, ina-n-' afid'to last I'lro.ugh tiie fourth bc- SHUT OUT, AtfAB RACE TOD AY FOR BEMONT STAKES By JACK GUENTHEK (Uni(ort Press S.fall 1 Correspondent). -A^few York, June 6— (UP)—Shut; bu t t, : -\arid /Alsab, : >he..^surprise colts •wi;o i crossed up their critics- by romping to. triumph in 'the Kentucky Derby and -the Preakness, meet in; the \74tlt. running, of the Belmpnfl Stakes today 4qsetCl« their fued'and the ihrcc-year-old : title in- ai 1-charity, racing. program of the war. . . .;-,:•.-, -• . -•'•'. •'•->, . :..•"- .- •-. The .rubber match : between , the- two standput .youngsters ,in the/old-' csl; and the longest of- the -great spring''fixtures : drew : ,-35,000 excited, customers'to'-Bohhont Park for what shaped u/;> as a -line \raco and a, liner, gesture, ID very penny.-o^ the, profits 1 was earmarked'^for the army, ; navy 1 and USO relief funds—expected to benent by at least $150,000. - .; rAlsab was heavily ftrvored on t.hc morning Inie at 2-5 witli Shut Out' at 3-l ( and six almost completely obscure" candidates ranging from 25-1 to dpo-l. The field was the biggest anil the pfcrsc at $57,150, the richest in six yeair, but as far as competition: was concerned the mile and v a hali ghllop was a two-horse contest. Those two thoroughbreds were the :0i>oentree colt and little 'Sab, l,he former the,ugly duckling who surprised--.even vhis owner in the Derby and. the latter the ragamuffin *7QO bargain :who turned the trick in'-Maryland a week, later. For cither,-a, clean-cut ,vi-ctory in tho third log'of the;,triple crown today meant first^ claim to the 'divisional title. ,The other, six horses, all go.od enougb in their, own class but apparently no match = lor the two top nominees, were Calumet Farm's Col; Teddy, Mrs. F. A. Clark's Top MiJk, \V. P. ChryslcrV l^amillies, .1. M. Roebl ing's Loch invar, Belalr Stud's Trleraroh and Christiana stable's Half 'Crown. The Belmont was scheduled as tne sixth face of an outstanding card. Tlae fourth race was. the. 30tli running of the National Stallion Stakes and drew 13 candidates for a $22,800 purse. The .fifth was the $5,000 \rniy and Navy handicap, \vhlch attracted an equal number- of -the -nation's top sprinters. Tbe track, was fast and the betting was expected to ,be,.evcn faster, .Hi, Saturday? a new American record-was sct-at the Long^sl-and plant when a - crowd of 50,000 plus wagered more than $2,000,000. The han- 3- today- was 'certain to top $1,500,000—and' for oncn the customers were gambling their money for a good cause. ^ PAHTRIDG'E-IN. IX)UHLK KOLB Caribou,' Me. (UP)—Tmpo.rtation •of Hungarian partridges into' t-bis stale from'Pennsylvania is a. boon, to -potato -farmers -and sportsmen.' The birds clear tb-e fields of potato bugs—their favorite food—and furnish sp'ort for huntsmen. Local Star Placed ay How They Stand NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Results Brooklyn 0, Chicago 3 (first game). Chicago : <i, Brooklyn 3 (second game)Cincinnati 3, Boston 2 (first game) . Cincinnati G, Boston 1 (second Pel ,708 .574 .520 .500 ..500 .32 'Pittsburgh 6, Philadelphia New York-3, St. Louis i. The Brooklyn ; .". St',-V Louis .. New/-.York . Boston- ..... inciimatl . ChJca-go Pittsburgh Philadelphia Scored a 145 in the Two Rounds of Plfty at Newton, Mass. \ Union ci t y, , now :gblfer. at. Ham- of; Newton, Today's tonnes, I'Hclicrs New-York at St. Louis—Lohrmnn (3-2) vs.-WOmc (2-2). Brooklyn at Chic-ago—Davis (7-1) vs. Lee,(7-3). 13o.sJ.on at Cincinnati—Tobin (5-7) vs. Walters (5-4). Philadelphia at Pittsburgh— Muges (1-7) vs. Scwell :(i-5). AMERICAN Lfe/VGUfc Yesterday's Results New York G, Clevelaml 3. Boston '•!, Chicago 2. St. Louis i, Philadelphia 0. Washington 3, Detroit 2. The Standing W. f New York .. Cleveland, . Detroit Boston St. Louis Cblcaigo Washington Philadelphia J8 19 20 L. 11 22 24 22 25 29 20 23 Pet. .756 .5-V2 .538 .522 !38:-i .31)6 .377 Edd I e B u i?kc, of country club pro den anu Tod Mass.. }jo)der of Amateur Golfing '.title, >Vho jscot-ed low caixls , Jn f,he : >%-liplc ', -New England sectional (ilnal :ye$torday ; ,..;.'U Newton, .today Uohls, berth*; in the Na ti onal /Final of . tlie . Hale, Ariverl- ean Open golf champJoiiislMp. ; :/ 'Bishop, 32^'(}^r--old 'JCQ: cream salesman, toured his home course with, par 71^ aUthe, \Vj3oijlljindMGplf club for a Uu'oe-strokiSv-adv^nU^e o rt.h>,: socondrpla'col'JJxirko xytio^gpl a 145 in two rpumls, Bishoii held) a steady, adyajitttge^ holes ,bul tturkcV.SS-yoHq-old dark-.; horsc, overtook >young;'t$slicV Kennedy of I>ynn v a favorite, on the las Mel Deniarais, got. 148 for third edging.* Kennedy who scored a s!x-ovcr ^r^tvfor ; llic second rounds and llhished foiiHh with l-'iO, Dcmarais atid; Kchnedy will be' al torn A tea in , theVtiaUon,tti final atr:lhc'nidgcnioT ciub,vChicaso, .June 18-21. ^ /•"';,. "- ... .Other.' lores'" \Vere. : x Vin .Obey, Worcester .pro, 152 ; J,Jm ,0«;nlB», Concord, N. II., pro, and G, AHrijmoaliJ New Haven Conn., .pro, J58; Robert Guild Dallas Tex. v .; amateur, and ,1-ack Wi 1 1 jams,, New Haven pro; 159 ; Carl Potersen v V1^oxihgton.-;pro;;vi(V), ,)ohn p'Dopnel, Newtoiv anii»teur,'l<U and amateur Jini^MalidttfeV, also <6f Ncwtoh, 167. •' ' Pitchers -Dean Today's Games, Cleveland at New- -York (4-1) vs. Buffing (5-2). Chicago at Boston Grove (2-3) vs. MU'ghson (3-1). St. Louis at Pli.iladC'lphivi—Au- ker (7-2) vs. Wolff (5-5). Detroit tit Washing-ton—(2)— Bridges (G-J) and Nowhouser (2.-2) vs. Zuber (2-4) and Cath'cy (0-1). RALPH ZANNELLI DEFEATS KING ,Toc il< G-ordon^ex- streak, to '*21 , 'f Oi'o lie -'h ad : toleave,: teiTdad his hitting straight g'aiTies;' • Lou Finney-dro.vC; In 'throe runs an d th o Red Sox b ea t' tl i e Wli i te Sox .4-2. Ted Williams', triple, accounted -for the o tlicr : tally.; . '.'•-Yostor'day.'s. -Star— Hiram .Bithorn, Cubs' rookie p libber who hurled three' hitle'ss innings a'gainst .the; Dodgers in the nightcap and then doubled to. slart..,tha winning rally In -. ; lbo I0i;h which-'gavc Chicago its' .first -triumph •over.;v Brooklyn this- season. '. . TONIGHT Vancouver, i3. ( C, June 6—(UPJ>~ Lou Snlica, ^ 7 cw Y.0i$, woi l^t's ba'n- taniwoiglit Qliarnplon, ?and Ke/mv , Vancoijvoi;,;Tanu'dian J18- Ut/ich older,) hnvp'ftecn picked jor a lo-rbunrl"liUft- bout brre July 4, ^romotcr^J^ck P^cc ftaid today i '« _ _ _ U t /' '•*)*'-., TJ - _ - _ NOAH •= /N WHAT KEY* OOe^St THE WIND WH l-S"T"L-E .' "? WI»O. WH ^M I STITCH He; AA ON MY UNE1NS 7 NOAM «* TME CMJT HAS < -Boston, June 6— (UP)—Raiph (Hipper) Zanneli, 1-19, of Providence, I?. •I., successfully con.l.inuod his comeback attempt Jasl. niglit before J 700 at Boston Arena when ho, flattened dusky Jlowoll, 15?, of Worcester in 1 .minute' 40 seconds of .file opening round of T scheduled -10-<round -bout. The fight -was the eighth straight victory for Zan- nclli 'Since he return^ to the ring after 'being injured in a highway accident. •PRIVATE 13UCK .-. By Clyde Lewis LOAN CORP JWIOH *2 M«r . P(1 Tel. 4-2/62 Surc^ they're rubber'gloves,"Saiigc The captain; .said I \Wls CQ be*wich.thc shock troops today!" _ ._. , LOUIS ON TOUR, \New York, ,)uno 6—(UP)—Corp. Joe Louis, w-orld's -bcnvywciglit. champion, -began liis exhibition tour of -army camps last nigiht drawing a crowd of 7,000, JiK'-lud- ing 3,000 -soldiers, for Jiis bout at Port Hamilton 1 . Louis boxed three rounds wil'h -George Nicholson, ono of his sparring partners. NMohoJ- soii's left eye was cut in the third round. N.Y.Y, ISNOWTOPHHTER New York,.June G—(UP)—Scicond- basoman Joe Gordon, ot the New York .Yanknts ^replaced- . ftob,by Doerr of the Boston Rod Sox, lender for three cori«dcui;ivxi Ayecks,. as the top jiittcr in the \majpr-: jciaguc« according to official ; tftltu la lions ve- Icased today^. • includijtig panics played ii'p to last Thursday. t; . { Gordon's ,^80," three points better than Docr'rV regained him Ibe.'yiop spot.. . i ,, . ., ,.;.,. ,,' ,--w-' Catcher )3abc Phclps of the Pittsburgh ,, Piralc«, ( ( (lftd>»,t1io»M\NaUonal league ))at 1 smen for • tbc seeo'hd straight week witb .873. -Pete:R6l«or- m o ved u p f r om' f our tb ])laoe .. to second with a .300. .' ',.,- : Krjiie Bonbam, the forkball'mns;- of tiie Yankees, paced the major league pitchers with eight victories, which Include four shutouts, without a defeat. Larry French led, tbe National league-'liurlci's, with fotir triumphs and no ;defeats.' . •' ' Lenders in other departments:; ., Doubles. (N) Reiser, Brooklyn,' anid Joost, Cincinnati, 1C; (A) McQwinn; St. Louis 1C. *' \ ' ' . "': •-. Triples (N) Slaughter, St. Louin, 5; (A) Spencc, Washington, 7. borne runs (N) :CamIlll, Brooklyn, and Marshall, ;New York, 8;, (A) \VI1- linms, Boston, J5. Stolen bases (N) Miller. Boslon, and Murtnugh, Phila'delphia (8); (A) Kuhcl' Chicago 10. IIAHTFOKI) WON Hartford, Conn., June (V— (UP)— ; Hartford defeated JSlmlra in an Eastern league double-header last night, --3/and ,-4' to 3. • ' t > > >. > ALCAZAR* TODAY James Cagney in f( CAPTAIN« OF THE CLOUD!S M ; One of the areat Film^of the Year j Sunday - Mon. - Tueg.' Bette Davis, Olivia P^ Havilland, Georgfr Brent, Denis Morgan in This Our Lif e^ i DUFFY'S Restaurant Water'Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF AtL KINDS A SPECIALTY Full Liquor License KINNEY ^iuM Anfasac/ors BAND •^ STAR of "OAY 90'* P BEATRICE STAGE ^SCREEN SHOW Mr. Short," Also — l.o ..T«iwn,V x Defense Synthetic Kubber,", Cartoon'. OF THIIHUJ"

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