Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on July 24, 1958 · Page 1
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 1

Santa Cruz, California
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Thursday, July 24, 1958
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Santa Cruz $Mttmel WMtfor Report Guaranteed Paid Circulation of The. Sentinel vesterdaj waa Temperature tnr th M-hmir priod ndlng tt I a. m. tody Maximum 72. minimum 56. Monterey Bay Area Overcast night and morning but clearing after-noona through tomorrow: little temperature change; afternoon wind. 10-15 m p.h. 14,530 MISSTO PAPERt U you phon GA 3-4242 before 6 30 pm a aperlal mesaenger will deliver a Sentinel to you if you liv within dty llmlta. Sending Santa Cruz County for More Than 100 Years 1 0?nrl Yar Net 17 Tntered aa aecond clasa matter at th luzna tear rxo. 14 Post otfic at Santa Cnix California M SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, JULY 24, 1958 5c Sunday and Dally Excepting Saturday FOURTEEN PAGES France Complains About Parley Plan Ike Avows 'Ground Rules' Must Be Spelled Out Washington HrW President Eisenhower began writing a new message to Premier Khrushchev today insisting that the ground rules be spelled out clearly in advance of a United Nations summit conference. U.S. officials said it seems certain that the meeting will be held. But here and in other Western capitals the view was that the opening day suggested by Khrushchev, next Monday, is much too soon. Diplomats estimated it would a 1 . ,1., . ,. . r f , taKC l WO 01 HUei ui ms- tiations to determine exactly what countries should be included and what procedures should govern discussions. Nothing quite like the proposed historic conference has ever been held at the U.N, security council in New York. Important precedents will be set. Recognition of this was reflect- Watsonville Chief Claims 'Disloyalty' Hopping-mad Watsonville Police Chief Frank Osincr today charged that some of his officers have "no more loyalty than a rat" Osmer leveled the charge while disclaiming that he personally reduced prostitution charges against three women and cut. their bail from $500 to $100, hence allowing them to skip town. A story in a San Francisco paper this morning cfaimed that Osmer did both. The story was allegedly written on a tip from a Watsonville source. "This whole thing is purely po Utical.n said Osmer. Background in the cae is this: Past Thursday a Watsonville police officer entered a house at 381 Locust street as a potential customer and asscrtedly was solicited by Gloria Marino, 22. who icportedly accepted marked money in advance payment for her services. The Marino woman. Delores Maxine Barksdale, 34. and Lily Vera Wiikins, 32. were subse-ouentlv arrested by Lt. Robert Hoffman and Sgt. Wallace Jes-sup. The three women were questioned in Watsonville and later brought to the county jail here. Shortly after the woman hed been forwarded to Santa Cruz, Osmer, then on a two-week military leave, showed up at the sta Hon. He told officers to bring the girls back and set bail at $100. "I didn't know bail had previously seen set at $500," said Osmer, who says there is no bail scheduled at the Watsonville station. "I just recommeded we set bail at $100, Osmer said "Nobody told me any different." Asked how they determined bail, the chief said his office uses its own discretion. Under law, only a judge can set bail. Normally, a judge will give law enforcement agencies a schedule, so that he will not have to be bothered at night. Osmer said one of the girls had been originally booked on a prostitution charge on a booking slip, but that on the jail register, all were charged with lewd, idle and dissolute conduct under the vagrancy section of the penal code. "That's what we always book these girls on." the chief said. "It's easy to make our case. We're not trying to protect anybody." On Monday, the three women were scheduled to be arraigned in court, but failed to appear. Judge James Scoppettone, sitting in for vacationing Judge Charles Franich, ordered bail forfeited and $1000 bench warrants be issued for the women. "This is strictly a routine affair," said Osmer, while saying the publicity in the case was a result of some people trying to stir up trouble. While saying some of his officers have "no more loyalty than a rat," he said some of his men were obviously on the other side of the fence. Osmer did not spell out precisely in which way he thought his officers were disloyal. "I couldn't give anyone protection even if I wanted to," Osmer asserted. "My men are responsible for everything that goes on in their areas during shift and they have standing orders to make all necessary arrests " Index Page Amusements 8 Classified Section 10-11-12 Comics 9 Editorial Features 13 Junior Editor 13 Markets 12 Radio and TV Program 8 Societj, Club News 3 Sports 7 Vital Statistics 12 ed in a stand by Senate Republican leader William F. Knowland of California that the free nations should not accept any Khrushchev conditions which weakened the U.N. Knowland told a news conference he considered a fundamental issue to be whether the Soviet government, or any other country, "can in effect unilaterally change the procedure of the U.N. by fiat of its own." If this is permitted, he said, it will "in effect have undetermined and ultimately jeopardized the future existence of the organization." Knowland's views are among a considerable flow of congressional opinion that the White House is receiving informally. An idea put forward by Sen. Hubert II. Humphrey (!) Minn), is that Prime Minister Ben Our-ion of Israel and representatives of the Arab states should be included in any summit conference on the Middle Last. "Ben Giirion of Israel should hy all means be invited to the conference." Humphrey asserted. "If Israel and the Arab states are included we would have an opportunity of clarifying relationships. "The relationships between Israel and the Arab states are at the root of the problem, rather than the question of U.S. -Soviet relations about which we have talked so much." Among conditions Khrushchev-attached to a summit meeting were that Prime Minister Nehru of India and Arab leaders be invited. Kisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles conferred by telephone early this morning on a reply to the Soviet premier. The White House said they talked in advance of a 9 a m. national security council meeting. Summit questions presumably were discussed at the council ttteting. After it was ocr, Duh le- stayed OB for a private talk with the president. Eisenhower and Dulles. White House Press Officer James C. Hagerty reported, were concerned with working out a reply to Khrushchev. Hagerty held open the possibility that the message might be dispatched to Moscow today but said that was not certain by any means. Hagerty said he presumed the U.S. reply would be discussed with this country's allies "primarily France and the United Kingdom'' before it was put into final form for transmission to the Kremlin. Ord Pilot Is Object Oi Search San Francisco UP), Many planes searched today for a light aircraft piloted hy 1st Lt. Charles E. Guess, 25, of Ft. Ord, which disappeared Tuesday morning on a flight from Bishop to Winnc-mucca, Nev. The civil air patrol at Reno said about 20 planes, including five army craft, were pressing a "saturation" search of Guess' entire flight route. Guess was making a topographic survey for the army. He left Bishop at 9 a.m. Tuesday to fly to Dyer, Nev., and thence to Winnemucca. Bishop Squadron 66 of the CAP searched more than an hour Tuesday night. Yesterday seven planes searched for almost 14 hours. Guess was graduated from Oregon State college in 1955, and entered the army in August. 1955. His parents are Guy N. and Pauline S. Guess of Lyle, Wash. Dofense Opens In Robins Hearing The defense opened its case this morning in the appeal hearing of Dr. Harvey E. Robins, fired county hospital medical chief, as the session moved into its eighth day. Since the hearing first started June 30 (delayed for two weeks alter four days) most of tue time has been consumed by the presentation of the county's case. County Counsel Ray Scott wound up his pitch yesterday afternoon with Supervisor Lewis Nelson and a nurse called in from her vacation. A number of physicians have been subpoenaed by Attorney J. Frank Murphy, counsel for Dr. Robins. Testifying this morning v, as Mrs. Elinor Hughes, director of nurses, subpoenaed by the defense. At the closed board of supervisors hearing in which Dr. Robins was fired, she was as a v. itiiess fur the county. New Miss USA Long Beach A honey blonde Louisiana coed. I'uihnc Howell, 18. of Bossier City, stands with her trophy, crown and scepter after she was named Miss United States of America here last Penney Store In San Francisco Is Picketed San Francisco ffl. Striking employes picketed the J. C. Penney department store today. The employes, some 350 of them, are demanding the union shop and three weeks' vacation after five years of service. The strike call came when a nine-hour negotiating session ended in failure at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. The employes are members of three unions, Local 1100 of Department Store Employes, Local 410 of the Retail Shoe and Textile Salesmen and Local 860 of the Teamsters. SAN JOSE SEEKS BUS FARE INCREASE San Francisco Iff. San Jose j City Lines, Inc., asked the California public utilities commission! today for permission to increase tares on its bus lines. St, Louis TWO lonesome camels al the St. Louis zoo seem JbHiw ' Pb! jinf jiff flf ' . ... "; night. She is 5 feet 6, weighs llf and measures 36-23' 2-3.5' . The slender beauty resembles Grace Kelly. She is the daughter of a retired oil well driller. (AP Wirephoto) Boarding Home Measure Is To Be Introduced Supervisor Hulda McLean announced this morning that she will introduce a measure at the hoard of supervisors meeting Monday designed to raise the standards of boarding homes for the aged throughout the county. A recommendation is to be made for a joint report from the I board of social welfare and the 'county welfare department to ! come before the supervisors be-: fore action is taken on a board-; ing home license. The board of supervisors has delegated its authority for decisions on licenses to the social welfare department, Mrs. McLean explained. The measure will pertain to an action on renewals, revocation or new licenses, according to Mrs. McLean. Well, As I Was Saying- tn enjoy a chat across die buk-vard fence just like any other neighbors. Soon theie will be ... Admiral Disappears From Liner San Francisco II). Disappearance of Rear Adm. L. C. Quiggle from the President Cleveland at sea was reported today. Quiggle, 52. was last seen aboard the liner at midnight Tuesday while en route from Honolulu to San Francisco. He had been deputy chief of staff on the joint staff command of U.S. Forces in Japan and was going to San Diego. Calif., to become commander of Amphibious Group 1, Pacific Fleet. Admiral Quiggle's wife reported her husband's disappearance and a thorough search of the President Cleveland was made, but no clues were found, said a radiogram to American President Lines headquarters in San Fran cisco. , An APL spokesman estimated the President Cleveland was 800 miles, off the California coast when Quiggle's disappearance was reported. Quiggle was born in Grand Is land, Neb., and was graduated from Annapolis in 1930. In World War II he served aboard the USS Iowa in both the Atlantic and Pacific He was aboard the Iowa when it took the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the allied conference at Teheran. Quiggle's home is at 35 Williams Lane. Chevy Chase. Md. His wife is the former Anne Griffin of Washington. D. C. They have a son. Robert Linne Quiggle. Public Guardian Program Is Being Studied Bv Board A study on the feasibility of installing a new type puhlic guardianship program in the county was started this morning by the joint study committee on county welfare. Supervisor Hulda McLean, chairman of the study committee, re ported that members were assigned to various work problems to delve into the program approved by the state legislature last September. The program, if put into effect, will probably be set up in the coroner's office. A public guardianship program Ls designed for a county to administer the affairs of incompetent public assistance recipients who have an estate of personal or real property valued at $5000 or less. Johnson said it has the dual purpose of saving the county money and a humanitarian factor of raising the standard of living of the recipients. Los Angeles county is now handling approximately 950 public guardianship cases, the coroner reported. WOMAN IS KILLED Selma (), Mrs. Elizabeth Elliott, 80, of Selma was struck and killed by an automobile at an intersection here yesterday. Her death was the town's first in a traffic accident in three years. MADERA COUNTY SPURNS SPECIAL DEER HI NT Madera HI, The board of supervisors Wednesday rejected a proposed special deer hunt in Madera county. I third member of the discussion group. The zoo has brought another dromedary (one-hump Rocket With i J Ibl 1 rat, m i 3T i Cape Canaveral, Ha. Wickie, the white mouse, is riding in the nose cone of this Thor-Able rocket heading for outer space and a hopeful return and recovery. This third firing of the Thor with a Van City Planning Commission Accepts Subdivision Map A tentative map of a $1 million subdivision was accepted last night by city planners, thus reclaiming the land-locked center of a city block for useful and ! productive purposes. The map was submitted by Ross Armstead of George S. Nolte Engineering and representatives of 28 property owners headed by Edward Giubbini, owner of the East Side Hardware and Building Supply company. "I've been involved in 40 or more of these neighborhood propositions and this is the first that got to the tentative subdivision map stage," City Planner Robert Cook said. The land, bounded by improved property on Trevethan avenue, Park way, Soquel avenue and Al-mena street, will produce 68 medium-sized lots from the center of the block where for a large part gardens grow now. The lots now are 200 to 220 feet deen. Giubbini, who negotiated most of the deal with his neighbors, said the value of the improved ed) canal lo match ti e one at right. (AP Wirephoto) A Mouse 'S at Mai HsMsSBaSf guard seroud stage went 6000 miles before landing in the Atlantic ocean where an attempt is being made to recover the nose cone. (AP Wirephoto from U. S. Air Force) project would be about SI million. No builder has been decided upon but Giubbini said work would begin as soon as the city council, FHA and state agencies give their approval. In other city planning business, the commissioners decided to deny a request to correct the misspelling of Ortalon circle to Ortolan circle. The commissioners ruled that the city would suffer more from the outlay of cash to correct the mistake than the odium of not being an able speller. The planners also recommended to the city council that property bounded by the western city limits, Mission street. Swift street, and the new Oceanshore highway alignment be reclassified to exclusive light industrial with site supervision. The property borders a present industrial zone and is currently zoned general business and single family residential. A use permit was granted the parishioners of the Garfield Park Christian church to build a new structure in the center of Errett circle. U.S. DEBT LIMIT HIKE TO RE ASKED Washington W. Secretary of the Treasury Anderson will go before Congress on Monday to seek another increase in the national debt limit. Venezuelan Army Plot To Grab Power Still Is Seen Seething Caracas, Venezuela VP). Rumors of army anger in the provinces continued to reach Caracas today after Venezuela's ruling junta, backed by capital crowds, deleated a military plot to seize power. Students, professional people and workers who supported the junta in a showdown early yesterday remained alert overnight to possible repercussions after a general strike backing the government was called off. The army garrison In Mara-cay, 50 miles west of Caracas, was rumored in rebellion. But informed sources said there were no troop movements there. The garrison is commanded hv Col. MarcheUi Padrra, who was implicated in the unsuccessful plot. A military spokesman in the industrial citv of Valencia, 80 miles west of Caracas, also denied reports of army movements there. Interior Minister Numa Que-vedo said all state and territorial governments were supporting the junta. He announced that an undisclosed number of civilians had Opposes UN Council Session Washington (AP). French Ambassador Herve Alphand said today Premier De Gaulle "is not in favor" of a summit conference within the United Nations security council in New York at this time. But he later issued a statement leaving completely in doubt whether De Gaulle finally would refuse to attend. Alphand called on Secretary of State Dulles and told newsmen afterward "We want real results, and we don't think the security council is a good place." He added "it was clear from our reply we are not in favor." Soviet Premier Khrushchev, he said, was "certainly either mistaken or he did not attempt o read it (De Gaulle's answer) to well," if he believed the French leader accepted Khrushchev's bid. Newsmen understood Alphand to mean that De Gaulle would not attend any summit meeting within the security council framework which might be arranged within the next few weeks. However, Alphand, on returning to the embassy, authorized a statement which said: "The ambassador never said that Gen. De Gaulle would not attend a summit meeting of the security council. "He simply said that he had not been informed of any change in the French position which had been stated in the letter of Gen. De Gaulle to Mr. Khrushchev." In answering Khrushchev Tues. day, De Gaulle called for the U. N. to "continue its debates'" on the Middle East problem. He implied that this should be done on the same level as has been the case in other U. N. debates. Two Escape From Folsom Folsom Two prisoners who broke out of Folsom through a storm drain are probably still close in the area, Warden Robert A. Heinze said today. Search parties of officers were out again this morninff heatinsr the area of the American river near the prison. Heinze said one of the prisoners is without shoes. BASEBALL Pittsburgh 91. The Pittsburgh Pirates scored four runs in the fourth inning today on three singles and Dick Stuart's home run as they whipped the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3 and swept the three-game series between the two teams. Consecutive triples by Bob Skinner and Bill Mazeroski gave the Pirates another run in the eighth. Charlie Neal hit a one-run homer for the Dodgers in the Dodgers in the seventh. Los Angeles 000 000 1023 6 2 Pittsburgh ..000 400 Olx 5 9 1 Batteries: Willaims, Klippstein (4), Kipp (5), Labine (7) and Roseboro, Pignatano (7); Witt, Gross (6), Face (9) and Hall. AMERICAN Baltimore 202 Chicago 100 New York 000 0 Detroit 003 0 Ukiah W. Charles Brown, 14, of Sacramento, was found safe today after being lost in Mendocino national forest for 40 hours. A radio from a searching party said the boy was found at 8:05 a. m. and was in good condition been arrested as enemies of the government but gave no details. The junta which took over when dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez was overthrown January 23 will continue its efforts to "return the country to constitutionality." Quevedo said. The scheduled national elections will be held November 30. the minister added. The plot became public Tuesday when its leader, Defense Minister Jesus Maria Castro Leon, served an ultimatum on the junta which included a demand that elections be delayed. Under pressure of some 100,-000 demonstrators In Caracas and navy guns trained on the capital, Castro Leon backed down and resigned. Tie will leave shortly for Washington to become Venezuela's delegate to the Inter-American Defense board, the junta announced. Foreign assignment Is a traditional Latin-American way of getting rid of plotters whose supporters are strong enough to cause trouble if thev are mmished. Gen. Jose Lopez Henriquez, commander of the air force, waa named defense minister.

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