Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 21, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 16
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Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (All Listings Central Daylight Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 Alex Dreier Bell-Airs News S:15 Bus. News Newn Weather 6:30 Sews Sports .N'ewa 6:15 1 Man'a FairAnderson News News Sports He attar News 7:00 News Anderson 7:13 OilderHlecvo Anderson 7:30 NUhtllne Peril 7:43 Ni«htline Peril News News Nows Opera Serenad* Mystery Mystery 8:00 News 8:^0 Nightline 8:45 NU'htllne News World Sports Music Hall Fun Time Fun Time News Mantovanl Bob & Ray Bo b & Ray Bob & Ray Big Bands 5:00 News 9:15 Chan 9:30 Chan 8:45 Chan News Anderson Robt Q. R.obt. Q, News •Heauer Haven ot Rest Haven of F,est Nile watch NJte watch 3-Star Final 10:00 News New» 10:15 Micht Desk Mcrcler 10:30 Mgnt Deck Woltzel 10:45 Sportu Weltzel Rudy Rhythm Rudy Rhythm News Music Nltcwatch Nkowatch Nitowatch WEDNESDAY MORNING 8:00 Ale* Dreier Harrington. 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WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:30 IZ:46 Merry field Mcrryflcld Nora Orako Ma Perl*in» of L.If* Noontime News ;,lvGKtorjk Mark Dlnn^rbell Dinner boll NOWB tiCo I^xtenKloD Parm Uornor Farm Corner 1:00 1:15 J:30 Now» ConfCDitfona Worn, In HH» Dr. Gentry Nfjws Mr». Burton Strike It Hlch Kntortalnmunt Summaries Schooltlmo Qunnn-Day Queen-Day Play JH;t,ll Ttav Ji.ill 2:00 2:lf< 2:30 N';V/H Mrii!n«« Hilltop Pep. Vounif HOUBO Party HOUHO Party Dr. Malone Jjucky LaOfcn JacU Paar N>w« Way no Kin;? . 7Ju»':h;i.ll T!:iHMlmll Jiaw (shall 8:00 3:15 JJ:?,0 Nown Good win Jlrn Conway Woman Vlt-.wo T;iko Hri-.al; Nown /yoinhardo ('apt. Stubliy 4:00 ' i Mllln Hportft Jlrn Mlllu J'aul Olb«on Paul Ulbnon J'aul Glbnon Hhoo With Mlmiir .Nfowa PMka Party J'olkw. Party Oft Jtocord Off Honord .Toon Tunoa Tccn Tuneit , Wfrd-llowarfl n»rrln B ton-Now» W« S (] Howard HportH i fcitone, Ncwa buwrjll Tliomaa Wnlk Wftllc Tn no Timo Want Ada M"inorifi.l Hon TV Programs TUESDAY EVKNINO 8:00—Channel 1 Rascal* Weather News News Ntws .7. Winlc'i'H Channel (i Channel I! 6:15—Channel Ii Channel !i 6:30—Channel « Channel (t 8:45—Channel 4 Channel (I 7:00—Channel 1 Clinnncl 0 Channel i! 7:30—Channel 4 Channel (1 Channel ii 8:00—Channel 4 Channel U Channel fi 8:.'OT—Channel 4 Channel II Channel II Channel (i Channel I) Channel It 10:30-Clmnnel 4 Channel I) Channel u 10:45—C'liftwicl 4 Channel Ii 11:00—Channel II 11 :M—/Jhaiuinl (I Name Tune News News Navy l.oj.; Murray Dance J'hll .Silvern Wyatt I'Jurp 1'anie Private Secy. Urokeii Arrow June Wymaii Tell Truth Theater Kui.-ior ll/,- Red .Sl(el;.on Aaffel Date $04,0(10 (x)iuyim<! Roiili: Clooney Sjiilto Jone.'s Death Valley Martin Kuno NISWII T'layhouiii) News M»Vil)H I,ale Show 4 Market)) WKDNHKDAY AI'TKKNOON CDT 12:00—Chanool 4 Cliuiine! Ii Chunnel ll 12:1. 1 ,—Channel (I l^arni Nowa Channel ll l''arm-Iloiii<! 12::W—Oh;inni!l 1 HKIJ 4 Channel ll Club (111 Channel II World Tiirnii 1:00—Clinnncl 4 4 .SlKlit Cliannd II Ml.f.i Hrimk.i 1:.'10—Channi.'l 4 Mink Hubcr (,'liiiniud (S Tenii, Krnli! Channel II Iluiuin I'aiiy ?,:(X)-Channel 4 Channel (i Court Martial Hears Slaying Of Formosan Master Sergeant Claims Self Defense; Case Important To Kormonnn Jurisdiction TAII'l'U (IJI 1 ) - A U.S. Army iriaster fici'Ki.'anf. phuulcd iiiixjcent lo voluntary inanslauHhlnr chai'K- e« Monday In a "pcopinn Tom" shooting case Uuit U.S. offlcialii feared inl«ht lead lo Nationalist (lniriandH fw Irimil Jnrimllcllon ovor American fujrvicomen on [''orniosn. M-S«l. Hobcrl G. Reynolds, u VI.- year-old Korean War vctornn from Oilora, Md., faced an ulKhUtnan Konend court-martial In tho first cn.ii! of llu kind here. III)i il u f c n ,1 (i coiumel, fltijit. Okla., croHa-cxiiirilned five pro/ie- cutlon witnitiiseii In an iillompt lo show Hint Heynoldii acted In self- ditfcnse when he shot and killed Mil Ciil-lan, a :i:i-y"ar-old Chinwie, on tho nlu'hl of March 20. Two IJ..S, nillllnry Inve.'illKatoni and a Chlmwe pnllcn officer tcMI- Wenllier j fled the ticrKcanl Ixild llioin In: jjhol I,hi iwluu with a .'Hi. cnlllier pistol wlmii lie tllncDviired him nl. hlii bnlbroDiii window puoklnu al Mr.'i. K.cynoldM while she look a r>hower. A Ki'oup of about ISO Chlneni! and Amorl<:iifif( wiifc/Kid iii« five- hour opitnlni/ iioHidon In a small military chapel lhal. had bdin con- WORST FLOOD COVERS PART OF OKLAHOMA In North Central Oklahoma, nonr Dover, heavy raln« followuil by floods have Inundated the lowlands, forcing residents to evacuate to high ground. On the left, freight train curs dip into the flood watern. (liitcnuiUimal) Summerfield Predicts Big Mail Increase WASHINGTON (im - Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield, renewing his budget bat- .le with Congress, ostimaled Mon- ( day Ihe nation's mail volume will 1 rise 4 per cent next year to an of Queen lor Cronliy Mnvli! Tune Chapel Door Mill III Chrllll Kin Krwln Wlnil'n New? Mleliey Minimi Marly Show >,:!!0~f,'liiitii]i!| n 11:00—Olmnmil (I Chmitml II 5I;1IJ—Chnmml It a:ail—Ciimmel 4 C'liimiiitl ll ,1;<I5—Clmiiiifil U ,);W)_-Cllilllll('l II Chaniuil M 4:13—Cluinnol I! 4: III!—Clmmiul II 4;<1,"»—Cliiituinl 4 fi:IIO—(/'lilirilic:! 4 (,'lmimul II fl:)5—ChmihGl 8 Carroll County Man Is Fined And Jailed DKIJ'KI, Iml. — .lack Unllew, Ml, rout" I, Cnmdon, wan rilleil $1) mid cofilt! on each nl two couiilrt Moiuliiy following hlii iirroitl by Sheriff Clmrhm Mllle-r, Hallow appeared In juiillci! of puaco court (HI a rhni'Ke- ol' dirt- ordorly eonrliiet mid III dly (,'ourl, tin ll (.'liai'Ki! of opm'allnK n iniil.nl' vlik'lu wlillit iinilitr tint Influence- ol Intoxlciuilfi. lllti llcitnni! wan (iiiiipiimlod for OIIH yitnr uiid Im wn« Jnllwl five iliiyii oil the In 11 (,I' chai'Kn, filed |jy Hhiirll'l' Mlllur an lie uuniii (o aiTi'iil llaliinv on Hie illnnnlcrly ciili'liicl chni'K", filed by hlii iniilli- fi'-ln-lnw. I'.alli'W wtrveil Ml yeurn In Uie Mlclilnan City sliili; {irlnnn on mi unto banditry clmi'tJit from JIMII. TOI' All>lffl l.OHT THKNTON, N.J, (UP)»-l(ot>lil)- lleiiii uiiliernaloi'liil eiuidldatii Hen. Mnk'olm S. Korbcii mild today liy linn linil tlui iiiTvlew of "five top camixilKii nlden" for nevei'iil WIM'ltH. I'Virbon' five dilldryii li»v« Lhi) all - lime pieces. He Haiti Ibis would require his dcnurtmonl U) diilivor 1,4IH),0(K),(XIO more pincus i>! mail than II expected wlicn Tresidenl lOisunhowcr submitted Ills postal iitimales lo ConHress last January. Uo'.h the House oad .SonaU: have passed hills culliuH the. $3,2!iO,OIIO,- 000 postal biidj,'ol for flscid 11)51! by $51!,oix))000. The nicnsures are now action !>y a coafyrcnco commillce, Sunimerfiiild, wlio waijed an unsuccessful fi;;i!H l« have the lundii restored, warned al, the lime lhal he would be forced to curtail mull service in July unless he not |,b ( . full amount phis maybe $1)0,000,000 morn. Hi! died lh« lucre-used mail volume !n .support ol bin plea for l.he full t>iiil|.;ct appropriation and for a poulal rate Increase lo wipe out purl, of tlie annual delicti in carrying tins mail, Urges Free Osreopathic Care For The Elderly INDIANAI'OI.IS ((>•!'> — Dr. rtoherl IJ. M.cCulloujfh, Tulsn, Okla., prutildiMil of tins American Osteopath!*: Association. ui'):i!il lii.i members Monday to Help this a«ed nml redijc,; niliw for pntlenls who cunnol. nfford lo pay. MoCulloiiKh sfdd osl.(!opalli!i mu.s!. iif:l. aiiaiiifft n trciul tor a federal health program an part ol social security bendl'll.i "before ll.'.n too late." "Many old people ennnol. afford extensive and expensive treal- "Some (luclors Plans Legal Battle To Block Collection Of Gross Income Tax WASHINGTON, Iml. (U'P)—Dr. A.G. Bla/.ey, state chairman of Ihe Constitution Parly, said today attorneys for the organization will file an injunction suit to prevent Indiana from withholding slate (irons income laxes beginning July Hlaxcy. n Washington physician, .James Walton's Rochester court. OnstoLl's cur going east on Tenth .street was in collision with an auto driven by fionald Jlouscr, 30, 411) West Fourt slreet, and owned by Carolyn Kotiser, Logansport. Neither driver was injured. Sunday aflernoon Miss Nancy Grealhouse, JO, Soulh Bend, dau- Khler of Mr. ana Mrs. Kvcrcll; Grcatliouse, (W Wesl Fourlh street, was injured in a traffic accident, wbon the car she was ,uu ta beinS preyed for driving west on stale roads M and lil, 100,000,000' said filing by an Indianapolis allorncy "at an curly date." Bla/cy said the orgai'.i'/.al.ion decided on Ihe action at a recent central comrniltee in Indianapolis, The group boMcves withholding is a violation of llm liill of Rights with regard to "freedom from involuntary servitude." II. was illegal, he said, for llm .11)1)7 Legislature In "pass any law thai!, forces employers to act as lax collectors wiUioul Ihelr voluntary acceptance of the job and 14 wenl. out of control al. the eily limits east of Rochester and left Ihe highway. Miss Greatbouse was taken Tuesday Evening. May 21, 1957. brief business meeting will be conducted. Hostesses for .the afternoon are, Mrs. Ruby Overmyer, Mrs. Bess Hanna, Mrs. Dollie Miller, Mrs. Lloyd Rouch and Mrs. Ed Gilliland. • , Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gottschalk entertained to six o'clock dinner Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weslwood. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Weslwood and daughters, Sue and Jill, were in Peru Saturday visiting in her parents home and calling on her mother, Mrs. Roy Jarrett, who is a patient in the Dukes hospital. Mrs. Jarrett fell in her home Friday and fractured her hip.. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winterrowd and son, Jeft, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Winterrowd and sons. Robert Weslwood of Fowler, visited his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weslwood, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Casper spent Sunday in Indianapolis with, their daughter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bryant called on Larry aad Lyle Caspur, near Fullon, Sunday, also visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Don Mclzgor and family were Sunday evening supper guesls of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. David Melzger in Kcwanna. Dannie Metzger spent Saturday in Indianapolis, allcnding Ihe Iry- ouls al the race track, a gtiesl of thu Indianapolis News. The Lend-a-Iland class of the Grace Methodist church held Iheir class party in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cardona, Sunday evening wilh 14 members present.! Senate Rackets CommiUee said to Mr. Cardona, president, presid-j day lie believes Teamster Union cd over u short business session. I President Dave Heck "lias com- ftkr©feifc^ True Life Adventures COARSE COURSE. PHE GIANT <3Al_APA<30S TURTL.E USUAUt-V SR.OWSES ON <3KA.SS. BUT SOMETIMES HE SHARPENS HIS APPETITE KV EATIMS . ,„. SHARP- SP1K V^t, CACTI tfi'lV.k , ,;.., r «. <„..,,. 5-21 McClellan Believes Beck Is Guilty of Criminal Offenses WASHINGTON (UP)—Chairman John L. McClollan ll.)-Ark.i of the .'illoKod mi.su.vo of union funds— I "1 don't know any word to describ* it less than theft." i .McClellan rep'.ied in a letlor to • Patrick Murphy Mnlin, exeeiuiv* I director of Uu> Civil Liberties The Krmip voted l.o sponsor n child to ntlcnd Urn Church iiumnuT Camp, til Battle Ground. The nuxl meol.inj,' will and covered be a wiener roasl. dish dinner, lo lie l.hu Woodluwn hospital in the Zim- held 1(1 •June merman whei'e her Hood. City and Brothers condition umhulancic, is listed as stale police inveslbxal- ed the accident which occurred al; about 1 p. in, Cily police apprehended three mull who were luken to Justice .lames Walton's Rochester court, where they paid fines us follows: Uuinle M. l.ane, II), Warsaw, paid without n(h!i|iiali.> payment." Withholding is scheduled to he- ... .. ,. , Kin on a dale coinciding with the I 1 '!": 7 ' 1 ll " «'•""•"'"»»« » -sl»l> start of a now fiscal year. Aa in- junclion would delay deductions and mljflU put n dumper on the Iwpos of (iovfirnor llandloy's administration to slarl colluding luxes on a piiy-im-you-Ho basin nl; i.i ne.w rail) !i() p«r cent, higher than lliii ex-inlliiK one. Rochester .Sunday, the Kimtiir and Good ambulance took Mark Alber from the Woodlawn lioiipllnl lo bin iimiin lit \'M Jefferson slniel. Mm, I'ld Keln«r wan taken from his l,ai<o home In l.he Zimmerman brolheni imilniliu;i:e, l.o llm Woodlawn hospl'..a!, uariy Monday morning, Mr. anil Mm. Murphy Iliini! and lainll.v have movud from tholr home al. v.lifi Main iilroel., Hochoii- lur, lo n farm on II. It. !>. Mr. and Mm. 1'anl A. Kllor had an their week end gunnls. Ihalr daughter, Lulu, and Irle.nd, Norina Walker, of Anderson. sign; I,on H.-Cunningham, 20, IKO:t Wallace street, Rochester, pnlil $ I.1.70 for improper ruglsli'nllim and Mlchaul W. Holland, .III, Indianapolis, puld $!!">.7!> for driving without nn operator's license, In Jiistlcu l.mds Alt's Athens court, Unvld I,. Maker, 22, Silver Lake, paid fll).7n for (ILsriignrdliiK a stop sign. He was arrested by slate jiollce. In Justice, KvurM.I. Gray's l''nllnn court, Chai'le.'i I 1 ), Chirk, liloomiag- loii, paid SMI,75 for Impropor passing, and (li-orgo It. Hambnu].'.h, Hi'ir/ll, Ind., paid $lfi.7B for sptiml- Ing In a pirnled /one. Itolli wore ulled by ulnlu pollci!. Tlie WSWS of Hit! 'I'rlnlty in l.liK Winnmac City park, :iOth. Mrs. Cardona provided l.he en- lertainmiMil, in which i\ clevci 1 ciinlesL was enjoyed. 'Mr. and Mrs. Don Mel/KW and Mr, and Mrs. Harrison Crabill served lovely refreshments at the close of Hie evening. Sam Howen was broiiKhl in I ho Kosl.nr and timid ambulance from Ihu bospilul in Bremen, Indiana, lo his residence on 11. H. S, l!o- clKwier. Sunday. Kostcr and Cloud ambulance look Mrs, Charles Borden and infaiil son, from the Woodiawn lioKpilnl to their home on II, It. 2, Sunday. eburcli will Wednesday have n aflonionn parly o'clixrk, In Ihe social rooms of l.he church. All Ihe women of Ihe are Invllcd and urged lo luK l.he ilcmonHl.rallnn, n church allenil. Peru In eily courl. Monday iiflnrnooa, Waller (iiilnus, M, of Indianapolis, paid a fine of $na.7li and his driving privileges wero suspended for one year when ho pleaded Kiillly lo charges of driving while Inlox- icaled and public Inloxlealion. Two oilier motorists were each fined (121,75 for reckless driving. They wore .lames Day. 2:1, 'Iti I 1 '.. Tiinili strciist; and William Hover!y, n. Hunker Mill. Miami county coiiimls:il<niors ac- ceplud (.'. .1, litirko's lone !.>ld on n lined bilumlnnus mixing machine In the amount of :fl!i,lli)l) Moiuliiy. This machine has been rented fur Ihe piiiil. few years for I be eounly hiKbway dopiu'l meal's use, The hid price Includes complete deliv. milti'd many criminal McOU'iliin inadt a leller lo Ihe Liberties Union, which protested; two facets of Ihe committee's treat meat of Heck: Calling him lo leslify while lie "The commitlee recalled Mr. Beck Co testify for the pur|Kise of jiivin;^ him an opportunity lo deny, refute or exp'.ain llu- ilerojjatiirjr f[ j evidence tho comimltee had received against him. Do you claim in income lax evasion charge and a McClellan sialeinenl. about Heck's cry, a iiuanlily of new replace- miMil aad repair parls. The commissioners also hii\'H William Howes as courthouse elevator opcralur. He replaces liollin due lojll licnllh. A Democrat l''un for I'lin will be held al Ihe headquarters served IVom II tu 7:;tn wilii a JH'O- j^ram lo follow at H p.m. (iradnalion exercises will be liehl from Ihe ei};lilh tirade students iber- lies'." "Had lie not been recalled and Ki'ven lhal opportunity. Ibca no donbt you wo'.ild ha\'e char^etl th« commdtee \vas unfair and only williiiK lo hear one side — the lesli- moay a;;ainsl him — wilbont xivini? him an opportunity lo defend aim- self or explain his actions," Mc- Oellan wrote. "HeK:irdiii|; your ullicr eum- piaint, ma) 1 I sa>' (hat the eom- miltec tias not eonvieled Mr. Heck of any crime, although il is my criminal ollcnsos," Hie chairman continued. "As an Amencan cili- ;.en, a.s a mcmlicr ol t'oavjrvs.s, and as chairman ol lliis Seaatf* select (Mimmitlee. I reserve tho tn express my views regard- Llberly school in Ihe school audi-1 Ul « le.slimoii.v developed before Iho he He II p.m. Wcdoc. '. Cary Alllirilli ill' Ihe Kirs!. Haplisl church in I'eru will be Ihe mala .speaker. Monday was awards day al I'eru junior high school. Medals aad citations were /jivon for the Spellini; Bee poster cun- !esl '.vinnei's, Ihe baml eoncerl, Ihe The rocks of Palisades lalci'sialn I'.'irh, ^'Iticb lie alonj: Ihe wrst biinlt of Ihe Hudson Hiver in New Jersey and New Keolopjsls .ild bi York, aie said by liiO.mitl.llllil year.i Stops Heart Gas 3 Times Faster vei'feti InUi a coiu'l.r(Hini, II. wn» Itii: llr.il. lime Iho U.S. Army hen oponeil n coiii't'iiiai'Uiil to ClilixiiMi H|»:i:liiloni lien-, Tint unloiild'i';. HK'liidi'x! l.ill'fl V.ll-yenr- old widow and Ml-inontlHild dnui/li- ler, Thi' cose assumed political nln- Iflcnnce In l.lni nildal. of U.S. iii'l/,ol.lal.|iiiin wllh Nalloiiiilinl. (,'lihia tor n iiliilil.i el fiii'i.-en iiKrei'inenl Jlirlndleflon of mi'ii liure. offlclfllii (eared Die; Huirin I/.S. (•nun mlKlil. hind tin) CliinivKi In prmiii lor nutliorlLy to try Amiirl" can Hei'vlceiiioii for ol'l - duly Uny Sficnil Slin'm Movlo Tiliui !« ol NiKlil.il"! 1 !' Jiu'liidlcllon ovor U..S. iitrlclly In A iiienl," lie mild. profor In avoid Uiln Ilino-consiiin- Mr. and Mrx, Dim llnfian and iiiK illiiHiionlh imd conacrvidlve i Mr. Plum MiiilKliiH of Mlnbawnlin, Irciitmenl usually id'l'ncl.lve iiKalii.'il. were Sunday nl'liirniioii Kiienl.d of HIM di^enernlivi! unit. of old ONI.V ONK OIKKKIIIINCK ' IIOI;l,yW()OD (III 1 ) • • ShiKnr Deiinh-. Day finally niu^hi up with hi.i bojiii, Jack Iliinny ..-Day In Ml today. "Tlicro'it only one dlflei'cnoe be- Uvi-iiii nil now," Day mild. "I iitlll liav" my own hair," Mr. and Mm. Mil Hawaii. Mr. Ora Mniilirr ;i|i(tiil Friday nlKhl with hhi brolher and wife la Kalamir/.oo, Mli:hi;.;an. Harry Oniilol.l, 'lii. 400 Wiinl Nlulh ntrne:., wan I'luu'p.ed liy eily police Sumlny, wllh lalluri 1 to yield tin: rlcJil. of way followliiK a two car nccldenl. at Tenlli and Mala iiti'iMi!,'!. lie hi to appear lai.or In .liiutieit TONIGHT On TV! Tint moiii, ilaiiiaiilnd tr'illinony l.o lie dulenne Monday ciimo from u Cliinone milld who ban workeil for HID Itoynoldfi family for imiirly two yearn, MI.1H Ynn 1,1-nud toiiflflnd Hull thorn wn.f only a four or fivii- 'ond interval bolween till! two pistol hliotn Unit Kuynoldii fired nt IJu. Mary Shclty, 82, Delphi, Dies At Her Home OK,I,PIII, Iml, — Mm, M/iry K. Mlmlty dlud jit '/ n.ni, Monday nl hnr rimliliini.'!), 100 Niirlh Wnliimh. Klily-lwo yiinrd old, tihu tiufferud from n lienrt ailment. She WIIH horn July '.!','., IH74 In lionltiiiirl, UKI dmijjIiUtr of Alliorl mid Siinili tl. Iliimainau Dnwim, Hoi' liliiiliMiid, Uiiiiliini S, Hlinll.y, died In lllfll, Hurvlvlnji nni n brolli- er, I'ldwnrd I), Uownii, of nenr linllihl, n iibilnr, Mi'n, (loldle llolibh, of linro, iiliintH mid iwpl lO'leniln niny call lit i.liu Jiirloion funeral boinii alter mum Unlay, rllen lielnn nchodiilod Hi'"'" nt III ii.ni, Wodiimulny, (irnvntildii rll»f will Im held nl llm MnpluwniKl ciMiuiiory, Aiulnmoii, nl i p.m. MIOItltll.l, IN HOHIMTAI, (Irvllln Merrill, '.'A, of '1IH Cii|. liertnon nlrcni, wnu nilinllloil Li Miimorlid lionpltul Sumlny will head Injiirlim reciMved In n two cur collision on Ibo Hurllnglm lirld^i!, and wlitululinl fer X-niyii llln uoiidltlon wnti i:iilled MARTIN KANE H*'i bnckl Tbn fomoui Mutlur of Myttury, Mortl" Kcinn . . . plnyncl by Ilia cnlohrolixi •tor who cr»- ul«d llm |>cirl on TV and Radio — William Otirycinl Join Koim at l>« fold lli* warld'i mott cunnlna lawbraakurt In Ilia crlmi conluri of Curo|>w . . , ucluiilly fllmad In (oicliicillnu (oraigii countrlntl Don'l inlt« il , , , «vnry wvtik . . , brought to you by fcimoun DruwryH Rtturl TUESDAYS WISH-TV 8 10:00 P.M. PRESENTED BY DUE W Hi S BEER Out-rafreshes thorn all I >^\V.1S, Dmwryi lid. U.3.A. Inc., Suulll U»iul, Ind. IT S EASIER TO GO TO KANSAS CITY, DENVER, LAS VEGAS AND ALL THE WEST VIA WABASH Direct connection in some station . . . Then no changing trains Tim (mil, "Witbnuh ('mirmn Hull" » (liniul: i4unitui:l.inn In SI., litmin Klni-lon will) Unt Wnbnuli Hli'itamlluer "t!ll,y of HI. l-,ouiti" whliih «|)«rnl.OH l,hnitif(li ID Kaimaii Cily, Donvxr, Sail; i,u\w City, JJIH VofjitH, ISM An Sun l)>ftiKiim:<), JlottHfVtuI S«nli Cttft'iiliQM. llcilrooms, Hoomtittim, S»iu- UOIIM, UnnntH'iil IOIIIIKO air... Ivunilill'ul diner. No I'tirl.lmr cliangiiH of l.niimi CM* i, no luldil.ional To 1,1)0 Soill.liWiMil,, ,VDII fiiiinniil. wil.li Hl.risaniiincrti for |iriiiiti|inl cifirn in Oklii- hoinii, TMXIIH it nil Arluuiwim rlglil. in Hi, i,nniH llniiin Hi at ion, ND ci'DMii-l (iwn l,ritn«ri'ir for you lo worry itliutil.. 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