Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1977 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
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Wednesday, October 12, 1977
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Coss County United Way Today's United Way campaign total is $107,646, up $4,035 from Tuesday's total. Founded in 1844— LOCANSPOMT, INDIANA 46947 WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 12, 1977 Phon» 219-753-75 M "rnnin winnr, tinnnpM uiiiiidi KM uSiliiJ Pric* P»r Copy. Twenty C*fiH $500,000 Sliced From Cass Budget .« f )\V^ ^ .^ -* SUN SOfcAR ByDONFREEHAFER City Editor Cass County government is in financial trouble. . More than half a million dollars was cut from the county general fund budget for next year' by Glendyn Albright, field representative of the State Board of Tax Commissioners, in a hearing that lasted nil day Tuesday. He also trimmed well over $IOO,(XK) from other parts of the county budget in order to gel the budget down within the limits sot by the Indiana General Assembly under the tax freeze. "There is no question that the county can't operate next year on this budget." Albright said, but he pointed out that he is required to adjust budgets to levy limitations as set by law. The county's hope and expectation, however, is that the Property Tax Control Board will act favorably on its appeal-of $469,498 in the county budgets from the lax freeze. The hearing on that appeal will be held next month in Indian.ipolis, it was reported. Albright pointed out that most of the appealable items are in the county general fund and the cumulative bridge fund. County Auditor Mishia Wood, in whose office Albright worked on the budgets during the day, confirmed Albright's statement that county government can't operate on the budget as it stands now. She said if all appeals are allowed, however, the county can operate satisfactorily. To get the county budgets within (ho J6S2.292 limitation, Albright cut almost 55 cents from the 1978 county tax levies. The total advertised counly rate was $1.063 and after he finished slashing the budgets the county levy was only 51.1 cents for 1978. This was almost 27 cents less than taxpayers are paying this year. The 1977 county tax is 78.4 cents. He cut the county general fund appropriation, which is used to operate most of county government and which pays the salaries of .ill county officials and their - deputies, Irom S570.50U to $63,338. This resulted in a cut in the general fund levy from the advertised 45 cents lo an unprecedented low 5 cents, a reductjon of 40 cents. He slashed the welfare appropriation from $200,809 to $153,133. a cut ol more than $68,000. This reduced the welfare rate from the advertised 18,:i cents to only 12 cents compared with the 22 cent rate in effect this year. When it became apparent that the county budget was in trouble, the county commissioners were summoned, and they agreed to reduce the cumulative bridge levy for next year from 20 cents lo 13 cents, reducing (he amount that levy will raise from $253.555 to $190,lWi. This year's cumulative bridge rate was only five cents, and il was considered probable that the State Board of Tax Commissioners will reduce the 15 cent 1978 rate further in order to give more money to the county general fund. Albright cut the counly health rate from fi.5 cents to 4 cents, reducing its budget from $82,405 to $50,711 for next year. This year's county health rate was only 1.3 cents. He cut the election and registration tax from 4.5 to 4 cents, reducing the amount that will raise-from $57.050 to $50.711. There was no election this year and (he rate as a result was only three-tenths of a cent. The park and recreation tax was cut from 1 cent to half a cent, reducing the amount to be raised from $12,677 to $B,:):i8. The half-cent rate, is the same that was in effect this year for parks and recreation. Rezoning Measures Returned To Group Two rezoning'measures' which failed to pass the city council early this month will return lo the plan commission on Oct. 24. The petition for the rczoning of the. lot at 2206 E. Market, next lo the Corner Cupboard grocery will be heard at 4 p.m. in the council chambers of the city building. The petition on the rezoning of the St. The'rejection of the St. Joseph .petition, though, was not a reflection of disagreement with the project. The council members made it clear that they were reluming the measure to the plan commission in order that the ordinance could be amended lo.rezonc only the buildings on the properly and not the approximately Joseph Hospiial property will be heard at 'five acres_of undeveloped land included in 4:30 p.m. in the same room. The plan commission had approved petitions for both of the rezonings. However, at ils Oclober meeting, the city council, which must also approve rezoning ordinances, failed lo approve either one. SE Bids Opened . WALTON — Recommendations for contract awards on the Southeastern Elementary building projects will be made Monday. Bids for 35 contracts were opened •Tuesday in the Lewis Cass auditorium during a joint meeting of the Southeastern School Board and the Southeastern School Building Corporation. Architect Kenneth Brown said after the opening that the bids were within the estimates for the project. An apparent low total was not immediately available after the bid opening due lo several combination • bids and decisions yet to be made on ' certain alternates. The project will apparently cost approximately $5 million. Included in the plans arc construction of a new elementary building next' (o the junior-senior high school building and additions to both the Lewis Cass building and the Galveston Elementary building. The large number of contracts opened in the hour-long session was due to the fact the corporation is using a construction management approach. ProMoCon of Galveston is the construction management firm on the project and Everett I. Brown of Indianapolis is the architect. LHS Planning Parents Night The annual Logansport High School parents night program will be held Monday. " Doors will be open at. 7 p.m. and a -general session will be for introductions. ; announcements and entertainment by the •music department. . ;. The remainder ot the evening, until 9 -p.m.. can be spent as the parents choose: they may talk with guidance.and administration personnel, visit with their child's teachers, lot* at Die high school -facilities or meet with friends for coffee in 'Ihecafeterla. the hospital grounds. The original rezoning petition had asked lhat the entire property be changed from single family residential to multi-family residential. The council had objected to the entire acreage being rezoned. The existing hospital buildings are to be converted to a senior citizen housing complex. . The Clark petition was rejecled G-l without a recommendation, for an amendment. If the plan commission agrees lo amend Ihe St. Joseph ordinance then it will return to the council in ils new form. If the plan commission stands behind its original vote on either ordinance then they will relurn to Ihe council where 75 percent of council must vote against the ordinance to prevenl ils becoming law. If the plan commission accepts Ihe council rejeclion on the Clark property, which is to be rezoned from residential lo local business, then there would be no further vote and the ordinance would be dead. First Step Taken To Change 'Y 1 The membership of the YWCA Tuesday ; night passed unanimously a resolution to 'disaffiliate with the national YWCA and establish a Cass County Family Y. The next step in the establishment of a Cass County Family Y will occur at a meeting tonight of "the Y.MCA board at which time a resolution will be made lo change Ihe name of Ihe group. A meeting to change the YMCA articles of incorporation in Ihe slate of Indiana is necessary. The group is presently, incorporated as the Logansport Young Men's Christian Association but lo change the name to the Cass County Family Y. a tola! membership vote is necessary. Following tonight's meeting, the secretary will be directed to notify the entire membership as to a date when a yote can be laken. Prior to the passing ol the resolution for . disaf filiation with the national YWCA and for establishment of a Cass County Family Y. the YWCA members Tuesday night first voted on a resolution to ammend the present YWCA bylaws to allow for only one meeting lo take a vote concerning disaffiliation with the national YWCA. This resolution passed unanimously. •' Prior to'being ammended. the bylaws called for total membership votes for disaf filiation from the national YWCA oir. two separate occasions/They "required that the second vote br- taken one year aflerttie first. The 6-cenl rale for construction of the Four County Comprehensive Menial Health Center was nol disturbed. It will raise $76,066. The slate tax representative knew that would be allowed on appeal because il is exempt from the freeze by state law. There was no change in (he 5-cenl lax .set for property reassessment for next year. It will raise $63,338. There was no reassessment tax this year. The total amounl of his reductions in the 197H county tax rate was 54.8 cents. Thus it ended up al less than half the. advertised $1.063. The three olher field representatives conducted their hearings on olher budgets and tax levies in Ihe counly commissioners' courtroom. "The Southeastern school corporation general fund levy was cul 9 cents fronr $3.53 to $3.44 and the debt service levy was Irimmed a cenl from:«) to 38 cents, but the cumulative building fund levy was Jefl al 50 cents. The examiner reported that was $37.000 more miscellaneous revenue than the school corporation had expected. 11 was possible to increase the operating balance $10,000 as well as make the lax cuts. The Deer Creek township levy of! 1 cents ,. and 3-cent poor rate were unchanged. Eel township's one cent general fund levy and :i4-cent fire fighting rate were nol changed, but the poor relief levy was trimmed from 5 lo 4 cenls because of Ihe surplus in that fund. Harrison's rates were unchanged at 7 cents for the general fund-and 2 cents for poor relief. Jackson's general fund levy was cut from 4 to 3 cents because the township budgel did not show all the certified shares the township wiirreceive from.the local option tax and the poor relief levy of 1 cent was eliminated because the township has a sufficient surplus. The Miami township-general fund rate was cut from 9 to 7 cenls because township officials underestimated their miscellaneous revenue. Jefferson township's general fund rale was trimmed from 7 to 4 cents to slay within the legal limitations and poor relief was cut from 6 to 4 cents. The tax men said lownship officials failed lo consider the full amount of money they will receive from the local opliorctax. •.,. Th» different** In the county levlet from 1977 to 1978 Include: LEVY . 1977 -W8 County Revenue $ ,393 $ .05 Welfore -.22 .'12 .Registration & Elec. .003 ' .12 Cumulative Bridge .05 .15 County Health .013 .04 Porks & Recreation ,005 .005 Mental health .10 .06 .00 .05 MOON Eclipse Today PARTIAL ECUPS6 A partial eclipse of the sun will occur throughout the United States and much of the western hemisphere this afternoon. Depiction shows the moon moving into position between the sun and earth. (UPI) Don't Directly Watch Sun Eclipse Property R*ats«st mt, Total 78.4 c»nt« 51.5 c«nt» The moon cruised into position today lo block out the sun and bring darkness in the afternoon to much of the Western Hemispherp The conjunction will cause a partial eclipse, of varying degree, throughout the United States, including .Hawaii and Alaska. Mexico.and Central America and much of Canada, and northern South America. Sclenlisls set sail days ago for (he long, thin strip of (he Pacific Ocean where the eclipse is tola). 11 angles southeastward from the North Pacific, passing just north of the Hawaiian islands and extends for 700 miles into.central Colombia. ; -; The: partial" eclipse, zone ranges from v easternmostSiberiaand Alaska':to much'of : Western Canada, a southern strip'-of eastern Canada,, and soulh' lo the Carrlbean and central South America, Astronomers and ;ophllialmalogists cautioned against gazing directly at the sun with unprolected eyes, which can cause partial or complete blindness. Sunglasses, smoked glass, dark photo negatives and other simple light dimming devices are inadequate-prolet'tion. • ihey warned. ' .' The ultraviolet rays in even the reduced amount of sunlight can cause partial or complete blindness by burning oolic nerves beyond recovery, warned Ronald _priii of the Griffith Observatory in Los "Angeles. "We hope people will use plain old common sense and not try lo observe Ihe eclipse directly by any means," he said. In Mexico, astronomy buffs and fun seekers flocked to the Pacific Coasl resort of Acapulco, their numbers swollen by a national holiday. Today is Mexico's equivalent of Columbus Day. the "Day of the Race." celebrating the Indian race that Columbus discovered. A Mexican Navy ship, the Usamacinla, carried reporters and scientists to a point 1.426 miles west of Acapulco. into (he lotal- eclipsezone. ; -<; • Two .ships of'the Silrriar line lefl U.S. ports earlier, one from ^tos .iAngeles Sunday and one from Port Everglades. Fla,, last week, carrying 1.700 passengers and scientific teams to a: rendezvous with darkness in the Pacific. The eclipse takes place in two lo three hours andlhe amounl of lighl obscured by Ihe passage of the moon through the sunlight's path depends on the location, with the effecl being generally greater toward the south; The lime of the eclipse varies according lo location and time zone, falling generally between middav and late afternoon. Demos To Fill Eel Twp. Post A caucus of Democratic precinel commilleemen has been called for Oci. 2<> lo fill the vacancy in the office of Eel Township Trustee. The same method will be used lo fill the trustee's vacancy as was recently followed to fill the two vacancies on the Logansport City Council; The only difference is in Ihe membership of the caucus. -. • Eligible lo vote for ihe-lownship lurstee vacancy will be precinel commilleemen " from each of the city precincls plus those in Eel East and Eel West. Under the new state law vacancies in office are filled by precinel commitleemen of the same party as the office holder. The commilleemen must be from a precinct which cast votes for the office in the regular election. The trustee's office became vacant on Oct. 2 due to the death of Trustee Daymond (Casey) Jones, Candidates for the office musl declare their candidacy for Ihe .-office with Democratic County Chairman ' Donald Michael no later than 72 hours before the caucus. Pioneer School Levy For 78 Cut 39 Cents The Pioneer scnool lax rate for 197H was cut 39 cents today ,_...' The Pioneer levy for next year had been mistakenly advertised at $5.79'when it was actually $5.84. including $3.97 for the general fund, $1,37 for debt service and 50 cents for cumulalive building fund. - In Ihe annual review of the budget and tax rates by a representative/of Ihe State Board of Tax Commissioners today 'the general fund levy was trimmed to $3.60 and the debt service rate was reduced to $1 :.')5: The cumulative building fund .rate was not disturbed, so Ihe tola! Pioneer rale as certified by Robert Ferrier, tax field man, is $5.45 for nexl year, compared with a $4.74 levyin effect this-year-.: : ' • Ferrjer said he look 25:cenls of the 1978 general fund lax off because the .school corporation improperly included- the $25,000 it expects lo gel from the Penn Central selllement. The remainder of Ihe cut was due to an underestimate by school officials of the miscellaneous revenue lo be received. The two-cent cut in the debt service rate also was possible • because, of the underestimate of revenue. The new general fund levy of $1.60 is 15 cents less than the rate in effect this year. However, the debt service rate jumped from 49 cents this year to $1.35 next year. Ferrier said the Pioneer rate fa be paid in While Counly by the Cass township • residents will be cut one cenl more than that to be paid in Cass. The difference is in the general fund rale. Cass township residents will pay $3.61. ,- Policeman Hurt In Wild Chase A Logansport man has been jailed on. four charges, and a policeman injured as a resuli of a series of events that could have come from any Hollywood script Bill W. Eaimon, 27. of 408 Michigan Ave.: is free on $1,000 bond today after being charged with six counts by Logansport police early-Wednesday. Eatmon is charged with reckless driving-high speed; reckless driving-against anolher person and properly; fleeing a police officer; leaving Ihe 'scene of a personal injury accident; public intoxication: and assault and ballery with a motor vehicle with intent to do bodily harm. Pairolman Norman Connell was the officer injured when Eatmon's vehicle struck his squad car at 12:45 a.m. Wednesday on Water Slreel. Connell suffered a forehead abrasion, lefl hand injuries and complained of neck and back pains. Connell was ireated and released for the injuries al Memorial Hospiial. According lo Logansport Police the entire case began at 12:35 a.m. when Mrs. Judy Eatmon, 408 Michigan Ave,, called police headquarters and reported that her • husband Bill had called her and told her he was coming to 1200 Chicago St.. Ihe house where Mrs. Eatmon was and would first kill everyone there, and then kill himself. First Sgt. Robert Kerns. Patolmen Richard Wells and Norman Connell went to the 1200 Chicago SI. residence, which is on the corner of Water Street and Chicago Street. The officers found Mrs. Eatmon there and set up surveillance of the residence. Meanwhile, Patrolman Jerry Denny went to watch the Eaimon residence on x Michigan Avenue. According lo Officer Denny, Eatmon came out of his residence and got in his pickup truck. The truck traveled from Michigan Avenue lo Water Streel, with Denny traveling behind. When Officer Denny radioed ahead that the truck was en route towards the residence. Patrolman Connell set up a roadblock at the corner of Water and Chicago Streets. > According to police, Eatmon gave his truck the gas and al first appeared lo be swerving around the Connell squad car. However, al Ihe last moment the Eatmon vehicle drove into the right rear of the squad car, spinning both around. According to Police, Eatmon then allegedly attempted to hit the Connell vehicle again, but this lime missed- as Officer Connell backed out of the way;; As Eatmon drove away, his pickup-and the, squad car driven by Denny almost collided, police said. A subsequent chase of the pickup by all four officers eventually resulted in Eatmon being stopped at College Slreel, and placed under arrest on the six counts, according to police. Paving Will End Thursday Paving of Logansport streets will end Thursday. There will be no parking on Easl Linden Avenue on Thursday from 3rd to 6th Streets while the final paving of (he season is completed, according to the Logansport street department. Paving Wednesday was slated for Biddle's Island. Erie Avenue from 17th to 18th Street and.the North end of Cole Street. Temperatures NEW YORK '(DPI) - The highest temperature reported Tuesday to the National Weather Service, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, was 98 degrees at Thermal. Calif. Today's low was 13 degrees at Gunnison. Colo. Smith Says CSA Will Help Senior Citizens No local tax money will be required if' Ihe Area Council on Aging is designated the Community Service Agency for this area. David Smith said Tuesday. The', director of the Area Council on Aging explained the advantages of the Community Service Agency designation at a hearing Tuesday afternoon in the county courtroom attended by only eight persons. The county commissioners, who have the responsibility of deciding the matter, were unable to attend the hearing because, they.were involved in Ihe state tax board hearing on the county budgets for next year. ' / He pointed out that the Community Service Agency musl be a multi-county agency such as' the Area Council on Aging because it must cover-al least 100,000 population. The Area Council located here • covers Miami. Tjpton. Howard,'-Wabksh' and Cass Counties, ,, * . -, ' Smith 'said the varied federal aid programs which a Community Service. Agency could handle are "designed to get people olf Ihe welfare rolls... . ' He reported that the Miami. Wabash and Howard County commissioners already have approved the designation of the Area Council on Aging as 'the Community 'Service Agency. In answer to a question. Smith said Ihe senior citizens'will benefit because there will be twice as much federal aid money available for them if there is a Community Service Agency here. He said it would increase'funds for the Senior Citizens Center. He indicated that CETA funds can be used as local match for federal funds. Smith said the legal aid program will be, available here, in \% months if there Is a .Community Service Agency: otherwise if will not be available for five years. He cited the transportation program for senior citizens u an example of a program that.'could be enlarged If the. CSA designation it approved here. The handicapped can't be hauled Wider the present program but Ibey could be under CSA. Smith reported there-were 300 applications for fuel assistance under that program and the last .checks are in the 'mail. ' • „'••'- ^"" - • News Briefs State The second Holiandsburg murder trial may go to the jury today. PAGE 2 Anthony Kiritsis may take the stand in his own defense today. PAGE 2 National ' The federal government, for the first time, has ordered an oil company accused of overcharges to refund the money to the U.&. Treasury Instead of returning it to consumers through lower prices. PAGE 12 .President Carter, calling areas of urban blight "a disgrace to our great country," today signed legislation that authorizes $14.7 billion in grants to ailing cities, especially In the Northwest and Midwest. PAGE 13 - , Toe lawyer for the University of California, opening arguments in the Allan Bakfce "reverse discrimination case," told the Supreme Court today there is no "racially blind method" tor enrolling appreciable numbers of minorities .in professional schools. PAGE 2* . International Uokown assailants have assassinated North Yemen's moderate leader, Lt. Col. Ibrahim Mohammed El Hamidi, who tod the strategic Red Sea nation toward improved relations with Saudi Arabia. PAGE11 Sports The Caston Comets are looking for another victory. PAGE 18 The New York Yankees opened the World Series with an extra 'inning victory over Los Angeles. PPAGE19 F o r e c a s t The Weather INDIANA: dor tod cafe with light raftered Intt tonlgtti. Lavs tit the mid to upper30s Suaaytadaottootol nunOty.HlghtlntoeinklSOs toandtat. Tuesday's high was 54 at 3 p.m. The M hour tow was 42 at4:30a.mi Wednesday.

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