Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 6, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1942
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>Y, - y >;?"(^ '>',';< ^^^ The .Weather Moderate Temperature Beacon Falls Bethany Bristol Terrace ^ . , ' "Circulating In Cotton Hollow 4 —^ Middlebury Daily If It's News Ydii Can Find It hi The NEWS Platts Mills Straitsville Union City ?•»..' NAUGATUCK DAILY NE^S, SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1942 Price Three (tent* ygyiL^L--——~. • • v ' '':.•••• '•- •'''" '•'""", ^ - • • • • • M • ••' !!_•__•_ ' I" ^**i^ ' •••'...' ' • • - / . '•-.,..;•• . -\-^r' '• '- ' _, . ' ••• ' • - — ' •• . - •• • . '•'•«. • ,. . • "•• • * i. - • * ., •• ....... ..... . ' ' <• • ' _ • • ARMYFAVORS DRAFTING YOUTHS OF 18 AND 19 But They Can't Be Drafted For Active Duty Under present Law, ,,,,,, 1 ,,„ ravnis ; \oullis Hi»rr Co June ft—(UP)— Thn drafling IS iiiul W-year- Cor Imltlo service b«'-- rton < HO I'lio young- ,,,ako hnlter soldiers, a War , n ,Mit -offlc-lnl yuld today, out thai Iho demands on imuipowor will to make .such till poln-tluK O f lolal war i^i!°! <( |iii'" official said tho "iTion- and physical resiliency, and all-around buoyancy whirl. ••huw.loMxoH tlic 18 or Jl> year old ynulh nwko him Idoal uuil- ;,,.|nl for'military training. 11 "The married man, by comparison, iiuiki 1 * a very poor showing," (he, s|)okcsman said, •Mlo Iritis to bo cautious In bat- tic Ills homo lion and rosp'on- sllVilllli's ar<> carried with 'him Into inllllary service and cause complications fdr him which are liable In Impair Ills efficiency as a aol- dlor. Tim footloose youngslor has noun of Miesu problems," Tern »K» ! youths oannot 1)0 tlrat't- i'cl fur active duty under present law. NuvcrthulcHS, army circles bo- Neve Iha-t I'liolr' r(!gls»tnillon wllli Ihc Snlccllve Service system on June .'10 will prove tho first slop toward their eventual Induction. lloall/ilng that public opinion n»w Is against'Jlrafllng the youths, army circles bdleve llia-b -attitude will I'lmiiKu when largo-sealo Induction of family mon becomes necessary. Suoh a 'time, they warn, is not far distant, enpeclally In I'aeo of Uho present congreHslonnl action to ralso army pay ami rnuke bolter provisions for the Inductors Family.' \Vhon that time ooines and tha public, Is faced with tho actual al-. ternatlve of breaking up 'homes or allowing 1H and I'J-year-'Olds to'be dra,ftud, (he ^Vui^ilujHU'lanqoit ,1'cel.s Hint popular opinion In favor ^of (Continued from f^igo Ono) MOST OF $51,529 OF THE MISSING MONEY RECOVERED Kail River, Mass., ,'Jiine 0—(UP)-r- Poll-oo Sg-t. Joseph L, Andrews of Pall River has recovered- In-Los An- golas most of the $51,529 In missing Dighton dog 'track funds, police said 1 today. Andrews telephoned 'bore last night that the money was disoov- ";;.;: i erod during a search of residences used by Alfred A. Bllgh, former convict and .'private rleleotlvo whom A n d r e w s 'arrested Thu-rsday in Hono, Nev, Pollen said that nilgh, who dls- appeared May 18 when I'he absence of Iho funds was discovered, will, •bo arraigned In connection with Mio Ibet't w.lion he l« returned 'borne not later than Wednesday. Bllgii Iwtl been 'hired to guard the armored truck containing .the dog track money. DEAD AT 57 Stamford, Conn., June G—(UPi- Joseph lOdvvard Shea, 57, former Now York theatrical producer, died late yesterday after un illness. A native-of Holyoke, Mass., Shea produced "on tho stairs,'"' "Hail and Karuwell," and "Lilies of the. Field," among other prod uc Lion's, lie'leaves his wido'w. , 11ODY Hooky Hill, Oonn., June 0—(UP)— The .body of ,a youth taken -from the Clqivnoo.ilouI river hito yesterday was , iilonti/led today, as .that of Cl-yclo *PuJJpri> 2Ji, Bast Halrtfonl, who leaped Into the -rlvor last Sunday at Hartford. MOVIE. COMEBACK • Hollywood - (UP) —Ann" Harding has decided to stage a-movie comeback. Hor first vehicle wJll-foo'-TEyes in tho Night, 11 ' Late News Bulletins COLOGNE BADLY DAMAGED London, Juno 6 —(UP)—Five thousand acres of Cologne wore heavily, damaged by the <RAP's 1,000 plane raid last Saturday night, aorjal photographs of the city rovoa(c\d today. An air ministry expert said that'no part'of the Ru'hr industrial city escaped damage but that the famous Cologne cathedral was spared, the closest hit to it falling 100 yards away, <( A greater" part of the old toAvn of Cologne is -finished, however," the expert said. "Three big areas west of the cathedral were devastated," JAPANESE CLAIM Tokyo, Juno B—(Japanese broadcast recorded by United Pross in New York)—Japanese imperial head- ({UHrtors said today that in the first days of Jiulo four •onorny stil^marinos liad been sunk in Japanese waters, including Tokyo Bay. : .J ,f SEALED VERDICT Boston, June G—(UP)—The juryV sealed verdict ill bo opened in superior court Monday in the $50,000 |suit of Walter J, Masurct of Dorchester against the $700,000 estate of the late Klissahefh A, Lufkin of Sqn'aiitum. Maaurot seeks tho money in return for services which lie purportedly rendered tho respondent, NAZIS' NEW ORDER London, June 0—(UP)—The Germans, still executing innocent O'/cchs for the assassination of Heinhard | Hoy d rich, today wore trying 1 to suppress a potential--fifth (column they fear will stab them in tho back the moment an Allied invasion begins. Occupation authorities or- (dored all Belgian commissioned and-non-commissioned officers and reserve officers to register between June 8 and 3, Those failing to do so will be "severely punished," 1 tho Germans said, NAPLES RAIDED Home, Juno fj—(UP)—(Italian broadcast; recorded 'by [United Press iti Now Y6rk)—The Italian oomtiiand said ,today that British plane's had raided Naples and its [.surrounding area during the night, causing damage and wtarting firm '.''•'"' * " • RUHR AGAIN ATTACKED London, June (>—-(UP)—-Britain's great i'onr-engined [bomber planes, -to a total,of 1 3QO or taorc, attackod' tbe lorrnan Kuhr war industry center during the night."forihe- ird time in five days of their now devastation vaids, the nil 1 ministry announced today. . Soviet Tanks Blast Nazis on Kharkov Front torinl For possession into the sti (ho In this tlieisc KussioirtJinK-seU'cclivcly cover (lie advance of iii.riintpy radioed .from Moscow to JLon- •Ihkeii-in the" "Khnrkov «PCJI ; - duuiiiff '^Qiic phnso of Ihc fliflunUc Both nations ai-c still pouring vast ;<jtianliUc,s of men and mu- sector IS President WilL Soon Decide Question of Na/tiori-Wide Gas Rationing. ; Ity HIM ITU (United Press Stall 1 C,ori'cs|>oinlcjil) AVashiiife'ion, .Juno 6—(UP)—President, noosoyolt :\yas studying the gasoline-rubber '.coni.r.pVe^sy-;;^today •clays" ;\yhcthci 1 gasolirio 'i-ationing is to bo extended to. all "slates/ , His de.olslon to -Laky' 'bvciV camn. afLor .a 1 "rcyplL 1 ! by 'about^lOO; cpngressmciv: against 'gasoline..rationing in slates where, gasoline, is plentiful When, .the President has ' do.cideci; Archibald MaoLolsh,..director of. the ottlce of facts and-.ilg,ures,,:\vHi prepare a sUUcmcnt ori the knlire MSO-, line and rub.ber conservation- pi'o-^ gram for ' tfio President, ; -' : and Uie While House will issue H,V :. Mr;'Roosevelt will make his decision on the'busis of facts given him' yesterday by all the high otllcials i'nvolvcd. They prosenled' the facts• on the rubber-shortage and tho necessity bT % eoniservir/g' tiros. The. Presklcnt was. repprlocl to have listened attentively without Indicating: his way of thinking,: •• .••-. •Officials sald--tliat';:If t-he President's decision !'s,. 1'or nation-wide .{Continued on Page Two). U.S.O. '—-Xavrer. Ydshin'Hlcas;; ; 18.;'- g-in a life' term- : iii'/State's. m-json after pleading.. gui!ty ' .In -Superior •«-ourt.-to\ the 1 -hatcheC slaying of; hi$ vmot!Ter. ; ,.April 12; ; .'^', '.'"" , • J>;- - ] '•The youth originally; pleaded; in-: nocent '• toi-a first degree- murder .cliarge, but late yesterday jchaiigcd- bis plea to guilty'on a second : de-; •gree ehargc : whic'h carries/a maiiT, datory life term.'.'' ••;••." ..';:• ". 'j 1 -', i State's -AtLorriey ;William; B ; ^PiU- gerald; ; told Vludgc 'Edward j', ;Daly Yeshinskas' Avaii under an "e'mo- 1 •ti-on-al"stress" 'at' the': time of Vtnie; •slaying, 'afrd- rec'o-mmendcd •acc ! cpt- ance-of the second decree plea.:, ; '' '' TOMORROW AT WAR IN BY REV. DUNN Rev George A." Dunn, assistant of SI Francis'- church, cap- up 'A,-' of Iho U, S. 0. campaign committee, '.announced lo- diiy Uip wortos in his division. t The workers arc. pastor tain of -Mrs. Frances- Shanahan, Paul Muckinillor Mrs IT F. Sengs taclccn, Mrs. Daniel^ Walsli, Mrs: Ernest > Weycrmann^ George Konnorjy, Mrs. M-ary Dufty- Callahan, Jpgopli-, Marnon, Thomas P UoulonaivU-OTrd. Harry Pctorson, S.. 1. Lyons, Mrs. Cecil Grant, Leslie 'Howard, ,Mrs. Rd\yara Mrs/ Carl. Ericson. Lieutenant— John Lane, ITcniy TILley, Ciioster Rulka, Uoborl Mariano Shirley Pflvman Theresa Wil- cov! Francis Cuddy, Anna Tarnou- ski, Juno -Pfciman. < Lieutenant— William Bclmonson, '•Prank Weaving, John Bickerdyke, JUmes Gurran, Frank Owens, ' Ld- 'wa'rd 'Wilcox, Joseph Murtha, Larry Kolt, Miss Anna P. Lj-wlor, Lleu-lervaht— Mrs. John ITj Simmons, Mrs. James Dunn, ,,Mrs,, Ambrose Daly, Mr»i Thomas Leary, John Korn, 'Mrs,, John Bent. •Lieutenant-Mrs. Clifford Toeplo, Mrs. iLcster , Gui\n, Mrs. , Edward Hormount, Mrs. IT, Daniel Wood Mrs Allen Trafk, Mrs. Howard GoodwJn, . Mrs. Andrew Watson, Mrs: Florence .Poapey, Mrs,* C. G. Hobbs, Mrs.- Raymond Folcy. .••Lieutenant—Ralph' 'Quinn,- • Mrs. John Joyce, Mrs. M, A, St. John, Mrs. Patrick-Crdtty, Mvs, Nicholas Man- glnl, Margaret McGuiro, Timo- •-|hy---,T7-Cnlilyhn,"M» 1 fl. Mrs, J/ ' , The war in China' was ', at its'- fiercest around the railroad, and Allied air base of • Ghu^sieh ;'in| Cliekiang province , where-; 100,000; Japanese have sufi'ered heav,y casual-; tics in their •"•efforts to storm; the ! ' . . The Japanese, replying to Presi-. dent Roosevelt's warning o I.' 'reprisals "in kind" against the 'Japanese of poibon gas against the Chi- that the ] J resi- ah J'oga to d th c of international use nese, 'said angrily dent himself had poi-aon gas clauses law, They charged that .some sup- plies'of American gas were found a I, captured Guam. In Libya the British, including Indian Infantry, launched a oounler- aUack west /of tho Knightsbrldge darnel trait crossing in an cj' Uri'vo Gol. den. ISrwin Rommel's Axis forces back through a gap in the BriUaji minefield barrier south- wsl of Tobruk. , "' The Axis radio acknowledged that the' British 'were - attacking, but claimed that Die JttjLlo-Oerman forces held their ground. ':,<„, ' Rev. iRay Unsf|erfcr/ pastor• of ;tlio ' l< v ul'i"Gdsjiel Tabernacle at. 101 Pros- •pect' strbct, "UnJqn:'Glty,'. has. an- 'nou.ncofl : 'that-^ ; specia-l 'service /will ; be'Jicici;Sund{iy, Ju^e.T^al;,^^, m,, j, ; ' The:-- v ;sp.ea1t6r' will ; .be';' Rev;., Ernest ]?. AyilMams,', geneual ,,s,uperintendent of tlie ; Assenibiles :of "God ''Mbvem.ciit : of/ ; th e^ Ull'i fed S latest; Bey; iAVi 1 Ham's ^i^|^iaii^syii>eiti iiicjiiden t.i i)oi^iiiain' •y e^s'^dV'haS'v'traYelcd"" oxtcnstvely ; in : To,i:6l'grv jantls>' : Hd.-;has Jia^d an -1 ii- teres'ting. and -.varied .inrnistry:. .-' ; /' At:-.-. : iii.e- evening • service ' al,., 7:30.- Roy Ny lln. of Hartford ,'•• a >tuden tin ;ihe'.vCentral•'.Bibl-e Mnstituto, 'Spi'ing- liQlcj, Mo.,: ; wi 11 deli ver. •• the * sermon The [public, is -invited .to both scrv- • : Hartford, .boim., June ' G-(UP)— 'TJx,-S^^istrict J-iHgc J. Joseph Smith •today '• " : 'tb/olt •' -u nclci; 'ad v i semen t ill e "a : pp'licai'ipn tor "r^leas'e of Pasquale ; DeGioGO, former ^ItiaMa-h vice-consul at -New HaveiT. \vho is. being 'held on" a cfhargc of ; being an enemy -alien. : . : •"' • • /Judge Sin i tli also took /under con- ysideratiori DeGicco's plea -to be -re-; -lea/sed on bail. . , bcCicco was .taken; into custody nt ..Nuvy. -Haven In .April, and lias -been- -interned, ; since bhen. , .Judge , Sm i th concluded a iw.o-d ay 'h ear- ; •ing on. the appl'ication for DcGicco's release by asking counsel for the government and DcOicoo to file briefs within 10 days. . The- government -cjuimed DeGicco lost his .citiJiqnship * when, he wont to Italy to* fight during the'Worltl war. / " x J TIIUEATEN8 PROSECUTION Now Bedford, Mass., June 0— (UP) —The first Hi real of prosecution against Massachusetts miils failing .to 'comply with blackout and dim- out- regulations was made today- by state blackout officer" Arthur ^C. IDow who' ordered all New Bedford •mills to light-proof sky-lights "and saw-toothed glass roofs immediately. v MacArthur: I Want.. : Name ... .A,.\I-. ; Address .... •' Price if called for "America's Hero!" .. .MacArthur Buttons c 5 cents encli if'innilcd. All profits to go 'to the tfaugatuck U; S, O. Fund. Buttons may,be purchased at the Naugatuck Daily ; Ne^vs of9c t e, II North IMain street. Not more than four Buttons allowed onj one; coupon. ^Sen^ all, Ig^i. OEDE'RS to MaoArthiir^uttons,..The. DaUy News, * .NaugatuckilConnV ,:Please; do not send stamps. Damage To Enemy V essels In Battle Near Midway Island Is Believed To Have Been IS FATALLY INJURED ARMBANDS FOR CIVILIAN DEFENSE WORKERS IN BORO Searchers Found Body of Boy Under Pile of Lumber at 8:15 Last Night. The funeral of Ill-lie; Andrew Laudato, four year -old scm of Mr. and Mrs. SaverloJ. Laudato of 107-NSoulh Main street, who was 1 fatally injured sometime .early-, last evening Who nhe was caught under « pile of 1'umbcr in tfie yard of W. .1. Megin, Inc., 'On:South Main street, will''be 'held from tl;b home of his parents Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock to SI. Francis church where a Mass will be' celebrated at 10 o'clock, The-body of-the Little fellow was •discovered at 8:15 p. m. following a • search for 'him 'for two 'hours. He-was to meet bis mother at 5:30 in I/he afternoon -and when lie failed to xjome-'lio-me -by 6-bis mother be- civme alarmed and the search began.' The -body -was found • about 100 feet from the boy's home by Robert Perry and August Martinez of 145'Sbuth'Main "slreet. A doctor was- summoned immediately by the" boy's father ' and', as'Mhe. -call < wasi heih.g .made-Sgtf Anthony Fixrrar of Hie Naugaluck police departinen I: arrived 'a nd d i rfee-ted Hhe re hi oval o f tillc -boy to the office' of Dr. David H. Bluestohe. Everett' Severson, of 29 Ho.tchkiss street, drove the po- ' (C6iiUiQued"pnu':Page Two) , '.". ' "»•*. r - Miss Helen L, McDonough Doing Excellent Work in Insignia Division. Miss Melon L. McDonough, chairman of the. Insignia Division has brought about excellent, results in distributing armbands ' to civilian defense workers. These armbands when received from Hartford arc being .issued to all.-,men' of the .civilian defense' council'who. have been- •certified., individuals' are., being noUfled by post card when they have .been certified and when their arm-bands arc ready. The corps' hai j kepi in the .insignia Hie'of the organization, records of individuals receiving these bands. PLANE CRASHED Boston, June 6— (UP)— Second Lt. Martin Taub of 'Newark, N. ',]., was killed lale yesterday, .when his army plane' -crashed > and 'burned in the Narraeansell Bay.X.R. 'i.) area us -he returned from a, routine training flight, the I army announced liere early today. ' Taub was the. second New .Jersey man of' bis rank, to die fiuan air crash in southern New Eng'lund yesterday,, Second Lt. Richard M: Stafford of Summit, N, J., bavirtg been killed eai-lie# at Windsor Locks, Coiin. BE SHOWN HERE FOR US. 0. FUND "Mr. Gardenia Jones" Will Be Seen at Alcazar and Gem Starting Tomorrow. "Mr. Gardenia Jones,' 1 a moving picture depleting the many pleasures afforded the young men and women in Hie armed services of the-government today by the U. B. 0. and how and where your contribution to the campaign now bo- ing 'conducted in Naugatuck, will be shown at both the Alcazar and Gem theaters tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday by arrangements made by Joseph C. Kaylkwich, Jri, chairman of the campaign, and Messrs. George P. Rabbott and Ralph S. Pasho, theater-managers. Several noted i screen' stars, including Larai-ne Day, Ronald Reagan, Charles Winninger, Fay Bainter and Chill Wills appear in the film and are conlvlbuting their services to the cause of the U, S. 0.' Barents, relatives and friends of our young people 7 'in Die service will enjoy the many "homey" scenes rtf'the "production, i brill; -;>fc/ 'many episodes in it and will get flret.hand knowledge of how their youngsters arc being'entertained today /by tbe U. S. 0.'compared .to those;,who, served over two years ago/and hM no place'to go for leisure cntor',ain- men!,. * „ Most .Vmporlanl, it graphically pictures the Importance of contributing to tbe United-Service. Or- ganisations campaign so that thw U/S. O."may continue to^ maintain (he-high, morajp of'our youlli',iij,' Ihc armed forces, '..'.." MISS I1ELHN L. McDQNOUGH In case of • the resignation of a person from his civilian defense work or his removal from town, the corps is responsible for the recovery of the arm-band. The purchasing of all insignia is another duty of this department.. Miss McDonough is a graduate of the Naugatuck high school and Ihe College of New Rochello, Later siirj did graduate work at Yule university. Now she is an instructor of English at Naugatuck high school. Miss McDonough is the organizer of the Red Cross'activity group of the Junior Woman's club. The members of the insignia corps, are: Miss Helen L. McDonough, chairman; Mrs. Louis Buckmillcr, Miss Madeline Caino, Mrs. George Donovan, Mrs. Michael llonan, Mrs. Norman Movey. Miss Martha Johnson, Miss JOstelle McDonough, Miss El ma Nybcrg. Substitute workers: Mrs. Joshua M. Fairbank Mrs. IJarve'y K. Keel. MASONIC VETERAN ASSN. REUNION TO BE HELD JUNE 27 Naugatuck Masonry will bo well represented at the seventy-second annual reunion of the Masonic Veteran Association of- Connecticut which held at New London on Saturday, ,luno 27, iU has been learned from WilRam B. Mall, secretary of the association. ; The association will be the gunsl-s of Union Lodge, No/31,- and Bl-ain- ard Lodge, No, i02. The business meeting \vl-ll be called to order at Jl a. m. .(W.S.T.) and luiVch will be served at ' i p. m at a nominal charge. Several notables of Ihe order including Most Worshipful Grand Master Anson l«YKco)<*r, wfl-1 be speakers at the occasion and. the- committee hopes that Gov. Robert A. Hurley will also attend. "•'- ' ; _. <» • »" -•' PURCIIASE WAR KONOS Maian.lcus Islond, Me. (UP)—The. 75 ii>ha1)itan1.s of th-is taolatcd coasl- hlbnVitposl- li'flvr.'-Vpur'oJwsod .; more- •tlian JjJ7,000 in. wo,r bonds, Communique Says IT; :S. Forces Are Continuing the Fight in Far Paciflcl JAPANESE INVABION ATTEMPT HAS BEEN: BEFINITJSLY FOILED Damage to Enemy Fleet !• Out of Proporitlon tb US. Losses. By FRANK TRKMAINK, • - • (Llnitcd Press Staff Correspondent) l^eurl Harbor, Hawai i, .1 1 uhe 6— (i;p)_At leasi eight and • -'probably more- warships and transports of a powerful • Japanese invasion fleet have been damaged in the Pacific, where the enemy is withdrawing under relentless attack of American naval and air forces. ,' A spokesman ".for Admiral Chester W. Nimilx's, Pacino. fleet head- •quartors here,, reycalc^-^thp ;iot»l of at least eight, encnjy. 'ships, (larn- H gecJ~-and .Dcrlittps, any. number up to i6 or 20— as/Uie, battened Heel Hcd from .its iiumilj«iUn^:, and possibly disastrous defeat near., Midway Islam! . ., • , -. • -.. -r-.'-l • Admiral N-hniU, \\\ ,an earlier^ com- munitjue, bad saM; . , • »-•. - I-:. ,^. "As more reports ,conie .inji., appears thai Uie.'cneiny?H,»dania - gtt;.\yAii •vory heavy hvJtyed>,l|ivblvJn^ several ships in each of , Vlicr- carrier,: :l>at- 'tlcslilp- cruiser^ apd transport .. .. - . To clear up the use of. Ihc. word v'Kevei^ii" %^|i^i^l^meant 7»0^erjil v in each individual elass or, ijcvepal among • the four categories^ the spokesman said:., • > , "The communique may. preted -to mean that more sh I j) was dani aged - \f\ nienLIoned*":- - -. (Continued on .. be inter- than, one each cl ass MAN KILLED IN AUTO ACCIDENT Worcester, Mass.; June G—(U!») — Charles H.' Allen,' 46; of 'Wethersfield, Conn., dlsUMcl manager of .a bus company,- was killed instantly early today when his -automobile was'in collision with a'10-ton truck on the southwest-cutoff liere. Allen's car was 'denrolisliedvwhen it WHS wedged under the -truck,, reportedly driven by-John L. Magulre of Boston. : <>»^ • , DOROTHY BARWICX ASSUMES HER NEW DUTIES MONDAY Former Executive Secretary of Local Red Crow Chapter Ooes to New York Miss Dorothy Barwtek, daughter of Mr. nnd^lVfrs. George K.Barvsick of 42 Wulnut street, who recently, resign/id- her position as execiiUye secrcl^ry of Nougatuck: char)ter^of the American'- Red Cross, will ^tiler upon her new duties In; New Yorlc city on Monday as assistant, to Ber r tra'm B rO wjV, i n format! on ' <1 1 rector of the new North Atiantic Jirea of tho Red 'Cross. : Until a successor to Mi«a Barwick has been ^ appointed by .Mi« local executive comniiUec/Ihe chapter house .will^e tn cbArge of Mrs.. } 1 a rry Heed, s'ccre lai-y , ' and-' tlis • worn en's volunteer 'groupV '- ^ TREASURY BALANOE \Vashington, v June ••rmnont expenses and i receipts for ,hc current fiscal year' through June S,.,fls compared, with a year a«6: % . Yoar ^ JExpcnsc* I-««i Ye^r ^11,431,553,849.49 War Spending 22,609,900,829.49 ; 0,593,846,713.53 10,420,570,035.26 - ' 6,503,157,792.23 Net l>f flclt 18,035,790,583.97 . 4,881,154,057,26 2,592,715,371.94 2,502,491,199,69

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