The Times from Hammond, Indiana on August 6, 1935 · Page 35
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The Times from Hammond, Indiana · Page 35

Hammond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1935
Page 35
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THE. HAMMOND". TIMES JAP 'AFFRONT' OVER CARTOON ! JOLTSCAPITAL Suddenly Reveals to U, S, ! Dangerous Character of Far Eastern Situation WASHINGTON,- Aug. 6.--Nippon's protest to the United States that the publication in this country of a cartoon at Emperor Hirohltto was a "deep affront to all Japanese" has brought up official Washington with'a jerk.' Not that this government feels any responsibility in the matter, boasting as it does of free speech and free press. But the astounding incident has suddenly revealed to it, as though by a flash of lightning in the dark, the hair-trigger character of the whole "Far ^Eastern situation. Japan is in the initial stages of What shs feels is a fight for life. A first class power, she lacks the territorial and economic resources to maintain her permanently on that basis. She is confronted with the alternatives of increasing such resources or dropping back to a Jesser status. Must Die for Emperor That she will not even consider. She would rather shed the last drop cf her Wood. Accordingly, a Her- cullean task lies ahead. She plans nothing less than the creation of a vast new empire. Sacrifices almost beyond national and human endurance will be essential for years to come. The basis of these sacrifices is 'emperpr worship. The emperor, to the Japanese, is not like other emperors. He is not even quite mortal. He is the direct descendant of the grandson of the Deity, Amatersau- o-Jriikami, the sun goddess. He and his line are eternal. For them, every 'Japanese must be glad to die, give up fortune, submit to any and all sacrifices uncomplainingly. To carry out her divine destiny, 'Japan must expand. To do this she plans a navy equal to Britain's and America's, a powerful army and a mighty air force. And these things cost money. Taxes are already high. Yet the population has been .warned tbat bigger demands are still-to come. Last year's military budget was the largest in the country's peace time history. This year's is still bigger. Nor, government spokesmen have indicated, will the next' five -years see them any smaller. Tremendous Sacrifices Seen When ths hard-put financial experts of .the government ask the militarists where so much money is to come from, the reply is: "That's your business, not ours. Find the money!" For some time Japan has been Issuing what they call "red ink' bonds. Moi-e will be needed before 'Japanese expansion in Asia is completed. Tremendous sacrifices in blood and money appear inevitable. Tli« miltarist, therefor*, are rciorting to all sorts of means to keep the population stirred up! They are constantly juggling with dynamite. The foreign office is prodded into doing its. share. Last year ·when a Chinese newspaper ai JTsingtau published something aboul the Japan use emperor, its plant was not only wrecked, but China had LABOR BATTLE IN 'CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE' Philadelphia streets in vicinity of Opal Hosiery company plant becomes a battle ground a$ police try to disperse 5,000 strike pickets. At left an injured worker is assisted from the scene and at right \s a policeman felled by a milk bottle throwti by a demontstrator. (Central Press) :o apologize. Tokio threatened to send warships. Recently a Shanghai publication committed a similar offense. Nan- king was again ordered to apologize and punish the writer. The latter was sent to prison for 14 months. Political Parties Dead Political parties in J a p a n-virtually dead since the Manchu- rlan adventure began and the mili- larists took over the power--lately lave been discussing a return to constitutional government. It is re- jarded as significant, therefore, iiat simultaneously with the pro:est to Washington, there'Was pub- ished throughout Japan, at the militarists' demand, a warning to te "constitutionalists." "The national policy of-Japan," the government statement read, "is clearly revealed in the divine message that the Sun Goddess gave her grandson, the first emperor, on his advent in Japan. . . 'When the constitution was promulgated, Emperor Meiji proclaimed: 'We inherit supreme rights from our ancestors and transmit them to our descendants.' Article 1 of the constitution provides, "The empire shall be ruled over and governed by a line of emperors unbroken from ages eternal' it is therefore clear that supreme power rests with the emperor." The militarists of Japan deem the divine origin cult vital to their plans. The Japanese masses will sacrifice- lives and fortunes - more readily for it than for a constitution or a parliament. Today's Radio PROGRAM Tuesday, Aug. 6 6:00 P. M. WON--Sports. WENR--Dinner concert. WMAQ--Spitalny's orchestra. WCFLi--Melodists. 6:15 P. M. WGN--Palmer House ensemble. WAAP--Jimmy Kozak, pianist WCFL--Melodists . WENR--Tony and Gus. WBBM--Sports. WJJD--Sports. WMAQ--Palace Varieties. 6:30 P. M. WGN--Lum and Abner. He Considered Marriage a Gamble Lieut. Valentine Preston waa a good-looking, likable chap' with a -weakness for liquor and attractive women. Care^ free'snd irresponsible Tie had sneaked through Annapolis ..with plenty of scrapes chalked up against his record. Out in -the world and attached to a gunboat in China, he still was an overgrown boy who refused to let the cares of the world rest Tipon his shoulders for a fleeting moment. Mar- "riage? It was a*gamble pure and simple. You may con-, demn Val for his many faults but-you-will like'him "'in STORMY LOVE ,, by;BELLE'BURNS GROMER BEGINS NEXT TUESDAY IN THE TIMES \ WENR--Song a Day. WMAQ^Tnckie Heller. WBBM--Buck Rogers, WCPL--Dot and Will. 6:45 P. H. WGN--Palmer House ensemble. WJJD--Rhubarb Red. WENR--Mario Cozzi. WAAF--Symphonic hour. WCFL--Art Kahn, pianist WMAQ--You and Your Government. 7:00 P. M. WGN--Dance orchestra. WCFI^Sports. WJJD--Sports. WMAQ--Reisman's orchestra. WBBM--Lavender and Old Lace. WLfi--Crime Clews. 7:30 P. M. WGN--Veloz and Yolanda's orchestra. WIND--You and Your Government. ' WMAQ--Wayne King's orchestra. WBBM--J. C. Bowers, housing talk WLS--Welcome Valley. WCFL--Patterns in Harmony. , 7:45 P. M. WGN--Horace Heidt's orchestra. WBBM--Ted Fio Rito's orchestra. WJJD--Bosworth Broadcast. 8:00 P. M. WGN--Grant park concert WIND--Concert ensemble. WBBM--Park board concert. WLS--N. T. G.'s girls. WCFL--The Hungry Five. WMAQ--Ben Bernie's orchestra. WHFC--Irish hour, 8:15 P. M. WJJD--Federal Housing program. WIND--Tom Warrillow. 8:30 P. M. WENR--Rep. P. L. B. Kloeb. WMAQ--Eddie D.uchin's orchestra kVBBM--Fred Waring's orchestra. WJJD--Polish program. WCFL--Harmony Revue. 8:45 P. M. WGN--Joe Sanders' orchestra. WIND.--Cecil and Sally. WENR--Goodman band concert. 9:00 P. BL * WIND--Housing administration. WMAQ--Don Caesar de Bazon. 9:07 P. BL WGN--Sports. 8:15 P. M. WGN--Veloz and Yolanda's orchestra. 9:30 P. M. WGN--Lawrence Salerno, and concert orchestra. WBBM--Jerry Cooper. WIND--Gringola. WENR--Gale Page, contralto. 9:45 P. M. WBBM--Louis Prirna's orchestra. WENR--Ben Pollack's orchestra. 10:00 P. M. WGN--Horace Heidt's orchestra. WBBM--Musical Moments. WMAQ--Amos 'n' Andy. 10:15 P. M. WGN--The Dream Ship. WIND--Newstrom's orchestra. WENR--Jesse Crawford, organist. WBBM--Masters' orchestra, WBAQ--Donald McGibeny. WCFL--Dorsey Bros.' orchesrta. 10:30 P. M. WGN--Wayne King's orchestra. WCFL--Reichman's orcestra. WBBM--Ted Fio Rito's orchestra. WMAQ--Glenn Lee's orchestra. WIND--Balladeer's orchestra. WENR--Keller's orchestra. 10:45 P. M. WBBM--Bill Hogan's orchestra. WENR--Crone's orchestra. VMAQ--The Open Road. 10:50 P. M. VGN--Anson Weeks' orchestra . 11:00 P. M. . fMAQ--Al Kvale's orchestra. VBNR--Ben Pollack's orchestra. VCFL--Shandor, violinist. fBBM--Seattle Symphony. VIND--Newstrom's orchestra. 11:10 P. M. VGN--Veloz and Yolanda's orchestra. VCFL-- Ranny Weeks' orchestra. 11:30 P. M. VGN--Horace Heidt's orchestra. VBBM--Bill Hogan's orchestra. VENR--Joe Rine's orchestra. fMAQ--Crone's orchestra. VCFL--Simmons' orchestra. VIND--Slumber hour. 11:45 P. M. VGN--Joe Sanders' orchestra. ' Midnight VGN--Continental Gypstes. VBBM--Al Diem's orchestra. iVENR--Glenn Lee's orchestra. A'MAQ--Keller's orchestra. 13:15 A. M. VGN--Anson Week's' orchestra. 12:30 A. M. VGN--Joe Sanders' orchestra. kVBBM--Zito's orchestra. VMAQ--Christensen's orchestra. iVENR--Al Kvale's orchestra . 12:45 A. M. tVGN--Horace Heidt'a orchestra. VENR--Crone's orchestra. 1:00 A. M. WGN--Veloz and Yolanda's orchestra. - Ann Harding, blond screen star, felt today that she had proved herself a "fit mother" far Jane, her eight-year-old daughter, after submitting to questions by attorneys for Harry C. Bannister, her divorced actor husband. Miss Harding capitulated after bitterly opposing efforts of Banister's attorneys to question her conduct in Reno, Nevada, last December. She appeared in court six times to fight the issue. None of the principals would comment on the nature of the questions. Roland ' R. Woolley, Miss Harding's attorney, said he would ask early trial of the case, however. "Miss Harding's name will be cleared once and for all," he said. Mary Pickford, "America's Sweetheart," and partner in the late "perfect Hollywood romance," was back in the film capital today, after a visit to New York and the east. She attended tha funeral of her aunt, Mrs Elizabeth Ryder, who died last Wednesday. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but Hollywood wondered today whether Jack Dempsey and his divorced wife, Estelle Taylor, are actually on speaking terms as has been reported. The former champion, the present Mrs. Dempsey, and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cooper, were seated in a cafe when Miss Taylor entered with an escort. Jack and his party at once arose and left. Miss Taylor seemed not to notice. "Don't Quote Me" Sidelights on, our Washington Officials (By United Presst WASHINGTON, Aug. 6. -- The utility lobby investigation's famous ' cigar box" episode has had one unusual repercussion. A number of Rep. Wright Patman's loyal constituents have written him, saying they are standing by him 100 per cent on this "cigar box" business. This has embarrassed Patman consid"rably. If the good folks would read their newspapers more closely they would see why. It is Rep. Nat Patton, another Texas democratic congressman, -who is involved in the "cigar box" business. The confusion arose, of -course, due to the similarity of names. f-'atmah and Patton sound a lot alike. Also Patman is well known as the leader of a number-of national fights for the soldier bonus bill. Patton is a first-termer and few outside of his own Texas district had ever heard of him. Patman supporters are hoping the mixup won't hurt their man at election time. 'Tueg'ctay. August '6, '1935. year. The house has okehed the raise already. The amount is just a drop in the bucket in these days of multi-billion dollar budgets but the civil service commission reported that the raises would go to better pur-^, pose with the charwomen than anjt*^! other group. , J The raises are being granted by t providing that the women be paid for legal holidays, excluding Sundays. If the senate finds time to get around to it, the 2,500 lowest paid workers in government service are going to receive a little raise. These 2,500 at the bottom of the pay roll are the charwomen who keep the hundreds of government l.uildmgs spic and span. Congress --if the raises go through--would increase the annual stipend of these workers by an average of $20 a COMPETE FOR RIFLE TEAM INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Aug. .-- (U.P.)--Cadets at the citizens miU- tiry training camp spent their time 'on the rifle ranges today qualifying for the camp ride team, which will be sent to Camp 'Perry, O, next month for the national matches. Tryouts will .reduce the field to about 30 competitors and from, that number five will be selected to represent the post in the national contest. Eight cadets already nave been named to the team from the July C. M. T. C. camp. (Copyright, 1935, by United Press) HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 6.-Fourteen young girls from all parts of the United States were launched on the trail of film stardom, Hollywood's golden" will o' the wisp, by 20th Century-Fox studios today. The youngsters, who have finished 18 months in the studio's training school, were given six months contracts, the studio retaining option to renew for periods up to seven years. They were: Shirley Aaronson, Fresno, Cal.; Lynn Bari, Roanoke, Va.; Esther Brodlet, Chicago; Mary Blackwood, Alexandria, La.; Julie Cabanne, Hollywood; Dorothy Dearmg, Parachute, Colo.; Florine Dickson, San Bernardino, Cal.; Patricia Farr, Kansas City; Philippa Hilber, Los Angeles; Anne Nagel, Boston; Geneva Sawyer, Minneapolis; Iris Shunn, Sioux City, la.; Anita Thompson, Dallas, Tex., and Marian Weldon, Duluth, Minn, THESE VALUES FOR WEDNESDAY--STORE HOURS, 9 A. M. TO S;30 P.M. PURE FOOD COUPON SALE! MODERN WOMEN Nttd Not Suffer monthly ppin and delay duo to col da, nervous strain, exposure or sicular causes. Chi-chca-teraI)iamondi3mndPil]s are effective, rehableand giro Quick Rtllcf. Sold by nil droggista for over 45 years. 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