Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 14, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 14, 1895
Page 3
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OUR GRAND Easter Opening Will continue tomorrow. We not only continue to give handsome Souvenirs to everyone free but we will also continue to sell Sample Shoes and Slippers! at lower prices than you ever heard of. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It'wlll pay you to be particular as to whoso seeds you buy. We are now y in the "^et with a fall line of Landreth's seeds for the •seaflon Tot 1805 and t wish to say to the gardeners and others USHIR seeds, that whi e I^ndroth'i. seeds may be a little higher price then some others "thev are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no otber Needs Bleep? tfc»e grown by Landr«tb. & Sons of Plnlade phta our CUB- tomer* may rely on getting nothing but the very best. I believe that the •iSSt o ffieeds is nothlnloompared to the crop and wi hen a P"^ has the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing bat the very best We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single •rompfalnt; in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect •in over Particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the en. tfre trade .of all the gardeners around Logansport as we as many from a ^tatanoe. Oar trade has Increased on this particular line of goods moro than Wfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line 11C years in the •occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617, 623 Broadway. FRESH FISH! Tf you want a fine fresh PISH leave your order with F. W KINNEY, -TELEPHONE, 172.- Aflno variety of fresh lake flsh received daily. No cold storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. F. H. Grace, DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market St. New Ideas In Gold Crown nnd Bridge Work. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MOKNING, APRIL 1-1 Ben Fisher, the druggist, will save you money on paints. New curtains and draperies at »he Trade Palace. Prices the lowest. See Harry Frank's clay worsted and Sootoh suits (our own make) at $5. The price* in Ono'a list may seem almost boyond belief, but they arc •facts. Feter Shaw is putting up a f2.000 brlok residence on Linden avenue this •priDR. Physicians recommend a pure wlno 4i.a spring tonic. Get Royal Ruby at Joanaton'a drug store. Special aalo Monday and Tuesday of children's calico and gingham dresses from 25o up—Trade Palace. Our new spring style shoes have just arrived. .See them before buying—Silas Winter, 510 Broadway. In order to accommodate the rail. road men Treasurer Keesling will hold the books open until after pay day. Lost—In the city or on the Kokomo pike, a pocket-book containing $24.00 and a receipt to W. L. Hunter. Leave at this office and get reward. Jacob Wright, Rscordor-elect, has entered the employ of Elliott & Co.. until he is called upon to assume his of- ^fice in August. Ho has sold h la dray - ing outfit to J. R. Hazeltine. j A South Sido baee ball team has been organized. It is made up ot the following players: A. Young, C. Vigus. J. Bolton, B. Snepherd, H. Linton, T. Glesebel, C. Clumpp, R. Parker, J. Smith. Convlueed Aff«iiint IIIn Will. Nearly every one for miles around Merely, Mich., knows Chas. A. Jones, whose farm lies two and a half miles northwest of that village. His friends and they were numerous, feared he would not long be spared to them, for the doctor pronounced him afflicted with heart disease and said he might drop dead any minute. This was not a very pleasant reflection for his wife, who watched him almost constantly; once she found him where he fell un. conscious in the yard. His appearance Indicated paralysis, the doctors were cslled again, but they did not understand his case, consequently couldn't do much for him. He was in this condition when he heard ol Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltallzer and its effectual use by others. He sent to Nelson Pike's drug ssore fora sample, and as he expressed it: '-I bad little faith in patent medicines, but some. thing seemed to convince me that this was a good one and could be relied upon. Do you know I felt batter and slept well after taking two doses? I want to say to you that Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzor Is the most wonderful medicine ever made. It cured me BO completely that I never fait better in my life." Mr. Pike who sold him the medicine, says: I wouldn't have believed such a cure possible if I had not seen the change with my own eyes; it is certainly the most remarkable cure of my twenty-four years' experience in the drug business." It ia equally aa valuable for other nerve diseases, euch aa nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleep. lessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general de. bility. For sals by Ban Fisher, Drug- Easier Addre»8. In the R. R Y. M. C. A. rooms this afternoon at 3 o'clock by the Rev. F. M. Huckelberry. His theme will be "The man whom Christ loved." All men invited. T. P. A. 3fOtc» A large and enthuslM tic meeting of Poet F. T P. A. was held la«t night. The matter of attending the State convention at Indianapolis May -1th was discussed. It is certain that the Post will send a large delegation: It la hoped that the entire Post will be able to attend. It is said that the visitors will receive a warm reception at Indianapolis." Arrangements are being perfected for the most delightful excursion ever projected during the visit to San Antonio in June, and there will be a large attendance from all parts of the United States. Write to Mr. Ed Sache, secretary of Post D, San Antonio, Texas, for an illustrated sou. venlr publication of the trip. We will next week in our news letter try to give a synopsis of the features of the trip, with some of the particulars of the expenses. . Ben Hoffman, the popular president of Indlaaa"division will soon exhaust the alphabet as be has juat organized Post "O" at Elchcnond, Indiana. He Is a "buDitner." Illinois must put ou steam or take the side track. The record has been broken. Eight hundred and eighty applications were received at national headquarters and accepted during the month of March, 1895, the largest number previously being for April, 1894 was 762. There will be another Important meeting of Post F next Saturday night when all members are expected to attend. Post F. will heartily support George D Ouster for national delegate. A Noble Vornan. Among the brilliant stars who have added lustre to the dramatic stage In this country, the name of Mile Uhea stands pre-eminently forth,'not only as the great and gifted actress who long ago won her way into the hearts of the people of two continents, but as the woman tender and true, and enobl- ing Ler sex by every act of her gracious and charming Individuality. No woman ever possessed a more striking personality than this gifted child of France, But the world already knows that, for who has not seen Rhea in her. great characters of "Adrienne Lecouvreur," "Canaille," and "Josephine." It was only a tiny bit of a girl, fresh as the roses and as modest as the violets of her convent home, that presented herself one day In the Paris conservatory to begin a course of dramatic study under the great Beauvallet. Her first desire had been to remain in the dim old convent; then she found herself before knowing it studying for the stage, "I remem. ber," she will tell you laughingly, there were three little steps I had to mount in order to reach the stage. Those steps were the hardest things I ever had to cross, but onco on the gtage I knew no fear. I was applauded to the echo, mv career was assured. I have never since known what fear 11 This great actress will appear In her new play, "The New Magdalen" next Tuesday night at the opera house. Ilucklen'M Arnica Salve. The beat salve lu the world for cuts )rulses sores, ulcers, salt rheum ever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to jive perfect satisfaction or money re- 'unded. Price 25;cents per bor. For sale by B. F. Keesling. Druggist D. E. Pryor has a novel aster display in bis store window on )roadway. _ II an on Ic Knuf-rn] Xolice. To the llembers of Tlptoa Lodge, No, 33, F. i A.M.. You are hereby requested to meet n Xlpton Lodge Hall Sunday afternoon, April 14th, at 1:30 to attend the uneral of our late brother, Herman Itorn, member of Orient Lodge, and ,11 visiting brethren are cordially invited, By the order of ISAAC STODELER, W. M. ELI GREEXSFELDEK, Seo'y- HiaaBlc Fuueral Notice. To the members of Tip ton lodge No. ;S, F. A. M-: You are hereby request- id to meet In Tipton lodge hall Sunday afternoon, April 14, at 1:30 tp ,ttend the funeral of our late brother, lerman Stern. Members of Orient odge aud all visiting brethren are lordially invited. By order of ' ISAAC SHLDELEK, W. M. ELI GKEEXSFELDER, Sec. How'- ThU! TVeoSsr One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case ot Catarrh that cannot be oureil by Hall's atarrto Cure. F. J. CHEXEY * CO.. Props.. Toledo, 0. Wo, the undersigned, have taomi P. J. Cheney or ths last 15 j-i»ars, and believe him perfectly onorable l:iall business transactions and financially able to carry oat any obligation made br heir flrai. WEST A TKU.VX. Whole^le Dru^'sta- Toledo. 0 WALDISO. KtsvAs Jt JUnvisf, Wholesale Druz gist. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly npon the blood and mucous surfaces ot he.-yswm. nics 75c par bottle. Sold by all] druggists. Testimonials free. SUED FOR MALPKACTICE. John I. Fray, a brakeman in the employ of the Wabash railway com. pany for the last three years, has brought suit in the Huntlngion circuit court against the company for dam ages, claiming fS,000. Thecomplalnt alleges that on July 4, 1894, he became sick but not wholly disabled, and continued in actual service until August 15 of the same year, when at the instance of the defendants he was directed to call on Dr. H. M. Morehouse, then one of the company's surgeons at Danville, 111., to receive medical attention. [Plaintiff alleges that Dr. Morehouse performed an operation on him in an unskillful manner, from the effects of which he will be permanently disabled. The case seems to be somewhat similar to the one lately decided in the Indiana Su prems court against Van Sullivan, the ex-Pan Bundle brakeman late of this city. Foremen J. J. Hannon and J. J- Sheerln have returned from Altoona. The Pan Hacdlo shop and road men are well represented at English Lake today. The store rooms at the Pan Handle shops are undergoing some changes in the drawing of supplies. A new rating for freight locomotives has been adopted on the Pan Handle going in effect yesterday. Treasurer Keesling will keep the office open day and evening all this week to accommodate railroad men. J. W. Dunwoody, a^ent at the Wabash West Side station is suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism. Fort Wayne Sentinel: John Gallagher of Logansport, detective of the Fan Handle roid, was in the city a short time last evening. Engine 869 left the Pan Handle shops yesterday where she had been repaired. She will ba taken to Chicago where she will do yard service Indianapolis Journal: Surprise is often expressed that ae a rule the passenger crews on the Pennsylvania lines are of BO excellent a class. In explaining this an official says that on the Pennsylvania lines passenger brakemen are not promoted from the lower ranks as oa many rbads, but on the contrary, are selected from other sources. Applications are received from men wanting to become brakemen, and they are selected on account of their character and fitness. A great many applications are always on file, and there is never a scarcity of material to select from. Four Big Suceessrs. Having the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a .phenomenal sale. Dr. King's New Discovery lor consumption, cougha and colds, each bottle guaranteed-—Electric Bitters, the great remedy for liver, stomach and kidneys. Bucklen'* Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's Sew Life Pills, which are a perfet pill. All these 1 remedies are guaranteed to do j ast what is claimed for them and dealer whose name Is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them, Sold at B. F. Keesllng's drug store. A Mn»lc*l Treat, A concert of more than ordinary excellence will be given Wednesday jght, April 17th, at the Baptist church under the auspices of the ilng's Daughters. The artists will be s. Minnie Fiah Griffin, late prima donna with the Theodore Thomas orchestra, and Bennett Griffin, violin- st, late of the Berlin conservatory of music. The entertainment promises ;o bs the musical treat of the season. •union* BesnlM. From a letter written by Rev. J. _-underman of Dlmondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I nave no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous in the jase of my wife. While T was paator of the Baptist church at Rives Janction she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding la grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last loura with little interruption and it seemed as If she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in Its work and highly satisfactory in its results." Trial bottles free at B. F. ieesling's drug; store. Regular size 50c and $1. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is pcnnn aenfly cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a- fifty cent bottle. Please don't expect me to fill these columns with locals calling attention to Otto's bargains. LIVER AND KIDNEYS. Every Spring These Or«»n» Xeed Mtlmnlaiinc. The livernia the great secreting laboratory of the body,. The kidneys the great excreting gateways of the system. In the spring these organs generally become elutfgUh and the blood is soon contaminated with im* purities. When the liver is sluggish the result is biliousness, jaundice, dyspepsia, sour stomach and constipation. Jf the kidneys get sluggish in their action, the symptoms are skin eruptions, nervousness, scant hlgh- colored or pale and abundant urine. Nearly all the affections of spring are caused by failure of either the liver or the kidneys to perform their proper functions. Saraaparillas will palliate tneee symptoms for a time, and nervines keep them back temporarily, but Peru-na cures permanently by removing the cause. Pe ru-na invigorates the liver, stimulates tht\ kidneys, quickens aarl strengthen? the circulation of ibe blood, vitalizes and builds up the cerves. P<j ru-oa is ihe £reatat;t of t»prin£ medicines, toe surest of blood purifier-, the most lusting of aerve lonlne. it is endorsed alike by the profissiounl rn^n and the workmuo, the rlcti and trie poor. ThoMJ wbore systems lire run down from the effects of chronic catarrh, winter coughc. co ds. laarippe. whooping cough, tiad in Pe ru-na, un ideal tonic and rdswative MKDICAL BOOKS FUKE ThePe-ru-oa Driiir Manufacturing Co., of Coiumhus. Onto are ollrriog free, post pa'd. two mediCHl bookti one on catarrh and i ;i nrrtiul diseh'S-s the Otber no soring lurO'C'oes. nod spring dlSBtiot'K. Trie---, bunk- tsunialn tr.e very latest and most reliable iaforma- tlOQ on th> J .?» in.ipOrtn.nl cubjpcis. For free oook on c»nu-?r address D r . , Cvlumbus, THE OI1UHCHEM CiiUKcn OF CnniST (-dentist)—Services will be beld In their now rooniK In tbe MiMjen block, corner of Sixth md BroiidA'iif. Blblp Cliisn Kt liiiSu^andHyinornliiK. All are cordtallr Invited to nt:end. BROADWAY HiKsinTKRiA.v Cnnncn—Rev. H. A. P.-roiva! pastor, hreachlnijat 11 H m ajid 7:30 pin by tlie pitstor. Sunday School nt 9 30. ,-t in Y. V. S. C. E. meetiiijzat (f:30. Strangersund others are cordially invited to attend EVANQKLICAL CHURCH—Rev. 8, J. Kelchlal. pastor. Services today ai follows: Sabbath scliool at 0:30 a. in preaching at 10:311 a. in bythfl pnstor. Y. P. A. at 6 D. m Preachlnc In the evening ut 7 |i. m. All ar« cordially Invited. FutST PKESDTTKHIAN CUD ><cn—Rev. P. P. Putnam, pastor. Services n 11 a. m and 7:311 p. m.. Suii'iar school at 9:30 a, m. Tonne p=opl»'s met'tliurnt 0:00 p, m. IfornliiK subject, "Tl»e Power or an Knilless Life." A cordial welcome IOC ill. A. It. E CJIUKCU— C -rner of C'lcott and Market strfpt. Kev. K. McDnnlel piistir. Preaching at 10 39 a. in anil 7:30 p. in. by the pastor. Sunday school at :i j). in. Touchers' moptlng every Wed itsday evi-nlns. Prayer inectliiK --very Thursday evciilnc All arc cordially Invited CrMDKRLAKD PRKSBYTEHIAK COUHCll—CllilS. B. Wellborn, pastor. Sunday School »:45 *. m. An Easter service o' song and praise will be Blvcn In th- morning. There will he cood mnslciil nlsht. The subject In the evening will be, "What Does the Resurrection Signify?" All are Invited. ST. LncR's EVANGELICAL LUTHKIUN. Cutnicii. Itev. J. C, KauflmHn, pastor. Service- at 11 a. m. Sunday school at 931), Junlnr Endeavor at 3:OD. ^ ouni? people's society of Cbrlstlun Endeavor at U:3n and evening services at 730. KBV. Dr. Gntwald of Suringlleld, Ohio, will preach at both church services. You are invitee. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH—Kev. ponglass I Hobbs, Eector. Services today as Ijllows: C a. in. lloly Communion. 0:30 H. in. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Morning Prayer B 'ly Communion prayer and sermon on "Christ's Resurrection the Pledge ol Ours." 7 p. m. Children's choral service. A cordial welcome given to all. UNTVUKSAMST CnoncH—Rev. T. S. Gntbfle pastor. Service today at 31 a. m. and 7:30 p m, Stibjict In tbo morning. "The Resnrrec- tlou of Jesus " Communion, baptism and the reception of members. In the evening "Sell Reliance." Sunday school at 10 a. m.. Edwtrd Canls Supt. VoU'K people's meeting at fi p. m. A'.l are invited. MARKKT STHEKT if. E. CHURCH—Rev. W. B. Wones. pastor. PreachluR at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p m. by the pastor. Morning theme, "The Resurrection." Evening tneme. •:Matthew, the Apostle." Class at 11.45 n. m. and 0:30 p. in. Sabbath ncn-o! at 9:30 a-m. Epworth League at 6:80 p. m. Topic, "Job 2nd Trial and Issue." Leader. Chas. Hand. A cordial Invitation 1? extended to all. CUKISTTAH CHURCH—Corner Ninth nnd Spear streets. Rev. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Servlws at II a. m. and 7:80 p. m. Sunday School /itftSO a, ra., G. y. Berry. Siipt, Y. P. S.C E. at 5:45 p. m. Rev. D. R. Lucas, D. D., of Indianapolis, will deliver a sermon tn the morning on "The Resurrection," alter wni'-h new members will be welcomed. His subject at nlirht wll'bfi, "The Sinless Man." Revival services will continue every night next ween. A welcome for alt BKOAD\VAY H. E. CCTUUCH—Rev. H. J. Norris pastor. Preaching at II a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning theme. "An Kiuity Grave." Clasi meeting at 9 a m. Sunday Scoool (it 9:45 a. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Senior League atfi:30 p. m. conducted by Miss Clara Hathfon. Special arrangements nave been made for the observance ot Easter, Miss Treat •f Chicago wU have ctiarge of the mnslc and bss arranged a beautiful program lor morning and evening. AD are Invited. Are To> Ercr Aniojtd by a buzzing or roaring aound in your head? Have you difficulty ID hearing dislinct'j? Are you troubled with a continual dropping of mucous, irrlta- ticg the throat and causing you to cough? Is your breath unpleasantly affected and accompanied with bad taste? Is your Hearing Jess acute? I? so, you havu p.itun-b nnd should at once procure a bottle, of Ely's Cream Balm, the beet kno^n remedy. The Balm will give instant relief. Kile of F*t Stock. Yesterday morning the National Linseed Oil Co., through the local agent, W. L. Morris, sold to W. C, Routb. twenty-three head of as fine young 1 steers as ever.wera seen in this county. The animals are less than three years old, and in weight average 1,150 pounds each. The price paid was Si.85 per hunJred pounds, or $55 a bead. Mr. Eouth. will use the meat for home consumption. Have Yon Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold by BEX FIMIIBK. Dru«tst. CHICAGO, March 7, ISM. DK BCKHMAft. CHICAGO. MY DKAK *ix—My attention was flrst csllM to SAXJAK la*; year In tie case of. Captain J. M. Broslus. «t Terr* Haute. Ind.. whj was attacked In tb's City with acute nephrltl* and cystitis On-' UaiumHllonollDe bhiddcr nnd ktdnej*), After prescribing the usuil remedies without avail San- Jak was suKC-sted. and Uw Improvement was no niark«Mialwrtl>t> flrst do»«. and ncomplrt- cote followed so spowllly. thnt I at onw commenced an Investigation oftis merits and li»vt> slues prescribed It In almost every known Torn) of kldnej blitddor. urethr-tl. vnsrliml «nd camrrlml trouble followed lu e iCh inst-'inc* Dy in* Impoiost rwulCs. X case of t«nurw«s(l!ivolunrarj flow of nrliw) In uiyo«n family was very iiiucli Improved by a few doses, and radtotlly cured In loss tha-i a wet-It from practical axperlenoo In a nvmioer ol b»a ca.-es ot li-ucorrlioea I am Tree, to suy thnt I have found no remedy tnat is eijml to SAN" JAK. And whili? I niive never before Klven a proffld- slonii! liidnn-enuiut 10 H nronrteUiry n>mi»dy, l say unbi'sltiitlni;!} «nd •Iilnmt reserve that consider SAN-UK ii veritable boon to humanity and iifi«rnpi>lvlns it to Hie. sun-si pro'es.-.lonal tes'x, can s:ir «1 h oMittdenco, U Is better than It Is recommended to be. l MMU continue 10 prcscnbe it In nil cues of genlto-nrinary orcatarrhai troiililes. In nrefer- eiuvloiil oilier knuwii renn-dles. f*:\ SRisVK'MNiC. S\N'.JAl\oan be nulled npon lolh'iimt r-inlr^iy. The d-licloni tHStu of tbo n>"iil"'liit« Is il.-o In It- fiivor. In iinvcirlblnj It for children. I am at nreM>tu usHsSO'-J tK.ns ;in alterative In skin diseases, ami in sever* £ises of cnr ntceczemn have yielded,so n»-idlly TO It" In- llHencethat 1 shall continue to use It in similar Cuses, tVolhiticontkU-nt that It wi.l meet all the ludlcuiloii.i in such CH.-M- s Vuuss sincerely. (Signed) t'KO. W. SXYURK, St. D. Chicago. UL ^ BEN FISHER DRUGGIST Mary Tliis Girl- Somebody aiK EDITOK:— J swined a blue ellk drees with lemon juice: whi^MU restore the color? I am matinpto^Df money selling tbeClimax Dleb Washer. Have not made loss than f 10 any day I worked. Every family wants a dish washer, and pay $5 quickly when they tee the dishes waebed and dried perfectly In one minute. I generally eeH" at every house. It Is easy selling what'every family wan la to buy. I sell as many washers ae my brother, and he Is an oj^aleaman. I will clear $3,000 this yeaEr. By addressing J. H Nolen 60 W'. Third Ave., Co. lumbue, Ohio, anyone can get particulars about the dish washer, and can do as well as I am doing. Talk about hard times; you can eoon pay i ft a mortgage, when making $10 a d.»y, If you will only work; and why won't people try, whec they have such good opportunities. MAGGIE R. Don't Tolncco Sliit or Smoke Your Ufe is the truthful, startling titleol a book' about No To-Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco habit euro that brace* up nicolined nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak men gal strength, vigor and manhood. You run no physical or financial risk, M Jfo-To-Bac is sold by B. F. Keesling under a guarantee to euro or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling Ramedy Company New York and Chicago. ___ A new, complete and up-to-date Hand-book of information, covering nearly 2,000 cities, towns and resorts. contained In the current lusuc of th» Rand-McNally liuide. 13.00 per year, 40c per copy. 166 Adams street, Chicago. Fractured 1 wo JKlb>. Forest Suth was Injured in a fall from the hay mow of John Shafer't barn at Walton yesterday. Two ribi were fractured. Carpets, carpets, carpets, is the cry at the Trade Palace. A Brussels carpet at 40 cents a yard; a velvet Brut- sols at 80 cents. C;me and secure a bargain. About next week you will remember having read Otto's ad veitleement, then U will bs too late, the sale is thit weak only. YENO AND THE G. A. R. W J- KEBSTETTEB OF THE SOLDIERS' HOME DAYTON, O., CORED BY YENO REMEDIES. After Four Year 1 * l»a«rerln*-Atl«nd«d by ItlBoy Phy«leUn« lVI«b«ot K«lltf.-HelM Entirely Carc4 by Vono Jtrmedien. W. J. Kerstetter. late secretary Soldiers' Home, mm a terrible «uflcr«- for lour rears from dr»pep- pla. nervousness ai.d liver irouDle. and wasa cao- flnned Invalid more or l-xs. for tSac l«ngtn of time. Stanv t-ITorui b«ve!>wn mad-iio cure blui but all proved unavailing until Verio's Remedies wereiaken. He wrlwu* ax follows: -I have takea VE.VO'a CUrtAtlVESITHJj' and fe^l bet'ertum i haw for (oar yectra. If I bad taken tb*s« remedies In t!tn« f would not havB . been an Invalid/' TbesarceJssaldot tboosamto of others ail over > m-rlca. The Ve o Bemedlw UK an-dlra! trtnmphs cOi»- pounilHi from formulas serawl In .Europe, and arc din^'tnt Ironi anjrhi nit ever offered Here, VENd'SCCttATrv-KSYRCPlMea bottle), U a posiavi-cur*" for wealc fitomach. djspepsiH, liver, kidney. Mood and urinary troubles. sleepl««sn<>.w. TOMraDD-Hwand jroneml weakness, and wbefc nsoi wtta VEXO'S ELK.iTRJC FUJI II (oQs a Dot- L'e) will cure tBe worst and most desperate form* of rbeooia ism. sdsllca. lombaeo, <>aral>sls. «UK lolnui, neuralgia, a^a HI! acbea and f alms. TOO'S I'CSC TOXIC (53C a bonle), »,qaii*.. and permanent cure lor throat and iuuz trooblw* astbtoa, bronfbias, hoarseness, and coughs an* colds. • ' .. So d fcj Johnston. Keaillne said Ben Flsnar, Drnzgliti ted eaxranteea » cure or money .refunded.

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