The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 4
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t PAGE POUft (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVU.LE COUHIJ3R NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS • c; ii. UABCOCK, Editor II. W,HAINE3, Advertising Nttragtr Sol? National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas- Dailies; Jnc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis • Published'JEvcry. Afternoon Kxcept Sunday EntejKl us second class mailer nt the post sflice at lilytlicvillo, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1317. Served oy liic United Press .SUBSCRIPTION, HATES By carrier l:i the Clly of Blylhcvllle, ISO per week, or $0.50 per year, In advance. By mall, within a radius ol 50 miles, $3,00 per year, $1.60 for six monllis, 75c (or three months; by mall In postal /ones two to six, Inclusive, 4G.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Politics and Public Service Hoyond anything he had ii possible, laments Cavl iHailoy, nomineu for governor, has been the pressure to which lie has been subjected since tho Democratic primary of List August 11, The pressure of which the governor- to-be complains has' been that of thousands of office seekers, importunately pressing their demands for places on ,tlie public payroll in recompense for services allegedly performed in the primary campaign. There are 'supposed to be fl.OOO state jobs, great and srmdl, within the control of. the governor. When, he takes the governor's chair next January Mr.. Bailoy must choose or compromise between rewarding the politically faithful and serving the best:interests of the state. So far as we are aware there has never been a governor who has had lliiv" slamina to put political considerations aside in the filling of public officef Kvcn those most sincerely committed to a program of ed'icicnt public service have been unable to resist the pressure of the political job-seekers. The presumption is that in this respect 11 r, Bailey will not prove , superior to the best of his predecessors. Jfc is understood lo have ambitions to rise further in public life. The commonly accepted method of ' achieving such advancement is to <le' *»lo|o *a strong .RIK| loyal political ov- ganiiiiilio!), supported out of the fpub^ ^»' Ijc Jrojisury. It-would bo an inlci-est- ing esp'erimeiit, however, to see if single-minded devotion to the public welfare, regardless of what coinmonly is regarded, as political expediency, might not reap a destrvcd reward in public support and approval, After iill the vnnows departnicnts ,-ind commissions of tho slate government arc supposed to serve the welfare of the people in general rather than to he instruments lo advance the political interests of any individual or group, llight not the executive who treated his appointive power purely as a public trust gain a reward in public confidence exceeding an y advantage to be achieved through the distribution of jobs on a political basis? We are cynical enough to doubt it but wo should like to see it tried. There's nothing glamorous about scieen beauties lo me. .1 sec Uicm before they turn on the glamour. — Walter West, movie- nwkc-up expert. OUT OUR WAY •CCC's Other Side ' The Civiliiii, Conservation Corps, drawn -up to rehabilitate otic great forest resources, seems to have been \ doing ii pretty fair job of human rehabilitation as well. "Howard W, Oxley, director of CCC camp educational activities, reports to the War Department I hat '10,000 young men who were illiterate when they enrolled in, tlie CC0 now can rerid and write. During flic past year, for instance, 92 per cent of the men who were found In lie illiterate at the beginning of the year have hcen attcnd- ing classes regularly. ' : Here is an activity which is every .bit as important us the forest,'con- set vjiUou woik, if not moro so. 'I'ho piirfie sinalilkatlon, for cili/.qiblnp in a deriiociaey'is Unit a man Le''at least hleratc, The CCC, by, bringing educational opportunities to men who had been denied them, is amply justifying Jts existence. And it should be possililu to say this without thought of Ihe current political campaign. The CCC is not a partisan issue, 'it is a national program 'that bus worked, Row Wars -Slarl If yon want lo discover where much of. (he danger .of war lies you' have only' to turn your eyes toward I'Yanee, • where thousands of striking workmen have demanded French support of-the Madrid i,oya!iels. Although such intervention in the Spanish .conflict would almost certain-. ly mean a general war, these I'Vtiich sympathisers Ihrcaten the Blum 'government wilh (he gravest of ils regime. • The prospect'of another European wiir, which Premier lilttm' has pointed' out, secnis not to deter them in tlie least. And how docs all this apply lo the United Slates? Just Ibis, 'it demonstrates how easily tho intemperance of a pc'ople can drive a nation to the brink of war. 11 demonstrates, also, Uiiit if a nation expects lo have perpetual peace, the hop.e for that peace rests largely wilh the ' people themselves. '•• As Hollywood kisses, so kisses the nation. —W. S. V"» Dyke, niDllon picture director. » « » Whenever 1 lenvc Chicago on a night trip, I always leave home wearing a nightgown Instead of undies and a shirt. J cun't be bothered doing con tor lions In a berth. —Clarence Darro-,v. * . * • Golf is a queer mount to ride, wilh a gcnlle slridc one day au<l a broncho-bustliii; twist (lis next. There is nothing that .wrecks Ihe nerves any more lhaii a scries of holeable putts that refuse to drop. —Bobby Jones. * * * ' Our American system Is not a perfect system, but il Kllll hns a Inddcr of success with just one rule. Any man can climb it who is first lo put Ills |oot. on the bottom rung. —Frank Knox, Republican' vice presidential candidate. SIDE GLANCES By George, Clark "You know, dear, some oilier .specialist might niv Ih'ii sonic outdoor hobby would he even beKcr Cor your nerve:;.' THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^S: William Ferguson DESERT TRAVELERS ACTUALLY HOP£ FOR WHICH ENABLE THEM TO SEE BFT-/OND THE. HORIZON. By-Williams ETTEIg 1CK.' TH' HOS'S IS STOPPED - V'O-U'LL BE WORE OUT DID ^v ' SEE A FELLEK \. BOUNCE '-50 \ LOM& AFTER. 1 HIS. HOS5> HA?> / STOPPED- THET'S/ MOME MTU M v^/ MOMEMTUM MAH AH OOT MAH FIMGER. UNDER BOP&- €SK(/V\O ICG CREAM CONSISTS OF A • MIXTURE: OF BERRIES AMD DEER. FAT. FU1DAY, SKPTKMHRR ]8) !93G BY DECK MORGAN ©1936, NEA Service, Inc. SNAKCS VVILL NOT SWALLOW -" A SPOILED EGG./ THEY CAN TELL. THE GOOD ONES FROM THE BAD ONES BY TOUCHING THEM WITH THEIR TONGUES. .„«,„., .Mirages have led many desert travelers on to death, but they ,iave saved Hie lives cf counllcss others. Due lo two diilcrcnlly healed strain or air, objects below llic horizon arc brought iuio view, and travelers often have been let] lo their gcal by ihib phenomenon. KKXT: \Vlicrc are r.rarts (omul in llic 11. S.?. Minor Surgical Operation Supplies Should Bo Li Firsi Aid Kir »V Dlt. MOKKIS FISHIIKI.N I nuc Kclilor, Journal of the American 1 of Medical Association, ami of' lljgcia. the Hcallh Mag»7inc There is hardly n family which, iooncr or later, does not tecl Ihe iced for bandages, adhesive tape, -:c!ssors. colton, nnd other mater- 'als used la minor surgical opora- ts, needles, nnd calgiit, or anj the other surgical' material used in operations. Only the ex perlciiccd should use o such materials. It is .well for every family, however, to have available: a founUiii syringe for use In irrigating rious cavities of the human body lions about the home. | This should be of rubbcri metal Realizing the desirability of or glass with a capacity of abou such materials, most, mamifaclur-j two quart's. 11 should hnve a lone era now make available fully rubber tube, wilh a suitable con equipped kits for use in the auto- striding valve, and several noz zlcs of assorted .sizes. mobile why? touring, in the home, in the ,'flclcry, or in Ihe school. These first nid kils usually con- Hubtcr available shcolins should in limes of illness. lain bandages of various widths! Is placed under Uic ordinary slice and lengths, -prcfeaibly one to; to prevent foiling of (he mattress ' three inches wide nnd about five yards long; adhesive tape of various widths and lengths on spools; small bandies of adhesive tape nnd strips of gauze; scissors suitable for cutttns diffcirru materials for various uses, anrt absorbent cotton for washing .nnel cleansing Taper towels and paper handkerchiefs may be resiilnriy > :C pt In the limnn for use in t'imc of Illness, since they may be leadily turned after use. -, J'uunjr niir*p, hired Il.s il-NI|.tvnriEi-.s.s itti O»i'r- Irunl Alrwuyrt jiml, ([u- harut! tiny,' Pis Tj;il til<AIIA.l!, vi'li'niii IJlliil 11 III) HU'« (In, lr:lij«-rarlllu ri)lll< L . Kny I* !is«h;ur<l In Die oohT.i lllVlhlULI tit till? <-<T*ICf. MONTH III.AIM:, la\ :i|,jir,mhi- [illix, ,,a,< In-r jji:irlu.<I iitfmiioiiK. Monti. Is ilnrlnir, roill.'ltllli.., litil Kny Is mim- lulm-MiMl In Teil, \vhcim »lio «cm Hi- li-rt-|i[,oiLrx one innrnitiK ttnil • In- Kiirnilii (lie'iliiy iviil, l,|] 1 IJK.UJI;, |I]K ui](,j,(i'd 7-) I'lir-ujil KIU,. Tlify ilrJvu up lulu itif'niiiiin- Jnliu .-incl I, live » iilfiilc IMIH-I.I-UII. lllfklr n>Kl ICiij- ,it imi'l: lircimie. Iinj- IJ.-IK ln-t'ii (nla Unit Ti-il (•riiliiini wnr*lil|iN Uir im'mnry lit Ills wife ivht, died'vriirx lu.fnrr. Ill- (ills h,r franl.lj lluil he ivlll liC'vi-r nnirry nKiilii. "lliHIlliuri. IH lichlml me," lie .NajH. "I've my Joli jioiv." SOW GO OX WITH Till: STOl'lV CHAPTER IX .... . fpED Graham was in'port'for al- j. mbst:a week, setting the Manner ready for ils next flight, and Kay saw him every day between her own trips on the Overland 1'OlllC. The young pilots at Ship Harbor were all interested in the new girl. Though she was usually seen wilh Ted, they liked to dance and flirt with her. Monte Blaine was parlieularly attentive. But the flying colony knew , Monte was the "hero" type of an earlier era—dashing, adventurous, holder of-trans-continental speed records. Once Monte took a private plane and ilcw to Reno in less than two hours to have a date with Kay. She felt enormously flattered, but when Ted Graham heard about it he called Monte on the carpet and gave him a lecture. Tlie day after Monte's trip to Reno, Kay had a wire from Central headquarters, transferring her to the Oakland aivport. Doris Lee look Kay's place in Reno and de elded it would b« convenient to slay on ill the apartment Kay had rented. Kay hurried out lo Ship Harbor thai afternoon to see the Flying Mariner fake olt for -Hawaii. Her taxi was caught in il jam nnd she didn't arrive in time to see Ted. She ran clown to Die quay just as [he giant flying boat v/as taxiing out into open water. * a * 'THE sun had sot and Kay saw -*- the ship's lights, blinking,red and green. Then she could 'see no more. She wiped the tears .from her eyes and turned to find •iMonto Blaine.•Etaiiding Jicjide hcrj tall and broad and clean/watching the ship disappear. Monte followed her down the quay. "Come on, sweetheart, cheer upl" he said. "Give us a smile!" Kay smiled indulgently. Monte, In spile of his broad shoulders and handsome, dark head, seemed o young. t » * r p\VO days later Kay found an - 1 - aparlmenl near the beach at Ship Harbor where, from her window, she could see llic trans-Pa- cific liners, moored at the quay. How she envied the men of the crews on those flights! There seemed to be magic in the names of the places they visited—Honolulu, French frigate Shoalb*, Midway, Guam, Manila. . Ted Graham was away from the home port for the next two weeks. It was the time o£ the Easter holidays, so Dickie, his adopted son, was home from 'military school. Dickie liked the grime and dirt, of the hangars nnd lie liked tools. Since Jerry Searles (wilh whom Ted lived) was at the airport all day, Dickie spent most of his time there, too. Kay met him the first day of his vacation, and he came to her with shrill cries of joy, pulling grimy lillle fisls around her waist. She didn't mind. She was on her way home with the evening meal, literally, in her arms. Dickie was hungry, lie said, "Pal, you wouldn't invite a guy in lo eat, would you? Jerry's food is all right, bin it all comes out of tin cans." Kay laughed. "I'm afraijl mine all comes from flic delicatessen store, Dickie, but you're perfectly welcome!" "I think Ted likes you," Dickie confided, over the ice cream. "Once I slipped into his room and he was drawing little circles and writing 'Kay' in them. That's your name isn't it?" Tho doorbell rang and Kay went to answer. It was, as she had expected, Monte Blaine. He had brought one of the other apprentice pilots with him. Balph Bangs was a bright-eyed youngster with curly hair and a slight scar on the left check. Monte demanded, "Why didn't you invite us lo the liouscwarm- ing? Which reminds me, the house hasn't been warmed and you've been living in' the colony for a week. Shame, shame!" ig".' Sometimes I don'1 go lo bed at all!" "Dickie!" Kay said, gathering him into i-er arms.' "You're so sleepy right now you don't know what you're saying," 4 t it HE walked down the beach with the child. A heavy fog'was rolling in from the bay and, after she had lurned Dickie over lo Jerry Soarles and was on her way back to the apartment, she could scarcely sec more than a few feet ahead. Monte and Ralph were talking and smoking when she returned "It's a bad night out for Ilysrs," Kay announced. Each of the men shivered, feeling the fog in their bones. "We called up some friends," Monte told her. "Thought tonight was as good as any for the housewarming." Tho bell rang again and Kay thought it must be Monlc's friends. Insiead it was Doris Lee on the threshold. "The night plane was grounded," Doris said. . "We couldn't leave the airport in this fog, so here I am!" Ralph Bangs was leaning over the radio as Doris entered the Jiv« ing room. As soon as she saw him she dropped her bag wilh a clatter. "So it's, you!" she exclaimed. The young pilot blushed. "Why, Doris—" Kay salfl, in surprise, "Then you know each other?" Doris' chin lifted firmly. "And how! Th'; last time I saw that guy he was Hying out of Cenlral airport. For a while we were good fri?nds—until I began to hear talts about this hsmlsome Romeo and did a little investigating. Do you know what I found out? He has a girl in every port from Cheyenne to New York! After that the air around Central wasn't big enough for tho pair of I us. One had to leave and the best | man won—so he got out." This amiable quarrel lasted un- ! til the others began to arrive. They were all members of the flying colony. Kay was glad they accepted her as one. of them; it niiic-jher feel that she "belonged." With this feeling she went to Hie windows and looked out at the thick black fog. Monte came up beside her. "Don't look at the fog!" he said. "Br-r-r! It used to be a nightmare, but it's not any more on the Irans-Pacific flight,, thanks to Ted. Last; week he Hew fi^m Honolulu to the mainland and didn't see the ocean after he left Diamond Head. That's progress in the air!" (To Be Continued). s of liquid preparations prescriii-' -~ d by the doctor, a medicine di'orj- ipr for depositing small amounts if fluid into a measuring glass or or dropping medicines into the ye or the nose arc -also useful o have available. Moreover, Hie family mntlteine •hest .shaukl contain -several liier- iiometcrs for measuring the Icm- pcralurc of the human body by he mouth or by the rectum. Family thermometers should al- vays be thoroughly washed with cold water and then with alcohol Tftcr they have been used. They should be kcnl in a safe rccep- acle so as not to be broken easi'V. Housing Project Ntuncd TOLEDO (UP)—The new low- cost housing project here will be CHURCH EXCUSES = Dy G. W. Uarbam— Well, when I tell you thai most S ] lc many of nnr Club IVfembers are now back with us, you must know I am happy. And another thing, I almost got Sister and Junior to church last Sunday. I recently met up wllli what, seemed lo me an awfully nice woman, though I coon found out life poor thing knew absolutely nothing about ihe latest steps nnd when in a casual and nonchalat lone mid way, 1 mentioned the cocktail hour, which \vc have added to call for Sister and Junior, evangelists .hayc gum;, ami | nnd when she found out I was unable lo get up in time lo get Ihcm ready, she said she would not bo able to accomodatc me. I I told her if she would take the I trouble to find out my social I standing, she certainly would feel j Ihe favor would be hers. activities, I thought it found the poor was something known as the "Brand Whillock Homes," in honor of the lute: tircly different. I was telling sonic cal paper World War minister lo Belgium' of our members about the inci- returned. Uoi reivers Arc Embarrassed FORREST CITY, Ark. (UP) — I Determined to let her borrowing f neighbors know that she wanted our lhc family's kraut cutters returned | soul Mrs. L. R. Grobmycr inserted en- four-line advertisement in a lo- I asking that they be | four-time mayor of Toledo. rlent and they agreed with me that, it is really appalling now Ignorant many of the regular Binding of Baby girls' feet still. is a custom in certain districts of i church women are about China. ' mailers. I finally suggested In spite of their enormous size, whale sharks arc quite harmless, such Even when chasrd and harpooned, thai they seldom turn on lliciv captors. OUR BOARDING HOUSE :^®£%:> With Major Hoople I i%jj% MUFFLE " VOU'RE CHW-TEK— TUf"^ v ^~t^|l THOSE Z^f TWO ARB "A OWL.V SOT yjfr O-WP,—-~ L\KE HKM A^' Jjf CLOSEP, "i"HfXM ) £jj? A O7.DAA I1L E6QS/ Ht'S "BEEW ^^ A, CLAM AKTO 4 M P.r^.H VOW jOfr T3O1UKSG POT S'LOMG, "^ TH' OK1LY HE'S MELTED TO6HT Jjj^ THIrJG-WAT 1MTO IT/ j^ ^^( CAM PART ( E A piece of ollclctht will fiiupose for a short lime. In many illnesses it Li not safe for the patient lo get up ever, attend to the usual nee.-ls of tltt body. In such, oases, a bed pan Is a valuable device and will save, trouble fcr the patient and those who nurse him. An Icebng which may be applied to head, throat, or. abdomen is n useful item frcqujitly recommended by doctors. The durability ,, _ , ,. , . , "»d life of the icebag will de- Ji a paiieiU Ii expcclornlinc n I pend OH Hie care il is clvcn when rent deal of material. ib c paper, not in use. handkerchiefs may be thrown into n paper bag kcpl aTtln bedside. aim Ihe entire bag burned as the material accumulates. The average family" win no l rt-1 It should always be completely emptied of its contents aftrr use and, when thoroughly- dried, put ^==f away An in ils box. atomizer for spraying ---- .quire such surgicjl tnslrumn)t 5 as I nose and throat, a gradualed med- prooes, catheters, forceps, louinl-jiclnc glass for measuring the dos-

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