Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 5, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1942
Page 3
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NAUOATUOK PAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, JUNE men VICTORY ATflLAST byBILLCORUM Passing of J. Is Oronin's Admission -Of RedSox failure, , . American Even Seem to Enjoy Their Yankee liicking». * ^][llFE^^€^€HES THE FOXX ^^ mm ^^-»^^**^-^'»*» < *'*'« i *' ik .' m '»'*' m *''*'^^'* < * > ^T mmmm '^'* m r * m "****MM'H'h I-Ma .luno 5-rTho would : no more holdstill Tor l>eli |)ay m{ f lOin'orv I'Vixx. the- vniitinurtlly. Isli'ovod, nround.. ni ^mmH^mmm—m^*—~mm-———m~m*^m^+m*lHiimia**&*mm**^m fSPl* -1| , WW 1 :•:: -. : ^..^."z v- ; •'.-' "'^•a? '&^ hue lomorrow EVERETT MEET IN that U ii lo IT-flu I U WIIH sell' who (In- rum lof liN 'HfiSl' <!('[ htriy ellH' -ir IK'' I'll, ny ..„„.," man" from Maryland, .from p«nl.on Imsohall seone woultl . .,; he an admission thai Mr. YnwIu'y'M Hod Sox still ( aro Dotting (no much laundering irom oolor HO rapidly; boooi.uo necessary ,„,.„ them-the I'lnk Sox. Manager ,loe Cronln hun- lold us at the opening of .,ii HwiHfiri that the ehanoOH ort-dJHfpnolrHliiK Carmine KMutod on Foxx more than r player. II hit for us, vve'vo got- a nnld (Ironln that evening at ' -Hul l (1 lie doesn't hit, I'm at Yrtld It wlU be the same old story "Apparoli'tiy James Kmpry didn't MU or at any rate, not robustly oMo'utfi, U looks as though it Is £0- InK to be "Um same old story." Only posMlbly more so, What wo are beginning to \von- f i ( ,,. is wtiolhnr It won't -always bo I ho same story If the lied Sox 0011- llmic to operate under the set-up Uiat'lias failed to deliver through loo uuuiy y OKI'S now. lomlshlp w «"«• wonderful tiling >md Invally one of manklnd'n flncwt ttlrlhutrs, nnd l-ho Messrs. Yawkey ,,„! cronln aro close friends anil ap- iimriMilly loyal lo cnoh other to the last double-header, Hut Air. Yawkoy ean t toll Mr. Iflronln, or vloi'-vnrsa, which moans that nvi-n thi'lr -best friends can't HI HllHM* of them, that the Red Sox are not giving the long suffering fans of Hoston muuli to ohoor about. TIIKY TAKE IT TOO OUAGKFUIiLY; I also have beard somi'wIuM'o -about I bo Ynnkuo.s, Rut Isn't thnt ancient nlibl of tlio oilier k'lifjne monul.s nnd nuin- "Ob, we can't bunt Ihoso blfl i, (hi»y'i'p much too flood," to WPIU- lust n trlflo thin? There aro times when I don't know ln.Miotly wlinl.loninko of HOIMO of (ho {jenlhunrn of I bo Amwloun In a business doul they would : no nioi-o Iiold'-still for being l.shovod. nround.^ nnd .nuulo to piny lho,socond fiddle (nnd only such n low sweet,note us will not offend .'Ed Hnn-ow's trained inu- .sliurl «nr, niovcov.ftiO,.' .limn they \v,ould weui 1 sn'ok-cloth nnd nslies. T.hoy would " iiwuiipnlnto , nnd solicmc.und Ilfiht bnek until they nt lonM wonn row nOw.nnd then if Ib'ls u'U.s .sti'nlrtbt business competition. lint season In. .-anil, season out limy lake '"their perennial, habitual niid apiMtrently .Almost .pre-dostlned laclno from tbo Yanks without vSO much as liflinu a weary pinky. v Not-only do they lake .-their beatings, It also looks ns thoufjh they inlfihtibo bojjiniiinu to'liko 'em. Possibly hoenuse, like Max finer when bo used to bump his bend against n slenmpipe because it*felt so flood when he stopped, it feels so (jood diirinfj the winter when they don't have to take 'em. "•It isn't thav- they aren't fans. Until (he wiir enme ulonii, no ownci 1 in tilther loafjuo followed Ills tenin more i-otifjlously than Tom Yawkey. Whevevei 1 you saw tiis'hed Sox, you almost invariably,snw t-ini. . Alon« with most of us, Ynwkey Ilkoly is thinking inoro nbout -btlieiV • nnd move important matters rlflht now (luui baseball. Yot the onmo Noes on nnd the Yanks »o on win- ninfj. , • , ' If all this sounds like rin npflumcnt for a new tlenl In the Boston Club, it isn't so Intended. At least not ex- aetly. I like ,loo Cronln immensely and always have considered him .a llrst rate manager, thounh he may not bo. One couldn't exactly prove it by his inniuidoi'Inl record. FAULT MAY NOT II10 JOE'S: It Is my guess that the repealed failures of the Red Sox somehow go beyond Joe. It looks ns though the front office can't quite make up''its mind, which Is almost-.nlwpys OOP- lain to be disastrous. . Yawkey eame to tht? Red Sox, and big league.ball, a big spender.-The biggest spender of them. all. Then, allal once, ho -practically stopped West -Hartford,- Conn., 'Juno • 5— (UP)—Francisco Seguru ot Ecuador, \vho has the meanest two-handed forehand in ' the -business- and- likes to ho called Pnncho, mcots Harris Everett; Jacksonville, Fin,., in the soml-flnal round-oi 1 the Now England tennis championships today. Top-seeded Gardnar Mulloy, Coral •Gables, Fla., plays ChaiHVccy Depew Stodlo, .-Jr., Cumhi'idge,;Mass., in tlie other "soml-flritil match .today. . Segura, a '20-year-old 'youngster from Quito, .Eouador;-'had-a little •1,1'oublo in -gaining -the ;semi^nals. He .played Paul Guihord, Hartford, formor ^Dartmouth player, off his feet to win the first ; set 6-2, but had a tough time taking tho,seo,ond, 10-8. •Pancho, as ho-calls 'himself,: swings on his forehandlikc, Ted .\Villiams or Joe DiMaggioa'tl; When he connects, the shots,, whiz .in all directions like bullets. : . Mulioy ousted ' ,lohn Gpw, Slms- .bur.y, 6-2, 0-7;-§te,el .eliminated Vartie Prochaska, Hartford, G-?,,^, .and Everett defeated -Marvin Anthony, .West Palm Beach, Fla.V 0-3,;8-0. In' the -women's division, Hope .Knowles, Avon, meets Kat!icrlne Hubbell, Bedham, 1 Mass., today jn ;thc nmil.round.,. ..' ' ... IS WINNER OF Boston, ,nm-e5— (UP)— .loclcoy Garroll Bierrnnn, who .set : a Ne>v Ens-, land race trade' ''record Wednesday. by. riding three 'consocul.ivc winners, todny -shared another, mark for -t'hls section with" Jockey Ted .Atkinson— both won -four races on, •an ei.yht-racc program at -Suffolk DoWns. •..-.. Atkinson won t-he first two races yesterday v-uul tlion Biemnan won t-he tlrird and' fourth oven-ts. Atlvln- son took 4he noxt two and: I-3lormnn matched him tin the filial two 1 . races. It was the first 1 time in JO yeai\s '.of •-legalised racing in Now England ithat two riders succeeded .in sweeping a oarcl. . spending for new material. Not J.ic- causo'lio no longer had it to spend,He has it all right,. 'But, because lie' had' decided tirat wasn't the right. way v to do the hat trick; •Every body has known for three years now that the ; 'Sox had everything except pitching. Even pass-' able pitching. Yet next Ho ,notlimg : has been done about Jt. And it isn't as jf there weren't plenty of good young, pitchers around. Major Brancli Rickey, ; on the- Cardinal chain gangs alone, inarches 1 (hie looking young pitching prospects about Jn -'columns- of -squads, ' I/eland Stanford MacPliall in Brooklyn seems to find no great. diffio'ult'y in locating winning pitchers. And what the Dodgers got the Re-d Sox haven't, except pitchers ? 'I .-know your answer. It's obvious. You, arc going to s.ay. "The Yankees to'boatv 1 ' ; . ' "• "SPEC" SHEA WINS TWO GAMES FOR St. Louis Browns Battling They Have Won 11 of Their Last 15 Games; Yankees Keep -Rolling. MAG' PIIAir, KNelOY TRYING: K Adihiltin(i that is easier Snhl than done, isii't. It t nic that the harder it Is to do, tin; nibi'c of a cliallenao'it poses? Put Muul'hall with Hhc mn- jority of those nlsoTron ; Amci-icnn lonffiio cliihs and I ffuarnntec you'll sco it jjivcu .a.qooil xvrcstlo. ! Kven If Lai'i'y failed, a lot of flrc- crackcivs would cxplotle under certain Amni'ican loaflue ea.^y chaiivs.; And not only on the Fourth of «l"ly. Hut continuously until the Vankees found'olit that tlicy couldn't win by; lust throwiiifr their | gloves 'out oil inn -.field:'-" ..•'•, "Wlilch they can just nhout do riffht now, thou'fih I -ilbn't. hieon to' Intimate that they ai-on't a fji-eat hall team with it. liecause they are.! Well, anyhow, a mifflity flood hall ' Now . ,.. when the season is just beginning is the time to select, your-sport coat. •.;.;•; ^ ,' ; '^ ur ^;,..:'.":'.;'' \yo have an -unusually fine selection froni i^e -most conservative in soft,Shades ,of Teal Blue and Camel to the more boisterous in ;wide awning strij)es and bold checks and .plaids. ; u-. f< - ' .. .v....-.-, A fine .assortment pf, gabardines, tropical- worsteds , $7.50 LEE & STETSON STRAW WATS FLORSHEIM SPORT SHOES New Haven, Conn., Juno 5—(UPJ- -Ivan B. "ivy" "W-ilhia-iiisoTi, ' who- |-j 6'ch an ass Is ia ri-t -'•! q.Q tb all -.^o'acl i,': 'rtt'--Yfflo 'Tor- sovcrft] ; years.vJifl's'-^cqii; 'cornmilaslbnod a -'liputen'an-t, ,[unior; ; ^rade, '.Ihii.-Wie- II. 1 S. Naval; Bewvc •an'fi- reports 'for. duly June.':15/. ? ' it. )\vus"di-sel.osod .today.: ••'- ." ;: .".-'. '-.'-•. ••'rtiti \vill ';'pa}rtlci-pat6Vln;'mo;^vy.3; 'ph^yiRi.^l^^rtiu.^^l^^ the farmed is'er- Uy -.'fiEOKG-E-KIHKSEY United -Press Now York, .June 5—(UP 1 —Without fanfare or hullabaloo, the St. .Louis Browns are .balLlin'ff.Lbelr way, int.o a first d'ivisl'On berth -m ;,t'he American; league. 13y winning 11 o.X their last l'5'-gnm'c's the'Browns luivc separated themselves from l*b.'e second division .While Sox, ^enalors arid Athletics. . : '; ; ' Although they still .a-iV^u"; fifth place,' the Browns arc only,.-half a 'game the- fourth place Red Sox who once\nvore .arc tewing pitcihcrVs cramps: Luke. SpvyeJl. lias. , clone- a remarkable- job." wit/h. ,the. Browns,- considering; that be lost regular shortstop Johnny Borar- •dino, outfielder Joe Gra-ce and a "co-uple of others ; to vice. • Tlio' Browns weren't with'" pitching prospects'-; this spTln», but Sewell "has --El-'doh 'Auker,- .Tqhn N'igtfel'i.n'g and Al Hollihs'S^vot'-'th pitching Avinnin.g iball and -;there: are 3 6 m o fh 6 p es I'll a t Bob ' come .around .'-.sbah.:'• bast >! '. ,, deal which brought tialcn-pr Frank 1^ Hayes to the Browns has imprp.ved .{.lib -oliib'-s punch. TIie' fcagueu is raVihg 1 -ab-ou t ;rq' ylrortstop Vernon Stephens, who is not only a classy fielder ; bu/t. lias considerable 'poweiv Jirnmy Dykes, White 'Sox pilot, 'rates' ;Step]iens •over ,tlie ; Hed Sox.'s 'hi-gh'Ly-Louted rookie' -s'hortstop . : J : ofin.iry !Pesky. , 'Tlie Browns got -off on :the rigliL ifooL -in the second -Eastern invasion iby .winning the opening -.series from Washington,. .taking ithe -ortld game of. a three-game series ycs- ierday, 7-2 Coal led • eiglil/h because of wc'a1;her). Al-Hollingsvybrth,; castoff s'd-'uth'paw from : tlie: '.National league; :;scored'' ; hls fourtli, •'victbr.y, conirpl ; on eigh'f Jilts. Jiarlond : ^GWft;s ) -p- ; ;—T:—: : . Komer with onb'o'h was the Browns'] -big.punch, ; \ ffht Yankees,>.as-,usual, kept roll-; ing. They pi ted up . eigli t runs on- -lu-ckl'cs-s ftdgur 'Smith, yeiir's . m-osl. cons'istenl; loser, in the «econ-d in-' ning and beat t-be White: Sox,easily,' 8-2. Ht wns Smitti's'• n.ln'th"straight; loss. Joe Gordon had a single nnd- doubTc and- was .robbed of -an'olli ! er -hit by third ba^einair-Bo-b'-Kfln-; •ncdy. II. was;it'hc.;20t,h'sl,inighl mime' in ! wliiic 1 !! G-o^do'ii; : has -hit safely. ; Les •Flern.ihg'-s" double with 'iwuvonj arid two "-out in. Oie' ninth,'./(Biiabledi GJevefend -to-^oaf -the ReH Spx^ : ^2.| DHcar "Ju-dd 'held .tlie.Tribe to .three; bibs until the -ninth•-.when he al-i lowed two' more .an-d two walks! wh-IeJi' beat lii'm. Jim"Biigby gave- .up nine luits in beating his ;former; mates tor--his-seven 1/h-victory. A. fast, finish .by the Tigers gave them an 8-7 Vi'ctory' over the Ath- 1 c tics. Don llos'S' 'homer.. with two 'on in the eighth t;ied (the score, .4-4, 'but the. Tigers needed four more run-s in the ninth Ho win. Ned Harris hit-a homer 'with one on in IJhe ninth <^na J3irelic Tebbclts • singled wiitJi -the bases Loaded. Ol 1 i;o'n W-arueke, ' who they say .cant 't-hr.ow : 'hard 'enough to break 'fin eg.gS'hell,"gave the'Boston Braves •enougii 6'f/.<?''Is -'-'ancl -• that to beat tJVem,• 6-2^'^^mi;'Wie^Stv;'Lduis Cardinals, ptickeU" up "half a game on the i cl I c B r o o kiyn- ->Dodgci.\s,. • who n b w lead the National league by six lengitbs. A;fiw-run .inning,, in which Walker Goofier tripled; an-d George Kurowski.;doubled,• turned' the lido in the second. .:„" ; .•Will Marshall's olght'h 'homer, tying 'him with Dolf Ga-millf for the 1 eague. 1 e'ffd,.«^-gay e ,-•• live, - New York Giants a 4-3 victory over the C'hi- cago Cubs in the 'llth after Rip Russell had -tied iit, 3-3, with liis third -homer in -three -days. Cliff Melton scattered six hits for his seventh win. .. ; -Frank "Spec" Shea of Naugatuck turned i n J 1 1 s secon d w j n of,: 1 1.Ji e week for the Kansas City Blues. last evening when be turned back Toledo .'1-2.' On Tuesday night Shea' was on the mound~for the Blues up to the. end of the sixth innin'g in a .seven-inning opening game of a double header', with- Toledo. 'The Kansas City team Avcre in the lead 2-1 when Shea retired and neither side scored', for the remaining three Innings', ,-The' score by innings of night's : game follows: Toledo ......... . 001 I00 ; -000 Kansas Gi ty ..... 040 000 OOx Mnrcum and Spipdel ; ^Rcis, pel ''(4), Shea (7) and Sears. In the other .association games, Indianapolis defeated St. Paul in ,1 rJouble header, • '4-3, -and '5-2; Columbus' won two ;from Milwaukee, 3-2, 'and' 14-4; and Minneapolis beat Louisville, 2-1. last 2 G 2 ~ ; i 7 0 Kar- A farmer and his wife were walking to the fair,; the wife carrying a basketful of food. '.When they arrived at the fair, -the farmer said, "Better let me .carry the basket, Mary,, \ye , might get parted in the TODAY - SAT. James Cagney in ains Clouds jOne of the. G-reat Films of the Year WHEREVER AMERICA'S GLORY HAS BEEN WON MARINES HAVE THERE- / • Yesterdays star: •Man-ager Mel-.QU- of tlie Giants who-' 1 !'broke Rogers Morn-sbyXs 1 National league record rteiJiins''batlod.m by. driving h:o;mo .-Tim. ;..:./ ••: ',, .REEL — Also — COMEDY AM) CAHTOON 'S Restaurant Water Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS A SPECIALTY ; Pull Liqttor License NASH & EVAN3 On Screeia^'Treat ; i'ST^/KENTpN and His Band tUTHIE BfAENES — OTHER Bia ACTS 1 Rough" with Ed^e Albert - Peggy Moran YOU *feAN HELP SOMEONE YOU KNOW >V HEN ¥OU GIVE TO U S. O. ALL CIRL BAND UNA MERKEL • GLENDA FARREIL ,%-fet^j -M*i^ l 'il^rittfciMaM '^WtH •IM^ • " *MVM ••• »•• *1B^» J^^^w f •* »** wmww Mi^ trttM VMIlAli • lriMM41to« IMMM* —PLUS— Grand Central Murder VAN HEFLIN. PATBICIA DAWE ,.-. Extra!"..- .•.-•-' GARDINIA JONES . "' : - '•r <; -.r > v"" ~ >7 w '<•, •••• ^•m^mwm^: ; 12 ? Ipc:plus;tax Naugy And Ansonia ni r"» 1 /^ rlay rmal Game . Ironhorse <f Ace" Burette! Expected to Take the Mound For Greyhounds. One of .the largest. attendances at a-baseball game in Naugatue-k .;thl« season will be on luind tomorrow afternoon ,-at 3 o'clock at -llcorea* tion flel.d.when. : Naug'a1;uok high \yill lilay Ansonia -in the -flnar.gamc' of the -Valley 'inl/crsoholastic league. Tlie Foleymeh ; torlay are practically certain "Of :the ^championship title wl th six victorics and ; two defo.ats and only a miracle can upset -thciV cliances. •The best M.bat any -other .team in the <Circuit -'may bbpe for is a. tic with -the Greyhounds.. This, .might result if—Crosby defeats Wllby to- morroAy- and ; Ansonia should, by somb chance, .defeat Naugy. Tliis would give Crosby an even cha,ncp witlr Naugatuck in -a" lift.. Gilbert) high of -Winsled has the same Its postponed .game \yj.ilj Tprrltig- .Ion. If the malch Is ,«eod8»ary to decide tli.c champtoti must win i|-s .rem'aJnJng -iga The upsclj;of^Uic Kolcynien :Ust Tuesday, when Crosby ,N>:pn.7-Mh a lentil inning .rally, fteniotislratcd that • Naugy could'i>c bcatert <bui— AveMl put our liay on the Greyhounds tomorrow to end the uncertainty once. arid for all \vlth.aylc- lory over Ansohla. Pete .FoloiS Nattg peeled to sent! a Ace° mound foV<-Naxigy; Durotte'nfts'bcen Die .'mainstay .for the ••plt6Whg;8l«iff and for his team. thfe : vt?<^on*?aiid- should huvo Hltle rflffieXlliy : ,in>dl*- poslng of Ansonia tOmorr6wT--JS[*jjfey defeated An8oi)iaj-5-*l, i« thelr^pire- vious meeting ;lh the Cpppep• Qlly; League standing:' \v. Naugatuok '.... :--•(>; Crosby >,.,..'.,. 5 Chance of a;tie ,\vi,ih N.augy—provid- infeijiauij^'Ansonia,.and in Gilbert ... Wllby ..;.. Ansohlft"'.., .ToiTJngton R. 46 6ft 65 67 r> FAMOUS YEARCRAFT ..,.-' • Gabardines ..... ..... .. , ' : Tweeds ....... ...... •Coverts . . . . . ............ Worsteds . . ........ ...... White Linen Jackets _________ . . $32*50 '"' ' * ' 12.95 In a Slack Suit $0 «/•' • {• to '7. Wide Variety of - ... Tan< Bluej Oreen, i-his 'yottV^.l.t'.v-^oiir \l^i | i*fll**Mc'. «l»ty- lo'/fecl %rtt r »nd"^f?<*^;'<Wl*--- A»d H"lillis. sliKJk> v *«l«'/vllH '• U11» v hi M on ' botli <( ^eAwiwi. Th*.*r«M mhkn 'lv'A"iiv'<f*W JI»*M^* ' your And --flic •lirifllii.-.colons will 16 yours <odHyl V* *3 ^^»f* -^ . • •••• • *' "^ - '-• s Shoes and Accei»it)fcWi 162 Church St. - - Nawatuck BOY'S DEPT. DOWNSTAIRS \ ,:., »I=SSMJ=W35^^

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