The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Lt, (Aft£.) CtotJfiiER Sfi ", Ju'L." 5, 1934 JERRI'S I BY , AOTKRENZ Cop Soft Ball Contests and Keep, On Heels of ( Robinson Drug Oamea (onljht; Pastinie Ark-Mo and K. I>. Hughfs Robinson t)rug. Commercial Tfam RSbinson Terry — Haynes Hughes Pastime Ark-!i5o East-Art: Liberty W. 1.. Pet- 4 4 3 1 2 I 0 1.000 SCOIT hy innings: Terry's s. S Scconii Liberty BY J P. FRIKNH C. I* Statistician Terry's Slate und llayncs' Men Shop contirjiied to dog ihe heels of Robinson Dnig Store, first half winners and present leaders of the second half of the Commercial Softball league, by turning In wins Tuesday - night under the Haley Field arcs. The Gasscrs defoaUni East Arkansas Builders Supply 7-5, while Haynes shoved Liberty Cash Grocers farther inlo the basement under a 1-4 rount. Both teams have annexed three victories while suffering a single reverse. The first game was a brilliant duel between Burette Lutes and John Holland, rlglit handers. l\>rj five timings the Iliian headed Lumberjack (linger lieM Ihe gns dispensers lo three hits and a single run and was enjoying n 4-1 count. However, In the sixin ll'.ey fell on him for five hits which together with u bit or strategy Una went hayivire netted Ihem six rims und the margin of victory. Manager Terry started It with n single to left. Dick Haney rolled out. Jack Robinson scored Terry with a liln- gle to center. Cuvill dropped a looper Into center for a hiL and Lutes followed with n sock to left. Robinson lumbering in. Louts j-Vec- man was jntrpo.sely passed to jam the hassocks. Harold "Sllnkey" Davis, figured on to be the goat, having popped weakly and fanned on his two (rips, couldn't see H Hint way and lammed the first pitched • ball to right field clearing the. satchels. He scored ihe final lally ns Smith roled out lo second. Builders Tats Lead Arkansas gained an early lead by counting in the flrsl. Callaway strolled .went to second on Mos'.ey's infield lap and dented tlie rubber as Wiggins singled to. left. Four hits netied two more in Ihe third. McAfee hammered one to center, but was out trying to score 1. Smoihermnn. on Gilbert's triple to right, alter "delaying to see If tlie ball would be caught. English scored Gilbert vdlh a lilt and come home on Prlenri's double to right. Two home runs accounted for (he last East Arkansas tallies. Mosley contributed a Riilhlan swat in the fifth while Jimmy Tipion whtiled one to right fielc! under I lie cars In t're seventh Charles Kc-ndlg outpitcliPd char- lie Scruggs to cop the nightcap. The elongated Haynes orthodox UviMer limited the Grocers to five safe blows, two coining In thr seventh. Seven basfs oil balls, however, put him In ;sveral light spots, forcing him to extend hlm»lf. The pudgj fast ball pitcher, Scruggs, was hmn- mered for nine Mis, which included a home run by Crockett and a triple by Kendlg and J. Smtilher- man. He struck out six. Homer Clnchej Gunr Crockett's round tripper in Ihe first with Smotherman and ISMC on the paths practically cinched Hie contest. Haynes dented i.-.o rubber twice hioro in the second as Johnnie seiit one to rlglnfleld for inrc: bags scoring Boone and Kcndig who had hit safely. Liberty had netted a run in their half, Aycock scoring on Oilie Foster's safety. Liberty added another in the 'fourth. "Bike" Phillips coming in as C. Lutes pumped one (o center. Ktndlg was responsible for the last two markers when he tripled to center, scoring z. Blnck- well and Hts batters' male, lioone. In the seventh Liberty staged a mild rally but two runs \vns the best they could put across, c. Lutes was awarded free transportation Boyd doubled to center and when Carter kicked the hall around both i Lottes and the Liberty third Kicker i scored. The box scores: First Cam* Ter K.' s a S ' Ab R H E Smith, 2b 4010 CaudiU, 3b 4 0 •> l i Terry, ss .."4 Haney, c 4 Robinson, ss ' .| Cavilt, rf 3 i 2l LuleSl p 3 I Freeman, lb 2 •'. DftViS, cf .'.' 3 PROVED HIS RIGHT To SERIOUS QfWIi COP SW6LE6 HE / FRANK SH\EV.O5 ANC» „ UES DEFEAT THE; BE Ail Ex.Champ In the Swing Again and Cubs Break '.vi-n; Tigers and Ini;ins Splil Pair Tii" American leaders. l>;;e. Van•P!I. fplll- t'AO gamci yesterday ihe Nutlonnl leaders, llio Ol- OlanK (Iffpated tile llraves I und IS lo 0 nl Nf.-u York, llubbnll Aliened u five-hit IL EJI l.:e .second gamp, •llic tihlrasn Cubs divided lv;o mil's sUlli llic . r >l. l/ Cardinals. Tne (Jurih look the firs'., Ii to 'I. und Lie Cubs ramp back to grab Ihi' frond. U Lo •>. 'I 'i- 1'lLlMiiirfth PlrntPs und Cln I'hiiinti ttril 1 '. .sj>llL oven at, Pilks ;i). I'ltusbiirsjh look the morn- game, 5 to 1 and the. R«ds the ;iflernoon tilt.. 4 to :|. liinoklyn's Dfxlue.r.s und the phll- lii's divided two .nt l>!il!adelplila Dodaers look ihe fii-sl gunii! fi to .'>, nml tlie Wills the .second II to •>. Tnc Yanks last the first (;nme of t-.vo In the. Uosloii Red Sox, !) lo f/. They cunie buck In tlio secon Kuino ii) win, 10 lo 4. Dc.Sn'oiif, Yankee -::nri?r, hold the Red Sox L ' lour hits .in ihp Second mime. . The Detroit 'risers nnd CIcvHitni Indians spill two grime.* at Detroll , . .Till! Indian? took, the opsntn FlT 1 gt " i "' 1 8 lo u - Tllc Tigers came IMC! The I'hiludelpniu'Alhletli'.s twlc Ironneeil the Wnsliln'jto Senator. Tiie scores were 10 in S and 6 to a ICascarella and Marcum were th I winning pitchers. ' Clilittgn'K While Soy. and Uio. . l.ouli; Hrawns ilivided u pair 1 jjinncj, lit Chicago. The White So look the .second. 3 to 2. and los', II first, -1 to 0. Co/final) held the So to t'.vo bits in the opening encoii: IP.- Hairv Gray son j the are exciting. Fans flock to i games night after night." I Rislnr gives a liriff talk r,n tno | spoil Iwforc- games Uj nhic-Ji he | parriripanis. A recent Inter-ipagup | enga??ment in Kr. jjoiiis. hFiween i RiilPr's club, nftien only onri> in 111 Marts, pml an nutfit imnfffateri j in iis loop, altiariril roii*iiiprsble lit TELLi ! .ST. I.OUIS, July 0. — Gr-orgi'f Harold Steler. baseball Immortal. Is mojinsiiiK I playing with 11 • -i,fl kill ill Hi. LOU'S, VrhPIT- llf- IS' i.Tr'.iilrni of ilif Anifi'li'fiii find . n,-ill A.sfGcliiiloi). Inc., governing' I Sou brill, also known ns kiilen : Tummy Grnean. Omnhn lighUn sUill. diamond Ijftll. aiul )<loyui'o:iiid | v.-iio carried « K-nifio pur.cli n fev; |liiili. ami not to lir- ranl'u'Pil with i VPS is bnrk, now Is teat-hint; Dm. : ititiooi 1 l>fi:;cl]rill, i. 1 : an old esuib- ti^liL v,an;e in his homo town, I Ihhai EiiniP. bin imtil rrronlly v:as I ... Mark Kor-nig. of tile Hc:!s, is MO M r iiiirtr-t ' i:l-r.T.,l 1 1 "lies. Tlierp was iir-f-d loi i sf 1 v-'hii-li iil'ivci-s "II i i-niit)ii-> rr.ii:";] tdltow. Hail illvprslflptl::;,!,! i,, | x , ; , . A0 v/ with Ihor/ 1 CTO.=,S- 'v.ofd fiii/xlr-s. . . . Ptmijuon l.ukc.s, (i standard N. J.. tnr,-l«l ilif liniil luck .sign ovi-r ilir- 1 d.hint! tlif lrai:iing nf I'm s.mrts Jif-mv [he ' ci'iv.n dHir.clr-is u-r-PiHly. . . . A.v,ci-liiiiG!i ; C:\j-iifrii i.nd llrov/nlii|> i;«. liilo :u:ci il:. iNli-i i-oiumlilrr-. comnrwrt j tomillioii tlu-rn . . . ;unl Irmk • ai.-l:i, MLIJOI John L. Griffith, ! Klmi hnpptiiPil (o tliom! . . . W<*lPni fi-iifru-iu-M i-mnjnKsloiiPr: i "Iron Mlkf" Mikulnl:, Orr-gon Unl- Jnhii sijoiai. Jr.. fnrmnr fiiwiiifiu- . i«'i'Sli.»'.s IcdiPi'iim rain of n iiill- iithlPllcr. :ii. the Uni- ' . . . ttrsiiy of California; 11. W. 'I'nji-' tail I'or [In: ! p- rsoii ol at. L0',:!s, former clinlr- i • • ' man of HIP jvfwnUon division of tf-w i iln; Aiui-.'iniM InMilnlr of Piirk 1 ""' . Kvi-i:i::ivM: :u:il Junior TCKiii of • • lose your, will play pro foot' I'liiiiiiiil. an AmatHir S|iirt "I do iioL'ticlicvi- it will Cnrdinals and Eealilo Feathers, Tcnn- snllojiing, v/ill rim i for Hip Cliirlnnnll neds • • • "fier failing lo mukp the '—i' 1 ". 1 willi the Ohio town's Na- lionnl L?a?uc hawljall entry this spring. . . . Mult Itp.a.s, oi:c-p the <lol of ihu PhllaciPlphla hli-aehfr- !n ;x>itnd]n^ auT.y \viih Ijotli hands, l r ranku- ICJick. of San l-'ran-'ii! any way 'Mill bciwball." says ^p.s, jio\v drpnds ti serip.s . clfco. led. hlri-scll witk- OJKII. V/niuli is nhy 'I'ony CMizonpri tlcfu. : J>!y]iT. "My in-r.siin:il opinion is dial Qnnkc-r City. he furmsr linhtivei B hl champ, was able, a .s he's ihown (loin? here. J il "<*"' «'"' mna ' mt - lo xnyLhlns ' in •)oke Ills' light in Frankie'.s fiiC' 1 :is ofteii a.s he ]ilen.s<j<t during llioir Ixml ui ' Kbhet« i'ieltl. HiO'>ki\n. !•.'. Y. 'I'cjny u'lJit by n technical knock-oiil in ihe niiilli round. pofrs'-ionally. II is primarily -'" Some of the have formed the "Mn!c Club" there in cenlci field . . . and him Hie mule lyiali lone, and when In- fippp.iV.s in i.flion tlip Wlllll! SOX. ip In -sen-siilional faslilon in the i-iitilny conti'.st. Jlfib noncliulniuly [iiished thrt-e balls into tin 1 cup in a row from the edge of HIP Bieen. John Lent! won Hie driving con- tnst. piiulng Ihree balls stialglil, doun llic inlildlp of HIP fairway to.-1 t: iotal of C86 yards. <!. (i. Ciimlll) j WHS .'.promt, enlnhii; lififi jards on tllrep balls. ' "Vns'.Iv JIIOK- |>Popl< 1 (;an tail than baseball. We have- players in the high 40s gplling by, • I unit plii.vci-s from IS lo 18. ill o;ir! ' lr-ni!iip.s in si. I.onis. Knfl. ball IIOM- j one of Die fjworilo names of ' i tost .i. uui ,i e r t ,,icd Shady Grove In America, perhaps largely ., bM s ,, n:| \ "core was ' Roseland Wins " a W in flDl 000 0-7 100 210 1— S in— Tip- Ark. Ii. Sup. .. Summary: nuns ton, Mosley. Friend, Sniuli, Ctiu:lill. nobln- r .an. Mites, Davis 3. Home rims—Tiplon. Mosley. Three b^5e hits—CUIbert, Tavis. Double play—-Mosloy to Cal- "awny. Bnje on balls—off itollnnd ': off Lutes u Struck out—by Hol- 'nnd 3; by Lutes 2. Umpirrs—Pallei', Boyd, 3b .. Ynrbro, rf . Smiugs. |i . Whittle, ;,•: \ycovk, 2li '. Haney. H .... •VnEpr. cf 1. Llltfs. II) . . . Tolnk tavnes '. Hinoiherman. : 'i. Ul.ickwell, rf barter, cf V Smol-!:crinnn, If "".. niackivcll. Ib Tloonp. c p Total.-, ........... Scora ]>y inning!:: Ltbcriy .: .......... All . i . •! . -1 . :i . it i :i 11 PO A 0 he locul cofl tall circuit, turned n a good pitching perfnnnanc^. Dnrncs led the hlt'.err, wllli 1 out of 8 trips lo Ihe. plntp in both Sandy Ridge Air Hui-ls One-Hil Game, Fans 13 Rud l,nl«-s .Pulls ron Man Siiml, urling T\vo Wins \vo From Knoxvillej""',^! Lust Night; .CKicks Win!«">«!. 1 wo ve jjiany girls' Ifains in. .s. lilld tllf:y play \vHll in-: skill, v;hic]i vory fev; of i could do in baseball. | ilc n ' skillrul 5!oft P»t in lime and c-ffori, : Monan was Hie v.'innine Number Eight Cops '?kill - ' | di-mamls. Liille Rock defeated Knoxville' An exceptional sof, tall pitcher! in i'.vo uamcs last night. 1 to O'miist practice a great deal. Ciirv- i ; i 1)R n'br.ll willi an undorhand pilch chinks lo-ik Hi" . ironi u disiance of 3r> feel, whicli - ThC Nlimber H 8 ht teu c!i:b dc, the fcate <i Atistinvillc at Niiinlipr Eight. doo.s not rull for ihe typo o r I The score was (t lo 1. N'limb-,- Rigln llnti major !<-ai:ue Icisrhall to1 m lllls !llllt Aii.-!!'ivi)!c only ' Cops Flag Tourney Honors al Country Club, Lenti and Kishner Win. to 2. Tin 1 Memphk le:i<l in the yomu,' spcond ::alf nf;s.omi* of our pitchers can do. i'e- Luti s chalked up two wins in; lhe -Southern ,Y-sodul;on ratn by|([iiire.s .smneiliini games yesterday at Lules. against, winning twice frosn ihe ChaLtanoo-jriinary. opponents." jlia Ixjokouts yesterday. , In the first game Lutes defeat-! They turned t.!ie I/iokoiits hnck, • Sof( l!a H Draws Hie Crowd •Blcdsop., crack Sandy nidge hurl- or, inrned Roseland hack wiLi one hit and struck out 1:1 men In n game played al Sandy Ridge July •1. 'llie Rklgors won. r> to n. llledsot' wns in rare form. The only lilt made oil lit:: delivery uas W. lloli.'r. slnslp In HIP fourth. The Rldser* colincip;! |^ hiis and scored in t:'c third, fonrlli :ui(l .scv- pnth innings. . The box. wore: Randy Ridge ,\b I) H Euban!;s. It f, n l D;uker, !•[ W. A. "Junle" Dowel], nnalist in Ihe recent slulp. amateur golf tournament, won the Blylhp.vllle country club's dag tourney, staged for entp.rtnlnmenl of its memheis yesterday. Dowell toured, nine holes in 34, three strokes below par and took a«lantaKeor three Vimtv, 'ih Yoiiiiu, r . R. flalnes. Ellis. !« .. Ib Matll'ews. rl llled«x>. p ... Haynes ;120 200 x—' Summary: Runs—Boyd. Aycock. "•hillips, c. l/ilcs. j. Smoihermnn, 'saac, Cr.-cketl, z. lllackivell. ilaonc !. Kendis. nunns balled In—Boyd. ?'osler. O. tAiles. d. Smotherman 2. Crockett. 3. KeiKlip 2. Home run- Crockett. Three base hits-Krndlg. i. Smotlierman. Two base hit- Uoyd. Base on ballc—of[ Kcndig 7. iff Scruggs 1. Struck out—hy Kendig 2; Scruggs G. Errors—Crook. Boyd. Scruggs. Whittle '2. Foster. C. Lutes. I?aac. Umpires—Potter and Biackard. Totals 42 Roscland Ab Crawford, ss 4 Frecmnii, Ib 3 i W. Hall, c 3 I Peterson, cf 't 010 100 2-4 i Baushman. 2b " ' ') ••"- Higgius. ^ ....:.:::..:: 3 Morgan, p 3 Stacy, rf 3 r.illen. ]f 3 Glllin. p o S 12 II H 0 hurt lefl, In starting from scratch, to count n birdlf! on No. 1 hole on knottier round to advance his ball the furthest of any golfer participating In l he -tourney. Eddie 11. David, willi a six stroke handicap. finished second with tils hall but i. -cant tew inches from the No. l cnp. 1-Vank WhiUvorth war. third. his ball ulioiit three feet from the | cup. U'hil worth hnd a four handicap. H. P. Kir.shner showed Ihe others FeelniThe Oesf In Many Years Biliousness, Sour Slomarh, RlnaiinK Knded, Kidneys Keeulateit; "N c v e'r :< .Medicine l,i ke Tily- Ciis," Oci-taros Mr. ed Armorel, !1 to 3. in the firsb 7 lo 2 mid 3 to L'. Harry Kelley,! "I '"'came interested in soft ball ?nme anil the Blylheville inde- ace of the Chick statl, lnm<; up iijs'i l " lcalla> I saw thn need of u new liendeni.s. i In ]. in Ihe SPcnnd ]:<|h vlcinry of the season. Billy j ffi'fii of rcerualion iiT Ih way of n tume. n«>ne ».s tlio winning pitcher of |unm<' tliin. cmilil ix> played at a I time when participants and spec- split! Inters do not have lo hurry home Hie ' winning nitchrr in both two games al Atlanta. The Cr'aek- j lrmn wol ' k or school, ftr-mes. ers took thr- flrsl. ii to :t. an:! tr.o! "Formerly most of Die games! Slats Thompson hurled for Rly-,Pi-licaa-; Hi* .second. :i to i. Iwerc played in twilicht, atW very! Ilicville mid McAfee for Annorel. i The Nnshviile Vols defeated lhe. I frequently they could not, IIP, com-! •Birmingham llarons in two fames h'-'ete<l on account of darkness. KP-LSO, T,'a.-CT. i-jjr) — Samuel a'. NnshvUle. Tnc ftcorfs were 8 to!Our aame.'i now ate played under] G:ntoiv pioneer and Indian Wav a and 3 to 3. -'lights. vftWiiii, otaervecl Ills 101st With-' —• ! "Rnfl hnll is veiy plr-asing to' Oicy lo Visit Oregon nOSEUURG. Ore. (UP) — Znnp, Grey, sporLsinan and author of , western - Moric-s. will inturn here out of (he or-jUils summer for his annual visit • to the North Umpqua River, he notified friends. He will occupy the camp at S'.camboat Creek he Bui LIIIC.S essayed the iron man j the second game, role and did so successfully, being Atlanta ami Mew Orleans pitchnr in has used for Ihe past .sr-vr-ral years. North Umiiqiia ironi firhinsr at- IroclK C!r?y. Read Courier News Wani Ads. rtay this mouth. i Read Courier News Want Adi. ; watch, and most 01 contests EXPERT; RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. By Horace WaUfldd Totals "There can be no doimt . as to ' Clly-Cas' merti now." said Mr. Fxj Wright, ion South Allis Si.. Jones- '»ro. Ark. "I nave il n renl test :inri ii in-nvpd WORTHY OF. A.IJ, Totals 31 7 8 E. Ark. Build era Ab R Callaway, 2b i \ Tlpton, cf 2 l MosSey, ss 4 | Wiggins, lb 3 o xPuckttt i Q McAfee, 35 3 o Kruner, !b i o Gilbert, if 4 ! En?U»5i, it 3 l T. Brook*, 3b 3 0 Fritnd, c. 3 o Holland, p 3 Locals Take Two Soft Ball Games Wednesday rs'i^ Blythcvillc teams were victorious ,n two so!t ball games at Ilnky Field "Your Advertising of MORF NON-SKID MILEAGE is all WRONG" says a North Carolina car dealer who has seen G-3's perform for months on mountain roads. "In My Opinion You Have75%MoreP last, In the flr.M linlt of a double hradcr nobinioti Drug company dc- lenlcd Union Cily, !l lo 3. Ir. the second gamo, a picked team of the local Commercial league rjn riot Smith's Team and U. S. Fleet Club Play Before Big Crowd The Osccola Engineers ami the Liberty Cas'.-. Grccnrs of Blythcvlllc split even in two games at Osce- 01 a July 4. Tlie Engineers won (he first same. 9 to G. registering their first triumph over the Hlythcville club in four starts. The Grocers came bark in the over the Slecle. Mo. All-Stars, l»is»cond lilt to win. 7 to s. to 2. The feitture of the first, game! Tne largest crowd to so: In on a game In several years nt Oice- was the burling of "Honest John"'old witnessed f.:c two contests Smith, return! manager ot the Lib-1 John Smith. Blylhevilie nm erty Cash Giocers baseball team, i "• used three pitchers in a fiitile who turned sou bailer for the night. ~ - SmiKt had l'.:e Tennessee batters hitting at his teasing delivery in vain. 3j The second game was a walk- Totals 31 5 8 X-B*tt*a for WioiW 10 7ttl, 0,a\vay for the local All-Stars. Strong 0 hitting and good fleldSng combined — — — — to give the locals an easy win over - - - g[the Missouri club. D!cX Potter, 'm»nager of tr.e Robinson tewn in ffort to bag the first game He sent Wesche. Wllkorjon and oib- son lo the mound. Tnc Eiielneers punched out 15 hits on tlie trio while Porter and Davis held the Grocer sto 11. In the second game Gibson went Swectland for Osceola. Gibson gave the Engineers but 8 hits and Sweetland allowed but 10. MR. rn. \\itir.iiT IT'S PRAISE. I was terribly bilious, skin yellow and after every meal I bloated dreadfully. Fowls I ate soured and my stoiiinch became so sore after eating. My kidneys kept me up nights too and tlie lumbago would gel me clear down at times with such pain. My wife having received such remarkable RESULTS FROM C.LV-CAS persuaded me to give it a trial." "GLY-CAS WAS JUST WHAT 1 HAD NEEDED FOR YEARS, in! 30 days lime I, was feeling fine. Tills new remedy easily regulatrf my stomach and bowels, relieved me of kidney and bladder trouble and that terrible lumbago has vanished. It is wonderful people can get a medicine like Oly-Cas." Gly-Cas Is sold by Kirby Bros. Drug Store, Blythcvlllc, and by all leading drug stores In surrounding towns. —Adv. Ueporis pouring in from G-3 users everywhere read like these: "43% more non-skid mileage is too conservative"— "60% would be closer" — 'Feel I'll receive 100% more non-skid mileage." Maybe we have put the figure low, but—Goodyear's 43% statement Is based on the toughest tire tests ever devised— speeding up to 50—jamming on brakes—every few miles—day and night —tougher use than most people give tires. Come see this wonderful new G-3 that "The Public Test Fleet" says is better thanweclaim—thecost- lier-tJre-to-buiid that costs YOU nothing extra to buy! / :• Top Notch Value — ut Every Price. 1 AncthKfamoui examrtr af CiC&lynt value potilble br- cAiti? Gjiilyear DraWrvarll <he inou rlrrt—by mlUkmtt GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY ulll with Cord— Ccut«r t racltoni couth thick tr*«di full 30 X 3'~ $4.40 4.10-il $4.95 Other «li*» In proportion •ipurily mounted on *hc«li Ptico inli/.vi r? chanj* irirh* ovt noturr anil (o any Star* *j|i-» (UK, G3 GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER Loot What You G«t— No Eilra Cost: 43% "More Miles of real nonskid safety . . . Flatter Wider Tread . .. More Center Traction (I65i more non-skid blocks) . . . Heavier Tougher Tread (*vtrage of 2 lt». more rubber) . . -•. Supertwist Cord Body (tupports heavier tread SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark. Road Service Phone 633 Quick Road Service Day or Nif/ht PHONE 633 TexticoProducts

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