The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SRPTKMRKR 18, 1936 Prize Karm Writer Unfazed by Citv 'metis Who Have Been I'-xposccl to Tuberculosis May Be ticorgc w. Durham, chairman "I Ihe Miataliijii C'uiinly' Twljfr- uilosi'i CunmiLiec, luis announmi tlmt clinics for the- diagnosis of early Itifcr-rpulosls will Ijf lu'lil In Mlsyjsslppl tountv Oi:l. B and a. A clinic for -whites <m the sixth will \'.e held at Illylhoville uml (tr whites and neuroes en the 1 fiKlith at Wilson. The/ will run frivii 0 A. M. lill :i l>. M., ,,iii| will ho held By [he county health unit, the eo:mty Hiboicutosis c<xn- mittcc and the slate t'.iljerailo'.is nu'ccfitlfc!). under (hp aiisutas of Ihe- Mississippi Couiuy Medic ,1 .'.eddy. "Tfie clinics will not be fr, r th- IrcatintiU of patients nor for t .y~, amlnation of these WHU jd,^. Uicy have tuberculosis, except such as have linen sanliorluin p.i- licsts and want n checkup of their condition," Mr. Harham raid. '•'Die persons whom we want In the clinics are those who have Veen livini; with tuberculosis, those who have symptoms or who live in the home with a child who has had a positive reaction Io (he tuberculin test. In spite of all. our publicity and all oiir education, four-fifths of the state Aanilorinni patients hnvc readied at Isast the moderately advanced stage of the disease and at Hint time there is a Ion" Imrtl fight ahead. As a matter of facl we should not wait nn- lil symptoms have developed. If we have had any known contact in (lay to day living with n tiibcrenlcsis patient or with -i person who is a chronic cougliT or spider, whether In the office or the home, we should avail ourselves of the opportunity which these clinics offer (o find our true condition wl!h regard to tuberculosis. By repeating this thought often enough and offering the clinics from time to time, we hope to convince (he public that ihe "ounce of prevention" the patient uses In going to his fatn- il'.v physician on his birthday for liis annual checkup with reference to tuberculosis is so much better than having to spend months and even years of life hi a fight with tills dread disease. "Most of us are not particularly Interested in (ignrcs but sometimes they have a very vital I fiieanitijr. Tuborciilcsis • killed 55 people ,in, Mississippi county : .last, VMUVf.ilAcctirilhig to the . latest! fisjurcs, tit .kjljs . nparly .one of- 20, '.f all who die. in Arkansas' :t tal-"s o'li; m-t cf 11;. and when we consider- Hie nimibcrs who )me tuberculosis \\no recover and then die frcm something else H gives us an idea of the ravages of this one diseas,, ]s it BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS (lotinly Baptists Will iYleef Ncxl j Week At Armoi-d 1 Rattlesnake Snared V/ifh Short Shoestring Broadway's bright lights are fascinating, but Mrs/Susan Fraivtcy Eisele, adjudged the best 'rural newspaper correspondent in a national contest, says she is eon- tent with the kernsi-ne lamps ol her [Blue Earth. Minn. farm home. Pictured with her infanl son, whom she brc.ight to Km York on the trip financed by the contest sponsors, she said si"! v.'ss more interested in the n.c'.- ropolitan sights than its nmhi cltihs. , Lulcs Leading II n r I o r; ! biiigh:im and Rtickt-r , League Slniul Ouls ! Arthur Lilies, lllylhevlllo pllcli. 'I' 11 " k '• '"H Hi.- 03i:w:, ,•!„•> of llii> NiirllK-usl Ark.rmsas leanne I .liter lh<> swi'jon was 'well inidor- !v,ay. won the 'hurling clmiuplon- ,'hlo of Hi.-; league with eltjilt vic- pH-iIi'ii and one defeat, It.lm.s been t'l-e.'uvcl with ilia release of offi- ebl Ir-aiine uvcrnei-s. | Erw-st Illnijluim, 0.-:ceoln pilch- ft. limml. In t!, L . finest Dcrform- 11'i.e Kir ii, ( . entire season W llh .it vltloijcs nnd .six defeats. .lJh) 8 i lum has ]»•(•„ .sol,) lo Hie Hprlng- | held. MO. club of Ihe Western Asi f-CUtillon, - , ; r-.'itkcr, Osccola calelior, , wns Ihhd in iln;: mce. for^baltin,; |,on- c;s with Mt. far behind Valcl Newport outfielder. who nnlshcO 'o-i top with ;mo. liucker was tied foi second wlihOiomc runs get- j l-ns is .rour takers. Ducker was Die second most effecllve man in , Ihe ICBBUC with men on base, drlv- .ms in n total of 91 runs ' 'Osccola mis second In team bat- l IIB and icnm fielding ' w i,n c Newport, .second half winner, was hrst in both. Carulliersvillc, fl,k half winner and winner of (he championship i,,' u, e iany , otl ytn Newport wa.s third )„ ) Jn t|, lleldms and batting • : | The twelfth annual si-s'-'-n nl i li'.e MLssUsl|>|)| County HnplLst As\ soi'lailon will meet with the Hap' tlst c-lmrcli at Arinorcl Seiitrmlwr , M and M. | | 'IVenly-lwo churches In t h e i county will bi' represented by u brail • 1 'JWi cli!lesiii(i s inH vlslloi-s. i •I'lii- lira .s?xs!un will liciiin at If) I a.m. Wednesday. The annual SM- m=n will bs delivered by the llev. '^'fi^l C.irp?iilcr. pn.slor of the ' I'irsl Dapllsl clmrch of Hlyihevllli'. ' Ti'c cio::trin ; ,i sermon will |H> do- lln-rcil l>j- ni2 HCV. j, (>. Hein- lux. piLslor at l.uxora. and Hie mis- tlciury sermon by tin; Rev, M. F. i'1'..iv.'riim, jwsir,)- «f ihe Manila ehun-b. i l-V)ltowlnn 'Hie rejiort.on \TOinan's v.ork io be jjivcn by Mrs. Jt. U. Juiiss. nssoslailcnal siipsrlntendeni. on Wednesday ulternoon an Interesting demonstration of w M U work will be -given by one of'tho' societies In the county . j The Itcv. E. i,, cole, paslor of i I le First, Bniitist clnnx-h of Osce- , ola, is the tuo'Icrator. | ivell-c(luca(«l Aiit- l)(vlw<lc » OO.COO and 70,000 words. ^ nrfy wonder that tuberculosis as- scciations urge, every person to have an annual physical exam-1 illation l>y the family physician I and to yet at that time a par-} licular checkup on. tuberculosis?! "We hope there will be a goosl attendance at the clinics. They are .one of Ihe activities paid' for by the sale of Christmas' Seals, and will be held by vi.',-! itins clinicians sent in by th?! liiberctilcEis association." ' Anci?nt Diamnnd Field Will Be Mined Again BOMBAY (UP) ^_ A diamond field which USM| to provide jewels for the great Emperor Akbar (1542-1C05) is: to be cxploileit ft Is situated in the Prinua' State. Bombay, and some stones picked up recently have led a syndicate of business men of ^'"fe^ lu " 1 .Alimedabad to ob'" •• a roncpsslon o<ei 10 squire miles for 15 jens to mine foi diamonds; .s.oncs were sent to Souili Africa and experts expressed the opinion they were as good as uiosc from South African fields This Pepper is Much Spicier than necessary to comply with pure food lov:s. Seasons better. Goes farther. And purer bccnuse it's vacuum cleaned. Money back if you don't ngrec tliat it's the best ' you've ever _3sd. A, Ark. tui')—A lH-lnch «hocstrhu. mix- a sTT.uiy nor\^ was II"' only I'ftnlpni.nit n.s«l l,y Liiron Mnllicws In fiiplurliiB a foiir-ftxn "liinioiKtfcnck nilllesnuki; that he 'tund while wnlklnn hi the rliy par«. Aliilhews snld he innilo n .siiuill l (1 "li \vllh u Mliorstrliix uml Uvwrl >• "vcr ihn snake's iioad. Minnesota Gets First U. S. Hotts2 Repair Loan MINNHAI'OI.IS (UP)-Mimiftsota iccnvrs credit for (hi- lirst MIK|- milirailon Crodit loan made under Ihe National llouslnu Act. John ]>. Powers, cmpioyrcl as a ll»irket>per at n Oloiiiiel, Minn., piipcr ciimiiany, was the lirst per- •'.iifi ID receive an Injured inodcin- luatlon loan from u private llnun- '•lnl insllliilioii o]ieralcd under linii.v of the Nntlonnl llouslni; A:f. It amounted to $I2&. Scout News 'Hio seventh period public spsak- '"l! class or the city hlgli sohoo! eletled officers in the meeting They are: Jny .Sniltli, president; Byron Walker, vlcc- lirt'slnVnt; Miss ISvdyn Smnrl, sec- reinry; O'Neal . Cniln. Irrasiirr:'; Mks Marjorlo Woixl, re|u>rlcr; J. '. Walden, M>rKriinl-u|.nriii<i. ' I'ninirt in CO-P,mi lull SVl).MJ.;y (UI')-OH lli<> dii n,. PAGE THREE was plnnnln B to cnler n hospital for observation following a severe Heart attack, Hector Maclean, 20 fell (in feet from the raof of an npnriineiii house lifre. Kc was plcki-d iij, imhiii [. IJcad courier Nnvvs Wanl Ads. Ceaseless Bank Services .—citrry on the nation's linimcial business. DANKING functions lire not confined to li 1 business lioin-s or to local conimunilioK Day find night, My 'letter, ), y ,\\ rtm \\ i, y WI'IT, wireless and telephone tlic consc- lessly moving . shutllus of the Amuricnn cnn-e.s|ioii(lent Ijniikint' systom nrc coni- plelinjr UioiiHinuls of hiiMncsK trnnsncliou-v lor Iwr.k ttistci:i:i-.vill! over the country, Checks deposited'for collodion :it distant points, drafls on bunks in fur-awny c ii; cs etters of c-rariil, credit iiifonnation, inter- bank co-operation to meet the seasonal credit needs of business in different .sections— are some ol' the services rendered r-|)::lly, accurately and confidentially by coirespowltnt banking. Tjiis bunk places the strength ilnc | con . venience.s of this system at the disposal ol its customers. Deposits Insured I5v I lie Feilora I'Deposit Insurance" Corporation Washington, !). C. SS.OOO nlnximum Insurance For Kach Depositor ''• -,-• •. Farprs Bank & Trust Co. ..,' . niythevilJe, Ark. .for tobacco cut right to smoke ight There's a right way to carve a chicken or slice a ham. And there's a right way to cut tobacco. When the tobacco in your cigarette is cut the way it is in Chesterfield ... right width and right length ... it bums even and smooth ... it smokes better, TOOELB Utah (UP)-The little" vlltab'C or Ibapah, situated in. Ui? middle of the nild vvuslern Utoli desert, hn.s been iirnctleally swept by recent lalns when the desert weather look a sudden nnrt siir- IH'Ishij; turii. ' .-A After a royal game — there's royal refreshment — Royal Six Beer —trie modern weather-conditioned, brew »har gives you a cheerful glow,' &/ttt4C Royatl Six Beer * ^^^^ THE LIFE OF ANY DAD-TV MADE WTTH ARKANSAS RICK Distributed bv • lOT DISTRIBUTWG CO. lil.vthevilK Ark. ]>l,on c fi3 WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT ? YOU MAY w DIFFERENT KINDS OF GERMS THREATEN CHILDREN ATPLAY EVERY DAY. HERMETICALLY SEALED ELECTRIC ELEMENT, HWTJ WATER FROM^WITHIN Medical authorities say that children may pick up more than a hundred different dangerous germs on their hands in daily play. Frequent washing with warm water and soap is recommended as a protective measure— especially before eating. Give your family the protection it deserves by providing a constant supply of hot water. Install the dependable. Hotpoint Automatic Electric Water Heater. Low electric rates put cost of operation within reach of every home. Know the comfort and convenience of having a "hotel-Iike-supply" of hot water always on tap. Get,all the facts. Come in and see tbc new models. Special Terras $>0.57 Per Month AS LOW AS *) Including Interest ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS THE VOGUE Horpoim'j DCT , modem itjlc squirt- lype Waiter Hetter gn« 5 hot wat«r every hour of the d»y oSnitht.witK- out one minute's atienion from you. Rate For Water Heating * AS FILRD WITH THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION' -SEE YOUR DEALER OR— C 19)6. treemft MvixTonccoCo, Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "Dependable Low-Cost, Electric Service"

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