The Times from Hammond, Indiana on January 12, 1938 · Page 28
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The Times from Hammond, Indiana · Page 28

Hammond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1938
Page 28
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i H L rtAiviiviUiYLJ 11P.1.E3 Wednesday, January !2. 1938. MONSTER WILL HAVE TWO-DAY CROP TRAINING Specialists to Lecture on Vegetable Raising Jan. 31, Feb. 1 MUXSTKR. Jan. 12.--A two-day: dohool is fat-ins planned for the ] vegetable growers in northwestern ; Indiana, according to Assisumt: County Ag.-nt C. E. Baker. Tina srhonl ·.-,·]!! he- held in the town hall here -t;n. Ml and Feb. 1. On the day Dr. C. T. Gregory and G. K. Lehker, extension .ip?riahst;i from Purdue university will he on the program. Dr. Gregory i.s a plant disease specialist and i.-i well known in this locality. Lcbker is a specialist on (nsecls. i "Grower* should UtUe advantage of thi.s opportunity of solving their disease and insect Koblem.'i by attending sesbiunH," asserted Baker. On the second tluy Prof. VV. B. Ward and Dr. John D. Hartman, j both of the agriculture .school of Purdue university, will be on the program. Prof. Ward has visited j Laku county on numerous occasions and ' w i l l be abie to give worthwhile information on the growers' pr.iblern.s both from the cultural and vnrieta! standpoint. Dr. Hart- msn hii.s been at Purdue for a year, * He came from New York state where he ha» done some notable work on the effect of boron deficiency on cauliflower along with othei- fertilizer work. He should be able to give valuable information on tho proper use of fertilizers for truck crops, A detailed program will be prepared in the near future giving the topiCK on which the specialists will j talk. Baker declared there will be a sufficient amount of time allotted for the discussion of special problems. Voice of the "Disney's Folly" Hailed as Masterpiece 3 0 0 A r t i s t s W o r k e d T h r e e Y e a r s To Make First Full - Length Animated Film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" D People Wult Disney ut hiH desk in Hollywood nnd, above, Snow White and the Seven Dwartts In a scene from Disncy'g first full-IeiiKth movie of the same title which took 300 artists three years to mukc. The Vigilante Plan Hammond, Ind., Jan. 6 Editor, The Times: So many people have personally asked me so many questions about tho "Peterson Plan" (as The Times lias called it) that a more complete description of the plan than has heretofore been printed might bo in. order. In beginning, I do not think of this idea as the "Peterson Plan." I think of the proposed organization a.s the "Hammond Traffic Vigilance Committee" and of the members of tho committee s "Vigilantes." The sole purpose of the idea, is to improve Hammond's traffic accident record, without Riving anyone any special privileges, and without the expenditure) of a lot of hnrd work or money. Hero is the idea broken down into three parts. (1) Tho organization. (2) Tho duties of the organization. (3) The results of the efforts of the organization. 1. Appoint 100 vigilantes. They serve for three months, nnd are then replaced by 100 new ones. This will insure that now blood will continually be coming into the organization, and that the committee will not become weak because of lack of Interest and enthusiasm. 2. The only daty of a vigilante is to drive carefully himself, nnd keep a sharp lookout for reckless drivers, speeders, etc. When he observes a rec-kJess driver, for example, ha writes on a post card, furnished him lor that purpose, the license number, time, place and misdemeanor, and drops the card In a mailbox. That is all there is to it. Tho.vlgilanto does not have to appear in court, or testify against the reckless driver. 3. What happens to the reckless driver. Nothing yet. But that post card addressed to the chief of police is soon delivered to tho chief's office and is filed there. The driver of that car has a VC (vigilance committee) rating of 1-1. If that driver continued to drive recklessly, other vigilantes would notice it, and they would send in cards. Sup pose ten more cards came in from ten other vigilantes. The driver would then .have an 11-11 rating. Now something can bo done, for that reckless driver has slowiy built up a case against himself. And so the police department warns bim, and if he is like most people, he will see the light and mend his driving habits. Thus--without causing any hard feelings, without arresting anyone, without jany great expense, or a lot of hard, work oa the part of anyone we should be able to notice a decrease in reckless driving, speeding, running stop lights and the like, an da corresponding decrease in traffic accidents. Perhaps the S3 lives lost in traffic accidents in 1SST can be reduced to 20 or less in 193S. If The Times sees fit to print this By OliEKA H. HAWLES {·.·nlriil I'ri'HH .Start Writer. HOLLYWOOD. Jan. 12.--It took 300 artists three years to make a film that has drawn advance comment from writers all over the world--Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." With a mixture of doubt and anticipation, the motion picture industry has been waiting for this million-dollar animated f e a t u r e cartoon from the Disney studio. It ,s being hailed as the greatest advance In film entertainment since talking pictures, Behind Disney's back, Hollywood referred to this seven-reel curtoon as "Disney's Folly"; now, with an expansive smile 'tis said "Well, Disney's done it again!" Certainly tho creator of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, "The Three Little Pigs" and other characters has done the unusual--a 70-minute fantasy, all in animated drawings in techni- color. Intensely Human Without a single human actor, VSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs" may seem to you to be more human than anything you have scon for a long, long time. Its romance, pathos, laughter and beauty will moke you laugh and cry, and will hold you with excitement. If you don't think that a fairy story whose characters are just animated drawings can hold adult interest, take your eyes off the screen, if you can, and note the suspense of the audience. For two years all of the Disney cartoons have been done in color, but a radically different treatment, which has softened the cruelties of the original tale. Cruelty Toned Down In the fairy tale, Snow White suffers greatly at the hands of her wicked step-mother, the Queen, who in jealousy over Snow White's great beauty, almost chokes her to death by pulling her laces too tightly and who runs a poisoned cornb through her hair before she finally persuades her to eat the poisoned apple which puts her into an enchanted sleep, from which her dream prince finally wakes her with a kiss. In the Disney film, only the poisoned apple plays a part. In the original story, the wicked queen dies a horrible and prolonged death by dancing at the princess' xvedding in red-hot Iron shoes, which is not only gruesome for children, but does not make Snow White seem, a very forgiving character. In the picture the seven dwarfs simply chase the wicked queen through the forest and down a hill where she topples over a cliff to oblivion. In all of his films Disney has made similar changes for the better in his cartoon versions of fairy tales. In the story of "The Three Little Pigs," generations of children have shuddered as the big, bad wolf eats up the first two little pigs and is boiled to death by the third. In the Disney cartoon, all three pigs escaped and the wolf was fittingly, though humorously and not fatally, punished. In "Jack individuality and each represents n type of human being familiar to us all. One point of similarity they all have, the Walt Disney eyebrows, which are famous in Hollywood. Disney's bushy brows shoot up wildly or cascade down toward the bridge of his nose, helping to create any expression the famed cartoonist desires to convey. Doc is the self-appointed leader of the dwarfs, pompous, efficient and self-important until something important arises, when he becomes so nervous and befuddled that he can't make any decision at all. Grumpy is the real leader of the dwarfs and is "agin" everything, especially "agin wimmin." He a grouchy old crab, and yet, to his disgust, he has a very soft heart under the gruffness. And Happy! Happy Is a fat roly-poly little fellow with a constant smile and a cheery voice. Sleepy sees life through half- closed eyes, and talks always through a yawn, yet everything he says is straight to the point. Dopey is the most lovable of the dwarfs. He is a sly, mischievous little fellow who gets a great kick out of life. Bashful is; a willing, kind-hearted, incurable romantic who is quite overcome with shyness in the presence of the lovely little Snow White. Sneezy is subject to hay fever and talks through his nose. His and the Beanstalk," Disney did sneezes at the wrong time furnish not kill the ogre but merely had him fall into the earth and come out in China. In his Pied Piper film, Disney subdued and subtle, has been used had the little lame boy throw away in "Snow White." The colors also his crutches and dance into Happy- play an integral part in building ' ' ' "' up emotional reactions, A new multiplane camera photographs the superimposed elements which make up a cartoon film so that "Snow White" has a third dimension, or the illusion of depth. Walt Disney has pioneered practically every forward step in the animated cartoon industry in the last 10 years. At the beginning of the sound era, Mickey Mouse land with the other children instead of being left behind. The rats, too, were not vicious, but mischievous, intriguing little rascals who were lured into a dream mountain of cheese instead of being drowned. Dwarfs Catch Fancy Disney has made the seven little dwarfs, in whose cottage Snow White takes refuge, utterly heart- winning. In fact, they have caught was the first animated character | the popular fancy so quickly that to speak. As color became perfect- Disney plans to use them in a film of. their own. Each has a definite ed, his Silly Symphonies led the way in this field. The current Silly Symphony. "The Old Mill," is the first cartoon to show third dimensional depth, having paved the way in this respect for the perfected photography of "Snow White." Picture fans will find that "Snow White" clings closely to the Grimm fairy tale of their childhood, yet it has the Disney touch of artistry in its columns, I will follow up in a day or so, with an outline of the proposed method of appointing the vigilantes, and also show how spite-work, should any ba attempted, could do no harm. GERALD B. PETERSON Hammond's Fastest Growtug Meat Merchants TITTLE BROS SD8 STATE ST. We Won't Be UndenoW LARD LIMIT WITH MEAT DRESSED LAKE READY TO FRY df ^^.^ PONELESS 1 CM HADDOCK ^^TM ^^ « B RKAnv TO rnrat READY TO COOK Cotta%e Cheese 7fe EGGS Ground BEEF 6 ^c Ib. PORK or BEEF STEAKS ib. Remember, We Won't Be Undersold by Any One the picture with many a laugh. Cinema Masterpiece It looks as though the same fervent enthusiasm that swept "The Three Little Pigs" to universal popularity will make "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" a Disney masterpiece to be beloved by old and young alike long after other Hollywood films are forgotten Walt Disney always has made pictures on the assumption that more than three-fourths of all film audiences are child-minded. Disney's next picture.was to have been "Bambi," the story of a de«r but he is replacing it with "Pinocchio," a full-length featur into which he will put the same care, time, money and artistry tha he has put into "Snow White." Zouave Trousers and Pink Toes Will Be Highlights Of Southern Beach Styles NEW YORK, N. Y. -- (INS) -- ! Zouave trousers \vill cut a.dashing figure on Florida beaches this sea~ son and the pink toes of smart southern vacationists will rise above sun - splashed sands on six inch Chinese clogs. These were but two at many highlights developed during the annual Miami Biltmore Fashion Show, sponsored by Colonel Henry L. Doherty, president of the Florida Year-Round clubs, when southern resort styles make their official debut before smart New York. The fashion show disclosed that sun and surf modes have taken a tip or two from the ballroom. Slipper satin made a dramatic appear- ace in a suit that consisted of brief black trunks, a strapless brassiere that pinned its faith for modesty on two half moons of steel wire concealed in the top and a Toreador cape made half and half of black and white satin. Developed in scarlet and turquoise tie silk, the Zouave beach pajamas introduced the exotic foreign note without which no Miami season is complete. Many of. the most widely applauded beach styles showed the ensemble influence, the majority of swim suits having matching coau or capes. The reefer packet replaced the long fifted coats of last season and knee length terry doth capes with flattering hoods were emphasized. Full skirted Dirndls . suggestive of a Balkan: peasant costume were featured for morning wear and 'the spectator sports group leaned to vividly hued prints, with silk eponge as one of the more important fabrics. E v e n i n g . , gowns rivalled the famed moonlight and palms of, typical South Florida nights in the matter of glamour and color combinations were the epitome of artistry. Lace was a prime favorite in the evening picture and many of the skirts ran to apparently immeasurable yardage. Satin and chiffon formed harmonious combinations in models from several of the more important houses showing, the former fabric being used for bodice ani matching jacket and the chiffon for full and frequently p l e a t e d skirts. Among colors stressed were Cameo rose, bouganvillae (a deep pink with a purplish .cast), seagrape green, pomegranate, hibiscus (a clear scarlet) and passion bower, the latter a rich purple . . . BUTTON FOUND 1 HOSE SACRAMENTO, Ca!. -- CESS) -There was a button missing in the household of Mrs. Archie Semple. Mrs., Semple searched for a week without success. Finally she asked ilerilyji Jo Sempie, her two-year- old daughter. The tot pointed to her nose. A trip to the doctor fol-, lowed. Into the nostril went a pair of forceps. Out came the forceps-and-the missing button. The Polish peasant is conservative and slow to change his habits. Edward C. Minas Co. K js **! v-^a! Here Are 4 Reasons Why We Are Selling More Maple than Ever DECAUSE maplr can be ^"^ bought piece by piece na you wish! OECAUSE w h e n you buy ^"* maple here, you're buying q u a l i t y ma pie t Bed $15.50 Chest $19.50 Desk Chest. . .$24,50 Chest on Chest OECAUSE Minas maple *·' chi»-»ti anei*ser» a r e dust-proof t h r o u g h o u t ! EicE.CAUSE a 3»piece maple ^"^ bedroom suite may Kc b o u g h t for as l i t t l e a » $59.501 Dresser $24.50 Vanity $24.50 Night Stand. . .$8.95 $26.50 Third Floor Special January Selling of Mattresses Special It is wise, to invest in rest. This special Minas mattreji* ia mode according to our specifications, especially for our J a n u a r y Sales. This special matlrens will make proper aleep possible because it is b u t t o n t u f t e d , with 8--oz. ACA ticking, 208 coil springe, inner roll construction --sisal and felt u p h o l s t e r e d . Buy and save! Third Floor Will Buy in Occasional Furniture . . . you'll be lurprisetf what J2.98 can really buy! Beaotifiil wainst fin- whetl pieces that you'll admire for ruck a low sum! · End Tables! · Book Sbelfs! · Dram Tables! · Nile Stands! · Radio Tables! Third Floor See What WS and *2»6 Will Buy in Our Lamp Dept. Lamps to $2.50 . . . white pottery bases w i t h parchment shade. ' . $ - 6 5 tables Reg. $3.00 Lamps . . . boudoir lamps, choice of 'crystal bases or tubular stems-complete with shades...' ·· pr. HR Pit these taj^r Sale! of Net Bath Room Curtains · 60 Inch Size! * Lovely Woven Designs in Colors! . . . crisp, fresh looking nets t h a t are very sheer and that £re n e a t l y m a d e with small ruffle trim! A value for t h r i f t y Thursday shoppers! H Third Floor All Ready Made Rayon Damask Drapes * Each Drapery 40Inche»Wide! and 2»/ 2 Yards Long! . . . rich, lustrous quality rayon damask draperies. Very neatly tailored with silky sateen lining* a n d pinch pleats ready for hanging. Choose from a lovely selection of colors: red. ruat, green, eggshell or gold I Third Floor Floor Sale! Wilton Rugs Regular « $59.50 Values · Made From tie finest Wool Yam*! . . , this »pecial January Sale *ave» you exactly $11.50. no snore no leas! Wool Wiltona made, aearalecs for longer *ati»- factory wear! Qioo*e from many patterns and cojor com-, binaliuni. TftiriS Fleer Shower Curtains Drapes to Natch $2^8 M, b! . beautiful non-Mitt»- oii *t1lc thower cur- tainp imd d r a p e s i s brighten up, your bathroom. Kn«y to clean t Snle! Corn* Slm«, tightly woven, me- W jp% » slzo. Siiccinl "M Mirro Aluminum $4. 45 Chicken Fryers . , . deep akilleta with drip type lid* and burn-proof balielttn handled. You'll want one to make weekend bird* t«*tief. D*vtn*tuirt Storm dome Pan, ':vver. SlMcial.. Kfri *;I3frtly Af. Mirro Aluminum, **^ Sauce Pans , . . throe handy lized pan* with graduated, measuring guide thai make* cooking a pleasure! with .00 Nevr Yorktown Dinner Sets $445 · Service for 6! . . . new 32-piece »et»_i« sHftpeB that are very pop" ttlar. Choice of pattens* like "Gone With t n . WW," "Pani LSy," Flower*." S e e t fa e re DwoutnV* Stfrt 1 i {NEWSPAPER! ^WSPAPER!

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