The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1931
Page 6
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-i'AGR^SIX BLYTHRVILLE. (AKK.) COU1UKR.NEW8 FRIDAY, JUNE 2G, 1931 The Housewife's Guide to Better Marketing and Home Management FAVORITE RECIPES FOR THE HOME TABLE Bug Only Guaranteed Products Such As Those Advertised By Merchants On This Page Winter Colors Are Tiresome I For Summer> Inquiries Show BV HELEN TOWNSESD BAK1 ON ' I BIH going to answer a num'-isr of inquiries which have come to • me about color. Tn the spring and summer ws arc .more Interested In color. We have brighter frocks and hats tcr summer wear. The porch and garden furniture is gay and lively. Nature gives us richly- colored flowers nnd green trees . ai:d shrubs. In the past few weeks ' i have had more than the usual number of riqnesls for liiformft- ' tion about using color. I have 52- l':clod a few which I think will be of general interest. ;."' Here Is an Inquirer who has n rii£ she must keep.and wants to l:r.c\v about seltcllng upholstery material to go with it. She writes: hair Ciunilurc wiiicii I Iwught when sus wore the style and now I do not like It Do you think I could have it recovered, each pl-ic dii- ferine, nnd have it look right'" This Is a problem coii!ruii:inrf many of \K. Perhaps my reply lo thin writer will foe heipuil u others: "While It is Impossible to advise yon authoritatively wll/cil limner knowledge of the si/.e am! neutral style of the room nivl iurnlttuorl hnve no doubL HILU yni will l» able to hnve Ihe m lhivi nieces up hclsler.'d dllfcrently wiihcir. niin- rpns Ihe unity of ll\e rn-v.-.-.. in'gtn- . "1 have a oray rug with a tree st I \ ... tral Imve the davenport dcr.t in a plain or small floured, .scll-iono , material, one of the chalri in tin same general sort of ami of lile all-over design In black, rusl j'Tcu'iroYom" color ami Ihe second gr:en and several other colors. I ^^ m ft fiK111 . cri mn i..|[ n i " 'a new davenporl mid .perhaps a how- chair, but must have something practical and not too expensive. The walls are Indistinct. tan-gray paper. I have hangings of rayon In gold-Inn. : In replying to this 1 said: "It this rug is to be. used perma- < ncntly in the room you will prob- .'.Rbly be well, advised to selcci a . dnvcnporl and chair covering In, cilhsr grrcn or rust or In both i/lhesft colors, separately or in com. b'.nallon. -You will Hud « wl'Jo ra:igc of practical upholstery fab- 'rics. but will want to te careful to avoid buying upholstered furniture so low In price as'to promise unsatisfactory service." •Here is a woman wno Is tired of "ths Visual three-piece .suite <md longs for. more variety than it affords, .but is afraid of introducing contusion in lier living room. She "I have a three-piece set of mo-. tainlng colors of the other materials. It can, of course, conlaii mon of cither; color, but each must be fairly conspicuous. All tile colors should be based on your ores- j ent rug If you expect to keep it. 1 | A Drapery I'roblon j Tills writer wants to know some- , thing about color for draperies: . "My • furniture is green cneckcd with gold velour, with red . flo\vers n the back. My rug .Is a figured taupe. I have three, forty-inch windows across the room and have a sti night panel curtain at each. 1 had thought of dark red draperies What do yoii advise?" Somehow I do not like the Idea of red draperies In .this room KO I gave tills writer His following RlivlLC: Tired of Suit* "I am inclined to think you will mid rose or soft henna colors more Delicious Brick Ice Cream PER QUART - / Every Saturday and Sunday KIRBY Drug Co. agreeable with your furniture and rugs lhan n stronger and richer rue red. choice will be Influenced •cnslderably by the color of the lowers in the upholstery fabric. :f they arc crimson or mulberry and me at air conspicuous, ycl- RAINBOW BEAUTY, SHOP Opposite Gillen "When Youy Clothes Are Dirty King Seven-Thirty" Hats Rebuilt Barnes 1 Cleaners Call Superior Coal Co, For High Grade Coals PHONE 123 FOR PARTICULAR COOKS Metal Porch Furniture Needs Little Care Pse Eaters Everywhere Will Like These BV MKS. E. 1. HK.Vl-ON | ,„;, ,,, |xll|re „„, anrt |)r ,,,, lo , cth . . Apple Pie :<,,., Hour and roll the size of pie Line pi: pan with pie crust and!pan which should be greased tirsilac bottom well with flour. Peel Ulhjhtly. This makes one crust for Ian apples 'winesaps If pcssiblc) -good si/ed pie. If this crust is slice very Ihin and fill pan nearly to be used for a discard pie of level full. Sprinkle over with cin- any kind prick the dough after iwmon, I'.dd 2-3 cup sugar, a Jsvel[il is fitted into the pan and triir,- labiespoon of unmclted butter, cutlmcd around edge with a fork, and bake before the custard is poured Into It. This makes a good flaky crust. No hurrying and scurrying to bring in the porch furnilure. when the ra in clouds gather if furniture is of metal. A coat of paint each season Is nil the upkeep this furniture requires. Grouped oil the par ch,' as shown here, i! foiins a delightful place to entertain summer cnllers. tow-red draperies will probably be disagreeable." Another writer says: "The walls of our living room arc Spanish plaster of n crcnm color. The'draperies are,of rust nnd gold. Can I use pictures on this kind of walls and what kind do you suggest? I am getting a new parlor set and am intsrcstcd In cawed For Parties or Every Day Drink Four Leaf Coffee Easy to Serve Keep a Case of oak. What do you think of Ihis furniture? The davenport is upholstered in green figured iiiater- ial and the chair is in rust. Will domestic oriental nigs look all right with oak furniture?" "Pictures arc perfectly npprop:!- te for use in your living roDm. ut you will require colored prints f the works of the old nuste.-s Rthcr than sharply (tci'med mod- rn subjects. Tlies-. v.iclures »1U wan to be framed In dull gti.d athir than in gilt. Assuming ihat he woodwork of your room i-. in fairly natural finish, rather than n enamel, onk furniture shuulrl be appropriate and pleasant. Til"! colors you mention arc all njhl " biittcr on tcp. pour over one break- fastcupful of cream afid sl?w eenl- ly until done. Turn (hs whole out jelly into a mould, and pack it in ice until set. Dip the mould in tepid w.ilcr. turn the j;lly out onto Into a dir.h mid ganiish" with crou- [ » dish .ami garnish with candied. tons of fried bread. Iruil. in pieces over the pie. Hake In f ~dernt^ oven. Just before the pie Is ready to icinovi: 'rom oven dissolve 1 tca- ; poon of corn starch in .water and add to tlie Juice- A renercus tablespoon of ice -yam, whipped cream or ft bit of cheese .sened with this pie makes it all the better. Should you wish, more crust \vi'h your apple pie, cut thin rolled piii crust th? width of macaroni and lay. in lattice work over pic and bake. When apples are tender remove from oven and spread lai?,c drops of meringue between lattice work and return to oven to slightly bro'Ui. Cinnamon may be omitted as many people prefer lie npple flavor to any other. l.emon Pie 1 cup sweet milk 1 cup siigr.r 1 tablespoon unmeltcd butter 1-2 traspcon salt- 1 good heaping tablespoon of Ho ui- Juice. of 1 lumon. Wath kmon nnd cook Ih: rind while you cream all these ingredients together, using a very small amount of .water. After this water cods add to your mixture and the well b3aten egg yolks. Place all in i.double boiler to cook until thi.-K. stirring constantly. Pour in cru:t previously baked. Beat egg whites to stiff froth, add three tablespoons sugar (one for each egg whiU) and beat again. Add a few drops lemon extract, place on p:e return to oven and slightly brown This requires a slow oven. 1! eggs arc scarce two make n very good pie but 1-i spoon i.r more of flour should b? use i. Pic Crust 1 level cup unsifted (lour 2' tablespcons cold water 1-8 level teaspoon salt . D rounded tablespoons lard iCris- co or Snowdrift). Cut lard into Hour with spatula or side of suoon after flour and salt have been sifted together. Then ndtl cold water and cut again. Flour [lie board and turn World production of copper in 1030 was about 14 tier cent less ( than that of 1929, the total output > amonting to 1.806.C« shcrl tons, as compared with 2.101,110 short tons in 1929. SPECIALS K. C. BEEF ROAST Hrisket, LI). -- lOc Chiu^k, Mi. — 12!/ 2 c Thick KM), U>. l'/c PORK ROAST Un- I'OKK STEAK ICC 1,1). U FLOUR Sauer's Infallible. 2-1-1,!). Sk. '. . Wholesale Dealers Merchants Grocer Co. . Telephones 111 and lift in the Ice Box riaoherry Jelly i Tllr comlt - v of s ™ Bernardino '. Cal. 13 lirger man. the combined Remove the tops and pick over' a o( VMmollt _ Massachusetts arefully one pint of fresh rasp-1, n]10(ic Mand- terrles. Put them into a sauce-1 pan with a little water, and stir] nitil they are hot, then strain | Iheni' through a Jelly-bag. Mis I with the liquor one ounce of dis- j solved gelatine and one-half pound | of fine sugar, stir the whole over ', then fire until hot. then pass it: through a fine hair-sieve. Pour the] Sunday Dinner Celery StuIIed with Crrnm Cheese Beef Consomme Stewed Chicken with Asparagus Mashed Potatoes Sauted Parsnips CliopiKd Cabbage or Celery (Mayonnaise) Raspberry Jelly Coffee Slewed Chlrkcn With Aniarajus Cut a-chlckcn into (Utaners and put It into a saucepan with a little butter to fry. When it begins to cam oust over with I'.tmr aral •y to n pale brown. Sprinkle over :ie teaspoonful of chopped par- ey and a little salt. Take a cou- le of bunclus of asparagus, break ft the tender parts, wasli them ell in salted water, boll slightly i more salted water and drain hem. Put » lump o( butler and nc tablcspoonful of cream into a aucepan over a slow fire, pincc ialf Ihe asparagus on top. dust -ith ptppcr and the narrange the pieces, of cMcken over it. Cover t with the remainder of the as- raragns, put a'tc small pieces o Eat Blytheville Canned Beans They are superior to Fresh Beans Be Sure Its Midwest •The Laundry Will "Clean It" Phone 327 SOAP Silver Leaf 10 NEW POTATOES s)C l,h. L BACON Sliced, 1QC Salt Free. Lb. 10 SALIBA'S MARKET Free Delivery Phone 143 Klu;tlieth Ardcii's, Venetian Toilet Preparations, are on sale exclusively :tt ^»i=u»*g«--^-^»a The Modern Housewife Protects Her Family's HculLh by Using Only Grade Pasteurized MILK BENNETT'S DAIRY — Phone 71 — Fire OF Cam Goo SATURDAY i?i?i mriT'c OE.LU 1 fir O Grocery and Market COOK WITH COAL "Economical and Safe" C. L BENNETT & CO. Coal and Feed PSionc 64 The Pflfeirean M*nq Co. M'n>— Ktnui Distributed Bv- the Arkansas Grocer Company Blytheville, Ark. Photic 337

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