Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 5, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1942
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CLASS DAY EXERCISES HELD ON TUTTLE LAWN This German City May Be Next Air Raid Victim 0 Largely Attended by Proud Parents, Relatives and Friends of Class of 1942. ^ With perfoot ,\vuallier condlllons ,,,.,.v IIHK Hi" "las* (lu - v exorcises \ ' ^ s otvil^, Naugaluok liiKh 1 hi WIM-P hold at 11 o'olook this MU MKOn'lhe 1IIW.I Of IhoTMllO H(-hool on North Church Hlrool. .WlHos woro largely attoncloc ( ( , lht , ! ,n-d frocks aiul Uio young man , U,,!,- van-colored suits iiroacnlod !' Mlglil to tlu'lr parents, relatives 'ml frlrmlH Hint will long remain in i, n , ,,,,-mory of all present. 'I'hr ofThicM's and mcmhers oi the 'ii.-wlKiu'fl for parts In the pro- lorhiy and those who took part In HIP "Hklln" wure a credit to their • mrcnlK whose Hiittrinces havo glvon lliciii Hi' 1 [•rlvlloKO of a high school t-duciillon and lo their instruetors wlui liavn lollt'd I'altli fully and dill- xi-nllv with Ihoin for the past four wars" lo prepare them Tor advanced I-niii'si's or slndy or to tftko. their placid In Hie lui.slnoss world. The group HliiKluK was of an oxooptlon- Si-hoot orchestra, under the dl- rcotlon ol' I. eon H. Corliss, director of musical education, did Its purl to make the entire program an out- occasion In the annals of U.S.O. WORKERS FN GROUPS B AND C NAMED TODAY C. Arthur Fager Captain of Group B and Joseph McGuire Leads Group C. Joseph 0. Rayt-Uwl-c'h, Jr.,. chairman of the'U.-S. 0, oampal-gn oom- nvltlee In Na-ugaluok,' announced today The captains, lieutenants and loam" worker's for sections 13 and C. f!. Arthur Kagcr is captain of firoup 13 and he will be assisted by: • v Uout. Arthur Pearson, Miss Pauline Pearson. Lieut, -Henry Aokerman, Mrs, Carl Sahnonson, Mrs, Foster Gamble, Mrs. C. Arthur Pager. Lieut. Louis Trlano, Mrs. Louis Trlano, Mrs. Euple Pigaty. Lieut. Herbci't 13'Ohlin, Mrs. Howard Olson, Mrs. Fred Able, Mrs, Wm. Lciiiehara, Mrs, Carl Anderson. Lieut. Norman Carlson. •Lieut. Carl Linda hi, Mrs. George (Continued on Pago Eight) Late News Bulletins FOURTEEN KILLED IN PLANE CRASH Hamilton Field, (Jal,, Jmio 5— (UP)— Fourteen men, including both civilians and soldiers, were^ killed last night when a heavy bomber crashed into a hillside.three rnUos northwest of here, liamjl.ton Field authorities announced today. Tho dead included seven army enlisted men, live civiliaiiK, and at least two additional men whose status wan not at once ascertained officially. The members of tho plane's crew, including 1 pilot, co-pilot; navigator, mechanic and radioman, were civilians, Hamilton Field announced. FOOD COMMITTEE ANNOUNCED Washington, Juno 5—(UP)— Production Chief Donald M. Nelson today announced of a food requirements committee headed by Secretary of Agriculture Olaudo K, Wickard which will have complete control over production and allocation of all civilian and military ['ood supplies, The decisions of the new committee will affect the eating habits oi' every man and woman in the country, a WPB spokesman said, GAS RATIONING DISCUSSED Washington, Juno 5— (UP)— An important conference between President Roosevelt and high government loaders on the question of nation-wide gasoline rationing ondod today with an announcement that the White House will issue a statement on the situation "in a matter oi davs," TWO SHIPS SUNK Washington, Juno 5—(UP)—The navy today announced torpedoing of a medium-sized Norwegian and a modinrn-s'r/cd Dutch merchant ship in,the Atlantic. The vessel also was shelled by the submarine which fired the torpedoes, the navy said. Survivors'oi both ships have been landed at an east coast port, BRITISH TROOPS LANDED Now Delhi, 1 Juno 5—(UP)—The largest British convoy over to roach India has landed thousands of troops anil great quantities oi: equipment, including American tank's and planes, to bolster tho defense of th G< country against any Japanese attack, it was revealed tonight, HITLER PUTTING ON PRESSURE London, June 5— (UP),—Adolf Hitler was reported in advices from the "European continent today to be exerting strong pressure on his Italian and Finnish Billies to .provide greater support for a bigfscale offensive against lUuss'm, including an attempt to cut the Murmansk-Len- I'mgrad railroad, COMPROMISE PROPOSED Washington, June 5, — (UP) — Senate conferees or tho military'pay bill today proposed a compromise car- Irving $40 a month for privates and apprentice seamen ae tiio ininimurn base pay, House con.ferees, took the pro- ||)C)sal under advisement. — \ »»» —DECLARE!) ^DELINQUENT Washington, June'-5— (tiP)-The 'Congress of Indus, trial Organizations, taking the first step toward oxpulsior tho United Mine Workers, today declared the UMW k delinquent in its pi^ c cf^i<^>fax payments to tire CIO. ROOSEVELT WARNS Says II. S. Will Retaliate in Kind if They Persist in Its Use, ••-•"•"; Washington,.,June .5—.(UP)—Pres- 4dent HodsevcH'said today authoritative reports, reaching this government -show .that;the JiiptinuHfi .hnve used jioison gas ln"Chlna,.and that this government,. wnulJ' retaliate in. kind •'If- ihc s ^ttp;me^;pefslst^in' its; use. x '.--.••:• .-././Mr. Roosevelt, reading to a press oonfereneo , from a . statement • prepare" d for him by- ihe.,stpte department, said the Japanese' wore- reported to have used "poisonous or noxious gases" agahist tho Chinese 1 ; and that If the-.Japanese "persist_ in, Ibis inhuman form-. • of- warfare, such activities Will be regarded by. this government as an action against this government. '. " - • •••:, - . -Retaliation in kind and -in, full measure will bo meted out," ,.he President said. ' ,. .• . • . "We shall be prepared- to -enforce (Continued dn Pago Two) BY BUSTiRfUKT AT Klwood, Til, Juno 5-(t P)-An ( ev- nlOHlnn sn powerful that it: rooked In earth within n iOO-.nlle bdms doslroynd a shell/loading building at lhc'30 million Ylollnr Elwoad-ord- nance Plant tod^y ) ,,;:lvilHn.s / at least 9j workmen -and in.iuring 2-», . .-<•-, -. Officials said firrUicr. search of Iho ruins might disclose'additional-, bodies and' l!l i at some oi: the: injured •might die,. . . n M-my oiTI-cln-ls- announced that tnc plant 'as a whole,-'spread y over 23 square miles, of flalland .40 miles •sou-tli. of Chicago, was' continuing opnraLions.V- ' ' „ . Windows in the southern fi'inffos of Chicago were, slmttcM-ed .and residents of 'northern' 'su'burhs along Lake Michigan :.said th-e concussion rcam-rrhled an, eaiithfiuake. Army 'offloi'aTs' 'and agents of .the Fcclerf/1 Bureau o I! Tnycvstl-gatlon he- .gan an irvimediate,incruIry, IMiey de r •dllnod 'to v ,spe'CM]ote / on . bho . origin of the explosion 'hilt' reports to ,lo- llc'l, police -Jncli'WUod the 'blast hat! followed a smaller concussion. RAID WARDENS TO MEET TUESDAY The first niectinff of Tnrlust'rinl air raid warrlcns will he held al- the hiffli fjoliool aurjiloi'luin Tuesday, June 0, al 7:30 p. m,, it was an- iiounoofl lorlny Jjy Harry- Ingram of Uio U'. S. Ruhhcr comparty, chali:- man of tho Education division,,Jn- duslrlnl oommittcc of tho local 1 Defense Council. ,. Rohcrt M, Shepherd; first aid 1n- 'stniotor, will ^? lvo a lirint> u , lk on "What Not To po" in first aid. < Movies, and a! demonstration by *• nrst. aid 'toam-Tiv action will com- plotc I he prograijn. ', t . . ^ AIT air raid wjfrdons )\V local factories arc invilocl to attend, LIFE TOTALS $603,100 Seventeen Harve in Mutual •The -N'augataolv Savings -bank is i- red i led" w i Hi. on c up n 1.1 ca U o n f o»r $n,()bo M'-or. Savings -Ban-It.-Lira- lnsm<- ittvob wlil-cli has.'boen approved.dur- ing the. .period i-rbm January 2 to May '31, 1M'2,- according: to the an- no.un-ceiiient- made (today- by. .1 oh.n P Hoyston, 'general manager of. the Savings -13aivk Life Insurance Fund of Hartford. The l-ocal 'banking in- slitution is'one of. the ten--in tho. state that -have been., named. Agency, Banks. •./ ' ; , I'- 1 or the first five moh'.t'hs that Savings Bank Life : .Insurance' has been available to the residents of ConnecthHit. through; the, 17 mutual. savings- banks now in:., 'the systeni $812,300 of .low .-cost life insurance iujs 'been- -applied for in 1 Connecticut Of tii-is -total, Mije seven-issuing banks have issued $003,100- whi-c-h, !i? .the amount t'hat .is now Jn: force,. A check-up of the applications slto.w that 82 per -cent of Che applications -l/o date are for a thousand of life insurance or less.-The records- also-indicate that 76 per cent of the applicants held a thousand or loss of previous -insurance at the. time they applied for Savings Bank Life insurance and of this, amount My per cent 'had no--previous life Insurance of any kind, • Approximately 6i) per cent of. the apnli- t'.iinls-to date : have been•;from persons in the so-called : low ; income group-.. ' : ."• •-••••••• 01' the total am-ount. oC ; fn&i.irancc applied for Medical Dircct'oi' Doctor' B. Bay I is tiarle tias approved $624,700 and postponed $15,000, 'declined (Continued ..on J.?age Eight) '' . <» * •» GIVEN .HELEASE-... New York, '.lun-o 5 -^(U.P)-— Bx-iq- Pinxa, the Metropolitan' Opera company's leading basso, .has :been re- Jnas'od from Ellis Island .after- being lie! d -47' f lay s as . a n e n e in y --:• a 1 i e n, ••• \ I •was'-tils-closed today.r Pinxa, an Ital-r iari, \vas- avrestdd M^arc'h 12.. He was released' 'May _28 , by;'l-lio-- alien cn- einy. hearing., board'. ,, ., , -,: .- ;'-;. o Girls Advised To Brush Up On The Army Slang ' Fort - Dcvcns, .Mass,, -June 5— (UP)—llirls, you'd better' brush up on'.army slang. . Pvt. James Mo'e -wnnlcd- his girl 'in- Gqlorudo Springs,.. Colo., -to write 'aiuv -a 'love- letter so he .risked for an -especially : nVce ;'s'u- •gar repo'L-L" ••" • ' ' ; Without -comment, vt'ho 'Firl •mailed nhVi her: su'gar I'ffLi'on card; The/; .Scqnts: C'pen-e.d- STEWEY mcofcing '-of Troop' 2i : " 3oy of.' America,, 'last 'evening with the usual exercises. Several trained ,"!e,nderfoot" scouts successi'ully. passod Wi eh- -tests and a -game "Steal the. Bacon" was- enjoyed; The presentation of- ccrtifi- ca"tR-s : for •arlyan-ceinonit. and merit •badges -'will, be made, today at (lie .'Wui't of 'honor," 'Three second class .Scouts ; will be advanced .'and ,'pight: >vi!l' Deceive merit -bad^s. rriie .me.eiing; elosecl wiith instruc- , lions' by,, t-ii.p ' scoutmaster. ; -'Exei>cKsc\s -opcnerl-' the .rnpelin.?. of .T-ro:op 7 -'last night and the mem- .bers of 'the troop bundled the neAvs- -paporsr.'an'd . . magazines that have : been 'collected 'l-ately. They will be brought ; to-, the: ten-t: on Oh c Water Go. propeL'ty on. .Meadow •sti;cet ;tp- •morroAv. A .training period f.or tenderfoot and . second class scouts : wa« tie Id, a n d '' th e sco u tin as I.e r a n - nounced -thy name« of the '.scouts wbo.will lake part in the parade on Flag Day. ; OHBTER P. RUZZY JOINS MARINES Chester P. Oi'ty, Conn., "extra" left ing 1 the Rux,//y, 20, of Union 'is g-ctUng ' rid; of .his foot by steady drill- United Stales Marine Corps recruit depot at Parris Island, : : S.....G;.: . -. . ' • -The new Leatherneck is the ,-son of Mr, and Mrs. Chester Ruxxy, .'.W Jvocust St., Union 'Oily. Ho attended Nauga.tuek ]I[gh school and .was ern ployed by th-o' : Soymo i ur Manu- facturlng-eo,nipa,ny 'prior to-lils : cn- listnijont. in . tlie ManLne Corps. ^ 'Bu^y hopes to. -gat into the air 'branCji of the Mai'ine Corps upon completion 'of his recruit tra-ining. ^America's I Want v.. .. . vMacArthur Button^ Name Address ...../ • Price if called for 5. cents onch if All profits, to go to the Nangatuok U. S. 0-. Buttons may be purchased at the Naugatuck News office, 11 North Main street. Not more than four buttons allowed on >one coupon. Send all MAII^ ORDERS 9 to MacArthur Buttons, The Duly News; . Nauffatuck;,Conn. Please : do not send stamps. ° -' / 1 . {> •. :<••> ^*- I'^-L^^ ~*i*^**^+++++++ U. S. Planes And Warships Are Reported In Pursuit Of Enemy Fleet; Japanese Ships GOVERNMENT USE OF SCHOOLS EXPENSIVE Upkeep Exceeds Amount Paid by Federal Agencies For War Purposes, V.* Harold . E. Chittenden, superintendent of v scho'ols. ii> NauBixluck, advised the members of the board of education f,t 'its' regular meeting in the Tiiltle high school yesterday afternoon^- that the, use -of school property by governmental agencies is an .added expense- lo, Ihe local school department. This department is reimbursed at the rate of $50 a month by the government, for the use of the Becbe street school but Ihc'acCuftl the school department for Uio your was - ftSOJ .M' Mr. Chlttendcn stated. He said that only one room was used originally In 'the building by the draft board hut today .In addi'tlon-to one for ofllcc purposes, another, is usc;l by (Continued oryPagc Eight) Loa'ciais MAN;WANTEDON THEFT CHARGE, IS UNDER ARREST Belch e.rtow.n ( Mass:, June 5— (UP) —Lost for five days in mountainous wood kinds," Constance- Carpenter., 16-year-old • Springfield fiii'l, was found alive today in a;- swamp.- Kma-oJ-alcd -and suffering from pneumonia, she 'was rushed to the Springfield h-osp-Hal, where drer condition was described as serious. The blonde girl was barely atjle to walk and ^ble -to tell her rescuers only that she .had. become lost last Sunday while picking lady slippers in 'the Turkey Hill section, a desolate region of hills, marshlands and 'd;6nsc undergrowth. Her body a welter oi' cuts, and scratches and 'her tattered, she was found by Police' Glvief Albert Marldiam of Bclchcrtown, who Imd led a five-day sea.rch in wlvL:h iOO possemen, ^Including sUvte police and' conscientious objectors from the Petcrsjitini camp participated. Several army planes from Wes lover field had aided the. hunt. The spot wiiope. she was found was about seven "miles from the liomc of .Mrs. Clare 13. McCleury whom Constance, -and her parents, Mr. .and Mrs. Miner Carpenter, were vteltJnff'-'when. she vanished. . Doctors said that hunger and the rain and dampness 'to which she was subjected during five nights in the open had • nradc -her susceptible to pneumonia. 'They believed she h«ad lived oiV .leaves and swamp water,. since there are no berries hi season .in this /irea. . JW.FJTTEAGlfE ASSIGNED TO ST. MARY'S CHURCH New Assistant Pastor Trans" ferred to Uiiion City From New Britain. Fall'River, Mass.,-.lunc 5—(UP)— Alfijed A. nilgh, former convict and private detective who was arrested in Hcno, Nov., wil be returned liome Immediately and probably will be arraigned Tuesday in connection with theft of $51,520 from Ihe High ton dog track, police said today. Bllgh vanished May 18 at the time the disappearance of the funds became known and was arrested in Beno yesterday by Sergeant Joseph L. Andrews of Kail River who had trailed a woman friend of Bllgh's to tho West in hope she was meeting him. According to reports received here the ex-convict, hired lo • guard the arnrored truck eontnining tho. dog Track money, had $10,000 in his pockets when Andrews arrested him as he stepped off tho train. The-wonian, Mrs. ISfflo Mae Bench, also was taken into custody on a Fall River warrant charging a morals violation. She disappeared from Fall ttiver a few hours', before niiglr and his brother Klnicr—alroady under indictment in Connection with the theft—took the money from I he dog - (Continued on Page Eight) MASSACHUSETTS MOTORISTS ARE Fighting on Sfc* and in Air Intensified on Vast Front. j SUDDEN SHIFT IN JAPANESE STRATEGY HAS BEEN MADE Fierce Fighting Oontiiiuei on China Battlefront Today. ; Ky jlOK AUSX MORRIS (UnitVd Press' Foreign Kditor) A major naval and «ir bailie- in which the Japanese already have lost the first, round wan -believed developing today in the, fiir Pacific where U. S» planes and warship* aro in pursuit of an enemy Heel. The U. S. Pacific naval command ul, Pnurl Harbor announced that "our ! attacks on Uie enemy are continuing" after Die damaging 'of a Japanese l3a.Ulo.shlp, an aircraft carrier and probably other vessels which attacked the American P.iclllc post on Midway island at • (Continued on Pago Eight) . r* * • EX-GOVERNOR BALDWIN URGED Taffl Boston, June 5-(DP)— Slate OPA adminislrator Henry l^irkman, ,lr,, .today \varned motorists who arc called to explain why and how tlaoy obtnined high-unit gasoline rationing cards that they must comply with the rationinn; board's in- slruclions or lose tlheir right, to purchase any gasoline in the future. An amendment to •previous rationing regulations, he said, provides that any person who fails io appear, after due notice, before a rationing hoard for examination or who refuses to surrender his card upon the board's direction, may be deprived of all gasoline rations. Parkman said the amendment gave local boards broad authority and urged "extrpmc care, that no injustice will result." The Boston board, which already has sent numerous questionnaire* lo "X" card holders, reported thRj. a large number of motorists continue "to surrender voluntarily tneU' right to unlimited rations. Hartford, Conn., ,lune 5—(UP)—A resolution adopted by.ihe Hartforrt Republican I'own committee today urged former Gov. Raymond ••; h. Baldwin to soek reelection "for iho welfare of the state and the security of the no.op.1e," The town committee resolution was the Jlrst of Its type In the state this year, although It followed two similar resolutions adopted by women's clubs in two counties. The committee's resolution requested "thai the necessary _slepa be taken through the proper channels to urge upon former governor Baldwin consideration °>' llSs <* n ™- lacv and prompt public announcement of his availability and wl llng- ness 1.0 lead the Republican par^y to certain victory thte/all."_ EARNED $1500 IN FEW HOURS Augusta, Me., June 5-(UP)-F 8 li- ormen Kenneth Wallace and Alvla Brewer of Small Point earned »!,Mu in a few hours during a recent lici- Rann Shore Cbmmlsiiloner -Arthur Oreenlcftf reported today that Wallace sighted Inc. school <>' e ' ring at.Boolhnay harbor and Brewer to bring- out their note, They caught 10.JWO hushcls Hsh, worth 00 cents a bushel. f NATION-WIDE GASOLINE RATIONING PROTESTED Rev.' .John F. -McTeaguc, who was assigned as an assistant/pastor of SI, Mary's church in Union City yesterday by Most Rev. Maurice F. . M'cAullffc, bishop of Hartford, will arrrive In Naliga-tuck to assume his past-oral duties tomorrow noon. Father McToflgue was a former assistant pastor., ai St. Mary's church in New. .Britain. TREASURY BALANCE Washington,' June 5—(UP)—Government expenses- unrt receipts for the current fiscal year through June. 3 compared with a-year ago.: This Yenr Expenses ' Last'Your $28,410,971,513,19 $11,382,120,111.52- War-Spcndlnn v 22,550,6 42,274.65 $5,560,100,701.08 Itcccipl.s , 10,388,599,264,51 6,475,769,272.31 Net DeHcit' 'I7,928,943,678.<i8, ...4,859,151,789,21 Gash Hnlance 2,577,021,705,07 2,604,364,306,71 I Congressmen, Oil Industry and Auto Associations J)on't Like New Plan. |Jv H1LUKW KRIBGIIIIAUM United Tress Stnff Correspondent Washington, June 5-(UP)~<>;"- tf rcs»mcn," the oil Industry and «u-to- rn obi lo associations protested today against plans to ration .gasoline on a nation-wide basis In order to conserve rubber. A permanent, more stringent rationing system for 17 eastern Rialos nnd rhc District of Columbia goes into effect July 1 whether to extend •all 48 stales 'may \yook-end. War Production Board Chairman Domiul'd Ncl-son expects to present the final word to the hoard noxl, Tuesday. He will sco 'President Roosevelt bctfore. then—prohatoly l-o- day, because he will he in Detroit over the week-end. A fresh outburst of congressional 'opposition to naUon-widft rationing resulted In the calling of a protest .meeting- in, one of the House The decision thai system to be made this tiros, appealed for a 90 day of nation-wide\ ra- caucus rooms for this Hop. .lamcs ,1. Sclniglmin, sponsored the meeting and invt..- cd the entire House membership. Tho American Automobile association, asserting that .diminishing traffic was evidence that motorists are vol-un-ta-rlly conscrvihgr their postponement tionlng. , • Th« petroleum industry war council, representing the large oil companies, passed a resolution opposing iM'UoiiIn'g on a national scale ".until fnrt'her facts are made available justifying such rationing. These developments ciwne.aa tMo Office of Price Administration empowered local rationing boards in the eastern" rationing area to; pal I In holders of any type gasoline card for personal questioning and /e- qulrc them -to, surrender Uio oard If it was "obtained by"nvislake 5 or. fraud." Tlnv ruling applies to "A" (three gallons, a week) -cards.., a« woli as'**X" {unlimited cards), and it was flls-o ruled that "X" cards may b<; Ukcn up Jt it--is found. thai gasoline..obtained is used for (Continued on Pig* Two) ,

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