The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1936 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

. PACK TEN Farm News PI 11 led hy .1. n; puu.RnTfiN • x i, County ABrlrulinial A?rnl /KSI IHES1HX NEED 111 FEEDS Straw, Glass Hays am. Siovor Should Be Supplemented With Meal J-!ev<m xm n(io last July n ' shu(cropper from Ilnidln coun- jy. TcpVssfe, ciosscd the MKs- ^trsippi Driver aijd .signed a pui- 'cha<je, contract for'40 acies of ^xxxllond with Chicago Mill nnd , Mimber company, located IrT what •it now Lo. s t Cape coirmumty The 'joimg' farmer was rioy Lawson, now one of Ihr leading cftlzen? of that community ' Mr Lin son stales that he undo, Jl shnie crop in llardfn comity Fiimi people r,f ihbi oounly who |)t:ui to Ml nut fruit trees. :,!ioulci (If) so this full, .itatoii .1. O. Piill- erlon, enmity agent., who bus Just received .special Information from J. 'II. Coft]ier, horticulturist n! lln University or. Ark'uiisii.s- Collejrn of AKrlculture, irijiii-clliiij full plant, ing., '.... Mr. Coo tier advises 1 Unit (»pcil- mc-nls concerning full nnd 'quins* planting of fruit trees have'given definite results favoring full p! ml Intr in the experiments, It vvis found Hint rooLs of trees glow at "any 'lime, of Hie year when she, soil.-Is worm enough, even though the lops of the trees may uc dormant. As n result, of (Ills ability of Ilie roots lo rjavr ^Inr- <; nuij in iiarom county '"1 the full nnd winter. 11 wns ...H...B 1025 ttith his 01111 learn | ro '»"l that fall-planted trees have hut did not hive the feed with j developed good root systems In vhlch to make tlie crop His land " 1C time, sprina-plnhled trees wcic Besl Farm. Families Fill Pan try Shelves' .(ARK.) 'COURIER 'NEWS•.,•• were 'constructed. At,two different times sine lord fctl the tcnm nnd Mi ln»- fon's inlercst »as sold to purchase a wayoii In which (o con- uv hi 1 ; family nnd personal bc- lonsings on the wesUnrd jouriicj Tlie home nntl other nccessiti buildings \\ere concluded from lumber which come fiom the 40- aere clearing Mr Lnnson camped in i tent until these building's purchase, 1 ;other tracts have lioen added. During 1929 CO ncies wcie 'purchased from Chlcaco Mill and Lumbci Company, nnd during 1933, 49 aercs were puiclmsed fiom Drnluigc Dlstiict Kumbci 17. making n total of 149 ncies At the present time" Ihts'limd. Is nil cleared with the exception ot n 9-acie vtoodlot though all \\ni in woods when purchased In 1935 the Lnnson fninllj ino\e<i Into a new modem G-room lioilse, equipped vitth electilo lights i mining- \\nlei, electilc washing machine, Iron icfiiscra for. and fan j Records will gi\e some light on the kind of land that. Mr Lawson farms Under the 1035 AAA pio- Eram, n jield of 494 pounds of lint cofton per acre wis allotted Dur Ing the same seal 55 biles of cot ton were harveslcd^iom 51 ncres or a jield of 544 pounds poi ncic Ample fee<l crops- arc ntso Rroun Othei ciops grown during 1935 •fteie a? follows corn, 'io noil's sojbeniv;, 10 acres. alfcilfii, .) acres, pis-lure, 11 HCIPS, and 4 neres of linck crops • Mi L,uvMm s-lales that a piess- nle cooler Is kept In the home f^i canning pm poses 'I en head of\ho«s- ttcie butchcicd to supply meat for'the family of nine Thcie "re seven chlldien. fuc bojs nnd two gnls The l\vo olclci bovs- J R and Hcrschcl arc pig club members of the i ost Civile 4 II club Mr tawson who Ls 3$ jean old,-is sin active, nirmbci of the ^losl Cs\nc Faim BIIIPIU Mr 'Lnw«m 'does npl want to Icav'e the Impression iliat nil l-xnd pavnlciHs' trine been made, but -tlitij aic compiriUiitly small $1,100 would cover It nil At, [he picscnl i>a\mcm' mtc IhLs- will be wi|HHl oul in 1941 y •Mr' Uawson's livestock consists 'of' 5 mliles 4 colts t nnlk cows, 12 cattle and some ho^ His^ total holdings ttcciinnilnlcd with this farm can easilj be tuin- c<l into »20000 in cash Eleven years may seem a I6ng tune from .share croppei to ovuiei of n modem house and farm, but Mi Lawson says if ho \verc n shaie croppei todav, he would Irj the same loute ' suits same set. nnd for IhLs reason, have considerable ndi'iinlnge. Grmvlli started earlier mid the trees giew more vigorously, Another advantage of fall planting vv-as that IL was not necessary to cut the tops back so heavily. 'Hie .second season In the orchard, (lie fall-planted trees nealn outgrew tlielr spring planted neighbors. The re- wcrc approximately the the third season in the orchard. This accumulative .Increase in growth of fall planted trees will make considerably larger tree by the time bearing age Is. reached and" will result in larger crops throughout most, nl the uenrhig life of the trees. Fen Years Have Brought Big Change in Circumstances of Roy Lawson WHh'.ciiUlc nnd work slock prices relatively low, runners of tills county would do well lo winter, ,nv many hcnd as possible, cnll- »B only,.the, poorer type.s. 1:; HIP suggestion, of J, O. Fulli'rlon •ounl.y ngcnl. In reply to Mr. Pnllerlon's request for .special Information relative lo feeding wild hays and stover, Kdjjar Mnrtln, assistiiiit itniinnl husbandman of ihc University of Arkansas, slates Hint cows In fiootl flesh cnn be, wintered on straw iilone, but will lose 50 lo 100 pounds In weight when given till the straw they will ml. Such » ration nl tlie ursl is inadequate, because it is-high in-fiber niul extremely low in protein. . Straw is .soiiiellnics- fed wllli jrass liny or corn stover, bill this combination Is also low in pro- ti'in; and is en-ally Improved by liu'liullng cue pound of protein-' rich siiiipleiiK'nt. .such as cotton, seed nifsil. pur lu-nd dally, in fact, untile can be wintered satisfactorily mi 10 lo 20 pounds Wood ducks JKUC numerous un- duck-like habits, bill thcj do in- sLst that,their nests be close to n body 1 : of-"water, when the young are. leave' the nest, the mother/carries them in her beak. 1 and drops- them into the water. PARTS & SERVICE DEPT. NOW ori;N iiNTit, rt r. M. lif pairs for all Curs und Triirhs \Vaslihif - Creasing \Vreekfr Service Plionc CM TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO The 183 fnrm families In Mississippi county nnrlk-iiviilnir in ii „ ,,, labllilatloi, pronram arc cramml™, L,">,,„ ' "L", «« "™""«""« Administration's re- Imbllllntloi! profiram are cvnminlng pantry .shelves with canned goods for lo take care, of any emergency. Bulging shelves like Ilie one Picluml a 37,831 quarts In this county In spile of dry weather mid the fact tint '[. " * ri,.r™ . nro- dally of wlicnl. ; oals, or rice straw >l»s one |)oimd «f cotlonseed cake >r men I. Johnson Brass, prairie i»y, soreliimi, Imy nnd corn slover "ire similar lo straw nnd also need ,o be .supplemented with a lein-rich feed. legume hays, .such as cowpea, soybean, clover and alfalfa hay, are medium rich in protein. A cow can be wintered In good con- liliun on 4 or 5 pounds of legume my dully if she gets all of the itmw she will cat. in addition. 1 cow thill, is producing milk or raising a calf necd.s more 1111- tiienLs than tile above rations irovldc. IT n small amount of oals, vhcnl. or rye imstiirc is nviillnblp, cattle can be wintered in good slinpc on IhLs pasture and straw or grass liny. A good plan is . lo lot graze tlie pasture so heavily is lo keep it down loo close. This kind ol pasture is succulent nnd rich iu piolein. An hour- of gras 1 .- nu each day will do Ilic cattle ots of good, and it should be grnncil' ' In this manner if the iimoiinl is llmilcd. .so Hint some- Fftl JO sm IQ SACRED HEART YOUNG MEN'S CLUB P. E. 0. SISTERHOOD AMERICAN LEGION fOST No. 88 MOONLIGHT EXCURSION S:30 , CHAS. CREATH FATE MARABLE >n<) 1 Unit f '•• : ."COTTON PICKERS" BAND ..' ;• - *' :*' '* • Cnjoy Itin Mtxnlifll Ottir-t en tit NLWUT, LARGEST, flNBST XND O,Vty Jdi-STtlL • MISSlSSim'rASSEKGtR JrS.tAJW '•rnuW lew — t«i«iio.j ro,/,r.P,j KMnl Hottir.iitit Dct6Jtlloni Tlitc*sfovl O?q¥ ' EXCURSION THIS FALL PP&SIDEiMl i Villages of Unemployed Rejoice Over Ore Find j tiling will lie available over n Icngcr period of lime. Idle horses '"and ~mu'lcs " cim lie. wintered on straws and sloven i plus one pound of cotlonseed meal daily Ihc same as-cnlllc, but will GLA.-5C.OW. (UP)-The chance Ue wintered belter if some olhei-discovery of n ncvv vein of lead concciitiatc.s- are allowed. Mules: by an unemployed miner has may lie safely fed o's milch us 2 j brought hope to a llionsaiicl neo- pomuls of cottonseed meal per I l>lc living in two ' remote villnccs licud daily, and this amount Is ad- |5li mi!ra from here ° vised when the ration consists j Since 1931, when the lead mines largely of straw, or grass l.ayslcWd ( io;vn 80 per cent of tho .vllli a small amount of corn. If working popiilntio i of he villa e ! or 5 nomids of leeumc hay is j of Lead hills and Wnnl«kK allowed only one pounil of cotton- | lrm , te en linen ployed seed meal should be fed. Work' ,, .. . . stock should uc: wintered veil- „ ,"' ' ilclr llo P" nre centered in enough Una Ihev will lie in' fi ob<l (" Crt . MniT '. . w . ho discovered a condition for tlie heavv demands ? V TO1 "' "'"' nl r ' vc ai]m me " of spring work ' I n ' ho ni <= tcstniR ii new scam in the , : desolate hills around the district '•''" ihe e.slatc of the Marquis'of Head .Courier News Wuni Ads. I Liniillisow. Viceroy of India. FALL SALE rR^; «^p, yiCK S HE E T ALUMINUM NEW FRENCH ERYER //ieirstreamline liandle. Fine 2 OUflRTS in csli basket. -| p Swmgtiifircststops U K p drlppihg on stove. J \J u Round,easy-clean corners. 3 qt. Size; , REG. 51.35 $U9(Kei.$1.5( P E R G 0 L A T 0 R S I Seamless. Eaay-clcon dome I 8 B TUB cov "- Nc " Bakc- \f S ' CW lite bandies. e- 1 Q 1 Smart, llat bead. \ I « u Gcu|>,S1.75(«e(f. T I • §2.25);4cu|>,$1.6S (Keg. $1.95). Also DEC. $2.45 2 cup and 12 cup. NEW DOUBLE BOILER IHQUASIS Round,easy-clean 4 C n corners. Sma C 1 3 3 flat bead. 1 ( •9 I • size, $1.39 (Reg. I I 51.7S). Also iy,\ RED. S1.9S Pt.,2Qt.aml.1Qt" 'Swing' Music Credited To Ancient Polynesians i HOMO LULU (UI 1 )—Ancient I'alyiip.slniis bud "swlus"- inusici ei-iiliirli-s In-fore Ilie prf.senl Am- r-ilc'iin reviviil, iiccojdlni; 10 Timothy •, Mukalel Mumuomr-i-y mid ^'redcrlck M. llpckley icnlif-n. who me preprirlni; lo revive It. with their own lnstnnnen(« ot initlve ninlnrlnh and after the undent nuiivfr' inaniier. " : - - IV-iiiniLslrtilloni! an: to bo hold nl tin: Honolulu Academy of I'ine Alts, lv:iin(-ll:iinr-li;i •• School j,i, { | Ilirs Ilnwiill Producls Hhow. ' As a result of their efforts tg revive tlie original Polynesian .swini! music, a toy's club at. Kn- inehnnicha School -Is' 'orgnhliilng' fin orchestra or lai'uc siiarkskin drums, coconut drupis, conch shells, nittlc gonrits, nose fliite.s. SJinird and bamboo iKtreus-slon In- striiuient.s. We've got for you the FAVORITE AlL-WttTHER More -serious crimes' England i •urn due to betting, than. to. anyj other .single | Plant Winte Legumes Increase yield 250 Ibs. of seed cotton per ncre by planling Hairy Vetch. We have (he only planter equipped to plant Vetch in cotton ami corn middles. We can furnish Duplex' Hoppers and I.egnine attach^ menu to convert y o >.i r Shawnce C'olton and Corn planter (o Legume planter at nominal cost. Paul Byrum Blylhfvillf, Ark. ' Th« Uterary Digest's PRESIDENTIAL POLL It bcotdfur bV Goody«i vcrV Mowity, WcdM«d*y f - crtnioj, TUNE IN NBC Blue Network URGES! SEJ1ING TirlE ON EARTH SPECIAL! For cars no longer new • v;e«k—up buy» Qoadyur Speedway t.^'. 3i,, P.rW^l, 4.75-1(1 SI 5.00-18 SI Other iliet In proportion A Go Anywhere Tire! Ithasthegrip- Aslow«» piest grip yet _ developed — %i 1 let us show it *•*•'•' (o you. a wiek ' TOM Lim&,GHEVROLET CO. WHY YOU SHOULD SEE F. S.WOLCOTT'S HIGH BROWN FOLLIES OF Ont Night Only BLYTHEVILLE Mon,, Sept. 21 "JUMBO" SAUCE PAN SET 1J<S Qt., 2}^ Qt. and 3 Qr. sizes. Smart, flat .. 4 QC bcn<i. Round, \ I 3 \l casy-clcnn cor-I T I • ners. Streamline handles. Cover I MG. 52.60 Set, CSc citra. NEW DUTCH OVEN I'/jQUHRlS Combines fleau/y I _ r and Economy. • O QR Smooth botlom. \l a«* Bafcclilc finger- I T *« • grip handles. , r » ..,. s tc " m seal. RES. S3.BB Trivet, 30c «tra. 'DEEP*FRY PAH 9-INCH Big, deep; 9-inch .•Ifin sk '" c t. Sturdy: C I UU hnnd-fining! •fit streamline steel „ • handle. Inside KG. $1.35 depth 1',' inches. Again We Ask You Can You Buy? Can You Order Furniture At These Prices? Look in your -catalogue anil compare prices on stable ar ticles listed below. CAN YOU BUY (inn( r'^" C(l ^Se : Cotton .MiiUrcMcs :il (PO Qr TAN Yflll RI1Y Kl '" s ^ c ^' Fllll V Rfinippcd Kill-hen Csil.incls in I'lO 7K vnti ii>u liui , Kilhcr Colors a) i $iJj,/;3 CAIN Yflll RI1Y ' ! ""' m ' Willnul Finish,. Nc\y Style ]!c<lror>m (Plft'Oo . ^ . „, Suites »1 d5J_«/.j3 CAN YC'U BUY 2piocc Ovcrslllfte(l '' ivins Hn(lin Siiiu>s ;i( ?IQ^ HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. CAN YC'U -BUY a 6-cye-^eel Kahgc for. : : $1935 CAN YOU BUY S x 12 Gold feal Rus tor, J5 CAN YOU BUY 3 x 12 Rugs for ore our prices delivered in your home. Can lion equal them and pay the freight? Then, too, you see what you are buying, makii to select and remember we send ii right out, have to wait. Hubbard Furniture BLYTHEVILLE. ARK. (I it easy on don't

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