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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 27

Ames, Iowa
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Thursday, October 10, 1974
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Proceedings of Story County Board of Supervisors 30 Thurs., Oct. 10, 1974 BOARD PROCEEDINGS 775 68 Ams, City of o adjourn. Motion carried. Marketing: last chance to minimize hog profits BOARD PROCEEDINGS 763.20 7K3.20 783 20 699.76 789.88 B26.28 Mitchell, Elmer, Aug. Tim Moor. George, Aug. .Time Olson. Vincent, Aug. Time Ort, Mellord, Aug. Time. . Otto, Earl, Aug. Time Oxley, Robert, Aug. Time. Risdal. Bervln, Aug. Time Samson, Van, Aug. Time Setzer, George, Aug. Time Slippy. William. Aug. Tim Stansbury. Duane. Aug. McCormick, F'.M.Vustei Earners Plan Dr. W.N. Shelton, Med. Car ' Sioux l and Council On Alcoh., Cara ft. Keep Special Problems Center, Car 1 Keep Stark, John, Patient to Cherokee Thomas, Carolyn. Assisting Sheriff Tipton ft. Son, Drugs State Comptroller, 2nd Qfr Charges, Cherokee State Comptroller, 2nd Qtr Charges, Clarlnd State Comptroller, 2nd Qtr Charges, Glenwood Stat Comptroller, 2nd Qtr Charges, Woodward State Comptroller, 2nd Qtr Charges, Wlttenmyar State Comptroller, 2nd Qtr The Board of Supervisors of Story Counly, lowa, met at a stated meeting at the courthouse in Nevada, at 9:30 o'clock A. M., September 19th, 1974. Ersland and Faust present. Coggshall absent. RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Story County, lowa, to approve of the Road Closure for the purpose of Bridge construction on E63 from East corporate limits of Maxwell, 800 feet East to road running North in Amts Station, Suppl Belolt of Amts, Therapy ft. Boon Blank Book. Co., Suppl Cannon Place, Care ft. Keep. Carolyn, Nell, Mileage ft, Carter Press Inc., Books. . . . Slater Clinic, Med. Care Duehr, Michael, Mileage. . . . Fagerburgh, Mlllicent. Mileage Family Service Center, Care & Keep Finders, Charles, Mileage ft. General Telephone, Services. Hatfield Duplicating, Suppl. . Heglaund, Newbroogh, Johnston Brewer & Maddux, CI.ApptdAtty Hickory KnoJI, Care ft. Keep. Koch Bros, Suppl Lake, E.R., Expenses Lewis, Anne, Mileage McFarland Clinic, Med. Care McKlnney, John, Ct. Apptd Atty CONSERt section Z7.IZ - Z7. Indian Creek Nevada at 9:00 o'clock, A. M., Sep. 1mor 9, 1974. Ersland and Faust present. Coggshall absent. Motion by Faust, seconded by Erstand to approve an Agreement with Marshall County for care and keep of Marshall Comity prisoners in the Story County all at the rate of $4.00 per day, per person. Agreement on file. Motion carried. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland fo adourn. Motion carried. Dorothy J. Elliott Harold S. Ersland Auditor Chairman BOARD PROCEEDINGS September 10, 1974 The Board of Supervisors of Story County, Iowa, met at the courthouse in Nevada at 9:00 o'clock A. M., September 10, 1974. Ersland and Faust present. Coggshall absent. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to approve an Agreement with Polk County for care and keep of Polk County prisoners In the Story County jail, at the rate of S6.00 per day, per person. Agreement on file. Motion carried. Motion by Faust, seconded by Erstand Dorothy J. Elliott Harold S. Ersland y Ersland Motion by Faust. sc to adopt the' above 1,354.70 Adams Funeral Home, 61.46 Burial Expenses 9.44 Ames, City of. Service. . . 336.30 Ames Coop Day Car. 24.25 826.50 44.42 75.00 Ayes, Ersland and Faust: Nays, None. Coggshall absent. Motion carried, resolution adopted. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to approve the amount of SI00 00 per month, beginning September I. 1974, for rent to The Octagon, for the use of Food Stamp facilities. Each party may give 30 days notice of any change in the agreement. Motion carried. RESOLUTION The Board of Supervisors of Story Counly, lowa, hereby releases the lien of Story County, agaiijst Mary Little lor institutional care. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to adopt the above resolution. Vote: Ayes. Ersland and Fausl. Nays, None. Coggshall absent. Motion carried, resolution adopted. 80.00 50.00 Murray, Velva, Care 8. Keep Parrolt, Matt 8. Sons, Suppl. Payer ft, Gibbons, Ct. Apptd years. Twenty - nine percent had used two outlets during that time nnd only eight per cent hnd sold In three or more outlets in the five - year period. The survey also revealed that larger producers tend to use more market outlets than the smaller operators. Producers should check prices at wide range of markets before they make their marketing decisions Skadberg advised. "Prices vary from one outlet to the next every day. And don't automatically assume that one market is always higher or always lower than another." Skadberg also emphasized the importance of choosing the best marketing method for Ihe type of hogs to be sold. "High - quality, meaty animals generally return more on a grade and yield basis while live mixed or live sort is often the best selling method for medium or lower quality hogs." Skadberg noted, however, that satisfactory grade and yield selling requires that the producer have a good working relationship with a buyer. iRD PROCEEDINGS "Many pork producers feel that once they've raised their hogs to market weight, they've done all they can to maximize their profit and their work is finished. However, they fail to realize that marketing is an important step in the pork enterprise and offers a final but important opportunity to maximize returns." Most Iowa hog producers have a wide range of decisions to make at market time, according to Iowa Slate University economist Marvin Skadberg. They include choosing the optimum marketing weight, the best market to sell to, and the selling method. "A farmer can sell his hogs himself or he may hire a marketing specialist to sell .for him by shipping to a terminal outlet." The answer to this and other questions depends on each specific producer's situation. Most Use One Outlet The economist cited a recent ISU survey which indicated more than 60 per cent of the Iowa hog producers contacted only one market nutlet and had used that same outlet for at least the past five Apothecary Shop, Drugs Breed Gayle, Nursing Car. . Cambridge, City of, Servlc. Chrlstlanson, Luella, Rent. . . Clinic Pharmacy, Orugs Co. Relief Utility Acct, Service Daehler Pharmacy, Drugs. . . Fareway Groc., Groceries. . . Fastco Drug, Drugs Feldman'ft. Walsh, DDS, Dental Care Food Stamp Clerk, Food Gandrup Pharmacy, Drugs. . 10.87 1,634.38 31.80 Rabiner, Jerry Boys Ranch. Care ft, Keep 48.35 Roeder. Floyd. Witness 8. 6.90 Mileage 23.81 Shelter House. Care ft, Keep. Boone Co. Sheriff, Service. . . 15.45 Davis Co. Sheriff, Serving Myrtl engttrom 1 7 . 50 Darlwt lmpcovn 21.00 Charlotte Llttl li.OO Donald Slano 20.50 James Faaborg 8.50 .Sarah Olgglns 20.80 TheoB. Sands 22,00 Elaine M.McCrory 22.00 Anna E. Sands 22.00 MargaratW. Sloss 22.00 Hazel Dunn 22.00 Hutchlns, Thomas 20.00 Glendora Tlmm 20.00 Lillian King 20.00 Ruth Miller 20.00 Dora Miller 20.00 Winifred Busch 22.60 Esther Eschbach 22.00 JeannetteQuInn 22 .00 Grelchen Weber 20.60 Martha Bretnall 20.00 Anna Taylor ib.OO Hanna Gr ad won 1 20.00 W.H.Stacy 20.00 Merrett Bailey Sr ia.00 Jesse Thornton ia.00 MaryGress ib.OO Elizabeth Carbrey 20.00 Marvin Gould 20.75 Shirley Parsons 17.00 Mary Earls 17.00 Mary Janet Dunlap 19.00 Porter Pederson 21.00 Patricia Montag 22.00 MaryVolgt 21.00 Irene N. Switzer 21.00 Mary Roshelm 19.00 Lavona Legvold 21.00 Josephine Thlel 19.OO Tighe, Lucille 20.00 Arra Browning 20.00 Daisy W.DeKalb 21.20 Brodle Goldberg 20.00 Ruby Buck 20.00 Don Finch 23.25 Rose Marie Warren 19.50 MaryVllmont 19.50 Helen Dahlmeler 19.50 Jane Grelmann 17.50 Jean Papich 18.00 Mildred Nelson 20.00 Ericka Floden 20.00 Wilbur Thornwall 18.00 LaVonne Clark 18.00 Holland, Laura 18.00 EvaSfenstand 20.00 ,Freed. Gladys 20.00 La Vona Cairns 20.00 Clara Edwards 20.00 KermltFreeland 20.00 Audra Nelson 20.00 Geo. Edwards 20.00 Robert Wagner 18.00 Sophes Berhow 18.00 Miller Wee 18.00 Anna Mae Alvis 18.00 AvisSteensland 18.00 Jeffrey Townsick 20.00 Raymond Sande 20.00 Jean Kleinschmidt 18.00 Mildred Hanson 18.00 RhodaNerem 18.00 Thora Leonard 19.00 Dorothy Adduci 19.00 Beatrice Anderson 19.00 Joann Peterson 19.00 MarjorieVarnum 19.00 O.W. Cozzens 16.00 W.C Eley 16.00 R.L. Golly 16.00 OwenFincham 22.20 Hans P. Hanson 18.00 Glenn Boston 18.00 Published in the Ames Daily Tribune, October 10, 1974. Hotel Ames, Rent ,.. Dr. CT. Howard, Med. Care Hunts Super Valu, Food Hy Vee No. 1, Food Dr. King ft. Lines, Med. Care Londsburg Klufa Pharmacy, 158.03 ' 295.44 : 23.00 RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Story County, lowa, to approve of the Road Closure for the purpose of Tile crossing on North line. Section 23 83 22, Nevada Township: and repair on West line, Section 25 62 - 23, Union Township. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to adopt the above resolution. Vote: Ayes, Ersland and Faust. Nays, None. Coggshall absent. Motion carried, resolution adopted. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to approveof the Utility Permit No. 7416 of the General Telephone Company of the Midwest, to occupy certain portions of public right of way for transmission purposes. Motion carried. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland toapproveof the Utility Permit No. 74 - 17 of the Kelley Coop Telephone Ass'n., to occupy certain portions of public right of way for transmission purposes. Motion ' Wahl & Wahl, Repairs West Publishing Co., Suppl.. . Whipp, Shannon, Care ft, 70.00 4.00 85.00 97.00 535.0S 75.00 54.00 69.00 20.00 60.00 748.40 Clerk of Supreme Court, Ct. BOARD PROCEEDINGS September 75, 1974 The Board of Supervisors of Story County, lowa, met at a stated meeting at the courthouse in Nevada, at 9:30 o'clock A.M., September 2S, 1974. Esland and Faust present. Coggshall absent. RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Story County, lowa, to approve of the Road closure tor the purpose of road construction on West line. Sec. 31 83 - 21, New Albany Town ship. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to adopt the above resolution. Vote: Ayes, Erstand and Faust. Nays, None. Coggshall absent. Motion carried, resolution adooted. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to approve the appointments of Sheriff's Deputies, without compensation for the University Married Community, Roger Langstraat and Carole Simon. Motion Motion by Faust, seconded by Erlsand to aporove Revenue Sharing Transfers for September 1974, as follows: County General S,707.99 Court Expense 231.14 Mental Health lnst. $3,559.00 Secondary Roads S479.92 ident Polish pres Miller ft, Rader, Attys. . Clerk of Dist Court, Cos' Story Co. Bar, Cost Micheal Duehr, Cost. . . McKinney, John L., Ct Apptd Atty Kutmus, William. Cost. Lura, Gordon, Rent.; McBrlde, Marvin, Rent McFarland Clinic, Med. Care Mary Greeley Hosp., Hosp. Mathre, Leslie, Rent Maxwell School, School Reg. Dr. Dorothy Mullen, Med. Care Dr. F.J. Negla, Med. Care. . Nevada Day Care Center, North Grand Care Center, Care & Keep North Grand Rexall Drug, Pierce, Irene, Mileage Presbyterian Church, Rent. . Dr. Richard Rogers, Med. Safeway Groc., Groc Schitl Builders, Rent Schudders Dept store, Clothing State Dept of Social Service, Payment Story Co. Homemaker Aides, ELECTION Ames Daily Tribune, Publ. Ben Franklin. Suppl Boone Blank Book Co., Elliott, Dorothy J., Mileage. Collegiate Presbyterian Chur Motioi ... September . Ersland 263.00 420.75 320.00 233.00 393.75 312.60 293.63 3,377.21 51.76 122.03 Gandrup Pharmacy, Suppl.. . General Telephone, Service. lowa Data, Service Mid West Carbon Co., Suppl. Parrott, Matt & Sons, Suppl. Roland Record, Publ Story City Herald, Ballots ft. Notice Story Co. Civil Defense, Tipton ft. Son, Drugs Westside Ames Fruit & Whitaker Drug, Drugs Babbitt, Betty, Food Stamp St. seconded by Ersland Settlement of Ihe Story Dorothy J. Elliott to factories he signed two agreements with President Ford and told Congress that detente should become an "irreversible process." Sitting at the Cabinet table in the White House, Ford and Gierek initialed the agreements eight times, passing the red and blue covered documents back and forth. They were a joint statement of general principles and a statement on economic, industrial and technical cooperation. Ford called them "landmark documents" and said, "Our people .... and the international economic community will benefit." Gierek called the United States "one of our principal partners in the West" and invited Ford to visit Poland. 82.08 I0S.O0 County Treasurer. Motion carried. Motion by Faust, seconded by Ersland to approve the Application for a Beer Permit by the Riscam Company dba Casey's General Store at Gilbert Cor. Suppl... Carbee, Sue, Food Stamp Clerk Hamilton, Myrtle, Food Stamp Clerk Laughner, Jon, Janitor 72.45 24.15 10.73 plans visits WASHINGTON (UPI) Polish Communist leader Edward Gierek, a former coal miner, likes to tour industrial areas as well as conduct affairs of state. Today he indulges both of these by visiting Pittsburgh and the United Nations. Gierek leaves Washington early today aboard a special Air Force plane for New York to address the United Nations. Afterward, he was to travel to Pittsburgh. He visits Houston later in the week. Gierek explained his desire to see industrial areas Wednesday in a meeting with reporters at the National Press Club. "Once or twice a week," he said, "I visit industrial regions of my country not to receive flowers although I do like flowers but to hear what the people have to say and whisper around." Gierek arrived Sunday and spent the first part of the week in Washington. The climax of his visit came Wednesday as SEPTEMBER C e Oflici Returns for t ; School - i Story County, er )0lh, l Tri County News, Publ Witdman Printing Shop, Postmaster. Postage LOCAL HEALTH Brassfield, Mary, Mileage. . . General Telephone, Service. . Maybe, Jack, Mileage Moofhart, Margaret, Mileage Musselman, Doris, Mileage. . Nurses Book Society, Book. . Story Co. Homemakers Aide, County Auditor. RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the Board of Suoervi of Story County, lowa, did on the day of September, 1974, canvass votes cast in the School Election hel September loth, 1974, in Ihe A WHEREAS.onlheSpecial Proposi in this district, as follows: SHALL 1 FOLLOWING PUBLIC MEASURE SWITCHES JOBS MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UPI) Carol Sturgill just couldn't stand working inside in a factory all day, so she landed a job where she could get plenty of fresh air. She became a steeplejack. The switch cost the 29 - year - old Sheboygan woman her boyfriend, but she didn't seem to mind. She said her boyfried was jealous because she was working with men all day. "So that's the end of that," she said. "He can be replaced with somebody who's got more sense." Auto Maintenance and Service 232 - 3444 Able Pest Control, Service. Ames Daily Tribune, Publ.. Ames Stationers, Suppl Anderson, Don, Expense. . . Big O Tires, Repairs Bolton & Hay, Suppl C & D Sanitation, Service. . 686.24 253.57 15.80 293.00 25.48 73.89 70.99 94.60 287.50 438.02 262.00 "Shall Ihe Board of Directors of the Ames Community School District be authorized and directed to sell all or any property now owned by the School District, located on the East side of Grand Avenue in the 1600 Block in Ames, lowa, legally described as: A part of the Nw'a SW'j, Section 3S, the Sth P.M., Story County, lowa, Ackelson.Mark, Expenses. American Society ol Land - ' Ames Elec. Contracters. Ames Stationers, Suppl Belz, H.D., Fuel Big O Tires, Tires & Repairs Bill's Tire Service, Tire Capital Sanitary Supply, Car Parts Ltd., Repairs Carr Hardware, Suppl Central lowa Printing, Suppl. Cooper, Keith & Son, Labor . Davis & Donnellan, Suppl.. . . Davis Paint Store, Paint Hallett Construction, Gravel . Hardin Co. REC, Service ft, Plastic P.'. Heck Ross Uniforms, Shirts, la. Concrete Block Co., L & M Sales, Repairs Lekwa, Stave, Expenses McDanlels, Ray Agency, Insurance Marshall Co. REC, Martin Marietta, Rock Mathison Motor Co., Repairs Modern Office Outfitters, Office Suppl Munn Lumber, Plastic Myers, Harry R., Mileage. . . Natto Coop Station, Labor. . . Northwestern Bell, Service. . Polk Co. Conservation Bd, Fish Food Powell Western Auto, Suppl. Schoenemam Bros., Suppl.. . Staples Lumber, Suppl Story City Building Co., Story Co. Fair Board, Rent Stuart, John, Expenses R.J. RhomasMfg . Grills. . Tractor Supply, Anti Freeze Used Equip.. Repairs Vee Enterprise, Grills Wilson, D.A.. Ties General Elec. Lighting, Registration Austrheim, Sarah, Labor Birchm'ier, Jea'nnie, Office Help Eyanson, Kelly. Labor Fitzgerald, Paul, Labor Hanson, Dana, Labor Myer, Harry R., Labor Stuart, John, Labor Thompson, Joel, Labor Wheatley, Christie, Labor. . . . Whitehead, Sheila, Office Help COUNTY Able Pest Control, Service. . American Air Filter, Suppl.. American Humane Ass't, Ames Advertiser, Publ Ames, City of. Service Ames Dally Tribune, Publ.. . Ames Plumbing Supply, Suppl. 8. Repairs Ball, Ralph, Refund Bauer, Curt, Mileage & Exp. Beving, Karen, Extra Help, Recorder Big O Tires, Repairs Birthright Inc., Rent C & D Sanitation, Service. . . Central la. Printing, Suppl.. . Chenoweth - Kern Elev., City Elec. Supply Co., Coggshall, Anderson, Couser, Marlene, Matron Daehler Pharmacy, Suppl.. . Oept. of Public Safetv, Terminal Billing Eastman Kodak Co., Film. . . Elliott, Dorothy, Meeting Elliott. Blake, Meeting Expense ... Ersland, Harold, Expense. . . Faust, L.C., Expense Fidlar ft. Chambers, Suppl.. . Finch, Don, Labor ft, L.J. Rellly, Franklin, Clerk G.F. Upstlll, Trustee Robert Borgmeyer, Trustee . Olaf Peterson, Trustee Galloway, Clyde, Jailer General Telephone, Service. . Grand Island Clinic, Med. Grelner, Marlys, Extra Help Huffer, Robert, Mileage IBM Corp., Rental & Suppl.. la. Elec Light ft, Power, Jail Food Acc't, Food Jensen, Elmer. Expense ft, Rent Johnson, Charles, Mileage. . . Weed Comm Johnson Hardware, Suppl. . . . Koch Bros, Suppl Dr. Earl Laughlin, Dental McDaniels Agency, Bond Marshall Office Supply, Maxheimer, Paula, Extra Help Dr. H.D. Meyer, Med. Care. Mid State Dist. Co., Suppl. . . Mid West Carbon, Suppl Mogul Corp., Suppl Motorola Inc, Radios for Nevada, Cilyof, Service... Nevada Newspaper, Publ.. . . Clerk . ami' . eVa a WP Forrest Weeks. Trustee Dclmar Toot. Trustee Harvey J. Collins, Trustee. . Northwestern Bell, Teletype. Oak Park Laundry. Service. . Octagon, Rent Olson, Lois, Records Orning Company Inc., Suppl. Parrott, Matt 8, Sons, Suppl Penney, J, C. Co.. Suppl Postmaster, Postage Dr. D.W. Powers, Med. Examination Pratt, Elden, Service Precision Lab., Suppl Riverside Manor Day Care, Rudi, Norman, Plat Work. . . . Skele Ponliac. Repairs Expenses . Stark, T.D.. Assisting Sheriff State Agency Surplus Property, Suppl Story Co. Civil DaftnM, Suppl Thomas, Carolyn, Matron Trl County Times, Publ University Book Store, Books Wildman Hobby Shop, Suppl. XEROX Corp., Rental Suppl. Stark, John, Petty Cash Beneke, Patricia, Extra Help COURT Ambroson. CM., Care . Keep Anderson, Harry, Rent Christian, Larry, Fuel ' Colo, Town of , Utll Coughman, Ethel, Rent ' Daehler Pharmacy, Drugs. . Farmers Home Adm., Rent. Fareway Groc, Groc Fareway Groc. Ames, Groc. Fastco Drugs, Drugs Food Stamp Clerk., Groc General Telephone, Service. . Hildebrand Pharmacy, Hotel Ames, Rent ( Hunziker ft, Furman, Rent. . . Hy Vee No. 1, Groc : ( la. Methodist Hosp., Hosp. ! Dr. King 8. Lines, Med. Care Dr. Robert Larson, Med. Mary Greeley Hosp., Hosp. Care Myrl 8, Craigs Station, Misc. ' Nevada, City of, Util North Grand Care Center, Nursing Care North Grand Rexall Drug, Northside Fruit & Groc, Oak Park Manor. Nursing Care Old Orchard Mobil Ct., Rent 1 Randall's Store, Groc Sellers Food Store, Groc ' Skie Motor Co., Rent , Small, Ruth, Rent Story City Food Store, Groc. Story City Clerk, Utll ' Story Co. Homemakers, Circle Barber Shop, Hair Colonial Bakery, Food Corbin Construction, Labor 8. Doors Inc., Devices Doyen Co., Food Feldman, Walsh & Stidwell, Dental Work Fitz, Dave Elec, Repairs.... Flynn Dairy, Food General Telephone, Service. . Gibbs Plbg ft, Heating, Labor 8. Material la Sickman Supply Inc., Dr. Jerald King ft. Lines, Lester Refg. Service, Midwest Pack, Beef Pro - and Aa7 ballots were defectively marked. 1,326.83 s shown by the electio 6J.00 553.00 80.81 ally lists, was 238E 'PROVED, this I6t 128.00 Nevada Newspaper, Want 176.00 Ad 55.75 Nevada Poultry, Poultry 90287 Reeds Icecream, Ice Cream Ryerson Imp., Repairs 5 00 Scudders, Clothing 599.51 Social Security Adm., Pay - Tank. Story Co. Hospital, Nursing Care Strather, Mariorie. Med. Tiptons Drug Store, Drugs. . Westside Fruit . Groc, Zearing City Clerk, Utll If you can't manage novhow are you going to manage later? Story Farm 8. Home, Repairs Thompson Hayward, Suppl.. Tipton, W.L. & Son, Drugs. . la. Elec. Light ft. Power, FOLLOWING PUBLIC MEASURE E ADOPTED? "Shall the Board ol Directors ol I Collins School District in the Counties Slory, Marshall and Jasper. State SECONDARY ROAD Allan Machine 8. Supply, Repairs 20.45 Ames Auto Elec., Repairs. . . 85.50 Ames. City of, Service 6.B0 Ames Heating 8. Cooling, Repairs & Labor 56.70 Arnold Motor Supply. Repairs 11.00 BID Auto Parts, Repairs. . 371.54 Bill's Tire Shop. Tires 1,175.88 Brown, Herman Co., Repairs 1,476.40 Brown Supply Co., Suppl 164.10 Central lowa FS. Inc., Fuel. 3,211.02 Cook, Ray Construction, Crushed Rock 7,569.70 Coover, Mert Chev., Repairs 9.88 Coughenour, Shane, Labor. . . 16.00 Davis 8. Donnellan Lumber, Suppl 9.56 Diesel Service Co., Suppl 93.00 Dukehart Hughes Co., Repairs 38.09 Evans Upholstering, Labor. . 30.00 Farmers Coop., Suppl 85.50 General Gas Corp., Fuel 104.52 General Telephone, Service. . 90.89 Gibbs Cook Equip., Repairs.. 92.99 Hawkeye Truck Equip., Dump Body 1,998.64 HickllnGM Co., Repairs 66.31 la. Elec. Light & Power, Service 1.27 la. Elec. Light a. Power, la. Elec. Light & Power, la. Elec. Light & Power, Service. - 77.77 la. Elec. Light 8. Power, Tools 59.00 lowa Road Builders, Repairs 135.00 lowa State Highway Comm. Suppl 10.50 Jay, Donald, Tile Work 281.00 Johnson Sales 8. Service, Labor 15.00 Kleen King Sales ft, Service, Suppl 43.40 Koch King Sales 8, Service, Suppl 87.00 Krieg, Russell, Meeting Exp. 70.00 Little Giant Crane, Repairs. 290.12 A.Y. McDonald Mfg., Repairs 12.32 M.M. Supply Co., Repairs. . 66.95 Marshall Co. R EC, Service. . 23.25 Malhison Motor Co.. Repairs 133.29 Mathison Ford Co., Truck 8, Repairs 4,493.99 Montgomery ward, Suppl.. . . 13.19 Motorola Inc., Radio Main tenance 179.25 Municipal Supply Co., Suppl. 30.00 Material '. 24.72 Nevada Brick 8. Tile. Suppl.. 95.04 Nevaoa, City ol. Service... 6.6 Nevada Ready Mix, Suppl.. . 229.12 Northwest Service Station, Suppl 13.20 Nott Company, Repairs 52.74 Olson, John M , Labor 4,50 Partridge Bros Inc.. Suppl. . . 13.78 Reedholm Hardware, Suppl 2.49 Ryerson Imp., Repairs 137.65 Sieg Cedar Rapids, Suppl.. . . 269.36 Standard Bearing Co., Repairs 1B.5B Stansbury, Duane, Aug. Exp. 5.20 Swenson Machine Shop. Repairs 73.15 Todd, Michael Co., Suppl. . . . 25.00 Truck Equip. Inc., Repairs. 13.77 Vogel Paint ft, wax. Inc., Markings 1,283.25 Zearing Plumbing, Suppl. ft, Owen, Wm. ft, joAnne, Right of Way 311.90 Central lowa Printing, Booklets 52.75 Ostermann, Dan Inc., t Est. 4,980.24 Ackerman, Paul, Aug. Time. 898.80 Adair, Lewis, Aug. Time. ... 647.68 Baker, Ralph, Aug. Time 821.92 Banks, Lawrence Jr., Aug. Time 733.49 Bills, Chester, Aug. Time 783.20 Blanchard, Lee, Aug. Time. . 819.41 Breer, Lawrence, Aug. Time 769.12 Carney, Mike, Aug. Time... 769.56 Cerka. Elmer, Aug. Time.... Clark, Ben, Aug. Time 6.2t Coughenour, Vernon, Aug. Time 7M.ei Deaton, Carroll, Aug. Time.. 116.60 Dobson, Max, Aug. Time 77. W Frye.Vlrgll. Aug. Time 742.72 GooslcLeroy, Aug. Time... 734.28 Harlow. A. L., Aug. Time 365.74 Hovlck, Jerald, Aug. Time. 783.20 Howl,Wyn,Aug.Tlmt.. 769.12 Kalscm, David, Aug. Time.. 699.20 Krausman, Loult. Aug. Tlmt 112.19 Mattrs,Lslle, Aug. Time.. 783.70 Melohn, Russell, Aug. Time.. 783.20 729.77 71.25 357.00 331.45 2,000.01 Anderson, Tracy, Labor 8aumgarten, Sue, Labor Btoodgood, Edna, Labor Brekke, Evelyn, Hair Setting Bunnell, Sherry, Labor Calonder, Doris, Labor Chitty, Rosella, Labor Couser, Joan, Labor Eilts, Kyong, Labor Eilts, Randy, Labor Freeman, Elaine, Labor BANGS Dr. N.H. Brinkman, Erad.. . 200.1 Dr. Paul Eness, Erad 10.( Dr. Jerry Kunesh, Erad 15.; Dr. Ross Rekemeyer, Erad.. 127.; School election officials claim list approved by the board of supervisors 01 Sept. 191h, 1974: 32.00 36 30 64.00 414.00 335.50 422.50 427.35 SCHOOL ELECTION OFFICIALS e, Kara Marianr ol persons Ingham, Rita, Labor Janes, Elaine, Labor Kassel, Sandi, Labor Kirkpatrlch, Gertrude, Labor 20.00 20 00 21.50 2O.S0 18.50 18 50 ErmaPercival.... Florence Waltmlre Margaret Weber... Corslle Bell Helen Molleston... Linda S.Maddux.. Lawrence I. Zea. . . 340.00 421.63 146.00 Erlckson Is Carr 1 Coulter 21.50 19.50 23 80 20.00 McMullen, Kathy, Labor. . ' Melick, Marilyn, Labor ' Westside Fruit 8. Grocery Groceries ; Neal. Carol, Labor Schoenbaum, Susan, Labor 1 Stoops, Albert, Labor Thompson, Barb, Labor . . . 1 Dona Tlelmeland, Labor. . . 1 Wallace, Helen, Labor So, jom the Payroll Savings Plan and start on your "secret stash" today. And then just relax and don't worry about tomorrow. You'll manage. 20.00 20.00 19.00 19.00 21.00 September torn, 1974, in Ihe Colo Community School District. WHEREAS, on the Special Proposition in Ihis district, as follows: SHALL THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC MEASURE BE ADOPTED? "Shall the Board ol Directors of the Colo School District, in Ihe County of Story. Stale of lowa, be authorized to annual school house tax upon all ol lhc taxable property in Ihe school M.M. - 500.00 236.35 69 09 32.10 867.00 340.20 Badgerow Pharmacy, Drugs Belolt of Ames, Care ft, Keep Brown, Minnie, Care ft. Keep Calhoun Co. Auditor, Care ft, Money's tight. You feel pretty lucky if you can stretch your paycheck enough to meet all the everyday expenses. It's harder than ever to save a buck. And how are you going to take care of the future, when you've got enough trouble just taking care of the present? But, you can manage to save by joining the Payroll Savings Plan where you work. It's a sure way to get started on a nest egg that you can depend on in the future. The amount you designate will be automatically set aside from your paycheck and used to buy U.S. Savings Bonds, before you get your check, and before you can spend it. Fred Malander Carmen Kenyon Winnie McFarland Gordon Hoffman Mary Junk Marilyn Keller Candlee Stevens Nancy Clark Helen Ingvoldstad Irene Kllngsels Gwendolyn Ethington. . Grace P. Schlagel W.G. Gaessler Lucille Simmering F. Elaine Dunn Howard T. Brown Sidney Armstrong Carol Sanderson Christine Fremn Virginia Ferguson Elizabeth Day Mary McVeigh Mardee Robfnson Margie Sogard Lillian Sleeker Betty Brunkow Drltn McLaughlin. . . Mary A. Dunlap 19.00 22.00 20.00 22.00 WHEREAS, I ballols, ofVwhi Keep 498.09 ciinlc Pharmacy, Orugs Des Moines Polk Rehab., i - 00 Treatment Fastco Drug, Orugs Handicap Village, Cara ft. Keep . Hop Haven, Care, Keep.. " 00 or. O.D. Houser, Dental 431.22 work '4.25 Dr. King ft. Lines, Med. Care 174.95 Martin Luther Home Sclfy, 261.64 Care ft. Keep McFarland Clinic, Med. 112.47 care Mary Greeley Hosp., Hosp. 97.50 Car Mid lowa Workshop, Tuition. North Central Alcoholism, Treatment 100.00 Powell School Inc., Drugs.. 11.00 213.60 126.00 22.75 19.00 19.00 id election on the election said dale, as is shown t registers and poll tally ) PASSED AND APPRO Take stock in America. Buy U.S. Savings Bonds. day of September. 1974. seconded by Ersland

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