The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1934
Page 3
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, 5. Moves Sloi-fi lo Building Across 11 IP Slrrr-t from 01.1 Poslofficc •J. I- 1 . Ijlvijis^toii, lr/"nl iiir-j'eii has n;rn»d tar l)ii«.!ii«;;s In Ills location across tlif slri-r>t from °!<1 ins'.cltiee ijuHiiln 1 / 1111 Main 'I'.'.f liilililili!; ft-iis I'C'l-rluly pur- ciia.sed ijy Mr. l.hhiysion ami 1ms , Vl1 ihrnugliriin Nr-jt llxlurr-. hnve ilisinilfd ainl ijlJier iiN;):'Ove-iiu-!Hs! inatJe. Mr. [,!vlnfi-.!r,n i.. (me ,,f UK- li- knoun iiir-ri-ln.nts or-r-i-fitii!'/ on 31,11 ncTflLLE., (.&££.)' COlmTEB NxSTT 3 Up to ihe. Women RY MRS. FRANKLIN n. ROn.SKVRLT Should Wives He Manila Sociely — Persnnnl A wnnrjii. just likn :i 1(1:111, in:iv liavf- n uiviii p.lfi for .some lifuliir IhiiiM. Thai flues iioL inc.iii Ihnl sl»> iiniM give ii]i ihe Joy ol marrying iiiicl havinf; ti homi' nnd olillilien. H simply means, v, lit-n wi 1 sol ihom in i (ithci 1 , Uiai vo tliry shonlil hiivc lo i-xcrclM' ill Illtlt- imsr-iriHliiu-s.s, u HI tic UioiiRla' fuj ihr-nrclvi-.s mill lor othi-rs l>c-' rniiv iliolr mnilu-r Is not nhvuy- PAGE THREL , Mr. ill;- s yonrs ago from Koscmsko. M!>s..| whf-iT' hf- '.va>: I'M'?:"- ' '•• • • ffpd ami 3rr,r-f. f .j I>IIMI rlod oJ si's yr-are. Since mining II'MV. ston lias riTiuilivtl in caiinn on Hi? cwuni- Main sin-els. Inr. l:i<- iii.s hnslnc.vs niiiilc- <•„ liim 10 move lo HKI.V &;: tcrs. The nr-w inildinf ], inoili-lrtl 10 piovid-' t>- facilities :ni;l .•.loragi- .s noin- an;] f,. r( |. s v.^jfi, ston buys In caritind c\ reel from the factory yives deliver grins itiid nr<- i>n ham). Tiify June a il-.'ht ID PXIICCI Hint if tiioy IIIUT a prni)li>in she will liiivpn'i li-u-i] to it, but they have no right j-i-l KIOV/II nrai.suiriutl tn lln 1 in cx|i":-t u, ; ii L.| K . W | ( ] g [ vf , ,,|] I luc-i thai u p Oii:on's -lives imisl lie- th:u uhlcli sli« IOVM nnrt which Is iljtistcil KIIU nriaiiRccl lor In JMSI coii«liucilvc nnit preiuivr work, twin- .siiine wnv llul. mail's livc-.s i-;"-u^f- they would ut*.e io linvfl hi-r Womcii niiiy li:nv lo sucrl- liwni at five- oV!m-k inMf-nd of nt J K o'clock. Jl miylii lip lair lo iu-r tri L'ivc up pun- iwmulon but not n lliing wliii-li irnlly innkcs str.'f-i.' HP tame I'IH,.'d'n.a! 1 ."''- (lf ' rl!l1 " M ' n ^ : '< '"' '"' of n lo Du' k<- !•'.'./ :ill Lh.' s 'h:il :, v.ilituiil | Hi' ht'.-ti):-;/ wl«-r« much I nrw buy iviidy-uiadp had mriiiiifacHired. l-\»w of us iraliy.o ilini only :i litllc over a hiinilrpil ii'uis uiio all Ihe i:iindJ(-.s nnd soap iiiid food loorj Iry Hie household in winter ns well as in slimmer wc-rc prepared by the women of '.he lioiiM>; all Die linon and :ill ll;i miol wciv niiide in Ibe linmr-: |llactic;:tlly :.!! till 1 clnliles both lor 'nun :nul women v/ere made ai •home; ail Hie washing was done in ) haw: :i piece ol linen made in Unii-lics.s Coiinly Irnin llax lliat urown In ibe county nnd nowadays the art is completely IQ.SI. •Iho necessity has gone today nnd j therefore there are few women 'v.ho have been In this country . i.iorc than » short time and whose H!F. eain more thnn the bare -ni;lli dli'l Ilinej lif-r (in inillvldiiiil. 1 - ..... 1% " ........ -'- ' not The Yarhro clul) women ... t . canning every day. Monday '2:i wo-' " men canned nnd 'niesday "about 30' ' liel|>ed with ibe canning and enjoyed n visit from Mrs. R. L. McKnight of niyiheville. Mrs. Smith fiom Little Rod: and Mr.s. Tea). Mi.s. McKiilghl t;:ivc a very interesting ricmonslralioii in sewing and the use of flour and sugar sacks for aprons ami pillow cases. She nlsn [javc a demonstration in makinij -poverty hnsh." CJeo. W. Haihnni wa.s a visitor lo our liltcben. W; invite every lady lo come lo see wbal we are doiny us: we want to be .sibte. as helpful as pos- nece.^itle.s of life, who ••Mr- lo do somcthini! beside kccp- Hii-ir borne. They mny brid^i-. or |{olf, or ilu-y cliooso 10 do some pan-time iv.ore or CVPII fnlltimi; work in '-on^ ' job ilial interests ibeirt. If so— . Ihf o-ily |H'o;)lc lo br- eonre liilxiiit it nre Ibe members of the i f::mlly. | 'J'o be .sure. SKuelimcs children |re.senl ihe fact thai their mother ; lias a job and is nol at their back •and eall ai any bom- of the day •iir nielil. Tbi.s \i only so. of (•ourso. win.,, her work is not. needed for ihe necessilies of life Bin granted lhai Hie father provides Iho necessities, sometimes the children arc jealous of [lie fact ihal 'i mother should want any Imr-r- Dn not make Hie mlMake nf thinking when you are morrtMl yon. make no furlher effort about' vonr family relations. The Rov. M. p. Oatliriuhl was In O.sceola ou Ijuslne.s.-, Monday. !m' nnu Mrs. ;;. ]>. Austin nnd two children 01 iKtChvllle. aie visitlhi; aii'liib. and ii'lnllvos in Manila this v.rcfc. Tlu 1 Womiin's MlssSoniny srx'iely ol iln 1 MiMlmdlst I'lnnrh cujuyfd a [slcnie at Ills Lnhi- IViday af- I ifrnonn. ! Mrs. Clyde Wilson of Memphis was the HUPS', of llcr ilaiixlili'r. MLw Nellie Lylon Wilson. Rev. J. W. Moore and family wore Ihe quests of Mr. nnd Mis. S. K. Ciibblns of l/wlitllli- Sim- iluy. Mr. and Mrs. (i. K Snider nnd Miss Dorollly Tlley lefl Sili;ciuy Ini- ll:e MOM. Or. and Mr.s. V. li. Kox, Mr. Ulebfti'd l^ox, Mr. nnd Mis. .hum's Mnnic nnd son left Sunday 1'nr ii visit with ivlnllve.s In Kentucky. Miss .Icnnnn llowning Is visiting Dev. !•'. M. Swret and Mrs,. Ssvcel lit si thing ibai comes lo u woman wiib a job is ihe fad ihat she fins lo u,e her brains In order to nnd time for boil vcr S'-. of Monette. Mr. and Mi.s. 11, ,1. MeUlnnon left Sunday for :m exlendecl Irlp lo the enst nnd nurib. They ,„„.,. „, ' icr J° b nn(l '"T.nre to reliirn by way of Chicago duties. 'I his keeps her brain .„„, visil th<> ,„,',, ... - sl "' lul - s somp - Miss Eivlyn Cii-iltlili vlslled II Ing new 10 talK. lo her husband rr i e , u | s niui ,^.,,1^,^ ln Monette bm,i and he never will ycl Ihcj,,,.. n ,-,, , )an of the week. einiiK ibai she is Just like Ibe' MKs cenildine Ed wards visited o.d chair winch he bus always sal frl( . m i s in Le,,diville and Monetle In-comforlable, but thorouBhly I Smulnv „,„, Monday. iu-Vf-r very .inieresi-| MJN . A . -j-.,. cl . enterliiin-d parly luin- Tho job of wife and other job oi- „ liomc-keejjer. inr | H| , Mrs . wnllncc. who is i mother plus some i leaving Ibe city, some oilier work Is j M r.s. Hank Isnr.c.s was "Ivi-r: a qi:ile a jn .j. If any wonmn has the I O j,. ty in (] lc iioino of Mrs. II. W. nc-alib and vilality and the desire j cowan Friday evening. The puny was u ship party, conducted by Miss Jeanne nowninr;. Hefre-.h- mcnl-s were served lo nlxiiil scven- j ly-live guests. \ Mi.v; Orlne Mint-hill: Illylbeville hospilul for io do boib. It seems to me that it] ought lo make for n happier re-! lationship at home Instead of n ' discontented one. .lolls! Hold Voui iCopyriulit. IOS3. by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, distributed by United rerii.iirr Ryndicato. Ine.) Is In l\v an ojjej'a- tion for api>endi(;ills. Liltle Miss Belly .lean Flccman roivirted ill. llev. J. W. Mooie i; reporl.'d 111. Ore. (OP) - nave'j SALEM7"ore7'(TlP)"~ OITEOH'S l-ovce of Central Point look out I recent primary election turnout Sold pocket at Snuaw Creek j was extremely light. Only 5H the Ai)i)le K ale country whie.h; | K r cent of the stale's 4111914 letted Inn, $-l.(MO. - rr ,g ls , Pmi vo[m wnnl ,„ Lhe |)0 , |s Ernir Operated Road Drill in Flowing Robes j n -ail/'viiaT , : ws'!Ini QM'^'!'^''/!'^ ,^x^^ |b " 1 " thcil " P h 5 P s't:"l "reds are LONDON. itJP)—T-e claliering ":i'ed for and if liieir mother on of modern pneumatic drills has no ''IT return, has enough vitality in dlsu-rbing ?|fpct on i'-i; Emir Ah- keep in ;umeh witb their dailv dullah of Trai).sJord2Tlia. ' ' ' -Pci'ljiifcs It is bscause. dox Moiianimedan. ihe lOmir bus a couple of wives at Iiome in Trans- Joriianin. ' ' Tn fuel., fir Imin uiMinbln-; t.r- Kmir, vfntn be was luui'liini; In (lie Scottish Lake district, recently, he so enjoyed their op:ration lhai. be asked iwimission i-j handle one himself, ami for .some mhuite.i. clad in l;h flowing Ar- abifin r,-,l)~;:, ihe Emir jr,,r.Mied ImJe:, In the |i:H'em,--ii1 ir. his hean's contt-ril. . live.-; and,kno-v wliat has hcppen- an oribo- Il[l to ih/m and. to J ftlve ilipm tier >,vmp:iUiciic imeicsl. and advice, ti-f-n tt is ])iobablv betier for Die fiimv liver, r,l HI«SP ,.1)11(1,,.,) 11,9, 'Coon Haulers Mffl NKW f!OOHKflTt;r(. O. lUPI — One hundred 'coon linnlen. and 40 of the shnrj>er.t 'coon dog.% in nr,rth>ve5tern Ohio fifiilierr-d h.;re for ihe Ursl ainiunl Vrxm d'on show rni<l Held trails. .^i.-inpored by 'coon limners of two counties. SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. 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(Any Kind) rifle :'iflc liiiby IVrc.v M!)c ")0c (Jrovo Chill Tnnic ;!7o .'iOi- firovo Cnlilis item Uic 50i; lifiii n,ill and I'rviT Remedy ;t:( t - 75c 'Mendcnhulls Chill Tonic f,.v Sl.nn Alnbrinc Tabs SI.2!) fide I,ax-Fos (For I.Ivor nnd Itowels) :[<!o rlfl t\ . rfc I v ••*.•> IJ..J.IT. 1IJJIU ... :7CH .inc Spire F Wrier ... 2:ic 51.20 Syrup Pepsin .. .»s c O.K- SJillman's Freckle |$i. Sn Super I) Cnd (.ream rjftc ] jyp,. QJ| ^i i n lOc Camay Snap. 3 for 22c R , T M,in K Alcohol,''Full ' ' ~ ~ 'I t'inf ]f) ( . NEEDS FOR MKN JSl.flO Clylone Tonic'" (ii)f 2^ii' Pnlmolivi> Sharinp ' 25 ( - ({lack <'rf:im lOr. 2 for . 2r>c Mstorinc Shaving •?—r— f '-• re <ini Ific Ff-'MAI V TOXMi't; 25c Lifehimv Shavin-; i . '* ,,' . "^ S Cream ../ IBcl ANI) NKhns .'iSc .Mennens Shaving ! *'-" n ^ ar <i«« Cream 27c '< S1 - a ' ) ''y^ E- Pink- SOc Mennens Skin '• n:i m's Ccniponn<! . nSc " Bracer :Mc'?'- on G - F - ''• Toni c •"i5c Keen Rrushless l^ 00 Femel1 i n :< Shave Iflci*'-"" Oanderine .. 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No. 2'/j Can 15c BAKING POWDER !5 .<£ L 19c SALT MEAT ERUITJARS RUTTER BEANS TOMATOES _^^ I'nniid OlIAH'I'S, Down - I'INTS, Do/en • - I'Yesh I'nniul _ 7c No. 2 dm 8c BEEF ROAST liEANS _ SUPER SUDS K, ('. (tccf I'dtinil HlvlhcvilU'. No. Ciin 'i for 25c 15c PORK & BEANS CROUNI) REEF Campbell 5c 1'fosli I'oinul 5'.lithniisc PANCAKE FLOUR I'illshury lie ASPARAGUS TIPS SAUSAGE l.ibhy's I'U'nii- Can 12c Cu re I'ork 'diiiul I'or I'irkliiiK. SOAP POWDER VINEGAR VEAL CHOPS SOAP Hrinjj .Inn Callnn _2c iac Or Ituasl Coitml I'alniolive or Ctimiiv 10c 13c Ml • Ji,l .<}* 1.II1I1VS, No. 2'/; Can - - IIOSIODAI.K. No. 2'/i Can GRAPE NUT FLAKES STEAKS J.f» aC K. C. lleor. l.nin 1'ninni ISc BELL PEPPERS I'ound LETTUCE _ APPLES PORK CHOPS SUGAR TOMATO JUICE Nice I leads Kitch_ Delicious 3^c 17ic or Old Fashioned Brown Pound l.oitf Ciin 5c Salad 1'int IS Oreysinit ()itarl .... 2i> DUCKS Full ltrrssi'<! PniiniJ OLIVES Itoseihilo 'ml 21c CORN Libliy's (iolilrn Itanium 4 ft** No. 2 Can &UC TOILET TISSUE Waldorf Roll 5c CORN ICP fold l-;ii t 'h L:i 'I'ona Nn. 2 Can C LEG-Q-LAMB CHERRIES I'niind Kcd 1'il Icil 4 * No. 2 Can M. JL C Phillips. Tomnlo i 18 No. I Can TOILET ARTICLES Wilson [.anrel Leaf .|-l.l>. Pail ..... ir u - l ' iiil • - - - SIV I.adv Alice Pound 23c CDflVIAfll Ark. Brand No. 2 Can 8 f k)f lll/iljll Xo. 2'/i Can - - - - HV TOMATOES & "" Pi SQUASH r ™ Dy - White or Yellow Pound • lift CORN FLAKES .Miller's Packafie TpA Cha ' c * Santinni Sunny Brook Package EXTRACT Liberty 8-0/. liottle 19c STANDARDS^ Can SAUSAGE. Can - - 5c GRAPE FRUIT Size Gl Each 6c

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