The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on May 20, 1965 · Page 21
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 21

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1965
Page 21
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Setter mmoge Silver Anniversary 25 Years a Priest-Services Planned Downtown Redevelopment End of Current Friction Sought Colton Accepts Bid For Next Demolition FONTANA A 19-membcr committee of volun- priests have been invited to Rt. Rev. Charles Buddy, bis-take part in the silver anni- hop of the San Diego Diocese, versary celebration. will be in Rialto Sunday to cele- jbrate 10 a.m. Mass. He will Among these are four of Rev.Nso preach at the 11:30 a.m. COLTON The Redevelopment Agency for the City of Colton last night ac-eers was organized at a public forum last night to at- cepted the bid of Save-on Salvage Wrecking Co. of Los Angeles for the next demo-1 tempt to get a "better image" for Fontana. lition phase in Downtown Redevelopment Project Area 1. ' .f'1?1 objective of the group fhpm(;plvp. Fr. Meagher's cousins. Theseus and will officiate again include Rev. Noel Kennedy off sPecial services to be con-Livernool. Ensland: Rev. JamesWucted at 12:30 p.m., Monday. wm ue 10 see peace oeiween , . ,. r . The low bid was for $1,341. davs. Pan nnp of annliratinn fnr the Citv Council and the Herald-!, we, uvmg in a uemocracv RIALTO - The silver anni-i versary of Rev. Thomas Meagher as a priest will be celebrated during the coming weekend at special services which are being planned at St. Catherine's Catholic Church which he has served since 1961. Rev. Fr. Meagher was ordained on June 9, 1940, at the Cathedral of Assumption, Thur-les, County Tipperary, Ireland. After serving as chaplain with the British Army during World War II, he came to America I o ' i i wmt... i nil uii. vi appnt-uwuii iui j . klt It "A iW Fnuartv frnm Salt Lake Citv. r.. tt:u ... c.a., i ... . ... .1 In nthnr ontinnc iha mmImh nrgni r Dmioni Am'pw a Inoal riailv npwsnanpr oeneve in a iree press ana mis . ,t7 , V, , , ii u t rur uie niB" iMi ouimdy,! seven bids were submitted, " 6v,r U6,0m uu n.t. --: -, - - -j ... -r-r- . . , f . . Utah; Rev John Meagher of Rev Henry Rolf, a long-time! but one was disquaiified accepted the bid of Wood and, west ot 8th Street, was ap. which has been criticizing the8 Afr T ciii-ol Mnnl -inrl T?mr Pat.. . . . ' . r I" 1 A i : t e. i k.. nniincil in a ctrpam nf partimnt 10 tcUOIl Uie IdUS dllU 10 (.1 III- lcuic, .tnenrt ot Kev. rr. meaaner rrom naio tip ua n onntnre icsriMtoc (nr uui 5h5iomunt ic ' "ta ufi-" - ""ii, ;f ;, ti rim,,i , tween 7th and 9th Streets will editorials and "news stories"! " A! ?C J' "8 y "LI" rick Meagher of Steubenville,,San Antoni0i Tex will be cele.on ,he co,usion bond and the in the project area in the sin Hip rnnnril in Marrh rip.ssue. dui u aiso nas a respon not be rerouted. papers were not notorized. ded not to take action on ini-!sibilily ' the public to upgrade Wiatw,Q minsnno,. crvmorwi hv the community through this umo- brant pp w MpaP1Pr J This will be followed by a buf- amount of $100.70. The agency were shown draw- The demolition includes se- freedom to criticize, he corn- the paper. nine living children who include H for out-of-town guests being Sister M. Lucy, a member of arranged by members of the ven dwellings between 9th andjing of a proposed Colton Auto Ora (Sc'otty) Scott, president;mntd Jack Adams, managing editor Silver Jubilee committee. From of the Board of Realtors which! 10th and H and 1 Streets. Work Center at 951 E. I St. for Colt-is to be completed within 30 on Dodge. the nursing order, Company of of the Herald-News, declined sponsored last night's commu- Mary, in Galway, Ireland. None 2 to 5 p.m., there will be a reception honoring the local priest. comment when asked from the 1 nitv oathprino at tho PVmtana Comedy Play Opens Tonight In 29 Palms in 1947 and received his U. S. citizenship papers five years later. Before assuming responsibilities for the local church, he served eight years in Texas. During his 10 years in the Diocese of San Diego, Rev. Fr. Guests will also be honored Junior High School auditorium, jfloor to speak. Clay said Adams said the suggestions from thead indicated before the meet-audience could be classified asfg11?1 he would like time but attempts to "kiss and make up"iha fh'su mind- .. or to arbitrate the dispute. LCn'lcls f 'H1 T lied by Richard Stratton, who Th n.an9'c KanH u Jsaid that in Randall Avenue at a dinner Monday. In addition to visiting clergy there will also of these will be able to attend the festivities. Although invited to take part in the celebration, an uncle, Rev. John O'Kennedy of Poison, Mont., who has served 59 years in the priesthood, will also be unable to take part. Take Her, She's Mine Footlighters Comedy Tonight TWENTYNINE PALMS - be nursing nuns from St. Ber-nardine's Hospital and from St, Mary's, Long Beach. Meagher has been located at churches in Jucumba, Ontario and Elsinore. More than 100 "Bye Bye Birdie" opens its 'upheld by a few in the audience jarea development matters "all two-day Fine Arts Festival run! of approximately 75 persons butw,e did is a rigged house." ' .. . , H smwstpfl maktno the. rutin- He suggested making the coun- in Hayes Auditorium tonight at!011 termed u a smear cam-o ...:u tu r;,. t : ipaign" and "harassment" which REDLANDS Presenting their Sussman, Slieri Kaiser. Elaine is rininfl prpnt fiumapp to the cilmen responsible to the local electorate througn precincts or wards, and asked for a "house-cleaning of the City Engineer- Dale, John Funk, Lt. John Des- argest cast this year, the Red Redlands-Oak Crash Injures MEWS OF THE IHlAHD EMPIRE TOP STORIES FROM Alt! POINTS IN THE NATIONS LARGEST COUNTY plete casts, it was announced. community. lands Footlighters will end the the 1964 - 65 regular season with by Richard Ozenghar, Twenty- loge, Carl Worstell, Bob Rose-brock, Gary Becker, Peter Sal-pas and Nick Salpas. Donev B. Clay, moderator oi' Department " lie said the J Unr nlrt-ntiro hart hpan fiohtllicr n..i it:.. i. lm i ..u i 'Take Her, She's Mine," two - w , i. act comedy which opens tonight Box oftice is open from 4 to 8 unu nmsi.. puuuui ui . , . ,, - ,,:,, uiior uie rieni oi muiviuums. at the Grove Theater, 5th and the modern-day musical come- ,0 as chairman Howard Gaines said the coun- Vine Streets. p.m. daily except aunday. Reservations may be made by phone and all season tickets dy. Admission is free. I Fifty-one persons in the audi-! "as,a eP matte,r ?0' The Phoebe and Henry Eph- C-3 CCC fhurs., May 20, 1965 ron play of life at a girls col- should be redeemed for seat tickets, announced Merle Williams, Footlighters president. ege is directed by Phyllis Stroud, who last season did 'Happy Time" for the Foot The play is performed at 8:15 week nights and on Saturday at lighters. The leads and principal parts ence signed cards indicating:1"3,1" snouia Q, ld are all double cast he said jttiey will do what they can tod let the people decide by call-Appearing "n the major les help attain a better community ing an election on the issues Appearing in me nwjor roles f ' u h h 1 1 on Thursday and Friday nights, 1I"d&e- . ... , respectively, are Marsi Sip- LSome, spears indicated that of Uie three, herd and Cheri Blackwell as g ask have to go beyond, Rosie- Avres Baxter and Davidithe 'mediate objective and in- J- Joe nwsob caiea or nosie, Ayres Baxter ana uavia, . combat im- the Pple to stand by "a fine Zimmerman as Albert; Ter Ar-cluae. eno"s 10 Vu u Lrf anH RhPrt Hnward ramith anH Mirhpiip Rmum oc pressions from which have.council and Kooert Howara rasmith and Michelle Brown as, M h said in the 20 rs he had 5een Kim; and Tom Baumgardner Icttv Sties in Fon-in Fontana "I never have seen UR s Dr. Hone Wins Fulbright As Univ. of Helsinki Lecturer 7 and 9:30 p.m. Show dates aft Included in the cast are Karen ields, Chuck Palmer, Martha- er tonight are May 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. All Footlighters na Paine, Karen Banville, How Three Persons REDLANDS - A two-car collision at Ford Redlands Boulevard and Oak Street Tuesday night sent three persons to Community Hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises, police reported. James C. Ballard, 1316 Fair-view Lane, Redlands, driver of an auto southbound on Oak Street, Gerald B. Cox, 25142 4th St., San Bernardino, driver of an auto eastbound on the boulevard, and LaVon Sharp, 386 W. 48th St., San Bernardino, all were injured in the accident. Cox was cited for disregarding a stop sign, not having the right-of-way and for driving with productions benefit Optimist ard Lake, Bob Williams, Dick Fahlbeck, Don Blair, Cynthia REDLANDS - Dr. Ralph E. youth activities - iau tana and strikes Birdie. Hone, professor of English at the University of Redlands, has been awarded a Fulbright grant Mario J. Pillepich, a real es- a smear campaign run so successfully." Edward F. Phillips said he had been discouraged by Other Thursday and Friday ; tate brokeri was me only person principals are iamy wnue ana Sue Ellsworth as Mae Peter Photo Excursion Planned by Historical Society Saturday objecting to formation of the the "nonsensical cartoons" and group, claiming it was one-sid- indicated industry scouts would ed and formation should be de- downgrade the area from read- son; Betty Robbins and Bar to spend the next year m Finland where he will be a lecturer in English literature at the University of Helsinki. He will take a year's sabbatical leave from his classes bara Barge as Mrs. McAfee; layeo until anotner pumic ior-;jng me paper. Art Stone and Doug Worden as:Um with better attendance. Hei ?. VICTORVILLE - Dr. Gerald .Indians through the centuries. ;Mr. McAfee; and Sheila Lang declined to serve on the com-Lmipst thinCT(. Vve, narrt upr. an expired operator s license land his rfcsnnnsibilitv as direc- mitiee. u.,-. u vnn ti1(, s,;h vvtui The accident happened at 7:20:tor of the division of languages trek into the vast Rodmanjon Indian culture, will explain Mountains southeast of Newber-ithe nature of these picture stor- p.m., police reported. and literature. "The Twentynine Palms pres-j Sam J. Purcell queslioned the W(juld run, entation is the same hit Broad- effectiveness of tlie group point-! , o(hcr m way show written by Michael' ing out it would be -short of - . . . , ry to photograph the many In- ies left by the ancients." ! Dr. and Mrs. Hone and their two youngest children, Martha, n!.. L".l t..n..l!ci I J I nKirtinA11 liil if urnllM hatro if O v J dian petroglyphs carved into wiii auiuuiuuucs m tu n avci oitwdri anu L,ee auuitis ana picouc "i. n i- " unieer pr0un will be Lee 1 the back-roads of the desert Inot the movie version," Ozeng-:it were a combination from the' . Kp. .7,. ,,.. ... black lava flows. la 7th grader at Cope Junior The trip is under sponsorship .should be taken; They should; liar declared. "The same twoiBoard of Realtors, the Chamber K' . ' Police Officer Hurl in Crash writers more recentlv teamed ol Commerce ana otner groups., n , ... writers more recently teamed!1 of Mohave Historical Society be supplied with adequate food High School, and Philip, a 5th grade student at Kimberly School, will sail from New York Dr. Smith is managing direc up for 'Hello Dully'." I I. Mill V) UdUV, dUllll UUIULUIII. Ill his opening remarks, Scott. Nelson, Donald W. Kinsey, Mr, am and water. A first-aid kit in a radio-equipped car will be provided by the society. City Aug. 9. The two older In addition to the rollicking' noted that people should be and Mrs. Scott, Donald Day, tor of the county museum at Bloomington. daughters, Beth and Hannah, In this world of obsidian-like will be attending colleges in the Raymond Cline, Robert J. Fog-arty, Howard A. Andrews, Ronald Waterman, George A. Mitchell, Dr. Verne D. Wilt and musical, the Fine Arts Festival will present displays of students' works in the industrial arts department and the art de "concerned about the publicity which resulted when these three matters were presented by initiative petitions" regardless of United States. rock, deep fissures ranging from a few yards to a hundred yards are 50 to 100 feet DR. RALPH HONE . . .wins award The third UR faculty mem The caravan making the trip will rendezvous at Joe's Cafe, Stoddard Wells Road and Bar-stow Freeway (about 2 miles north of Victorville) at 8 a.m. Saturday. partment. how they feel about the peti-1 Riley A. Cox. ber to receive a Fulbright appointment to Finland, Dr. Hcne G. Stryker in 1959-60 and Dr, deep., says Ellsworth Sylvester, president of the society. "On the polished walls of has studied and traveled in Eur Ward Miller in 1962-63. Open on June 16 The trip is expected to cover ope prior to this trip. He spent In addition to being an edu A San Bernardino policeman and his two children were injured at 3:15 p.m. yesterday when their car was struck from behind and overturned at Base Line and Meridian Avenue. The officer, Roy Cairnes, 33, had just picked up his daughter, Caprice, 12, and son, Roy Jr., 10, from school and paused to turn left onto Meridian from westbound Base Line, said California Highway Patrol officers. The other driver was identified as Santiago Martinez, 45, these chasms are thousands of cator, Dr. Hone is an author about 15 miles; return should be by daylight. a year m England in 1950 while completing his doctoral work petroglyphs carved by ancient and editor and for 12 years Denton Palmer Heads Summer and was director of the University's Semester in Europe study program in 1961-62. served as a Baptist minister in Ohio, New York and Massachusetts. He came to the Univer Council OKs Schedules For City of Colton Pool Four Barstow Servicemen Complete Military Schools Earlier Fulbright appointees sity of Redlands in 1956 from Wheaton College in Illinois. to Finland include Dr. William BARSTOW - Four Barstow wlUUV JVJIUUI ' COLTON - The Colton City service is available from the Council at the last meeting ap-i city. YUCAIPA J. Denton Palmer,! nroved time and fee schedules Appointed to the Citizens' Ad- Gal la-Rini Guest Artist at servicemen have recently completed courses in military schools. They are T.Sgt. Pedro P. An- Yucaipa Elementary School for the Colton Municipal Plunge! visory Committee were Mr. and principal, will serve as princi- for this season. Mrs. Hector LeRoy and Levi pal of Yucaipa Joint Unified Hours for Dublic use were set E'pr. Accordion Concert Sunday sic Co. in its accordion depart-igel. son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. KEDLAiMDS - Anthony Galla School Districts first elemen-; noon to 9 pm- daiy ex.; tary summer school. accord-irPn( Mnndav Citv Manager C. Glenn Wil ment. Angel ot 2UlVa l. 1st St.; Air- Rini, will be guest artist Satur jman 2.C. Fredric A. Miller, son day with the California Accordi ing to action by the district son was asked to prepare a board Tuesday. -phe Dlunue will be open for! modified police car lease agree- The public is invited to at-of Mr. and Mrs. Vinson W. Mil- of 1675 King St., San Bernardino. He was not injured. Cairnes suffered a broken shoulder blade, his daughter possible hand fractures, and his son a bruise and cut" on his head. All were taken to St. Bernar-dine's Hospital, treated and released. The accident was investigated by the CHP because a law enforcement officer was involved. Fire Destroys Spot of Grass ler of 841 W. Buena Vista; Pvt. tend the Saturday night pro The summer session's 21 tea- the three-day Memorial Day!nient for the next meeting. gram, which will feature classical and semi-classical numbers. V - .--ii.,, L . X I I ' ' f ' I t ; v V' J x ' . ' iiimi 1 11 urn iimi in 1 on Symphony, appearing at 8 p.m. in Grace Mullen Auditorium on the Redlands High School Campus. The concert is presented as chers also were approved. Ear-weekend for the same hours, lier this month the administra-;but grand opening will be June' The City Council was informed tion reported some 633 children. 16 of plans of Trinity Water Co. had signed up for the session Fees for plunge use will re-jto furnish and install a 210.000 Gregory B. Collins, son of Richard K. Collins of 112 Cottage Ave. ; and 2nd Lt. Lloyd D. Bor-chert, son of Maj. Earl H. Bor-chert of 36855 Lompoc. The orchestra will play an Overture by Rossini, a selection from a Bach cantata, and an main the same as last year. June 28 through July 30. Some 300 had been expected. gallon water tank as a replacement for the present storage tank in the LaLoma Hills area. original composition written by a courtesy of Sliger's Music Store. Galla-Rini is considered Volpi for an accordion sym Fees for swimming and life-saving instruction were changed swimming lessons for youths Angel, a graduate of Barstow High School, has been graduated one of the world's greatest con- In other business, the board Accepted the resignations cert virtuosos on the accordion, from $1.50 to $2; for adults, $2, nf DnnaM H Clifford hnvs' nhv. from the U.S. Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Acad and is known as "Mr. Accordi COLTON Colton firemen phony. Traveler Goddard Lecture Scheduled sical education teacher at. Yu and saving from $2 to on." were called at 9:06 a.m. Wed AFS Chapter Meeting Slated caina Hieh School, effective W- emy at Hamilton Air Force Base. He is a supply inventory supervisor at Fort Riley, Kan. July 1. He was to have coached In other actions, the City varsity baseball Jan. 31 through May 13. Council denied the request of Ri- The California Accordion Symphony was organized in 1949 and enjoyed its 15th annual PEDRO B. ANGEL . . . NCO Academy grad UPLAND - The Student Body at Upland High School will spon ac Rnhhish fnntrartnr in nnp- Miller, also a graduate of Bar COLTON - A meeting of the Colton Chapter of American Other resignations accepted' tp in ritv hut mvp thp stow High School, has been grad- concert this year in Thome sor a film lecture by John God Hall, Occidental College, Los uated from a special communi-School at Fort Gordon, Ga., and!were from Mrs. Joanne Bowser,ifirm untn 0d to phase out Field Service will be held at cations-electronics course atlis completing his military obli-!Dun'aP Elementary School tea-;their ODeratjon. ;7 p.m. today in the community nesday to 885 Fairway Drive for a fire involving a spot of grass. In other alarms, resuscitator service was provided at 9:54 p.m. Tuesday for Alfred Valencia, 16, of 756 Berry St. after he reportedly was hit by a baseball at Veterans Park in the south part of the city. He was taken to County Hospital by Mercy Ambulance. Firemen were called at 8:27 dard, world traveler, 8 p.m Angeles. Vivian Coffman is May 28 in the Gardiner Spring Lnwrv Air Force Base in Colo-'eation with the 397th Sienalher, and Mrs. Monna Powell,: room of the Bank of California. founder and director. Auditorium on the Chaff ey High!rario and assigned to Air Force Corns in Mountain View. Ini8n scno1 1,ome economics The vote on the motjon was 3 American National Division. Paul and Vivian Coffman havejschool campus. iHeadquarters in Washington' Lt. Borchert, who attended! teacher, both effective July 1. l(, 2 with negative votes being1 The Rev. Walter R. Link is been working with the accordi- "Adventure in the Far East," D.C. Barstow College, has corn- Created a position for an-cast by City Councilwoman Mrs. chairman of the chapter, lem on since 1936 and have been ac-ithe film lecture, will feature! pleted a nine-week ordnance of- other counselor for Yucaipa Jun-Gertrude Spragins and C i t y bers will discuss business of the p.m. Tuesday for resuscitator service for Joseph Ulldarri, 75, tive in Glendale and La Crescen-iscenes taken from recent trips ta Valley music circles. Theyjto the Philippines, Hong Kong, moved to Redlands recently and Japan, Borneo and the Taj Ma-are associated with Sliger's Mu-'hal. Collins has completed a six- ficer basic course at the Army ior High School, caused by the Councilman W. E. (Bill) Kaney. group pertaining 10 me Dung-week lineman course under therdnance Center and School at! separation of the junior and sen- The City Council indicated ing of another foreign student reserve enlistment program at Aberdeen Proving Ground injior high schools expected this three private firms have per-to Colton High School for the the Army Southeastern Signal Maryland. 'fall. Counselors now divide their mits to operate in the city and 19G5-66 school term. of 691 N. 7th St. Fu-emen said he refused service. Expensive Equipment Is Needed Hospitalized Colton Youth Ready to Come Home use of his right arm (he has no control of his hand) he is paralyzed. While medical men hold out little hope that he will ever regain use of his arms and legs, Dennis is determined to walk again. His future, which looks dark and gloomy, will be made a lot brighter when he secures the necessary equipment to help him help By IONE OLIVER Sun-Telegram Staff Writer COLTON He was a carefree, happy-go-lucky, 16-year-old Colton Union High School boy, full of ambition and dreams for the future. His thoughts may have ranged from becoming a baseball home - run king, or the world's top auto mechanic to being the country's best astronaut. That was before the graduats of Colton Union High School. Mr. and Mrs. Weber, while maintaining their home for the younger children, are paying off the Riverside hospital bill, which amounted to more than $6,000. And they are making every effort to put aside enough money to purchase the needed equipment and continued medical care for their handicapped son when he returns home in the near future. The hospital rehabilitation director suggests that in view of the family's plight, brought on by the emergency, perhaps some individuals, clubs, or the community at large might want to offer assistance in the purchase of equipment so necessary for the youth. At home, Dennis will continue his therapy and school studies. With the exception of slight lina rehabilitation center in Pomona, Dennis will need an electrically operated chair which costs in the neighborhood of $700; a hospital bed, which costs approximately $275 and a $250 invalid "lift." With the chair he could move himself without having to be pushed. A "lift" would be a great help to his mother who will have to feed, dress and move him. The bov's father is em ployed as a sheet metal worker; he has two brothers in military service; three other brothers and a sister at home. Patrick, in the Naval Air Force, is at Moffett Field; Timothy is with the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton; Michael, the oldest son, is employed at Santa Fe; Christopher, Nora and the youngest Bryan, 7, are students at Immaculate Conception School, Colton. The older boys are spinal cord damage. He spent four months in a Riverside hospital before being transferred to Casa Colina, where he has been under treatment since Oct. 29, 1964. Dennis is getting ready to leave the hospital and to return to the family home. With this move, he and his family face a new problem. According to Praim S. Singh, MFW, director of social services at the Casa Co Today, Dennis Weber, son o Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Weber, 1054 Western Ave., Colton, is a patient at Casa Colina Hospital, where his one determination is to overcome the handicaps of paralysis. He is a quadriplegia. It happened in a matter of seconds. Thrown from a car in which he was riding he suffered a broken neck which left him with permanent cervical pnd

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