Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1891
Page 8
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"i-i .-"*> Genuine Lansdownes. We are offering to the Ladies of Logansport a Complete Line of the Celebrated Reads Lansdownes, A 1 ! the Desirable New Shades. Come and see them, at THE GOLDN RULE. THE WOLCOTT TRAGEDY. Jtlartin derrick's ITIad Froak Develops a Strange Feature. TRAVELING MEN, Please Take Notice I have Secured a Choice Line of Gray Mixtures for Business Suits Just the Thine for the Road. Call and Examine Them. Respectfully, JACOB HERZ. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST, TAILOR. Ton will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring Styles Tours Truly, , > v-, : ; --••'.."• . "PUCK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. Tit U'K*iteitafclUhm«it In ttivwOrldfor the trraU tontoftbe ikln »ediC«Jf, ***««», raolf»,wftrti,«utwr- InOtti bfcir.blrihmixkt, moth, frtctlei,p)mpl«i 1 wrink- It*, red note, red T»l*i, otly iklo, *cne, -bUtkhwdi, Mrbari' Itch, »c«rt, pItUngi, .powdtr marlct, faul&L J*T*loptnefit, *W. CofttuliatlOQ Free, fttofSc* or bj- /etlrr. 12&-p&ge Book on All Sktu andScnlp AfTec- t)ona and ttielr TreHUoent imt (telded) for lOc. JOHN U. W06l>BlTJrr, Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin and Scalp. Prepared by a Dermatologist-with 20 years' experience. Highly indorsed by the medical profession; unequaled as a remedy for eczema, scaldhead, oily akin, pimplea, flesh worms, ugly complexion, etc. IndiHpenB- able as a toilet article, and A cure prewnt- ive of all diseases of tbo akin and scalp. At Druggists or by mail. Price 50c. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, For the Next Four Weeks Fwill sell you an elegant suit for $22.OO CASH. |- I do this to make room for the finest line ,of Spring Goods f ever brought to this city I" • - - • I P ,T HfiOIFY Trie Tailor, i- r. o. nvv/j-ijji.••> 323 Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 25. 323 Pearl Street. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w Get your ice cream at the Vendome. apr23d4t Strawberries, at McCaffrey & Go's this morning. Blouse waists and Windsor ties, at the Golden Rule. Marvin Barnhart went to Royal Center last evening. Go to the Vendome for your ice cream, 5 cents a dish. apr23dlt Pine apples 25 cents, at Rothermel'5, corner. 12th and Spear. The best health corset in the world for $1.—Golden Rule. Rapid Tourist, our darling, a 5-cent cigar, at Jos. Mandel's. No. 1 pickerel only 7t cents per pound, at Rotbermel's. Read's Lansdownes at reasonable prices, at the Golden Rule. Vegetables of all kinds—fresh and new—at M. McCaffrey & Go's, No fancy prices charged for Read's Lansdownes at the Golden Rule. Davenport, the finest Key West cigar in the city, at Jos. Mandel's. The silks, at such low prices, are going off lively at the Trade Palace. See the Bell for confirmation suits, at Geo. W. Lucy's, 405 Market street. Flour, A A A A Coffee, at Rothermel's, corner 12th and Spear streets. For linoleums, mattings, rugs and floor oil cloths, see the Trade Palace. M. Michaels and son use thirty barrels Portland cement daily on side walks. Mrs. Jno. Kinley, of Richmond, is visiting Mr. Kinley's parents on the West Side. Strawberries, cauliflowers, radishes, onions, spinnach and asparagus, at Rothermel's. -Confirmation suits in endless variety at the Bell Clothing House, No'. 405 Market street. Get a 75-cent corset to-day and tomorrow for 50 cents. See them at the Trade Palace. Our premium hams are of the best quality; our price is the lowest, only 9t cents per pound.—M. McCaffrey & Co. You can rely on the fact that the. Golden Rule never overcharges you on novelties: learn our prices on Lans- downes. Fresh pickerel fish are high at the price of 10 cents elsewhere, when McCaffrey & Go's price is but 7* .cents for the largest size of fish. Go with the cro wd to the Trade Palace for your carpets and save money. We have exclusive styles. See our curtains and shades. Get prices on boys and children's clothing and then, come to me and I will discount the lowest price.—Geo. W. Lucy, Bell Clothing House. At the annual meeting of the Grand Chapter 0. E. S. which met in Indianapolis this week, Mr. O. B. Sargent of this city was appointed grand mar- shall. - , . M. Fornoff jr. departed yesterday on a pleasure trip. to Terre Haute, St. Louis, Kansas ' City, Evansville and other points. He will be gone some weeks. Henry Krammer, a respected and well-known citizen of Royal Center, has become crazed 1 from the -effects of a serious attack of la grippe and it is feared that he will have to be confined at the hospital at Long-Cliff. , The saloon owned by Charles Cook, the old Hildebrand saloon, was entered by a burglar Thursday night and the,, till relieved of its contents, $4. No goods were missing. This is the third robbery of the series and yet BO clue to the perpetrator. L Again, police! The Journal was misinformed concerning the death of T. J. Bunnell who was shot by Martin Ferrick who then shot himself at Wolcott Thursday noon. Bannell did not die as stated, but his condition is extremely critical and the physicians entertain no hope of his recovery. The bullet entered the back, glanced off the vertebrae and came out just above the groin, inflicting what is thought to be a necessarily fatal wound. Dr. J. B. Shultz went to Wolcott yesterday •morning in response to a telegram from the attending physicians to consult in Bunnell's ease, and he returned at 1;30 saying that the chances for the wounded man's recovei'y were exceedingly slim, but that. Bunnell exhibits a wonderful degree of pluck and that he may pull through on the last chance: Bunnell is conscious and talks freely of the terrible affair but can give no reason for , Ferrick's mad act other than that it must have been caused by the promptings of an insane mind. He says that he and Ferrick were talking not an hour before the shooting and that he noticed nothing wrong in the old man's manner. That Ferrick was really insane is shown by the following note which was found on his body after death. None but a mind deranged could have penned such a remarkable ante mortem statement. 'Publish everything. "Be honest about it, please. 'I wanted Dr. Small and Burt Dibell, but could not get at them. 1 'This is in self defense. •I want the priest to give me proper burial. "I am right, thank God! •They were either monkeying with me or going to mob me for something I could not help. •Death seal, i leave everything to my wife. MARTIX FERRICK."' By the-above it is apparent that the old man meditated death to others than Bunnell. He must have had his fearful deed planned for some time. That it was not done on the spur of the moment is evidenced by the letter he left which provided for the disposition of his body and his property. The Dr Small alluded to in the above hair lifting manner is the leading physician at Wolcott and is a brother of Bert and Will Small of this city. Burt Dibell, alluded ' to in the same ghastly connection is a young banker of that place and a brother of Homer Dibell who is pleasantly remembered here as the brilliant young student who read law with Nelson & Myers not long ago. These gentlemen have reason for felicitating: themselves that the maniac could not "get at them." The frightful tragedy continued to be the all absorbing topic of conversation out on the State Line all day yesterday and it has proved the sensation of the hour throughout this region. The remains of Martin Ferrick were laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery at Reynolds 'yesterday afternoon, his request that the priest -give his body Christian burial being complied with. His stricken family is heartbroken at the trouble that has come upon them and the sympathy of that entire com- miiity goes out to them. The Battle of The Ballots Next month will decide who shall be Logansport's Ruler but that Harry Frank is thf> Ruler of all the Clothing Trade is so : well known that it needs no introduction. WE ANNOUNCE The Inauguration of the greatest Suit §ale ever made by any one store. This Cut Represtnts in Sack, three button Cut-away Frocks or Prince Albert make. We have in all the Leading Makes From $S.OO Upwards And a saving of from 15 to 25 per cent, is assured. This Cut Represents UMBLE y-rag^T -*\£ilt(N EVER ft [ p. BOYS SUITS. One of our Leading child suits Our lines for children and boys Positively Great, Comparatively Grand and Superlatively Stunning, from $1.00 upwards are We have them and An all Wool Men's pants for $1.00. A good Boy's pants 4 to 13 years for 25 cents. Our Laundred-and:Unlaundred shirts (3 for $1.00) and up, are the greatest value ever^offered.aDd warranted absolutely fast colors. Come and visit the greatest Establishment -for fine Clothing-, Furnishings and we'll sell you a good flannel shirts for 29c., worth. ' Clothingly Yours, HARRY FRANK, One Price Clothing Leader for .bogansport and Delphi. are Hats worth 50c. Sure 4k Death! To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. at Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. Murphy at the Rink. The meeting's at the rink are continuing with unabated interest and much good is being done by Mr. Murphy and his earnest co-laborers. The list of pledge signers is growing to a great length and many are being convicted of the wrong they do themselves and families by indulging in the drink habit, and are signing the pledge to hereafter abstain. The meeting to-night will probably be the most largely attended orihe series,' if possible for more persons to get into the rink. On Sunday at 3 p. m. a meeting will be held at the rink for men only, and in the evening a mass meeting will be held at which time a ten cent collection will be .taken at the door. The Eastern Star Officers. The following officers of the Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star.of Indiana, were appointed Thursday afternoon: Lecturar, Miss Addie Doble, Shelbyville; chaplain, A. W. Hempl'e- man, Richmond; marshal, Oliver B. Sargent, Logansport; conductress, Mrs. Helen E. Macouaber, South Bend; associate conductress, Mrs. Jennie Myerhoff, Evansville; .Adah, Mrs. Mary J. Griffin, Bourbon; Ruth, Mrs. Olive E. McGrew, Milroy; Esther, Mrs. Bertha R'inehart, Lebanon; Martha, Mrs. Sallie Thompson, Garrett; elector, Mra. Margaret Hanover, Aurera; warden, Mrs. H. E. Vickery, Tipton; sentinel, Mrs. Sarah W.Burns, Indianapolis. To-day we will show the finest line of early vegetables in the city. Call and see them at Foley's. ' Three Kinds of People! There are three kinds of people who are not customers of McCaffrey's, and each kind has a different reason, for it. .These probably are the reasons. Don't Believe It. Some may figure that as every dealer advertises the lowest prices and every dealer cannot have them, all misrepresent themselves. We publish our prices, though we hand'you a sheet every fortnight. If we are not correct, you can prove it. If we are, you most believe us. Think Something is Wrong. There are those who.know that are prices.are lowest butj]suspect that the quality is lacking. No! that isn't where we cut:—for we guarantee our qualities. We save by buying in large qualities and buying for cash—by selling in large quantities and selling for cash, we^ave you nearly a- third'by that. : We do not, need to scrimp on quality., •••.••• . i . i Don't Think About it. There are those who do not think aboutsit, yet some of them work for days, to earn, what each month they might save if they only stopped to think about it. TO WHICH DO YOU BELONG?" M. & Co, I

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