Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 3, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1942
Page 4
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Page Eight TV A TTH A TUCK DAH,y,NEWS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE'S, 1942 NEWS0ME LEADS IN BIRMINGHAM RUNOFF PRIMARY . • '.' '.' v ' pi'lllol'/iu) PutrjoV for polal-ocs In front .bC^.i'lu: UOUH.O iiud ' .co'nilUctlnk-- 1 .- ^ radio pro.nrnm. Birmingham, Al:i,, June 3-.-(il|>).-. Jo'hn P. Nesvaome, a Birmingham business man. was conceded victory today In a Democratic, conKre.s- 'filoiuil runoff primary by Mm In- curnbont, I/ilther Patrick of Ulnu- injcluirn, who wan Huukini? a fourth term. Unofficial, 'but almost complete, returns from the primary held yes- lordny In. tin: one-county, ninth district showed that Newsome received 17,W5 votes to Patricks 12,8W. Pat- rink WHS the only one of ('he slate's nine congressmen to he defeated for Fonornimrtlnn, wlilcJi I.H tantamount lo election In |)emoeralic Alabama. Uoth Pal-rick and Now'snmu had d tho aflmhdstratton, bui British Bombers 4 Drop Explosives (Continued from Pago One) • ' — - ' ' ' ; ' Vie\v of Captured German Ship at Madagascar r i PLAIN PRICING UNIFORM TO ALL R«CARor.BsSS of your financial circumstances, you will pay us neither more nor less than anyone else for the same funeral service an<l appointments. This is » part of the high cotle of ethics to which we, as members of NATIONAL SKIKCTKD MOKTI- CMNS, subscribe, In addirion, you will find nppku facilities, the highest professional skill and prompt, understanding service—day or night. ALDER SON FCJNEHAI, 4IOMK, INC. 70 Central Ave, 201 Meadow St, W»tert>ury, Conn. Naugatuck oily hindered Nazi' Foul-Leon Hrltlsh pl-urica t'alkul l.o ri'lurii from tho aUur.U, ocun pared with ,T) In Monday nlKlit's Ml- out assault tuul M lust, In SuUii'duy night's assault on Cologno, This raid launoluMl tin* masHlvn attacks tvlildi Primo Minister Winston tlhurohlll said -will -IJUIJOIIHI. 'uvtui Ki'uater when Ih'n U. S. air foroo soon Joins the aerial ofi'eiiHlvo'. • The I1AK "I),V 'I'Ollo'wlHK u'pY U<° LOIir.-plane Ksseu mid I ho next night showed tin- Naxls and Ifie (iurnwi) peopN? Ihal It IH OH pa hit; of maintaining HID handlings at a hoavy luiiipo, and took advanlage of the (icniians 1 evident confusion and fears. «, The Hoi-man propaganda ninphlnv 1 today wenl to uminiml lengtfis fn mlniMd/i- IJio deslnictlvonusH' of tho atlaeks and the (ioririun radio has not even men Honed Mm I Kssen was attacked, although I'l spoke nt at- laeks on Cologne and Western ( 1 *er- iiiany "reshlcntlal and- business areas." The Nnxls sought io convinc (Jc.rnian people and thu world; less than KXi Hritlsh (dimes ' onrrlod out Uiu ullni?ks b.uVIn confusion, they also hqutfted' tho Hritlsh had tost /.U0', of finest pilots— "murderer! by the Mull had Ihoh 1 thai \vho'has served as a "stale prison guard far W years. Naugatuck Exceeds Bond Pledge Quota (Continued frum Page One) ren,. Mrs. Mary Granica, Mrs, George Kogut, Mrsi. AViUiam Noble, -Jr., and Mrs. Henry Pope. ' Mrs. Milton ;Forde, was assisted jyy MKs. Thomas Arnold, Mrs. Albert Holrnberg, iVirs. Kenneth E, Johnson, Mrs. Donald /McCollum, and Mrs. John Russell at the Chamber of Commerce. ; - , . ISTABL I-SH.ED T 8«f The constant Mi'Ulsli poiindlriK of UK; Na/.l-hel'd invasion coast,not only continued alongside NIC big devastation bombings but were In- lensi'lied. \Vlillr (he big bombers were, over the luihr early today other Hritlsh squadrons were attacking the Invasion coast from Holland (o Brlllnny Cabicphoto This aerial view of the port of Diego Sim'rez, MaclaffasearVis the : 'f1rst to reach tl\ef;TJ.S.8ihce its capture by tho British. Pictured'in clrydock is evidence 6i! 'Vichy French-German collaboration—-the Nazi ship Warcnfcls which was being refitted at the time.of the British invasion;-.The crew attempted to destroy tha ship but was unsuccessful. According: to English VnavaV officers the vessel can be salvaged and put to use against its former, owners. < ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BBBBI^^^^^^MP^M^^^^^HBBBHBHH^^^BHH #EW YORK 1" EXCURSION THIS SUNDAY 8;08 A.M. Duo Now York G.C.T.J ^•turning Lv. New York S.C.T, Iji a resume 1 auriul offon- flights wort 1 •Vance during cd' 2'>0 pianos Children 5 «nd, uncUr (2 hfllf faro, strictly llmlt«jd 'to capacity of Sptctal fOR VICTORY §UY U. S. WAR BONDS AND STAMPS THE NEW HAVEN R.R Round Trip Coach (F«d«Ml Tax EMra) ami Iho ah 1 ministry ol' tho "siuiOiul front si vn said that 7,700 oaj'Hiul out against May will i an avorago In ucdloii each day, On UK? Libyan dosoi-t faille front Iho ssrok-old struggle ol 1 - tanks and JM,UH;S tippoartnl to bo ontoring Us siH'.oml phaso, with strong hid lea(Ions (hat llol. Gen, Erwln Rommel's Axis armored forties • might, he ahout to launch a major smash eastward after being thrown back In their first olTorls lo cut up the MrlllHh deft)MHO positions and' on- clrcle Tobruk. Ut'ltarn's oighlh army of the des- orl, however, scored a .success by swooping M. miles westward a,ncl capturing• the Axis advance base o.f Sognali 1 and"at : the same'lime threw tho. enemy baok from its southern Hank nhar lUr Ilaehelm, 48 miles southwest of Tobruk. In flhlna, Japan's strong drive to selxe the. Alli'ud airfields of Eastern Chiha, from which heavy bomldngs of Tokyo and other Japanese war centers might be launched, was carried to the. outskirts of C.huhsieh (Chuohow), '\\\ miles' west of Kinh- \va In (.Iheklang province, while other Japanese forces drove east a,n<;i soulb 'from Nanchang and north west from fho G'antotH area. Ohuli.siun,. located on . •J.lin'vllnl Chelviang-Kiangsi /railroad and the site of a good n;.lr Held, was admitted in Ghuugklangl ,1,6 -be in .grave d anger a n\I t h c. J a pa 11 es e' c I a 1 m e d, i n a'broadcast aqinimmlciue, Lo .be ad- vn n c i n g u po h' it. : i'r p m :'^a_ p 6 i n t' I'l i n e miles io-,.lho" oaJHAyilh< heavy air suppoi'l.. ; ;:; "•-•- •_;•''• ,.'-, . American, '."ami Australian planes," con I.I 1111 ing llji cj r, j'.el onllpss -):> las 1,1 ng of Japan's '." : 'invasl'pn '•:< <b.ases in the . i s 1 a n d s . o IT n 6i. 1 1 Li cij\n / Ails tr u I i a, \v n re revealed to hayc' : :JJombed 'and nm- -gunned : ifapanose barracks, I/ran sport, a'ii'dromos .and warehouses in Ihroo -attacks yesterday. 1 Dig,Ores were started Jjy the. raid 7 crs-at' Amboca-on the North Central, coast of Timor island. Other attacks we're direcfad .agahisl, Rabaul on i\ r ow Brjl.aln Island-and Tulgni in the. Solomon.--Isla'hcJ/v ^vhore the 1 .lapi?n-- os.e -I'J a mi.: tb : . h a vc • n i atlc- "J a rg landings' recently; ./ ; :-M ,- ' The.' jliiKsian'•'•J'3ai? i .;{ fronl- com para tl ye I y"'j6al riv,^ '-f ol I owl ng ; .the' ill'-, thG iiqrc.e. llglit.ihg / aroLU).ci''ivlmrk'ov, -hul. .SoyJofc dispotojios;,; vrep6rl..nVl •• rasoun.iilng' |,agains).V : ,the Ofsrnians vai v i-.v ous points 1 along.' Ih.e. ; l ( S03-.mile JlneY. Th'oVRorl -artiiy-.was, iin[(l^lo.}m cpun'JiV.', oi'-hl tntrklng^ . ninj• '-'Uirawing :back ;. forces scynking ^^^sofLv':' spols" V-at;. ' WAREHOUSE FURNITURE CO, - r ;v.,^ directed,. ,-',; '"• '';^\ , ; • < ' -'•" •. Patriot,,i'csis,tanQP..'\vhs .increasing- i n F ra n GO w)|0,re' M i o; 'Vi c h y. go v'c rn men t was ;cxpectod r . to • pi'der a 'sta te tribunal • specialittlng -an' death son- toi ices'i'r on i w;lYi'(>h .ther6 arc no'np- liqais* to l,ry ( t!je',;slayei\-of : .a .pi'om- i ncn t pro-Na'/l' • edi tor" i n Par is—i C tin! slayej'icah bo c^uglH,". ., : Tho-,slaln editor' \ya,s.jw'yiborl, Clement of'1;he;Ne\Y^i))Vpet' 'GJiM.pu Peuple, owned b'y ,• Jacques ; Doriot : who would like to / lmve\Pierre Laval's job.. .Clement. Ayas. "killed by a bicyclist in a dark'Paris street last night.and his wlfo was'wound ad. Cong. Talbdt Speaker Here on LFlag Day the, • classrooms, in tth-e public and 'parochial sc-'hool's' in Naiig.'ituck, and the i'lag on the World War Memorial on "Meadow street, .is replaced- by Nausatuck lodge bf-Elks-o.n each occasion when 'Old .Glo^'y shows Iho., least sign of wear i'rom l.he .elements. The. last i'jag. .was jwe- .seri'ted f'o l.hc school department by l.-he ElUs for the exercises at L'lie Memorial "on Memorial Day. •The .exorcises at the 13Iks 'liomo, lo VAvliich the -public is always in- •vil-ed, have grovvn .steadily s -in- attendance .eaeJi year .until the spacious auditorium .has beoii -taxed t o,-.-. i ts c; i p a c i ty. • .f or s e v e r a 1 y e a r s past..,' Th'Js year . m-'aiiy. .more will be 'en ah I rid* to attend Wie simple but jrispiring program in the open. ', .Mr. . T.r,ianp ./in.t'oi.'mcd.-- -the m,om- :J3cirs . o'l' 'l;)ie.f-15'lks ; 1'ast' ^Veiling ; -t-hat all-, miisioaJv .orgairiz'ations An--, the - s :!j'or o ugh - vyH I, particl-pate ' i n' trie' par- 311 Jun;e,,.iyib)3 \vhidh 'wi.JJ ;p're- ; t;ho/:e.xorc|ses -.ill 'Tul,|Jo high school '-and> ; .that-- the American 'Le- •gib.n,- - Veterans • •, of-; 'Foreign ; Wnrs, 'tiio :Rqlish-Amei'icnn War. Veterans •'.an-cl ' W i ; e i {• -a.u x-i liar i e,s . \v ill ta ]\ e pa r t lice .and 'fire -depaVt'hieni-s "in Naugn- /tuck,..-.•;--tho^ several divisions, of Wie N'riug-al-uck" Civilian Defense .council 'and : ,'ai,l. 'l;he. , remaining .-patriotic groups in 1,'he borough. ... Special .'uniforms-will- be worn -for 1,'lie . occasion by llhi 1 , • members, "of Itl'i-b .Elks who!-will be ^idvisedj of tlie 'reiiuiremerKs-^ and' ottier . in- foj-jriatlon tlirough" the proper chan- Many State Employes Will Retire July 1st ''•'.. ' i.' •' ~ . - CConLinucd trom Fage One.V • ON THE AIR TODAY (5:00 n. m.. WOR— Pi'ayer'f Uncle Don WJZ—News;' Music WEAF—Funny Money,Man W1CG-WTIG~WATR—News 6:15 p. m. . WOR—Tjfl n ny : an d 'Ginger WABG—HeddtiL Hopper's Hollywood WEAF—News '•'• " \^T Z-WICC-WATR:—Sports WTIC—Prof: Andre Sclienkcr • (5:30 p. in. WOR—News W ABC—Frank Parker, W li] AF—i To MV woo d N owsg-l r 1 WJZ—Song Clinic WTIC—Sports NVATR—Pleasure" -and Profit, 6:45 'p. m. W.OR—Here's Morgan WA.BC—The World Today WEA'P—Sports .-.-:.' WT1C-WJ 1— Lowell TlTo-mns WlGC~You Can't Do .Business With Mi tier ' . WATR—II i Is a nd B i Ls • 7:00 p. in. WOR—Sports -WADC—Am-PS 'n' Andy WE A F-WTIC—Fred Waring's Orch. WJZ-'WICC—Basy Aces WATR—Fullo-n: Lewis, .Jr. 7:15 p. m. WOR—Confidentially Yours WABCrr-GTcnri" Mi.ller's Orcli. WtfAF-WTTC—News WJZ-WlCC-^Tracer. of Lost Persona WATR—Phone Your Answer . 7:110 p. m. WOR—Co. Cet-It WADC—That Brew.ster-Boy WEAF— Schaeffer -Review WJZ—Lone -Ranger WIGC—Cal Tinney WATH-WTIC—Your Pant In Nat'l. Defense 7:45' p. .m. WEAF-WTIC—News WATR-WICG^-Webb Til ton, Baritone 8:00 p. m. WATR-WOR—Cal .Tinney W1DAF-WTIC—Adventures of the • Thin Man ' WJZ-WICC^-Quiz. Kl-ds 8:15 -p, m. WOR—Red Ryder. WATR—Jo e Su.dey's Orch. 8:,'iO p. m. WAI3C—Dr. -.'Clii-JsU-an WJZ-WJCC—Dr. Christian \VJZ-AVlCC-^Maniliatta:n< at Mid--. (ConUnuod fi-om .Pago One) One.of lilie -g.n?fitost' events on l-hn yearly calonciar lu the Order ol' lOlUs is its l:rlbutO'-tp..J/ho dag on King Dny. The event ^Iras been ccle- 'b ra ted .in th e pa s t, fry Yprps en ti ng a •beautH'iil American flag. I/O many o[ -Ot'hors who will be I'o'tirGd July J. include:. ' 'N-V'tlllam Copeland, chief .engineer of • tlin water 'commission; Willia'm Land on, bank dopartmenl bond.con- sultan t; Ja-mcs Wheeler, chief .of vehicles' Inspecti-o.n ; Albert state park and' forest com- field sccrc-tary ; Lieut. How- nis' of. the slate ppUoc; Aiilh ur O rlswold, former ch ief clerk in '• Wi'fl '.-treasiirer's office; Dr. Erv- Ing . JTolly, Miciclletown Slate' hos- physician, and Albert Puller, :mdlor •Turner Leathernecks Lancl iii Ireland SMART MODERN Bedroom Suite If you're .looking for dosvnrlght value In a modern bedroom, wo (T could SHAKOS!, no butler buy than % thin line combination, The 'hod, chcwt and dresser or vanity. LIBERAL TERMS WIAF-WTIC—Uncle Walter's Doghouse . WATR—Canadian Guena-diers Band 8:4.') p. in. NVOU—Canadian ' Grenadiers Band WABC-nNews • 9:00 p. tin. WOR—News WABC—Shirley Temple WfiAF.-WTJC—Eddie Cantor WICC—Your Part in Defense WATR—News;' Dancing Discs 0:15 p. in, WOR—Sports WICC—News; Sports WATR—Treasury Star Parade ^ 0:30 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Mr. District Attorney ' WA-BC—Ransam Sberman ^'JZ—Cab Ga,l 1 o way's Qu i zzl cal o SUN CHAISE Hero's luxurious com Fort at a price that cloiiotos TOrtl v r aluo. Oolora aro jLfroon, rod and hi no, Wo iifivo a complete lino of porch and lawn Ftiniituro, . 50 AND UP YEB! YOU CAN STILL BUY FURNITURE ON CREDIT HERE! HARRISON AYE OPP V BROWN BLDG. WATERBURY ^•- t(; ' ; ••- : FURNITURE CO For your 1943 vacation we have paid $11,700 to those who saved tor this summer. Naugatuck Savings B a.ilk The Old-Time "Mutual" — FOR Brick Building and lot on Wb0^6ine Street. "OUR LOCATION SAVES YOU MONEY" Where there's'a figbt you'll s fin^ Itihe ktathertwcks. UnJb»d St&ies marines, in full \ya^ kit and wwring^new type combat Jtelrneks, jyo headed foi\thojjr i '^lft^men^?.i>m^3|»orfr f iri North Ireland after'landirifir txom one of .the ilrrmspor*yi which carried the largest AKJP continent to £/oaa the Atlantic in thU war. " • . *\ •''!"'' ". ..-,-•••-/' tC9*tv<dPr**9l Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Rioom 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 Come in today — get your share of the savings in our Prep Shop — Second Floor — sizes to 40 *\ " Every dollar's worth of cloth- irtg-suits, topcoats, winter coats, raincoats, sports jackets, loun- gine robe and slacks at amazingly low prices for a quick decisive blackout. In the face of conditions in the woolen market it^s up to you to think of next season. WATR-WOR-WiIGC—Pass Jn Review - .. 10:00 p. m. WEAF-WTIC-~Kay ^Kysei; Program WA13C—Great' Moments in Music WJZ—Three Thirds of a Nation, WATR-WOR-WlCC^-J. B. Hughes 10:15 p. m. WATa-AVOR-WIGC^Les Brown's Orcb. 10:30 p. in. WABG—Vera Barton WOR—War- News W.1Z—News WATR-W1GG—Musical Trends 10:45 p. m. WAR C—News WOR—Answer Man ' W,?2—Tex-as Ranffers 11:00 p. m. WATR-WABC-W-OR-W1CC-WEAF- WJZ-WTIG—Time; News ; Weatlier Jl:15 p. in, WEAF—Musi.<V You Want WABG—Frankie Masters' Orcli. WOR—News : Fro nr -.AnstrM la WJZ—Lou Bre-ese's Orcli. \VTJC~-Tlirce Ro-meos" WATR-WICG—E n r i c Mad rigu era's Orch. , \ • • 11:30 p. m. WAB-G—Guy Lom-bardo's Orch. WJ^—Glen Gray's.Orch.: WTIG—When Day is Dona NVATR-WOR-WICG—Tune 'Up, < America • 12:00 WEAF-WT1C—News; Scores; my Kaye's Ortih> WOR-W'ICC—IMdJe Ducliln's Ordr WABG—News; Claude TJiornhiHy Orc'h. WJ^—News; Tommy-Dorsey's Orcl WATR—Sign Off /- . + Panler-mache, known to !hc Cli nesje.-ages -ago, was nroba>bly ml first known ptasUc, the men I of Gommei-co Super Radio Speciai flft ===, HAUIO RESISTOHS and CON- | DKNSOHS REPLAUCI) Walertown Ave,, Wa(«i^ury Tel. 3-G217 Nn<, Cherry and Pound Cn)<e Apple Squares Apple and Hnsphei-ry Pastry Turnovers Pastry Cream Rolls Loiifj .lolms, Filled with tlelly and Cream Whole Wheat Broad Kuhn's City Bakery! MAPLE ST. TEL. wal For Painting!! 's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Sponge-cushioned shoes help our "paratroopers" make difficult landings. SAVE A LIFE — CONSERVE RUBBER United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Division GOVERNMENT ADVICE ' * CONVERT OIL BURNERS TO CO AL'' 4< -6il May Be Denied Any One Who Can Burn Coal" Oil dealers• ui'c and will he carefully scrutiiif/.ed and controlled by tlie HovernnuMH in delivery of any oiMlint may be available. We have on band n few Fairbanks-Morse Stokers—these will flive you economical automate licnt—-wjfli nice or Huekwhent co al direct from your bin. A.slj Is removed aulonialically, A survey of your liealinn plant and an eslimate of cost will l» c made without cost to von. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Agents and Distributors of Fairbanks Morse Stokers. 87 Church St. Phone 5236

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