The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, BLYTIIKVILLR (ARK.V COURIER' NEWS WherciGruesome Murders Spread Terror forjiFiciu!- l Anlhonlies ; *, IIV WN.I.IS -'TIIOIt^rON' Shi IT CorrJiiioiiiloiit n-l.ike mllfe of a f"nri|"r liinvlr- town |nf • India v ,i,,., ,,,,,..,1 s''i;":ids fhfiijh man- killing llger Is near, diilhoriiles h< if :'rc milking t'rnnlic I'd'ttenMHs In r»i'l :n> "Hst'en, nam<>ic.s.s klll- <-.r wh/i 'vilhlti n v-ar liivs, luitch- ,<rfil 'beliKidid, : nnd (llssc'iimi six Victims. '•!'• No one- has .seen this murderer, whose fercdlv slmitdciinely sur- imFses.thai of n mere ijriito tiger. No one kliows whether' "he tor slid Is large or small, black or While. The callousues? of ; the ; crimes MUiunds a drugged brain. Tho III vijj.ll ("rwlunss ,,f i( 1( j (|iS.SeC-l liims Mnvr-sls n medically.-lrnined i",nn, nr si bu'cher. Beyond Hint ll'erf i.s j'o cl<»v. notliln-! bin a I'h.inlcm Hint strikes tn the nUjht and is fvm. v Gieisi.r K'xmitiy I>-n Ihe victims of Ilia mad) fKMii'iint's knife are unidentified] eyrcnl. for two. whose' finger-1 prints (old their grim story. A Krisly pholoarnph of Ihe severeif bead of victim No. 4 was shown in n police exhibit, nt the • Great Lakes Exposition here this sum- mere. Hundreds of thousands of licnnle saw it.. None could give fi clew.. Five men and a woman make up the'toll of lliis fiend's knife. In each case severed parts of the dissected body were found, nude. In the case of Ihe woman victim. Mrs. Plorenre Sawdey . Polillo. Ihe bead never was found. , (laughter of 'Mrs. n. 0. llnlllngs- CTrlli of Cooler. Slip graiHuuod from I IIP Cooler high school with honors. Tlie .ijrooin. Is the son ol j Joe McCiowden of SinnmerUelil, 01; In. UIIOT years n ! P. E. Wulers' He hns t>em hi Cooler for manager of Mrs. fnrni. l.nsl week l»' piirelinsed Die Idle Hour Cnfe nml Mrs. U'e Hadley- from They fire mtiklnt; their home looms Im'k of ihe eiife. nflcr Ihelr- h'nmrlh Clilr-agn. They ww'srrlvM hf-iiic M'rm.loy by Thornns liny, tarn • several diiy.s i vlsll vcllti relatives Mr.s. Husst'll rnike.«,;nt WnltinL Kldj'c, Alk. or Mr. who will l>o their for In no\i iliroi- weeks, Miss mill) llnriier li>f| Insl. week for Coliniiljln where slie is lo Hike tier senior year's work nl Unl- vcr.«lly of Missouri. Miss llnrui'l' hns W. p. Slmirer hn.s been icluui- |i'il to Ills 1: __ ' PAGE SEVEN; M>ni[>)i)s ivhAc/ lie, look trcht- incnU for lic.iu trouble nnd drop- •sy He h vciy much Impioved. nrar here tiomi Henri Courier News Want Adi. been nl lending stale Tench- ws .collide for iiirce years and I luis won ninny honors. • " • • I l>r. J. I!. McD.inlel nnd itiwgli- Miss Juliet Pranks has returned tpls ' Mlwcs null) nnd Q'flell. and from n visit In Memphis with M'« Aline Miirshull were In I'on. her slsler, Mrs, Ulllnnl Slonn. I tntoe. Miss., lust week, where they Mrs. 1). Sellbln nnd son, Jlmmle, were rulled by the dciith of Dr. and daughter, Mrs. Abln Selibln,! McDanlcl's brother, Tom McDan- nnil son. William, nnd George Sei libln, nil . of notlwti, Aln., were Biiests of Mr. nnd Mrs. N. Konry ;ilie Inlter purl of Insl week. 1 Prod Alexander left lust week for Atlnntn, Cin., where he Is to n.tor Georgia Tech. lie Is the : of. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. O. Alexander. lei. Mr. tijid Mrs; Ilnrpld Crawford nnd son', of Film, Michigan, nrc guests of relatives hero, nnd nl Dlyllievlllc. Mrs. M. Anthony hns relumed home efroin n vlsll with her en's nl Stuttgart, J. O. Smllh nnd pa i • Howard render Is visiting his' tailed from n" visit. In Ark. son hnve IT biotlier, Hoy Peuder, nnd fuiullj nt SI. I.ouls this week, Mrs E. H. llerrell, who recently underwent a tonsil oivmtlon nl the lilythcvllle liospltnl, Is Improving nt her home nt Tyler. Supt. and Mrs. C. 15. Mlllei . • hnve returned from n visit In SI :l j Louis til Hie betlslde of Iholr bro- Ihtr-ln-law.^.Mr. Jatnar, who 1» iiev,' very .imicli Improved. Mrs; li; C. Slecle jrl mid dnuxli- tcr. Ellaibelh, who wllli Mis. 1) C., Strele sr. nnd daughter, Lou- L'/tl ion, D. c Mrs. Hd Smith went fo Memphis over (he weekend to undergo » innjor oocnillon nl .Ilic Melh- odlsi liospltiil. ' Mtss Irene Tntnm of ' Oxford. Miss.. Is Ihe isiicst. of Miss Mftd- e Olbson. Miss .Olga Koury lefl over Ihe unkind iiceompanicd bj VLIU Sallbn, , of Ulyll)c,vllle,'!-ror Union i UoitijO In uheie Ibcj will int<i ' Hn'slnim Slnlc Unlierslh Don is Bnrnett'nnd Lo-i urc spendlns; several ivceka rone lUishini; left ° r « ™'~ city. Cleveland* Kin«sb,,ry Run tlic mcsl recent .victim been found, either, de- Thai of hns not. spile dragging 'and diving in the disranl pool in Kings'buiy Run in which several portions of the Ijorty were found flonling. WEIltl) HOliO .rUNOLE Kinasbury Run is n gicnsy. n shades of fear over lliis "jutislu" diitricl hides Ihe secret of n maniacal killer who has beheaded and dissected Ihe bodies of. six vic- llms - Ullt lie remnins unknown and unseen. " lirr vacation here with her bearing """'M 1 ' 1 . Ml ' s - Alllp Coiielnnd. vocation nctir I'oiilnv .lilulf. • vlsll- . id It. C. Slcelc jr. here Ihe latter part of lns( week. } Miss Hclfn Co|K!lnnd. who employed in lilylhevllle. Is s]Wnd- plan ts of head wns found near industrial Ihe siime nrcn. The never found. • * In June, the severed head of a (hin-fealured young man was found near railroad Irncks. and 'searchers soon found Hie torso nearby. The victim was never Identified. SKILLFULLY DISSKCTEI) an unsvary moment ns they walled police In every mail for freights along Ihe tracks. <ir'"iips" crouched beside Ihe fires of lone-' ly hobo jungles. Word of (lie terror spread along the grapevine ofj mi!cs.""aldna""tlie"'fr'ln E ra"or Hie inlf-H'orld until (ransienis to avoid Cleveland like llic In came a fresh horror. ily frl slream nt the bottom of a scarred! a freight, valley which cuts its way through the industrial part of ' Cleveland. Factories discharge their • refuse into the run, cans, and rubble are poured down ils edges. But scrub- In n "ully, the tattooed torso of still another victim was found, the head a few feel away, wrapped in old clothing. Neither the clothing nor the tattoo marks helped to .identity' this victim. , Now police are attempting lo identify a sixth victim. A transient sitting on a bridge abutment, waiting for a chance to hop 'plague. ATMOSl'llKKK OF TEKKOll Twenty detectives, hundreds of awed volunteers from the nci[>h- saw something • floating in a pool of Kingsbury Run. Police fished out the ghaslly remains cf n young, no'.vcrfully-built. man. whose tody had been skillfully dissected into at- least nine pieces. by trees and brush line its banks I. Bui grappling hooks and divers and sunflowers - brighten its drab* have failed to bring up Ihe head slopes. ' and bands on which identification Severn!' - railroad lines pass I depends,. :'.•'•'.,'.; : A hat found .neai'by was 'ideiili- j.ficd as. having:, been given Ho-'n i transient in a small town 75 miles . railroad lines through and across the valley. 'At i night.- it is a.- "silent.. -No . Man's LniVrt <tr' hobo jungles and. dim moonlight on the stream, white at the lop of (he banks factory buildings bulk against the sky. • Here, almost exactly a year ago, a man stumbled on the bodies of away. A bloody shirt wrapped in a newspaper of recent dnte showed that the crime- hiid. been committed within"-18 hours of'its discovery. borlioocl. and (he residents of one rather populous "shanty-town" in the valley, have combed - through the scraggly brush 'of the run. nt. cncc hoping and fearing .to discover the. severed head or 'other ck'tvs: nut they, found nothing. A dozen derelicts, one a nar-j cctic addict, Jiave been picked up' by police as suspects: to no avail. 1 An elderly physician., whose neighbors told police he "had teen; was also qucs- j - Over the whole Kingsbury Hun district, n dlsliiiice of some four the | \alley, hnngs a heavy atmosphere ' of fenv. Parents nervously shoo their children lo bed early. The e.impllres in the hobo jungles arc extinguished. Dark sumac bushes nnd drocphi; sunflowers slniul revealed In Ihe night when n flare from a nenrbv foundry lights them up. rear of an unknown, butcher rules this jungle heart of n great, cily. (he Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mrs. Perry Robert Glllland nnd Mrs. Dirk Mlcliie were in Memphis over the weekend visiting with their inolh er, Mrs. George Gilliand, who !•> a pnllcnl In the Methodist li(M- lilisil where underwent an ojiern- llon lusi, week. Her (-ondlllon wns serious week but she Is vej-y much Improved now. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. n. Furrls nnd son nri-lved home over the week- cud after nn el(jhl months vlsll relatives In Oklahoma. Inst week lo State college, enroll nt M kiinsns Jonesbo'o Miss Mnrj Lou McDanlel has gone Id Holly Springs, Miss., where she Is. to be employed hs teacher In Hie blih school nttei spending Ihe summer wllh her father. Dr. J 11 MtnrmlM of Slcele Misses l.iH'illu Koulhern nnd Helen Vlckery leit over Ihe weekend for Rpri UK field, where (bey nr« In' nllcnd Shite Teaclu'is'col- lege. Miss ,l>nrn(hy Rllll has relurned to her Inline In Memphis nfler n visit here as gnesl of Miss Imogene Miiiiiilnt! nnd olhcr friends. Mr. nnd Mr.s. II. A. Spenee spent Sundny hi Cnnilhpi.svllle where llicy' were uiii-'.'ils *al n . dinner in .Ihe flllrd birlhday nnn!- ncling qiieerly," jioncd. Scores of volunteers Sieele-Cooler Society — Personal 1 .Mr. and Mrs. Ofco While nud 1 ver.snry or I! .1. (inlhrte, of diiughler und Mrs. ». C. Holllngs reiieebui'i; worth spent, Sunday In Memphl: en In. tin 1 Mrs. I.. Jordan of HelKT fiprlngs her j iMeGowdcti-IlDlllnjrsworlh. ottered] Miss Rubyc Hollingsworth -••"•" "i vuiiiiHccrs oiierea Miss Rubyc Hollingsworth and mroimation." -Some told of cars J. O. McGowden, both of Cooler, seen to drive;up to (he gully late were married at the .court house - at night with bulky packages „. bcxcs. But most of the stories came from , liquor-fuddled • vii»- i-ants^anrt'^vere ;as, vague as .th'e.,,,..^, lanibhng scribbles (lint., come" top' The Carntlicrsville Saturday house night by^. Justice of Peace A. Ejliotl. Only i a few intimate friends were ' briile the • youngest Kdward Anclmssy. • 23j u. former i Four of Ihe six victims .appear. hospital orderly, and Hint of' An | to have been transients caught in! elderly man, never Ideiillflcd.. The ' ' heads were found nearbv. encn iiliparcntly severed by one stroke! '-""^^..^y?. .„":.'" I t "f a sclmilnr-like blade. The city shuddered, but' no clews were found, aiid , people soon forgot, and went about- then business nut in J.inuaiv, poi- llnns of Mis I'olillo's body wciu ORDERS TAKEN WiR "BERNAT" YARH. INSTRUCTIONS Fftlfffi Mrs. Leslie Hooper M',s.. A. C. Haley 1139 Ghlckasawlm 1'lione 102 Every street demands a gritty, non-skid sW'-jn for ihe prptcciion of motorists and pedestrians. C\ At night you need a pavement with high yisi- ^^ hility. .-.:.. 8 Safety alsd calls for a pavement that is free from chuck holes, ruts and bumps ... and stays that way with minimum maintenance. O Voii want a pavement that drains quickly : : i ihat is easily cleaned and slays clean i . , no depressions to catch dirt. 0 You want a pavement that makesthe whole neighborhood look niixljrn, prosperous, attractive. Concrete ... and only concrete ... completely'meets all of these specifications. " ... CONCRETE iSTumut iow-casf »AV(H(HT For complete pavement Jacls write to PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION H12 Syndicate Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. vlsllliii! iii ilic home of ?on, Al JordtUi, titid ftunlly this ivcek. Mm. K. n. llenton .spent, Iftsl ivocl: witli fripud-s nl 1'lne IlHilT. Ark. Ltiwrrncr Cnoppr. .son of Ur. find Mrs. L. E. Cooper ot Cooler, left Tite.sclny to enter Vuixlerbilt University iit. Niushvllle, Temi. Mr. uncl Mr.s. Rnymoiul Pnikes nnd son. wlio hnve Iweii visiting here Hi* iiasi. aiontli, lett over •ihe.-weekend to visit, in St.; Louis renii., whlnh wns |;lv- home Df libi 'daughter Mrs..'A'. II. ' Ilhi«le-i, und Mi Rhoile.s. Mr. : nnd Mrs. 1're.slou , llndger iind' ilniiRhtfr, Alum, mid son. Herman, of Rockford. Ill,, arc tlie KIIMLS of relntlve.s In this vlclultv this ucel Mix. M. A. Mn.SKpy Is In Laurel, Miss., al the. bedside of her ilniiRh- tti Mis Ustei Mcllilde who is slek •Miv. nnd Mrs.! Joe CnrlLs nritl mother of.Ensl SI. Louis. III., nn: sixMHlhig this' week as guests of Mrs' Alllo Jones , of cooler nnd Kansas cily before poing lo I Mis Jordan and dtui"lilci Jill TASTE THE DIFFERENCE IN OUR "SLOW MASH" WHISKY —It\ Made J tist <n> We've Made It for 3 Generations! Y OU'LL ^ny Dottomi Up'b nughly t n ij to L'l^c niul smooth instinct And you'll ORUC it's boun'cl. to he—becnusc of (ho txtrn <mio and grain we put on the mnsh.Fnct is, folks hnve relished our Slow Miisti whisky so well— nnd bought it so regular—we've kept on ranking it just so since 1870. Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRH1GHT BOURBONWHISKV • BROWN-FORMAN D, s i,ll cr y CO., Lo«»v;»e, Kentucky SIMJEUN \(JB1, & ('0. 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