Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 3, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1942
Page 3
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NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS -j —.—_^___^,»^^^M^ B«WM sa t\ J fty BILL CORUM Gallant Fox's $308,000 Tops For Three -Year- Old Alsab Workout S'o Speedy It Scared •Owner Sabath. won liy ft season.. „ ml.... was #,ms,(KX),., ! tnx r!, ; 'ox I" i™ '•'">" Als , ub ''. ( !;,o, 'u' those II*- )M VI ... j.r ..- (iiilln ;i tv\v ID ono (l(|ll : i " H mi' I"' wiuuwiry rlul: I*;;:,-, on it ra.m^lH.dulPS.,. " li av I"' olT.'i'C'.l as specials... H 1 A!,!" .-an JH^I V,n. ,,,„.( nml most lu-onrnlc sloi-y on u , vn« U'l'l l'.v "«""MI I' 1 "';'" 'V ",,,,, .llll.lliy <;rill>Cr 10 I III' ' ' • J; ;' ;, ,,,„!,•« INu.ll, ! liiirli KlU'lV iH.Ht Sn .in hull won U. S ' ul Ui"'»l" |l ' l<t|(ls ' 1 1 »'•<' >"> ro11 UIM |l A UMUIXHW Arllntl .^mmm. Ilian • l-ho ArllnfJlon. Inu-.k rocoj-d wlHiiu Uvo-nnhs of 1 «ho Amtu<I- run roeord i'oi 1 IIvo fiii'lonns set hv riyliui '^nn S5»»r«'» al •^»» |ll «» ; ^ic.xlco, (msi'oss ihu.. «lo (iraudc from 101 I'aso) u'ilh Us ..||«htep'^ ||»an-alr. cliiualo ^nid pastcboui'd i-acc (jomW V ov<u- which an K(|ul- poist! .ml()ht Jinvo whirled a nulo in l;r$li. \ ;••;',' ." i-, in S "J'nrxi MMM'iiinn *'*»'» w» s : - . ' r (M , n hi'lsk \voi'k, '"„.«,. luM Al Sabalh what to ,i| tlir cxi'i-cisc lad. so the wnn- ,','., ,, () uV OWIHT snptH-vlsod Iho ' HiraUhiK ut Ihn Mvo- Alsah slnppml right I'IIM- holding him snug, v chirK'-i-H In tlm stand.-.. ,'I;,|,JIK UK. Hii'loiiK*.,..couldn't v! lln-ir washes. Ohv la' buy ui> Alsub's hack had • IhlMK in luuul—yet the -coll llU-ndly riylng. Maliiilh hlinsi-lf, slnniJIiMI. down mi HIP (rack ni-nr this hnish-lim>, llmiMl llu* flvT-i'iirlom/ Irlnl bi ;,','/ :i^,...flllfl WHS SUIT. hO \vrmiil, mnyho ci-H/y. So, low-hy li'-arl. and all, ollmhod tin 1 long stairs of Ar Ion's gnmd stand to whore sev.M-al <<lm'.ki>rs NVt'i'o grouped. Their watch....give and lake a fll'th of a Hcuowl or so....agrot!d with his. lluI whon Snhuth told Bwonko, the old "Siirgo Just gi-lnnod, and said, "Our. lilUo colt, - luiuw ho uoodod that- swjl'l. work-out, so he lust 'took 11," .'And a. few days 'later. Alaub s top pod., o IT \vlth the primer Stalass Valdhia Orphan in second pliicuV,. .".live und a half furlongs In 1:01 4-5,.,.oloso to tho track record. ' Sponklng of owners and traliir ors -be In;? snared by wlial tholj" SaluUli (jot u-hlln uiuloi 1 th« f/JIk He must havn ilono .soino- Ililiu; wi'onfj, .som^lliliui lnut woilld ruin his ijr«M\t colt.' That Irlul was ulinosl a second fnsl«i« wnlohos told tlinlr horses, thorn about trials of Lake- thp case of , ono of leading of tho Gay 90's.,..ovcm more successful In Krniice and who brought the marvelous Epl- rrnrd over hero In :1924 to race against Snraxun, No< Lad kin, Wisp GoimsfJllor and others of our best. I.Hfiir novor had raced at) the line old Sheop-slH'Ml Hay course In New York. .lust in from the West, }K. had one liorso Avhioh he Ihniuihl mlfilit win nn overnlfllit hiuidlcnp or so, and (wo days after (iiiloiuiliif) had the horse out for a mllo workout. Tellimj the exercise 1ml to break from the slnnd nn<l (jo onco nronml, Ciene "timed the. (rinl In 1:".? J-2. "(Josh," he snorlod, w h n t Urn (liitkims hna haiM»«ned (o that horse. Jle oiiflht lo rim. ft mllo fusler llinn that in Lntonin's mud." Them a fellow-trainer rnvoalccl to Dene that the Sheepshead Bay was one mile — and a FURLONG. The work so impressed horsemen that Leigh's horse was made favorite In his first New York start and breezed homo winner. Illustrator Honors Fathers £iW| %jfe^ Famous Illustrator James Montgomery Flagg hands thp official Father's Bay poster to Albert H, Gregg, president of the cigar institute, in-New York City, Tho work reflects A traditional event in 'American family lifo and will bo tho tcono ro-enactotl'in many a U, S. homo'..on June 21, the day act aside for fathers (Central Presafc TOMORROW & FRIDAY- DONRKf V: UUTHlfe i./..\ BARNES; /;; OTHfUA^fi 8*^, «*«<?« loeius POll STAG* « SCftCff* SN«Mr« AT l:i!0—4:00—0;3(>—9:00 PAY - »HIP AHQYpftlt VANItHINQ VIRGINIAN 4, In i AMERICAN LEAGUE Veslorduy's: RissuHs Chicago-New York (postponed). Cleveland 7, Boston 2. Detroit-. 3,- PJiila'dolphta 0. >V«shlnfjlon 4, St. Louis 1. Tho Standing New York Do troll Cleveland ., Boston ,.... St. Unn> .. Ohlongo ,., Washington PhlHidclpihla \V. L .<- . . 31-. 11 .... 2.7 22 ,...' 25 21; 23 ,.21 :;. 23 25 .... 18 2ti. . :J8 27 .... :-.JO 31 Pot. .738 '.543 .523 .47!) .409 .400 .380 , Today's" GunieBi Pi tellers Ghloaft'b at NOW, York—Dietrich (44) vs. Bonham (7-0)'. Clevclan,d at iBoston—-Bm-bree (41) or Mllnar .(2-3) vs., Huffhspn (3.1). . Pclrolt at Philadelphia—White (42) vs.'f "(0-4), . St. Louis at Washington ('night)— ,(3-2) vs. Hudson • (44). . ' - • NATIONAL LEAGUE Yostei'dny's Brooklyn 17, PU-tS'lJurtfli 2. Phll'£idclp(ija J,- Oinciniirttl 0 (10). IV'ow York 0, Chicago J'. St.. Louis 4, Boston, 3., The Standing Brooklyn .. St. Loui§ .. Boston .... Mnw York . Cincinnati . Chicago ,.., •Pittsburgh PhUaclclphla W. L. ...,'33 13 .... 26. • ^8 Pot .717 .591 .521 .51:1 .489 .457 ]319 Today's Games, Pitchers Brooklyn at Pittsbur^li ; (night)-*Head (0-1) vs. llelnUolman (3-5). J'hiJuclplpbla ai Cincinnati (Night) —Melton .(4-3) vs. Derringer (J-2). New York at .Chi-caso—Sunkel (20) vs. PasHcau (7-3). : • Boston, at St. Louis—Tost (5-2) vs. Whlto (2-2) or' Gumbort (2-3). ; PITCHER STRUCK OUT 31 BATTERS Farmlngton, Conn., June, 3— (UP) — Elmo Go mo Ml, who has plenty of, speed to burn, struck out 31 batters :as Slmsbury High schoors baseball team defeated F'armington Hig'Ji, l \ to .'}, \r\ an Jl-innihg game yostei'day afternoon. In addition, Comotti Avon, his own game In. the llth by singling home the winning run. . • Me walked four' batters and allowed seven, hits. SERVICES Windsor Looks', Conn.,,' June 3~(UP) — Funeral services were to be held today for William H. Hay den , 07, former 'clilor of police, who died late yesterday after a ..long i In ess. Ho was chief for 18 years before retiring In March.' 1%nnuU)i$e ^^ .,••_* ; i .* ''*••.• . Soap Sbtp Space" D ON'T discard/those. awkward little pieces;' qf :aMpst-iised l^irs*'.of;•••vtoap,^•"•-. a soap shaker .foj; a .ditti^\pr. stretch a bit of cloth over a r'ntth tea strainer and use the bar to its, last sliver. 1 Pledge those pennies you save toward your county's WAR BOND QUOTA. Your nnoriey invested in War Bonds v will move ;tanks and float ships. HARTFORP JUNEJ-&7 KINMEY y.m<nmflBfln.[u*7:i PEAK SEASON By'Jack Sords Dodgers Set New I • . •^•^. . ;:' • . :•' ... ._• ',,. • 1 They Won 17-2 V|ctoa?y Over New York, 'June-- l :3—(UP;--Tbo way th e B r o ok ly n.. Dodgers' began •their second : western, inyasiqn .p'e'ur; tainly \vas enough lo : make the other contenders curl ,up and inquire, "aw, what's the use?"' . . The Dodgers set a new high-scoring record for'the National league season yesterday' when they; .s.bcl 1- cd Pi ttsburgh f or: a^7-2vvicl.pry, ; ^cd by Pete Reiser, 'Wli'o had- a -pqirfcct day at bat, "5 for 5," the Dodgers blasted out 20 hit's for a-total of 32 bases against three pitchers,'"Aldan Wilkle, Johnny Lanniug and Ken •Jungols. • •.. .. • - '•• Alter the Dodgers had run" up a bl-g lead, Manager • Leo ... Bur-ochcr sent in his junior-varsity and they continued the bom-bardm'ent of the hapless Pirates, Pranki.e : Frisch, Pirate pilot, was fit to be. .tied after the slaughter. .The Pirates have now lost ten straight and 16 out of their last .18 games. • Reiser hit a homer .single, .three doubles and added 23 points to his batting average, as he climbed from 3-'i3 to .306', only. seven .point's -behind Babe, the- league-leader who presently is riding' the Pir.ate bench. .Reiser might have joined the; exclusive "6 for 0," club if be.badn t injured his instep slightly trying";to score from third in ,the seventh, in sliding Jn-lo the plate bis foot came down .heavily on catclie.r .Al Lopez's mask. .•••Behind such' rookie Cos Seattle last registering- his tpry. Ho.' previously Cubs. ... :-:•• '. -•••":> i'vv.-': The St. Louis. CamJinals had a close call in their night game against the Boston',-Braves before 11,516 a,t St. LQuis ' but pulled 'through to \\Mn ; -V-3/:Going Into .the .ninth, the cards^cl-^l but. Sibby Ststi's triple- scored -two runs- with one, out. Johnny Beaiiley then came •'in to relieve the .tiring. : Mort. Cooper ancl got Jim,;Tbbin r v ami .Tommy .Holmes f.or^'lUiJ." l -l$fo*'flnal outs. It 'was- : Cbbper's^^iniv ' victory and Tobin's. seventli ;dcfeat and 'fourth ;iif.a row.'^ilejviiusjri't.j-.Nvon since ho hit the fouV h'oiners against the C u bs May;' i3. Tbe' : , .Braves 1 , out n e,l d didn't rnfike a putout, Paul Waner got two 'hit's 'ami' now needs only nine lo reach; the ; - charmed 3,000 •circle. • . -..- • : '•;'.-•; -•••' •'•-'. -'••'-' -A hoodoo still 'is Jiounding Elmer Riddle, last year's-leading .pitcher fir "the Nationaf.league; He held the Phils to hits ih nine innings but the Reds'%st, ; 1-0, in the tenth \vh0h/Jpe;.Ab'n^. v . ; rtlllng...iin at third, Ijobbi'ftfl 'a bunt;: ; Abreau previously bad killed a Cincinnati rally in the ninth bV-hitUng'jnt.o ; '.a double play. Hal Schumache'r-'returncd to form and outpitclieaV BilT Tyee as , the Giants dof#tte'd"'tlic 1 Cubs, 5-i. Will Marshall", Rfel'O.CI"°ari"d Johnny Mizc eqch niade three hits. , . Vir-gil (Fire) ••Trucks.' Detroit roqkie, pitcbed the- Tigers into second place in the American league vv i til a 3-0' sh u to u t' oy cr th c Ph i 1 : adelpnla A Athletics "before a night crowd' ". oC V 5,103; at Philaaelphia. lYucks-ajloSyed only six. hits and fanned ai^iijvbanding the A 1 s their /nrst shuibu'tV \;. . • >' Early Wynn registered his llfth triumph by: pitch ing. \Vashi ngton ; to a./«-l .victory, over, the St. Louis ^Browns before an estimated 5,000 at "Washington lasi; night. He yielded only five hits, two, of them in the ninth..-George .McQuinn's homer was the only-run .made -off him., . ' , "-/: yesterday's-.': Star — Pete Reiser, ' 13rooklyn'>s • center .fielder whoVslapped out''live hits, including bis fifth ••'homer,- in v flve. times' at bat ' York, urto-S Uuitfld Press Corresppndent VG ---rsea-- . : AVh|rl^a 1 hd'n-Q^''Jip"e^:GronIn^ hpl ; d- . 'the ' one KlCKintJ -•aruu-iiw.-. .-• i"^»^ ; ._"', . - . aib'o.ut- -l|he ,first.'baseman being;, on.^ p.l' tlie ^toadles't. -men' on . ; Ui<J. team. The iron-man (breed or",fh;at 'sacker isnt dead yet, but .he-seems to bo , dying;fast. • . ' ,;,' n \n • On pe a 'firs t basoman vs'I th. a ju- year service record '>vas a common: i sisiVt Today the player Hwho has 'held his position- 'with;:Uie ..same '•fpa'in for'ns long "a? ; three .seasons is ns rare as?-, a three, 'dollar . frill. The: men whQ"opcra'teaji^on long t6rrh leases are; 'all MJut^ne; 'The transien-t trade has taken Command and; t l H.c-,-' r t^afflo ! ;,a.ltt-le; .short ..of terrM'io. ' • -..'• •••-• ' . 1 ;Tweiyb l "of the- 16 major league, ciiubs li-ave used a/t^ least•;t\v"^. first basem-en' in tih'e -first two;im.o-nah.;s :pf Wie^eafcorti ; TlirGe v-ol: .IhemAr throe h aye cal led upon asv-many, as 1 t'o vi r. And desp \ te th e aim os t -un- preced'ented 'turiiiaver, several nian- agcrs •'•'navcnU 'settled ' their prob- | .luni's' ' ; to any degree" of satisfac^p; ,yei-; ( Thiis : more /changes are.v^V -^ake the'- -Boston liedr-6ox, fq'^ife; stance. The $ox 4r^^1^M;f.R?.^M chan-ge'd'iiarids'i' oftehcr ihftnvi.^M^ Iloplcihs Ktcol/ra £^^^e^i^inig """-•-'-' "had- "ilt- wlierVr|,he^ea^oh| , -Lou-. K (T-Om • L CV>V»VWJ .. .: \ -, 1 ., , .. . -.. . , F.OXX was',sold to Chi.c-ago - and ; wlieri-'he cheokbd in/ with, the Cubs h e ; headed' v in to- a-'^jmi l-arly.- chaotic situa'fen/:.^^Cubs;s>arted:out with • dhe muclT-trtive;ied,:Babe; s pah.lgr.6.n. "•jimmy' Wilson ybeijchcd the'--Babe in favor 'of Hip Russell, J.hen bd.nched Ui-er Rippcr' ; for^mi' 'Cparetlav-, Any mbmeht ••now^vy.bu-' olVay•...Tea.d -that : Cliarlic GriinTm ; ;lMs ibeen called back .to take over.;-.-;y;^ '.•;..."' ;' '•:'•• •.,..-•'•• - . • Dah-lgren ; wa,^" traced to ;the : St, Louis Browns, ;trUdod: right- back and finallyiclispa'toiied ,to Uie;-Brooklyn- Dodgers;^ At tbis'. ppint^furUior c'omplicatiohs 'set in;. For,,at Brooklyn 'wh-ere! Dolph: , Gamilii 'holds fprtihv- the ''firsi'V ba'se: ]>psHibn ; has b'Gen shared 1 ''tby.' AUgfe Gaan 'antl •Billy -Herman.'^fcarry. MacPlivxi 1 now ^lia^- ehqugli ,,first; sackers' for y a ' bridga game'; ,' v ... -;' "'-, I -,:• / • - t;/ With . the exceptioii: v of four clubs ,_^fh<3- "New York Giants, the Detroit V.Ti'' T ers the Wasihiri.gtpn",; Senators niS th'e Cleveland Indians — every manVig'cr 'has been, beset with an initial sack problem;; Joe McCarthy -of the Yanks .tried -.Ed = ,'Levy. and •i-iWna'lly decided 'on Buddy s ;Hassett, ^^NMi'onal league cast-pff^from v Bos- ^$i^v\t ". ffoston, ; Casey ; Stengel re- [pfeed, Ilassett; wltlvJVIax-\V«st, li;?atied , ^reinp-aaflJ^nn .Caon^y. v .y &R$^^iiw^m$i t^<*:.-.-q 'tt^ l^i^rpfrt'ir i»mthe \VJiit Lew •'at- MANY GOLFERS $ OTC^ A ^ IN TOURNAMENTS Now York, Jmne 3— (UP)— A field of 584 golfers will participate in 13 sectional tournaments during t.he next week to determine 80 more starters >in Mid Hale America National Open, Die United Stales -Golf association 'has announced. They are the survivors of an original i,540 •-•competitors. •The 80 ;; new. qualifiers, plus 22 men who qualified , auLom-al-i call y and two Ga n adla ns wli o q ual i f i ed ut'Torohto las_i week will comprise i'h o, . 104-m ah; f i eld .w-h i ch will tec •off' In', the tourney • ., at Chicago^ 'Rldgemoor Country club, June 18.21,,.':,., -•...-. .•..;• . ,. Four Run Rally In 10th Naugatuck Valley League Standing Naugatuck Crosby ,.. Gilbert ... Wilby .... Ansonia ,.. Torrington W. . <> , 5 , 5 , .i 3 . 3 L. Pet. 2 .750 \ .556 5 M 5 .875 (i .333 •;••• T.)io : Boston sectional at dale, 'M-ass., .Friday, opens the scmJ- fioals, wH'h 21 entranUs , seeking two pkices. This is. ibe only, sec-' • tlonal at. .36 lyoles Bch'cduled. The 'other contests, .will'; be- over, the 54•li-pie- 1 routes. •-..' , • • , l^jnal eliminations will be staged at Chicago, Kansas 1 City -and Bloomfield, N; ,],, June 5 a'nd 6. There are 71 candidates for Chicago's 14 places; 42 -for Kansas City's five; and 68 for t:hc Now York -area's 14 places. , Sectionals -are listed for eight sites June G and 7, as follows: Denver, 33 -candidates for four places; •A<til<ani.a{ • 66. entrants for seven places; Detroit, 52 players for seven •b'crWis; Minneapolis, 17 'players for three places; Buffalo, 67 for sav- en; Cincinnati, 73 fbr eight; Tulsa, 17 for two ; ' Dallas, 37 for three. The Los Angeles sec tilonal is s,c'hedulcd for June 8 and 9, wH-h 18 goltYr,s for four places in the fi,nals. , - . . TJipse exempt from qualifying arc Bobby Jones, Chick Evans, Craig rvyopd, ; Walter . Hagcn-, Gen-e Baraj^eh, .B.yr.on .Nelson, Lawson TJIMo.. Halpli Quldahl, Sam Snead, Vic -Ghezzi, . Denny Shute, Henry Picard, Paul Runyan, Marvin (Bud) N\ 7 « rd , B e n H 0 gan , L 1 o y d Ma n - grum,. Jimmy Dcmaret, Jug .Me- Spaden, Horton SmH'h, Herman Barron, . Jock- Hutchinspn, and Bins C.rosby, Many of these player 3 will g.ive v exhibitions in thqt sectionals for the .benefit of !>he. Navy Relief fund and the" U. S. p. Among the '.prominent players w.h'o -must- qualify are Tommy Ar- * mour', J-ohnny, BevolUi, Dick Mctx, ' Ky Laffoon, jimmy Thomson, Sam- I my ByixJ, Joe Turnesa, Kd Dudley, .Jimmy--- Hines, Hai'j'y Cooper, Billy Burke, Tony Pcnna, Herman Keiser, Al Wat/rous and. Mori Dulra,' ^ QUARTER-FINAL OF TEIMS TOURNEY •AVcst Hartford, -Conn., June 3— (UP)—Gardner Mulloy, top - seeded Florida player,, moved into l.h.e quarter-final round of t'lie New Kngland tennis champi-onshlps today. : Mnlloy defeated Lloyd Bales, of Hartford, G-l, ,8-0, and Harrison Rowhothnm,. -Brookline,, Mass., 6-2, fi-0, in his first two -matches. Also advancing were Francisco SftguiM, Ecuador, who topped R. S. Olmsted, Hartford, 6-3, 0-1, amlwoiV nno'l'her ma«tch by .default, Cha-nn- cey'Depew SJ.ccle, Jr., Cambridge, and J Karris Everett, of Jacksonville, PI a. ••hi the women's division, Hope Knowles, Avon, top-seeded, moved into the quarter-finals with a de.-fault-victory. YALE FOOTBALL 'New Haven, Conn., June 3—(UP) —.Howard Odell, Yale 'university foptbal 1 coach, tod'ay named ISdward Hirschberg, Judson A, Timm and Stuart J. Clancy as bis assistants. Hirschberg, 1932 Pitt graduate, has been assistant'-coac'h at-West : Vir^in.ia for the past two years and- formerly assisted Red Blaik at ^Dartmouth. T-iunm, Illinois university football and track star, formerly coached -at Penn Military college -and Moravi-an college, Bethlehem, Pa. Clancy played footQjall and basketball at Holy Cross. Odel.l sal(j be would summon bis playing .squad'-' at the opening of ,l'he summer term July 'fi for three 'weeks' work. Actual drills will open in August. Jimmy Dykes started with Joe Kuh e 1, s w i t C'h ed. to D o n K o 1 lo way and then tried Murrell Jones. At -Gin-' oinnati, Deacon WJli.McKechnie has employed ^>ank,McCormiok, Henry •Bauer and Bert Haas. And so it goes, -do;wn ,the line. .'..- ]n the cases of Kuhel, Garni Hi •and McCormick the trouble was injury or .11.1 ness, 'in Foxx's •case it -wa-s: proba-bly tlie slowness that comes.with years of p.lay. Levy suffered from a Jack.'of ability. But \Vhalevor the reason, th-e number b' y f switches hasn't been approached befor;e. The shortage of steady, sound players is ; -a trifle astounding because I/he'position; lias a, great 'bistory. ; TlXc en d u ra nc v e ' reco.rds in b p t b leagues are ;bel(| by. first basemen-^. Gus Suhr. of 'Pittsburgh''in the 1 Na- tiona.1 and LO.U GelH'ig in the American.!^ Bi 11 Teri-y, \Gri.nim, George Slsv ler—and iMntii tlji^, season—Camilli,'' ]^oxx and'McCorjnicic; .b-nve been noted for th'-ci'rv' years of regular play. •Not to mention I'he Pipps, the Kellys i^nd the .Bottomleys; , There is no easy explanation for the. sudden 'd\yi > ri'dling of p vestige on the 'part; of 'what was always a strong position. Only one prom- i.ncnt player 4- Jo-Jinny Sturm — -has •Jjeep drafted, so tlie condition can't be ;blamed 'on tbe;.,war. In fact, it cnni be . '-.on anything specific. It is..just ;l:liere ..and; at the cui-nent rale of fumbling it will be tjiere for Quito a.s^pell.- . , :^F^iuet^»ite-sox; DUFFY'S Restaurant W^ter Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF ALL ^|CI W0S A SFlfiqi ALT Y Full Liquor License Thurston's Sftecdboys are off to a good start today in Naugatuck Softball circles--with their 12-3 and 3-0 victories last evening in a double header with the Morticians at Recreation Field. . The Specdboys backed up their pitcher, righthanded 'and ))e- spccLncl.od .Jaclc*- Darby with a line brand of ball and he .was ably supported by, Doug Thurston on Hie receiving end. Doug aiid Rob Thurston and Leni Creddo took batting honor.^ with four hits apiece and Ryan, catch ed for the Morticians 'held up, the heavy end for his team with a long hprne v run in 'the llrsl, game,'Smelko was the losing pitcher. The feature, of the duel contest was the one-handed stab of a low line drive by Dick Schaffer of the Speedboy.s in the second game. 'Manager Dunn of the Speedboys announced that their next contest will be with the Union City Rangers next 'week. FOOTBALL GAME PLANNED Cambridge, Mass., .June 3—(UP)— A pre-sp-ason football game between 1/Iic Harvard varsity and the North ,Garoliwi N<ival-Aviation Cadets will be played at Harvard Stadium Sept. 26, it was announced today. Harvard's, regular schedule of eight •games starts with Pennsylvania here Oct. 3. The rule of the road has been changed from left to right in most Central European countries to conform to German practice, the Department of. Commerce reports. HEEL PAT OOUBU.E XX SHAVE ? UOK UMBEW NOAH- DO SLICK USDAL.L-Y ~THE= HEIR? x MRS J. B. SMI i-LJSTOM • ' PLAINF1ELCV N.X TO MOAH^JN CAWK OF "WIS - A ,l).«r>l«IM M Km. >»^^^»^^»^r^»<'^»*'^^^*'*^*^*^^^^*'^ " -"- ' ' 'i v >mmjm«4mAf*mAm-<-jj •>'< !' ALCAZAR • TONIGHT 1 ''All-American Co-Ed and •"• -' 'Dangerous Lady'' THURSDAY FOR 3 DAYS James Cagney in "Captains of The Clouds" One of the Great Films <H the Year Rival Schools Were in 3-3 Tie at End of Ninti In- • • ,!., • ning. Wil:h 'another ..,,-..,- r . v ., championship. In thoir JaiV the; iSau- gatuck higli school baseball toam' lost lo Crosby b I«h of AyatcnVr • at' Recreation field .ycstcicday-aflfer- noon in one bi' the mujor Ui>s V v, r .•• the Valley league this soaspnr-Uiti bi# Blue • winning*. l,lic ; .conte8l.^wH,h a four run rally in the tenth inning l.o defeat the Greyhound8 r 7-4. : Tho Kolcymen iiold tlio edge with a H-'2 score at the oild of the 71 h but the Brass ,Gity nin'c made 11'.:)all in the iVrel liali; .of .the eighth when Wohtler slrtgled and. went, to second on, a Naugy error,* scoring on p T Ag08lhio's single. Ncllhor t(iam scored in tho ninth ,stah*a- and the game went into- ovorlimcV ' : . \ ; -Art Fisher,.. Atariod• - tho rally in Uie-.-.tenUr.wHh a wont 'to thjrd;•-.; when * a choice allowtxMitcn.der to reach lir.->t safely. A passed- ball put .Klshcr .on thi" rd an d . B epder., p n : : «popnd;. Hoi h mon scored ^or Ci'qsby:.- ; \v.lvon ,Kp- brin pulled a- miNiclo./and ,h|.t-,Bare- ly for a single. D'Agoslinp ' to Schiller at. third and missed allowing Kobrin to score a third tally In the 'inning for tfic Blue. Shembriskas and Smith f«|ll victims t-o the pitching- -of VAc^V Diirette and with two out ,an<l oftc on base Bill Thompson doubled lo score D'Agnostino for a total t.aljy for Crosby of. 7 run.s, and tho nido was retired on the next play. Massa was sent In' t'o pinoh hit for ' Kevit in the tenth' and singlei| v Tangredi substituted at hat for Robinson and. filed- mit; Fur» al^wis retired 'making it two out wttih>n6 on for .the Greyhounds, Erro.raV by ITAgostiho and $mlth' i.ii sucp^islon allowed Massa 1 to' >jcoi v (i 'glvlngH\tnc Garnet rooters another ray .bf^vopc. Durottc, walked. Fogftrty, tho-.-hUrit •hlt-Ung. iGreyhound, w^s iicxt up; but grounded 1.6' ' Smilh i!i >vhb . thr0\V to Fisher' al second and purctte{\va» out. '';.,.. ' ' ".>•.•-•'. The.,score:.. ,. . .".., .,, •"••' ' :•'.' ' Crosby ' :< -•• • , . N ah h o : n. Cavahaugh cf .....4 1 6 i. . Fish er I'/. . ,.-...-. • ••• •,. \ . • • • • ^ * ^ * Bender c ...........-. ••&•.'-' '4--- 1 7 t. Kobrin 3b ..-^. 4 12 2 A'Agnostino Ib 5-4 » 0 Shehibriskas rf ....5 13 0 Smith ss-'v i-...,.-... '5 0 12 Thompson If 531 0 Karvelis p ,... /• 004 . Tolals ..;/. 4Q 1* -30V11; Furs ss Mariano Durotte Fogarty Schiller Gargon la cf Mulftsky' Ib Massa ss ... Kevit rf .. Robinson Tangredi Totals p . If 31). 2b 7.7. ah h o a . 3 0 2 2 . '4 -1 li'-'-O . 40 1^7 . 5 300 .41 o; v .vi . 4 I 0 i) . 3 0 13/0 . 1 1 i <0 3 1 'O^'P ; 3 0 2, : 4 . 1 0 ,0 0 _ ^_ __ .i. it 30 830 for Kevit. in 7tb; - /; ^Hatted for Robinson In 9th, , „. Score by Innings: • A-.. Crosby ....'.. 00020001 0 4--7 Naugal.uck ... i 0 0 i 0 i 0 0 0 1-^V; Huns— Fisher, Bengcr 2, Gobrln t, D'Agosllna 2, Mariano 2, Fogart^v Massa. Errors— Kobrin, Smith, Fteb-r ed, D'Agostin-o, noblnspn 3, Mu.lej»ky. Durette. Huns bftttoci In—Shcmhrlt- kas 2, LVAgostlno, Kobrin 2 v Thomp=son 2, Durette, Schiller, Fogarty *. Two base hits-- Thompson, Pogarty, Three base hit— Mariano. . StpNri bases— Cavnnaugh, • Kobrin, l)'A«o^ lino. Sacrillces— Kflrvelis; Durotte; Bender, Mulesky. Double play— Huf ? - ette -l.o Furs. Left on bascs-^Crosil)^ 8; Nangatuck 4.- Bases on halis-^off Durello 3 HM, by .pitcher^rhy KaU>. veils (Mariano). Struck out— by Ka^ veils -7; by Durette .10. Passed lialm —Mariano' 3. Urnpi-rCr-Brqphy. Tim ?V —2 :05; • TONIGHT ' Newark, N. .l!, ,lunc-3— (UP) 10-round lightweight bout between, Tippy Larkiti ..of JvoAvar-k aml.LQ'o Roda'k .of Chicago will be held l«fef night, weather "pc:?rni|Ung, It .,w;up announced. The -contest has been postponed -twice. - . • . . <$ GE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. SHORES 2 REKL 'THE KID E -r . !

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