The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 5
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1'HUKSDAY, SlSM'EMKEH 17, i&3'ti (ARK.) COUUIEK NEWS yirgiiiian Drew Basic . Draft of Document 149 Years Old Today IIV WILLIS TIIOKNTON NKA Service Staff Ccircsjiondent Ccnstiliilion Day, Sept. 17, marks not. only Ihe 14£th year I cf Ihc basic law of the land, bill the year ID3li marks exactly 10] I years from the death of James Mariiscn, "The Father of the Con-. ElitnUon." Madison was a venerable 85 years old man when he died on his estate a I Monlpsller, Va.. in 1S3S. ajmost tlic last, cj y.ic Founding Falliers. His widow, Dolly Madison, survived iintil 1849, her quaint Col- cnial dress and her caudle-Ill Washington salon a ghostly link between the days when the constitution was made and the days when its first, crucial lest in the Drcd Scott case wa:; drawing near. Madison wits small of stature (they called him "the great little Madiscn"). .slender, handsome, and schclarly. He was born of a Virginia planter's family at Port Conway, Va., in 1151, first of 12 cliil- Behind the Scenes as Quins Met Go-Stars PAGE F1VB Turkey Flock Rival* Cattle In Stampeding AUBURN, 111 (UH)-Frpmaflock of 20 birds, Mrs Muo Weber Hamilton, Auburn, has established one of tho biggest tuitey farms In Illinois. She now has approximately 1,300 turkeys in Hie Hock Mis Hiinill'lon,' who believes sins 1ms a iiatuixtl Inclination for the iwiillry business, raised an ordinary number of turkeys as n hobby for a number of yeais. Five, yeais »SO slie decided the profit 1 on the birds warranted her raising moro of them. ' "Turkeys slnmpcdo ns unrca- contibly ns ca^.lc,'' Mrs. Iluriillloon fcnyu in commenting oil Uiclr ac- llvlllcs. "llcccntly nn owl Hew close to (he flock causing all tho turkeys to fly from their perches. Three of them were Injured and liiiil to lie killed "Since tiien we have had narcs burning in tlio enclosure. Tho flares also seive n double piirjwse as there aro many foxes In tills vicinity. We also take precautions' (o prevent, raids from night piowl- crs. Inmiaii or otherwise," Mrs. Hamilton c.xpscts to nsll a urge part of IKT Hock to Illinois •c.iidcnls Uiib fall for Thmiksglv- ing Day ami Christmas dinners, bust, year site disposed of TOO. • , ve little leading ladies all at once are S cmethln B for any actor lo meet up with, so Robert Kent's keen interest on being presented to he Dicnne quintuplets may be understood. • The other four seem (o be critically studying AmielleM social manner as she welcomes tho ,cw lcad,n s man to Qumland for scenes oiWr second n>ovie, "He union." Nurse K,,c, seems pleased , 1lh ihe occasion; the children take .1 m their stride. Th^re jUrnu* m^ejrterans. _ ^ n didn't take long for these I we, to Weenie i-nh ' Yvonne uml Rochelle Hudson, who plavs the leading feminine rote In the second (1 uJnt,,p,et movie. .Irucl: .i,, a ..... ck companionship '1, U,« Ton- wooc , ,,„„, IUTlvc(i , u . |hc D]>roc Nl]rsn . v lu ' 6hoi)1 ., SC(!llc . s .lames M;ulisim (!rcn. Trained for thc law Princeton, he gravitated to politic! as naturally as did so rnany abl Virginians- of' the day. ~Bc~fdrc : : the .constitutional ^011 vcntion of 1781 . was called, 'tin youthful Madison had already : long record of public service, ii framing' Virginia's constitution am serving '• in her legislature. With Jefferson he won cqua freedom for all religions in Vir ginia. Like Jefferson, he had n slcmach or talents for \var, an did not give military service t tlic Revolution, though his lougn and pen served well in the Con tiuental Congress. 50 Convention Addresses When the first American t;o\ eminent under the Confcderatlo begged down for lack of centra pcwcrs and energetic leadcrshi Madison was among the leadci demanding a convention to fram a new government. When delegates frcni all 11 rtatcs assembled in Philadclph! in the early summer of 173' young Mnrllson, then 3G, was nc cnly one of the most, active dc: cgatcs, but his plan for a cor stitulion, introduced in modifie foun as thc Virginia Plan, wa thc basis lor final agreement. Lodged at tlic Indian Qitcei with Hamilton, Mason, Pincknc and a half dozen other delegate Madison was tireless tliroughoi the long four-montli debate oil constitution. He addressed Hi convention 50 times, with preparation and knowledge tha lie was heard with respect. Always present, always busy, Madison was lo be seen in » front-row seat nt every session, rtribbling furiously. Tlic session; were secret, with every delegate •.- pledged to reveal none of the debate. Thc pledge was scrupulously kepi. nut Madison was keeping care- [ul notes of all that went on. a brief summary of the views and arguments of every speaker. At night, debate over, lie would go to his rocm and trauscribc tliosc r.ctcs in a small neat hand, anil then show them to the speakers, asking them to verify what be had written. Seven years after his death. In 1843, those careful nofcs were published, nnd they remain the chief source o! information as to how the con- riitulion was built. "Flliiirian and Scholar" Maj. William Tierce of Georgia thus described ttie Madison cf thc convention; "Mr. Madison is a character who has long been In public life; and what is very lemarkable, every person sceins to acknowledge his greatness. He blends together thc profound politician, with the scholar. In thc inniiagcmcnl of every great question iic evidently look the lead in the convention, and though lie cannot bo called an orator. ho Is a most agreeable eloquent, and cctnincing speaker...He always comes forward the best informed man of any point In debate. The affairs of the United States he perhaps, has tho most correct knowledge cf, of any man In thc union..." Madison, like most of the mem- U. S. Cautions Farmers On Imported Alfalfa WASHINGTON. (UP) —The department of ngrlciiiuim cautions farmers that ImpKrwd all'alla and. red clover sen.;! have a limited adaptability for this country. DroiiUi and small carryover Is expected to cause shortage of domestic s:cd of those crops so that some inipoi'latioii is anticipated. Tlie department, said the only Imported red clover seed adapted for use in the United States is that from Canada, which does fairly well in the northern red clover bell. Farmers arc advised to consider using other legumes such ns nlslke eiover, siveet clover, alfalfa and lespedeza until domestic red clover seed is available. An elephant's trunk coonlains nearly '10,000 muscles. Roman Mosaic Floors Uncovered in London IS . '•• ' . LONDON (UP)— llcnnllful mosaic Iloors of old ftomaii London were discovered during excavation nt All Hallows by the Tower, the shrine of Llie first 1 Toe II Lamp of Maintenance. To show tile Iloors to advantage nn underciolt has been: di'sii;ncd as a permanent part of tlic church. Tho first Toe II 'Lnmp, which burns perpetually in Ihe church, was given In: Idas by King Edward then t'rhicc of Wales, in memory of :his comrades who, fell In tb Great war. From tills lamp til,, lamps of any new brunches of Toe H are lighted. •: Auclrallan Apples (o EnsUnd SYDNEY 1 (UP) — Auslialla has succeeded in making Mother Kngland apple conscious, a single vccuit; month .1,000,<K)0 cases of Aiistiallan apples wera supplied lo the English mlnlc. ' , ||-nf imccc Conn A LANDSLIDE victory nijiiinst Unit terrible criick- IIIK on the feet called ATllLVlTli'S TOOT I A powerful mittKCptic known ns IJHOWN'S LOTION |(ills the Uuy parasites that cause it, often insUmlly. Cases of lung standing often cured in four or five days. If IIKOWN'S LOTION fails to cine ATHbETH'S FOOT in fourteen days, your druggist will refund your money. A clean, casy-to-uso liquid -^not » mctsv paste. Used only tit night. (U)c anJ SJ.OO. Guaranteed bji Klrby Bros. Drug Co. WASH and $T iliinuiEiMml, Simmiva, has a dos mciil inarkct where housewives nmy buy (.heir lavorlle canine chops.' . But movie stars, cameras, and all the bustle of picture-making— none cf these is as much fun as that intriguing mustache of Ur. Cafoc. Annette proves that new friends, like Robert Kent am! Rochclle Hudson, must yield to tried-and-truc Dr.- Daloc. bcrs of Ihe; convention, was not entirely satisfied with the consti- lulicn as finally drafted. But with the spirit of willingness to abide by the will of thc majority, once established by free debate, Mad- unpopular War of 1812, Madison met thc humiliation of being fcrccd to flee, from Washington when Ihe British burned thc public buildings! two terms as president, Ison went, home to work for ndop-1 however, were less notable lien by thc people of the new constitution. Wrote 1'cdcralisl Papers Against the bitter opposition of his old political idol, Patrick Henry, Madison's sheer brilliance v.-cn Virginia's adherence to the new constitution. He was co-author with Alox- ^ndcr Hamilton of the "Fcdcral- his service in establishing the ccn - ^itt(lion. • Twcniy ye:(vs of nuict and secluded life at Mont- pclicr followed his retirement from politics. When he died, just 100 years ago, Madison left among Ills Inquests a letter of "Advice to My Country." In H he said, "The advice nearest .to my heart anil Isl," a scne.s of newspaper articles ,| ccp( , st ln my c , mvic ti ons is ( | ul i mi the new constitution, aimed ithc Union of (hc stalcs be c)lcr . at persuading New York to adoptj lshc( , antl ]:ro(cclc( i. Let thc 0| Madison wrote at least H of the Federalist, papers, collaborated I on others. They rcm: day the foremost, 'he constitution, an all-time higiii of the appeal to reason nndj icnso in politics instead of emo-' '.ion and selfishness. i enemy to It he regarded ! Pandcra 'with her box open andi collaborated| Ulc dis G uiscd one as Ihc ssrpcnli lain to this C1 . eci) j ng with hls ( i ca( |j v wj (cs in- Kposition of; lo p aml | SC ... Madison's pies in the Federalist for the -/ghts of minorities and for thc federal government as a Prehistoric man had to depend en his ears more than the man of today, being forced to keep constantly on the alert because of the savage beasts -that roamed about balance-wheel among conUndinuj n 'm- Like the lower animals, he [actions is a political classic. i CO «W cock his ears to catch tt-.c The constitution adcplcd, Mad-! faintest sounds, 'sen went about energetically redeeming liis pledge for the addition of a Bill of Rights, without which promise the constitution might at all. He helped draw up and push ihrough the first 10 amendments, a-hlch many people tcdny regard is the most Important part of :he constitution. Madison, his labors on thc constitution complete, continued In not have been adopted HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Caused by Tired Kidneys Manjr" ct Ihr-'O pmwitf;, iuJptfng, jvtinfij backaches people Hatr.c en ci-KIs t-r strains mcnt paper. i'losd-Mo^pecjiltpasaabculSpintaaiiayor .tcrlicvcil Into War * lUloVs'rrika ofUJncy Inbci nml nil<ii liter he became politically il.^i^^^'I.S^iSVna ' estranged from Hamilton, and baclaeTic*,rtiEumaiicnain3,t>!niws<\lfei entered the parly of Jefferson, under whom lie served as secretary of state, and whom he succeeded as president. Jockeyed into conducting the dimness. Don't TOit! Ait your <3n:«Ut for BMS'S Its, WfA Bucccssfully by rnillkns, for ov*r ^0 -Its a FOR "STEADY SMOKING A light Smoke! In those lensa lines during your do/, when you reach for one cigorckto aflcr anolher . , . ifcink of. your IrSroat. . . ond reach fora LucVy. A firjFil imclce ii moro than good lasling. A Lighl Smoke offers prelection to your throat. 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