The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUK1E11 NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1934 TUE-BLYTHBV1LLE COUK1EB NKWS 1MB COURIER NEWS (JO,. PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor aw. HArNBS, Advertising Bole NnUonal Advcriuuis Rcpn.fcnlaUvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Detroit, Si, Ixmte, Dallas, Xr.v.oa Cay, Memphis. Published Every AIterr..vm Sunday. Entered nfi secund closs matter at (lie jiosi office nt B:yll;evll|p, Ar- kimsas. under act ol Coiigrass, October 8. 1917. Son-en oy Cue Dulled Prcfn SUUSOSHTIOK RATES By carrier In inc Cny or Blilhcvllls, 15c ]»r week or $6.50 |>er yrar In urtvmi'e. ny mull within n radlius of SO miles, $3.00 per vear. H.M for six months, 85c fcr tl.rcc months; by innll In ]x>stal zones two to Elx, Inclusive, 5«.50 ]>er year. In zones seven mil 1 clghl, 510.00 ;vr yr-ir. p^vubk' lu fldvniK'o. July Fourth Reality Lives On Repeal any womony oftt'ti enotinh, and cvonliiiilly il will be aluuisl ineitii- . iiiiflc.'.s— unk'ss you htlce ispcciiil h'uuble to stop nnil ivim-mliiM- whiit it's nil ;ili<Mi(. Thai's csii(!fiiilly true of Itirthtby n:! — oven Uncle Sum's. Thovo have I it'tii a lot of linloiii'iul- enex- Days, siinrc iin «U1 hull in a 1'hila- delphiii sd'opl'- I'anjf out the ainiouiioe- munt of the lirsl one. A lot of llai:s liuvu been run up, a lot uf hands havo tooled their lips liroii, a lot ol' explosives and roekols Imvc been set oil'. and a lot of speakers have shouted themselves hoavsu; sometimes it seunts as .if all these observances had i;nl a bit stale, so lhat no one any lnnj;w bothers tu think of what's back of thtm. And yel, even if this l-'oiirtli of July symbol has been used ovei- and over again, the reality wliicli stands back of it is just as much alive now as it. ever was — and jnsl as Hindi wurlh tbinkitij; abonl. * ¥ I Those men of 177(i did if I go lo win- just hccausc they disliked I be kiiur of England, or because llsey were I'eel- int r their oals and needed a good, brisk fiyht. War moiiiil hunger and mnlil:i- tion and death then, just as it dups now; and the colonists went into il for perfectly definite and substantial reasons. They fought, in brief, because they had discovered what a precious thin;: freedom was; because- they full that the common man's riyht lo live hi.; own life and work out bis own destiny was a ri|;hl worlli snlTcrinu; and dying for; because lliuy believed Ibal willi the si range new instrnmenl called democracy men could carve out a happier ami freer world for themselves. Freedom and democracy weren't |Kip- ular words in those days. They aren't popular today. » » * When ihc first Independence Day was celebrated, tno.4 of Kunipo looked on democracy as an impradieal dream that could never conceivably work properly. Host of Kin-ope, judging from the prevalence of dictatorships, feels the same way abuul it luday. In Ihe years following UK- American revolution, the people ol' Ihe Uuilcd States showed lhat democracy could be made li« work and llnil freedom was sonielliiiiR in wliich (lie luunblesl man might share. In Ihi 1 years just ahead of us, we have a chance to prove the same thing all over again. The ideals for which men risked (hi-ir necks on Ihe lirsl Independence Day are being imperilled anew, Their securily is largely up to u.s, Our Kour- lli of July celebration will lake on a new significance if we can just remember thai the day mark- our ai:i|iiisi- lion of Ihe greau-sl herilage any people eve)- had. That heritage, is slill nival—and slil! in danger. 11 is slill up lo lu lo defend il. —ISnice (,'alton. SJDE GLANCES By George Clark Socidy Snubs 'Hint Communist' Roosevcll KiK-iely lia-s .Miiibbi-d l-'ranklin ». H<»sc- vell anil is at pri-M-nt busily vlllllyini; him Ihjomdi a "\\hl:-p.'riny campaign" of unprecedented pi [i]ioi lions, au-ordlir-j to t'orjielnis Vati- deibill, Jr.. wrilinu in l.ikcrly Magazine. Tl-.;- n-a.MMi.<, as rjjxjrtt-d by the writer, arc simply Unit blue blood-, are afraid of Iloair- velt ami \stiat hi.s pio^iam lue.ins l<i ttiein. lie is a cotnmnni.->t in Ihelr eyes u'lio bi'ouyhl about the tiinl of .Milchell, .society's favorite L-anker, and who wouUI dare to p-.-isecntc Mr. iMuti:an and Mr. Mellon, and who talks about the ' redistribution ol wealth". One anthoilty told him. says Vandeiblll, lhat Neiv York snb.scrilwi.s lo it \', l .i.h][iglu:i inioj nialion , i .cr\ - ice ivcre di'.salislied ^Ith items furnished flieni unless they liail SOIUL- ncyailv;- implltTitiim. "'riiey an- not iutcresled in lln- trulii." this iierson told the writer. "They crave wild. rumors. Why, do yon know lhat the olhi-i- day 1 gol hell Irnm a Wall street banker because 1 .sent him a \viii! deiiyiin; Ihe story connecting a ini-inlicr of Ih-j administration \sllh LIU ijn|»leasiuil scandal? 'Am tired oi your ballyhooins! the mlmlnislnitlon,' he wii"d back. -Inslsl ii]:on m-ltltii; n-al lads lor my money.' — When 11 member of ilie cabins slight coid I ilon't daie describe i;^!ii cold' in my uiies. 'Secretary b. ill at home, '['he nature of his mysterious illncfs Ls tclni; ke[:t a secret by Ins ph>:.!ciaus,' Is my way of describing; a slight cold." ViuulcrtiiU (jitotcs the runic aiilhorily as s!,.L- hi!; that Fifth Avenue children are tauijhl lo look upon Secretary Ickcs of the Interior as 11 bin bad wolf and that he ilw-sn'l dare send out unjlhln;; about Ickes lindins jobs for :!.- OUO.UOi) unemployed but thai lie must Inl'.T- vie\v some diEiaunlled uilddle-westeni urattcr an<l send: "Have just lenrned from unimpeachable sources tlnil tlic breakdown of the 1*WA pio^iiitn in the middlewesf i^ limiiincnl.' 1 Vandeiblll says he ntlended a White House ]);>vly nt ulilch (lie president, and Mr::, noos-j- velt remidued but n short lime before retiring. The party broke up before eleven. Sooie il.'i bei-r wns Ihe must pulcnl liquid refreshment served. Upon his return to Newiml mid Ne\v York he lomid general acceptance of a sloiy appcarins in a lemiwrance mataxine which described "keys of beci, livers of li([Uor, drunkenness in the While House!" — Howard Swain. CHURCH EXCUSES H; U«*. W. THIS CURIOUS WORLD K My lihi'd-iiKin and son-in-!:iv; ire like u lot of jitoiJlc 1 . Ttu-y tcm to think tlml if Blvon an joppoi lunlty they could do so much ei- than others, '''hey now fi:iy Hist (he manager o* our cmintry 1 :ias, cloa'd n successful mecL- li)!!. Unit Is taking his view ,!t was fssful, But from their viewpoint it was made up with a lew •.icre.-scs and some failures. They claim lhat lie ri-eently talked over I he air Icllini; nil Iliat he had done. Hut 1 told them the air is ::• lint Ihcy probably did hear all he had to say, and did r.ol understand what they did hear, personally I feel that conditions are not as good as If I hurt ton running things, as a man 01 my knowledge and ability dors tilings different and much more .".ilistaclory. At least I found this \>v Hue when 1 run my church, mil when I vet. my new plans i-orki-il out and tny new ehuix-h .larli'rt which will be known as vslmrj and Share. Alike Religion -Limited." Which will ako lea- .tnv fr.itter church ytmTmtit'nt Jor .CK money. I lell my Hired-man :nd Min-iii-taw that, tlie mana 1 ,'.v of our country may well lake note uf tny method of management. (Copyrighted.) calches H it us a 'sl iSo-and-So "I know how you must feel, cl;irlin<r. You'd belter go mil iiliain tomorrow and lower thiil score." Heart Muscle Attack Requires Quiet, Rest MOOR A BLACK GOLDFISH IS PRODUCED /MORE SUCCESSFULLY BY CROSSING A FISH AND A ONE.THAN 6Y MATING TWO &iAC/< ONES. IN RHODE ISLAND, THE DOBSON FLV !S KNOWN UNDHR, S/XTEEN NAMES/ p 133' Of hCA SEnvKC. I1C Si AT POTTfiR, NEBRASKA, A HAILSTONE FELL ON,JULY 6, I92S, THAT WAS/7/>VC%& IN CIRCUAVFEREMCE Orchardisls Relying Upon Law of Nature MED FORD, Or_>. (UP) - Oregon orchardiMs are hopeful thai the „., , . . .,-•,, .... law of nature, su-vival ol the fit- 1C slze ° E a L ' alrl drol> ls 1:mllcci - " 1L ' V blow to PKMS when they test, will rid p;ar and apple trees attain a certain diameter. B:u tl.src is no known size as a maximum of motrs. ' lor hailstones. The Larvae parasites ^havc been lih- erated in orchards in this district by entomologists. The parasite, a Mack, lour- '. Potto: 1 , Neb., .stonj wciaheu a pound and a half. winded, was|>-llke insect, Ks:.s in codling moth lays its B-s. Tlv I.V lift. MUlllilS MSIllllllN Kdiliir, JiiiiriKi! uf Hie Auu'iica MnlMtl jVh.M-iatmn, and of lly- cefa. Hie Health .UijM/.im- I ;.ix You may have read recently ot ! o! The absolute tnininuun lime thai a iwrson who has suilcrcd such an attack may remain in Led Ls weeks. With the. .slightest sign ^econdary attacks or reactions. hatcbc-o quickly and L.e grub enters Iliu bcdy of Ihc ymmi; cod- lins molli vtfxm before ' '' il.s ov.n egs. apple or pear blossoms. '1'he uilch, wi:h che uoruis eatin» Co<!l!ng moths lay their ejgs on world. OiviC; Milk I/airy 'I'lnm-s NASHVILLE. Tenn. (UI'J — A Ihe growing 1'rnU. ^onl'.-; i:iilU dniry is operated here I by F. W. SteillleKS, why usscits llic it leaves' There arc ,ipi>rnxini»ieiy 4DO''i'(l I n:ilk '-is a sanitary police olliccr 'Christian lijnins known in tllejot high rank" to: 1 the human sy:i- I t the sudilen deafii of a banker j'i may be necessary to extend this v:hile he was flying in nn air-'. iirr.c. lilinw. Ills death \v;is line lu tl'.ci If there is any fever. If the pulse condition calied coronary Ihrmn-hs iiregular and if after the six- bosls, or the closing of thciv.eik peiioil the heart clous not Mtiull blood vctbi'ls in the heart' respond proiXTly & exercise or mnsclu. .activity, the patient lias to re- Prc:;tdcnt Coolid^e and Senator | main in lx;d much longer. Thomas -<nls!i died tif this kind I It is not safe to shorten this of heart attack, and so have many Mime. After the first" three weeks others well advanced in business i the patient may |>crh:i;u SIX-IK' and statesmanship. I one-half hour or an hour of cacti The coronary arteries, which j day talking over his allairs with .supply the heart muscle with his associates. The "family L'loml, an- rather small blood ves-1 help the passing of lime will) sels. about the si/£ of n (|Uill on! i,; U |J! ; . 4 . w im music or similarj » leather, which go iiround the ciiiiet amusements, hut under no heail and which give oil branches i drciimMancrs is any form of men- downward toward thcaitex | la! o:- physical activity to be in- oi the heart. cm!:;.-il in liial will "speed up the Thrse blood vessels may be | heart [hrou^h excitement. SOPIIIK KKRR'S SUPERR LOVE STORY- bloekcd as a result of many different causes, Sometimes a Mnall clot fruin obc-svliciL 1 in Ihc Ixtdy Usually, alter n person has once sUlcred an attack of coronary llmmibosis, he must theccafEci'Icad By Sophie KCIT oilier day the ^rcntcst discovery j tlie caruiuis avenue tun on ttie of her life was tlsat she iiada'i' cross street helnw. it was oh! and any roots and didn't need any to - sc::o!!;;, widi innciy little incon- enjoy herself. Call lier up ami ask tier to dinner aail \ve'll tell venient steps up and down between tbc v.'icle- roonuj. nrcjilacca bor tlicn." Amy looked about the' with liiRh. formal ninmols. a stial- roonl again, speculating. "1 can IQ\V uiniii];; staircase—a lionsc set us all niuvoil ami settled while on're in the Held." comes Ui rest in n coronary blood ,. ljk , , )f m ,,,. h i cs . scnc ,| ^H V|lf * t ' 1 ' ! If. in fart, he docs one-hall Ihc The result is an occasional at- 1 , lmo ,,,,. H[ wnrk llo (llll , ormor iy, li:ck <•[ pain in the heart, bin tins h e w.llbedom- more Hum enough. Is nui HI serious as the smidriv \v and lomplele litaii. blocking of 1 like lo feel Hull I aui making; heirlooms for the future, not merely cogiying Hie pasl. —Walter 1). Ti-uyne, famous designer. When such sudden and com- |>!ele bli'ckin;; occurs. Iheli: is :-even- mid l]'cn-.emlo;is pain. This pain is mil ;i mailer of a U-\v Lnck of Vitamin A Caused Weak Eyes COI.I.KCK S'l'ATION. Tox. 'Ul'> -lack nl Vitamin A may i".':i, : i l w:-ak. | miiuile.-. like tin- gi.iin in nuuina | «':-ak. i.r dcfeilue ejv. in babies. IpecloiLs. bill las-l.s for hours and,' -'cii'iuisls at Hie T«;.s Airicill- if the pcr.-'on hvc.i and is krpt :iu! "' li E-ir'-riiiiei:! Stm ion iiave MI •- Cluinro lins ;inllivo|)unioi]>hlc casual sequence. substituted tlsi-U for Hie interEirctntion of liisioiy as n —I'roi. liexlurd Ci. Tucwcl!. Kb.-iohiU'iy wear nil rpL Souu! If ihry think my body is so sinlul. they should have smijlcd tin- oat of the crowd and nut injured innoecnl peisons. —Mahatma G;mdhl. rofciriny lo would-Cc assassins. OUT OUR Bv Williams ..RUN FtR YORE LIVES; MEW ! A CLOUPBUR5T.' TH' DAMS 8USTED.' BY A WATERFALL' lylil jxn'cnrwi JKTMM.S ami. w ilh .M-rUicn olforl. the severe pain ny tome ou UJMUI. j Thai 1 Ls nn way [n reach flu: ! winL at which -A ruronary blood j rr,sH i;, Worked. Thr only \i\va\- U'VUi'M itflrr cxiHTiim-uU; \\ith pi 1 ::-. Tun hUt-i-s of pii:::. all biial. were houi hi (mi: \v-.Tk lo .^uv.r. thai h:nl a rulini] di-Jk'inU !:'. Vit:;)nin A. Ono nf itu- Miw:;. which hud no* IxM'n ^ivrn uny Vitamin A. pa'.T birth lo IPII pi- : , uLlhoiil ;mv o;.c». 1 m'aiiiiem i:; ntaohiU 1 rest, so ;it nature ran do as much us i ssibk' lo ivpLni 1 the dainn'.u-, j This is dam- m i«n wjiys: First. he liluotl vi-wrl (luil is r.Gt block-1 1 ' il will IUJL tnily s-.i]i]i]y tlu 1 :-Uic ! L the heavl Hint ]i Lu-unlly h»p- j* )lirs. but will nlsn x-ml b'.'mtJ in M . rouiulabixjl tn.iniK'r to lakr c;iru . 'I Hi-.* pun, llir.t Ii;i.s boon sluil j ; 'If. yorosul. (ho rlnt i:i:iy ni'art- ' :;dlv be tRv-olvrd ; nid hliioiJ nmyi'* .-oik Us way through il. '" ! ! vll °" "" Il!u ' 1 ' r ;ow. sti])plird uKii VH- bctori 1 the ijii Hi fil ihi' r.ot (lurhij: Ih," p;rio:l 1 v\es vnv fcrnni:^. had of 11 piiis with various na\!o;is of t-y: s. bm i;-; Mi h:id nn'.y r:ie i-\v. .some JUK! -in.i'U-i- UMi.,j. ;i::;i :-o:n-* nnniiul eye:;, tin all \\ Dr. A. Tl. Conner, din'rlor of ANNOUNCEMENTS The Conner Nc-vs has been mi- oriA'd to aiiiiniinii lh<- foiliv.vlnR ' cnudidiitcs tor p:,blic office, sub-! iccl lo the Democratic prlmarj :itst August: Fur i;rprosrnl:ilivr IVY W. CIlAWFOifD CURTIS/J. LITTLE For County .luil^p 7.AL B. HARRISON GEORGE W. BAHHAM l : or 3!cmber of Congress CLINTON" I, CALDWEI.b 1'nr Sheriff and Cnllrctnr CI.AREN'CE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term for I'.nnnly Trrasurcr JOK 5. niLI.AtlUNTY UOI.AND GREEN- I'or (irruK Ciuirl Clerk IIL-r,H CRAIO A»DISON SMITH K. H. (SIvEET) STOUT Fnr Connly Cnnrt Clerk FHED J-'LEEMAN For llo-Klpr.tinn for 2nd Term CAHEY WOODBUKN For AsicsMir H. I,. tHILIA'S QAINKU U. C. (HIE) HUDSON Fot Constable ot Clilrkisjwbi Tosnishfp JACK HOB3VIBON iiiclk-aif that lark nf in ;t inothrr's chei ncrvini.s ;,ystnn of tbc lie t:il.os Ucr fit Uinncr' i (IX WITH Till-: STORY she wailed for 1 Inward me in to luncheon Amy ; the Hralims (J Major iiiul lisLetunu to licr UVH music critically. S!in was dls- iin^JiL'tl. U siionbl be li^lUer, but [ut iiuinnrislic nor clownish. Not •HI fi-ai'llc cUhor, bm witty ami liorir-p ai:tl ti'tsp. "It's in ihc touch." Fhc thought. •;^r:l I;co[lint; KtvEclly in ihc boat/ 1 ilu- PCM-ted t-lio inctrononiR nncl !-'::nn ;iL;nln. so lnli?nt That she !:il iiui hear i toward en tor. THry had hceii maiTieil for nl- i.d.-i n yenr — inontlia that had •:• ; .:?(J s\\ if tly nntl very happily'l's voice amused Amy Iroia -,er pveueeupaliun. "Well, it'; site swunt: aroiinrl nn (he slool •Tln-y've really ma<le an ofier?' "V--^. and a very decent one. )!•-! l-illvrl must be sicker thai i,' Ui.u.l. Of course iic'll tie the -:,'::-!lilc head, bat I'll do all tlie •,uik mid have a full profcssor- "iip. '1'liey dun'l lil.o to lose the a'uo ol iiis nnrne, wliich ia nat- ,ral. l.i'yoa want to £0 baclc lo "Lapping up ft lilt •otirself, aren't yd:i?" ItniU in no tlyle LLIK] wilb no nlnn. yci linhlin^ an air of dignity ami of worli l ca=e. I ll liatl been arranged that Amy would slay with bur [larcnt.s until "ARMY wivea anil professors" Howard en rue hack, lint every day ttj, "• wives can inns-o in ilielr[shc went 1111 to the Flootli Imnse 1A ^V' sleep. iSnjy say. How much they going to pay you?" "Three ilimipnnil!" "llowardl Double \vhnt yon K^ arc . to Eiipcriiitund the necessary cleaning and rcr.ovalinij. From parrel '.o ccliar ihere must De whole-sale scrubbing and ruhliins. here! We'll be roliinB'. Ul'.. j The Uatlirouiii was a veriuble that'll Ki-iind. Let's buy some new! museum piece in point of age and china and a ebeval Klaus and a ' oddity and. considering Howard's really nice rug, an Orie.nlal tbal'l! : increased salary. Amy (ch justi- last us tbo rest ot our lives." I lied in liavini; it lorn onl and 'I'd rather yon imiiKlit tliinns , modern hp.tlis put in. for yourself Mian for llic house, i Wouldn't you like a necklace or a rini;?" "Mister, my character Is so nolilo I'd ralhcr liny furniture iban clothes or Jewelry." ".Missus, the noel has truly saiil that heauly uundorncd et cetera." It was whilo Amy was wa?htns Ihc wurkincTi were busy * inside Amy did what she could in the garden—pruninj', j \vccdiug. cutting out sinouts and sucker?, tyiu^ up the rioiou = •; vines, it mi^ht have tiecn iiani | work hut t.hc iviis conslanlly inierrupled by old friends who ilishca und etill hurry ins on lo j lo sec tier :ind drnw !ier Marburg in licr mind, couiUitig [.^^ \u\ 0 i_!, c LULU'S sntiimcr wlint she would have to do before! ti-vei'simid. they left, Uuu she ilinnght nf Jane. In the year nf her marriage blie had hcai'd nothing : yarc|i J]c[irv directly (rom Jier fonuor neat | They all came—l-^d^ar Moreland. Vnnliy llon£hx Louise d Adc-le Mlerwyn, , friend. The summer before when | ISill Huward--lhe cruv>il she lad n they had visited her parents even , n|oro lii . i|) iMisa Rosa hsU been away and all ' llltatl love it. h -r«' lun. Not thai I dotTl Cnu- i! Scl.s nf 1'uliis ! /\]*I-:U!>Kl-:N. Wash. ilJ]** - Hi-par t"il LI>. "citnnj; nicely," HO.S.MO. ;t i'o\s awnni by ;i farmer tioar lu'i'c, v,.is rccuix-rMisuj after t^i^ birth or lirr Milrd i-ol ot twins in Uic kvil lour VL-,U-.>. t Play shown irt'Riris. Victoria. \aiuL thin of kaLirra it to a. that Amy conltl flnd ont was ibat Jane was apparently ilyins very liish Indeed with <ni nnportan: job, a hii; salary ami uhat Miss llo.=a hnd vagnrly described to Mrs. Lowe ns an emancipated lifo. Jane had to drop back ^n Amy's -, i tlionghla lor the next few weeks. whirl of star tine; off Howard for tvciy " nnd yellow cretonnes] h ' 3 Iicltl tvi l'. l'"ots. flannel shirts. "jook-'hrlves, case-' '"^n^^ts. Clicker, water tiotlle, 1-..-UI v.-iulnwsopciiiin thc'cam'piLS ti^dic-ino kit. knaps-ack. -en. "lint 1 can lake all this—" T]lcn tl]c wrench of their first parting, which wasn't EO bad os Amy expected h oc a u s e there wasn't n, niianto to think about it with all the packing and the wiring licicli and forth lo Marburj Xci! abonl the pleasant room <lark furnishings, "Ai:d you!" They Fnnlcil at -jrb otiicr with the confidence of oMjilcte accord, a lite tuHy di.i.-cil. "And then tbero'U bo .:iMicr ntul mother! I'll miss poor >!t] ("ir.Trirlpa—but—there's no use '.binKin;.; ot that. The main (hint; is-~att? yon satisfied? It's a nnicli smaller plarc. in a way." "1 I'tlnk it's a whalo or a step np frr nn\ Amy. I haven't said nr.idi bcoau^a 1 UariUy believe J t'l oy M s i vc H 1 o a IN a i\ who's about and Howard's'; h, all making fjc-r welcome. Hesiilcs" there were (he- ohler pso- ]ile f facnlly wives anrl t.o\ins- ber ns licr o\v» ci^o tiHi:u l i;c& ,\Uss llc-^a Torry came too, ai:r1 I on nd Amy very rjrttny and hoi. mlhic55ly pnUiii™ ont yon us wis- tarias whicli had sprung up tjy ihc do7.en. "I'm too diss'tsting to 5ivc yon a kiss." Amy told her j.;uc5t. "\Vaii until 1 wash tny face. Ami dn -sit down, J bor- -. rowcil those -jriairs froni Mother it n til my things tan be uu packed." "Why anyone thinks gardening is pretty work for wtimcn I nover could nil a ml," said Miss Kosa \vhe*i Amy bad conic back, cleaner cooler. "It's hanl. mean. mother right llicro, helping nnd ] dirty laljor and when I say labor ' kind, and all the lacnHy people i 1 mean it. Amy, you're hloomtns so surprishiqly rogrctJul about; like a rose. I'm filatl you'vo comu ' back to us." "Yon ionic tlidlr sain;; T last pretty blooming AT last evcrylhuis was pine rotirs-ilC, Mies Yon havcu't z and Iho house was empty. I changed 0:10 scrap." Amy had ?ru.l, 5he bopcd, a suit-1 "Oh, yes. I'm five p.imiila n:-trtictnr—I tnean Kllerll- 1 '^ 0 "oo.ihy (o everyone antl she, heavier than I w,v? last Rummer. ..- 30 vory well known, so impor-j w ^s on her way bnc*K to Martmrg { I do li!i-j my (or>:1, and ihaiil: ;ant. It's worth 10 years licre, i' n a rtoliclou^ stale of rcKixationj iicavcn my dtsoniou stands Ly iin m:i*'cr what I cliil," I after cf.'ort and gladness lo be; i:ic, even if nsy eyes and teeth "U'lisu about your field work|soint; borne. \ are going: This old placc'll ma ho thi' Mimnier, tbough?" "I'll have to do thai. It's all There's no ono to take "I've pot the llnntlj house for '. yon a nice homo. Kacbcl yon," wm her ir.nMier'a triuniph-! was a pcifcct fool to let H ant greeting. "H a battle, j idlo tor sealinient, A bouse likes my place! and tlio report would I but \ won. Old Miss Itnchcl Hooili j to be liverl In." hr iiM! much shy. Hut it'll only inf^islcrt lhat Fhe conlrtn't bear lo! "I know this one dnes. bo tl::-on?h July and Hint will cive me fix weeks in Marburg to have anyone livo ihere ^ince fi!ie ea at. every lick of new pains. couldn't, but after A wliilo Rhel lt'3 a gallant old place. 1 ' .-aid sho might not mind EO much ; walled a moment, then blnrtcj ".: i i.ipp::is up work, arpn'l siiico it was yo-.i. And the- money 1 !! | tho quc?Hoa ahe had been IhinX- w-it v.i;i your ir.otiicr ^;ii ? be a god-S' for lirr." ; ins of over since Mts^ Rosa np- - .-ou *• :rt iivi ."• i "O!i. Mnjin-i-: [\l utlur have- pc.ucd. ••' or/t ol iv.*n aln<1. yo,ir= it tl:,m au\ "How's Jaa*f" she as'xed "WhAt's she doing?" | iCcpyufL'r.t. UcK hy Sophie Kcrr) I (T 0 n« Cnntluued),

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