The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1934
Page 3
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' U, ' " / a-DAY, JULY S, '&-jtm mmm OFTBOflPEBS'lS Their Feud Threaten? Hitler Regime .^ o HI I'ei'linii [Ins Always Kx- islcd BelWOCM Sl«-l [ mots and Brown Shirls. IIV MTI.TOX' l!l!ONST:il -V1IA Seri'ice Staff Corn-spun NEW YOnK.-Stecl helmets versus Brov.'n Shirls—Hint has been the Issue undoi ground and somt?- llmfs ri]x>i!ly in Germany for inoiillis. I'll'' Sire) Helmets would appear to be on lop. For lUf. p,,ehrpr /Kiolph Illilt-i- liliusell. lias b(.j!ini to restrict ilie plnyfitl activities of the lirown Shirls In ihe of filtacV.ini; :ind aliPinplhif! li'i .suppress ti,e Steel Helmets. More of these clashes occurred in Germany Mian have come out in .he news. VICJTORV FOR Illfi Iff wis'f, III Ilambin;;. for ins'.nnce the t'reut city where Hie revolnlion ol 1P18 leached its jipal: before am- other place, fishis between Stee'l Helmeis and Drown Shins have been of frequent, ocein reiu-e lint Ihe limit was reached recently when Franz Seltlip, head of tit Steel irelmets and Labor Minister in thc N'nzi coveniment mi? hissed am! stoned by a bunch of Hitler Youth::. Seldle took his f.otiblcs lo Iliilci- nnd demanded a •Slowdown. It came promptly. I itler issued orders that HIP steel Helmets v.err- to be left alone Nor would he ,.ive ear to ihe demand i),jH Ule Helmets lie completely absorbed by the Storm Troopers. Instead, they aic to remain what Ihey have always been n sepnraic nnd Indr-ppiidfin Ixxly' In ius essence, this is rulhcr a victory lor the lorccs ol Ihe riphi i i - ' « r M u-i.n «ho uon with the Brown Shirts ink parvenus. In the stormy following the revolution of the Steel Helmeis were or- d. The association was coin- entirely of officers and men l ihe from. They i who knew what hated (he republican regime.' nnd hoped for a return lo Ihe good old days of monarchy. Through all Ihe yeaiA of the republic they maintained their ornaima'.ion and JJKOWN Sllin-l- SETBACKS In the meantime. ab;o, rturin» Hud same wave l!ie Brown Shirts -toL corky in a way thst irritatctl ihe Steel Helmets. Brown Shirts swaggered through the .streets Krown Shirts look the law into their own hands. Brown Shirls demanded that, when the armv was Increased in slip, ihry should b" incorporated h, it by wholesale They got tlu-lr nrst knock when the office-re of the Heidi^vchr lei Hitler know in no uncertain irems that Ihey would not sttmd for il. Since then Ihe blUerness bo- Action by Cumberland Vcsbyterinns Is Praisa and Conclciiiiic( Mississippi County Taxpayer Association Organized In 1916 NOTK: ibis liK- liniiKl.L on (be nuirkpl' Mississippi County Is faring thn same conditions thai confronted U In 1918 v.-llli inevitable hnnk- rnptcy nnd higher law; in ilio nrTing, During the lasl. rjgl.livn jvsis the Tm.pnyprs- Association of 1 •1. Thnl i! Ihe Co, the purchnsii;|. (he . Coimly Judges. U hns fiixinsnred every movement. InnngiirnlPcl dur- IiiK llii-si! yenis llnvhiL' lo do with Hit- " County 1 :, welfare.' lUs ctjnlln . u!!;,"",, :i '"'•'; fl ' ; of f ""' lo '' m\i'. r,ml In Irylni! limes liu- need' , -,- " y '"X- : ««" Hi"-'..' fin w More H, HIP l< oven Krealci limn In Ihe MILS! K-latUm was onsaniml.commiupp ,e ;1 || Wl | , !u HOUMIPW nnd 1 feel Mint, evPry axpuye ,' mn o tlieyear mill. "I Ihe slhutlon, and knew UniL the County would K el Del ind 1 lie nuv in CKccoh, nnless Mm,- plan could !„, evolved . Aviation und dPmnn.l I." co HIP year llil'J. coirnly lo (lip exl.-.llnn condllions werp L^iied In payment,; HIP roiinly was lipmleit f or ho 1 t-iimmcl prlrp, and dne hvs :,:mkriiplcy. Thp Cnminll'lpp llielr liidMtliiitf welfare. , Iiilhire of „ .sjx.,-1,,1 lax then worked out and ,,-„, ,,,,„ ,,,. | umler the pie.wnt plan, Ihe lax ' i iide to retire Ihpsp war- fed „ ,,)„„ nf nix'i-uiliin hnvin,. Wi Is not culled upon to |,/ mill'., tlipy h.'cinni. dclliic|ik'Ml and fur It.', pnrixvv th,. complct,. IT " ' i'-" 1 ' '• W' l »y "I UIPW wniTimts hiiblllltilli,]. nf Uii- limmel-il Hrtnirf 11'vr' I eld by nnn-rcsldcnls, nnd | nf .\II.-L'l:;-:l|ipi n>,int> with HIP ,"|. , "' lt " -''"It In Hi.- l ; Vdr-rul file aim nf pulilm- th,. frximv ] t 0 |J ( ll .ll ll II •-. lull-Si «H,1- lll.r f/11- . L f I If ,k ,.... 1. I l . . , , . J Medtlie Brown, ., Victim of Tuberc , Mciiillc Brown, 42-j'€Bi'-old No Siiwhn Inrmer, succumbed at," o'clock insb night nt his hom«J nonhwpfit of Illylhevllle. His (tenth; \/as iiltrlbuted lo tonipllcniions reJ (.iilline from luljprcnlosls. Thp decen'AI \A survived Dy "nil tt-ldo* 1 , Mrs. Vpru Drown, and Ion Alveln. .vveinl HP iluanlla anil survived liy st.tpr.i fpi'vlcps will lip- held nil •I o'clock tlii.s iillr-i-nuon wltii thftl n,^>4A i.iiiuii unn oeniiinii n.s con- LN:.> luu-inuun wnn tim llmird exlslenre If they only knew lirv - w - J - Ix>noy, paswr ol Urn what the Assoclallon menus''lo '-"'"' -'Hie,- Melhodlsl church, of'•• '-"•••-••-• fii'hnhu;. InUM-menl will te mnde nl ^fll]l]e drove t-emi'lery. The Colsh UndpHal:im; coni|inny Is In rhniKe ni- fnnerul „ for < f mnniliimus dlu'cled to Ihr MUsl.vitppI C'uuniy or- lilm In uv.css all nf ihe icnl iuil |K'i>oiiLil prtjiierly In Die crmn- v "n u bai-. el it.', fun valiii". and .. the Clerk of the County •xieml the County tux on said ' '•>! of valuation, nnd directing to collect. Mild taxes extended. The I'cilernl Court amed the writ as requested, il looked like the lux payers Mil- County were confronted "iih i •illiintlun that meant ton- of Ihelr proiH'rty. •Mr. K. E. Wilson, veali/inc fully the .serioiisnrss nf Ihe filua- cou. Kink' the lead and If.sned :, ui the taxpayer* of (he Cmin- „ ,,,,1, i.-. follow,: i •r, 1 . ... " "' "" ' l1 'I at OM'eolii for the uiilluu in iidvniii-e to ilie iMliiii loan', nnnniipy ( , n „ nionlli- h b:,s|j.. ID |)P no.,.,) | jy n ll% Ewc . ve Ciiiiiinlllf-<. for the purimti' i'im|ii'[»nlshv« Rev. Callaway Installed A* Pastor al Osceola clnim.s ni;ainsi. the County, and fin Hie pmjxxsp of p.iy| IH! f,, r „„ Comny Mippllpa on a cash basis •!. lo inri'l. wllh the Conntv .ludu'p mi I],,. ||,..ji M nlll i 11y n[ J «'iy mnnlh. ami to nlfer to him nilvlei! anil i'oiinsi'1 In ii lr . mns . nsement nr Ml(1 Coi , |](y , s a Ihls plnn met with a hearty re- sixmse from not only the inxpny- bui II." Coimly ,huip,,' ,u, wr n" limn one cent of the expense of the A.S- soelnilon. and I.', only pallcil ii|xin 't up a biulHH jilan ol • in iiilniure on n ninnllilj basis. Tin' jinv.pul K'x-prni Ive Cnmmii- tce of the Assodntlnn Is eompas-l - etl of Hi,- following ImMnpss nipn.| OHCUOI.A, Ark., .luly :i —Tlii>| wlKiw nblllly In llielr parilculur, Rev. M. Cullawuy. of Dly- flpld of endeavor cannot be IIUP.S- thi'ville wus Inslnlk-d "n.s pusior ,!oned. to-»'lt: t,'. Cl. fimtlli, lily- of (lie ftu-eola I're.sbyterliui church I llifville, chairman: I,. O. llyprleyjnl u. service hi-rc Sinu!n> even-1 I.e.icln'de; 0. C. l.iiiiijston, Nnni- ; 'ng. ivlien Ihe etvnln'j; wrinon wr.s , ''"••""— ' "' ° delivered by the llcv.'n. U. Adams, piiktor of tin. rirsi prcsbyti-rlnn church of I.ltMe liwk. The iiav. niins. M, C.imptail | nf Conwiiy delivered HIL- dial lo Mie pnaor ami .fudoe /al R. I Ilnrrisoii of lilyMicvlll? chnrgnt pur- mid u .„„„ tolaiin ' "".lllll Mr. Charles T. Cnli'mnn, :it- of Mill,: llofk. was InvUi'd intend (he. mecliiii;, and nl this Mr. colcnian suesled Mi oppialion of IU; ],!:„,, | ( i, iny hf| . p l« rs|]lulni.|l lliai all mnney mod- ued lo Hie Association was In the Iwr Nine: J. W. Spann. l.uxoia; J. 1.. Williams. Osceoln; J. T. Coston, Oweoln: C, I,. Denl/in. lllrd- ^init. Buchanan Infant Dies The three-day nnd Mrs. Knlow old son of Mr. ni noon yo.Meiilay ' . nuchanan died nL the family . Hie Re>. Ciillawny, who has serv- , oil ius supply mlnisicr for Hie Os- , erob clmrcl will continue for llio pnst to make. Ills year, : . , "'" Miii-rnl services were held this. In Hlyfheviile lor thc present,' rnliiK m Klmwooil oemelery driving to Osceola for thn regular where interment, was mnde. 'Hip Smidny evenlnit wrvlco. Uibu uudi.Tlnlclnji company was In — . ______ '•• |l! "T.t ol funcrnl arrnimcment.s. j Head Cnnrlcr News Wiint Ads. Mo. Presby. - -ly ri'cent'.y in condc-inninii "mixed swimming of inc-n and wom^n" has in i: storm of mil this seed The « .Assembly, gathered In its 10;il> genera: meeting, climaxed orinn c>. rfsolution denouncing use by i)ol!i .\c.\e.s of the same sv.'im- njin^ [;uol. I Opinion was sharply divided H':v. K. vj. .lohnsnn. p^sior of i Hi.- 1' Cumberland rlmrt-i: I lit re. and icvenil youth leaders oi ihai church, piolpsicd thc action , r.flecttii "wholesome fun." as Ihev leriKad swimming. Only a low .slndMit. leatteis ay reed u'illi tin.- re.toliiiinn. Thny said "mixed ^viniminc in pooli, and lofces Ls an evil Jcntieficy." - Sirl Wails. 19. president of the C'uincerlanfl • Slate T.-iL iand n -lic-r-n Ihe action. , "Mixed .wimnih hi- said. j i;oys an liolil.-i-;; of ihe Court lions,' wnr- IMIII.'. alxn-p referred ui, win, „ view tit makinn Mcrie tifjrccincnl icmn-d tin. ]iaymctil of .said war- in Mr. wi'.houi the uecessily of rc- to the nmasiirps con- laincd in the mrtfv of HIP United Slates Dislricl Court. Th cd Ihe .SUCKCSI JP repaid lo Dip p!i'!jor In Conn- . "> wrip nl p;ir, lew i],,, s i, Mm. ut-i'^nry to p;,y n,, 0[)0 , ' «l "',' expense of ll»:'A.s.wclatlon Ihe phm nf Mm com m it [ul , wn , i from its lMBlnnI Mll - fll ,<j working u'lih thu co-oiwration of I ^i,' m ::f ly ,he"t,,,tb?r cl ^ : "!s!Tmfs ! 1 - nri "'' i " 1|lrareint " t - AII A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM . Christinn Endeavor ( .|,l| cl i,. studwiL Pivacher lieiVudci! isn't right." immodest, ll brings B "" Is im ° tltoe c - niu:ict Blessed by a clereynmn clad only In a goatskin. | V :o nudists, wear- ins nothing bin smiles, were principals in ihe bizarre wedding pictured here, ••solemnized" in ihe sliiuk" ol :: elennlic -bro)it<vanniH siniirtine in a'weird Mpso/olc jungle .seuisig al the Chicago . World's Fair. Jean May and Charles Mueller- arc shown at the left, as Ihey were united in matrimony, the Rei\ Percy Ward lacing them, wilt, nudist witnesses at thc riplu. mei.s have nolhtn^ bm. contempt for the rn\v. unbaked youths who lareely miike up the Brown Shirts Ei-own Shirts, backed by the nil-' thority of Ihe government, may be' r-ble to terrorize the ordinary cili- ?en. but to the Steel Helmet's ihey are only amnlcm-s. m,, "•" mltl f !i.« -H ""'"' have Bonc ^ "' C ,«™'™ J " IUCl1 Slm ~* ">»yonc.- r, , , ,; ' ....... - ----n "'' l)yl Pov m*- ultrncilve youiiR the month of .Inly they are lo be put temporarily out of commission. They arc not lo np]»ar In their shirl.v They are not lo parade. They are lo be on vacation They are lo do useful work if they can find any. The answer is 11m they have been coMit^ the Cieimnn sinie a lot of money. ,\nd Ihc .'.tale Is in a ve.y bud way fin- .nr.einlly. A dnubi is creppii." into the minds of the Brown Shirt leaders as 10 whether they v,il] ever njnin be called into 'active service. August will reveal what Ilie riiun-p holds in store ( 0 ,- Ihem. IHTI.EIt'S AlTlTllDr There me some indications Ihai Ilnlcr Is tired of them. He may l:ick over the ladder by which lie n.onnted to power. With the Reichswehr. thc iiiagnificcnl Pnts- .^nn police torre and General Ccci-ing's secret police. Hitler hns enoiiBh armed fnrces to maintain Ihe resnne ajniiiM everything except j, political hurricane-ana there is none in sight. In the meantime, also, the Steel Helmets. maintained al full bovs sam.. ' no hnrm I und «ir!s sw;mmin K In ih pcols." that she knew O f. Pnnl Taylor, president of [he City Christian Endeavor Union nnd a dpiicon IflRGET OP REED SPEECH HERE proses allegedly created and raised by the Km roll ndininistrailnn. ' lie for the "laboring men—tlip hoys I've been v;lth IhroiiRh thick and thin." Throw his wciglil ngnlnM any efforj to Increase direcl. propcTty oaCEOI,A. Ark.. July 3-l|o«nrd Ami. candidate for covernor. 0|ien- jed hi.; eiimpalan in c-n.sto.rn Ar• kansiK with „ spc-ech nt. O.a>eoln : yesterday afternoon. , Sjx'akin^ Irtun n sound truck the Mvikf-r 111,1'?" lllc e " sl KMr of (llc toi.rl the M«aur and-house yMit Mr Hpcfl vv . ); . hcnr . | church, ngreed with Miss pr.weis j Il -' l ' cf ""^nlz.itlon In care lor llu Kiyini; lie "didn't t -e nny harm in i' ro " y n " A lho ""CS"! Various po-Aons throiiehnut Ml.vsoi.ri who.e work ( -.i v e» them "' of the situation. v,,--r." (Contlnned from Page 11 next governor of Arkansas. \ Oyess, siaic relief dir also a tared hir. stalcmenl placing Ihe blame; hv qn n,,,!!,,,.,. , , (he inndennate efforts of tnc| fiL^. "'" *'^ c "'. l , x?1 ' I1lrl|K 5M ^nlzatlon lo care lor the s ,'.,„,£ n* n !"' ctl " w " b - v and the allescd operation -•'' tlln "' Ml - Owoln atloruey. Hie .stale iwnitnlhiry foi almost unanimously against Ihe refoJullon. J. o. Wade, superin- tenoi-iii ol the recreational division of the welfare deuartmenl of I have never noticed'anvhinp evil in mixed swimming." ' Poinsett County's Best Canning Kitchen Opens . on sup- prlniiirily iniended for relief iepemlenid drew applause horn a j-utlon of ihe audience. M:ike sMany Charjfs Mr. Reed chargcti hi.s opiwnem >I>ccir;cally with: An inciease in the tnunbci loyes and the stale pay- ] d any previous rulminis- Iralion. Failure to cany out hi.s campaign: promise of two years ago to carry the state government back 10 Ihe days of the 'teens as far a;- casts are concerned. Failure | o tnke care of Ihe school children of ilie flate. Creation of the Rreaiest politt- II Is speech parudc of was prr-ct-Pdod by . laboring men .vho drove down in trucks bearing "Vote for Reed" banners, lie u-ns accompanied ty hi.s bro'lipr NM'I Rcrd. »| Ulvtheville. oi | Canary Bird Goes Nudist After 14 Years EI. PASO, Tex. i UP) - One of Mrs. Fred Velisco's canary birds has gone nndisi. ant" Mrs. Velasco is pretty upsel nbout il. "I don't know what made him do such a thln». especially ,u hU age." she said. "ty Tax-Pavers' ".' ' - 1 • -.-.U^.,,I1I,J1, r-iiinp into bpin';. Mr. Wilson was e!feic.l as Chalim.-.n of the As'^i- ciiuion. and a,, Kxptiitlvc Com- n-.iuce cnnsiMlni,' ol seven niem- fci-r.s was elected. This cunimitice was clothed wiih Mil powers lo '•''l for and in Ir-half of Ihn As- I'hc Kwniivc Cuimnltiep Imme- dialely enteivil into negotiations with the holders of ihe. Court. Louse warrant.';, and niter several weeks were .successful | n Inducing "id warrant lioldei-s to enier Into an agreement to ask that the order nf the Federal Court be held up pending further negotiation.^ tow.ird Ihe pnvmenl of.said wiirrriiiis. )n tlie mrantlnie, the iil<>ri-saiil Rxenuiv Commlllee. „„,.„.," "' '. """ " mod,: a complete choel- of the) ' r "'' lllx l>Ay«rs of rhi: ' ,,!>„, rtl'J' losln l | ""'I H'li'l:. I>«t County's financial nfTalr. and found "•' appalling slluiUton, lo-wit: I. An outsiiiiullnr. debt, rpprp- .spilled by County warrantK in ihe sum ol :ipproxln/.i|ply $23i,oiin. Al1 flf II" 1 ilepariments or He Cotinly ftjiernmenl weie m '''« red. mid no cnsh balmic C/jiintv •<:-nds of dtn.nrs of tlis ntilMnnrt- ine claims of the county wprp. compromised and j )n ld, n n ,|' ] n i e ^ than nvc .years Coimly scrip was Celling around par. The Executive Committee of the lux-Payers' Association has ni- «nys Iwen comiwsetl of the TCry h.chp-si type of btisInpM me:, w | 1( , I'.nve served thrr County unselfkh- I;.' nnd withnut. direct linnnclnl reward. The value of the wrvlce rendered by these ucmlemen can- nol he estimated. In Ihe early iiart of 1930 entirely due to (he chnollc llnancinl condition of thp. country, Intp.resl in Ihr' Tax-Payers' Associallon be- ean ,(n ,wane, and lodny fhp. re- Milt l.s so apparent Hull It r.lioutd Coiin- the .Present (ax-pnyinf; ppriotl. Conn I ly fcrlp. In sonic bwlanccK,. hns been tonnhl for ns low u.s sixty ; rents on the dollar, nnd Mils low l price of scrip Is IK-IIIR rpfleeled ilnlly In Hie prlrcs, Mnn n.*nl liir Coimly ..:iippK<B, nnd If till-; dltlmi is allowed lo go on for lenulh of time. SPRAY AND POWDER TO£ HOUSE THAT f UT SPRAYS IF COiSTS SO LITTLE -IT DOES SO MUCH 4th. JULY SALE GOODYEAR TIRES For 5 Days Only At a time when tire prices are sure to advance, we offer yon onr entire slock ol Goodt/ear Tire* at reduced prices. COMPARE THESE PRICES The bird. H years <\<t. plucked I.KPANTO Ark-The mast com j (Jrc ' :it ' on ° r ""-' Rreaiest politi- ?i!i every one of its feathers witn 1 r^T'Sin.r'is isss " i { r; * --" *%%**™-f, 7^ir ° ! - **«™ ™ l-.ere Monday „ omtn- with Mrs I m '"' lonci s ofrl «- i " nrt - v f ll0 '' V fcalhr ' rs " nsu ' 1 ™ a * R.rl Chisolm in chare With L,^' 0 "'" 8 """"* '" "* '"«'«" » m ^ lrm ^ ""-"'^"'V fi.ii^.- ...v,.—u.^.i . ._ , . iiom one in " of tlle kitcl1 ™' wl ": Ti J° Steel Helmets favor thc . „ ...„._ Th^iVl' 1 '™ 111- N:illonn l Socialism, cmly equipprd wi'th""waiei~ clec- iiu-i.rowii Shirls. ns n whole, fa-. Iricity nnd \oi the Socialism in Nntioml So ' rialism. Raek n r ,,., ; J-.,^l! will-, utensils for of canning, Allowing inhumane treatment, of I Tn prisonera al the state penitentiary j fm " • and moral respomibilUy for the ^"enr^e S " ™ "" «>'« « Vl It o.")H!l Lip I [Ll. pkrntVl f mm lllr. iinviil „.„ »: l,;n '"m ihc peni.en.ia y kill- sffss ™' 0 "" 08 ""' ,, fi ™ me " to f '" M ™ ' . "'"»»'«• =• I'^o nied m a vertical |»- Up'd. fhc of nr-T.. .,c count v Shotgun Blasts Broke Up Hornets' Partyjc - Ms or horne »rl-elev's ""den ' m n iree in Mrs. Wraith's backyard. fio Hie polic '.illed in. Tin •: department Mrs. Harry Wraith and the en- the window tire neighborhood In ihc vicinity I TII<- >mr,,' n .c , .. * ol 638 San Luis Road was 1m 1,13 the n "* hornet .rouble. The msccls solution to financial problems of ihe stale. Reed's Promises On his part Mr. need promised, j Work for abolition of the poll i tax system. : Stand squarely against a sales' i , "<" ret " me<t . ', Aglta ' c °n old-j(>e pension but °' K b> ' the federal and not slotf BOV. I a „ ^ -„ I cut oil new Jobs and reduce ex- I FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DKPT. Speedway 'IM x21 UO x 2} •t.50 x 20 - - J.75 x 19 5.00 x 19 5.25 x 18 - - Pathfinder 4.40 x 21 4.50 x 21 t.50 x 20 4.75 x 19 5.00 x 19 5.25 x 17 5.25 x 18 5.50 x 17 - - - - 520 - - - • 5.70 • - - • 5.50 • - - - 6.10 • - - - 6.50 -• - - 7.00 - - - - 7.20 - - - - 7.90 All Weather ••L7& .v 7,9 - - - 5.00 x 19 - - - 5.25 x 17 - - - 5.50 x 17 - - - - 5.SO x 1!) 5.25 x 18 - - - - f!Q l*J 6.70 7.20 7.75 8.75 0.20 8.00 All Goodyear All Weather and Pathfinder Tires are guaranteed against road Hazard Tor J^,months. Remember these prices good for 5 days only. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Service Cation Open All Night-Road Service 301 W. Walnut ph 633

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