The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 3
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.. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER- 17, 1936 ", -...-,-.._._ BI,YTIIEV1LLE. (AHK.) COURIER NEWS OFi~\ r\ \ * r 1 1 / AM lJe!ef$tes rrorn lo N. K, Arkansas Counties Expected Tuesday. Mrs. J. O, Spoils of Wf-st Memphis, dlfilrlct president of the Woman's Missionary Union of north- *ast' j^rVaiisas,' »'lll 'preside, at .a conference to be held 'bVTuesday, September 22. at the F!rM Baptist clnirch here. ' The district is comprised of missionary sopletie.s in the. slxleui counties of' 1 northeast Arkansas About 25Q members nre expected to tye present. Conferences on \V. M.- U. methods, program blinding, mission study and personal service will be con- ducte^ by experienced leaders. State officers who yill speak antl conduct conferences are Mrs, c. II. Rpy, president Arkansas w. M. u , Mrs. W. p. Pye, corresponding secretary, a.nd Miss Margaret llutcl i SON, state young people's leader, all of Little Rock. •Trie chief Inspirational speaker will be Mrs.' C. D. Crea.sman. Lew kburg, Term., dramatic author and \vriler of the mUslonary lessons in "Royal Service," the official organ of Southern W. M. U. i ' Lunch.eoii will be served by the hostess church. ;; ;F«llness ; Flares Tmo Prominence f PAGE THREE Rern'odehng and Redecorating Is Continuing On Extensive Scale OSCEOLA, Ark.— BulMInt; activities for the first half uf'Septeni her liave consisted largely of re. modeling, painting and 'installation of heating- plants. •Among 'the larger homes undergoing extensive renairsVis that of Congressman' y. J."Driver, which is being redecorated on the entire Interior, painted on the outside, re- roofed, neiv foundations laid and newly screened. Louis Nailling is lhp contractor. H. .B. Jones has bought Hie old Presbyterian church lot which was recently ,801(1 to Ben West of Keiser and upon ' which he planned So build a new home. He later decided "to' raze the building and i|se tlie material in a home at Kci- ser. Mr. Jones will build a new home for himself as soon as plans are • complete £ « :! -^ ; ;( ';> . The stbref^buil'ding owned by Ray- mojirt Ca'nwrigh'f and occupied by Qa-rner Bros. .Grocery Co.. received • ^ hew -coat 'of paint last week (k."'TiTO residences of; Mr. Cartwrlght ii( the Qulhn addition, occupied by Guy Taylor and Joe Best, are being repainted. ' . ' /Mr/ a.nd Mrs. J. B. Strickland have iiioved Into the new house recently '. completed - by Mrs. A. G Brickey ..In. Ijie Lovewell .sub-dui KJpii. ; Mr. Strickland Is superintendent" -of U. S. Government Fleet No.' 1. •••••: '-,' .''••'". ..."\Yilspn . Compress and ' Storage company has opened an Osceola office in :lhe,Halc-Bowen buitdin wi ill Miss Louiso .Hale as office secretary. - . ' A 'large air co.nditlpning and heat ing" plant is being installed in the building owned by Mrs. -John Brickey and' occupied by Siler-Frn- aier Diruff .Co. and Nathan Weinberg ;Dry Goods Co. The plant wIM'akq serve Mrs. Brickey's apartment. on 'the second floor. -.'Fifty new tenant houses, ranging 1 from two to four rooms, are ntider construction on the Victoria plantations of Lee Wilson Co., Epm'e' being 'located on Highway 40, nine miles yest of Osceola. Mississippi County Motors, the new firm recently formed by Clarence Grigsby and Howard Burton, is in quarters on Highway 61, form- ery occupied by Will Wise. The new firm has exclusive dealership for podge and Plymouth cars, Dodge 'i nicks arid Lion Oil products. The c\VA building opposite the county jail 'is being freshened up f d "outfitted with used furniture tiateii by interested parties t mes, • and other recreational r equipment for the. new recreational 'program under -Miss Clarice Little, courtly director, physical culture classei for aflults will be conducted B.'t night. . ReaUy Transfer* Warranty I)«tj s Netfa Flo Thompson 'to E. tt Jackson and Era T. Jackson, Ink l' and 2, block c, Bugg addition to . BIytiieville. B. " C. Land - company to W F. Jameson and Mark Jameson northeast, quarter of southwest quarter of section 26, township 16 north', 'range 8 cast, except 27-100 iicre. Fiye hundred years before the birth of Christ, Hippocrates, 'a Preek, wrote a • book ' on , medica science which stjll is studied bj students throughout (he "world. Dr. 0. G. Hummer — Foot Specialist Fornwrly with Kerapner's, Mttle R»ck Now Lociled. 2M Eic>iinre Bank Build inf R<>ck ' " " nme 2-ttl Patou*. spectacular eieiiiii; ensemble, above, in- I.clorif's lafrcta goini with lia'rli fullness and o'nl- dfs a black crepe driss with the new back- standing bustle gives you an Wen of \vlial your ward fullness and a medieval head dress, llori- Llaek evening dress ought to .be like this winter innlal bands of pljm and fancj lulli. form l!ie The ratJicr |MB)I neckline, nun" slccvc.s :ind but back panel and sue a Innsparent effect. ' tons down Ihe liack arc oilier IllliO features. BY ROSETTE HARGROVE ' I NBA Senice SUff Correspondent. PARIS — Although black pre ' dominates .as.far. as daytime-outfits are;.concerned,.there', are few all-black evening-gowns' in the 'collections. Every smart wiuidiobe -must Include one. . of course, but' rainbow ; l hues are in Ocein Air Travel Rises WASHINGTON - - (UP)—The bu reau ot customs in an announce njent 3 f^aWh. airplarfe • passenger traffic? from foieigm countries to fhe Onited States at 2S58D passengers, 231 'rnqre passengers than in 193a Prior to 1935 the burt m said l the largest number of passengers arrivin g here froni abi-ond 'olallcd 20907 in 1031 .Soviet :Buys British Lambs LONDON (UP)—Vutuallj nil the pedigici. Ijincoln longuool inns m LiiKolnshtic lie bcm« pin clnsed bj the So\iet Goveimnent the National Farmers Union le ports Russia is being restocked v,itli sheep and Lincoln sheep 'have •been chosen because of ..their .heavy -wool, which ' withstands the "cold. Japanese Sajs He's 190 SINGAPORE (UP)- A J-uinese citi«n of Irwli, in the rcdeinted Milaj &ti!es claim 1 ; 10 line just celebrated his 190th birthday. In an .interview, he snld he-saw the first white, man. arrive in British Malay, and: also-. witnessed ' the inurcier of the first Englishman, who "had his throat cut" liy natives. . . the majority, by fur. | .The hew colors are divided into two categories: the deep, velvety,' almost muted shades, and the vivid, brilliant, clear ones. Litcien Letong's collection of- feis an interesting study in artistic mingling of unusual shades. He sets off n plum. satin evening ;own with sweeping arabesques of currant red ami green, and the result is as unusual as it is beau-1 tiful. He /also achieves a novel^ shimmering; effect hi a gown; if lilt; a flowing ',skirt of navy, sliipcd tulle, in violet over light icd Again, on a- myrtle green chiffon gov,'n, h long, floating scarf which starts as .a .yoke at the' front of the; (hess . and trails below the hem a I the: b.ack, is made of al lerrinllng .hands of green, purple, .red nn'd'.p'nlc. yellow. On nlick. gowns Leloiig • inserts firalie-sques in. .gold or...silver Innm or colorful i.mbioideiy;.6n (lie nniier .stones fiRiir'KhpiiIdcr to wrist. The. Hoiise .of Pnloii's.colors nre n liimiiioiis.. smoky bluish gicy nnd,-n rich, and equally luminous, wine-red called "ArboLs," both de- f\ni{[ .cii'.scription nud copyini, Ilabcit\ Piguet will probably be known as Purple Piguet this win tcr. • He"'features purple in light and dark shades as the leit-motif of his collection. He uses purple alone, in contrast to black, and sometimes combined with a warm lone', of'red.and green. Purple ami red—med singly or. combined—and red and blue, the colors "of Hi city of Paris, are, so for, MIL first- favorites of the year. Palest blue, blue-white and pale lime green are much worn with blnck. Other chic color alliances arc plum purple and mauve pink, and leaf brown with orange pink or pale, hydrangea pink. Hriynl and bright blues are...good, too. Scarlet .arid .brick red' coats top black dresses, and vice versa.' r.old nnd silver lame cocktail and two-piece suits , will contribute to the srJICmloi nhd gayety of late afternoon : iiffuii^ Gold belts, usually on blnck IK ilso new i m GULFSPRA HE ALWAYf 6£Ti HK BUG / Feast Traps Snakes REDDING,.Cal. (UP)-Bullsnakcs are having a hard time at the' city farm here where pheasants arc grown. They .crawl sufficiently through tho wire inesh fence to swallow a pheasant, but. after the latter : ls safely inside they are 1111-' able to back out. BLACK-DRAUGHT For CJean System Helps To Prevent Sickness One of the advantages of Black- Praiight is that, if it is taken lit the first (iisngreeable feeling of constipation, one or two doses usually brilig relief. Prompt relief, such as that, is well worth while. Constipation Is too dangerous to be. neglected. ' • • "A' clean s^tem for health" plan has saved thousands- of people much..useless sickness. They keep, a package of. Blnclf-Draught in . the family .medicine cabinet aiitl .take this purely vegetable lox'ntlve'at the first.sign of con- stipaUoii. Tlicy Say the relief it brings Is 'mighty 'hard to beat, Find out, by trying it, why 50 many people prefer Black-Draught when it comes to buying a lasa- tlye. ' : ^Adv. 3B195 PITCH TAR-- Ami axle grease were good enough for Ilia slow going ox cnrl nnd the buggy— But neither will do for your fast car— For vvholly different protection fs required by .its differently speeded units— —Let's Lubricate. PIIILLTPS Service Center WHATS TH/1T? Tllf BflRRlCADE THE HOUSE WAS STORMED THROUGH YONDER SCREFfJ OWN A FARM Save .your pioncy .by putting it in a' Farm. : You can pay nil cash or part cash and the balance yearly. Land values In this .valley (ire gradually . Increasing. to sell, or If you wish to biiy a farm, see aV nie" ny Q. G. CAUDILL l *!l£" le> Phonrs 791 ind 1 Any fly is a goner wKcn Gulfspray him. Mosquitoes', molhs, anu and oilier insect pesti crumple in sure and sudden dcalKf Gulfspray cannot sl.lin titn (he most delicate fihrics. It has a mild, pleasant odor. At neighborhood ami depi. siores or at ' ~-~ any Good Gulf deilcr. -f9c pint. KROGER 5 PIGGLYWIGGLY £^a^.- • <\..;.v; STO RE S IMUCKS KOK PIUIMY and SATUKIMY TOKAY GRAPES Celery \\VI1 lllwu'lie<l l.:tr!»'c> Slnllis l-Jiu-h Yellow (llolie in MIS. .. ->M•1 II) Hlc; f'nim.l Sugar I'nrc (June III I'nuiHls 53c Peaches-E"12Sc Potatoes Itcii Triumph 10 Mis. 2<lc round Cauliflower jj 12jc FreshEggs 24c Pineapple 17c LIMHS "™" „,„„ f TWINKLE ., „„ W WJVES "it.., nr lfl c RUTABAGAS SARDINES An T l £.10 c VINEGAR: A ~!£,, Iff. BIG K s SumhyU'h Sii' SWEETPQiTATGtS.,,5 0 TOMATOES Fresh ,, b . 5° Dime lirnnd C. C. Sandwich 1AC Jar 1U SPAfiHETTI M m 1ft° COFFEE Prt'iH-li, 1,1). .. 20c C. C., M) 25c Jewel, .. ]7c .IcwL'l, :i . . .tilo Seniinole 4Rolls25c P&GSoap l.tivjjc liars ,'t for 10c Meal l.iniil 2l-t,h. Stick 65c Mustard Pink Salmon lOc FLOUR T.ittle Kinij ai-Lh. Sack .. 82c Ifi-Mi. Sack $t.«0 FLQUR ; Olympic 21-Lb. Sack .. (>0c •IS-LI). Sack $1.:1R BREAD Sninll l,n;if MUSTARD '""^"S 5 l SOUP liarhara Ann Tomato. Can BREAD TALLBOY Si CRACKERS „,, „„ 15 C VINEGAR LARD CORN FLAKES'^ 10° MOPS Special E«h Iff cn SALT fie Hox Ii for OCTAGON s " ! "VEk 5 C MACKEKEL BRAN FLAKES '.£ 10° MATCHES F !nL s CLEANSER 1 iKM APPLE SAUCE N y Thick Rib Roast c :r 19c S; 15c Round or Loin Steaks':™;'33c Genuine Forequarter, Ib . : . lie juarter, Ib. . Bacon I'ancy Sliced Host Grade, Lb. 29c Medium Grade, Lb. Is A Cool Weal her Dish Spanish Mackerel, I-b. , lac Hiver Cat, Lb 25c . .lack Salmon, I,b I2'/jC PEANUT ""^u,. 12 1C COTTAGE CHEKS f, 12 Snow \Yhitc Compound Pound Streak-0-Lean Pound ....... For lioiling Pound ....... NECK BONES Fr , BOLOGNA "•" 91 "£, 12'f BUTTER C. C. Roll OQC Lb. t)t7 SAUSAGE '•"" "t.2fl c VEAL Chops Ib Hoastlb ISCStewlb.

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