The Ephraim Enterprise from Ephraim, Utah on November 17, 1922 · 8
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The Ephraim Enterprise from Ephraim, Utah · 8

Ephraim, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1922
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t -1 THE EPHRAIM ENTERPRISE EPHRAIM, UTAH : ; p ( y HEW STORE TO EPHRHI Henry McGee Will Occupy Peter Lund Store Building. SALT LAKE (TTY, Nov. 17. Miss Olive Anderson of Ephraim was In attendance at the third annual Western The Teter Lund store building which conference of the Associated Women has recently been rebuilt after lwinir 1 held November 8 to 11 at the destroyed by fire will be occupied within the next two weeks, and a dry goods store conducted there, according to announcement made this week. Henry McGee of Salt Lake City, who has been making his home in Epb raim with his family, for several months, has leased' the building from Mr. Lund. Mr. McGee left this week for Salt Lake .City, where he will purchase the stock for the store."' Mr. McGee, during his residence in Ephraim, has been employed as a tra eling salesman for the Ogden Wholesale Grocery. He has had extended business experience in many parts et the United States and Canada, operating stores of various kinds. Mr. McGee states that he intends n! the outset to stock the staple merchandise, rather than place on the shelve a great amount of unmovable stock and thatjt will be his policy to serve his patrons and to sell merchandise it as low a price as will permit of a reasonable profit. .The Enterprise welcomes Mr. MpG to Ephraim and we trust his busine-experience here may prove both pleasant and. profitable. UNSHAKEN TESTIMONY Time is the test of trnth.And Doan's Kidney Pills have stood the test in Ephraim. No Ephraim resident who suffers backnche, or annoying urinary ills can remain unconvinced by this twice-told testimony. Mrs. 'Charles Olson, Cor. 1st North, 4th East St., Ephraim, says: I had several had attacks with my kldncjs The worse source of the, complaint centered in niy hack. My back ached dreadfully just over my kidneys and my kidneys did not act right at ad. Doans Kidney Pills, which I got at the Anderson Drug Co. have done me more good than anything else. The have never failed to rid me of the attack nud strengthen my kidneys. (Statement given April 7, 1917.) On September 20, 1922 Mrs. Olson said: Doans Kidney Pills cured me of kidney complaint and 1 have been in perfect health. 1 am certainly glad to confirm my former statement endorsing .Doans. 60c, at all dealers. Foster - Mill urn to., Mfrs., Buffelo, N. Y. (Advertisement.) s t Mrs. Fred Schultz has returned from Axtcll where she visited her sister, Mrs. George Johansen. Miss Lnella Christensen returned Wednesday from a weeks visit in Salt Do You Want A Better Job? The only difference between Success and Failure is a matter of training The big men in business today did not reach their present success through luck or chance. They got into the work for which they were best fitted and then trained themselves to know more about their jobs than anyone else. When opportunity came as it always comes these men were ready to grasp it and turn It into fame and dollars. You have just as good a chance to succeed as these men had perhaps , better! Good positions are always waiting for trained men positions that you can get if you train yourself to deserve them. You can secure this training easily and quickly at home through spare time study with the International Correspondence Schools, just as so many men have done. The I. C. S. way is the practical way the fascinating way-the profitable way. Can yon -a fiord to let another priceless hour pass without making your own start toward something better?. Here is ail we ask without obligation or a penny of cost, mark and mail this coupon and learn what the I. C. S. can do for you. Its a little thing that takes only a moment of your time, but it's the most Important thing you can do today. Do it know ! INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE .SCHOOLS Box 889 SCRANTON, PA. Without cost or obligation please explain how I can qualify for the position, or In the subject before which 1 have marked an X In the list be- -SALESMANSHIP low : CHEMIST ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Electric Lightifig & Railways ..Telegraph Engineer Telephone Work ..Gas Engine Operating , -CIVIL ENGINEER Surveyig and Mapping ..Marine Engineer -ARCHITECT Contractor and Builder Architectural Draftsman STATIONARY ENGINEER MECHANICAL ENGINEER ..Mechanical Draftsman Pharmacy -BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ..Structural Engineer PLUMBING & HEATING -MINE FOREMAN or ENGR Machine Shop Practice Toolmaker Sheet Metal Worker Textile Overseer or Supt. Concrete Builder Name Street & No. . City State Occupation , Local Representative , R. E. RICHARDSON Manti, Utah WOMEN STUDENTS MEET IN SALT LAKE ( IT V Ejdiraim Lady In Attendance at Con ference of Association of Women Students Held November 8-11 University of Utah. About eighty-five delegates were in attendance, including the Dean's of Women and the girl representatives of the different colleges and junior colleges. President George Thomas of the Un j iversity of Utah gave the address of welcome to the delegates. He announced that the goal to which we are striving, here on the campus, is higher scholarship; and that the prima.y function of a college Is the utmost capacity in the minds of its students.but that social activities must not eclipse intellectual pursuits. , Honor societies, scholarship, dormitory problems, social activities, student self-government, and the efficiency of the Womens Self Government Associations were the chief topics of discusion. Social activities drew the greatest interest of the conference. Reports were given and it was discussed as to whether the women were under or over-organized and which condition was conducive to the best scholarship. It was the concensus of the conference that freshmen should be trained so that the might develop into all-around scholars in their senior year. The delegates were given an appreciation of the resources and benutles of Utah by Wesley E. King, who sioke at the opening session and by Dr. J. E. Broadus, who gave an illustrated lecture on Utah the Beautiful. Lavish entertainments were given the delegates. Banquets, dances, and musicals were on the program. Each delegate represented at least five hundred women and will carry to them the messages of the conference. This Keans You, Mr. Merchant! FID you know that you and this paper have an interest in common? Your success helps the community as a whole which in turn is of benefit to us. When a merchant advertises with us, he is investing his money, which is returned with interest Show You Goo ill la the WlaJowi sal JUrortiot Tkta la TU Piyr ADVERTISING Show Card & Sign Ptg. ..Railroad Positions -ILLUSTRATING Cartooning Private Secretary Business Correspondent -BOOKKEEPER Stenographer A Typist i Certified Public Accountant ..Traffic Manager ..Railway Accountant N Commercial Law -GOOD ENGLISH Common School Subjects -CIVIL SERVICE s Railway Mail Clerk -AUTOMOBILES Mathematics Navigation -AGRICULTURE Poultry Raising -BANKING Spanish Teacher M1CKIE SAYS IF I VJOX BOMWld fk GA-PAGF., VO ADOWl'SE 'W GUT EMUUF OVER-HAUL JOBS LAST KAE all voiwtEa, iusyead of HfcsViU' tUEVK eOVAE V4 ViFXY BPRIUG VJHE.V1 VO BE BVLUEP. THAW A OUE-LG3D TIGHT ROPE WALKER Romance, Mystery and Thrills The Case and The Girl By Randall Parrish ANEW detective story of breathless interest in which an amateur in vestigator solves a baffling problem in a unique manner. Bursting with action, incident and adventure a typical Randan Parrish tale of hand-to-hand battles between strong menj blood-quickening exploits and the romance of henn ism and love. Follow It as a ; Serial in The Enterprise Your Copy for that newspaper advertisement or circular may express yoor idea but effectiva typographical diiplay ia accessary to get beat result. With your knowledge ot your busiaeaa and our knowledge of the printing art we oea co-operate to mu-tual advaotage. 30 REMEMBER Wa Are Always a! Vow Service VW.SVV.WW.'AWJV.'WA Sale ill If you Deed ome come in and nee US LYCEUM NUMBER WILL BE PRESENTED SATURDAY NIGHT The Nevin Concert Company Announced as Attraction at Snow Junior College Auditorium. The Nevin Concert company Is announced by the music department of the Snow Junior College as the next number on the lyeeum course. . , - This splendid company takes as a foundation for its program representative comiKisitions of the great American comiKiser, Ethelbert Nevin, and presents them in a way that makes everyone appreciate their melody an.i tunefulness. The personnel of the company includes : Miss Irene Taylor, cellist and readci of ability. Miss Olive Pearce, violinist. ment makes n request on holders if season tickets to reserve their seats at the drug store before going to the college. TAYLOR PLAYERS COMING TO EPHRAIM TUESDAY, NOV. 21 The It. Ferris Taylor Stock company has just concluded a five-weeks engagement at the Hippodrome theatre in Salt Lake City and will play tin Mozart theatre next Tuesday. The Taylor players have arranged a route to play this territory every two weeks on the same night in the week and their first play will Ik Tuc Call of the North Woods which received much favorable comment when presented in Salt Lake. In addition to a regular four-ait comedy drama the Taylor players present vaudeville lietween the acts thereby doing away with tiresome wails and the Famous Toby Quartette is always a big hit and the funny sayings and songs of Toby always brings rounds of laughter. Ferris Taylor renders some song selections and he pos sesses a deep baritone-basso voice Other members appear in vaudeville numbers from time to time. The Call of the North Woods" is a story possessing strong dramatic and comedy scenes and a well written love story. In this play Toby has an aw ful hard time trying to raise his dad and in fact has to do the proposing for his father who has his heart set on marrying a widow but doesnt seem to make much progress until Toby takes a hand. HOME MISSIONARIES Ax tell William G. Barton and Simon B. Stevens. Centerfleld Sunday School Conference. Clarion A. W. Jensen and Lyman Y. Willardsen. Ephraim North Sunday School conference. Ephraim South Simon Christensen and William McFarlane. Fayette Sunday School Conference. Gunnison Sunday School Confer ence. jlunti North Leo Beck and J.'Md vin Dennison. Manti South Parley Christiansen and Theron Pickett. Mayfield Ward Conference. . Sterling Ward Conference. Meetings will be held at 2 p. m. November 19, in the words named. You Say You Cant Advertise? That' what others have said and aB of a sudden found some competitor was doing what they thought they couldn t do. And getting away with it, Get the bulge on your competitors by telling your story in an attractive manner so it will be read. You 11 get the results. We Are Anzious to Help NOTICE OF SALE FOR Notice is hereby given that special taxes for Sidewalk Paving District Numbers 1, 2. 4, 5, 6, 7 and Extension No. 1 District No. 6 and Extension No. 2 District No. 4 are due and unpaid in the amounts and upon lands set forth and described in the delinquent list hereto attached, and, unless said taxes together with interest and costs of publication, are paid on or before the 18th day i f November, 1922, the real property upon which such taxes are a lien will on said day be sold for taxes, costs of advertising and expense of sale at the West Front Door of the City Hall in Ephraim, Utah, beginning at the hour of one o'clock p. m. of said day and continuing until all of said parcel shall hare been sold. 'Dated at Ephraim, Utah, this 31st day of October, 1922. HENRY PEDERSON, City Treasurer, i District No. 1. Lot Block .Amount .1 20 $ 58.78 Plus Cost 34.20 Plus Costs 6.50 Plus Cost! Opera House C. Sondrup 1 Lizzie Nisson 2 District No. 2 Lot Oscar Nielson ...... 34 District No. 4. Lot A. C. Nielson Jr, 6 Thos. A. Peterson .5 Isaac Kelson per Ebbe Kelson 1 Chris Christensen per Ebbe Kelson 7 E. P. Christensen per N. II. Anderson 8 S O. Sorensen 9 Alum Kelson -1 Johnny Hansen per E. P. Christensen 7 Orson P. Allred 8 Mart Johnson 1-1 Rasmussen Brothers per Chas. Uasmusson Extension No. 2 District No. 4. John E. Hill per E. P. Tliomander G. Aaron Hansen per J. Christensen Alfred Bailey Jr. Franklin Bailey Julia Olson Thorpe Lauritz Nielson - 1 . D. Davis Anna K. Armstrong Extension No. 1 District No. 6. ' W. E. Lamb .- Thomas P. Thomson Ilans C. Jensen Elmer Sorensen Harold Sorenson Levi Poulson - David Christensen Chas. Henry Wilson Extension No. 2 District No. 6. 4 1 2 8 5 3 7 3 Lot 9 7 6 -.1 9 3 . 5 4 Lot Mrs. Chris Thorpe Hyrum Poulson District No. 7. Hans Larsen Jos. Thorpe - Orson W. Olson Ephraim C. Orval Christ Niels Kelson George Taylo Thos. Steven .Parcel in Plat A Edwin COLD IN THE HEAD ik an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Those subject to frequent colds are generally in a run down condition. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE Is a Treatment consisting of an Ointment, to be used locally, and a Tonic, which acts Quickly through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces, building up the System, and making you less liable to "colds. Sold by druggists for over 40 Tears. T. J. Cheney ft Co., Toledo, O. Want ads If you are thinking Ford call us up at our expense. We sell cars as reasonable as any dealer and give ninety days guarantee and service back of them. If you buy out of your territory you lose this. Locke & Johns, Mount Pleasant, Utah. 4tf I have for sole a good brick house with modern conveniences at a very reasonable price and terms. If Interested call at once. F. H. Rasmuson, Ephraim. 5-2t Four rams for sale. $50 for .the four. Jacob Thompson, Ephraim. Dependable fever thermometers at D. W. Anderson Drug Co. (Advertisement. ) I FOR SALE. Howard hot blast heater. Cheap if taken at once. A. W. Thomson. ltc SPECIAL TAXES Block 20 . 16 19 . Block Plat A Block 6 4 ' 4 . 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 16 Amount 195.30 Plus Cost J Amount 145.72 Plus Costa 78.80 Plus Cost 127.61 Plus Costs 121.47 Plus Costs 122.00 Plus Costs 125.54 Plus Costs 117.39 Plus Costs 104.13 Plus Cost 80.10 Plus Costa " 99.70 Plus Costa 86.35 Plus Cat 6 33 32 32 31 20 18 21 27 . Block 10 15 11 14 14 .26 26 ,30 Block 132.52 Plus Costs 93.05 Plus Costs 43.26 Plus Costs 58.37 Plus Costs 51.85 Plus Costa 1.51 Plus Costs 47.47 Plus Cost! 34.41 Plus Costs Amount 60.04 Plus Costs 59.54 Plug Cosst 105.05 Plus Costs 218.13 Plus Costs 98.08 Plus Costs 73.18 Plus Costs 118.21 Plus Costs 55.08 Plus Costs Amount PROBATE AN'D GUARDIANSHIP NOTICES (Cosuit County Clerk or Respective Signers for Further Information.) IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND for Sanpete County, State of Utah. Estate of Thomas P. Lund, Deceased. The undersigned will sell at private sale about 111 bushels of wheat of which one-half is defective, and about 8 tons of alfalfa hay and 200 head of stock sheep in the herd of Peter Lund of Manti, and covered by permit on. the Manti Forest on or after the 18tb day of November A. D. 1922, and writ-' ten bids will be received at my res!- denee In Ephraim, Utah. The terms of the sale is cash.. Ten' per cent to accompany offer and balance on confirmation by the court. Dated this 2nd day of November, A. D. 1922. ALMA C. LUND, Administrator. -V Tdvertisers will find this paper an excellent medium in which to display their, bargains and make theirwants known if A , i a f , J Enterprise Want Ads Are Result Getters 1 0 . a

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