The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1945
Page 3
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.TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1945 Laney Appoints New Committee 15-Man Development And Resources Group Created By Governor LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 21-Gov- ei'iior Laney Saturday named his inipurUmt 15-niun Resources am Development Commission, now agency created to administer lite duties of seven consolidated deunrt- ments. , Momliers named to the commission include representatives from every section of the slate. They arc: R, C. Bryan, Osceola farmer suit landowner; A. Carlson, Tvumnim manufacturer; B. T. Fooks, Cain- den battler; Peter F. Walzck, Cros- sctt lumberman and president of the widespread Crossctl industries' Inc.; w. S. Fox, Pine Bum lumberman; L. n. Branllng of Den- Ion, associated with the nlumliiuin plant near there; Dr. T. W. Hnrdl- son of MoiTlHon,' an advocate of park development; K A Eiigic Little Rock, editor and publisher of the Arkansas Democrat- Clarence Byi-ns, Fort Smith newspaper editor; W. T. Murphy. Texarkmia fanner-banker; Henry Kocn Har rison; L. A. Watkins, president of the Missouri and Arkansas Railroad; Eagle Street, Cave City banker; Charles Baruclt, Bntesville landowner; and Frank Dyke, Fort Smith lumberman. The Governor said the commission would meet wit'.i him probably today or Wednesday, and ndded (he executive director and five departmental directors probably would be named. The He- sources, and Development Commission was established by the current session cf the Legislature in line with Governor Laney's consolidation program. Departments merged into the new agency were the Planning Board. Geological Department Soil .Conservation Commission, ' Flood Control Commission, Parks Commission, Forestry Commission and Publicity Department. The Governor salt! lie had selected his commission from interests of agriculture, industry, water development, flood control and mineral development. ( "I have selected a group who I think will have a general 'interest in the stale and i(s development," the Governor declared. "I am looking forward to something constructive to be accomplished by the commission." Britons are consuming 30 per cent more fresh green vegetables than they did before tile war Red Cross War Fund Workers Wili Broadcast Loral volunteer R«d Cross War Fund workers will be heard In a W-Mimte broadcast over radio station KLCN at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. It wa s announced today by James Hill Jr. 1045 War ' ° r C " lcknsflvvlw Appearing on the local program which will follow a 30-jnli)iite stnte wide radio kick-oft show on lie half of the 1945 War Fumi , v i|| be Mr. Hill, Paul Pryor Blythc- villc chairman; Murray Smart Blythevllle business district chair-' man; Miss Delia Purtlc, who will speak for Mrs. M. A. Isaacs lilv- theville residential chairman- c W. Tipton, Manila chairman ' nmi E. H. I!all of Lcachvllle, speaking for Noble Gill, district chairman of outlying communities; Albert J. Jaggard, field director of Red Cross activities at the Blylhevllle Army Air Field, and Cnpt. Robert A Crone, public relations officer at the base. Tlie state show will tell the drama of Die American Red Cross at the -side of the fighting men and the story of each iwrson's pail in the wide world task. Governor Ben Laney will be principal speaker on the program. Outstanding Negro Farm Family Selected By FSA LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 27 (UP)—A St. Prnncls County negro couple has been named the outstanding negro farm family amonf the Farm Security Administration's borrowers In Arkansas. Tlie selection of Paul and Eliza Emvlng as Hie out-standing negro farm family was announced yb Arkansas FSA Director Jocile Anderson thus morning. Anderson -jays the negro couple :ias paid for .their 120-acre farm near Forrest City and have become Tee of all debts. They previously farmed as sharecroppers and tenants for 35 years. Three of their sons are In the Armed Forces and two daughters are working in war plants. Housewife Con Boost Ego By 'Paying' Herself A Salary BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS The Household Employers Ix>neu e of Chicago, In seeking to interest young women in tinning to domestic work as Industrial employment slackens, has set up :i set of work standards for domestics. It has endorsed wiiges of from po lo $25 a week, with working hours for innlris living out beim; set at 48 a week and for those living In at 54. Time «n<l 11 half, ihn league says, should be paid for over-time and except In omergcnclfs working hours should not exceed d'O hours n week. The wife doing her own work who sometime); gets (o feeling as though there Is no glamor attached lo the job of housework ami that because she doesn't got a pay check her job doesn't amount t-i much conkl see just what she is worm ns a worker if .she could keep track of her hours, with time and .1 half for over-time. ir-llke many of the.mothers of young children who write me—her day runs from six or seven In the morning u ntn l( , n or eleven nt night, .she has u.n!te u job, what with time and a half for over-time. IIOOSTS iMOKALK The housewife ivho ke*ps trnck of her working hours for u month »«d "pays" herself (on paper, of rauro) for every hour put in according to the standards of the Household Employers Ix-ague of Chicago, «I)1 (illicitly see how much in n , Ctmll ' n>lllin 8 I" money to U>e Saying to herself, "Well I earned S50 or $60 last week ought to make her feel (he pride and satls- fnctlou of a bread winner, even hounli (here was no check handed lo her at the end of the Wfek, ' Try it come time and see If It <-sn t a morale booster. Department Checks Us Equipment LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 27. (UP)— Tlie State Highway Department is making a count of all of its maintenance equipment. Chairman .Harold Sadler of tho Arkansas Highway Commission says he inventory is being made so that •epairs may be made on equipment o keep it in working condition. Sadler says that because of the vnrtime shortage of road machinery, it Is neccessary to keep all irreplaceable equipment in repair. Bills To Control Flying Proposed In State Senate LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 27 (U.P.)- The Arkansas Senate Militia and Aeronautics Committee this week will meet to consider several bills concerning the control of aviation in Arkansas. One of the measures, Introduced in the Upper House Friday would Place commcfclnl airlines under jurisdiction of the new Public Service Commission. U would make the commercial lines subject to the commission jurisdiction as to rates, • service, Issuance of securities, and tariffs. Its sponsors say H would also protect prospective air passengers from so-called ilv- -nlflit lines. Also introduced in the Senate is a measure which would create a rive member commission lo control private flying. n\c commission would be appointed by llic director of the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission. Windsor Castle, England, has a man employed as officialr rat en teller. Girl Scout News ' A 'Girl Scout Investiture Service' was held Friday night at Unge School under Dm direction of Mrs. U S. Denish. troop leader who madd the invards, and Mrs. Clyde Fowled assistant troop leader, who weri Introduced by Dillic Sue Burks? senior service scout. - v Mrs. Hulph Nichols served as n<v companist for the filnfilng of the "Star Spangled Banner" by the scouts, who also gave the plcdRc of allegiance. * ,• The followhiB Klrls received their ulrl Scout pins, havinjf sticcessful- V pnaed the Tenderfoot tests: Martha Nichols, Dnrbnrn Prultl, Joan Tedlock. Freda Smith, Sandra Luns^ ford, Ltdn Crittcndcn, Wantifi Shanks, Joy Shelton, Edna Merle Wnmble. Bonnie Olovcr. Dorothy Bradley, Lurcnc and Mallcne Hanks Girls who became second class Scouts were: Jean Campbell, Jena flenlsh, Monn Joy C.atnes, Barbara Ann Smith, EllMbcth and Barbara Van Hooscr and Betty Nell Tom^ linson. Later in the evening refreshment's were served to the parents and friends who attended the service Members of the committee hi charge of refreshments were' Mrs. Russell Gaines, Mrs. R. E. VanHooser and Mrs. Nichols. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me 16 check up without cost or obligation. ° «ATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK 309 E. Kentucky H.C. BLANKENSHIP Phone 235fl Polio Epidemic Affects 12,429 National Foundation Spends $700,000 In Fighting Outbreak NEW YOHK, m. 27WI>>-.oiic' 01 'in' nation's must diradod <tls- an im lllfw " 1! * P'Tnlysls. rciiniltis "n"conquered enemy of mankind. «n iiiinunl report i)v die NHtkmni Fouiidnlton for fnfimtlle I'nnilvsls f£ w n ' C ,'i 944 C| "' !e "" 1 ' ° ! ""' ' isl Ci >se MS the second worst In Ampr- s history, rlnljnltif! K, 1C 1'b._ \-t • . " ' Lioyd Blomeyer No. 1 'Middie' In Engineering Midshipman Uoyd Illoineyor, win of Mr. and MLS. K. R l)loim\vrr Momt first, In nmrlMp ciwlucvrlnu' ut Ainiii|X)tts Naval Acmli'jny mnunt! a I'lmvs of 1073 HUM (•(inlliiir lo imnuiiiKTim'iit j-,. by Kill. B. G. «a(hlni; s , who n,i- pojiiU'd him to 111,; nciMlcni}' ,,, An Jiiumr Kiiiduntt! of Illyllu.- yllli> Illfih School, MldshliHunii llloinujw Inter iiKrnilrd lonlslanu lech nl. Huston, and University »f llllnnole uiulpr the Nnvy V-r> in-nnrnm mid m t| u . u,,,,, '„[• , { niMiolntmcnt lo Annnpolls wns u slmlcnt nt Cornell University un- (ivr a scholarship. Finds Undeveloped Film PAGE THREfe. . kodak Him lost WHS In good condition Friday was found- by B. W-LoVef t- -*•'-. 329 South Division, who wo'uw Hke lor the ov,ncr to haie It. "' '' . Mr. Lovett said the size oest home ways to """" 1> UP ,m ""' S T' 0t Of «>"I">III"R In- 1 Ulle paralysis still [ s out of loiiw's resell. Field studio, „„"! c'lcirly I,, Cnllfornlii. ivxns. ill - rn n ?l Cot ," 1CC " c " ( «".Klit '» n the pntien, O f tin- dlsi-iw. , i* 1 " 011 sn >'*- tllo "6h. '"«<• »<" uch wiis learned to put pruell- ,,*" ro1 1 "<' ns "'™ "> operation, II '°;K>> some of the myslrrv of ie (Hwnsc was cllspi'llfd. ,!° WeV T', Amcrlcnns are mnkliiK ielr contributions In (ho figia K. ™m,ucr the disease. During u," ifili months covered by Iho report, cavly ten and one-half million ? ™ *' cre Blvc " "' lllc M »''' lh f Dimes. Monlrcal Is the sccoiiil I Fi-ench-populiUcd city in 'ld, Paris being first, (he You girls anil women who suffer from Ktnmlo anemia or who lose so imicli during inuntlilv periods that you aru naie, f w i llrctl, Traggcd out", weak-duo lo luw Woort-lron— Start at omc — try Lydla. 1'lnk- liiun s TAHLKj-S-oiio of the greatest blood-iron tonics you can buy to help build up red blood toglvcmoro To Get Mora Strength H You Lack Precious Blood-Iron! strength and cnergy-in auch cases Token ns directed — Pinkhnm's Tablets is ono of the K cr V to( horn? ways lo get precious iron Irito the blood, Just try Plnkham's Tablets for at least 30 davs. Then see if you, wo, don't remarkably benent Fol- ow label directions. Plnklmrn's Tablets are worth trying! Lydia Piiikham'sTAC 1CTS ' tft SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS properly designed, are remembered always. Our-(lowers am R! ways fresh, and M work ls gmran i ccd ty0 '^ '»" e ™ B ™ *J- tlcsluiiora help you with your floral needs wt our expert ^FLOWER SHOP „. ... ^ Benrlee W. D,U,« Anywhere , 11'. 'I!)! Mr*. J. M. (Mao), owaer .' Gknc« BU f , TEN! IT'S YOUR STATE RAPIO KICK-OFF SHOW For 1945 Red Cross War Fund Over KLCN Blytheville-900 On Your Dial TIME: 3:30-4:15 P. M. ; CWT DATE: Wednesday, February 28, PLACE: Radio Station KLCN, Blytheville 900 on your dial YOU1L HEAR: The drama of your American Red Cross at the side your fighting men. SfJL t01 ? ?^° Ur pa , rt in th is worfd wide t^k. an appeal and of for Gill, rura! division i CHICKASAWBA DIST.CHAPTER AMERICAN RED CROSS Somebody should tell Mrs. Brown Look, Mrs. Brown, you 'don't have to hoard electricity ~ no matter how much you value its convenience. We make itjfresli every minute and we keep plenty on tap all the time. There haven't been any shortages and there won't be. And as for price—that's been coming down steadily through the years. What's more, it lias stayed low, while ninny other living costs went up witfii Better fold up that big box, Mrs. Brown,' and save it for scrap salvage. You can depend on our ,folks to deliver all the low-priced electricity you'll ever need for all those post-war ap- pli.inccs. And they'll keep the service friendly. • /frur NH.SCW I-ODY ,'„ '<THB ELECTRIC HOUR," Men ArmbrHXtS, 0,d,»ir a . Every S « a J< EWT, CBS Network. t'3Oi<rJBiisinesstoSeryc %it OVfiA/MW ffW£YO(/S£TT£R< DON'T WASTE fUCTRIC.TY JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP AND ISN'T RATIONED!

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