Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1897
Page 19
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Christmas is past, but it is still "Snowing" bargains at "THE HUB," TheUp-to date Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers. Keep Your Eye on this Space THE HUB BILLY JACKS ADDITION lL ITE1S. friends HU Experience as American in Canada. Consul' Thomas Brown Is visiting at Wabash. I Buy your shoes at Walden's bank- l rapt shoe sale. | Boy's reefers at half price, 11.25 Could Have given Avfav a Fortune to U p._^ ew Otto. the Iroponunate. j Q e0r g e Brown, of Flora, is in the The Waba«h correspondent o' the | city visiting relatives. Indianapolis News interviewed ex-i Councilman Boyer still remains Consul W. H. Jacks, while the latter {seriously ill at his home, was visiting at Wabash, recently, and) Don't let your boy catch cold, prints the following: j Mr. Jacks expressed satisfaction at j returning to the Ucited States. Ee sayi that the salaries paid to consuls are not commensurate with the cose Harry Frank's Old Stand, 313 Fourth St. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Broadwav Owttnrt telephone No OSoe 983, residence 343 Kroeger & Strain. UNDRRTAKHRS •J«lli BrompUy attended to Dar or Klirht, 818 Broadway. TBUBPHONB — Offloe. 88. Kroe&ar, U main. M. SETH M-VELSEY Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 80S Fourth Street. Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Write* Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PAKLORS, 316 Market Street. New Aluminlte Rubber Plates, W. J. Barnett,' Suoc<) " !0r w a L ' WoUl Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Calls attended day or nlpht The *n«t outfit in the U. 8. Col. 0. L. Well, wU renuic with me. DU^^.c. Offloe 16. Residence-Mutual' rnones «5:o.tr.i«». When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN —GO TO-;F H. Wipperman, BNlFoVth Street Opp. Court House Kntranoe, GEORGE W. RODEFER. Reinstate, Loans. Bou«fct,9old«rBiobanjred. Money to on nwrurago or personal security. CaU on me crwrlta tome at No. SI Bel River a«mu8,east rat at Market street bridge. JJANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buyand Sell Second Hand Goods. fllve ut a 3*1".. 300 6ta street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Bruggeman's Millinery Store. OITY XBWS. New caps for men and boys.—New Otto. Clyaton Wright and family, of Up land, visited Los;an8port friends this week. Dr. C. D. Eversole received a pleasant call from his friend, Dr. J. M. Slngler, of Dunkirk. Miss Anna Kennedy and Mrs. C, M. Coffin, of CrawfordsTille, are in the city visiting friends. Mrs, Eirl Stewart entertained the ladies of tbe G. A. R. last evening in a very pleasant manner. Miss Mame Hoffman, of Strecker's bakery, is confined to her home on account of Injuries sustained ID a fall on tbe Ice. Messrs. G-llder and Livingston, of Chicago, attended the charity ball last evening. They will be the guests of Dr. Shultz while la the city. The Christian Endeavor society of the Cumberland Presbyteria'n church gave a delightful entertainment last evening at the church. There was a good attendance. Marion Leader: "Marlon King, of Logansport, transacted Dusiness in Marion Tuesday for the Panhandle company.... Harry Holman and wife, of Newark, N, J., after a visit with Marion friends, have gone to Logansport for a visit Defore returning to their home." Louis Belbold, toe former well- known proprietor of tbe Bates house at Indianapolis, was recently married in Cairo, Egypt, to Miss Morgan, daughter of a new York banker. The match is a romantic one, he having become Interested In her In 1SSO when she was a mere child. So badly discouraged over the failure of her new play,'!Lt>ve8 at War," on its initial production at St. Louis, last week, Miss Kathryn Kidder has announced her determination to quit the theatrical profession. Miss Kidder and company presented '-Madame Sans Gene" in this city a few weeks i ago, She is a talented actress. Her home is In Chicago. Eeefers *) .25 —New Otto. John Porter went to Rockfield yesterday to attend a wedding. Mrs. John Gibbons, of Frankfort, is in the citv visiting her parents. of living, the dignity and Importance j Qdds and ends fine underwear to of the position and the pecuniary loss dose Qut ftt half pricf} _^ ew otto. and inconvenience suffered by men of ability, who are appointed to the places, in surrendering thair business and giving up their homes. Another annoying feature is the army of Americans stranded, and in need of hi.'lp, who apply to the consuls for aid. "There was not a day," said Mr. Jacks, "that I was not besieged by from one to a half-dozen of my countrymen with pitiful stories of hard luck. They wanted everything from a square meal to a first-class ticket to Niagara Falls or Chicago, } aad as such expense must be borne by the consul, I should have been stripped had I met even a fraction of the demand. Still, It was difficult for me to turn the men away. Another thing;, I could have spent my salary and 15,000 a year additional had I responded to the requests for money and presents which reached me from all sections of the country. Invitations to sliver and golden weddings, notices of the birth of babies, hints that I should contribute to various charities, all emanating from people I didn't kaow, came every day. They wanted money or Its equivalent. "One man in Marlon, Ind.,whoml never saw, wrote me lor a fifty dollar church subscription, and one golden wedding Invitation came from Minneapolis, Mian. These went Into the waste basket and didn't bother me. In London there are thirty old soldiers drawing pensions, and to these I gladly rendered service. The Canadian notaries had been charging them $1.50 each for making out their Chas. Williams, of Hartford City, is here visiting his parents for a few days. John Hines, county assessor, has returned from a visit with Delphi friends. Miss Vina Cool, of 2001 North street, is entertaining Philip Gibson, of Chicago. Mrs. Fred McDermotfc, of Wheatland street, is entertaining the Missies Castle, of Peru. Misses Geneva Strain and Anna Sterrett are at Delphi visiting relatives and friendn. Herman Bunker, the street contractor, is speeding the holidays with hie brother in Obio. Frank Guthrle has purchased the C E. Moorehead property in the Westend addition. 15 cents will buy a drink of Golden Wedding rye, eleven years old, 116 per csnt proof, at McHale's. A free sliver paper is to be started at Forrest by Harry L. Morris, editor of the Columbian Farmer. Mrs. A. P. Flynn and sister, Miss Minnie Cromer, will leave tomorrow for (jreenville, Ohio, to visit for a few days. Captain Frank Swlgart elected commander of Logfosport Post No. 1.4, G. A. R., vice Judge D, H. (Jhase, resigned. The Eastend Pleasure club has completed arrangements for a grand ball to be given at Dolan & McHale's hall tomorrow night, New Year's eve. Miss Edna Washburne has gone to Hood's Are gaining favor rapidly. Business men and travel- lers carry them ia vest peckers, ladies carry them in purses, housekeepers keep them in medicine c!o*eti, friends recommend them to friends, :ic. T8E CHRISTMAS MISTLETOE. h|s been Hartford City to visit her sister,Mins pension papers. I put a stop to the jf une ' wbo " "enographer lor the ^ * y v • do Haw firm of Courtwell, Courtwell & Simmons. Lafayette Journal, yesterday: Mrs. Herman Mueller and daughter, Echo, returned to Logansport yesterday, after a pleasant visit with (;M>. and Mrs. G-eo. Mueller. Magee * Funk have filed the complaint of John IS. Barnes in a suit against Mary E. McEIhaney and others tocancel a mortgage and quiet the title to certain real estate. A dispatch from Rochester to the Indianapolis Sentinel says V. Zimmerman is being urged to accept the nomination for congress on the Democratic ticket for that district. Mr. Zimmerman has already made two unsuccessful races. The board of trustees of Wabash college, atCrawfordsville, have issued a circular setting forth their action In relation to the petition for co-education. Briefly, they propose to es- tabllih a woman's college BS a separate institution with a separate faculty. Last evening Mr. and Mrs. Will McCrea, who were married yesterday at]thelatter'shome in Koko mo, passed through the city on their way to Chicago. Mr. McCrea Is a nephew to Mrs. Connors, of this city, who with a few friends met tbe young couple at the depot acd tendered them greetings such as are generally accorded to the contracting parties at stations, en route on a wedding trip. The eastbound Wabash passenger train at 4:53 Tuesday afternoon Lad imposition by making out the ments :[ree. The government Is too close ID its relations with Its consular officers to succeed In extending the sphere of American trade. The British can teach us some things in this line. They get the very best service, and they pay for it. As it is now, American consuls 7 activities are hampered by the lack of funds and inadequate salaries, and little is to be accomplished until the service gets more generous treatment. "Mr. Jacks and his wife go from here to Logansport and will shortly leave for Florida to spend the winter before resuming business in Logansport." OIL MEN'S MEETIS6. The Agitation Orer the Waste of Gas Will be Discussed. Notices have been received throughout the oil fields of the annual meet- ng of the Western Oil Men's Jassoci- atlon, to be held at Toledo, Ohio, Saturday afternoon. Officers will be elected for the ensuing year, but the meeting nas also another purpose. The situation in Madison county, In- dlana, caused by the agitation over the waste of gas and the litigation that Is now threatening the oil men's interests Is to be discussed at length. Col. Tim Spellacy and others will place the matters before the association, which Includes a large majority of the most influential operators In the Buckeye fcnd Hoosier fields. It is expected that the association will decide to take a hand in the fight. Apollo lodge No. Pythias, will hold its semi-annual election of officer* on Friday evening. All members are urged to attend. Business of importance—Allen Lewis, Acting C. C. Something Abint the Shrub Beseath Which Lath and Lasses Meet, During? the joyous yuletide much is said of the mistletoe and holly, and frequent questions are asked con cerning these two holiday decorative plants. Briefly, the mistletoe, according to an exchange, is a parasitic sbrub. with sessile, oblong leaves and small, yellowish-green flowers, the whole forming a pendant bush, which is covered in winter with small, white berries containing a glutinous substance. It Is found on a gret*| variety of trees, especially the apple tree. The mistletoe was consecrated to religious purposes by the ancient Celtic cations, and was held in special veneration by the Druids. The American holly is an evergreen tree that in some instances attains a height of forty-five feet. It differ from the European holly in having less glossy, deep green foliage, less bright red berries, and the nutlets are Dot &* veiny. It is distributed generally from Massachusetts south, and west to the valley of the Colorado river, attaining Its greatest de velopment in the rich bottoms of Arkansas and eastern Texas. The flowers grow in clusters and are succeed ed by roundish berries, which turn to a beautiful red about September. The plant is a, haansome evergreen suitable for hedges. The wood * much used for turnery work. THS New Foruitars Store COB. MARKS i', Sth AMD KKIR. ANEW YEAR'S ...BARGAIN This Solid Oak, Cane Seated, Carved ,. Back, Brace Arm, Ladies Sewing Rocker. Wo will soil It for the next three d»jr§ »t the unheardof price of— ONLY 98 Cents. They were never told for IIMI tb»n ft M. NMM toll to isooad hand, new *t thii prio« , a coach filled with prisoners en route from Antler, I. T., to the Federal prison at Detroit. Tbe company waa made up of Indians, cowboys and negroes, and all were heavily chained and guarded. They laughed and 62, Knights of joked and acted as If they were on ' their way to a festival. Among the number was a woman a id a little boy, who were being taken to Washington, D C., for confinement In tae reform school there. A PLEiSANT Will Happen to (.'Jones at the Opera House Tonight. George H. Broadhurst's__roar(ng farce, "What-Happened to~~Jones,' fresh frol^ts metropolitan triumphs comes to tW^pera house tonight The company llNan excellent one and comprises several well known favorites among them Geo- C. Boniface, jr., George Ober, Wm. Bernard, Beuben Fax, J. W, Cope, Cecil Kingston, Harry Rose, Anna Belmont, Kathryn Oaterman, Mattie Ferguson, Florence Robinson, Mrs. E. A. Bbeile and Rose Staart. "Jones" was played at the Bijou theatre, New York, for three months, and could easily have remained there the entire winter were it not for other engagements made by the management of the house. There Is nothing in the world likelaughter.lt Is moreover contagious. "The man who cannot laugh," says Carlyle, "is not only fit for treason, nstratagems and spoils, bat h),s wfiole'llfe is already a treason and a stratagem." The beauty about "What Happened to Jones" Is that it makes you laugh in spite of yourself. One may try his hardest to remember his roast beef and mutton agony, but you will find the task absoluteljr impossible. "Such plays as 'What Happened to Jones,' says Allan Dale, "are God sends." Officers Elected. The American Guild elected the following officers to serve for the ensuing year: Past Governor—John Martin. Governor—Edward Washburn. Vice Governor—Mrs. J. M. Guy. Treasurer—Chas. A. Growall. Secretary—M. J. Washburn. Assistant Secretary—Rollo Pickell. Chaplain—Mrs. F. Farnsworth. Warden—Mrs. Melissa Fergus. Assistant Warden—Mrs. A. Wonderlick. Guard—Walter Tarver. Messenger—Mrs. M. L. White. Organist—Etta Tarver. Trustees—C. Kendall, F, Farn$worth and John Martin. Smoke the Crlunbia cigar Our »wro c\oie» »t« p. m. every except pay day ntf hti and Saturday*. .,» THE NEW COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Genuliie Offloe and) Buginew Pitettea Item the day of entrance. Logansport Commercial High School. Up-todate. Thorough. Prantioal. Our«e»— English, Commercial. Stenographic, Pen Art, Experienced Teachers Modorn Methodi, TUor- oug-b Work. Competent Bookkoeiww and StenographcrB lanushert to Rugtnes* Flrnu. Logunsport Commercial High HckMl. Over 32l-323-:«5 Fourth Street*, J. W. Hook. M. W. Murphy. Associate Principal!. OM Phone 184, DELICATESSEN FINE iraot 407 Market stroet In room forjoorlr ooo«plrt by Logausport Will Paper Co. Gunther'g Confectionery, Charlotte Bussa, H*varian Cratm, Wine Jellies, Chocolate Eolalro, Patty Shells, Rug Kisses. Hickorynut Macnroon», Almond Macarocnt, Walnut Macaroons, Cocoamit Macarooni. Vani'la WRferg, Jelly Tarti, Cream Puffs, Fruitcake, (ifild and Silver End, Lemon Maran^rue Plea. Frank K. Lloyd, and Mu»de«k Pastry Cook &t the Barnett hotels lor tIi-4 past five year*, tap" Wo have contracted to furntah Pastry and Sreui i or the auore hoMli. Telephone 288 Mutual. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where yon are imvited to call and see a line line of Winter Woolens For faulting* And Orer- coatings that «annot be beat. W H . II. Pearl St.Next to Dr. Bell'* Office. ID cwei of barns, sprstoi, «e4idi or 807 of tbe otber Accidental ptlni Ikely to come to the human body, Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil give* at> most instant relief. 5 ~'A BANKRUPT SHOE SALE. We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half on your Shoe Bills What is better than a nice^ pair of Shoes for Christmas—Nothing. Ladies' shoes 890 Misses shoes 690 Ladies' shoes 990 Misses shoes 890 Ladies' shoes $1.23 . Misses shoes 990 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $1.19. Child's shoes 350 Child's shoes 490 Child's shoes 590 Child's shoes 8oc. $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $248., Splendid Shoes for Boys We. S3.OO Laidies's Shoes SlS^- This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the price of Cheap M. WALDEN. A "C ' ,-

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