Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 2, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1942
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Sight nATLYNKWS, , JUNE 2, 1942 UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS DENIED 1 TO"OBJECTOr Hartford, Corw., June ^—Unemployment twrwflts wuro denied n objrolor who resigned his position In a Stamford factory when ho found I ho products wore being iwd jn the war effort, State LfibnY Coin nil H* i'onc r Cornollus J. Danahor announced today. Accord- Ing to" Mr. humiher, the flpeclnl review unit of tho Unemployment CompeiiHation (lefwrtmerit ruled that such' resignation was not due. lo causes - connected with employment and- that boneOU could not be paid hecnuHO the claimant was not "available for work" within the meaning of the statute. fh> claimant had already Hied lib; objection .wirrrTtiH local draft board but, had been put In elass /i-F because of poor eyesight. Later, when his foreman told him that the. work lie was doing operating a screw machine was part of a defense oon- iract, ho resigned, stating that an ho 'didn't hetkwo In war he did not see why he' should assist In Iho mapufucluro of'any Implement** r»', employment Compensation depart- nnd that the difference should be rnent pointed out'that while it was f made up by revising ., upward the not (mentioning' the claimant's right .oouimlltup's rates fo.r corporations not (mentioning to ho u ConHClentlouH objector eligibility for unemployment tion bonentH imply that the clajni- aritiB "available" for work., "The phrase 'svork' connotes activity In the performance of services for hire directly or Indirectly- In the production of articles for use,'" the decision said. 'It is extremely clinicull for us to discover any type of work which woufd not directly or indirectly contribute In some mannoi to tile present war effort." The decision also staled that it was impossible to go into Die personal rnollvos of the claimants inasmuch as causes of resignation in order to make claimant eligible must be "connected with the employment," thus, "it eliminated all personal reasons that may be ptt>p- vi" and valid under any other circumstances." 'and hirgtf income; Individuals. WIP committee, on the other hand, war. No Agreement On Tax Bill Reached (Continued from Page One) ed that the, comrnlltee'H bill may wind up two billion dollars short of the Treasury's goal of *8,70p,000,- 000. He told reporters he foil a HulTlolent -share of tho burden al- [M-Hfly ha« been Imposed on Iho low Income groups In Iho program ten- isi^^H^alTy of tho opinion that the ;two billion dollars, it raised at all; • should come from a sales tax, on Impost vigorously opposed by the Administration. The AclmlnlBtfaTTonV chances of fighting the wqys and moans committee successfully In the Mouse arc HlJm. But the Treasury, may have considerable support in the Senate, .-*-.. Up >to now the committee has tentatively vpted • to "increase corporation taxes by $2,500,000,000 compared with the treasury's proposal for ^,'200,000.000. v The treasury has recommended Increased Individual income taxes that would raise more than 91,000,000,000 and the committee has voted for rates arid schedules that will produce only.$2,050,000. President HoosevoU's suggestion that no Individual be permitted to retain more than $25,000 a year for himself after paying his taxes has been ignored by the ways and means committee, along with his companion proposal that corporations be taxed iOO per cent of their war profits over a fixed exemption. , On the minor issues of the new tax program, the administration has fared ns badly in the ways • and The treasury askod for considerable increases in estate and gift ta'x- es In all brackets. The; Qomrnltt.Qe voted to.retain the present rates. The treasury urged that Jncorna, from- outstanding' and. future issue's of slate and municipal securities be made taxable. The comniittee voted no. , The treasury promise'd that the. present ."depletion' allowance"— the's special income tax Exemption allow--ed companies recovering natural resources, -he abplished, or, re r ,, duced. The .committee, voted .to retain the depletion 1 -';allowances.. : If the committee votes; for "a "•. •sales tax, its 19.42 war revenue^ bill will be-a total revei;sai of the ;ad-? ministration's tax policies. v',.;i. The committee loday ; planned , to;' dispose "Of ...95. •proposed changes in;. the laws that Tegujate federal taxes; ' ! 'Among those 'that^Triafy; be -voted on are the . treasury's ;' proposals that, medical bills-in excess of a cert A in per centage of a family or individual income' be allowed ... as- tax deductions and that phildren between the ages of 18 and 21 attending 'schcrol be counted as; depen- cfents, with ^lOO^persbnal,"income .ex- em p tl on al 1 owed -for the expenses of their education. ; Funeral of John Barrymore Is Held {,'.-';• ' '-S- - '" •J J ^Continued from'Page One) thought of his rank.7 ' . »No one knew this belter than. Barry more Vbrother, Lionel,' and it was Lionel whormfiiUe/'lt possible yesterday for any -who \vislicd, to view Barry more's. body as it lay !.ih- stale in the chapel, of a .-mor- j,uary. -•'• ... ••;•:. ' ^•^'^,-^-C': : '\- '"'::." : Instructions, had; been giyen.Uhaf onfy' -persons holding' invitations yvere to be admiUed.; \Vheri 'Li'one. heard that friends .were being turned away he imnvediate^vchanged the order. ' •. •"'•' ' : '•-" • '".• •'"':< ••••"--•-• *'• •• T h c p r o b 1 e m 6 f •• s u b s t i 1 u U n g , f o r scarce materials is -.being v st-udr<?d; by many governmental and \ non- means Iho State Un- utlvcly adopted by tho committee , olalona. committee's tentative de- governmental agencies, the-Department of Commerce' says. of sound stage technicians, actors, directors, writers and producers then joined^ the J n vi ted ' i n a ^Inal;-tribute. ; , : / l^or active pallbearers .there were John .Decker, artist;' Gene Fowler .writer; W. C. RieldsV onp of Bjirry- more'js drinking companions;-E. ,1 Mann ix, p rodu cer, .and; C; ; J. B'r i der and 'Stanley Campbell-'! the niakeup men ..who always nianaijed:. to make Barryrjiore - look handsome, no^mal- ttsr-jrow low he felt. ,.: j ; TlieH honorary pallbearers were Bramwell Fl-etcherr actor-flnance of Barrymore's daughter; Gharlie Mac- Aji ; thuriarid Ben Hecht, playwrights: Roland Young, .Thomas Mitchell and Alan Mowbray, the character actors; •M. Cohan, who *is too ill in New York to be prvesent. The i'nvited guests numbered such luminaries as Miss Garbo, . Frederic March, Clark -Gable, Herbert Marshall, George Cukor, Errol FJynn, L 'B. Mayer, David 0. Selznick, Spencer Tracy," Nunnafiy Johnson, Rudy Vallee, Edward Sutherland and Kalhcr- ine Hepburn. These, and dozens •more not so well, known, were listed by 'Lionel as the. friends. Barry more- would want at/ his funeral. Only .onjfi of Barrymore\s four ex- wi ves was expected, Elaine Barri e, who divorced him last year. Franklin E. Bristol In Flying Cadets (Continued from Page One) Herbert • Bayard Swepe;; and , Qe.orge RISING «lTHSf^» TOF ' ^r-cbKOUg?;:-..;- m OF THE COUWI "Thank You, General Olm&eadM. ' *J : ' ..- :-'..^'- .. •• • . ,;- ; Jv-,:;:.-.^. E 1 -.-.^ 1 *-;^?-^'-^ .•:;' * n^M^-^ » men and women of The Southern New England Telephone Company are mighty proud of your message, General Olmstead. Your words give us ne^y inspiration in this • , ' . ' ' -__ -. : '-'.-'•"•.".'•••'•. j /.. ."••-. • the most challenging period in telephone history. . i , To the people of Connecticut — our friends and neighbors Your understanding co-operation is helping us to provide dependable commuriications which the war effort requires. fv-y*—«s b-^^ £->$ KXS&& i&' ^//+ ^^^-;- ui */; &«^ Vice President and General Manager The Southern New England Telephone Company § ^Mi$3:-3x, v.'V'-'W-m^'&'ZiW"*' t f x- -tfe-s »iimK^^v :I$L'*'£<*^ p^pipiiff'^/, m^^y^'^ %Wtf : %M %%%<.-->,>"<. i jff^y fex\" *' s -- >+- i<%&'£ In .in .lir r.iid Irst «»» .in »-MH-I>MJH >,' trU-phonr liurs must l^r kt*pt frtv for iit^rnf <i(fi<ijl i.ills . . , .ills »»hi«li ,n »• I>rin^ m.ulr to piotrct > oil aiul \'»>ur coin- inunifv. Ple.isr rrfi.iin froiti frlrphonin^ timing .1 trsf ;il.itm <n .1 MM! rim-r^m* v, .lfi<! ,lUn ,for .1 pttiml fi.illouin^ tin- "All C Ir.n " sij^, so ( v(\i!l;lfi tit frnsf or^'.im/.itloils i .in (ojiipUfr rinn^»ii.\ \\»t\- vxliiili nsrs Iflrplionr linrs. upon his return to Westminster .Choir college in Pri'nceton, N. J., and was advised recently that, he had successfully, passed the re- •quired examinations. He will be allowed, by the new regulations named for flying cadets, to return to where he is a member- of the Westminster college to complete his studies 'and will enter the. avi'alion service upon graduation from the institution. Mr. Bristol, who is 22 years of age, is a graduate of the Naugatuck high school and attended Stevens Institute, of Technology in IIo-i boken, N. J. I$TABUISHE D 1 8 8 J BM4 SOUTHER Corporations Gave $724,800 To U. S. O. (Continued from Page One) Don't miss this sale —• Boys and y oung men's suits, topcoats winter coats, raincoats, sports coats, lounge robes and slacks—in Prep Shop*—SecondFloor • Amazing low prices^-high values —quality merchandise, sizes to 40. * We must get out to let the workmen in—every piece of merchandise has its price tickets of leave for a quick getaway. en bhe.U.-'S. 0,. last year. In some oases the gifts, whic-h , totaled $72V 800, are nearly four, times that of 1941. The gifts ,fol!o.\y: American Telephone and Telegraph Co., §150,000;- General Motors Corporation, $100,000;- Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, $100,000; U. S. Steel Corporal-ion, -$100,000; E. 1. flu Pont de Nemours & Co., • 890,000; The Texas. Co., $50,000; Phelps Dodge 'Corporati-on, ^25,000; Jnter- nationvii Business Machines Co., ,$25,000; United Fruit Co., §520,000; Armstrong Cork Co., $15,000; Columbia Broadcasting System, $12,800; Hiram Walker & Sons, $10,000; -Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co., $10,000; Americanr 'Metal Co., $6,000; Bendix Aviation Corporation, $6,000; and National Lead Co., §5,000. Some other national gifts received •are "token" -donations from corporations' -administrative -headquarters, -and later will. 'be- increased. !by addition of local gifts through corporation units ' different areas. — : - •»••-» Mexico Has Entered War Against Axis SUBSTITUTE NEARLY READY St. Petersburg, Fia.— (UP)— A suh- stitute for cork,. processed from the roots -of, ordinary scrub -palmetto plants, will soon 'be manufactured here, B. E. Moses, vice president of the vPalmctex corporation, announced. , . \ Bankers Association has disclosed. Tills averages more than .one man from every bank in the state. OHIO BANKEHS C.O TO WAR Columbus, Ohio— (UP)— More' than 700 men from Ohio bank*. -arc now In the armed services of the UnMed States, n survey made by the Ohio Nut, Cherry and Pound Cake Apple Squares Apple and Raspberry Pastry Turnover.^ ' Pastry'Crcnin Rolls Lonjj Johns, FiHncJ with Jelly nnd Crc'nrn Whole: Wheut Bread } Kuhn's City Bakery {MAPLE ST. TEL. .(Continued from Page One) to declare war: The "chamber of deputies last Friday, and the-senate on Saturday. ; Actually Mexico had been a 'belligerent .since May 22. when Avila Canracho and his cab- •inet. decided to ask congress for a declaration: of war. On May 13, German submarine had suak tho unarmed Mexican ship Potrero De Llan-o. .The -government sent Germany an ultimatum. It was an /•ssvered on May 22 by the sinking -of the tanker Paja De Oro. •The government was taking mcas- .ures to increase war production -Avila Camaclio had conferred with state governors' and military commanders jti'bout what should be done. It was understood .that' aviation schools . vyould be cslabMsher in six states, and tliM ;the army, wliose present -strength is some 52,000 men, . would be substantial^' strengthened. For your 1943 vacation we have paid $11,700 to those who saved tor this summer. Naugatuck S a v i n g s B a n k The Old-Time ' Mutual" ~ FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 if C. R. & L. operates under a certificate granted by the State which requires that it serve the "public convenience and necessity." In war times like these, this sometimes means that the wishes of individuals and small groups must give way before a .patriotic policy of the 'greatest good for the greatest number. We ask that you be patient—delays and overcrowding will sometimes be unavoidable. Cooperofmg wiih American Transit Association /o keep Tronyporfoffon Rolling —'—- —~ -"• •• - 7=a=a=«^i=i»j=«rse^^ GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE ENDS SOON!! Due to the increasing dirriciiUy in ofolaim'nfj inulorinls I have decided to close my shop nnd will sell everythiiifl in stock at. OKEATLV KKDUCEI) PIUCKS Needlepoint, Yarns,.-Needles, Gift Lines, Etc, To ;:o at below.- market prices All persons who have \vool laid aside (o x cohiplete jjarmenUs already started, iuVasked, 16 call Tor their material by Saturday of (his week SPINNING WHEEL ELLEN W. COOKE Hopson Block (180 Church St.) Naugatuck, Conn, >3P5W»PSM»MM5=3)^ ^•' GOVERNMENT " CONVERT OIL BURNERS TO COAL M "•Oil May Be Denied Any One Who Can Burn Coal" Oil dOulers arc and will he carefully sci'iiMni/ed and controlled by the .fiovernmchi in delivery or any o^l ihul mny he nvnilnhlr. We have on hond a few Fairbanks-Morse Stokers—(hose will fjive yon economical «u(onialie hnal—\vilh Ilic'c' pr 'Kiickwhcat cotil direct from your m'n. Ash Is. .rcmnvt'd niilomnlicrtlly. ,A .survey of your Jioatinn plant and an estimate of-cost will he niftde without cost to you. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. ^ Agents and Distributors of Fairbanks Morse Stokers, 87 Church St. - - . ' = . Phone 5236

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