The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1934
Page 2
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BtVTHBVILLg, (ARK,) CQUBltlt TUESDAY, JULY'S,-1634 Social h»v- Ladlea'Mte eM <X First Methodist dunk' *t#Bn« with Mrs. Bd HardHi, :»>.-M. T« Cetofcralt F«vrth. Various affairs will be Indulged In by BlythevUle people In cele- brttlon of the Fourth of July with the most of thefajSJiformal pic- rucs by both large snd small groups. A number from here are planning to attend the dance at Osceola's new club house this evening when the Hotel Peabody's orchertra will iumlJh the music. Practieally all the men In the Blythevllle country club will par ticlpate In ...e golf contests to morrow afternoon whllr the ladles prepare the picnic supper to be served at 7 o'clock. Children are to be included In this affair. <A number of families plan to ffo-to the Memphis roo where they, win spread lunch In, Overton park *hlle others will seek wooded spots nearer home. Heads ol families are getting but their fishing tackles today as word has spread round that flsh are biting at Big Laic as well as at Armorel and other favorite fishing holes. The local swimming pool Is preparing for a big day while others are planning to seek the great outdoors for their water sports. Odfkers Elerted. ' iirOi' At the regular monthly meeting of the Philathes class of the First Baptist church the following oftkers were elected: Mlii Rebecca GiUesple, president: Bv)b- We Jeah Xiaylock, secretary; Miss Paurfne. Hires, socl»l chairman It was decided to have a swimming party this evenln? at 7:30 in honor of Freida Secoy who 1s goto* to mklre her home in Johes- boro. All girls are urged to meet on' the lawn of the pool «t 7:30. Christ AnAaJUJton Meet The Christ Ambassadors of the Assembly 'of Cod church met Sunday evening.with a tmsll.num- ber present, owing to many bc- liit M. work"'at the tocnl canning company. An Interesting discussion of Map th«w JS lo '2t was held, lead bv the president. The groups flu- Mattliew and will take ah It next Sunday There's GOT To je Zip and Dash to TfrjjC Amelia Earhart, famous flyer, not only deslira costumes tint models them. This two-piece suit in the tame seersueker thai Is used for men's clothes comes In brown and white anc) Is particularly lie- coming to Miss Earhatt, who prefers things tailored. while linen collar, which is detachable. Is another of brown linen for train' Journeys and the like. A brown patent leather belt and brown are further features of this wear- Luxora Society — PerconaJ Evelyn Bfeityjr, small d«yiht«T of Mr. and Mrs. A. o. B^ibltjr, underwent- mn emerftncy opera, tfcn for appen*4dU« lit tm M^ff dUt haftttal £ MftapjS, MW night; hef'eoqillltlM) 1* rnue)) lm< proved aM aM win return • nan* In a" few days: Mrs. John Beaton or Chkajo has returned to her herae after a visit Of two weeks with jje' parents, Mr. and. Mr«. Tom B«l w. Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Wundtrllch have gone to Memphis to make their future home; Mr. and Mrs L. McDearmon and Mr. and, Mn Stewart CrlhfleM have mwd Into the Wunderllch realdenee. Mesdames Elizabeth Bllllman Elliot Williams and Jesse Brown were St. Louis visitors Friday. Mrs. F. M. Bonds returned from Louis this morning; she ha been visiting her husband for the past week, who Is the Frisco hflspltal. It's Up to the Women BY MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Women And Careers ' Nowaday* "there t, » frf ,t deal Of atttatkni as to whether married women should work or not and In order to consider lh« Question, I think we should go back a little bit further and consider whether women should work at all. • There was a time when very few women worked outside of trrir homes. All women were brought up with the feeling that a woman's place as In the home. She must marry, and If she did not marry, she had no work In the world, and we have In many oki novel! a picture of the maiden lady left to live at home, a patient In Mrs. Ora Hill and Miss Mattli I'olson are guests In the home o Mrs. F. M. Bonds. Mrs. Dellu Bpann and her sister. Miss Florence Rush, left Saturday for Amarillo, Texas, where, they will be the guests of their Brother and sialer-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs. Avery Rush. 1 Mrs. May Thompson and Mrs. Mattic Williams attended the show In Osccola Saturday night. Mrs. chas. Mtfflin entertained the Thursday Night Contract club in the home of Mrs. J. b. Hires; twenty guests enjoyed her hospit- ahty, prizes were awarded Mtss Hires and Russell For some time, of course. It has been necessary for the girl In many families to go to work at a fairly early age. Nowadays an effort is being made to keep young people a little longer out of the working field. This affects women as it does men, but more and more women are going to work every year and because of lliat we must look upon it not as an academic question, but as an acl- ual situation which Is with us to stay in the Industrial world and in the average family. Even where the young girl could be supported at home, she wants ._- j .^.v *~ ...v -v .. v ...~, «v...a. to register her own personalitj more or less of a drudge, whlllng and to develop her own interests away her time looking after the and she spends for her clothes younger members of the family of for some interest of her own at home ellher because she pro- lers her life with her parents or with whichever parent Is still liv-i ( ing, or because her feeling of "" duty to (he older generation is olten stionger than that of Ilic boy in the family and keeps her from marrying until she feels she Is not needed at home. As a rule when a woman keeps on working alter her marriage, it Is a matter of necessity—not, always nn economic necessity, bul sometimes the necessity of feeing that she Is still able to do something which expresses her owii •wrsonality even though she may "^ a wife and mother. I never like to think of tnc Mil ect of ;i woman's career and vomxn's home as being a comru- •ersy. It seems to me peifectly obvious that if a woman CH|]-, in ove and marries, of coui.sp hfi- First inleml and her llrst duty is lo licr home, but her duly lo her horn? (toes not of necessity preclude her having another occupation. with very little attention from anybody, and having all her work accepted as a matter of course In return for the kindness of the man of the. family who provided her with food and lodging. This is nnt a pretty picture nor one that we like to contemplate but we must have it in our minds when we discuss the modern status of women, even though there were many Instances of happy maiden aunts and cousins who were happy and beloved. From this condition the women hnve a part of the money which she Is able to earn. Usually evcr> girl pays part of her earnings for food and lodging even u-hen she lives at home, and m:my a girl puts in [ill that she earn? to support not only herself l>u somc'other members of her family If It is not a father or a mothei it may be the education of somi younger brother or sister that sli' is carrying. In my own experience T nn constantly surprised to find ihui many single women who arc sup- NEXT: Should Wives Be Interesting? (Copyright, 1033. by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, distributed by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) Huec Hauler Killrtl REDMOND. Ore. (UPI—A rattlesnake measuring five antt one- half feel in length ami eiaht. inches in circumference was killed by James Teater on a ranch near Post, Ore. Tlie large snake had 20 rallies. 1 Read Courier News Want rttls. gradually risen in consideration • posed to have only themselves to largely as they -gained economic take care of arc really supjiorl- indcpcnnehce .for themselves and ing one or more other persons, could provide financial help In the Very often the boy In the family homes. marri;s young and one girl stays 666 examination on evening. The tVne of meeting has b&n chuifced'to 7 P.- M., and all your* people are invited to attend. . ;.The exeetatlTe board of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Pres- to*k=Jlan "church, in a meeting Monday afternoon at the church, B»«Je plans for future meetings this . sanmier. ! The auxiliary will have but two meetings each month during July and August with the business session held on the tot Monday, and the circles and auxiliary having combined meetings on tire third Monday. This dots not include the Business Women's group which will meet next. Monday evening with Mrs. k s. Brlscpe. sbeth and Phyllis Ann, and son, Billy, hnve left for their home in Plymouth, N. C., after a visit with Mr, nnd Mrs. Charles Phillips. They were accompanied home by another sister of Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. LaForge, nnd son, of Ca- ruthersvllle. Tom Short, who Is w-lth the CCC camp at Oraysonia. Ark., near Arkadelphla, Ark.; Is at home for the Fourth holiday. Clarence Webb, .who has been at the • CCC camp at Warren, Ark., has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McAfee, who are making their home with Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Barses, have as their guests, Miss Mary Alice McAfee of Memphis, who Is a sister of Mr. McAfee. Mr. ana Mrs. Guthrie King hnve gone to"'points of Oklahoma for their vacat.on. •Mr. C. W. iiHlick is In the Memphis Baptist hospital where she underwent a lonsllectory. Mr. Af- IHck went down today to accompany her home. Mrs. J. A. Leach went down with her yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis Cherry had as their guests Sunday Mr. «nd Mrs. E. P. Douglas and two daughters, of Pocahontas, Ark. Mrs. Douglas Is a sister of Mrs. Cherry. Mrs. B. A. Lynch and sous, Bert and Louis, and daughter, Miss Martha Ann. left today for Chicago where they will attend the Festive At Any Garden Party! Dwnocratte . ...... T» Hare A Pfcnic. Manbers.of the Blythevllle Democratic Wojnen'i dnb will have a Picnic Friday at'the home of MBr James B. Clark, district chairman beginning at II o'clock. : At this time a program will fair. Dr. nnrt Mrs M. O. Osrcy have as their guests Dr. fJsrey's mother, Mrs. J. \V. Us:cy. and his •uml. Mrs. S. P. Lumpkln, and Marvin Hurt, of Birmingham, Ala. who will be here several days. Mrs. A. S. McDanleis and daughter. Dorothy jane, of" Senath, Mo. are guests of Dr. and Mrs. Pau L Ttpton lor this week. Mrs. Clarence McDermott also be given wlth r "Mrs"""c "'j'| critlcally Hl Rl thc Methodist hos- LlUle In charge. The subject wlli pllal - Mr - McDcrmou )s with her. be "The National Emergency Council." W*«en's ~" Clrt Has MeiUnt. Memb?rsV,of the Business and Professional Woman's club hart a business meeting last evening at the Gofl Hotel. Plans were made for attending a pfcnkf to be g»eri by U>c PJra- gbuld crab at' that city on J'lly 27 and It was definitely decided to take up the study of "Chdrm" by Margery Wilson, beginning S' tember l. ' Mr. nntl Mrs. Ross Stevens spent Eslerrlny In Jonesboro. Miss Mary Spain Usrey has gone to poinls of Mississippi for] he summer. She accompanied her I Perfect for garden parties, sum- iunl. Mrs. Etta Huttcnlocher. nnrl mcr weddings nnd formal tea daughter Miss Jane, to their home[ <lancln( . ls (nls lovclv oue . p | Ke n Fayctte. Miss., after they had} . , , . .. . visited Dr. and Mrs. M. O. Usvj rtl ' ess Of palc 6rccu Or 6 nn * that Wilson Society — Personal Mrs. T. II. Kreeland and chil- licn. Harold am! Francis of Fort Gibson, Miss., are the guests of have gone to Pocahontas. Ark., to visit the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Blatz. Mr. arid Mrs. Boyd Evans and daughter, Mtss Frahces Sue, of Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bvans of Tupelo, Miss., and J*r. and Mrs. T. E. Thomason of Earle, Ark., were guests of ,Mr. and Mrs. Roy Waters Sunday. Mrs. J. W. Johnson went to Lakes Cormorant, Miss., Friday where she will he the guest of her son. Jodie Jofmsfln, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan. Mr. and Mrs. J. Bryan Johnn and children. Jo-Ann, Jackie nnd J. Bryan jr., of Little Rock. nave returned home after visiting \irs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and RegertoM for two .Johnson, . Kirs. E. A. weeks. Miss Elizabeth Wright of. Pine Bluff Is visiting her" sisters, Mrs. W. F. Wilson and Miss Elotse Wright. N. B. Hlls jr., Willis Jerorne ard Qucntln Jerome have gone to Camp Kia Klma at Hardy for a month. Mrs. Sum Dillahunty nnd daughters, Anne ared Virginia, of Hul- bcrt. Ark., are visiting Mrs. -Dll- lahunty's grandmother, Mrs. Delia I3eall. Rev. H. M. Lewis returned Saturday from Conway where he taught R course In the standard training school which was held there last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McKenzle have gone lo Columbia. Term,'-lor a month's visit with the latter's mother, Mrs. Florence Ferguson. Miss Katie Grain of Washington, -D. c.. arrived Thursday for R visit with her brothers, J. - H., Tom and Berry Craln. Mrs, .John Caule~y of Sheffield, A!D., is the guest ol her daughter, Mrs. s. C. Brandon jr. Mrs. c. \V. Ferguson nnd daughter, Betty, have gone to New Edinburgh. Ark., to visit (fe tor- mer's mother. Mrs. Ida Moscley. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Happenjan o: Pine Filtiff have returned home alter a visit with (he lalter's sister. Mrs. W. M. .Wallace. Mrs. William Ludwlg and children, Margaret,. Billy nnd Frank, "Shttp Stomach Pains Upset My Whole System" Says E. Hentges: "I tried a II bottle (3 weeks treatment) of Dr. Emil's ASia tablets u'mfer your guarantee. Now the pains are gone J and 1 eat anything." Kirb'y Bros. Drug Co. Liquid, Tablets. Salve, Nose Drnin Chrcks Malaria in X rtnys, Colds first ilay. Headaches or Ncnralsi.i I'll :10 minutes. Fine l.nxalivu iinrt Tonic Slcist Sprcdy Itcmcdics Kimuu —Adv. M5 Spend Your Vacation Anrl Meet Your Friends al Ward's Summer Resort, Buntiliful Gamp Rio Vista Lotated in the Ozarks, "The Land of a Million Smiles" Rio Vista is built in a natural forest on til? banks of Spring River, consisting of 3L! acres with Ihirly furnished cottages. Running water, electric lisht.s. luel and linen furnished with each cottage. Two bathing beaches, riiotor boats, canoes, large douWe tennis com), spacious (lancing pavilion, excellent cafe, cool nights, no moETivitoes. For Literature and Reservations Write or Call Camp Rio Vista, Hardy, Ark. ey lor several weeks. I has a circular pcimim which gives Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bailey wcnt|lliF dress n two-piece cu'ect. A :o Hardy today joining a party , ror.saee of pique flowers is \vorn nt ot friends from Sickle, Mo. They | the point of the sill in the ncck- tvill bo there lor a week. line. Mrs. Elizabeth Greene will arrive home today from a two weeks m • • ., .„.., <lav In Indianapolis,. Ind. Uld iFOHSlde Will Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Doijyns and (laughter. Miss Louise, have gone to Fort Smith for their vacation. Mrs. Chester Caldwcll and Mrs. J. W. Adams Jr., spent yesterday in Memphis. Misses Willie Marshall. Lois Hil.l Estellc Hawks. Virginia Tompkins and Emmiline Page and Mrs. stcr- Becomc River Church CARD OK THANKS We wish to express our appreciation for the kindness of our friends fhown during tlip illness and deat-> of our taby. Herman L.. We are also thankful for the floral offerings. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Prichard. ParehU. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pricruml, Grandparents. Mr. nnrl Mrs. T. W. Whittle. BOSTON tun The decommissioned Naval Frigate. Old Ironsides, iclii ol the uav ol 1812, Is new tciue used as a church. Chaplain E. W. Scott of Boston Navy Yard will hold Protestant 1 A: M, Butt and. Jtuth',-.«ciit to Memphis to- day'fat tcr^ral days stay with ttr. an* -Mrs. Hmiworfb Black. i Was.Carolyn Haley hfc returned 'from Jonetboro where the attended Arkansas State college for a six weeks term. Hie Lois HU1 and Miu Willie Manliall are spending the at Sitoain Springs, Ark. Mines Lob Kill, Delia Purtle and Allbe Marie Ross have r«- tornM from Jeneaboto where they have >*en attendlnt lurnmer school for tbe law »U weeks at Arkansas State coUefe. . , Mrs. B. J. Allen' and two fons will, vend. tomorrow . in , Jows- Mtto « t»eSs of %. and Mrs. qib Qrcea. MKl..Mn. Sam T..H»rd» Mr* Lowte Hardin.and Nancy Lou, will ipend tomomw at KC 80ctn*s, Mo. . Mn. W, A, DtTWioa tod d»u«h tan, Wood have gone to Sllonm I services on tlic deck on the otS Jprings. Ark., to attend the Ar- warrior every Sunday throughout iansas Baptist Assembly lor young the summer. )top!e. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mel Brooks and DELICIOUS Hot Weather Specials Served Dally HLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE Fricet Kea»nal>le Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks The Biblj Is printed in fi23 languages nnrt dialects. ere In Picrsjoll, Ark., fo rtwo days with Mrs. Robert E. Lee. sister! (if the Messrs. Brooks. Mr. Lee I — tiled yesterday and funeral ser-1 vices will be held today. Mrs. W. A. Stickmon will leave tomorrow for Chicago where slw will attend the fair" before going to points of Illinois and Indiana for a two months stay. She has rented her apartment to Mr. and M—. Don Sammons. Mr. and Mrs. Bob CopeUnd will go to Chicago tomorrow • for the. fa\r. AUTO ACCESSORIES lube with every lire. -.The world's oldest republic is Andorra, a tiny territory with an area_ of 17S sguarc miles and «,OW population. If" is situated' In Qet ready for summer driving at bargain prices you probably will never sec again. Come In. Com-i pare our prices on auto parts,; tires, tube;, motor o^, 5 gal $1.50.1 Wolf Atian Phone 176 — 128 • E. Main. FOR SALE~l)lf TRADE For Sale or Eschangc Good CUT-OVER LAND In southeast Missouri, about 7 miles from Blythcville. Will sell cheap or swap for good second hand car, O. E. _ ... Frawr Filling Station, due north UK Pyrenees, between France and off 61 at Yarliro or Box OEF, Bptln. Care Courier, News. 3pkU Thank You T greatly appreciate all my friends did to win the contest for we and shall always be grateful to my friends, the local firms arid the Ritz Theatre, which sponsored it. Georgia l,cr. Old Car Good Enough? Say, just ride in a '34 YOU'LL change your mind about holding on to the old car the very first time you get behind the wheel of a Nineteen Thirty-four. Are these new jobs smooth .and smart and comfortable? And can they "travel"? Even if you aren't going to buy at present, you should read the automobile advertisements appearing in this newspaper. It's an excellent way to keep up to date on what the spring salons are showing. There are important,developments in styling and engineering—interesting features pictured and described—which contribute to new riding and driving- ease, new safety, beauty, and ,e-c-o-n-o-m\v. Economy important point in tliese messages from leading automobile manufacturers. . . .Exceptional values, long life, unusual freedom from re- p'aivs, low fuel and oil.consumption! Economv^s'The reason they advertise in this newspaper, for here they can reach you and many other logical and intelligent car buyers at a minimum cost per person. Read the advertisements in,this newspaper as an economy measure. They save time, energy, money ... and even now are pointing out that owning a luxurious, up-to-the-minute motor car is often more economical than maintaining an old one. •

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