The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
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k VOL. XXXN1—NO. 157 T F THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP 'NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND 'SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Filytheville Courier Blylhevillo Herald lllyllK-ville Unity News ,„ ,„.,.,,,.,., ,, " ' Mississippi Valley Ix-neler HI-' I HKV \\AA;, -AKKANSAS, THURSDAY, SKPTRM BKI{ |7, 10,'U! r - , it. »*•''< '~i i' i i . ,," SlNGf^j COPIES' FJVR QENTS , | CALL FOR TROOPS TO STEM REBEL ADVANCE As iVIi^lily Colorado Bowed To Man Rescue Crafl Busy as Wind Freshens and Barometer Drops Sharply WILMINGTON, N. (;., Rcpt. 17 (UP)—A (en-ilk Atlantic hurri- <»ne lieailetl for Ihe U. S. mainland late today and weather bureau advisors warned it would 'strike Caps Halteras uhnut midnight tonight.''.-:-.: '. C., Sspl, 17. (UP) Const guard crews evacuated hundreds ! "of .persons from damorcns toots today us a tremendous hurricane roared up the Atlantic, perilously lo coastal cities. Wentlirr observers were still nn- t-prlaln at noon whether brunt a! tlu> lerrillc .storm—de-scribed as nne or the most extensive on record—would strike Ihe mainland or 1 veer oK inlo' the opt.i £?>i, But winds have freshened alon.<j HID Carolina coast and the Viv- Hinin rapes find the U. S. wea- llier bureau ordered hurricane wai-nines. in "place o[ stcrni warnings which previously had Item posted along the const. The hurricane earnings were displayed north of Wilmington to iMnntao. N. C. At Shoals Bay', south of Norfolk, a gate of 00 miles mi hour was reported with the barometer steadily droppin"-- dread sign of the hurricane's approach. Coast guard vessels operating out of Norfolk. Va., removed several hundred residents from Little Island, south of Virginia Beach, and other vessels headed for . numerous low-lying villages-, and .^eUlerneiiCs to take the 1 inliabit- 'aiitsTteP places'"of''r safety.'..':.::,.::'. A high pressure area--over tiib North Atlantic ocean shunted tlis hurricane toward the coast of Hie United States. The weather bureau said the disturbance attended "by gale and squalls over an area 500 miles in diameter." Several 'Ships encountered the 'hurricane winds. The storm was crossing, the lane used by' vessels cri route from New York to South America amid was close to the route of vessels bound for the Panama Canal. !Truck Driver Reports |Talked In Sleep i Los '"s $ 45 ! " Robl H Of " 1,0* I - ~- • • i ,. MitlC SllOt Him CAMDEN. Ark.. Sept. 11 <UI>>___• The entire north half of a busl- Eight Buildings Burn, $60,000 Loss at Bearden A. M. Houston, truck driver for' I'.- J. nrowno. reported to officers! last night that he was robbed of approximately $45 by a omnium on Highway 01, about 200 yards 1 south cl this city, last night. I Houston suld, according to police, that he had slopped lo repair a lire linn had none flat nnd that , | , ~ ,-,•, : while he wns examining the tlrei Appeal 101' vj]ttS lo' a umn stuck n gun In hl s back, ' and mndc him turn over collcc-1 lions made on lite dnlly beer do- 1 livery route. He said the holdup' , , Cites Returning Prosperity . . ,**, ' -' 111 Community Funds WASH1NGTON, Sept. 17.- (UP) — President Roascvclt appealed to the nfilion today In opening the J03C Moblli/atton for Iluinnir Needs for a revival of the spirit of locaVi-har- "y: . . :•- ..-•;.;• Hs emphasised returning.prbsncr- ity as "heightening- the obligation man ordered him to run down the ' President Roosevelt's- finger, pressing a button in Washington, loosed the torrents of water'seen pouring from Hie outlets helow Itaiilder Dam at the rate of S.fiOO.CCO cubic feel a second. Visible in this remarkable aerial view are the 12 dam outlets, six on the Nevada, side ami six on the Arizona side. Constructed at a cos! ot $1U8.- OOu,COO. Boulder Dam. man's most ambitious elicit lo harness nature, will supply power and water to 30,000,000 acres. This pholo was made from a Richficld Oil company plane. Four Japanese Set Out To Reach Everest's Peak SINGAPORE (UP)—Having succeeded in so many . olher fields formerly monopolized by the Occidental, the Japanese" are now turning ambitious eyes*' toward Mount Everest. Pour Japanese climbers arc en rouli- to the Himalayas to begin an atlempt on -Nnnela Kot. the 22,530-foot mountain. They hope tbit if they succeed in this climb they Taylor, will be able to organize an iitti-iupll Stout. on five-rest. 'lor, Holland,'"Keck and Bradley Arc Delegates Prom Blytheville number of Blytheville citizens Wife :of-President III '[or First Time Sinee She Entered White House and thai' the bandit disappeared before he could gel a! '4eod look at him. ' | Police said Houston reported i about n week or 10 days ago Hint I his residence had been entered kf ,-,,,, T. .' •••.-„• aml nl)0 " 1 $32 - nlso reprcscntlm-i hf.evciy indylduaWto.contribute his beer route collections, stolen to private cnarily, and criticized I "n .small minority who seek lo> profit from Ilia preaching of fear." | The president addressed, civic leaders, here lo plan an $80.000,000 charity fund to nil community chests In 330 cities. Ha spoke from llic south iwrlico of the White House. : Mr. Roosevelt cik-el Increased na- Hotial income. ]>ayrolls nnd employment, supporting his assertion since the Ion- |»un, of Hie elepros- i £iou "yreat and substantial p:aj- ress has been made." ' ' • ", "Confidence has returned lo the srau. mass of our |)eople; conn- } dencc on the part of all except.: :i small minority who seek lo profit from " said. The national income, he suld soon will be double- what it wns nt the depression low. Nearly G.- ,..- „..„„... (AC,000 more men and women are mslern Arkansas employed in private Industry nnd 3,000,000' are employed on ggvern- ment work, he said. "Factory payrolls for. the first quarter of this year were more than $70,000,000 greater each week thr.n 'they were in the first quarter of 1933." he said. "Systematic, nnd successful eflorls to raise the buying : power .of .wage • earners 'u&l farmers have increased Ihe'biisl- neas of merchants nnd broiiRlit orders to manufacturers." WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. (UP) — - -------- ..... -••• , . . — attend the state Democratic '. Mrs. Roosevelt lotlay was ord?re-l "t Hot ^SprinffS to bed by her physician, who found will leave late today. The Mississippi county delegates from Dlythcville who will attend Jesse Taylor. V. G. Holland, E. keck nnd Gene E. Bradley. Clarence H. Wilson and Doy'le Henderson, also delegates, will not attend. Mrs. Howard Proctor of this city, who has been named nssisl- Officers Will Patrol West Memphis Highway WEST MEMPHIS,' Ark.—Following four traffic deaths on ni-n,-^,, 70, between the Havahnn bridge and West Memphis, last week u Butler, head of the Arkansas Revenue office at the bridge, announced yesterday speed laws"vvould b: rigidly enforced in the area. husband. March 4. 1D33, thai. Mrs. '''"'o Arkansas Revenue depart- Roosevelt had suxered from any | mcnt trafTic officers will patrol are ; illness serious enough lo send her fro '» Ibe bridge through West Memphis to enforce speed limits of 25 miles an hour for trucks and A will convention opening tomorrow, including delegates and her suffering from unofficial visitors. and a temperature. Some of the delegates are al- | It was" the first time since ready in Hot Springs and others tering' the White House- with heavy cold her the preaching of fear," he Socinlist Candida le for PrcKidenl Add r e ss c s Memphis Meeting MKMIMIIS, Sept, 17. (UPI- DhiniliiK all consllluled anllmrlly— local, stale, and fl-dr-rnl—Nnrrimn Thomas,' Socialist cundidntc for president, charged hero loday [hat /'peonage and serfllke" condltinnii prevail among shnrccrop farmers of ness block at llcnrden. 111 miles here, was destroyed by flri!' of unknown orl»ln early lo- day with n loss estimated at $00 OW, It wns llic .scconil disastrous fire In recent years. Eight luillellngs were burned by the lire, which It wns . believed started In a' slore next lo the Farmers and Merchants bnnk. The Camdcn fire d.-partmeut, num- mcnccl to prevent full spread of Ihe names, left nl U 'A.M., nftei j fighting the flumes all night. I llinitien has n population of ! nboiit I.'.'OO. . .'. STUB LIFE"! Mobilizes Eveiy Available Man foi Duty at Front in War's Crucial Battle, Tn an nelelress before :i Socialist party luncheon 1-em. 'Hiomns demanded to know. "Where i-; l-'rnnk Weems?'- Arkansas negro sharecropper who has bei-n "mining" since early last June- when he allegedly was .benl,.,,. wlille taking , lolul;m , cc .,.„,. Sr,l"Slr"V f s "' il: :, ME'.i^ Because- her husband talked In his sleep of Intimacies with another woman, Mrs, Georgia Haugaard, shown In top photo nfter her arrest, killed him at .their Los Angeles home, she •told police, The husbnnd, [I; E. A \v a r d Th ree ILL TIE FOR LEJEE Lnprinecrs Will . Contract for Loops in 'I ins Couhly WrST MEMPHIS, Ark, Sspt. 17 <P>—Bids for constructing three loop levees on Little nlvcr, four miles cast of Caraway,- will be received nt the unlt'd Slates engineers onicc October 1, it wns lin- nouneed here (odny. 'llic constiucllon of Ihe levees Mill reriulro tlie moving of ; cubic ynidj, of dhl, cu-tllii- VU'OXlmnlcly It'J.fKKi. ap. G. |lo bed. As a result .of. her illness all ot her engagements' celled. have been' can- ! 40 lnilcs nn llol T f °r passenger cars, of seven deaths between A tota She had been scheduled to pre- lhe brid s c ai 'd Little Rock have Ifide al a luncheon this noon for bec " recol 'ded within the last week, ant to VL.itlon, the secretary of the will also attend. C!.. 1 Partlow nnd R. French Strike Ends PARIS, Sept. 17. (UI')-Settlement of the strike of 30.000 workmen in the Lille textile factories was announced officially i )y u, c government tonight. I Chicago Wheat Sep Dec open 113 7-8 115 1-8 113 1-1 115 112 113 5-8 111 3-4 113 1-2 Ihe Mobilization 1 for Human Needs. The attack of cold and fever began nearly a week ago but Mrs. ii'r en- howcv- >tny in bed and it was announced ! that Mrs. Harper Siblev will prc- jside at the luncheon in her stead. ', Yesterday, despite temperature of more than 100 djgraes, Mrs. Roosevelt received several people low close 'luring (he day. had guests for luncheon, tea and dinner, and attended to her mail. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept, 17. (UP)— Cotton closed steady, open high Oct 1202 1205 Dee 1205 1207 Jan I20G 120G Mar 1201 1201 May 1200 1200 July 1181 1191 low close 1195 1198 1198 1201 1196 1199 1193 1200 1-191 1199 1183 1189 Spots closed steady at 1238, up one. Spot Average Is 12,13 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten spot markets today was 12.13, according to the Blytheville Board of IVade. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept, 17 (UP)The cotlon market was v steady today within a nan_. range and prices closed two lower to three higher. Rains in north and west Texas were regarded as favorable except that In some localities -they were too heavy, open high low clo>:« Oct 11% 1197 1192 1196 Dec 1199 1203 1194 1198 Jin. .:.... 1201 1201 1194 1198b K!ar 1193 1198 }i89 1195 May 1192 1195 1187 1193 July 1184 1184 1180']183b Spots closed steady nt 1238, up 5, Scp I3ec Chicago Corn open high low close! 1H 115 3-4 114 115 5-si 95 3-8 96 1-2 95 1-8 US 1-81 Mr. Butler said, with heavier traffic caused by cotton pickers going to work, the patrolmen will be put on to keep cars moving nnd check excess speeding. Approximately 10,000 cars cross lhe bridge daily, Mr. 'Stiller poiinte-i out. Drivers exceeding the speed limit will be fined from $10 to $25 in West Memphis courts. Rain does not clear the air of impurities, according to tests made in 14 American industrial cities by (he U. S. Public Health Service. $25 Fine Assessed in Embezzlement Case Clay Wcgster was found guilty of embezzlement by Municipal r,, . „. , r . . JucI K c Doyle Henderson this morn- Closinfj Stock Prices m « and nncd $25. I Webster wns arrested on com- j plaint of Willie Sharp, who claim- j ed that Webster relieved him of about $25 last Christmas Day. Sharp said he had been drinking ins Michigan Senate Battle nffCoUoti L'hoppcr.s. . . A The-qtKBl kin .of ,whor,- Worms'is,' by reason of clreiiuislnneeK. •"cem- ccrns the honor not merely of a community or of-local officials, lull of',the goftrnor of. Arkansas, Senator Joseph-'r. Robinson . . . and his jjreat friend who campaigned for him, Franklin Delano' Roosevelt •• Thomas nsserled. Thomas charged Wcems "has not been seen or heard from by any of his friends since the day early in June when he led n peaceful meclimj of farm laborers who demanded more than 75 cents a dny for chopping cotton." The Socialist parly leader charged Wcems and other: strikers were "beaten with pistol bulls and improvised weapons" and that Weems "was carried into nj'.";;: slore building nnd his friends saw f. [..'shot six times as he lay. asleep. - Mra, Haujaard's'sonl' 16, bjlkixl her suicide attempt. • photo, DE'TRDIT'S IDTE Increases Majorities of Successful Candidate in Michigan Primaries him no more." Alleged violence nnd terrorism which "equals in shame methoels by which dictators like Mussolini I DETROIT, Sept. 17 (UP)-Comi plcte returns from Wayne county precincts today Increased majorities of successful Re- pow- am! Hitler maintained their er." were charged by Thomas ns he recited how the • Rev. Claude Williams of Little Rock and Miss Willie Sue Blagdin of Memphis. Socialist party organizers, were flogged when they went lo Earle, Ark., lo Investigate Weems' disappearance and hold funeral services if he -was fcuud dead. publican and Dc;n/-,~ratic candidates for the governorship and for United Stales senator. : With 3,427 of the state's 3,4(17 precincts reporting, Prank Murphy, high commissioner to the Plilllpulnc Islands, hnd the Democratic endorsement The- Him- l»im levers .em Ullle Hivi-r foi nlilili Hi,- nriiiv ingln ens will KnelVi' bid-; O.Hotci 1 v III In on ]>rufimgt>'nisliU.I IT v fl li M-C-, i fm mills niilh of llu I lontfunv lutilif, C O Hrd- nun nialllii IM ||,(> I|MU,| M iid loiliiy. 'the Irtnps Mi lleduuitu salel 111 lie built to tko uraik anc: pii. ed so tlutt is built lhe )lo:d conlrul nn'ilslii ecngress lust «])rh' W'lien [lie new levee (cops icon be lncor|Xii'atn( In it In th'ci ineiintliiu- Ihey will vide '.--fc'iirily at points wiWie trouble wllh slide:;, lias been c\ licrlenceel r,n the ' old levco ii periods of high water. Mr. Redmtiti said that ho, understand '- the work was ,to '^. completed Ihls fall. In piepara- Hon for possible high water elur- Ih|j the winter nr spring. May Prevent Vote on Nyberg Proposal .LITTLE ROCK.—That two proposed initiated acts lo be voted on nt the November election will fail lo get on the ballot wns predicted In political circles here. These are the proved Nyberg nnd notenbcr- ry acts. The Nyberg net would prevent any 'increase In taxes without most 2',-j to 1 over his primary vote of the people; Hotcnberry': opponent, George W. Welch o'f ' " Grand Raplels. The vo'c stood Murphy 270,282, Welch 128,040. Wilbur M. Bntckcr held his 3 to 2 lead over Senator James Cou- Missourian Fined $100 for "Enticing Labor" zcns In publican their race for the Re- senatorial nomination In the Democratic contest Representative Prcntlss Brown held a 5,000 vote lead over Louis B. Ward of Pontlnc, Father Charles E. Coughlin's Washington representative. NEW YORK. Sept. 11 (UP) — Prices made a stcaely recovery on the stock exchange today in the lightest trading since early June. Steels led the recovery which was joined late in the day by the rni's. Prices were mixed in a dull opening and thereafter slowly rallied until nearly al sections were earned above the previous close. A. T. and T 174 3-4 Anaconda Copper 40 ] -2 Beth, steel 68 7-8 Chrysler 1121-2 Cities Service 4 Coca Cola 120 Gen. Am. Tank 563-4 Gen. Elcclric 45 3-4 Gen. Motors CG 5-8 Int. Harvester ' McKesson-Robbins 76 1-2 97-8 N. Y. Central ............ 44 1-8 Packard .................. 121-2 PMIips Pet ............... 10 1-4 Radio ..................... 107- St, li.-S. P ............... a 1-2 Simmons Beds ........... 381-4 iSlandard of.N. JJ ....... Gl 7-8 Texas Co. ........... . ____ 37 U. S. Smelting ....... ____ '71 3-4 U. S. Steel .............. 71 Warner Bros. ...... ...... 131-2 Zonltc . .:; :......; ;.;'.:.; .. 7 3-fl considerably, buying liquor al local whisky slore tsnle of liquor on Christmas Day and July 4th was only recently "legalized by the eit.v council) and that Webster had offered lo lake him home from the business district. Webster had no money immediately before joining Sharp bull nbout $24 afterwards and a I pocketbook 'that ^ looked like' Sharp's, another witness testified. ! Livestock FAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Sept. 17 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 5.0M Top 10.65 170-2.10 lbs-10.40-IO.Oa HO-1CO Ibs 9.85 Bulk sows 8.35-9.00 Cattle: receipts 3.COO Steers 8.CO-10.CO Slaughter sicers 5.25-10.00 Mixed ycoHiiigs and heifers • :'so Slaughter heifers -1.75-9.M Beef cows 4.25-S.OO Cutters and low Millers 3.00-175 Steam Rail Locomotives EARLE, Ark.—Accused of at-. tempting to persunelc cotton pick-1 crs to go to Missouri lo harvest tile I i • tj , crop there, LCC Biac!< of Liibourn, America Has Largest Mo., wns fined $100 on a charge of | enticing labor yesterday by Justice i Walter Throgmorton. Black said . |he would app=al to the circuit court. WASHINGTON. (UP)—Tl-c 'AS- 'According to lesllmony present-1 soclatlon of American Railroads ed~al the hearing. Black Was al-1 reports that (he lurgest steam lo- legcd to have ollcrcd to pay pick-1 comollvcs In the %vorld arc In crs on the Percy Magncss place $11 ° 1>cratlon '" lll c United Stales, per hundred pounds In Missouri. The boiler of one of Ihesc locomo- Tho prevailing wage here is 85l llvcs ' lf a " lubes and olher ob- proposal would give the sales la\ to old age pensions. Opponents of the acts, it is said,, have discovered eertnin alleged technicalities which, they say, will prevent the measures from going- lo a vote of B) l.OUIS V. KEEMLE."V\ Unllcd Press Cable Editor « '. The Madrid government; slaking Us life ,011 Its chance of turning buck the rebel dilve In the Tala- vem region, southwest of Madrid, issued n call today for 10,000 yolun- < cers to icenforce the loyalist army I fn neldltton, every- available man ^ I under nrux-i In Madrid was mobilized for duly at the front The ! situation was sllll precarious, will} n decisive advantage jet to be gained by cither siile. > The loyalists had temporarily blocked the rebel advance east of lalavern but 11 was only n phase of tlie battle tmd^the rebels were* expected to renew 'llielr drive vigorously. Amu Now Plentiful ' Sheer man povvci Is the chief advantage on the side of the lojnl- Lsh, mostly untrained men /,-' 'Itic government appears to 1'avo oblalncel a large supply of Hilhs from some source—pcrliaps the shipment made, from Mexico ,The aims »cre needed for the Ill-equip^ |)Cel Bovernment Droops -' ' * t All ical activity of the W centered In the Takvern-Toledo rc-V, gion One of the 'most shocking '" stones of Hie war may develop nl lotalo if thrtats »re 'carried out-to blow up the Alcazar »ith dynamite Alter, «eeks of siegfc more than i,-> 200 icbei men, nomen and children arc still In the ancient for- laew, refu-slng to surrender, „ Ciovornroenl plans-to blast, lire nnclent stone foilress are virtuallj complete, It .was reported,»»illi f,u« v .T Ni'^lauen "lIviu'lodTa lhe UiulldliiB. Itlfonned sources said the government had reached Its "terrible decision" after 10 days of eftoH. 1 ; lo get tlie women and chlldien out of the Fascist fortress had failed, Mercy was not considered for the male defenders. Will Wtrck Dungeons Should the explosives not kill every defender of the fortress, ,government troops and artillery hav.c orders lo complete tlie Job A train of regular army soldiers arrived from Madrid to rc-lnforctjZ- Ihc attackers of the garrison They are to charge the fortress'after" the explosions have rent the massive stone walls Government engineers who have been laying; the mines foi nearly two weeks believed the blast wonldL shake Toledo, but would not endanger other buildings All buildings, however, within a two-mile radius of the fortress were cvncu- ateel. Tlic mines were thought bj gov- •rnment engineers sufficiently powerful to cause collapse of the great dungeon-like cellars .which go Hire's" slorlcs down Into, .the'ground. *it- Is within these chambers that the occupants arc thought to be living' the people. There arc four other pro|»sals to be voted on as follows: Free textbooks and old age pensions, sjwnsorcd by Llciil-Gov. Lee _ Carort; re-apportionment, of the state ns relates to legislative districts, and the bar measure. cents per hundred. Eighty-five pickers from Oklahoma yesterday. Seven local gins arc runnin day and there Is a pickers. slniclions were removed, Is large rrlvcd here i ello "Sh to penult any standard automobile lo be driven through with room lo spare. Will Help Return Two Suspects to Houston HOT SPRINGS. Sept. 17 (UP) —Ally. Gen. Cnrl Bnllcy said here today'he would assist the stale of Texns in returning two alleged gunmen lo Houston to fncc charges of attempted mur- 16 hours a demand for men They were gave Stratosphere Flight Gov. Cochran Irked; Dog Wears Sunilower The night. Richard Moore, nianchard. 32, with having arrested last the names of 8, and James and jvere charged Burk. of "So in a way near wounded Edward In Australia Planned' LINCOLN, Neb. tup)-someonc played a trick on Stubby, Ciov. H. L. Coclmm's pel Scotty terrier, Wilbur M. Brucker, above, former governor ol Michigan, wrested the Republican nomination for U. S. senator from veteran Senator James Couz- cns in a. holly contested primary that held national interest because • Couzens, although a Republican, flatly endorsed President • P.oosevelt and - W» i attempted (light into I sphere by a body ( headed by the famous Picard brothers. First approaches have been made lo the Commonwealth government for the necessary co-operation. Ths flight will be carried out In the Australian summer. The men most interested in the ascent are Dr. Jean Picard, prof. August Plcord and Prof. W. P. a. 'Swann, dire-dor of ttw Darlol Research Foundation, a noted British-American physicist. Lnndon sunflower emblem was attached to his collar. Ills master Is an ardent Democrat. Croi»iti|: Fatalities Cul WASHINGTON (UP)— Total fa- ._ lalltles resulting from accidents Houston, gun battle that city. •evcral days on a high- Break From Besilegei Citv « SAN SEBASTIAN, Sept. 17 (UP) 'Rebels, besieged in x the northwestern coast, 'scor«l -aiv Imijortant victory today when they broke throiigh the loyalist 'colunins surrounding the city. The rebels made their sortie to' Join a supporting column from Galicia which approached Oviedo from Trubla, just southwest of the city. The column from Oviedo surprised the government forces, inflicting important' losses, but the Asturian miners, who formed the backbone of the loyalists, rallied and started to force lhe rebels back Into the citj Kidnap LAHORE young girls Srare in Punjab (UP)— Kidnaping of is .the latest menicc that is causing anxiety to the Lahore have police. Hundreds of cases recently been brought to Traffic Officer Uses 'Shaming' Psychology PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)-Tmffio Patrolman Walter C. Bender, ''the world's only ringer-pointing traffic cop," thinks'psychology is more effective on jaywalkers Ihan the voice of a, bull. Violators cringe before Bender, who implies "fie, fie upon you" by simply pointing his left index finger al a fender-dodger nnd-'rubs at highway-railroad crossings were lit briskly wilh the index finger approximately one-third less .in of his right Imnd. ''I quit billow- 1035 111 an In the record year of 1928, the Association of American Railroads reports, Ing at them 20 years ngo." he said, "because 'all- I got was a sore throat." ' .--•.- light, and a special police staff entrusted with the investigation has recovered 132 kidnaped children nnd arrested 60 gypsies. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy to un- scillcd tonight and Friday. Probably showers in northeast portion and cooler tonight. Warmer In extreme northwest, portion Friday. Memphis and vicinity—Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday. Probably occasional showers. Cooler tonight. Tile; maximum temperature hero yesterday vis 93,' minimum 72, clear, .according to Samuel p. Nor- rls, official.'««a'Uier observer. List night the temperature dropped to •63 , > .

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