The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 6
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', six ¥ LjHL LOOP Chevrolet Team Manager " Grabs Soft Ball Batting , Title With .467 BY J. P. FRIEND The Commercial Softball League lin's a new champion, and n new balling leader as well. Richard Bennett "Dangerous nick" . Potter, manager of tiie vlc.tbrlotis Tom Little Chevrolet company soflball team, supplanted WUIougliby Hemphill ' Tiny" Qlovei, Pnstlme pilot nnd twice winner, setting n new league rcc- oid In doing It. Potter completed the twenty- one game schedule, playing ever)' minute, with nn average of 467, six points belter than Glover's best mark. .401, set In 1934. "Tiny" led In 1935 with .456, but dropped they arc:, Ralph Rushing, n. b, Hughe*, 394; W. H. Olo\er, Pas- lime, .392; Walter .-Allies, Famous Store, .385; Richard" Young, n. D, Huglte.s, .318; Norman Bunch, R. D. Hughes, .368; Dick Tljilon, Chevrolet, , ,3CC; ICirmoii Gi-ay, McMiillln-Fumous ,365; Bowman, H u g h es - Chevrolet," .364; John .'Wimpy" Burns, .Ark-Mo Power, .365; Marshall, Blncknrd, Chevrolet, -3G4; Von .Miillln Phillips, .360; Jirnmlo lllgdon, McMiiiltn's, .357; Stnnnil Ciitclrin. Pnsllme, : . .354; Charles Brogilon Ark-Mo .., Power, .351; n. li. Crawford, 'Famous Store, .316; Cliff Bevll, Ark-Mo Power-McMullIn, .3M; . Her.shel Mosley, Pastime, .345; A. T. Cloi»r Phillips Motor, .344; Bill Crowe, Chevrolet. .343; Hick Burns, R. D Hughes, .340; Carl v Oanske, Ark- Mo Power, .338; Bob Staeey, Riin- cus . Store, .-333; Colyln'Bloody, Famous Store, .333; II.'I,.'liaise]!, McMullln's, .333; jit nits' Diim'il McMullln's. .333; Harold "Trigger" Wnll, Fnmous, .328; Andy nevll, Pastime, .328; . Orovei' Whittle, Phillips,:',320; Marcus Oalncs, Mc- Mullln, .317;' Pat ciiltmon, East Arknnxns, ,310; n. p.. Brogdoh Chevrolet., .314;, Bill , Clieathnrh Ark-Mo-Pastlmel. .310; Robert Hunts, Famous-Phillips, .309; Bah Hotel Ls, Phillips, .304; ; Ernesl, to .392 this year. In sevenly-nvo times at -,.. MC , Dick Denied 35 hiLs and scored 303 . M. Included were: 20 singles, font doubles, six triples, five home runs, for cfl total bases. He drove In 32. Jiunner-up honors among the regulars, who have participated In ns much as two thirds the schedule and finished the season, went to Harmon Taylor, managei, Ark- Mo Power & Light HotpolnLs, defending champions, with .439, three points better thnn Joe Johnson, Clicvrolel's fine first llnrncs, Pastime, .303; nick Hnne.y McMiiiltn's, .304; Charles Kcmllg Bill MeMiillln.plillllus - East Arkansas, basemnn In third place. "Abe" Kinntngham, Phillips Motor Cq.. SI, Louis fourlh with 428, and J. W. Chicago Tnjlor, Chevrolet, fifth. .425. Others in the big ten Include: "Shoeless" Bill Godwin, Pastime Billiard Parlor, .415; Travis Brooks, Chevrolet; .409; Frank Whltworth, Pastime . . Billiard Parlor, .408; Tommy Burns, R. D. Hughes, .407; and Lee "Rooster" Warrington, : Chevrolet, :.40«. Others who batted .400 nnd tetter:. James Puckelt, , Pastime, ;«H; Lagroniie Whittle, R. •, D. Hutrhes. .403: Lawrence Little, Mc' . Mul lin's, 400. There were sereral with high ^ w g averages, but because or partici pating In less than 14 games, 1 they; were not considered • In the ratings. They are- Dutch Welch McMitllins, .687; Emory. Glover, Pastime, 513; Byron Morse, East Arkansas Builders Supply, .500; James Tipton, 'East, Arkansas .Builders Supply, .466; "Tater" Pry, McMullln's, 428: Al Jordan. Ark- Mo Power, .417; Joseph ' "Peter- piper" , Applebaum, Famous' Slqre, 1400; .Eddie Saliba.' Ark-Mo mid East Arkansas, .400; Johnny Smollii'riimn, Famous Stoic, 400 ' ,' ! , Poltn- TakM More •'""Dangerous Dick" was not con- wnt with ' just the highest swal laurel. He either hogged or had a hand In, most. 'of the Individual lipnors'. He led In hits wit H- 35, in Irlples, 6; total bases, 66; was tied with Marshall Blnckaid, a team mate, in runs. Each pressed Ihe plate 29 times, one more than Pete Bumham, Ulillllp; • Motor. Glmei nnd Potter , batted in 12 males apiece. Al Jordan, Aik-Mo, Potter, Glovei, Godwin, nnd Bab Robert.? Phillips Motor, wound up ftllh five home runs ciich. Harmon Tajlor singled 28 times Harmon Graj, McMnllms-Famous Stoic Detroit Cleveland .. Boston St. Louis .. Philadelphia Caruthersvlllc Newport ........ The Standings New York Pittsburgh Cincinnati Boston . .... Brooklyn ,. Philadelphia National I,rat DC W. T,. Pet 85 50 .003 ..... 81 01 .510 .... 80 03 .5S!) .... 17 Ri .533 .... 11 71 .500 .... (!4 18 CO 81 40 D3 .457 ' American I .t W. L. Pet. New York M 48 Chicago . ..; 78 65 Wnslilngton 11 G8 7G G8 7,5 08 72 13 51 00 49 04 .687 .545 .531 .528 .524 .497 .302 .3411 Norihrasl Arkansas FlayoU HOW THEY FINISHED W. L. Pet .600 .400 Baseball Remit* All '" Nitlonii I^- gnmij.s rained out. ; American I>nrne Detroit 8, Plitlndel|)hln 6. New York 7, .-Chicago .1, Cleveland-13, Boston 2, Wnshliigton 13-6, St. Louis l-\ (Second scvcii , Innings, darkness), Norlhfpsl Arkan5is Pliyoff Carulhersvllie 8, Newjiort 5. Today'* Games .. Soulliern' I.fifiic Dayoff Night games: Birmingham at Nashville-.' New Orleans al Allnitta. nnd PucketO weie deadlocked In doubles with 6. Charles Biogdoii officially went to bat 78 limes, nnd Eddie Reginald R D. Hughes, drew (wenty four base on balls. For the second consecutive year Danny Warrington, Pastime's tall righthander, chalked up fifteen victories as com'pared to sl\ reverses to lop all pitchers in gnmes won. His winning 'percent- li'ee. of .114 Was hlghesl. He hnd the lowest earned nm average permtlling 3 21' teg;l scores per seven innings lolled. Dan hurled every inning of hts team's twenty- one games without relief, as he did last; .season.. John . Holland Famous Store sorrel top. was second in games won with 15, but was lopped by Verne Rimer in percentage. The Robinson soulh- paw won C and lost 4 for .067. Jimmy Smolhcrman, pudgy Phillips Motor Co, righthander, was fourth with .571. representing 8 triumphs and six defeats, followed by Eddie Saliba, Ark-Mo-East Arkansas and Leo Stephens, Ark-Mo Power, each with nve and four. Talmadge Huey. R D. Hughes' crack southpaw, won n ond lost-10. Kerriilt Copeland worked in but a few games for the Chevrolets and wound up with 4 wins and v,as beaten twice. Buster Carter, Another "Chev-vie" boxman, won hl$ only start. James Dunn, and Marcus Galnes, both of McMullln's Cash Grocery, broke even In two contests. Marshall Blackard and Dick Pptttr, Chevrolet, were the only pitchers' to win t»o without a loss! Both won a complete game and received credit In relief roles for the other. The triumphant Tom Little Chevrolet aggregation carried ofl club batting honors with .349, but bowed to Pastime for fielding distinction. The cue artists were best defensively with .900. R.D.Hughes finished second In batting with .328, one point better than Pastime. Little fielded .894. Phillips Motor was third wlto 878. East Arkansas trailed the group In both departments, and »lso finished In the cellar. • ,„ M S«Jeet v HHten PUty el»ht batters, 12 fnore than in IBS.-fiinlshed with btttlng »v- e«|es ..better than .3*0. In addition to those" a!re»dy mentioned, National League Chicago at Boston, Iwo cames St. Louis at Philadelphia. Plllsburgj, r n|. New York. Cincinnati at .Brooklyn. Am?rk-an League Philadelphia at Detroit. New -York al. Chicago. Boston at Cleveland. Washington at St. Louis. A mosquito has 22 teeth, nil of which can be seen Ihrough tr microscope. ; Plant Winter Legumes Increase yisld 250 ibs. of seed cotton per ncre by planting Hairy Vetch. We have Ihe. only .planter equipped to plant Vetch In collon ond com middles. We can furnish Duplex Hoppers nnd Lcgiimt allaclt- menls u> convert your Shawnec Cotton .and Corn planter lo Legume planter at nominal cost. Paul Byrum Aik. BLYTHEVILLE <t (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "Hook, Line Ami Sinker" By'SFN Somrtxxly 1ms l»nt holding out i us. Tl^y didn't tell us (hat IK llshlim Is n liiajor .sjwrl. We ort of thought jni; nulling wns mnethlnij ihnt niiRlcrs lurnccl to i desperation when Ihe crapph! lid Irass wouldn't bite, and to a rtnln pxiciii we were right. Ffijwrntlon drovr 'us to 'our flrsl IK nshlng. We hadn't been uljln o conx n cinpplo bite since the ourlli of July, so we felt we nil nothlni: lo lose In nccopt- is an Invllallnn to Jug on the [.•wisslniii Sunday. Kor tlin' heiiont of Ihe nnlnltlat- d v;e v;lll iitlrmpt lo describe lie cxiinrlencrn lluu ended In 11 ill) to the photographer's rmd n nil frylni! pnit. : • . . First wo Itnil • to iimnauc for lie prourr -cqillomciil: n sru- •crlhv lioal, cnpoblv of ridlna IP dnngcroii.'i. swells nnd eddies f the river, /i dcpemlnble ont- onrd motor, ;jii) onc-qiiart oil ins, cnch wllJi 11 strong four coL line, sinker nnd hook, n ciinil encli of liver mid liccfstoak or bait, a (Ivc-gtillon ran of (jns- llne for tlio motor. 11 |j|-j land>8 neL, » Kiiff made of 11 long nne roln wllh . n .slronjj wire ook securely taped lo the end, iid 11 gallon of Ice water. • Now, we're rejidy. Four of us, iree beginners mid one exjier- siieeil "jugjer." We stint the motor nnd head or u point inslrenm on llio rasri' side, several'miles nwnv, "I visllilc from the Hnrflclcl land- In 30 minutes we are there, n n vnsi sand shoal .bordering lie main channel, 1 During thu idc ii])slrenm «i' have lioen busy nttlir* the Imll. putting It oil lie strong river hooks and stnck- IR. our cans so they can be ulc'kly niul cnslly thrown orar- onrd. Ott Mtilllns, the veteran wiio s directing llic opcrntlons. notes ic wind direction nnd snys lls avornbls. The river Is fnirly mooth which Is also goo<l. lie elects a point on the shoal nnd Ires the word. The boal is -irned toward r the channel nnd hrec pair .of hnnds work to 1111- ind the lines nnd drop the nils into the river. In -.u- few linitles 80 cnns nrc nlloiit. They re stretched out , over n wide ren. I~\\K ivlhrt and current, u'eep them across the shoal 'licre (he hlg cnts nrc feeding. Vc cut biir , motor nnd drift chlnd them, anxiously straining ur eyes lo keep n slinr|i watch n Ihcm all. The glare of the in on the dancing walcr makes le (ask dilllciilt. . '. No more, than ten minutes lapse before we slglu miv llrst (rlkc. There is n quick splnsli s..tlio fish Jerks.tin; littlo sealed nn under. E.iclleinenl seizes nch of ! tis iu the boat; Even H. the' veteran, is tense, as we miihle '• wllli illie' motor trying o; start It.'- Such n thrill must ave' gript>ed tlie men nlioard the. Id-time . whaling' boats when the ookont -sighted the-first whale, of ie season nnd bcllovyed, "Thnr he blows." :In a ittotnciit Hie can reappears n "the surface, of Die waler nnd tarLI uf.-.lreani. We : ,6'jiek'la.ku it, and one of us stands -on the little,deck and reaches for Ihe line'' wllh (he hook on (he cane pole;-. Tlie cat tugs nnd fights and must he • "played" TO he will not break (he line ami escape. Finally his head Is worked Inlo the landing ncl and ni- ls lifted Into Ihe bout. We estimate Ills weight, nt tight, poumk but later discover lie weighs ten A Line channel catfish of Ideal Ing size. We have drifted almost a mlK- In a surprisingly short lime. Many of llti! cans have cross 11 !! Ihe slioal and are bobbin"' in tin; rougher water al the channel. In ii few minutes we sight another fan being lowed by a fish, and Ihc same, scum- Is re-enacted. Tlie rat Is nlmost. Identically the sl/c of HIP first. We run u sirring Hue through iiieir gills and tow them through the .water. Roon all of our cans "are Into till.- swift channel ami wo work furiously to gather them In fur another rim. Wo nro hack ut ,aslic Apparently Looking Forward to Frequenl Enemy Aerial Attacks. HV J. ]'. IKIKNI) Conch Carney La-sllc must have n sneaking suspicion tlmt Ihe op- i posing teams vyill not attempt to | nm over ;he hig Clilckasaw for•wind wall of the Blythevllle tenm ; this year. At liny rate the wnv ihe has been drilling ihe entire ist/und on pass defense Is n prellv eood Indication. The Chick mentor spout fovlv- I'.vv inlnnlcs Montfay having lils (jrotefM heave (he ovals, with a defensive team .attempting to bal Memphis Bottlers Art Eliminated at Chicago OHICA.C10, Sept. 16.-Th e Coca Coin Uoltlers of MemphLs, Tenn ^re eliminated in tlie third round of Hie world soft bail tournament play at Soldiers Field here yeslcr- uny, losing to ihe Urlllsh Consols of Toronto, Out., 1 to 0 Cameron "Cam" Ecclekone of He consols hurled his second straight jio-hil. • no-run game, while Ihe Consols ^o't but. lln-ee f 2 f '° lim ' Tl ' J P*tt ""id Donald Slalnbrook, Memphis liurlcra. Irlplctt was Ihe losing hiirler. PILOTS TRiUMPH ,. except we space the mi-nlnlly. dividing t™ b- U-eni four ILshermen when su.l- denly u yo,m<j geyser spouls a B ' u o<j geyser spous a yards i.way near Ihe. channel. H The Is a ran being violently takoL. ° ' " ' ei ' c . . , K «,T r ,'" , defe " S( '' . h ' n , m ' llne , b « cke " <™ under. H does not .reappear and I .' 1" '1°' filst n , mi , ™'e-brenk- we are p.imletl. Wo'i.senrch the! ' B tlie, u > reguliirly. At llme.s wnter, ' nndlnk nothing. In ten 1 !.' . ryc " ° Cl ! cks ™' c »»*• ™ ' '" nt '''""' " 10 m< " v]c - minutes llic can bobs, .lo tltn sin face on llic opposite .side cf the river. We slarl. bill at the 1 sound of the motor the cat slarls running. After nn exciting chase we mnnage to grab the line with '•• f» hiii "' Ihe liook. The cat sounds. ,' carriers were not get- carrying the can under, and we "" "™ y formnl1 ' give lihn tlie pole, because to^tuy on (he line would menu to snap it. Eventually he gels tired and Number Nine News : :Ellznbelh HaUbn,- who tmsV'bcci) suffering from blood poisoning resulting from a ioV infection, n slowly Improvlnc;. | 'Mr. nnd Mrs. -Von Mullens ;sp'cnl (he week-aid with rela- jtives in Dlaj* Hock. Mrs. Mnttlc bile Ilaync, of Louisiana, is visiting her brother. .Klilus Nelson. '' • '-..Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Rinisuol'toni, wcrk him very gently the net. Ott lifts and the weight Is too much. Others pull nml we have a 41 -pounder in the Ixm. Yes sir, somebody's been holding out, on us. They should have told us about jugging. , n , Onof nmi Is dc- tcrmlncd to eoivect this fauli A Monday gridiron cuslom'was .srnnshed when ihe tribe was sent, another lough scrimmage. ' iy formally long sprints and good, clean, hard tacklln- prc- vnilcd. Joe Bartholomew Lloyd "Tour" Wise, Bill Harrison, and James Burton, nil £iant tackles had a busy day in' the "opposing bnckflclds, ns did Oneil Craig Byron "nipper" Walker nnd several others. Coach stanfill Ciitchin continued (o drive his Papoose gridders in preparation for the Armorcl Keclclies, here Friday night. Left handed Tommy Wairington brother of Dan, Chick end, Indicated tlmt he will :-Ije heard from'-,by .his fine work. He. ,wns kicking well and displayed a keen knack '.at -throwing nnd catching the pigi skin. Tommy docs evcrytlilhp the southpaw route. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hntton. • Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Collins anil .IMI. LULU isuft. muL'i L iiiiiiMjuiLuiii. children, Alice and Marv \YOrc of'near Slvelc, • mid Mr, nnd Mrs. ri|im»r,• euosts Sunday nf Mrs "a Ed Hiitlon. of Number Eight, J. Whittle, .of Puxico. ;.'' WEDNESDAY, SKPTEMBEK 10, 19SG Caruthersville Beats Now•:;port, 8 to 5, in Decid- ' ing Game. . NEWPORT, Ark., Sept 10^ The only Missouri, club in ('he Northeast Arkansas baseball league won the .championship in the first season's play in the class D loop when, the qdnithersvlile I'lioLs defeated the Newport Cardinals here yesterday, 8 to 5. The game was the mill and deciding till In the play-off series with liie Pilots coming from behind to grab the series after training one game to two. | The' Mjsspurians had won the ret half peiihant and 'Newport! had annexed the second half of tlie split season, the learns divided Ihelr two play-off games at Caruthersville and -paclt team had won one here ncfore today's game. . '•": , • , The Pilots scored" two in the second, three in Hie fourth and three in Ihe sixth on a total of 12 hits. 'Newport counted two'in, the second, two in the sixth and I one In- the seventh on 11 hits'. | Al keHey, borrowed from the' Osceola Indians because of '.in-1 jury of Caruthersville players in a highway accident, again went to the mound in n relief role fm- the second straight day and saved the game for the Pilots: He relieved Lewis in the seventh when the Cardinal'; 'scored two runs. Morris : Smith, started- Cor Newport but wris'relieved by Sutherland. • . . Hill Farm News Mrs. John Min-rali lias returned from Washington, 0. C.. where she visited her hiislmml. who has been working there Cor some time. She plans in move then' In a few weeks. Mr. nud Mrs. tioy Stolon, of Detroit, visited her mother, Mrs. Naltle lllvnns, hist week. Homer Mbsley returned Monday from n few 'days visit with rein- lives near Dlylheville. •• Mrs. llersche-1 Hale spent last week with lier pnrenls-ln-inw, Mr. nntl Mrs, llnle, of Dyess. Duh nokcr and c. I,. Iliehard- so'i visited friends «i niythcvlllc Sal"rdny. • Mr, and Mrs. John Moore, of near D.vess, visited (he In tier's .sister, Mrs, Clarence Yntes, here Sunday. The Home Demonstration club met Friday at ihe home of Mi, John nhoctes. Nine members were lircscni. Mrs. O. R. Hertford gave a demonslrntion on canning chicken and pork. Mr.' nnd Mrs. Marlin nrnckeii cf Driver Grove visllcii ihe Int- (cr's grandmother.' Mrs, M. A. Clny, Sunday. Mrs. John Eohanncn is sick. Junior Seudder, who was injured lit nn iiutomobile wreck recently, Is much improved. Miss nnle Smith has roturiWl from St. Joseph's hospital, Mem" phis. Her condition is much Improved. MORE MILK INSURED! Yc Before You Boy Any Outboard J See the NEPTUNE Single CyJ. fl™ (Other Sizes to 10 H. P.) HILTOARD TIRE & HATTERY CO. ou CAN GET more ond you don't have to take our v;ord for U, We'll back it up in writing. Stop In whtn you 'are ready for more dairy fctd and let us tell you all about. Purina's ntw MILK INSURANCE." it's what you're been waiting on for a good many years. cow CHOW * CASH FEED STORE 1)2 Kiisl Main Regular Gasoline Anti-Knock Gasoline 10 8-1 Oc Plus 3c Tax 1-1 l-2c, Plus 3c Tax, ' .1-Jvirt. ^ ^Special To Farmers! in Barrel Lots Regular Gasoline ... Kerosene in Bbl. Lots Kerosene 1 to 25 Gal 10 8-1 Oc, Tax Paid ..... 5 9-10c, Tax Paid Q8c MARTIN OIL CO. Steele, Mo. NWICE Any arliele Imuglil of ItUKKI! 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Your Master Plumber can tell you the cost, help you select 'StnnrfotT," Plumbing Fixtures to inaich, arrange financing on FIIA terms and furnish the skilled workmanship so necessary to satisfactory service and health proicciion. Call your Master Plumber today. He will be glad to give you complete information without obligation. "Your Family's Hiahh is loc important to ntglicl. Ji is t u,,,,; a l ,!,„, ,„„ huy Plumbing Pi x t, lret f nm Masltr pi,, mterli Ihe men but qualify by Training and Expert- enct to insure Hta/lb Pnteahu." PRESIDENT NITARY MFO. CO. PITTSBURGH, PA. of American Radiator I Standard Sanitary Corporation

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