The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1931
Page 4
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; PAGE FOUR ij.- THE BLYTHEVILLK COURIER NKWS. ?"• tie* COUJUER NEWS C6 V FUBUBHERS '-•>'- : '-.'"• • • 0, R. BABCOOK. EfUtw I •:,.- "-', p. W, UAINES, Advcrttsliih' Manager -•." . ; Bole National Advertising Hcpieeematwcs: •-'•'•The Thodins P. Clark Co. Juc, Nc»- York, Philadelphia 1 , Atlanta, Dallas, Sim Antonio, San Ftjliiclsco, Olt'cago, St. Louis. '.: Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. HI/VTIII'JVIU.K, (ARK.)' GOUR1KU NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1931 ;• .Entered-W second class matter al the post ofllce at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under acl of i October 9. 1917. Served by the. United Press ~~~ simscKirnoN KATUS By carrier In the city o! Blytliovtllc, 15c pfr . week or 50.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius of t>0 inllcr, M.W per year, $1.50 lor six mouths, B5o for Ihrce months; by niall In postal zones \wo to six, IncUslvo, (6.50 tier year, in zones revcji mid eight, $10.00 l>er year, payable In advance. An Old Army Era Passes News tliat llic War Department has •'decided to abandon some 53 army posts in the fni' west .someliiiio in the near 1 future emphasizes again the way in •which the nation has done an siljout- facc in the last few decades. Thu change that has come over this army mirrors a change that lias come over the whole country. ..;.. These posts arc surviving relics of the' old days of Indian warfare — the ,. r .:- days of the "winning of the west," |fj}. \vheii the frontier was close at hand 'ip's'. ami America had no attention to spare ^f for anything outside of its own l)or- ti^f dera. Now trails were Ijeinu made iu- to hoslije Avi^Uirncsscs, iruw sotllc- ii i en ts wore springing up amid distant Sf'-'l;' mountains and on remote plains; 'army i'4si[-; posts were needed for their protection, f)'' and the -53 that are .soon to be ducom- pending abandonment of thu old posts' prove it. The nation today has finished its frontier skirmishes; now it trains its army for war on a large scale, providing Hkeleloni/od commands that can be enlarged rapidly, making sure thai it will never iigain be caught unprepared tin it was in 180S. Thai fact is a immure of the change Hull lias eoniu over the country. The end o'f the army's weslern forts marks the disappearance of Hie last, vestiges of an old ora in American history. —Bruce Cation, . hei' :f\ EIX|- 4J5SJ.. missioned were, in their day, havens of safely for iiioncer families. Their very unities KpcaU uf the uilur and romance ut" liie old west. Fort Luraiiiii.', ; Forl Uridgei 1 , Forl Luarnuil, Fqi'i't'liil Kearney—lliey oxeito niwnor-. '- ies of a day'that n'c'yur found its poct,- a day 'when adventure, tliiiiiOT ami bloodshed were abundant in the land and the red Indian was something morn .'.'than n picturesque figure in story ;; books. The army was devised to niuel Ihosu conditions. It did Hie job well. Little more thiih" a~coMinJiiTary force, from European .standards, it wits precisely Ills kind of army America needed. It •'•was scattered all up and; down thu far west" in'small detachments, a platoon . here and a platoon thorn; and the bravery nntl ability of Urn men in these detachments., have given Uie army sumu '.' of its brightest laurel;. When the Spanish-American War broke out it was discovered that tlicry was not an officer in the army, except for a few Civil War veterans, who had over seen a body of troops its large as a brigade assembled in one •;' spot. As a preparation for war with a European power, this WHS almost disastrous; but it meant, really, that the • army had been doing its job very well. Dispersion of its units had been essential. There had been no need ty holtl large-scale maneuvers. But it is all different now, and (he Jobs and Criminals If you have ever doubted that Uiuri; is a direct titut important connection between crime and economic conditions, yon might profitably consider thu fact that the Marshall Slilliiuin movement, an organixaliim whicli sought to rehabilitate criminals by gelling them jobs, has i;>)'ie out <>L business bctiuiw of the depression. The depression eliminated the jubs, and llie criminals promptly went back to crime. So the Marshall Slillman movement is being replaced by the Association for Bettor Citizenship, which will try to prevent young men from entering the underworld. Seldom is the economic background of crime belter illiii.itnaleJ Hum by tiii:! event. Hefure we cun eliminate our underworld, apparently, we will have to litlce the kinks out of our industrial system. Thai Foreign Debt Idea A ijrcm many of us who fur year* have uii'.c.l llniti Ihe foreign debt he forgotten Iciu- tiorarlly us u incline lo ic-usLablislitiv.,' biritucjj to normal anil creating fcrcii'ii (;oi:dwill upon which depends n forolRu market, cannot help hut feel armacd ul tilt v;ay the v/orlil la!:cs President Hoover's Inrdy arcipl-jnco uf Ihh |)l:ni. Ji!d;;ini,' fumi the lire.;", aci'inuU:; ul home and abroad, llic presldenl originated "a biand now idea." Had America hr.d llic gco:i seme to forccl the IorEit;u \vur dcbl for ten year.s after the vt«v, the pvcs'-nl economic- vvlsls »wl its resultant slock markcl- crash und scries ul bank failures r.cvcr would haw happened. Von can't kill Ihe i;coss Uinl lays the. noS'lcn Tiis mid have your goldrn cfi;s loo. but Mr.. Hoover and his co-u - arkcrs have bven a loni,' time fir.dins il out. —Fayctlcvillc Uemo:r.u. I SIDE GLANCES % George Clark sit and headed, on either side, by carved and ornamented wo:den swans. These would be taken out by a gondolier and, (or five cents, a ride ubout the losoor.s of Hie ixirk could cc made. Now I see llic old rafls lyliv; cither at anchor or al the in:'.: docks, slowly dlsintcgnuiu^. Tlic. . paint, is va)iL5liing from the s,w;iiis 'Ii'diru iar.d Ihe rafls show no s-i^n tf re-' Few Cases ol : Rheumatism Can Bo Bencfittccl by Diet IIV 1>K. HOIlItlS l-'lSIHSi:i.\ I llian nny otlier.s are ilia so who .'ire The I l-dil'-T, J«iiiii;il of Hie' Browhij old and hn'.c, aysofial'-'d Asewhllou, ana u f 113'tin: Uc.illh icenl use. , Sonic tell me that .such a ;,lmp'.;, ipastoral excursion is entirely tea itamc for a modem ecncntnn. Well, I can rcinenibir when liie HIiuiuiuuc cciulitions ' and in- uilh Increase In ago, slight in- ilninin-.itions of llic joints. The chief value in such cases is al- Ilaimnulion of Ihe joints be; Inched to dieis that arc Mifficimt- iifrcclc-d very litiie by diet In the 1 ly slishl In caloric value lo prc- ni:ijcrl(y of rnsi-.s; Ihey arc I vent inci ?.itc in weight. A lai^e Urinii'lit nbont hy infections,. Con-'. ir.i'vea-'.? in wcijlit Is wrlous lit kick of a lifetime could liave been! I' 1 "! "'«>« some method of seliir!?] any lime, but particularly strlons Mi-urix! out. of a penny ride on a ;kl <* «'« infection. There arc j when it raiecms .someone with • ijony's b-u-k • EOUW couditiona af!\B the Joim-,I inlV.«i«-d joints. Indeed, a low . . . budi as t«ut, i-.hleh inr known to; caloric d ( .?L witli limited niuciuils Having spoken of politicians n I ^ Ill ; f '? t ' 1 5 li;( ' * ilh dic "" li ' y '''"!" aphs back, causes me lo f«'|»".. '»"1 which s ,»sltion of -MMllW- ™' ?.." in ! JC1 !^ *'. few paragra; recall llic \K a Job which is native lo -Nc-.v *OIK :nsotar as I know. There arc towns. 1 believe, vlurc li:e word "fixer" is uscJ. And an Is .sometvlicTO bjhvsen a lawyer and a fixer. licccntiy a witness came tcfovc the Seabnry committee, now invos- ti^atin^ iiregularities In Ncv: York public ofTice. When asked wlir.l his LLisincss was, the witness .slid he was "an expediter.' ich teem to be nidi- the m-oiicr Icclion of food. Acute Inlhnimu- oi carbotydrates or sugars If, the one type of diet n|xm which all Riitlinrities agree us being of sonic use in chronic arthritis defoimans lions of Ihe joints, and particular \'J the lyp; ot infection seen in. riicuinr.lic fever, are not greatly i 'he aged. Liifluenccd by diet. McLeslei- iwints mil that U lias been :i gcirorjl UnpreHic-n for years Unit sweets, meats and fruits were harmful for raich patient;, was due to ^ confusion of ordinary ar- lliri'.is '.vith (join and Ihat there isi or in (he prujresslre types of in- of the joints affecting r Believes Latin Is Aid in Business WATFilVIIIB M« iUP)— nr j,,,,.,,,"„_ T .,j. ]0 ';. ' f £ r who js rc l tiring from the Colby College fac- , ..... mcit desirable. For instance, U a certain Individ-1 J]ljliti .•••••' jJf' -• ,-*'•-• "' iii\ ciy ME* sendee, inc.-HEC u.a.pikT.a'fr.'- t '"I'lial'K htnv il Klantls, cither my picture -is tml !s called lor Jury duty and finds mslness matters taking up his time, the district "expediter" will act as an "expediter" and fix everything up. They appear in traffic courts as "friends of i!i= defendants" and inke on all sorU of riendly jobs, provided that tile of- put or. yvcry jar, nr ! don't put up another cent!" IN u>ith Gilbert Swan. nlUiclanr., in KA'uii U> Gain Goud \Vill cf l-'iiluiv \'uters. May licvivo ('Ur^toill ,1:1 <li\'ili(^ SlilntlHT I'ic- nics fur "Uldiiu's.'i x ... f EW YOliK, Juno 21;.—N'»w York liulltlelni-is, it would seem, IIBVC at- iiicsl forKOttcn the cteiM' o!fi muthcr- tincl-child appeal in l)iil]:liir; up what use;! to bii called a "constituency." Ui.lll a relatively short tiin; at'O, districl leaders would held annual ummer picnics in Central l j .irk for oast, 'ensic is not loo serious. Recently residents of a con: neighborhood complained thai a (kidney, certain corner was unsafe for the | in ih<> elironio "—.of children'0:1 tlieir w,iy tJ i malicn of thi- joiiits^ diet Vi It bhculd include '• ^ SBS. cereals with cream, '"Latin"'hVlps you in guessing," butter, preserves, orant-e. ,, e 'The whole business of juice, ice cream and simple pud-' life is gucss i ng . Wc have to guess oinss. Because people with fever whw) thls depression w lll end; we and inflammation of the joints nre h!mj to gllcss v;hat lnvestmcnt ls likely to become anemic, it is also; bc=t to makc _ A „,„„ can stuf[ ,, is desirable to give them fairly Ire- j bnlins wilh kllow i el ig c am i not quontly broiled c:ilv:s' liver or) havc ])( , w ., r . Knowledge is not puicu is made by usin- appioxi-, ,,. wcl . judgment is power. -' mnLely ^C'O grains cf ralvos' liver | ..^j and an e(|iial qu.inlity of lamb ] ], avc , mau m he must , . school/Tile usual run ol complaints su U ol cunlrol the cumlillon. A i t i,i s " 1Km . or o [ brniiKhl no action. Then soaieon: iiourishlnpr diot is particularly im-' ;: . mu , clep-jc a Prisoners at Sina Sln^ fcnll lenm. Golnis In rlglil, iiruviillns they cuuntry runnltib'. have organized a unsi;- for sjiovt may l;o all iluu'l t^ke 1111 cross- riaatlc facial tuuBcoiia, ws sujiposc, lliink they're pioneers in the uplift movement. Some i;irls wlll probably keep away Irom Ihe bench this summer lo tave Ihtir thin. of existence. Just the other day, I notice:! thai Sherilf Farley threat- ciitJ lo revive il, wit!) plenty of ici ^crv-iiii and cake, pcamus, popcorn ami licle.s on the inerry-go-raijlid. 'Ihe appeal ivas directly to Ihe fnl'.irc voter and to Ihe heads oi siilies; a far less complex and in- vclved method tluui is usr<l in nioci- cru ^aiijj and racket politics. And I find myself sibhtiui: also foi llie passing of Iho olfl-f'ishloncd ••;.v.,in brats" on the Uontro.l Pari thought of a friend who was an expediter. Within a couple of ciuy.\. n kindly cop appeared ;it the cross- lug and the children had ir.siant protection. All of whicli cements political fiieiKishiiis, to b^ sure -but Tammany is n smart organization! type of inflain-: :im | j n imerpreting them. I don't ii-ill al- I i )u invc any oilier t>tu\ly devcloiis jjudt'iiieiit in the Latin. The study of modern languages is much more a matter of memory." portiint in ll:c chronic lype and hsmilri include' nspecially t!'.i foods that provicie plenty of vitamins, minerals an dgucii i|uaiitil!es cf p or takins; photographs from (ho puileiu, EUC]'. as miiselc meals and air. a Oeimaii has invented" a., !lvcr. | camera tliat is canicd aloft by a I The people who havo apparent-, rocket, L-riirj lov.cred by a para- ly F.upjiorlcd dietary quacks more i chute afler the plutc is exiioscd. the Iriddic.s." TV.; mjtliers, of I Inlits. It may to fiat the family m:r;c, wait u!om,' and thus {ncl.iiiims Iia:l somcthiiiB to do witii vhol-j family "made solid"-for I my fuiuiness for this float-like dc- me district bass. j vice. For one reason or another—pvr- The "fwan bo:U' was n briRliily- aps the \w should be blame:!— | painted raft. c(|iup;)cd with bjncii- his neighborhood custo:u went out es upon whicli the youngb'.er.i could Add similes: As busy as an abscnl-niinded professor on liis vacallon. Then there was the writer whn lliuiighl he would ni'.ike u name for hiifi-self by adoptlr.=: a ncm-cle-pluiii:. Before investing in a sailor hat. however, mosl wcmcu will un:iuubt:dly wall for a tail. Anyway, it sliould make n garase man fc-.l good to lliink he lanl;r. up every day. OUTOUR MO-MO-VOO CAMT COAv. ij MO MORE O\JfP> IM .i A HOME, OF WOU WOWY i-lf\FTA ooT IM A o\L Boy £AT SCRAPS OoTA A OL RoST--/ PAM, G(T O-W3E.O OoTPs tv-V Cox You SCRATCH UU>JTT AVV' FtG,\T AM' Do /OO , AM'. VOU'\-V_ C-tlT \T,TQO- A 'Million Acres br '-' i. t \ For you and a few other people to play in! n the cool Jemez Mountains of New Mexico —8000 feet ihigh. r ' i. i. mountain resort with a palatial club.?'<::• i house and every known' amusement—morning, :hoon and evening. /.;• Season — May 1 to (•Thanksgiving Day. at -Jcmcz Sp;iii aij New Mexico / information to STREET etcran moiorisis are quick to rec- ognize the new product which brings them better service and lower cost. In increasing numbers, they have repeated their purchase of this new full-bodied oil because in actual use they have proved its loiigct-lasling lubricating value. This multiplied buying approval is the reward of merit... an earned tribute to the world's finest oil jot' your nwlor. 1009o PARAFFIN BASE A GRADE FOR EVERY CAR

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