The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1941
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY'5/1041 Canadians Rush Roads For Britain BLYTHEVILLK. (ARK.) "COURIER NEWS FOTWY BUSINESS By NEA Service LONDON.—The fastest working sons-of-guiis who ever struck this little island are the Royal Engineers of the Canadian army. From Northern Scotland to the Downs, they have been tearing up the countryside and building roads at a rate that even has the English army gasping- in astonishment Their latest feat, which Canadian Canadian Royal Engineers . .. fastest road builders ever to hit BrilaTnT' officers pass off as a "routine ac-, complishment." is that of doing a two-year highway job in seven! weeks. j The Engineers went to work with j eir giant seven-ton American! tractors and road graders. They i tore their way across fields and through biishlands, and in seven weeks time a glistening, straight 22-foot highway had been built That's the way with the Canadian Army Engineers, because every man has done 'his stretch with the best construction companies of the Ontario hardrock country. They're hard bitten, they're sloppy, they're just as apt not to salute when a visiting general swishes by. But they know how to build roads in an incredibly short time. Spark Ignites Loose Cotton In Plant Working On Defense Orders NEW HAVEN, Conn., Feb. 5. lUP)—Eleven persons perished today when fire swept the third floor 9f the Now Haven Quilt ancTTad- Company which is working on $2,000,000 of defense orders.' H was impossible Immediately to identify two of the workers- whoso charred bodies were found when the-binge had been extinguished. All of the men were working iu one department and the fire started when n spark from n carding machine used to fluff cotton as it was removed from balo.s ignited n pile of cotton. The flumes spread quickly to nearby bales. The plant foreman ^d he believed the men were overcome by cotton fumes and smoke within a few minutes. There were between 75 and 80 persons iu the building when the fire .started. No estimate was made cl the loss. Promised Land News Uirlhday Dinner Oiven A birthday dinner wt\s given Sunday at. the Henry Nipper home. in honor of Mr. Nipper and U A. Bronson of Rosemavk. Tenn., Mr. Nipper was 63 and Mr. Branson, 81. In addition to the Nipper family and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Fita- 1. "I luul lo grow it, sir—I lost my lie!" - Mind Your Manners y<mr knowledge of correct soi-ial usug-e by 'nn.swcrinir U»r foHoiviiifc questions, tlu-n Hieckmi', ao-.iinsl the uulboHtii- tivc answers •1. l.s ii. ry to include your next-door neighbors ovitry timi' you enlertnin? • r >. Is it uood manners to con- tinuully borrow from your neighbors? What \vouhi you do if — j Viiur neighbors let you know (hat a noisy r.urty ;U your house them awake most of the noisy parties as you like? Try lo Jceep your parties from becoming too noisy In the future? Answers No. Children should 1 ''&c al- iowod lo be hospitable-. 2. Yes. Don't call when she is likely to be bathing the baby, cooking u meal, etc. :t- Yen should keep him at! homo. i •*. No. And they .shouldn't ex- p:cf It. ' 5. No, Best "What Would Vou Do" so> WANTED 1940-41 Loan Cotton LOUIS APPLEBAUM BI.YTHEVILLE. ARK. Phone- Hi?—-LD 19 107 So. 2nd Si. might invHc your neighbors to the next EURALGIA Delta Implements, Phone 802 (:«) l*ut (hem down us cranks, Many Parents Accompany! Sixth Graders On Inter-j esting Trip ; Forty-two students of the sixth! srarle of Central school and their i instructor. Miss Lola Nason, visit-! ed Dr. James Hampson. and his 1 family Monday at Nociena. where' they wen? shown a collection of' antiques, relics and interesting! Hems which though originally onlyj a hobby has now practically con-; verted the Hamp.son home into A' museum. Parents who went with the group! were: Chester Calchvell. Mrs. R. L.j Gainrs, Russell B.irhnra, Mrs. Floyd! •A. White. Mrs. E. B. Woodson.; Georgr D. Pollock." Mrs. Rosco'l Crafton. Mrs. J. L. Nabers and 1 Mrs. w. S. Johnston. ; This class was the first from' (his end of the county ever to visit the museum. The trip was arranged a;; a project in keeping with the socialized method of teaching which is used for this grade. Students were especially impressed with the Indian relics, a stamp collection which Dr. Hampsons father had begun and two model ships, tire "Rosa Lee" and the "Robert E. Lee", first two boats to float on the Mississippi. These models hn.vp been equipped with batten:,-; which illuminate them. Through cellophane windows may be seen furniture built to scale. / Children also »azed in awe at the Indian and white woman's scalps, thn 25 skulls, five skeletons, the largn collection of perfect, arrowheads, mounted animals, and guns. A widr ."pan of yea.]? is represented in the establishment. A newspaper runying Hie annoum-/-- msnt of Washington's death and Mir furniture over Sttfl years old is cuiite n contrast to the modern stencil ivorl; done by Dr. Kamp- soiv.s 3: s rifle" frughter. Bpforr t,ho group rptiirnod homr. tliey vv-rc served cookies by Dr. cn'.s .^?ven-ypar-old grand- Temperance Play To Be Given At Church Young people of the First Methodist church are to present a temperance play. -The Whirlwind" Sunday night, at 7:30 o'clock at .the church. This play -will make up the regular evening worship. Cast of characters for Dorothy Clarke Wilson's play includes Joe McCIure. Margaret- Holland, MHX- ine Reid and Billy Browne. The plot is concerned with n young .surgeon who has an opportunity to perform a delicate operation which if .successful will place him at the top of his profession The way in which he meets the crisis provides the opportunity for this temperance drama. " The Rev. Harold -EggenHpcrger. assistant pastor, i s the directro. Acsiiiary Chairmen Announced Last Cluunnrn of the s{;nuliug com- miti.rr--; of I he rmenfly organized Arnprir.;!!! Lruion Auxiliary were ;i] last jjight nt. a. meeting >>t, l.iir r,?g:on Hut by Mrs. George W. Roth, new president of the A IJ.M of ;.'no chairmen and the committees which rhpy head fol- !ow;^: Mrs. O- .R. Carter, child welfaro: Mrs. Eclgar Bonun. histor>- : Mrx. Don Edwards, finance; Mrs. Gecrcr M. f.rr. mrsir; ^fr.s. J. D. Smill;. !^yi. t: la1inn; Mrs. Mikr Me- ronpy. rrhwhilitation; Mr^. C. G. tledman. national clrfniisc: Mrs. H. E. Blaylork. program: Mrs. Ncill Reed, iv.ihlirity and radio. It wa.'< decicJcd to invite three "f the state officers to be present for n inert W? at. an early Loaded School Bus Collides With Commercial Bus In Heavy Fog BATESViLLE.' Ai-fc.. Feb. 5. (UP) —Seventeen persons, most, of Micr.i school children, were injured to- nay when a loaded .school bus and a commercial passenger bus collided in a dense fog on the highway viaduct, approach to the White River bridge south of here. Three of the injured were hurt seriously and j. N. Brimdrett of '-U Trrugh. driver and owner oi the passenger bus. suffered -serious head Hnd internal injuries.' Hr was. not expected to recover. ; ' Witnesses said the school bus ^ilh 45 children aboard was pass- -;r around H light truck that' had run cut of gasoline and was 'stalled en th> viaduct. Brundrett's cu5 had just passed an automobile on MIC viaduct. The two /busses' o asned head-on into each other before they had returned to their .raffic lanes. Fog ad reduced visi- ! '-'1'ty to ;?houi 50 feet. 'Mif schco! bus was hound for DP. rha. six mi].-.v .soiithwest of herr. •nr] fhr Brundretf IRIS-.was destin- '"• for Ratesvillf;. Thr injurod wore- broueht, to » hospital. • "'-.."..: 1IETI iKIS Hear Dr. Hudson Of Luxora And Two Prominent Memphis Doctors i _ _ i Fifteen physicians of the Missis- j sippi County Medical -Society met j at Blythcvillc Hospital last night j for the monthly program. | Dr. Tom Mitchell and Dr. Carl | Sanders, both of Memphis, and ! Dr. T. F. Hudson, of Luxora. were ; the speakers. I !»,.?. .Mitchell discussed /'Some i. Observations On Pneumonia in I Children"; Dr. Sanders on "Toxic | Goitre. Its Effect on the Heart"; I and Dr. Hudson "Origin. .Function ; and Meeting of the National Phy| sfcians'. Committee/' . ; Besides ens .speakers, out of town people here were: Dr. J. T. Polk of Keiser. Dr. Gean Atkinson | of Manila and Dr. R. L. Tidwell i cf Dell. pSORASI • SCALES REMOVED . . 1. Should a mother forbid IJPJ- gcrald, other guests were from out I younuster to brliiR other children !of town. They were Mrs. L. A ! into the to plav? Branson of Roscinark, Mrs. W. L.| 2, Should you. ociore telephon- Bronsou and Mr. and Brs BcHnn i in» -\ hni.u*«.i(Vi „ ^.^^.nm ------- ---------- ^^ Cooper ol MemDhk Tpn» Sv 1 ,n, ' house * ifo on - s ° ! ^ »™tter nnd discomfort helped by tha unti- i flnrl Mr, M * \ ?-' ,V : , !Sn l W *™ 1 ' * to » to ' hink >'<»» liu ' )sis of »»*«* *««» White Qint- i anci Mrs. Ii. A. Lynch of Gosnell, j miglit. interrupt hor work? j >ncnl. Soothing— effective. First try ' Joe Gasavmy of Los Angeles, Calif.,! 3. if vou , 1JIVO ;i ( , ' s , , , ! doe«JL or your money back. *.^V»,nl Bill Nipper and family of Conran, ' koon him • l nn, n, ,, ln cl « n »«i"R is. K ood soap-wc roc- v * , KOP p mm t \l home- or permit him ommend the BlacU and \Vhito SUm 10 urn nil over the neighuorhoiw Soar,-tfot it at all dealers today. CALL 26 FOR AMBULANCE SERVICE Mo. When you call Cobb you cull the best. Ride safcrj more comfortably In ;m Ambulance from COBB FUNERAL HOME HOT iu OIIR K. IMS TO YOU. ITS SOMETHING YOU NEED! CO WORT! AT ALL TIMES MONTH I IS ALL If COSTS TO ! OPERATK THIS HKATKK .An ;iuioin;it(r oil burner (kerosene <ir wntpr-white ranirr oil) which ran he ntUcIicd (o your h <> m c. hnvtrr !>;irrcl .will sivc,von 24-hour t>< I Wiitfr service.' (;jt v PASADENA. , CaJ. UP»'- Thr j board of education thinks Unit, ti^ ! popular idea that a. diploma' i.s no 1' longer worth anylhins' i.s erron- i eon*, it cost the board, at least, f SUoO to'get, the necessary .supply ! of 1.040 diplomas for the oUv v ! Junior College and five high .schools. I : —-— - . ! Ci;n>mbF:,"s may ho forced to; -rw stnusht by slipping n glass j ror nv-r them when they arc 1 . maH. ' • ' f KHA TKHMS: ONLY ?- r ».IH) PKR MONTH- TO I*AY FOK THIS HKATER Liberal Tra^le-fn Allowance. Taik With Us Today! Wra. 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